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Title: Libertarian Views (See FSP/Libertarian News)
Post by: Luck on November 24, 2012, 12:16:50 pm
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Website on Govt Limitations
Original Intent Treatise - Constitutions
You might enjoy this web site. It reveals dc authority is limited to 10 sq miles only. dc cant legislate the states, maybe only in limited Commerce clause, but only promoting Commerce between the states not limiting it. Laws from Congress effect fed employees and forts. Supreme court can,t change laws, they were never given power, only rule on Contract disputes. Enjoy [Anonymous]

Fw: Casey Daily Dispatch: Doug Casey on the America That Was – Now the United (Police) State of America
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 9:30 PM
Shark is right about they stole the country writing the Constitution. [Anonymous]

Doug Casey on Civil War, Past and Potential - Casey Research
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 11:16 PM
This explains the super central govt expansion [Anonymous]
Title: Re: Free Staters' Recommended Reading
Post by: Luck on November 26, 2012, 11:03:54 am
Canada Free Press: Conservative, News, Politics, Editorials, Newspaper
Saturday, November 24, 2012 6:46 PM
Title: Re: Free Staters' Recommended Reading
Post by: Sam Adams on November 26, 2012, 12:00:25 pm
  Check out common law trust and see the difference an or advantages vs statutory trust.  http/
Title: Re: Free Staters' Recommended Reading
Post by: Luck on November 26, 2012, 01:36:19 pm
Your link didn't work, because you didn't put a colon and two slashes after http.

If you click on "Modify", you can fix it.
Title: Re: Free Staters' Recommended Reading
Post by: Jerry B on November 27, 2012, 02:10:54 pm
In this interview, Hans-Hermann Hoppe stresses the benefits of decentralization and secession:

Also, Carl Watner's article on voluntaryism and secession:

Lysander Spooner's article on the Constitution:

Also, Spooner's other writings:

Also, "Paper Money and Tyranny" by Ron Paul:

And "Gold and Freedom" by Jacob Hornberger:

Title: Re: Free Staters' Recommended Reading
Post by: Sam Adams on November 28, 2012, 01:14:35 pm
Canada Free Press: Conservative, News, Politics, Editorials, Newspaper
Saturday, November 24, 2012 6:46 PM

        There is an article in the canadian free press that states that we never had an consulate office in Bengazhi. It was a huge CIA headquaters that was hit. Story indicates we were trading selling tons of weapons into Turkey for Syria,s demise. Russia an or Syria has been trying to destabilize the dollar for oil, they may have been behind the hit. Lame stream media only talk about Rices talking points vs what we were doing in Bengazhi and why or who hit us.
Title: Re: Free Staters' Recommended Reading
Post by: Luck on December 08, 2012, 06:40:21 pm
Anonymous said a long time ago: Make Thanksgiving 2012 an ‘Agenda 21 Knowing Thanksgiving’
Wednesday, November 28, 2012 10:42 PM

A also said: Prison » CFR Pushes End to Sovereignty at UN’s Doha Climate Summit
Wednesday, December 5, 2012 7:17 PM

I think Prison Planet is an Alex Jones site and I don't trust him, because he seems to be a zionist, although much of his info may be true. On the other hand much of it seems to be intended to make people despair.
Title: Re: Free Staters' Recommended Reading
Post by: kenlee101st on December 13, 2012, 09:51:22 pm
Nice article, I read the one about how small governments are more prosperous which sounds awesome for prosperity... but then it got me thinking.... why wouldn't a big non-prosperous kingdom just come and take their hard work?  Yup, that is what happened.  France said damn... nice economy and started a war for their riches.  Just my person bias creeping in.  Great articles and I look forward to reading more.
Title: Re: Free Staters' Recommended Reading
Post by: dumbthumbs on December 14, 2012, 01:57:51 am
Does anyone know of some good feeds that I can add to add to google reader?
Title: Re: Leading Thinkers [John Stossel]
Post by: Luck on January 11, 2013, 08:52:10 pm
The Business of Bad News (airs Saturday at 3PM on FNC)
Posted by John Stossel | January 11, 2013

When tragedy strikes, what do you do if your company is at the center of it?
What if you manufacture the Bushmaster rifle? What if you run BP when it spills oil?
On this week's show, Rohit Bhargava and Fraser Seitel explain crisis management strategy, like how Apple handled Steve Jobs' illness, and how the company that makes Skittles reacted after Trayvon Martin was killed holding them.

Would you eat what these rats ate? The pictures are scary, but misleading. The media exaggerate bad news. "The Skeptical Environmentalist" author, Bjorn Lomborg, addresses claims about genetically modified food, and global warming, as in this Newsweek article about "The End of Pasta."

[Pro-libertarian Dr. Mercola reports lots of evidence that genetically modified food is dangerous, both to eaters and to farmland. See and use the search box and enter "GM" or "GMO". I believe genetic modification would be okay, if it were not under the control of corporations and statists. - Luck]

Julie Gunlock of the Independent Women's Forum points out how the danger of BPA products has been overblown by activists.

Some people earn money thanks to people's (often irrational) fear of bad news. Janet Nelson of Epicenter Supplies and Aton Edwards of the International Preparedness Network are entrepreneurs who recommend "doomsday prepper" products like "bear repellant."

Celebrities seem to live by a different standard. Sordid publicity makes them more famous. Just look at Kim Kardashian, or Lindsay Lohan, or Chris Brown. Kennedy, our show's special correspondent, and PR expert Howard Bragman explain why "bad news" affects careers differently in Hollywood.

Finally, I'm grateful to Brian Doherty and Marianne Stebbins for reminding libertarians that our bad news - Ron Paul's defeat and Republicans' treatment of him - is just one step on the road to peace, freedom, and sound money. ---

Latest Stossel Videos
    No Such Thing as Bad Publicity
    The Business of Manufacturing Fear
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers [Julie Borowski]
Post by: Luck on January 16, 2013, 10:55:42 pm
I think I heard that Julie Borowski is scheduled to speak at PorcFest this year (or another function?). So I looked her up. I think I saw her on videos last year during the presidential campaign. I listened to some more of her videos today and especially like the one on Gay marriage at . But it seems she's pretty much always fairly brilliant.

She gets down to the issue of what business is it of the govt that people's marriages must be licensed -- a thought most seem incapable of grasping.
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers [New: Julie Borowski]
Post by: escapist_reborn on January 17, 2013, 09:42:22 am
Julie's a pretty socially conservative person, which I think is important for making the case that you don't have to be some crazy libertine to support the right of others to live their lives as they see fit.
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers [New: Julie Borowski]
Post by: Liberty603 on January 17, 2013, 11:21:20 am
Julie's a pretty socially conservative person, which I think is important for making the case that you don't have to be some crazy libertine to support the right of others to live their lives as they see fit.

Great point, even though I don't share Julie's socially conservative views, I respect her support of liberty and look forward to hearing her speak. The distinction between "I think this personally" and "I wish to use government to impose this view on others" is so critical and so often overlooked.
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers [New: Julie Borowski]
Post by: Ward Griffiths on February 09, 2013, 06:47:55 pm
Julie's a pretty socially conservative person, which I think is important for making the case that you don't have to be some crazy libertine to support the right of others to live their lives as they see fit.

Great point, even though I don't share Julie's socially conservative views, I respect her support of liberty and look forward to hearing her speak. The distinction between "I think this personally" and "I wish to use government to impose this view on others" is so critical and so often overlooked.

Seems sensible to me.  If you don't like gay marriage the easy solution is to contract with whoever else you prefer.  Marriage should be a private contract between two or more consenting adults and their god if they have one.  My two "legal" marriages were straight (open) monogamies, my previous first marriage was a polyandry with an unenforceable contract once my cohusband declared himself born again and ripped things apart.

I'm a fiscally conservative crazy libertine and I support the right of others to spend their own (as in earned or inherited, not stolen by fraud, taxes or other aggression) money as they see fit.  Julie's a pretty thing but I doubt she'd be interested in a greying atheist widower like me.
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers [Atty. KrisAnne Hall]
Post by: Luck on March 16, 2013, 11:58:58 am
[I'm showing below only the latter part of KrisAnne's article. To read more thoroughly about the origin of the Tea Party movement, click this link:]

The Real Origin of the Tea Party Movement
[by Atty. KrisAnne Hall]
Samuel Adams had this to say in May 1764:
"For if our Trade may be taxed, why not our Lands? Why not the Produce of our Lands & everything we possess or make use of? This we apprehend annihilates our Charter Right to govern & tax ourselves. It strikes at our British privileges, which as we have never forfeited them, we hold in common with our Fellow Subjects who are Natives of Britain. If Taxes are laid upon us in any shape without our having a legal Representation where they are laid, are we not reduced from the Character of free Subjects to the miserable State of tributary Slaves?"
Samuel Adams would later organize the Sons of Liberty which coordinated the famous Boston Tea Party of 1773.
But let’s not forget the ladies of the TEA party movement.  Penelope Barker of Edenton, North Carolina organized the Edenton Tea Party in 1774.  In the home of her friend Elizabeth King, she and 50 other women signed a declaration and sent it to be published in a London newspaper.  In part the declaration said:
“Maybe it has only been men who have protested the king up to now.  That only means we women have taken too long to let our voices be heard.  We are signing our names to a document, not hiding ourselves behind costumes like the men in Boston did at their tea party.  The British will know who we are…We, the aforesaid Ladys will not promote ye wear of any manufacturer from England until such time that all acts which tend to enslave our Native country shall be repealed."

Much like the liberal media of today these principled women were attacked and portrayed by the British as bad mothers and loose women.  However, the colonists praised these ladies and the women of the colonies followed their lead and began boycotting British goods.
In light of historical fact, it is clear to any rational and reasonable mind that the modern TEA party movement is not a modern movement at all.  The TEA party represents the heart of the American ideal of liberty and self-government.  These brave men and women did not sit idly by in the face of oppression and tyranny because they understood their history and knew their rights.  They understood that their rights came from God and had been guaranteed to them beginning at the 1100 Charter of Liberties, through the Magna Carter of 1215, and the English Bill of Rights of 1688.  Their liberty was not a modern development and neither is ours.  That is why, in spite of Rachel Maddow's pronouncement that the TEA party is over because of small rallies, the TEA party is not going away.  It has been here for 247 years and will continue as long as the founding principles of America still burn in the hearts of patriots.

[Here are some other recent article titles at KrisAnne's blog.]
    Letter to Indiana Sen. David C. Long
    He's No JFK!
    DOJ: It's OK for the Govt. To Kill Citizens, Trust Us!
    Full Analysis of DOJ Authority to Assissinate US Citizens
    Letter To TX AG Greg Abbott
    Federal Census: Not Just Intrusive: UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
    How The Constitution Ended Slavery
    Nullification and What They're Not Telling You
    No Budget, No Pay, No Honor
    Shall Not Be Infringed?
    Obamacare-We Have No Choice? A Letter to Your Representative
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers [New: Atty. KrisAnne Hall]
Post by: Sam Adams on March 17, 2013, 02:58:43 pm
  Thanks for that Luck. Our country has come a long way into taxation without representation. Its a good eye opener. I like KrisAnne,s web site, full of archives of her articles. How about Dr. Carson at the CPCA speech the other day, if you wanted to destroy this country you would have to do 3 things. He announced he,s leaving his medical practice?? I would expect he is starting something else, a man who loves his country being free. Hint, he should be contacted by FSP??
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers [New: Atty. KrisAnne Hall]
Post by: Luck on March 17, 2013, 05:50:57 pm
Here's his speech on C-Span:

I don't really think there's much chance for political reform, because corruption is too deep. But, where there's a will, there's a way, if we're lucky.
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers)
Post by: Luck on July 24, 2013, 11:43:39 am
NSA Spying & Exposing Plans for Police State

[This is apparently by Stewart Rhodes of]

Editor’s note: In 2007 I stood before the Montana Senate Judiciary Committee to speak to a bill on the national ID idea. I held up to that Committee in my left hand my copy of a book by Zbigniew Brzezinski, “Between Two Ages: America’s Role In The Technetronic Era“.  I read selected lines from Brzezinski’s book, as follows, to alert the Committee members to the fact of a political coterie of shadowy powers who move aspects of the General government’s daily policy of handling and shaping the press and media and Federally guided education in a purposeful trans-generational war to control the perception of the public consciousness. “MindWar”. Some of the Senators could see that after they heard these words -

    “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.

    “Today we are again witnessing the emergence of transnational elites… (whose) ties cut across national boundaries… It is likely that before long the social elites of most of the more advanced countries will be highly internationalist or globalist in spirit and outlook….

    “A national information grid that will integrate existing electronic data banks is already being developed…. The projected world information grid, for which Japan, Western Europe, and the United States are most suited, could create the basis for a common educational program, for the adoption of common academic standards….

    “The nation-state is gradually yielding its sovereignty. … In the economic-technological field, some international cooperation has already been achieved, but further progress will require greater American sacrifices. More intensive efforts to shape a new world monetary structure will have to be undertaken, with some consequent risk to the present relatively favorable American position.”

Brzezinski published those lines in 1970. There is a plan, a drive, a sinister lurking power seeking to control the world’s population and restructure our social and cultural mores in ways no free people can peacefully accept. That is where the NSA and so many other facets of our Intelligence community are in need of having a little bit of light shown upon them. But about Brzezinski – He was President Carter’s National Security Adviser; he is the guy who helped engineer the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979; he is the co-founder with David Rockefeller of the Tri-Lateral Commission. He is also one of President Obama’s closest advisers. He’s a player, and he’s not elected – he is the footman for the internationalist coterie of financiers, and, like his running buddy Henry Kissinger, he is one of the most powerful men in Washington D.C. And he published the above in 1970, forty-three years ago.

What we’re seeing here today is the manifestation of a long-held plan by the most powerful men.  Brzezinski is part of the machinery which moves the biggest powers on earth, and he saw back then (1970) the potential to control society, to assemble databases, to “…assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

This has been built deliberately, using tax payers’ dollars to subjugate all taxpayers over decades. This goes to the anatomy of the mechanism. It is deified statism (worship of the state as omnipotent God). And Washington D.C. is afloat with people who believe the statist line as if it were a religion.  Brzezinski and ilk are inspired to control and regulate society, and they just chance to believe that society should be a socialist utopia. If that sounds bizarre, consider this, which Brzezinski also has published:

    “Marxism represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man’s universal vision. Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief… “

So that is what is behind the NSA’s spying. The marriage of socialism with fascism for an oligarchy riding the military-industrial complex for thrills and profits. And that is why “they” did not want you and me to know just how deeply into everyone’s lives they are peering. They do not want us to see that they are even now creating the next “enemy”, and that that “enemy” is the American people. Why else would they lie when confronted about their assaults on the Constitution? Here is [Director of National Intelligence] James Clapper, for example.

Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers)
Post by: Luck on December 05, 2013, 06:22:03 pm
The Manipulators and the Manipulated
(From Oathkeepers)

[The following are the final few paragraphs from a longer article at:]

Some industrious elites did find Freud’s notions of environmental manipulation useful, though, including his nephew, Edward Bernays, who saw it not as a way to make people healthy, but rather, to make them unhealthy. Bernays wrote extensively on the use of propaganda to control what he called “herd instinct,” believing (as most elitists believe) that self-governance of common people was “dangerous” and that the irrational public had to be controlled for their own good and the good of the nation. His entire philosophy is summed up in this quote:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. … We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. … In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons… who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

Bernays was instrumental in promoting Freudian psychology in the United States, where it became the mainstay of universities across the country. He helped establish the Tavistock Institute, a globalist think-tank much like the Council On Foreign Relations, focused on molding public opinion. He was also instrumental in promoting psychological propaganda models in everyday corporate marketing and political campaigns. He called this “engineering consent.”

It was Bernays who taught the marketing world how to appeal to the basest instincts of human beings and to use those instinctual desires to covertly control them. Corporations used Bernays’ strategies to create an atmosphere of decadent consumption in America that has lasted since the end of World War II. The idea was simple: Convince the public that buying corporate products will satisfy their animal urges. All commercialism to this day revolves around this method (which is why almost every beer commercial for several decades has included scantily clad women or sexual innuendo, for example).

But Bernays was not only teaching corporations how to tap into existing human impulses, he was also teaching corporations and governments how to use psychological trickery to manipulate the citizenry to RELY on their basest impulses. Essentially, Bernays taught the establishment how to convince people, or shame people, into ignoring their greater selves and indulging their psychopathic and sociopathic urges. Bernays taught the establishment how to turn people into zombies.

We see the clear results today all around us as we enter into the absurdity that Christmas has become. The ramifications are dire. The holidays have come to represent not hope, but despair; not reflection, but callowness; not compassion, but narcissism and selfishness. They have become a yearly measure of our Nation’s sharp fall into something more or less horrific, something ironically inhuman.

The only solution is to strive with everything we have to remind others, and ourselves, that we are more than the sum of our darker instincts. That we have been living in the midst of a carefully crafted lie meant to make us impotent and non-threatening to the establishment. That there are greater and more meaningful contents at our core, and these elements of our being can only be satisfied by one thing: the truth.
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Monsanto Eugenics Conspiracy)
Post by: Luck on December 17, 2013, 11:51:56 am



As the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) like to remind folks, I, your friendly editor, am a "conspiracy theorist".

'Tis true - I collect conspiracies the way other people collect stamps or coins, etc. I embrace the fact that conspiracies have existed ever since mankind organized into cohesive societies. The dark side of human nature suggests motives untoward conspiracy in every country on earth. Therefore, it is one of my enjoyable pass-times to collect "conspiracy theories".

[General Smedley Butler]
There are plenty of conspiracies worth my time.  One example I happily offer you as proof that conspiracies happen is the conspiracy unveiled by former Major General Smedley D. Butler, who twice won this nation's highest military recognition, the Medal of Honor. Known today as one of the two top Generals in U.S. Marine Corps history (paired with General "Chesty" Puller, undeniably the greatest Marine Corps Generals of all time), General Butler was approached by conspirators in 1934. He testified before Congress, and the conspiracy was verified. It was an attempt to set up, in Butler's words, "a fascist dictatorship" while overthrowing the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The conspirators included some of the top corporations in America, such as and including  J.P. Morgan, DuPont, and Goodyear Tire. This is not a joke, not a hoax - it is part of America's history, a "genuine" conspiracy. It is on the Congressional record for anyone to see.

(snip: view video of General Butler doing a press release about his testimony before Congress at our national website, HERE

[Monsanto Conspiracy]
One of our members sent in a video from "Down Under", and I want to advise our readers up front that there is a strong Aussie accent in the discussion you'll hear. However, once one accustoms oneself to the accent, (it took me about five minutes into the video), the content of this presentation is remarkable for many reasons. In fact, as your editor I can tell you point blank - this video is a great introduction, an important primer if you will, for looking into a subtle but vastly dangerous "conspiracy". Every American has already been threatened by this conspiracy, the ends of which are even now resting on store shelves down at your local grocery store. One of the corporations leading the charge in this conspiracy is Monsanto, the much-beleaguered figure-head in the Corporate Dynasty which, along with other ilk, gifted me with Agent Orange while I was serving in Viet Nam long ago. Monsanto is an exemplary symbol for everything that can go wrong with a large international corporation.

The "conspiracy theory" has it that Monsanto is a greed-driven mega-corp which deceives government offices and the general public whilst producing carcinogenic alterations in the world's food supply.  

Actually, it's even worse than that. If you do not know about genetically modified  organisms, the Genome Race, and the early 20th Century's Progressive embrace of Eugenics, here is your chance to get up to speed in just a half hour. Please afford yourself this opportunity, and do as I did by giving yourself permission to overcome the rich British accent of the show host while absorbing the wonderful compilation of factual information the radio show guest, William Engdhal, offers. William Engdhal is the author of the book "Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation", and I find him to be a solid and interesting researcher and watchdog over the trans-humanist idiocy of the corporate science of genetics and eugenics. Get ready for a different take on the Rockefeller Foundation, Eugenics, GMOs, AGENDA 21, and the United Nations, all revolving around what your wife picks up at the fruits and vegetables and meats aisles of your local grocery store.

Learn all about it HERE

url for videos:

I would like to thank all Oath Keepers who take time to inform themselves by reading this article at our site and viewing the videos of General Smedley Butler (USMC) and the interview with William Engdhal. Knowledge truly is power, and this knowledge is vital for the success of the American liberty movement - and for your health and happiness as Americans.

Elias Alias, editor
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Elias Alias of Oathkeepers)
Post by: Luck on December 28, 2013, 11:53:13 pm
Some Oathkeepers' Successes and Elias' Concerns

Oath Keepers has recorded some strong results, perhaps chief among them all being the simple fact that between the 2007/2008 election cycle and the 2011/2012 election cycle the whole dialogue in political circles included repeated allusions to the Oath. In 2007 no one had really thought about making a point about the sacred obligation embodied within that Oath, but by 2011/2012 every politician running for any office anywhere made sure he got the word out to constituents that he would honor his Oath of Office. The Oath has become second-nature to the political arena, and that is one very tangible effect Oath Keepers has produced just by being who we are doing what we do - which is grassroots reaching out to police and military and firefighters on a person-to-person basis in our program called "RT&I", meaning: Reach, Teach, and Inspire all who took the Oath to honor that Oath. That is the grounding principle on which Stewart Rhodes founded the organization - RT&I.

In less than five years I've watched Oath Keepers develop strategies which are impacting the statists running Washington D.C. as well as statists operating in governmental offices regionally and locally. Example: Oregon Oath Keepers is gaining ground in their fight to deny the NDAA, while the New York Oath Keepers are standing strong against New York's insane "SAFE ACT". Florida Oath Keepers mobilized to support Sheriff Nick Finch of Liberty County, Florida, in his court victory over charges of refusing to enforce a gun law in his County. (Sheriff Finch stated that the Second Amendment was a citizen's "permit" to carry a firearm, and the people of his County have upheld that view by acquitting him for releasing a man who was in his jail on a "carrying concealed without a permit" charge.)

[T]here are plenty more [such results], ranging from recovering Baby Irish for his parents in New Hampshire to Vanessa Guerena's three million dollar settlement in the wake of her husband's murder by a SWAT team. We do have an impact on more than just a few levels, and that is why I love to work with Oath Keepers.  So maybe it is my passion for the Oath Keepers mission that causes Stewart Rhodes to keep me around.  

. . . [I was] playing with my cat who, unlike me, has no concerns about
[Corruption Still to Be Fought]

the economy crashing,

martial law being dropped like an iron net over the American people,

the health-care debacle,


Navy uniform modifications,

the ATF's insane project to arm the Mexican drug cartels,

U.S. banks such as Wachovia being fined for laundering drug money for those same Mexican drug cartels,

jury nullification debates,

the IRS being used as a weapon against conservative groups,

food storage for communities,

Connecticut's outrageous gun registration and what Oath Keepers might be able to do about that,

obvious but mysterious manipulations of the price of silver,

disinfo being sent around on the Internet, SPLC spies inside our forums eager to take screenshots of their postings on our pages so they can show such as "evidence" for their claim that we are "extremists",

the unsung history of the Federal Reserve System, Inc.,

NSA spying,

Intelligence community complicity in global policy planning among the more powerful governments and the bankers who own those governments,

the effects of GMOs on the human condition,


Chinese purchases of large tracts of land here in America,

the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,

the U.S. military's secret studies in "weather as a force multiplier",

rising taxes,

DARPA's robotized drones which DHS wants flying over your and my back yards,

the three men who created the Bank for International Settlements in 1930 and why they did it,

the writings of Carroll Quigley on the history of the Rhodes Round Table groups from which erupted early in the 20th Century the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the Federal Reserve (the Fed), the National Education Association (NEA), the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Historical Society (AHS), the [UNRATIFIED] Sixteenth Amendment which created the IRS/Federal income tax, the TriLateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and countless other social leverages about which a numbed-down American culture of nice but unsuspecting people have no or little clue,

an oblivious Congress which has rolled over and relinquished any authority to the alleged higher power of the Executive Branch,

the corruption of the Judicial Branch,

the militarization of our local cops,

FEMA's secretive studies on how to control large segments of a distressed population which is now totally dependent upon a transportation system grid to bring the food into the population centers (think: The Cities of Man),

governmental plans for Continuity of Government (COG) [in "Emergencies"],

 . . .

But it was Christmas Eve and Oath Keepers needed to get that message from Thomas Paine out to our readership . . . .
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (The 3% Who Protect Freedom)
Post by: Luck on January 03, 2014, 12:03:37 pm
The Doctrine of the Three Percent.

The Three Percent are the folks the Founders counted on to save the Republic when everyone else abandoned it.

And we will [save it].

There will be no more free Wacos and no more free Katrinas.

For we are the Three Percent.

We will not disarm.

You cannot convince us.

You cannot intimidate us.

You can try to kill us, if you think you can.

But remember, we’ll shoot back.

We are not going away.

We are not backing up another inch.

And there are THREE MILLION OF US.

Your move, Mr. Wannabe Tyrant. Your move.

And, as things begin to spin out of control, remember this:
"All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war." -- Billy Beck, August 2009.

From MamaLiberty over at War on Guns:
"Here's an idea...If nobody wants a 'civil disturbance,' why in heck don't they quit disturbing us?"

What is a "Three Percenter"?
During the American Revolution, the active forces in the field against the King's tyranny never amounted to more than 3% of the colonists. They were in turn actively supported by perhaps 10% of the population. In addition to these revolutionaries were perhaps another 20% who favored their cause but did little or nothing to support it. Another one-third of the population sided with the King (by the end of the war there were actually more Americans fighting FOR the King than there were in the field against him) and the final third took no side, blew with the wind and took what came.

Three Percenters today do not claim that we represent 3% of the American people, although we might. That theory has not yet been tested. We DO claim that we represent at least 3% of American gun owners, which is still a healthy number somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 million people. History, for good or ill, is made by determined minorities. We are one such minority. So too are the current enemies of the Founders' Republic. What remains, then, is the test of will and skill to determine who shall shape the future of our nation.

The Three Percent today are gun owners who will not disarm, will not compromise and will no longer back up at the passage of the next gun control act. Three Percenters say quite explicitly that we will not obey any futher circumscription of our traditional liberties and will defend ourselves if attacked. We intend to maintain our God-given natural rights to liberty and property, and that means most especially the right to keep and bear arms. Thus, we are committed to the restoration of the Founders' Republic, and are willing to fight, die and, if forced by any would-be oppressor, to kill in the defense of ourselves and the Constitution that we all took an oath to uphold against enemies foreign and domestic.

We are the people that the collectivists who now control the government should leave alone if they wish to continue unfettered oxygen consumption. We are the Three Percent. Attempt to further oppress us at your peril. To put it bluntly, leave us the hell alone. Or, if you feel froggy, go ahead AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (The 3% Who Save Freedom)
Post by: TJames on January 03, 2014, 03:18:21 pm
What is it like in your mind? Are you afraid? Gideon should send you home.
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (The 3% Who Save Freedom)
Post by: Luck on January 03, 2014, 06:46:22 pm
Are you a troll?
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (The 3% Who Save Freedom)
Post by: TJames on January 03, 2014, 08:57:23 pm
You seem to be where I used to be. I lost a lot of arguments here and developed my opinions.
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (The Bible is Libertarian)
Post by: Luck on January 14, 2014, 07:07:15 pm
Brother Gregory has some sensible things to say about government and Romans 13 etc:
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Model Mutual Aid Society?)
Post by: Luck on February 16, 2014, 11:27:13 pm
This is from .

Kansas City Mutual Aid Society
Greater Kansas City Area, Kansas, Missouri, United States
(Greater Kansas City includes areas of both Kansas and Missouri)

Grahovac Mutual Aid Society
No Fee or Time Obligation to Join or Maintain Membership
What is it? -- Volunteering that can pay you back.
Corporate Attorney and Business Development Executive Paul Grahovac has led an inner-city urban farming volunteer group in Kansas City, Kansas since January, 2010. Before that, he volunteered 150 Saturdays for Habitat for Humanity. He remains a member of the Habitat Family Selection Committee.
Now, he is seeking those who want to volunteer for the gardening, house rehab, and independent-living activities listed below for the benefit of people seeking a lower-cost and more sustainable lifestyle . . .
. . . AND who also want to benefit from such volunteer group efforts on your own independent-living projects -- for your own lower-cost and more sustainable lifestyle.
For historical precedent, see Barnraising
For similar current social phenomena, see Fellowship for Intentional Community at (co-located residential cooperative groups).
See also the references to the Los Angeles Skills Pool and the Mormon Church mutual support program below.
Volunteer projects
• Urban Farming Organically-Grown Vegetables
• Cooperative Vegetable Soup Kitchen Dispensary
• Inner-city residential selection and financing information
• Joint KCMO Police Department Community Policing Program
• Residential building rehab support -- labor and information
• Wood and biomass harvesting for at-home gasification plus advice on buying and help with installing low-cost gasification systems -- providing clean-burning, renewable, off-grid, gas heating and hot water for little or no continuing cash outlay -- with the option of running a gasifier-fed generator for off-grid electricity
• Information and labor support on low-tech, low-cost solar energy options
• Access to personal and professional services pool for cash-less services -- based on the proven >15-years Los Angeles Skills Pool at

How does it work?
It works, because it is non-taxable -- there are no agreements or obligations created. You volunteer with the risk that what you contribute may exceed what you ever receive. There is even risk that you will never receive anything. There are no rules or expectations, and so there is no one enforcing rules or managing expectations.
You volunteer out of the goodness of your heart for a cause you believe in, and you can only hope that when you seek help, some of the volunteers will pitch in for you. The only thing operating in your favor is your reputation for helping others. People tend to help those who have helped others. (continued)
It has to be this way. Otherwise, it all becomes a contract barter exchange, and the Internal Revenue Service will demand that every person pay the IRS income tax on the value of everything they have received from the group -- even though no money is exchanged.
Fortunately, we know this will work, because the Mormon Church has been doing it since The Great Depression of the 1930s to make sure their unemployed members do not go homeless and starve. They now have over 400 vegetable farms, associated canneries, and the two largest cattle ranches in America. All of it is run on volunteer labor and no one creating or receiving the wealth pays income taxes.
The Los Angeles Skills Pool has extended the idea to the full range of personal and professional services. Paul Grahovac has paid the required fees and joined the LASP to further understand how it works. Joining includes a commitment not to divulge the administration, but suffice it to say Grahovac's Mutual Aid Society will operate on the informal basis described above rather than on the basis of a more structured administration.
If you have a service, craft, or product to contribute, please come forward. For example, Paul Grahovac offers his legal services and business expertise as well as his urban farming and construction skills on a voluntary basis as part of the Grahovac Mutual Aid Society. You can join for free at this website:

Why are you doing this?
Although I am a successful corporate attorney, business development executive, and construction product manager, and I have never been unemployed, my father, who was a highly-skilled tool-and-die-maker for General Motors, lived in fear of unemployment all his life.
Although he was never unemployed, his years growing up in a peasant family in Croatia taught him always to be planning for the worst. I learned that by osmosis.
Now that we all have experienced the worst since The Great Depression, we all realize each of us could be homeless in a matter of months . . .
. . . And a significant part of the electorate wants to keep our government from helping us in any way.
So, we need to help ourselves. That means a low-cost house in the inner-city that we can own or be able to keep in the event of unemployment, building up our non-cash capital of work experience, and building the largest reservoir of volunteer support we can generate. Grahovac's Mutual Aid Society provides a way to achieve these goals.
Then there is retirement. Many Americans are facing an under-funded retirement, because the Great Recession ruined their retirement accounts. So, they are looking at postponing retirement or possibly never retiring until death. This effort gives them an opportunity to receive services and to contribute to whatever extent they are capable.
For the young among you, don't think improvements in the economy will save you from retirement problems. Nobel-Prize winning economist Paul Krugman recently identified the probable consequence of the ever-present anti-government sentiment in the American electorate: Termination of Social Security and Medicare for the elderly.
If you don't know what life was like for the elderly before the enactment of Social Security and Medicare as part of the New Deal in the midst of The Great Depression of the 1930s, you need to do some research.
Social Security and Medicare are clearly socialism programs, and when the opponents of socialism come into power, you can be sure they will be seeking to eliminate Social Security and Medicare.
I think it could be done better.
I hope that many organizations such as the Grahovac Mutual Aid Society spring up. If you want to start one, I would be glad to network with you on promoting it. Also, if you want to provide input to what I am doing, I will always listen.
Paul Grahovac
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Carey Wedler, anarchist)
Post by: Luck on March 17, 2014, 04:51:53 pm
Carey Wedler

Carey seems to have a Youtube channel. In this video she attractively and lucidly mentions her disgust with Obama and the evil of him and his ilk, then goes on to conclude that all government is evil. That's where she and many others are wrong. Everyone has the right to organize for self-defense, which is what self-government means. Take away that right and the evil characters of the world have utterly nothing to interfere with their insanity.
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (9/11 Survivor)
Post by: Luck on May 15, 2014, 06:37:21 pm
and the memorial opens today
one more chance for politicians
to stand up on the backs of our dead
to use these graves as pulpits to propagate
their own agendas
acting as if they care about what happened that day
while they finance the same death and destruction daily
around OUR world
the memorial is appropriately placed
at the bottom of yet another of their ivory towers
built tall so that they may look down upon us
while they toast our foolish deadly compliance

Darren M Welty (brother of 9/11 firefighter victim)
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (June 2 to 7 Online Freedom Summit Speakers)
Post by: Luck on June 01, 2014, 11:11:33 am
Global Freedom Summit 2014
Streamed Event This Monday-Saturday Only! $7

Live stream starts Monday June 2nd – Saturday June 7th, 6pm-10pm ET!

List of Speakers
[See for bio's.]

Understanding Bitcoin - Jeffrey Tucker
[I agree with Gary North that Bitcoins are probably a Ponzi scheme.]

Nutrition, Food, & Biochemical Freedom - Mike Adams

Vaccine Developers: Heroes or Villains? - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

State Nullification History and Application - Tom Woods

Humanity Is Greater Than Politics: Liberty Vs Tyranny - Ben Swann

Living Free In An Unfree World - Ernest Hancock

Favored Fed to Enemy of the State in Eleven Years Flat - Joseph Banister

Lifestyle Continuity During the Global Collapse: Survival Preparedness - George Shepherd

Introduction to Combat Economics - Edward Hanna

Running for Public Office on a Platform of Freedom - Gigi Bowman

Healing Without Obamacare - Robert Scott Bell

Why You Have Not Heard the Truth About Vaccines and Vitamin D - Dr. Mayer Eisenstein

Nullification: What It Is, Why It’s Needed, and How To Use It - Michael Maharrey

Online Privacy: How Did We Lose It, and How Can We Get It Back? - Katherine Albrecht

Cancer: Unplug from the Matrix - Ty Bollinger

Sovereign Living - John Bush

Introduction to Public Banking - Ellen Brown

The Power of Jury Nullification: The Independent Juror’s Role in Limiting Government and Protecting Our Freedoms - Kirsten Tynan

Common Core: Dangers and Threats to American Liberty and Education - Dr. Duke Pesta

The Constitutional Peace Officer - Sheriff Richard Mack

Agenda 21: The Wrenching Transformation of Society - Tom Deweese

Essential Oils: Free Yourself from Obamacare and Prepare For Survival - Leon Green

Juicing Your Way To Health Freedom - Dean Kasal

Why Should You Take Action Now?

Real Id Revealed – Mark Lerner

Introduction to Public Banking – Ellen Brown
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Left-Libertarianism)
Post by: Luck on November 29, 2014, 01:06:23 pm
Center for a Stateless Society

Alliance of the Libertarian Left

What is Left-Libertarianism?
The oldest and broadest usage of “left-libertarian,” and perhaps most familiar to those in the anarchist movement at large, dates back to the late nineteenth century, and includes pretty much the whole non-statist, horizontalist or decentralist Left — everybody but Social Democrats and Leninists, basically. It was originally used as a synonym for “libertarian socialist” or “anarchist,” and also commonly included syndicalists, council communists, followers of Rosa Luxemburg and Daniel DeLeon, etc. Many of us at C4SS would consider ourselves part of this broader left-libertarian community, although what we mean when we call our position “left-libertarian” is more specific.
- [] We are a multi-tendency coalition that includes left-Rothbardians, classic 19th century individualist anarchists, Georgists, and many other traditions.
- [] We call ourselves left-libertarians, first, because we want to recuperate the left-wing roots of free market libertarianism, and second because we want to demonstrate the relevance and usefulness of free market thought for addressing the concerns of today’s Left.
- [] We on the Libertarian Left consider it utterly perverse that free market libertarianism, a doctrine which had its origins as an attack on the economic privilege of landlords and merchants, should ever have been coopted in defense of the entrenched power of the plutocracy and big business.
- [] The industrial capitalist system that the libertarian mainstream has been defending since the mid-19th century has never even remotely approximated a free market. Capitalism, as the historic system that emerged in early modern times, is in many ways a direct outgrowth of the bastard feudalism of the late Middle Ages. It was founded on the dissolution of the open fields, enclosure of the commons and other massive expropriations of the peasantry.
- [] In not only colonial but post-colonial times, the land and natural resources of the Third World have been enclosed, stolen and plundered by Western business interests. The current concentration of Third World land in the hands of landed elites producing in collusion with Western agribusiness interests, and of oil and mineral resources in the hands of Western corporations, is a direct legacy of four hundred years of colonial and neo-colonial robbery.
- [] The title to vacant and unimproved land in the United States and other settler societies that has been enclosed and held out of use by absentee landlords should be voided.
- [] The minimum list of demands of left-libertarianism should include abolition of all artificial property rights, artificial scarcities, monopolies, entry barriers, regulatory cartels and subsidies, by which virtually the entire Fortune 500 gets the bulk of its profits.

Communal Property: A Libertarian Analysis
By Kevin Carson

Right-wing libertarian and Objectivist forums are full of statements that ‘there’s no such thing as collective property,’ ‘all property rights are individual,” and the like. But as Karl Hess argued, libertarian property can take on a wide variety of legitimate forms. Communal ownership of land is a legitimate and plausible model for property rights in a stateless society based on free association. Historically, the overwhelming weight of evidence suggests that the first appropriation of land for agriculture was almost universally by peasant villages working as a social unit. The village commune and open field system were, almost universally, the dominant property model in societies which, so far in human history, came closest to approximating the libertarian ideal of statelessness and voluntary association: the neolithic village societies between the agricultural revolution and the rise of the state.”

Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Left-Libertarianism)
Post by: Luck on December 01, 2014, 09:58:41 pm
Anti-Authoritarian Personalities & Standard Schools
Are "Behavior Problems" More Accurately Rebellion Against Authoritarianism?
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Reid Sneaking Internet Tax Bill into Congress)
Post by: Luck on December 03, 2014, 08:31:15 pm
A slippery slope toward Internet tyranny

Ron Paul says:
Harry Reid is scheming to ram the “Restoration of America’s Wire Act” (S. 2159/H.R. 4301) into law during Congress’ lame-duck session.

Using the justification of banning Internet gambling, this act would give federal bureaucrats a new excuse to spy on your Internet activities – while setting a dangerous precedent for further erosions of Internet freedom.

Your senators could be key to defeating this bill, so please sign the below petition urging your senators to oppose the “Restoration of America’s Wire Act” (S. 2159/H.R. 4301) at every opportunity.

After you sign your petition, I hope you'll chip in $10 or more to help Campaign for Liberty defeat this and other assaults on Internet freedom!

Sign petition here:
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Left Libertarianism)
Post by: Luck on March 02, 2015, 12:00:10 am
Bow Ties and Slam Poetry: This Is Libertarianism in 2015
Petchenik was getting worked up, but just a few paces away, she and the other Stateless students found a booth of left-libertarian, anti-capitalist ...

Greens parties in Europe: rivals or partners to the centre left?
Policy Network
Green parties are best described as left-libertarian. They have adopted liberal policies on social issues such as immigration, same-sex marriage, ...

The bankruptcy of Syriza and of the globalist 'Left'
In fact, Varoufakis theory and practice has nothing to do with either Marxist or left libertarian theory and practice, as one could easily conclude from his ...
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Left Libertarianism)
Post by: Luck on August 03, 2016, 05:02:18 pm

WELCOME TO THE RESERVATION – A Warning to America from Russell Means
As a spokesman for the American Indian Movement,  Russell Means burst on the national scene during the A.I.M. protest at Wounded Knee in 1973.  For 71 days the Indians were surrounded by and exchanged gun fire with militarized police forces for the crime of “occupying” a portion of their own reservation.  Means later used his charismatic personality and media attention to land roles in movies such as “Last of the Mohicans”, “The Pathfinder”, and “Natural Born Killers.” ...
- Activist, Libertarian, and Constitutionalist, Russell Means was never one to shy away from a fight.  Not just a powerful spokesman for the civil rights of the Indian people, Means championed liberty for all men.  While bemoaning the fact that every American is responsible for allowing the government to usurp our freedom, he also tells us what kind of people we must be in order to live free.  In short, every citizen of these not so United States can benefit from Means’ ability to see beyond cultural boundaries and provide a perspective that slices through the shroud of disinformation cast by the dominant culture.  Consider these quotes:
- On freedom and corruption:
“Anybody born in the Western Hemisphere is a native American.”
“If you have local control of the economics, local control of the food stuffs, local control of transportation, you have freedom.”
“The United States is one big reservation, and we are all in it.
“I fault the American people for not being alert to [guard] their own freedom…and to value those freedoms.”
“To wrest control of the Federal Reserve will take, I’m sorry to say, a revolution.”
“Culture is about values.  Anybody who says anything different is a Democrat.  Or a Republican.”
- On our education system and mass media:
“They’re not educating anybody now. They’re dumbing-down.  It’s Indian education now.”
“Information deprivation has led to the dumbing-down of America.”
“Television is the training ground for subsequent generations to have the attention span of a gnat.”
It [television] is like mass hypnosis.”
- On pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and the food supply:
“They advertize these drugs as lethal, and people still buy them.  What happened to their brains?”
“America is becoming one huge sick society.”
“They are destroying the food supply.  How does it feel?”
- On Natural Law:
“We human beings don’t want to be eaten.  That’s natural law!”
- His final words are directed to every citizen of this once proud, but seriously declining nation:
“America is no different than this Indian reservation [Pine Ridge].  You’re dependent on the Government now, and you’re getting what you deserve. But this land is beautiful.  It’s worth fighting for.”

Russell Means Articles,Talks

*Russell Means Assassinated (via Cancer, as were other leaders too)

Witnesses to Murder in Catholic Indian schools to Protest at the Vatican, Testify before Italian Parliamentarians

Matriarchy Part II

Uranium & Arsenic in the Water: In-Situ Leach Mining Contamination on Indian Lands

Crap & Betrayed – Sam Kephart Exposes Obama, Gore and the Truth of Carbon Credits

Initiatives to Address Ongoing State of Disaster on the Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation

South Dakota Seizes 5000 Lakota Children

Russell Means talks about how matriarchal systems are in balance with natural law

Site Archives
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Russia's Not Enemy; Enemy's Within)
Post by: Luck on August 28, 2016, 12:30:59 pm
Assessing the Russian Military as an Instrument of Power

[For a detailed review of Russia's power see the complete article at: .]

... [T]he single most important factor here is this: the overwhelming majority of Russians are tired and fed up with being an empire. From Peter I to Gorbachev, the Russian people have paid a horrific price in sweat, tears, blood and Rubles to maintain an empire which did absolutely nothing for the Russian people except impoverish them and make them hated in much of the world. More than anything else, the Russians want their country to be a “normal” country. Yes, safe, powerful, wealthy and respected, but still a normal country and not a global superpower. ...

The real meaning of A2AD [National Self-Defense]

... According to US strategists, Russia, China and even Iran are plotting to use A2AD strategies against the USA. What this means in plain English is simple, of course: some countries out there actually can fight back and defend themselves (hence the burning aircraft carrier on the cover of this book). The arrogance of it all is simply amazing: it is not like the USA is concerned about Iranian A2AD in Paraguay, Russia A2AD in Africa or even Chinese A2AD in the Gulf of Mexico. No, the USA is concerned about these countries defending their own borders. Indeed, how dare they?!

Fortunately for the world, Uncle Sam only gets to whine here, but cannot do much about it except conceal these realities from the general public in the West and obfuscate the dangers of messing with the wrong countries under bizarre acronyms like A2AD. And that brings me to the Ukraine.

A quick look at 1000km map will immediately show that the Ukraine is also well within the conceptual “Russkie-land” zone (again, don’t take 1000km literally, and remember that this is a maximum, a couple of hundred kilometers are much more realistic). This does not at all mean that Russia would want, or should, attack or invade the Ukraine ([or] the Baltic states and Poland, for that matter), but it does mean that such an operation is well within the Russian capabilities (at least if we forget about public opinion in Russia) and that to try to counter that would take a truly immense effort, something nobody in the West has the means to undertake.

In truth, those kinds of scenarios only exist in the demented minds of western propagandists and in the artifical world of US think tanks which make providing the politicians with frightening fairy tales their daily bread (...). To be sure, the fact that both sides have long-range standoff weapons, including nuclear ones, makes such a scenario even less likely unless we assume that the Russians have gone insane and are trying to force the US to resort to nuclear weapons. The opposite scenario – the US taking the risk of forcing Russia to use her nukes – is, alas, not quite as unlikely, especially if the Neocons take full control of the White House [under Hilary]. The difference? The Russians know that they are neither invulnerable nor invincible; the Americans don’t. This is why the latter are far more likely to trigger any conflict than the former.

A full-scale war between the USA and Russia would be far different from anything described here: it would last a week, maybe two, it would involve conventional and nuclear strikes on both the USA and Russia, and it would be fought primarily with standoff weapons; “boots on the ground” or armored warfare would matter very little in such a scenario.

The Ukraine is located well inside Russkie-land

So if in Syria the “Russians are not coming”, then in the Ukraine they are already there. I am not referring to the sending of equipment (the voentorg) or volunteers (the “northern wind”) but to the fact that the Ukraine and, especially, the Donbass are so close to the Russian border as being basically undeniable to the Russians should they decide to take it. Again, I am not suggesting that they will, or even that this should happen, but only that all the hot air from the regime in Kiev about “defending Europe against the Russian hordes” or “teaching NATO on how to fight the Russians” is absolute nonsense. Ditto for the talk about supplying “lethal weapons” to the Ukronazis. Why? Because the situation in the Donbass is extremely simple: it is highly unlikely that the Ukronazis would succeed in taking over the Donbass but if, by some miracle, they did, they would be destroyed by the Russian armed forces. Putin has made it abundantly clear that while he will not intervene militarily in the Ukraine, he will not allow a genocide to take place in Novorussia. Just the Russian artillery deployed along the border has the means to destroy any Ukrainian force invading Novorussia. In fact, that is exactly what happened in July of 2014 when in a single cross-border 2 minutes long fire strike by Russian multiple rocket launchers and long range artillery guns completely destroyed two Ukrainian mechanized battalions (a first in the history of warfare).

As I wrote many times, all parties to the conflict know that, and the only real goal of the Ukronazis is to trigger a Russian intervention in the Donbass, while the Russians are trying to avoid it by covertly supporting the Novorussians. That’s it. It is that simple. But the notion of the Ukronazis ever getting their hands on the Donbass or, even less so, Crimea is absolutely ridiculous as even the combined power of the US and NATO could not make that happen.
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Russia's Not Enemy; Enemy's Within)
Post by: Luck on August 28, 2016, 12:33:08 pm
(Continued from previous post)

Conclusion: Russia ain’t the Soviet Union and it ain’t the USA

It is absolutely amazing how hard it is for so many people to understand the seemingly simple fact that Russia is not a USSR v2 nor an anti-USA. It is therefore absolutely essential to repeat over and over again that the Russia of 2016 has no aspirations to become an empire and no means to become a global challenger to the AngloZionist hegemony over our planet. So what does Russia want? It is simple: Russia simply wants to be a sovereign and free country. That’s it. But in a world ruled by the AngloZionist Empire this is also a lot. In fact, I would say that for the international plutocracy ruling the Empire, this Russian aspiration is completely and categorically unacceptable as it sees this Russian desire as an existential threat to the ... entire New World Order the Empire is trying to impose upon all of us. They are absolutely correct, by the way.

If Russia is allowed to break free from the Empire, then this means the end for the Empire’s global domination project as other countries will inevitably follow suit. Not only that, but this would deprive the Empire [of] the immense Russian resources in energy, potable water, strategic metals, etc. If Russia is allowed to break free and succeed, then Europe will inevitably gravitate towards Russia due to objective economic and political factors. Losing Europe would mean the end of the AngloZionist Empire. Everybody understands that and this is why the ruling 1%ers have unleashed [the] most hysterical full-spectrum russophobic propaganda campaign in western history. So yes, Russia and the Empire are already at war, a war for survival from which only one side will walk away while the other will be eliminated, at least in its current political form. This war is a new type of war, however, one which is roughly 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% military. This is why the ban on the Russian paralympic team is every bit as important as the delivery of US and British counter-battery radars to the Nazi junta in Kiev [Ukraine].

If militarily and economically Russia is dramatically weaker than the US led block of all the countries forming the Empire, on the informational front Russia is doing much better. It is enough to see all the hysterics of western politicians about RT [RT = Russian threat?] to see that they are most definitely feeling threatened in an area which they used to completely dominate: information operations (aka propaganda).

The goals of Russia are quite simple:
a) military: to survive (defensive military doctrine)
b) economic: to become truly sovereign (to remove the 5th columnists from power)
c) informational: to discredit and de-legitimize the Empire political and economic basis

That’s it. Unlike the grandiose hopes of those who wish to see the Russian military intervene everywhere, these 3 goals are commensurate with the actual capabilities/means of Russia.

One cannot win a war by engaging in the kind of warfare the enemy excels at. You have to impose upon him the kind of warfare you excel at. If Russia tried to “out-USA the USA” she would inevitably lose, she therefore chose to be different in order to prevail.

There are still many out there who are nostalgic for the “good old days” of the Cold War when any anti-US movement, party, regime or insurgency would automatically get the support of the USSR. These are the folks who deeply regret that Russia did not liberate the Ukraine from the Nazi junta, who fault Russia for not standing up to the USA in Syria and who are baffled, if not disgusted, by the apparently cozy relationship between Moscow and Tel Aviv. I understand these people, at least to some degree, but I also see what they plainly fail to realize: Russia is still much weaker than the AngloZionist Empire and because of that Russia will always prefer a bad peace to a good war. Besides, it is not like there was a long line of countries waiting to defend Russia when her interests were affected. Does anybody know which countries, besides Russia, have recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia? Answer: Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru! Yep, not even Kazakhstan or Syria… Isn’t friendship and partnership a two-way street?

The truth is that Russia does not owe anything to anybody. But even more importantly, Russia does simply not have the means to engage in a planetary zero-sum game against the AngloZionist Empire. Since Vladimir Putin came to power he achieved a quasi-miracle: he made Russia into a semi-sovereign state. Yes, I wrote semi-sovereign because while Russia is militarily safe she remains economically subservient to the AngloZionist Empire. Compared to the Empire, her economy is tiny and her armed forces only capable of defending the Russian homeland. And yet, just as the tiny Russian contingent in Khmeimim [air base in Syria] achieved results way superior to anything which could have been expected from it, Russia is still the only power on the planet who dares to openly say “niet” to the AngloZionist Hegemon and ... to even openly challenge and ... ridicule its legitimacy and so-called ‘values’.

The war between the Empire and Russia will be a long one, and its outcome will remain uncertain for many years but, as the Russian saying goes, “Russia does not start wars, she ends them”. The Papacy fought against Russia for 1000 years. The Crusaders for roughly a century. The Swedish Empire for 21 years. Napoleon for just a few months. Queen Victoria, Napoleon III and Abdülmecid I (what I call the “Ecumenical Coalition against Russia) for about 3 years. The Kaiser Wilhelm II also for 3 years. The Trotskysts for a decade. Hitler for 4 years. The Jewish mobsters (aka “oligarchs”) for 9 years. And yes, they all eventually were defeated, even after a temporary victory, but each time Russia paid a huge price in blood and suffering. This time around, the Russian leaders have chosen a different strategy, they try as hard as possible not to give the West a pretext for a full-scale military confrontation. So far, this strategy has been successful and besides ... two terrorist attacks (in Egypt and Syria) and a two-year long recession (apparently ending soon), Russia did not have [to] pay the horrendous price countries at war with the West typically have had to pay. It would be delusional to expect the Russians to change course at this time, especially since time is now clearly on the Russian side. Just look at all the problems all the enemies of Russia have to which she does not have to contribute at all: the US and EU are both in a deep and potentially devastating political crisis, the US is sitting on an economic time-bomb while the EU is quite literally imploding. The Ukraine has turned into a textbook example of a failed state and is likely to break apart, while Turkey is undergoing the worst crisis since its foundation. And each passing day just makes things worse and worse for the [U.S.] Empire. ... [Every day] the walls of [their] Empire are moving in a little tighter while the AngloZionists are completely clueless as to what to do to stop this.


In international affairs, as in many other areas, it is better to never say never. So I will only say that to see the Russian armed forces going into an offensive operation remains exceedingly unlikely. Nor will Russia defend even an important partner at “any cost”. The primar[]y mission and military posture of the Russian armed forces will remain fundamentally defensive and while Russia might use her armed forces in support of a political goal or to help an ally, she will do that with extreme caution, not to allow that engagement to escalate into a regional war or, even less so, a direct war against the Empire.

Unlike the West where a possible war with Russia is almost never discussed (and, when it is, it is done in an absolutely ridiculous manner), the prospects of war with the West are discussed in the Russian media on an almost daily basis, including on the main, state-funded, TV stations. As for the Russian armed forces, they are engaged in huge rearmament and force-training program which, so far, has been roughly 50% completed. These are all clear signs that Russia is preparing, very intensively, for war. Should the Neocon “crazies in [Hilary's] basement” trigger a war they will find Russia ready, militarily and psychologically, to fight and to win, no matter what the costs. But Russia will never again volunteer for the role of global anti-US agent or engage her armed forces if there is a viable alternative to such an engagement. So no, most definitely not; the Russians are not coming.

Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 14, 2016, 07:51:10 am
Gifted Political Analyst
Styxhexenhammer666 of Vermont appears to be a very gifted, young political analyst with some background in psychology and anthropology, which probably helps him a lot with analyses. I joined Reddit in August, looking for a good forum, but didn't like it, then heard about and joined it too and I have enjoyed their political discussions a lot, especially in the past few weeks. Someone there posted a link to one of StyxHH's recent videos a few days ago and I'm now a fan of StyxHH. It's amazing to me how good a grasp of world politics he seems to have, along with a rather sensible moral perspective. He's kind of a leftist and libertarian, like me. On second thought, maybe I shouldn't say he's a leftist, but more a capitalist and not a corporatist. I'm fairly in agreement. I oppose austerity.

Here are some recent videos of his that I think everyone here will enjoy, even if you're not at all a leftist.
- My Message to Those so Mad About A Trump Presidency
- Now We Liberate France: Le Pen Boosted by Trump/Pepe/Alt-Right
- The Legacy Media is Dying, The Decentralized, International Press Is Rising
- The Drug War Is Dying: Good Riddance
- Trump Plans to Deport 2-3 Million Illegal Immigrants

I've listened to a lot more of his videos since yesterday and in one, I don't remember which one, he strongly criticized Gary Johnson briefly. I haven't been following much of what Johnson has been doing, so I don't know what the specific problem was with Johnson. Some of you probably know or can guess.

StyxHH has a whole bunch of videos going back a few years I think and he says he plans to keep at it double full-steam ahead. Notice the video above titled The Legacy Media is Dying. He means the mainstream major media. And he's saying the internet social media is replacing it, although the radio media is not dying, just tv, newspapers and similar media. He said online that he wants to help free humanity, which I take it he's doing via the videos and some books he's written, which he's converting to ebooks.

He calls himself an independent Satanist and an occultist, or something like that. Correction: in the most recent of his occult videos from today or yesterday he says he's a former Satanist. I guess he's still an occultist, but not certain. Yesterday, I left a comment under one of his latest videos saying it's as irrational for a Satanist to publicly identify as a Satanist as it is for an antiauthoritarian anarchist to publicly identify as an anarchist, because the public mind is not going to understand that their stance is moral, but will think instead that it's highly immoral and threatening to civilization. He has quite a few videos on occult subjects and some that combine recent politics and the occult. I've only listened to 3 or 4 so far. One discusses the 11 principles of satanism, which may be a bit reminiscent of SNAP, the so-called Sacred Non-Aggression Principle. I studied occultism a little back in the 1970s and I read a little about satanism thereafter, but I only heard of one other person who referred to satanism as a good thing. She's someone I knew back in 1977 when she taught me astrology. I found her online within the past 20 years and that's when I read her definition of satanism, which she said meant freedom to do what you want and not interfering with others' freedom.

StyxHH seems to believe it's important to get revenge against abusers. In one video he said someone abused him by poisoning him and interfering in his relationship with someone. So he used an occult curse against that person, which evidently caused that person to suffer the same kind of poisoning that he caused in StyxHH. Occultism seems implausible to me, but I'm fairly open-minded anyway, but very skeptical too, and cautious. He seems to credit psychology as being the real force behind occultism, but I need to listen to more before I can judge his claims better.

I'm Christian in the sense that I believe in the principle of loving everyone, where love means care about. StyxHH criticizes Christianity and the notions of God and Jesus etc, which I don't mind, but I believe Jesus' message was distorted by the Roman Church over 300 years after Jesus' time. I've read evidence that Jesus was born on about September 11, which is the time when the Sun is in the constellation Virgo, the virgin, and I think that's what the virgin birth referred to. Jesus said the Bible was misunderstood due to the traditions of men that were not from the Bible and he came to teach the Bible correctly. The Roman Church again distorted his message, but since then it's been getting gradually revived. The Christian view would be that when we are abused we wish them well and we seek to persuade them to give up abusing, but we also protect ourselves, if they continue abuse, such as by locking up the abuser or banishing him or her, instead of seeking to harm the abuser.

The StyxHH political videos are very encouraging, showing that society is likely to improve a lot in the coming years. Populism seems likely to sweep across Europe. U.S. relations with most nations will improve a lot. He seems to be aware that Saudi Arabia is the primary source of terrorism. Hopefully, the U.S. will soon realize that and will stop supporting it and maybe will even punish it somehow and help end the scourge of major terrorism for good.
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:01:03 pm
(I decided to copy the titles and links for most of StyxHexenHammer's videos, which started about 6 years ago and continue up to the present. This will require several posts.)

- The Bock Saga

- The Bible is Full of Mistranslations and Wrongly Canonized Texts

- The Book of Revelations Is Not True Literally

- Henry Makow Is Insane

- Charles Manson is Innocent and it's Time to Free Him

- American Misconceptions about Drugs

- Sarah Palin is Responsible for the Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords by Jared Lee Loughner

- The Top Ten Lies of Christianity

- Rick Santorum - The Biggest Ignorant Bigot in History

- Why I Left Christianity and Became a Satanist

- Another Rant on Christianity

- Wealth Inequality and Political Stupidity in America

- Legal Weed is not Safe

- Jesus Was not the Son of God

- Satanic Ritual Abuse

- The Sounds of Hell Hoax

- Satanic Ritual Abuse Part 2

- Proving the Bible is a Fraud!

- The World Ends May 21st 2011?

- Henry Makow Is A Fool

- San Francisco Circumcision Ban

- Mormonism

- The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth Explained

- Mitt Romney Is An Idiot (RON PAUL 2012!)

- My Explanation of the Paranormal

- Casey Anthony Acquitted, Found Not Guilty

- GPA redistribution: The smearing of higher education, and a major logical fallacy

- Rick Perry (2012 Follies)

- Mitt Romney (2012 Follies)

- Michele Bachmann (2012 Follies)

- Ron Paul Meets Thomas Jefferson (Mirror of PatriotGoUSA)

- Rick Perry Part 2 (2012 Follies)

- Rick Perry Debates Thomas Jefferson (2012 Follies)

- Sarah Palin Debates Teddy Roosevelt (2012 follies)

- Proof The Illuminati Use Ferns for Mind Control


- Capitalism versus Corporatism (And the Occupy Protests)

- Alcohol as an Entheogen?

- Tobacco As an Entheogen?

- Entheogens, Ritualized Behavior, Social Interaction

- Ron Paul Racist Newsletter?

- Styxhexenhammer666's Fundamentalist Story

- Conspiracy Theories

- Explaining Satanism to Christians

- Rick Santorum Stupid Quotes (Spread it around!)

- The Dark Ages of the Internet

- Top Ten Lies about Satanism

- The Truth About Satan and God

- The War Against Christianity?

- Rick Santorum... Really?

- Christian Pastor In Iran to be Executed

- The Manson File - Book Review

- Jesus Was a Communist

- Rick Santorum Suspends Presidential Campaign

- I Can Prove God does not Exist

- Atheist Evangelism: Why Atheists Care about your Faith

- The Truth of Charles Manson Part 1 of 2

- The Truth of Charles Manson Part 2 of 2

- A Message to all Christians, Muslims, Mormons, Jews, and Jehovah's Witnesses

- Fire and Brimstone Fundamentalists!

- Support for Ted Nugent

- Newt Gingrich Drops Out of Presidential Race (Ron Paul 2012!)

- Operation Helter Skeptic

Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
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(Part 2 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Zeus the One True God

- Refuting Common Fundamentalist Arguments

- Theist Philosophy Versus Atheist Philosophy

- Homosexuality is Normal and not a Sin

- Screw Obomney Ron Paul 2012 ftw!

- North Carolina Wants to Ban Gay Marriage and Other Unions

- The Destruction of Earth

- "God Will Punish the Gays and Atheists and Liberals."

- "Traditional Marriage"

- Abstinence Only Sex Education: The Real Facts

- The Truth about December 21st 2012 the Mayan "Doomsday"

- Atheism: The Silent Majority

- Atheism On the Internet

- An All Knowing God versus Free Will

- Religious Claims of Self Evidence

- The 15 Minute Jesus Challenge

- Styxhexenhammer666 on Conspiracy Corner

- Styxhexenhammer666 on "No Free Will"

- Read The Bible and Become A Better Atheist

- Refuting Pascal's Wager: Fundamentalist Fallacy

- True Enlightenment

- Hell, Sheol, Gehenna, Tartarus, Hades, etc

- Censored in Germany, Italy, and Israel! (Deutschland, Italia, ?????)

- The Truth About Abortion

- Styxhexenhammer666: Censored in Five Countries for Political and Religious Reasons

- The Truth about Illuminati, Masons, the New World Order (Fourth of July Message!)

- I Can Help You Convert to Satanism

- Free Yourself of False Guilt

- A Message to South Africa

- The Truth about Near Death Experiences (NDE's)

- Christian Morality is a Joke

- The Truth About Demonic Possession

- The Origins of Christianity

- The Ancient Alien Hypothesis

- My Thoughts on Israel and the Israeli-Palestinean Conflict

- My Message for ATWA and Charles Manson

- In the UK Schools have secret cameras in student bathrooms and locker rooms

- Exciting New News

- The Truth About Convert Seeking Christians and Muslims

- California Bans Gay Conversion Therapy

- Satanism is Not Evil, and is Compatible with other Faiths and Philosophies

- Society is Bullshit (New and Improved)

- Guilt Within Theism: Christianity, Islam, Judaism

- Richard Mourdock and Rape as the Will of god

- Obama Wins

- Re Re I can Prove God does not Exist

- The Death of the Republican Party

- The Truth about Organized Religion, New Age Morality, and New Religious Movements

- Evil Tyrant Jehovah, White Witches, New Agers


- The War on Christians?

- Sanal Edamaruku and the Indian Blasphemy Law

- South Pasadena High School Modesty Club

- Sandy Hook School Shooting: Some Common Sense

- Jesus Is NOT The Reason For the Season

- Jesus Probably Didn't Exist

- My Prediction Comes True: Bill O'Reilly and Christianity as a Philosophy

- Spirituality Vs Religion: My Thoughts.

- The Republicans Have a Problem... The Internet

- The Sumerian Origins of Judaism and Christianity

- Cathrynn Brown House Bill 206 New Mexico Abortion Law Insanity

- Christopher Dorner and LAPD Corruption (Blog Link in Description)

- Christopher Dorner Shootout Update

- Christopher Dorner, Constitutional Rights, Domestic Terrorism

- Pope Rat Zinger Resigning, Priest Sex Abuse, Etc

- Economic Suggestions for the Deficit

- Change We Can Believe In - The Evolution of Religion and the End of Religion
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:06:24 pm
(Part 3 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- The Pope Supported Civil Unions in Argentina

- Racism, Reverse Racism, White Privilege, Sexism, Feminism, etc

- CIA Arming and Training Syrian Rebels: Mujahideen 2.0

- The Amazing Atheist Does it Again (Oilgate 2013)

- Thoughts On North Korea

- Something's Fishy- Shortwave Radio, North Korea, and Russians using American Military Frequencies

- Boston Marathon Bombings: My Take

- Boston and Watertown Massachusetts Martial Law: The Hideous Face of Statism

- Protect the Constitution as it Protects You

- JohnLennon on ICQ: Barbarian or Crusader?

- Bailout For Student Debt

- Israel Attacks Syria... Syria Declares War?

- I Want to Believe: Extra Terrestrials, UFOs, Alien Life

- Churchianity Versus Followers of Jesus

- Support the Turkish Revolution Against Tayyip

- Verizon Phone Scandal, Benghazi, IRS Scandal, Impeach Obama

- Impeach Barack Obama

- Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor? Impeach Obama, Impeach Feinstein

- Syria and the Crossing of the Red Line: Bad News for All Americans

- I Support the Brazilian Protests #ChangeBrazil

- Representative Michael Burgess (R Texas) and his Fetus Comments (Complete Lunacy)

- Most Religious Folks are Shaken in Faith

- Russ Tice: The NSA Spied on Barack Obama

- Supreme Court Strikes down DOMA and Proposition 8: Evangelicals Cry

- The George Zimmerman Trial: My Take

- George Zimmerman: Justified

- Fruity Theists Praying for (Preying upon?) my Soul

- Detroit Files for Bankruptcy

- Support the Surveillance State Repeal Act

- The Origins of the Human Race: Ancient Aliens, the Annunaki, Ahura Mazda, Enki, Alien DNA

- Underwater Cities and Ancient Mythology: Mainstream Archaeology is Probably Wrong

- Keyscore: The NSA and Congress Betray Us All

- Reuters: US Directs Agents to Cover Up Program Used to Investigate Americans

- Election Morphing

- The NSA, and More Attacks on Freedom

- Michael Hastings and the John Brennan Expose: San Diego 6 Defies the MSM

- Egyptian Revolution 2.0: Kick out the Islamists

- Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul, the 2016 Election

- Styxhexenhammer666 Interview on Culture Collision

- The NSA Illegally Spied on Citizens and Broke it's own Privacy Rules

- Fukishima Apocalypse?

- Guardian Offices Raided: Snowden Material Destroyed, David Miranda Detained

- Chemical Weapons Used in Syria: Assad or the Rebels?

- War With Syria May Be Inevitable

- Watergate 2.0: The NSA Bugged the United Nations Headquarters in New York

- John Kerry's Hypocritical Warmongering Press Conference: Oppose War in Syria

- Chickenhawks in the Media (Ian Hurd, Bret Stephens, The Economist)

- British House of Commons Shows Restraint and Intelligence on Syria: Galloway Leads the Charge

- Israeli Eugenics: Israel Plans to Deport 50,000 Africans to Uganda

- Fukushima: Radiation Levels 18 Times Higher than Previously Thought (And More!)

- John Kerry Petitions the Senate: More Lies and Warmongering

- Hope in Syria: Congress May Defeat The Authorization to Strike

- Young Earth Creationism and Evangelism

- Fukushima: Steam Spotted/ Typhoon Man-Yi/ All the Way to China Syndrome

- Fukushima: TEPCO Dumps 1,000 Tons of Water/ New Steam Spotted from Reactor 3

- Fukushima: Crack in Exhaust Pipe at 10 Sv/h Plus Gunderson Says Plant May Slide Into Ocean

- Weird Rain Ring Around Indianapolis? 4:29PM 9/21/2013

- Government Shut Down: What It Means, and Who is Responsible

- 1-800-FUCKYO The Official Healthcare Exchange Number (Not a Joke)

- The Religion Challenge: Give me Evidence I should believe in YOUR god (Rules in description)

- Forbes: Healthcare Exchange Enrollment Exceedingly Low

- Thoughts on Immigration

- Debt Ceiling Approaches: America Marches Towards the Cliff of Default

- Fukushima: Radiation Spikes 6,500 Times in Groundwater

- Fukushima: Typhoon Francisco, 12 New Leaks, Mudslides

- Fukushima: New Earthquake, Worker Exploitation, Typhoons Francisco and Lekima
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:09:23 pm
(Part 4 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Affordable Care Act Update

- New NSA Revelations: Watergate 2.0: The Call to Action, Abolish the NSA and Impeach Obama

- Revolutionary Fervor: The Media begins Censoring Constitutionalism, LAX Shooter, Self Radicalization

- Comet Ison, Newton's Comet, Plague Comet?

- The Affordable Care Act Has Failed: Obama to Address the ACA

- I Can Prove that the Affordable Care Act will Fail: Simple Mathematics to the Rescue!

- Car Chats with Styxhexenhammer Episode 1: Obamacare, Religion, Ison

- Harry Reid Invokes the Nuclear Option: The Death of the Two Party System: 666

- Ison Pre-Perihelion Update

- Comet Ison Post-Perihelion Update (Confusion Over Whether it Survived)

- Pope Francis: Limbaugh's Remarks, Hecklers, Embracing the Disfigured etc

- CNN: Smoking Pot and Manboobs? Modern Reefer Madness

- Nelson Mandela is Dead December 5th 2013

- Climate Change: Global Warming, New Ice Age, CFC's etc

- North Korea: Jang Executed, Kim Jong Un says "Fuck You" to all of China

- Alert: Plague Outbreak in Madagascar

- Federal Judge Richard Leon: NSA Phone Surveillance is Unconstitutional

- Fukushima Update: Record Radiation Levels, Plankton Die-Off, Starfish Melting, etc

- Breaking News: New Snowden Leak: NSA Spied on Israel

- Gay Marriage Legalized... In Utah (Due to Federal Judge Ruling)

- North Korea: Yongbyon Reactor Restarted, Kim Warns Troops of Imminent War

- Gay Marriage in 2014: And the Libertarian Hegemon

- El Hierro: La Palma Mega Tsunami Impending?

- Possible Meltdown/Fuel Pool Melt at Fukushima

- Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel is Dying of Renal Failure

- Oklahoma Satanist Monument: Pluralism is Inherently Superior to both Secularism and Moralism

- Ariel Sharon is Dead: The Kaduri Prophecy, Settlements, Two State Solution, etc

- Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down in Oklahoma

- Obama's NSA "Fixes" Too little, Too late, Off the Mark

- Sochi Olympics Threats- Chechen Rebels, Saudi Arabian Jihad, and Putin's Balls of Steel

- Urgent: Mainstream Media Shills for War in Syria using False Reports

- Obama Pulls Race Card: Then Blames FOX and Rush for his Problems

- Satanic Versus Christian Perspectives on Abuse, Corporal Punishment, etc

- Operation American Spring: Honeypot or Reactionary Distraction?

- Sinabung Erupts: 14 Dead, Ash a MILE High: Toba may be Waking Up!

- Sochi Olympics: TSA Bans Gels and Liquids on Sochi Flights, Disrepair of Sochi Hotels, Stray Dogs

- Federal Government Legalizes Hemp

- Fukushima Update: TEPCO Underestimates Groundwater Contamination by 1000%: Enenews

- Federal Government Will Give Gay Couples Full Marriage Benefits: Evangelicals Cry and Whine

- Sukhwant Singh's "Oak Island Money Pit Mystery Resolved" Refuted: Not a Viking Ship!

- Miranda Barbour, Craigslist Killer: Satanic Cult? 22 Murders? Satanic Panic 2.0 Begins Today

- Ukrainian Protests Turn to Civil War

- Texas Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down: 14th Amendment Reigns: VICTORY

- Spike Lee is a Racist: His Anti-Gentrification Rant is a Rant Against Whites

- Russia Invades Ukraine: Cold War Reheating

- Crazy Things Christians and Muslims Tell me to Get me to Convert

- War In Ukraine: Landmines on Gas Pipes, Putin Swears Troops aren't His

- Changing the Bible? True Word of God? Nonchristians Can't Interpret Scripture?

- Crazy Bertha and the Fundamentalist Jesus Story

- Fred Phelps, Last True Christian, Dies at 84.

- Michigan Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down

- Why I Don't Believe in the Christian God or the Bible

- Jimmy Carter and the NSA/ Clinton and the Internet Domain System

- Grading Obama and Comparing to Bush

- LBC Leaders Debate: Farage versus Clegg: My Reaction as an American

- 8.0 Earthquake Off Coastal Chile 4/1/2014

- U.S. Confirms Warrantless Searches of American Citizens: NSA Goes too Far

- Illinois Gets Concealed Carry... Chicago Crime Drops Significantly

- NASA Picture Shows Artificial Light on Mars?

- The Blood Moon Tetrads: Not the End of the World!

- Cliven Bundy, Nevada Militia, Tortoises?

- 8.3 Magnitude Earthquake: Solomon Islands

- Reuters: Ebola Mutates: Ebola in Italy?
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:10:44 pm
(Part 5 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Michigan Affirmative Action Ban Upheld by Supreme Court

- Yellowstone Supervolcano: Overdue? Seismic Monitors Turned Off? Catastrophe?

- Big News: New Benghazi Memo is a Whopper: Carney, Obama, Hillary, All Lied!

- Why China Will Collapse: Paper Palace, House of Cards

- USGS Issues Quake Warning for Oklahoma: 5.0+ Imminent

- Yellowstone: Contingency Plan? South Africa? Historical Seismic Norms?

- Ice Cream Truck Song Racist? Turkey in the Straw

- "I Saw A Demon" and Other Paranormal Events

- Operation American Spring Tomorrow May 16th: Zionism, Shills, and Psyops Oh My!

- Camelopardalid Meteor Shower May 23rd

- Another Libyan Embassy Evacuation? Violence Spreads in Libya

- NSA Somalget Spying: Wikileaks to Reveal Second Nation Targeted with Complete Surveillance

- Obama to Justify Drone Strikes on US Citizens

- Elliot Rodger Was A Lunatic and His Parents Failed

- BREAKING NEWS: Greenwald to Release List of US Citizens Targeted by the NSA

- Leaked DOJ Memo: Gun Confiscation Memo Amusingly Destroys Antigun Arguments

- "Sergeant" Bergdahl's Release: Something's Fishy Here

- Bergdahl Release: The Michael Hastings Connection, Biggest Conspiracy Since Watergate?

- Why Barack Obama Should Be Impeached

- Yellowstone: Helium and Temperature Rising, Harmonic Tremors, Monitor Sites Down

- Iraq Has Fallen: Islamic Insurgents Take Over Mosul

- Obama Fails Again: Americans Stranded in Iraq

- Oppose The Syrian War (Iraqi War 2.0) Obama Trying to Manufacture Conflict

- Obama The Warmonger: Liberal Hypocrites and Bush 2.0: OPPOSE THE WAR

- Obama Breaks His Promise, Sends Ground Troops to Iraq

- ISIS Storms Chemical Weapons Facility: Gains Sarin and Mustard Gas

- Pope Francis Condemns Marijuana Legalization, Gives No Alternative Ideas

- Hillary Clinton Jokes About Getting Child Rapist Off the Hook: Shillary Strikes Again

- Tenth Red Heifer: Temple of Jerusalem to be Rebuilt? My Take

- Detroit Cuts Off Water to 150,000 Residents: How to Save Detroit

- Thousands Of Immigrants, Shots Fired in McAllen TX, Obama Ignores the Law

- Mexican Military Helicopter Fires at US Border Patrol

- ISIS Declares Islamic Caliphate

- Obama Gay? Michelle Obama a Transvestite? Joan Rivers Joking or Serious? My Take.

- Happy 4th of July Message: Real Patriotism

- Israeli Forces Beat American Citizen in Jerusalem: Time to Boycott Israel

- Hardball: Chris Matthews Hammers Hillary Clinton on Rape Case: Salon's Joan Walsh On Defensive

- Israeli Airstrike On Gaza - Massive Explosions in Civilian Area

- Earthquakes At New Mexico-Arizona Border: 5 in the last 24 Hours

- Road Melts at Yellowstone: Common Occurrence?

- Flight MH17, Cold War, World War Three, Nuclear Holocaust

- Why Humanity is Likely To Wipe Itself Out With Nuclear Weapons

- Israeli Attack on Gaza: Israel as a Legitimate State?

- The Ethics of De-Extinction

- Palestinians Rise Up in West Bank- 50,000 Protestors? Third Intifada?

- Ebola Update: Now In Nigeria

- Israeli Genocide in Gaza: School Bombed, UN Observer Crying, Dead Civilians, War Crime

- ALERT: CDC Bringing Ebola Infected Doctors to Atlanta, Emory University Hospital

- "When Genocide Is Permissible": Yochanan Gordon and the Times of Israel

- My Thoughts on the Holocaust

- Ebolachan Loves You

- ICQ Lesbians Raid 08/25/2014

- Response to WorkHardEnterHeaven: No Jesus for Me, Thanks

- Jesus Is The Devil

- Obama Declares War on ISIS... And the USA Goes to War with Syria

- What Jesus Said About Gay Marriage

- Ferguson Update: KKK Fliers, FBI Warning of Violence, Grand Jury Incoming

- Charles Manson Gets a Marriage License: Media Goes Ballistic

- Obama's Immigration Orders/ Ferguson/ Idiot Populists/ Leftist Race Baiting

- Bill Cosby's Pudding Pop Scandal: Celebrity Worship is Retarded

- Ferguson Update: Black Panthers Arrested by FBI for Explosives Plot

- Ferguson Explodes in Violence: Police Brutality/ Arson/ Looting/ Militarized Police

- The Morning After: Ferguson Smolders as People Ignore the Militarized Police

- Obama Heckled over Immigration: Obama is a Neoconservative!

- I Would Reject the Christian God Even if Believers Could Prove He Existed
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:13:18 pm
(Part 6 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Grand Jury on Eric Garner Case: No Indictment

- Explaining the Belief System Trifecta: Theism, Religiosity, Spirituality

- The Cultural Marxism Wikipedia Debacle: Crazed Marxists Strike Again

- Russia Begins to Collapse: Ruble Falls/ Inflation Rises /Recession Predicted

- General Update: Literary Projects, Music, etc

- Obama Gets it Right on Cuba: Cuba-US Relations Thawing?

- Two New York Police Dead: Revenge Shooting for Garner?

- Chicopee Man Charles DiRosa Charged with Making Criminal Threat for Facebook Post

- Merry Yule: Catholic Woman Attacks Florida Satanic Manger

- Ebola: Case in Scotland, Liberia Resurgence, 20,000 Case Threshold Reached

- NYPD Goes on De Facto Strike: Arrests Fall 66%: A Victory for Libertarianism

- The Leelah Alcorn Case: Transgender Rights, Child Abuse, etc... Christianity is a Cancer

- Charlie Hebdo/ Paris Attacks/ Boko Haram Massacre

- Why I Criticize Some Religions More Than Others

- Freedom of Speech: Multiculturalism Failed the Refugees As Much as the Natives

- NOAA Declares 2014 Warmest Year: But the Science Isn't Certain

- People Are Obsessed with Deflated Footballs

- Saudi King Abdullah Dies: Is Replaced by Another Old Generic Tyrant

- Republicans Take Senate; Promptly Fuck Up with Abortion Bill

- Three Minutes to Midnight: Doomsday Clock Moves Ahead 2 Minutes

- Measles Outbreak: Anti-Vaxxers, Naturists, and the Libertarian Perspective

- Oklahoma Now Top for Quakes, Surpasses California

- ISIS Reportedly Attacks Ruins of Nineveh, Destroys Walls

- Randy Quaid And the Rupert Murdoch Video: Quaid is Probably Right

- Iceland to Build First Pagan Temple since Viking Era

- Brian Williams Misremembers

- Pope To Address Congress: My Thoughts

- Chinese Debt Now 282% Of GDP: Russian and Chinese Propagandists Silent

- Charles Manson's Corpse on Display? Daniel Simone says Star Wants his Dead Body

- Obama Asks for War Powers: War with ISIS and Obama the Chicken Hawk

- God Is Evil

- Netanyahu Misused State Funds/ Rabbis Rebuff His Immigration Call/ Citizens Oppose Netanyahu Visit

- White Guilt: Postmodern Racism, Stereotyping, and Collective Guilt

- White Guilt Part 2: Racial Categories as Political Fodder/ Left-statist Straw-manning

- Student Debt Revolt: Corinthian College Students Refuse to Pay... Good.

- Chicago Police Operating Unconstitutional Black Site at Homan Square

- Affirmative Action is Racist and Allows Legal Discrimination Against Asians

- Leonard Nimoy Dead: "In Search Of" Host/ Sci Fi Legend

- My Take on the Budget Fiasco: Let the DHS Shut Down, and Keep It Shut Down

- Boris Nemtsov Assassinated: Shills Back Putin's Ridiculous Claims

- Netanyahu's Warmongering Speech to Congress Summed Up: "Attack Iran!"

- Netanyahu's Likud Falls Behind: One Chance to Prevent Disaster

- Rand Paul, Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, Introduce Federal Medical Marijuana Bill

- Planet Fitness Controversy; Everyone is Retarded

- Christians: Sell Everything You Own Before You Pray For Me

- Vladimir Putin Missing: Is Putin Dead?

- Insane Preacher Loses It on Shortwave Broadcast, Asks Jesus for $10,000,000

- Russia Threatens Denmark Over Frigate, Speaks of Nuclear War, Europe Still Clueless

- Ted Cruz (The Canadian Evangelical Teacentrist) Announces Candidacy

- Thoughts on MRAs and MGTOW

- Israel Nuclear Program Revealed in Declassified Pentagon Report (Audio Only)

- Judaism is Just as Senseless and Dishonest as Evangelical Christianity or Extreme Islam

- War in Yemen: Caliphate and USA Versus Persian Diaspora and Russia

- Arizona Mandatory Church Attendance Suggestion... Good!

- Thoughts on the Cult of Scientology

- California Megadrought Gets Worse

- Tentative Nuclear Deal With Iran Reached

- Exopolitics: Why Extra Terrestrials Have Not Paid Us A Visit

- Puerto Rican Statehood: Also Guam, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa

- Indiana's "Religious Freedom" Bill: Libertarianism Won Back in 1972

- Modern Liberals Are Censorship Happy Statists Who Support Police Brutality and Surveillance

- Police Brutality now #1 Problem in USA: Media Tries To Racialize It

- New Book! After the Ashes, Surviving the Coming Nuclear War

- Normalization of Relations With Cuba. Obama To Meet Castro In Panama

- Fukushima: Beached Whales Spark Alarm of New Quake
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:14:47 pm
(Part 7 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Redneck Ralph Story 1: Dead Pickup

- Hillary Clinton Announces Candidacy: Left Wing Not Enthusiastic About 90s Era Center Leftism

- Hillary Clinton the Republican Centrist: Gay Marriage/ Iraq/ Rape/ Bosnia/ Slush Funds

- There Is Water on Mars: There Is Probably Microbial Life Elsewhere in Our Solar System Outside Earth

- Redneck Ralph Story 2: Jeb Bush Birthday Party

- South African Xenophobic Attacks: Zulu Nationalists Assault African Immigrants

- Reading My Christian Fan Mail

- Reading My Christian Fan Mail (Part 2)

- Walmart Closes Stores Due to "Plumbing Issues"... Their Explanation Is Sketchy

- Reading My Christian Fan Mail (Part 3)

- Baltimore In Flames: The Freddy Gray Protests Lead To Looting/ Police Abuse

- Free Range Kids: A Synonym For Normal Healthy Kids

- Bernie Sanders To Announce Candidacy for Presidency

- Supreme Court To Weigh In On Gay Marriage This Summer

- Baltimore Gestapo Public Service Announcement

- Forest Fires Near Chernobyl: Risk of Re-release of Radioactive Particles

- Words Like Islamophobia, Sexism, Racism, and Antisemitism Have Become Newspeak

- Destroying the Fundamentalists And Their Gay Marriage Fears

- Reading My Christian Fan Mail (Part 4)

- Failed Terrorist Attack in Garland Texas at Draw Muhammad Event

- Israeli Apartheid State Rocked By Race Riots

- A New, Retarded Style Called "Dad Bod"

- Predictions For The Next Big American Issues

- Thoughts On GMO Products

- Scotland Goes For SNP: Scottish National Party Crushes Labour Utterly

- Free Speech: Chris Cuomo is Wrong; "Hate Speech" is Protected by the First Amendment

- Baltimore Police Hypocrisy; Asking Prosecutor to Recuse Herself

- The Coming Collapse? Maybe- The Grim World Economic Outlook

- The TPP: Trans-Pacific Partnership

- Big, Bloated Chris Christie And His Big, Bloated Food Budget: $300,000 For 5 Years

- Organized Religion In Decline: Irreligion Hits 23% Of USA

- Pope Francis Recognizes Palestine As State: Zionists Enraged

- How I View Time: The Mayans Meet the Vedic, And Why I Must Shun Hindu and Buddhist Teachings

- MGTOW and Third Wave Feminism: Identical Branches of One Behavioral Sink

- Morality is Ultimately Subjective; But That Doesn't Make A Moral System "Bad"

- The World Will Probably End: Some Sobering Thoughts On The Fate Of Humanity

- Valencia College Apparently Rapes Medical Students On A Weekly Basis With Transvaginal Probes

- Irish Gay Marriage Referendum: Polls Suggest Ireland Will Legalize Gay Marriage Tonight

- Ministry of Sweden Presents: Cucktainers and Cucksheds

- World War Three Possible With China Over Spratly Islands

- Let the Patriot Act Die Unextended; Don't Even Bother Replacing or "Fixing" It

- My Thoughts On Jade Helm

- Who Gives A Flying Shit About Caitlyn Jenner?

- Vincent Bugliosi Has Died

- Reddit Gets Holocausted By Commie CEO And #RedditRevolt Spreads

- When You're On Your Death Bed Will You Be Satisfied? Ruminations on Human Ambition

- Supreme Court Predictions: Gay Marriage/ ACA Subsidies

- The Far Left Cannibalizes Itself Over Rachel Dolezal and Transracial Stuff

- Glenn Beck's Black Robe Retard Regiment: Theocracy Is Stupid, Glenn

- The Media Is Responsible For Paranoia In The Wake of the Charleston Mass Shooting

- Obama the Hypocrite On Gun Control

- You Should Be Able to Fly the Confederate Flag... But It's Retarded to Do So

- Gay Marriage Legal Nationwide: Supreme Court Upholds 14th Amendment

- Greece Is As Fucked As A Donald Trump Taco Stand

- Redneck Ralph Story 3: The Klan Rally

- Donald Trump's Undeserved Attention and Fake Race Realism

- Mexicans are the New Irish: 2015 is a Lot Like 1850

- NYSE Halted Due to "Technical Glitch"- Probably China Related

- Why I Oppose Communism, Marxism, and All Related Blanket Terms

- Contraception to be Made Available To All

- Texas State Guard and Citizen Militias to Monitor Jade Helm

- Another Little Ice Age Coming? Probably.

- Hillary Clinton's Fans Claim Sanders' Support is a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

- Chatanooga Islamic Terrorist Attack: Obama and the PC Crowd Ignore Common Sense
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:16:36 pm
(Part 8 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Texas Denying Birth Certificates To Legal Citizens

- Waco Whacko Wesley Clark Suggests Interning "Radicalized" US Citizens

- Turkey Attacks ISIS: Air Strikes on Border

- Some Problems Libertarians Face

- The Ashley Madison Debacle: My Thoughts

- September Prophecies: Shemitah, Blood Moons, Nibiru, Asteroid Etc

- Cuckservatives

- Peace Maker Obama Authorizes Air Strikes On Assad's Forces

- Obama's New CO2 Emissions Policy: 30% Less by 2030

- Doomsday Fanatics Worried Over AP Martial Law Preppers Headline

- Indiana Elementary School Sued For Punishing Student For Being Atheist

- Thoughts On Public Breastfeeding

- Hillary Clinton Being Investigated by the FBI

- The Left Is the New Mainstream: Perpetually Outraged Lefties Offended By Eminem Lyrics

- Reaction to the Republican Debates

- EPA Causes Massive Mine Waste Spill: Animas River Now Yellow

- Israel Is Not A US Ally

- Maduro Considers War With Guyana Over Essequibo

- Hillary Clinton Undeniably, Provably Broke Federal Law

- Massive Explosion in Tianjin, China: Either Accident Or Terrorist Act

- Possible Record Breaking El Nino For Winter 2015

- Sakurajima Ready To Erupt: High Alert Issued

- Donald Trump Immigration Policy Unveiled: It's Idealist Bullshit

- Multiethnic Societies Can Flourish, but Multicultural Societies Will Collapse

- Ashley Madison Armageddon: THE MOMENT IS FINALLY HERE!

- Live Fire On Korean Border: DPRK Declares State of War

- Islamists Strike Israel With Rockets, Israel Conducts Air Strikes On Syria

- The European Immigrant Crisis: Nationalism, Multiculturalism, Social Alienation

- Shanghai Composite Collapses: China's Stock Market Crashing Again

- Bryce Williams Racist Rampage: Left Calls For More Gun Control, Ignores Racial Motive

- My Critics: Lefties, Righties, And Goofies

- Why Trump And Sanders Are Rising: Establishment DNC/RNC Refuse Reform

- We Need To End The Drug War Entirely

- Transgender Bathroom Controversy in Missouri: Gender Segregation Is Pretty Retarded Anyways

- Kim Davis, Kentucky Clerk, Held in Contempt and Jailed

- Syrian Refugee Crisis: Israel Should Take These Refugees

- The European Refugee Crisis Is A Prelude To War

- "Liberals" and "Conservatives" Are Hypocrites

- Crane Collapses at Mecca on 9-11, Dozens Dead: Divine Retribution/ Occult Synchronicity

- Republican Debate Reactions: Rand Redeems Himself, Jeb Bush Gets Hammered

- Strange "End Times" Cloud Over Costa Rica: Fearmongers Cream Their Pants

- Fuck The Pope

- Mars Mystery Solved? NASA September 28th Announcement

- John Boehner Will Resign As Speaker of the House

- Congressman Bob Brady Steals Popes Used Drinking Glass

- Third Wave Feminists Push for Net Censorship at UN (Cyber Violence?)

- Results of the Styx Poll: Follow Up

- Pentagon Fires Two US Soldiers For Defending Afghani Boy From Rapist

- NASA Mars Announcement: Flowing Water on Mars

- Far Left Declares You Racist if you Don't Have "Diverse" Sexual History

- Germany Allows Immigrants to Murder Their Kids, Does Nothing About Honor Killing

- Salon Defends Pedophilia, Then Whines When People Attack Them

- Russia Now At War In Syria, Attacks FSA With Air Strikes

- Palestine's Abbas Renounces Oslo Accords

- Mass Shooting in Umpqua College In Oregon: White House Predictably Responds

- Western Feminist Privilege (Wealthy Whining WestFems)

- Doctors Without Borders Hospital Bombed in Afghanistan

- Russia Violates Turkish NATO Airspace: Cold War Grows Warmer

- TPP Passed: Bad Economic Times Ahead, Censorship Likely

- World War Three: The Doomsday Machine

- Israel and Palestine On Edge: Hamas Declares Third Intifada

- Terrorists Attack Ankara/ Jade Helm Connection

- RAF Gets Clearance to Fire on Russian Jets

- First Democratic Debate Tonight 8:30PM

- NOAA Winter Predictions: Warm!

- Democratic Debate Reaction: Sanders Won
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:18:28 pm
(Part 9 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Asteroid TB145 Halloween Fly By (Condition Code 8)

- West Lake Landfill Fire Nearing Radioactive Deposits

- People Boycott Star Wars Due to Multicultural Cast

- Presidential Update: Webb Drops Out/ Biden In? Jeb/Cruz Collude

- Netanyahu Declares Holocaust A Palestinian Invention

- Democrats New Slogan: "America Is Already great" Oh You Poor Fools

- How to Stop Cultural Appropriation This Halloween

- Third Republican Debate Reaction

- Obama Lied Again: Boots on the Ground in Syria Soon

- Thoughts on AI and Robots

- Europe Is Headed Towards Disaster

- New Retarded Messianic End Times Prediction

- Jeb! Is Probably Toast, Claims Nate Silver: I Agree

- Election Day: Erection Day for the Right? Bellwether for 2016?

- Hillary PAC Discrediting Sanders? The Deport Racism Debacle

- Ben Carson Lies About West Point, Makes Wild Pyramid Claims: Herman Cain 2.0?

- Obama Rejects Keystone XL: Pointless Partisan Nonsense

- ICQ Probably Closing Chat: My Recommendation

- Paris Attacks: City Under Siege by Islamic Terrorists

- Paris Attacks: Death Toll Rises, Media Protects Islam, Ignores Government Ineptitude

- States Refuse To Take Syrian Refugees: Obama Caused the Problem

- Bomb Threat at Hannover Stadium in Germany

- Obama Loves Refugees, Orphans, and Widows, So He Helps Create Them

- Trump Surges/Carson In Freefall: Possible Major Electoral Landslide for 2016

- Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet: People Worry About WW3

- Libertarianism 101

- Mass Shooting In San Bernardino Inland Regional Services: Attackers At Large

- San Bernardino Update: Shooters Were Islamists, Obama Calls For Gun Control (Again)

- Our Government Is Clueless: GOP and Dems Suggest Equally Meaningless Anti-Terror Methods

- I Endorse the Libertarian Party For the 2016 Election

- Donald Trump Suggests Banning Muslim Immigrants, Threatens Independent Campaign

- The Federal Do Not Fly List Is Unconstitutional

- Trump Tentatively Supports Obama's No Fly List Gun Ban: Fake Two Party System Lies Again

- DNC Spars With Bernie Sanders Over Voter List Breach

- Hillary Clinton Schlonged/ Gets Attacked by Pissed Off Hispanics

- Donald Trump Surges Again: Jeb Sinks to Sixth, Rubio Stagnates

- Jim Webb Attacks Hillary, Rumors of Independent Campaign

- Bill Cosby Charged With Sexual Assault

- The NSA Got Caught Spying on Congress

- 2015 In Review: Last Video For the Year!

- Donald Trump Destroys Hillary Clinton's Hypocritical, Repugnant Zionism

- Militia In Oregon Takes Over Federal Building: Ammon Bundy Declares Intent to Occupy It

- Saudi Arabia Cuts Ties With Iran: Shiites Protest Saudi Beheadings

- Obama Announces Intent To Ignore Second Amendment/ Separation of Powers

- North Korea Conducts Atomic Test, Prepares Major Announcement (NORK TV Currently Live)

- Spirited North Korean National-Communist Pop Music

- Famous North Korea News Lady Announces Hydrogen Bomb Test

- California Methane Leak Declared a Disaster: Porter Ranch

- Obama's Crocodile Tears: He Never Cries For the Kids Killed by His Drones

- Germans Protest Over Cologne Islamic Rape Gang: Police Beat Them Down

- Predicting the Republican Primary Results

- Raising Your Child the Satanic Way

- #NewYorkValues Ted Cruz Just Destroyed Himself

- Social Alienation: Five Truths, The Coming Struggle

- Democratic Debate Reaction/ Primary Predictions

- Sarah Palin Endorses Trump/ Iowa Governor Lambastes Ted Cruz: Cruz' Terrible Day

- Thoughts on Animal Activism/ Animal Rights/ Etc

- My Enemies Motivate Me More Than my Allies Do

- Trump Will Skip GOP Debate on FOX: It's a Trap!

- FOX Caught Shilling for Jeb Bush the Failed Candidate

- WHO Fearmongers About Zika Virus, Ignores Ebola Resurgence

- Final Iowa Prediction: Trump 31, Cruz 23, Rubio 19, Carson 9, Rand 4

- Cruz Wins Iowa: But I Was Right About Rand and Rubio

- Jeb Bush Begs Audience to Clap; The Most Retarded Bush

- New Hampshire Debate Pre-Video/ New Hampshire Primary Predictions
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:20:18 pm
(Part 10 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- New Hampshire Primary Live Stream

- Justice Antonin Scalia Dead: New Election Issue?

- Reaction to South Carolina Republican Debate

- Venezuela Begins Collapsing: Food Shortages and Coup Threats

- South Carolina Predictions/Rant

- The Pope and his Theocratic Bullshit Regarding Trump and Walls

- South Carolina Primary Live Stream

- No, Trump Doesn't Have A Low Ceiling- And We Can Prove It

- No, I'm Not Feeling the Bern: And I'm A Vermonter

- Carpet Bag Corporate Plutocracy is Not Capitalism

- Super Tuesday Predictions: Trump and Hillary Dominate

- Super Tuesday Analysis and Predictions For the Race

- Major Political Developments: Carson Out/ Ailes Disowns Rubio/ Leaked Rubio Campaign Audio/More

- 11th Republican Debate Reaction/ March 5th Race Predictions

- March 5th Analysis: Rubio Is Doomed/ The Day the RNC Died

- March 8th Analysis: Rubio Will Lose Florida/ Trump Gains Hawaii in Closed Caucus

- GOP Debate Analysis/ March 15th Predictions/ Carson Endorsement

- Trump Rally in Chicago Shut Down by Protesters/ Ted Cruz Applauds Them

- March 15th Primary Live Stream

- Putin Withdraws Russian Troops from Syria: DPRK Worries?

- Brazil In Chaos: Protests Swell to Millions of People

- AIDS Skrillex and Carl the Cuck: SJWs are Just Morally Outraged Retards

- Why Pundits Have Failed so Miserably, and Why the Internet Hasn't

- Capitalist Army: Ghost Returns to Blogtalk Radio

- More Muslim Terrorism in Belgium: Brussels Bombings

- Libertarianism Rising: Johnson Polls at Double Digits

- Ted Cruz Sex Scandal: Cruz Allegedly Had Five Affairs

- Grimoire of Pope Leo III Now Available!

- Organized Religion Is A Cancer: Spirituality is Not

- Cruz Scandal, Hillary on Debating, Trump on Abortion: Two Party System Declines Further

- Wisconsin GOP Primary: A Must-Win for Cruz That He Might "Luze"

- Panama Papers: The Greatest Scandal of the Modern Age

- Jury Nullification: The Last Line of Defense Against Injustice

- Wisconsin Exit Poll Analysis (NO Live Stream Tonight- Important Update!)

- Colorado Primary: Crooked Politics on Full Display

- Paul Ryan Denies Intention of a Presidential Bid: Told Ya So

- Saudis Threaten United States Over 9/11 Bill, Shame On Them

- Shoshone River Boiling Near Yellowstone

- New York Primary Predictions: Trump and Clinton Dominate

- Harriet Tubman on 20 Dollar Bill? Who Friggin' Cares?

- April 26th Primary Predictions: Trump and Clinton Seal the Deal

- Trump and the Transgendered Bathroom "Controversy"

- Brexit: I Say Vote Leave/ The Mayor of London Is A Genius

- Marco Rubio (Mostly) Endorses Trump

- What I Really Think of Hillary Clinton

- Obama Claims He'll Release the 28 Pages: I Doubt It

- My Thoughts on Peak Oil/ Oil Use/ Green Energy

- Sargon of Akkad Makes Petition to Ban Social Justice: Why I Disagree With This

- British Media Encourages USA To Go Hillary: My Response? No, lol

- Ted Cruz and John Kasich Collude to Deny Trump the Nomination

- Occult/Politics Update: Blog/New Playlist/Livestream Tonight!

- Virginia Governor And the Former Felon Voting Bloc: My Take

- April 26th Primary Live Feed: PA, RI, MD, CT, DE

- Ted Cruz Picks Carly Fiorina: Desperate, Retarded Nonsense

- 100 Syrians To Arrive in Rutland Vermont: My Town and My Thoughts

- Anti-Defamation League Calls on Trump to Scrap "America First" Slogan

- Violent Protests at Costa Mesa Trump Rally: Mexican Flags A-Wavin'

- Trigglypuff: The New Face of Social Justice Warriors

- Jeb Bush Supports Brokered Convention, Slips Into Insanity

- Venezuela: Hyperinflation/Two Day Work Week/Ends Beer Production/Maduro Recall

- Belgium Hands Out Iodine Pills Over Atomic Fears

- Iraq In Chaos: Protestors Storm Green Zone/Parliament

- Cruz Is Stricken With Madness Over Transgendered Bathroom Stuff

- Trump Is Inevitable and the Indiana Primary Barely Matters

- Indiana Primary Prediction: Trump and Clinton Advantage

- Julius Malema Promises to Confiscate White South Africans' Farms
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:22:09 pm
(Part 11 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck Go Insane Over Trump Winning Indiana

- Cruz Suspends Campaign: Trump Is Now the Republican Nominee

- Trump Wins: VP Rant/ I Was Right, Almost Everyone Else Was Wrong

- Memetic Warfare: Fort McMurray Burns as Cruz' Homeland is Destroyed

- Ron Paul as Secretary of State? Jennifer Rubin Worries, I Don't

- San Andreas Fault Locked, Ready to Blow?

- Muslim Radical, Sadiq Khan, Now Mayor of London

- Hanford Site Leaking, Workers Sickened, America's Fukushima

- Rand Paul Endorses Donald Trump

- US Senate Votes To Send 3.1 Billion Aid Package to Israel

- Libertarianism: Some Varied Thoughts

- EU to Fine Nations for Rejecting Refugee Quotas: Social Alienation

- Saudis Beg US to Reject Trump: Oh the Irony!

- Hypocrite Gated Community Dweller John Kerry Wants "Borderless World"

- Mount Saint Helens Quake Swarms: Eruption Imminent?

- London Buses to Declare Fealty of UK to Allah

- Brazil's Lower House Annuls Rousseff Impeachment

- Philippine Election: Duterte Appears to be Winning

- Lukewarm Globalist Austrian Chancellor Resigns in Disgrace

- North Carolina/ Feds Spar on Transgendered Bathrooms

- Terrorist Attacks Grafing, German Police Call it Mental Illness

- Hillary Clinton Loses West Virginia to Socialist: Abandon the Democratic Party!

- Hindus Pray to Shiva and Hanuman for Trump to Win

- Media Blames Doctors for Opiate Mess - Blame the Government Too!

- Why the DNC Should Panic: Trump Already Neck and Neck With Clinton

- Commie Dilma Rousseff Impeached, Calls Impeachment a "Coup"

- Science Considers Artificial Human Genome

- TV News Is Stupid, So Is TV As A Whole

- Trump Pretended to be his Own Publicist... So?

- Obama Commands Schools to Desegregate Bathrooms

- 2,500 Economic Migrants Loose in Finland

- North Korea Grabs the Bears' Tail/ Siezes Russian Yacht

- TSA Stupidity: As Lines Grow, So Do Budgets

- Maduro Goes Nuts, Declares State of Emergency, Fears "Coup"

- Stockholm: Sweden Not Even Trying to Exist Anymore: Social Alienation

- Brexit Polling Neck and Neck... Vote Leave You Fools!

- Trump Apparently Ahead with Hispanic Voters

- Maduro Sinks Deeper Into Madness, Threatens to Seize Factories

- Donald Trump Calls Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas"

- Why I Choose Libertarianism And Not The Two Party System

- NATO and Russia Trade Jabs: Satan II/ Aegis System

- "Holy" (Accursed) Jordan River Site to be Cleared of Land Mines

- Colombia Seizes More Cocaine than the CIA Snorts In a Week

- Half Baked Justin Trudeau Refuses to Share His Stash With the Masses

- Trump Pessimistic About Fart-Holding Cretin Neocon David Cameron

- Make the First Lady Great Again: Ben Garrison Attacked By Clueless Liberal Media

- We Must Reject Socialism: Yes, That Includes "Democratic Socialism"

- Zimbabwe Politician Calls For Evicting Chinese Nationals

- 9/11 Bill Passes Senate: Obama and the Saudis Whine Like Babies

- Psilocybin Mushrooms Effectively Treat Depression?... No Shit!

- Hillary Clinton, Corporate Messiah, Fails To Dominate Geriatric Socialist

- Henrique Capriles Calls on Venezuelan Military to Oust Maduro

- Trump Calls Bill Clinton What He Is: A Rapist: But I'll Go Further Than That

- The Banning of Evalion: My Two Main Thoughts

- Bill DeBlasio Goes Insane, Intends to Fine Businesses for Pronoun Usage

- Egypt Air Paris to Cairo Flight Probably Downed by Terrorists

- "Elbowgate": Trudeau and his Parliament are All Weak Minded Babies

- Netanyahu Proposes Genocidal Maniac Avigdor Lieberman as Defense Minister

- German Government to Monitor Mosques: Stupidity At Its Finest

- Venezuela Rapidly Collapsing Due to Socialism

- Koch Brothers to Poison Libertarian Party with Tainted Donations?

- Modernity is the Result of the Atomic Arms Race

- Brexit Odds Rise to 83%: Britain, Liberate Your Brothers Again!

- Retarded Bill Clinton Attacks Poland and Hungary

- Hillary Clinton is Objectively Wrong on Guns and Gun Rights

- Russian Schools Consider Training Kids in Combat... So Should We!

- Elijah Wood Proclaims Hollywood Overrun With Perverts
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:25:29 pm
(Part 12 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Sanders Vows Bloody Purge of Bourgeois Democrats

- Trump Leads Clinton Nationally in RCP Aggregate

- Obama Visits Hiroshima: Should We Apologize? My Thoughts

- Basic Income/Guaranteed Income: My Take

- Snowden Was Right: Government Ignores and Attacks Whistleblowers

- United States Lifts Vietnam Arms Embargo

- Austrian Election: Green Party Edges Center Right Party

- Trumps Support Surges Among Millennials

- Crooked Hillary Faulted by State Department Over Email Fiasco

- Young Americans Abandon Debt and Usury for Family Living

- Swedes Blame Their "Alcohol Culture" For Skyrocketing Rape and Assault Rates

- Retarded Mor(m)on Glenn Beck Suggests Assassinating Trump

- Trump and Sanders Will Debate Before California: It Begins

- Trump Clinches Nomination, Now Over 1237 Delegates

- Sanders' Socialist Paradise Venezuela Sells Off Gold/ People Loot Openly

- Scientists Suggest Moving Rio Olympics Due to Contagion

- Retarded Senators Trying to Expand Warrantless Surveillance Again

- Bernie Sanders Is Nuts: Praised Bread Lines in 1985/ Ignores Venezuela

- Pakistani Islamic Council: Wife Beating is OK, But Only Light Wife Beating

- Gary Johnson Nominated As Official Libertarian Party Candidate

- ISIS Threatens Ramadan Attacks on Belgium, UK, France, USA

- Trump is Both Right and Wrong on the California Water Crisis

- Bill Weld Chosen as Libertarian VP Candidate: Libertarians, Awake!

- Even Lufthansa Is Abandoning Bernie Sanders Utopia Venezuela Now

- Austrians Catch Neonazi Militant, But Continue to Ignore Jihadists

- Putin Unhappy with NATO Antimissile Systems in Poland/Romania

- Retarded Tayyip Erdogan Chastises Birth Control, Continues Police State Moves

- Netanyahu's Wife Might be Charged With Fraud for Personal Expenses

- Web Firms Partner with Europe to Attack Free Speech

- Vote Leave: Brexit Takes Lead in New Polling

- Maduro Whines About Fraud in Referendum in Bernie Sanders' Utopian Venezuela

- New Jersey Apparently a Swing State Now/ Trump and Clinton Tied in New Hampshire

- Glenn Beck Suspended from SiriusXM: Good Riddance to a Whining Retard

- Thoughts on the Fat Acceptance Movement

- Never Try to Change Me: Cosmic Rebellion/ Libertarianism

- National Review (Cuckservatives) Draft David French For Independent Campaign

- Obama Stammers His Way Through Diatribe Against Trump

- A Sanders Loss Is No Victory For Clinton as California Primary Approaches

- I Stand With Hate Speech: Because Censorship Is Worse

- Cameron Claims Turkey Will Not Get Into EU, To Prevent Brexit

- Thor Attacks Germans For Weakness, Strikes Rock Concert With Lightning

- Socialism Is Killing Venezuela: And Yes, Venezuela Is Socialism

- Important Literary Update: Upcoming Playlist, Book Blog, Two New Editions

- JK Rowling Presumes That Most Harry Potter Fans Are Racists

- The Privatization of Abuse: Corporate Authoritarianism Violates Libertarianism

- The Trump University Fraud Case Is A Sideshow

- The New Retarded #NeverTrump Mythlogy: A Vote To Release Delegates

- Fort McMurray Fire Updates: South African Pay Strike/Still Burning

- French Bartender Gets Culturally Enriched For Selling Alcohol On Ramadan

- Obama Endorses Fellow Warmongering Globalist Hillary Clinton

- Elizabeth Warren Abandons Principles For Job Opportunities

- Trump Decimates Clinton With A Single Tweet

- Maduro's Cronies Invalidate Referendum, Vow To Cling to Ever Declining Power

- Mitt Romney Declares Donald Trump A Trickle Down Racist

- Brexit Surge: Polls Show Massive And Growing Lead for "Leave"

- Orlando Pulse Terrorist Attack: Omar Saddiqui Mateen Kills Homosexuals- Who Will SJWs Blame?

- Obama Blames Guns for Orlando Attack/ Second Attacker in LA?/ Orlando Cleric Says Kill Gays

- Shooting/ Hostage Situation/ Possible Terrorist Attack in Amarillo Texas Walmart

- Gary Johnson is Not A Libertarian, And We're Under Attack By Zealots, So I Will Support Donald Trump

- Trump Is Wrong On Banning Guns For Those on Terror Watch List

- Obama Wants A Female President: So Do I, but Not Hillary

- NRA Statement on Terror Watch List Gun Sales- I Support This Effort

- Swiss Realize European Union Is Doomed, Cancel Application

- "Remain" Supporters Exploit Jo Cox Murder To Destroy Brexit Supporters

- Venezuela's Schools Are Now Failing

- The Left Can Support Gay Rights Or Islamic Religiosity, Not Both
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:27:00 pm
(Part 13 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- 10,000,000 Views Achieved: The Styx Of The Union Address

- Loretta Lynch Censors Orlando Transcript, Scrubs All Mention of Islam

- Europe's Future: Turkish LGBT Rally Attacked By Erdogan's Gestapo

- Sanders' Revenge: Horde Of Protesters To Converge on Dem Convention in Philly

- Michael Steven Sandford Tries To Assassinate Donald Trump, Fails Miserably

- Kentucky Government Helps Fund Noah's Ark Replica: Load That Ship With Predatory Animals

- Senate Blocks Gun Control, Obama Whines Like A Little Baby

- Trump Raises Less Than Clinton; People Ignore Why

- All of Europe Looks to the UK To Liberate Them: Vote Leave!

- Brexit Succeeds/ Cameron Resigns/ The UK Cuts the Head Off the Snake

- Brexit Analysis: Second Referendum? Other States To Leave?

- Going Nine Days Without Food on the Oregon Trail, Then Starving To Death

- Leaked EU Superstate Plans Fan the Flames of Pro-Sovereignty Movements

- Supreme Court Finally Makes a Good Decision, Strikes Down Texas Abortion Nonsense

- Europe Will Respect the UK's Leave Vote

- Signatures Validated to Remove Nicolas Maduro From Power

- Trump's Fans Need To Realize that Yes, He's Behind Clinton - But Don't Worry, It's Expected

- Retarded Establishment Now Openly Calling Us All Ignorant

- Istanbul Airport Attack: Some Thoughts on Tayyip and the West

- Brentrance: The Half-Joking Suggestion for the USA to Annex the UK

- Single Trusted Traveler Program: US, Canada, Mexico to Simplify Travel

- Nicolas Maduro Might Dissolve Congress Instead of Risking Removal

- Trump Rises In Polls, Clinton Stalls Out, Johnson Near 10 Points

- Austrian Election Will Be Held Again Due to Fraud

- Lynch To Accept FBI Findings in Clinton Email Scandal

- FTSE Recovers Fully, Brexit Didn't Cause Economic Doomsday as Cameron Warned

- Brave TSA Agents Beat 19 Year Old Cancer Patient Nearly to Death In Memphis

- Three Things I Don't Understand About Hillary Clinton's Fans

- FBI Doesn't Indict Hillary Clinton, But Destroys Her Campaign Anyways

- #TooBigToJail ? Yes, Unfortunately; But It Matters Very Little

- Trump VP Options Update

- 30,000 Subscribers Achieved

- Philandro Castile Had Every Right To Carry A Concealed Firearm

- Dallas Erupts Into Chaos: 4 Dead, 7 Injured/ Bomb Threat

- Micah Xavier Johnson Was An Anti-white Racial Nationalist, and the Media and Government Are to Blame

- Globalism Is a Retarded Cancer But Was Dreamed Up by Well Meaning Morons

- It is Unlikely That the Clinton Foundation Investigation Will Destroy Shillary's Campaign

- Ball Busters! Ghostbusters Remake Is Just Recycled Hollywood Crap

- No Lives Matter

- Majority of Americans Think Hillary Should Have Been Charged by FBI

- Bernie Sanders Sells Out: Endorses Clinton and Ends Campaign

- Pokemon Go! Is the First Step Into Modern Gaming: But Be Cautious

- Jason Chaffetz Recommends Hillary Clinton Perjury Investigation

- Possible Ebola Case in Delhi, India

- Trump VP Update: And Then There Were Five? (PS... Choose Michael Flynn!)

- George Dubya Begins Dancing at Dallas Officers' Funeral Service

- Terrorist Plows Into People in Nice, France: Kills 80+

- Hillary's Campaign Is Probably Doomed

- Trump Might Be Trolling The RNC Rules Committee with Mike Pence

- Trump Officially Chooses Mike Pence as Running Mate: I Re-endorse Gary Johnson

- Turkish Military Apparently Has Overthrown Tayyip: Good! Screw Traitor Erdogan

- Tayyip Has Reportedly Fled Turkey to Germanistan to Go Kiss Angela Merkel's Ass

- Possible Situation at Incirlik AFB in Turkey/ Coup Update

- Hillary Clinton Claims She Wants Citizens United Overturned: Her Biggest Lie Yet

- Aragorn Endorses Jill Stein, Declares Clinton to be an Agent of Sauron

- A Response to Eternal Life Fan (Refuting Transhumanism)

- Thoughts on the RNC so Far and Upcoming DNC

- Cruz Booed At RNC, Refuses to Endorse Trump: Three Possible Reasons

- Alex Jones and Roger Stone Troll Cenk Uygur at RNC

- There are No Good Candidates for the Vermont Gubernatorial Election

- 28 Pages of the 9-11 Report Released: Told you the Saudis Did It

- Trumps RNC Speech Seals the Deal

- Milo Yiannopolous Banned From Twitter: Twitter Is Useless Anyways

- Supreme Court of Virginia Strikes Down Felon Voting Executive Order

- Hillary Clinton Chooses Tim Kaine as Running Mate (Hillary's Epic Mistake)

- DNC Leaks: Democratic Party Corporatists Colluded with Clinton to Destroy Sanders
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:28:29 pm
(Part 14 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Trump Intends to Crush Cruz and Kasich as Punishment Using His Own Money

- Gary Johnson Is Approaching Debate-Enabling Polling Numbers

- Erdogan Expands His Power, Becomes De Facto Dictator of Turkey

- Ghosts of Elections Past: Why I Believe Trump is Very Likely to Win in November

- It's Hysterical to see Clinton Blame A Russian Conspiracy for the DNC Leaks

- It's Not That I'm A Trump Fan, But His Campaign Is Honestly Better than Clinton's

- Crazy Christians Say World Ends on July 29th Due to Pole Reversal

- The DNC is Already A Symbol of Disunity and It's Just the First Day

- Terrorists Behead a Priest in France

- Ghostbusters Has Become a Box Office Flop

- New Democratic Party Slogan: "Blame Russia!"

- Turkish Government Raping and Torturing Detainees

- Wikileaks Will Release More Materials Related to US Election

- A Breaking Clinton Scandal: IRS Will Investigate Clinton Foundation for Pay to Play System

- Martin Bush Endorses Gary Johnson; My Thoughts

- Nancy Pelosi Is Hillary's Own Worst Enemy: Blames Guns, God, and Gays for her Poor Performance

- Fake Twitter Account Isn't Mine: It Has Already Been Reported

- Hillary Clinton's DNC Acceptance Speech: Mediocre and Mechanical

- Zika Panic Sets In, and It's Hilarious to Me: Just Abort the Gollum Babies!

- North Korea Declares War for the Zillionth Time; but One Thing they Said is Mostly True

- Clinton Campaign Computers Were Hacked, Not Just the DNC

- Venezuela Becomes New Pol Pot Cambodia, Introduces Forced Labor

- Majority of Germans Reject Merkel's Immigration Policies

- Obama Continues To Push TPP; So Will Hillary If Elected

- Anthrax Epidemic In Siberia

- Clinton Lied About Helping A Disabled Girl Get to School at the DNC: What A Wicked Old Witch

- I Was Correct About Why the RNC's Viewership Was Low: The DNC Suffered the Same "Problem"

- "Muh SCOTUS"- Lamestream Parties Browbeat Independent Voters with Constant Fear

- Melania Trump's Nudes Leaked... So? They're Pretty Hot

- Hillary Took Cash From, Directed ISIS- Associated Company; The Ultimate Betrayal

- New End Times Theory: Georgia Guidestones/Remote Viewers and August 14th, 2016

- Trump Might Have Inside Knowledge of the Forthcoming Clinton Campaign Email Leaks

- "Black Lives Matter" Has Become Useless: End the Drug War To Save Black Lives

- The Rio Olympics Are Already A Disaster and They Haven't Technically Even Begun

- Clinton's Bizarre Response to Protest at Rally

- Entheogens Video 13: The Folly of the Drug War; a Libertarian Perspective

- Trump and Clinton are Destroying their Own Parties

- Islamic Terrorist Attacks Police with Machete in Charleroi, Belgium

- No, Snowden Isn't Dead: His Hexadecimal Tweet Is Probably an Encryption Key

- The Futility of Trying to Unskew Polls

- Entheogens Video 15: Marijuana (Disclaimer; Decriminalized in Vermont)

- General Update: Literature, SIH, Video Topics, etc

- Retarded Floridian Government Releases GMO Mosquitoes then Sprays Zika Zone with Toxins

- No, Trump Didn't Suggest People Should Harm Clinton, He was Making a Point About Activism

- Julian Assange Insinuates that Seth Rich was the DNC Leaker and Was Murdered For This

- Trump Tower Climber is A Trump Fan Apparently Trying to Deliver Papers

- Malia Obama Smokes Marijuana at Lollapalooza... So What?

- Remember the Time Hillary Invoked RFK's Assassination in 2008? Neither Does the Media

- Clinton Foundation Under Several Investigations/ Clinton's "Charitable" Giving

- The Stupidity of the CERN Sacrifice Video

- Crazy Old Nancy Pelosi Goes Hypocrite Mode Regarding Colleague's Private Numbers

- DEA Retardedly Keeps Marijuana on Schedule 1

- Soros Hacked, A New Major Leak: How We Should Respond to Cultural Malaise

- Clinton's People Even Referred to CF Donations as "Pay to Play" in Email (Wikileaks)

- The New Rise of Occultism: Three Reasons We're Winning Again

- Shadow Brokers Claim to have Hacked the NSA, Want to be Paid in Bitcoins

- BLM Mobs Attack Whites in Milwaukee/ Rioters Burn their Own Communities

- Obama Plans To Give Control of the Internet to the World at Large: Why We Must Stop Him

- State Department Throws Obama Under the Bus, Admits Iran Payment was A Ransom

- Obama Abandons Flooded Louisiana just like Dubya Bush Did: Trump Chooses to Visit

- Clinton's Lead Has Declined back to Just 3 or 4 Points

- In This Election, Remember; Perception Matters and Truth Is Meaningless

- Analyzing Clinton and Trump's Strengths and Weaknesses
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:30:04 pm
(Part 15 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- The Most Ominous Thing Said In Decades

- Cult Leader Doyle Davidson Opens Youtube Channel... It's Predictably Warped

- The Maverick Myth: Trump's Proposals Aren't Severe or Insane

- TIME Whines about Trolls, Utterly Fails To Grasp the Irony

- Yet Another Clinton Scandal: Her Foundation Sought Access to the State Department

- The USDA Lesbian Farmer Summit That Limbaugh Is Irate Over

- Lamestream Media Attacks Wikileaks to Save Hillary's Candidacy

- Texas Teacher Abandons Homework: I Hope All Other Teachers Follow

- I Told you the Mainstream Media Was Dying: NPR Shuts Down Comments

- Hillary Clinton Is About to Poke the Hornet's Nest with An Alt-Right Speech

- Clinton Attacks Russia, UKIP, Infowars/ Praises George W Bush in Alt-Right Reno Speech

- Neoliberalism is Identical to Moral Traditionalism and the Two Party System is a Scam

- Hillary Clinton's Shill The Record Front Lines Have Already Collapsed

- Texas Dildo Protests: Why Not Protest for Sexual Rights Instead of Against the 2nd Amendment?

- Venezuela Hyperinflation/ Gun Grab/ Bullet Registry

- 4.8 Magnitude Quake 85 Miles South of Yellowstone Has Some Rattled

- Clinton Team Begins Using the Same Encryption they Want to Ban

- Typhoon Lionrock Headed Straight at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

- Social Media Dope Pope Denounces Transgendered People but Loves Islam and Globalism

- "Russians" Hack US Election System

- Many of Today's Democrats Are a Lot Like Bush Era Republicans

- Colin Kaepernick Sits During National Anthem: My Thoughts

- DHS Wants to Control the Election Directly Because Muh Hackers

- Trumps Mexico Visit Was A Massive Success; He Might have Just Won the Election

- The Contradicting Short and Long Term Action of a Globalized Economy

- Youtube's Content Policy Isn't Changing, So Don't Worry

- Clinton Literally Threatens War with Russia/ China Over Hacking and Leaks

- I Know Why Johnson is Pandering to the Left, but I Can't Support it: I Endorse Trump

- Hillary Clinton Just Proved She's Unfit in the FBI Release

- Clinton Has Become the Cackling Old Woman who Sits on her Porch and Yells at the Neighbors

- DEA Unilaterally Decides to Ban Kratom for No Reason

- Do You Love War and Violence? Vote Clinton! (Clinton's Leftist Fans Are Being Fooled)

- In Keeping With State Department Rules, Clinton Had Two Devices Destroyed By Hammer

- Why I am Mostly Attacking the "Liberals" (Hint; it Isn't Because I Moved Right)

- The Cleveland Cough: Hillary Clinton has begun to Degrade in Health due to Our Magick

- Duterte Calls Obama What He Is, Obama Whines and Cancels Meeting

- Nicolas Maduro Chased by Hundreds of Protestors

- Trump About Tied With Clinton in Rasmussen/CNN/IBD Polls

- Federal Government Shuts Down ITT Tech, Ignores "Public" Higher Education Issues

- Thoughts on The Tribes Opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline

- Government Puts Out Arrest Warrant for Jill Stein, Ignores Clinton's Crimes

- Wikileaks Is Preparing to Release Teasers for their Big Leak

- Gary Johnson Didn't Even Know What Aleppo Was

- North Korea Conducts Fifth Nuclear Test

- The United States Cannot Afford Clinton's Warmongering

- Clinton Doubles Down, Calls 25% of Electorate "Basket of Deplorables"

- Trump Retweets 2012 Obama Tweet, Devastates Deplorable Hillary

- 15 Years Since 9/11, And Things are Worse than Ever

- Our Occultism Causes Clinton to Suffer "Medical Episode" at 9/11 Memorial/ She Faints

- Your Subconscious Says Hillary Clinton is Basically Dolores Umbridge

- Five Strange Facts about Me

- Media/Hillary Declare Pepe the Frog a "White Nationalist" Symbol

- New DNC Leaks: Colin Powell, Clown Donors, Twitter Censorship

- Bill Clinton Calls Hillary a Demon, Says She Collapsed Frequently in Past

- It's Hilarious To See FOX Claim Not to Be In the Mainstream Media

- Bennet Omalu Claims Clinton Poisoned by Putin and/or Trump

- Trump Didn't Start the Birther Movement, Clinton's Fans Did

- CNN Investigates Why Democrats are Nervous, Ignores Real Reasons

- New Faultline Discovered in Oklahoma, Activated by Fracking

- Explosion in Chelsea New York (And Pipe Bomb in New Jersey Earlier)

- Islamic Terrorist Attacks Mall in Minnesota, Stabs 8, ISIS Claims Responsibility

- Clinton Leads Trump by only 3 Points in Rhode Island: Trump Ahead of Romney's Levels Everywhere

- Breaking: Multiple Arrests in NYC Bombing, Elizabeth NJ Explosives
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:31:48 pm
(Part 16 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- Obama Gives Israel 38 Billion of our Tax Dollars, Ignores US Affairs

- Former President of Haitian Senate Accuses Clinton of Drug Running and Fraud

- In Moment of Surprising Honesty, Huffpost Writes Clinton Campaign Obituary

- HW Bush Supports Hillary Clinton: Not a Surprise!

- Clinton's IT Guy is Fucked; Asked Reddit for Email Advice

- Charlotte Explodes Into Race Riots Due to Keith Lamont Scott Shooting

- Clinton Oddly Postpones Fundraiser in Key Swing State of North Carolina

- Another Phony Baloney Asteroid End Times for September 23-25

- Racist Black Rioters Attacking White Journalists/Photographers in Charlotte

- Hillary Clinton Goes Nuts, Rants About Not Being Ahead 50 Points

- A Hit for Trump on the Internet, a Miss on Stop and Frisk

- The More Popular You Get, the More People Try to Convert You to their Religion

- Shame on the University of Vermont for Raising BLM's Flag

- Ted Cruz Bows Before Trump as a Defeated and Subjugated Minion

- Clinton Proposes Massive Estate Tax ... Fuck Small Businesses and Farmers

- RFK Speechwriter Abandons Clinton as Warmonger, Endorses Trump

- First Presidential Debate Tomorrow; Pre-Debate Analysis etc

- Yours Truly on Red Ice Radio (Synchronicity and Memetics) Link to RIR

- First Presidential Debate Post Show Analysis/Banter/Reaction

- I Was Correct: Trump Wins Every Poll, But MSM Only Reports CNN Snap Poll

- The Fifth Epoch of American Politics: And a Little About Rigged Online Polls

- Why My Election Predictions are So Accurate: The Triple Paradigm Shift

- Anti Defamation League Declares Smug Pepe a Bigoted, Skinhead Cartoon

- Senate Stands Up to Obamas Saudi Pandering, Overrides His 9-11 Bill Veto

- James O'Keefe (of ACORN fame) Says He Has Video of the Clintons Demeaning Black Voters

- India and Pakistan Exchange War Rhetoric, India Claims Surgical Strikes

- Thoughts on "Youtube Heroes": A Well Meaning, but Doomed, Venture

- Chelsea Clinton Hilariously Suggests that Marijuana Can Kill People

- Mainstream Culture Enters the Second Stage of Grief Regarding the Alt-Right

- His Majesty Grant Strobl Destroys the Special Snowflake Movement

- Clinton's Campaign Probably Just Ended: Leaked Audio Bashing Sanders Supporters

- Forthcoming Interview with the Unbelievable Podcast

- 1995 Trump Tax Returns Leaked: My Thoughts

- Assange Cancels Balcony Announcement; That Doesn't Mean the Clinton Leaks Have Been Cancelled

- I May Need Help Building a Website or Two Next Year

- I Hold Organized Religion in Contempt

- Hillary Clinton/ New York Times, Both used Same tax Loopholes as Trump

- Martin Shkreli Suggests He Might Bankroll/Buy/Support 4chan

- Don't Mistake My Disdain for Clinton as a Worship of Trump

- Interview on Episode 181 of the Unbelievable Podcast

- Clinton Unironically Suggested A Drone Strike on Julian Assange

- Reminder: Live Analysis Tonight After VP Debate

- October Surprise! Clinton Foundation Involved in TARP Fund Embezzlement by Congressional Democrats

- Vice Presidential Debate Analysis Live Stream

- NSA Contractor Stole Intelligence; Would-be Whistleblower Proves NSA is Inept

- Coming Soon: Victoria II Campaigns

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 1/10: The Early Years (1836-1846)

- Clinton Rallygoers Both Bored and Few in Number

- Irrelevant Legacy Media Deludes Itself Into Thinking It's Relevant

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 2/10: Lothringen and Bohemia Are Ours (1846-1856)

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 3/10: Frances' Epic Mistake and Prepping for War (1856-1866)

- Trump Exposed as Womanizer... Surprising Nobody

- Obama Lied: Clinton's Campaign Directly Coordinated with Him on Emails (FOIA Release)

- Podestagate: Wikileaks Releases Tens of Thousands of Clinton Campaign Chair Emails

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 4/10 Supergermany! (1866-1876)

- Clinton's Wall Street Speech Highlights Disclosed via Podesta Leak

- We're Closer to Atomic Midnight These Days

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 5/10: Invading Egypt and Venezuela (1876-1886)

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 6/10: Staving Off the Socialists (1886-1896)

- Trump Also Said Sexual Things on Howard Stern's Show; CNN Acts Surprised

- Clinton and DNC Colluded to "Elevate" Trump in Hopes of Destroying GOP; They Failed

- Reminder: Analysis Live Tonight After Second Presidential Debate

- Victoria II Prussia Campaign 7/10: Panama and Success at Forcing Out Socialism (1896-1906)

- Second Presidential Debate Reaction: Live Analysis and Banter
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:33:15 pm
(Part 17 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- CNN Possibly Caught Coaching its "Unbiased" Snap Poll Audience

- Another Wikileaks Dump: Bill Clinton Almost Caused a Suicide, Chelsea the Brat, and More

- James O'Keefe Proclaims He Will Release a Tape Tomorrow, More to Come

- The Death of Legacy Media and the Rise of the Press as It was Meant to Be

- If Clinton Does Win it will Be a Busy Four Years for People Like Me

- Trump, Now Free of his Shackles, Launches Scorched Earth Campaign Against GOP Defectors

- Clinton Campaign Mocks Catholics and Evangelicals... Oops

- Mike Cernovich Confirms 33,000 Missing Clinton Emails Have Been Obtained

- Clinton Obtained Debate Question In Advance/ Colludes with Entire Media

- James O'Keefe Locked Out of Twitter for Possibly Political Reasons

- Hillary's Campaign Manager Referred to Hispanics as "Needy Latinos", Bill Richardson a "Dick"

- Trump Will Probably Win if the Clinton Leaks Continue (Not A Final Prediction)

- The Clintons got a $1,000,000 Donation in 2012 from Qatar as a Birthday Present to Bill

- Clinton Campaign Wants a "Compliant, Unaware" Citizenry, Exploits the Legacy Media

- Wikileaks Is Correct: Media Reporting is Vastly Uncoupled from Public Interest

- Clinton Campaign Considered Fake Craigslist Ads to Smear Trump

- Breaking: Clinton Confirms Saudi Arabia is Attempting to Obtain Nuclear Weapons (Wikileaks)

- Breaking: Clinton Applauded Billionaires in Office (Wikileaks)

- I'm A Critic of Russian Policy: The Claim that Wikileaks is Working for them is Rubbish

- Clinton Suggests Possibility of claiming Entire Pacific Ocean

- Trump is Rising In the Polls Again, Rapidly

- CNN Tries to Scare Its Viewers into Not Reading Wikileaks Material

- Orange County GOP Headquarters Firebombed, Hypocrite Legacy Media Attacks Trump

- O'Keefe Drops First Major Video: It's a Half-Doozie

- Podesta and Other Clinton Staffers Lamented that the San Bernardino Shooter was a Muslim

- Legacy Media's Demographics versus Mine... I Win

- Government of Ecuador Cuts Off Julian Assanges Internet; Internet Condemns the Act

- For Those Who Wanted Me to Write a Political Work... I Already Did (After the Ashes)

- Trumps Ethics Reform Outline is Actually Very Good

- Rigging the Election Part 2 is Out... A True Doozie! (O'Keefe, Veritas)

- Bob Creamer (Seen in the O'Keefe Tapes) Visited Obama 36 Times in the White House/ Iran Deal

- Clinton et al Are Aware Assange isn't a Russian Agent and Now Frame him as a Pervert

- Third Presidential Debate Live Stream and Analysis

- Donna Brazile Deflects on O'Keefe Investigation

- Hillary Clinton Wants War in Syria and Possibly a Nuclear Standoff

- Clinton's Worst Nightmare: Wikileaks Promises a Surprise for Kaine and Brazile

- 50,000 Subscribers: The New, True Press Is Rising: I Renew my No ads Pledge

- Anarchy on the Net: Shilling, Damage Control, Twitter Blackout, Ecuadorian Embassy etc

- Hillary Clinton's Provable Quid Pro Quo in Morocco

- Clinton is a Red Scare Cold Warrior Chickenhawk

- O'Keefe: Clinton Personally Involved in Infiltration of Trump Rallies

- Confirmed: 4chan Has Begun Banning Anyone Who Mentions Ben Fischbein

- Clinton Staffer Called Sanders Advisor a "Fucker" by Email

- Clinton Again Uses "Russia" Excuse to Avoid Answering Press on Moroccan Quid Pro Quo

- Rigging the Election III: Another Doozie (O'Keefe, Project Veritas)

- My Preliminary Presidential Election Prediction

- Clinton Camp takes Dubious Saudi Money from Tony Podesta

- Clinton Camp has been Using Media to Oversample and Push-Poll Since 2008

- Scott Adams (Dilbert!) Tires of Being Harassed, Endorses Trump

- A New Egyptian God Has Joined the Fight Against Clinton: Geb (Occult Synchronicity)

- Former Clinton Foundation Head May Be Wikileaks Source, Not Russian Hackers

- Obama Lied Regarding Clinton's Personal Server; He Knew About It All Along

- Dilbert Unleashes Insane Attack on Clinton Campaign, Rallies His Soldiers for Memetic War

- Rigging the Election Part IV: A Double Doozie! (O'keefe, Project Veritas)

- The Death of my Grandfather/Legal Crap: A Message to my Subscribers

- I'm Not Going to Slow Down... I'm With the High Command

- New Clinton Emails Being Probed by FBI

- Severely Retarded Clinton Camp Wanted to Exploit Eric Garner's Death, Garner's Daughter Reacts

- Clinton Sure Liked the Idea of Rigging the Elections in Palestine

- Obese People Try to get Eugenia Cooney Banned to Thin Shame and Censor Youtube

- Clinton Is Probably Doomed Because of the FBI Probe
Title: Re: Our Top Thinkers (A Gifted Political Analyst Next Door)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2016, 07:34:54 pm
(Here is the Introductory post on StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos:

Videos List: Here's the first post listing his Political Analysis videos & links:

Youtube Channel List: Bookmark this to see his newest videos daily:

End of Videos List: Below is the last post for his list so far.)

(Part 18 StyxHexenHammer666 Political Analysis Videos)

- At Long Last: O'Keefe Promises Clinton Racist Tape "Early Next Week"

- With Obamacare Failing, Gruber Suggests a Bigger Fine to Save It

- Weiner's Computer Had 650,000 Emails On It, Reid Literally Blames Russia

- Donna Brazille Fed Clinton Democratic Debate Questions (Wikileaks) CNN Kicks Brazille Out

- Comey Did Nothing Wrong in Notifying Congress of the New Emails on Weiner's Computer

- Comey Would Have Violated the Hatch Act by Not Telling Congress: Also, H.A. Goodman Shoutout!

- The Tale of Bobby Jones AKA Spudd Croily

- James Comey Is Trying to Warn Us that Clinton Is Corrupt as Hell

- Vermont State Elections: My Endorsements

- James O'Keefe Tape: Hillary Donors Compare Black Republicans to Sonderkommandos

- DOJ's Peter Kadzik is a Clinton Mole (Wikileaks)

- The Pieczenik Crap is a Distraction from Actual Scandal

- New Scandal: Clinton Campaign Returns Donations Gathered from Straw Donor Conspiracy

- Nate Iron Ore's Joking Prophecy Now 50% Fulfilled

- Clinton Foundation Probe "Likely" to Yield Indictments

- The Clintons May Be Involved in Child Trafficking

- Clinton is Probably Going to Land like Santa Claus in a Tropical Jungle

- John Podesta's Nonsensical Spirit Cooking Crap

- Clinton Took a Million from Qatar Without Telling the State Department

-  Occult Literature 60: The Piasa, The Devil Among the Indians

- Explaining CTR's Satanic Panic Tactics and More

- Trump Rushed Off Stage in Reno, Due to Disturbance/Possible Assassination Attempt

- I Predicted Clinton's Rust Belt Panic Months Ago

- Comey Again Refuses to Indict Clinton: I Doubt It Will Save her Campaign

- Final Election Margin Projection

- Final Prediction For the 2016 Election

- Election Live Stream Tomorrow Starting 7:30 EST or 8:30 EST (In the EVENING)

- Live Stream Update (EVENING not MORNING!) GO VOTE!!!

- Final Pre-Livestream Analysis (Turnout, Polls, etc) GO VOTE!!!

- Election Results and Analysis Live Stream

- I Win Everything, All the Pundits Were Wrong

- If Clinton Has Occultists On Her Side, They're Failures

- I Hereby Demote Nate Silver to Nate Metaconglomerate Dust

- Hillary Clinton Got Drunk Last Night and Podesta Had to Cover Her Ass

- The Meme Battle is Over, the Meme Wars Have Just Begun

- The Drug War Is Dying: Good Riddance

- Thousands of Triggered Hypocrites Protest Trump and Riot

- The Legacy Media is Dying, The Decentralized, International Press Is Rising

- Trump Gearing Up to Dismantle Anti-Gun Rules and Regulations

- That Was Fast: Trump's Victory has Destroyed the TPP

- No, Trump Is Not Backpedaling on the Affordable Care Act

- The Legacy Media is Fixated on Trump Talking to Moscow, Ignore Him Talking to Mexico

- My Message to Those so Mad About A Trump Presidency

- The Electoral College Should Not Be Abolished

- No, Clinton Will Not Be Declared President by the Electoral College

- Clinton Refuses to Take Responsibility For Loss, Blames Comey For Defeat

- Now We Liberate France: Le Pen Boosted by Trump/Pepe/Alt-Right

- Trump Plans to Deport 2-3 Million Illegal Immigrants Immediately

- Austrians: Join Us; Vote Hofer and FPO

- 66,666 Subscribers Celebration

- Thoughts on Bannon/ Trump's Cabinet/ ACA/ Border Wall/ Etc

- Spiritual, Memetic Propaganda: An Explanation for the Rationalists

- Yes, Trump Should Pardon Snowden, Manning, and Assange

- The Democrats Aren't Learning Their Lesson, Still

- Jim Webb Is the Last Intelligent Democrat

- Neoliberalism and Neoconservatism are Dying Out (A World Paradigm Shift In Progress)

- No, I Won't Change My Channel Name, Style, or Delivery

- The Legacy Media is Pulling Out All Stops to Monopolize the Web (It Won't Work)

- Oil Boom in Texas: 20,000,000,000 Barrels Found

- The Petrodollar Is Not Real, but the Aircraft Carrier Dollar Is

- Trump Chooses and Options some Cabinet Members and Advisors: 3 Good, 1 Bad

- The Occult: Video 109: Occultism At Odds with Leftism, Especially Fiscally

- The Same Legacy Press that Crucified Trump Now Whines When He Blocks Them Out

- Climate Change is a Non Issue (We're Doomed if It's Man Made)

- Trump Trolls the Media and Leftists with Safe Spaces Tweet

- Suicide Is Regrettable But Should Be Legal (Thoughts on Assisted Suicide etc)

- South Korea's Park Investigated for Corruption/ Cult Ties

- Everyone Is All Funny Over Mainstream Science Embracing the Possibility of Alien Life

- Monkey In Libya Causes 16 Deaths: Thank Goodness Clinton Liberated Their Nation

- The Same Competition Necessary for Advanced Life Also Probably Routinely Destroys It
Title: Re: 15 Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on December 07, 2016, 08:52:10 pm
Tila Tequila Throws Sieg Heil Salute, Outrages Normies

We Must Maximize Domestic Liberty to Defeat Globalism

True Masculinity is Wildly Different from Postmodern "Masculinity"

Trump Rumored to Drop Plans of Clinton Investigation

Why I Often Wear a Coat Indoors

Standing Rock Protestors attacked while Obama Does Nothing

The Neoliberals Are Now Pretending to be Libertarians

Thoughts on Pizzagate

No, Assange Is Not Dead

Another Terror Group Arrested in France: Vote Le Pen

It Would Be a Mistake for Trump To Give Mitt Romney the State Department

100,000,000th Post on /pol/ A Harbinger Of the Coming Era

A Response to Varg (ThuleanPerspective) RE Molyneux, Capitalism, Etc

Fidel Castro Finally Dies

US Arming Yemeni Rebel Groups: Just Like In Syria

No Russian Ever Tried to Screw Me, So Why Would I Fear Russia?

Trump Won: No Recount Will Change That Fact

I Am Censored in Most of Europe; Change Your Location to Subscribe

Trump Attacks Clinton Over Recount Nonsense

I'm A Stereotypical Aquarius

Trump Announces Intent to Redesign Cuba Deal

Australia Is Insane: Their Thunderstorms Also Cause Asthma Attacks

Islamic Migrant Attacks Ohio State Students With Knife

Trump Is Totally Wrong on Flag Burning

Trump Picks Tom Price for Cabinet: Goodbye Obamacare

Trump Chooses Former Goldman Sachs Partner as Treasury Secretary

Legacy Media Damage Control: Calling All Alternative News "Fake"

The Coming Generation Z (Strauss Howe)

WWI Antiseptic (Acriflavine) Might Come Back Into Use

Pelosi Remains In Command of House Minority

The Legacy Media is Very Worried that Trump Will Appoint a White Male to the Supreme Court

Mad Dog Mattis Now Trump's Secretary Of Defense

Keith Ellison (First Muslim in Congress) Criticizes Israel, Gets Slammed by ADL

Putin Declares Russia Wants to Work with the US To Crush Terrorism

Trump Is Right to Re-affirm Our Commitment to Taiwan

I Oppose Israeli Imperialism, Not Israeli Nationalism

When Leftists Attack Is Even Funnier to Me Than to Any of You

I Believe Jill Stein Is Aiding Trump (Drops Pennsylvania Recount Bid)

Hofer Crushed by Globalists, Italy Holds Referendum on Continuing to Be a Republic

Daughter of Retarded EU Official is Raped and Slaughtered by Islamic Migrant

Italy Rejects EU Globalism, Defeats Referendum to Give Globalists Limitless Power

Trump Hands HUD to Carson, Attacks China Some More

PewDiePie Is Successfully Adopting a Trumpite Propaganda Strategy

Salon Calls for Revival of Communist Red Guard, Vows to Fight All Non Leftists

The Most Important Reason Why the European Union Will Surely Fail

Merkel Tries to Fool Germany By Proposing a Burqa Ban
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on December 22, 2016, 01:28:25 pm
Trump Becomes TIME Person of the Year (Everybody I Don't Like Is Hitler)

Suprun Is Correct but Dumb: He Has No Responsibility to Cast His Ballot for Trump

Youtube's New Notification System Explained: Click the Bell for subscription

The Government, Bureaus, and Media, Are Not Acting Normally

Want To Destroy Fake News? Stop Watching the Legacy Media (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc)

The Poop Pope: Papa Francis Rambles Incoherently About Fake News

Trump Supposedly Chooses Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State

The "Left" Reminds You To Just Trust Uncle Sam and Obey, You Peasant

Trump Correctly Identifies That There Is No "One China"

Some Democrats Finally Realize They Lost As Shock Wears Off

South Korea's "Clinton Clone" Impeached for Corruption (Park Geun-hye)

The GOP Finally Cares About the Debt

Overly Optimistic Professor Too Dumb to Do Basic Math Hopes Trump Will Be Denied Presidency

Trudeau Has a Marco Roboto Moment, Took a Million Dollars from Chinese Communists

FDR Was a Sad, Bitter, Cousin Loving, Crippled Bigot Who Ignored the Constitution

A Refutation of So-called Left Libertarianism

I Have No Interest in Jesus or Allah or Any of That Stuff

Hillary Clinton Goes Insane, Claims Putin Cost Her the Election

California Finally Believes in States Rights, Vows to Fight Trump on Immigration

Trump Picks Mulvaney For Office of Management and Budget

Multiple Media Firms Misconstrue Trump's Words at Victory Rally

4chan Right Wing Safety Squads Get Pink Haired Community College Kids Upset

Retarded DEA Considers "Marihuana" Extract A Drug Even if Sub- Euphoriant

Brazil Wisely Institutes Severe Austerity But Should Go Further [Austerity should only be on the 1%]

Venezuela's Maduro Loses His Mind Again, Lies About Hyperinflation

The Electors Vote Today

The Economist 2017: Some Will-Be Synchronicity

Attacker Shoots Russian Ambassador in Ankara, Turkey

Thoughts About MTV's Poorly Thought Out "New Years Resolutions for White Guys"

Progressive Harassment Backfires and Clinton Loses 5 Electors

Migrant Kills 12 in Berlin With Truck Attack: Blame Merkel for This Crap

Campi Flegrei Volcano Near Naples Acting Funny

One Month Until President Trump is Inaugurated (Yep, He's Your President!)
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on January 04, 2017, 06:58:09 pm
Tupac (Who Never Made a Rock Song) Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Romania May Soon Have a Female, Muslim Prime Minister

Let It Be an Arms Race! Trump Declares Intent to Expand US Nuclear Capabilities

The "Left" Now Says Trump Will Start a New Cold War, After Beating Him To It

The Twofold Possible Meaning of Trump's UN Jab

To Those Blaming Capitalism for Our Problems: We Haven't Had Capitalism in a Century

Happy Christmas: The State of the World As It Is

Ever the Opportunist, Glenn Beck Slips Further Into Disrepute and Allies With Neoliberalism

I Hope Clinton Runs Again in 2020

Assange Fires On Clinton Again, Gives Reserved Opinion on Trump

Obama Claims He Could Have Beaten Trump... He's Wrong

Obama Decides to Screw With Russia One Last Time Over Fake Hacking Scandal

Hillary Clinton Hit With Lawsuit Revival by Appeals Court

Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act: The New Patriot Act (And Just As Bad)

Trump Ignores Obama's Obvious Trap, Praises Putin on Sanctions

Russian Malware on Employee Computer at Burlington Electric: WAPO Sensationalizes, Partisans Shill

2016 In Review: And Predictions for 2017

New Years' Day: Istanbul Nightclub Attacked by Man Dressed as Santa: 39 Dead

Trump Criticizes China, Comments About North Koreas Nuclear Threats

Two "Activists" Sell White Privilege Safety Pin Boxes to Dumb People for 100 a Month

CNN Is So Dumb they Used Fallout Footage For a Russian Hacker Story

Assange Confirms Russia Is not the Source of the DNC Leaks (He's Also Not Dead)

Cruz Proposes Congressional Term Limits
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on January 15, 2017, 07:03:35 pm
Thugs Abduct, Beat Missing Special Needs Dude On Live Stream While Ranting About Trump

Don't Compare Legacy Media Outlets: They're Just Different Flavors of Turd

Rand Paul Introduces Bill to Audit Fed... Trump Appears to Support It

Actual PBG Member, Higher than Jesus, Denounces Chicago Attackers, Calls them Goofy

Nutjobs at Politico In Awe that Trump Would Ignore Agencies that Sold Us Iraq

Crazed Puerto Rican Military Member Kills 5 in Fort Lauderdale Airport

Trump Calls DNC Negligent in Protecting its Servers: He's Right

China's Pollution Levels Are Approaching Literal Uninhabitability

Clinton for NYC Mayor? She'd be a Good Fit

France: Le Pen Begins to Maneuver for Frexit

Slovakia Moves to Squash Islamofascism, but its Move is Dangerous

Nate Silver Just Barely Admitting What I Said in November about the Rust Belt

Charles Manson Is Probably Dying

Hate Speech Does Not Even Exist: The Definition is Artificial and Malleable

Buzzfeed Reports on Obviously Fake Pissgate/ Trump Scandal Documents

I Foresee Years of Attacks by the Lamestream on the True, Underground Press: It Has Already begun

4chan Might Have Utterly Fooled the Lamestream Media with the Trump Documents

Obamas Real Legacy: Silent War, Mass Surveillance, and A Cult of Personality

NSA Gains New Unconstitutional Data Sharing Powers

The Government of the State of Vermont has Failed In Nearly Every Measure

I Can Remember When the American "Liberals" Mocked the Media

John Lewis Proclaims Trump not to be a "Legitimate" President

Modern Multiculturalism and Diversity Are Identical to the Colonial Era

A Simple Solution to Rioting Thugs Blocking the Streets

The Al Sharptons of the White Race: TDS And Others (Half of them are Commies)

Antifa Is a Cringeworthy Organization of Meaningless Scumbags

Turkey Is Now a Totalitarian State
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on January 31, 2017, 09:05:13 pm
Westerners Need to be Honest About the Undeveloped World and its Shortcomings

I Predict that Automation Will Not Be A Major Problem; But Globalism Will

Project Veritas: Antifa Seeks to Commit Terrorist Attacks at Trump Events

A Reheating of the Balkan Crisis

Martin Luther King Would Oppose BLM and Similar Groups if He was Alive Today

Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence: Good, but A Political Move

Hard Brexit Incoming: Good!

I Warned You About Centralizing the Alt Right

Senegal and Gambia: Monthly African Crisis Is Here Again

China Tries to Block Taiwan from Sending Delegation to Inaguration

White Male Exclusion: How the SJWs Attack Us Without Attacking Us

Crazy Leftist Pronoun Plan Backfires Like a Ruptured Field Cannon

Welcome to 1980: Trump Becomes 45th President

Autistic Screeching, Spencer Punched, and Real Life Baneposting: Our Insane Inauguration

Barron Trump Steals the Show at Inauguration, Becomes Meme

US Officially Withdraws from TPP: Trump's First True Triumph

Razors, Tampons, and Islam: The Womens Rights March Is Confusing to Me

Trump Declares Official Intent to Renegotiate NAFTA (Victory #2)

Trump And GOP Seek To Deregulate Suppressors (Victory #3)

Shia Labeouf Goes Insane, Shouts At People Incoherently: Maybe I Should Visit Him Too

All Anti-globalist Ideologies Should Unite in a De Facto Sense

Trump Omnibus: Mexico City Policy, DAPL, DACA, Net Neutrality, Immigration Restrictions

Trump Omnibus 2: Threatens Chicago Machine Politics, The Wall, EPA

Rutland Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program Shut Down

US Downgraded to Flawed Democracy: Hell I Downgraded it In 2001

Trump May Reinstate CIA Black Sites: I Oppose This Move

It Is Very Unlikely that Trump will be Impeached

Trump Takes to Twitter to Claim John McCain and Lindsey Graham want World War Three

Trump Signs Order to Massively Repeal Bureaucratic Regulations

Quebec City Mosque Attack

BLM Finally Honest, Admits It Wants to Steal All White Peoples' Homes and is Communism

Trump Fails to Grovel on Holocaust Day, Gets Attacked by AIPAC and Other Lobbies
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on February 15, 2017, 08:44:46 pm
Trump Chooses Neil Gorsuch As Supreme Court Nominee

Deformed Neoliberal David Brock Tries to Help DNC, Gets Rebuked

Media Insinuates that Trump Threatened War with Mexico

Milo Once Again Gets Antifa and Similar Groups to Destroy their Own Cause at UC Berkeley

Trump and Schwarzenegger Pretend to Feud, For Mutual Purposes

Anti-Antifa and Similar Movements Have Begun to Proliferate and Grow

Declare Antifa a Terrorist Organization (Petition)

Bannon Is Probably Correct Regarding China

Depeche Mode Delves into Memetic Propaganda

To Those Worried About So Many World Leaders Visiting Antarctica Lately

What, You Think Our Country is So Innocent? Quote of the Century

The Crazy Political Backdrop of the Superbowl

Punching Communists: It's an American Tradition!

Globalism is Just Anti-Democratic Postnationalism

Netflix Gets Totally Hammered for "Dear White People"

Majority of Europeans Would Support Trump Style Immigration Freeze

Trump Feuds with Blumenthal Over Gorsuch Comments (Trump's Bully Pulpit)

Calling Out VT Governor Phil Scott; Signed, a Vermonter

Zimbabwe Tells US Human Rights Critics to "Hang on a Banana Tree"

What Is Vault 7? Wikileaks Awes the World with Intrigue

Hitler's Milk: Social Justice Morons Declare Dairy to be Racist

Feminist Site Declares Chromosomes and Biological Sex Do Not Exist

End the Drug War in Vermont Instead of Waging this Crazy Immigration Battle

Black Nazis I and III by VK Clark (A Review)

Politico Claims Clinton Will Run Again on the "Is Female" Platform: I Completely Disagree

Trump Pressures Netanyahu on Settlements, Gets Sane Response

JK Rowling Pressured to Take In Refugees

BLM's Khogali Rambles About Wiping Out the White Race

Oroville Dam Clickbait Far Divorced from Reality

Mike Pence Forces Michael Flynn to Resign over Russia Calls

I Predicted PewDiePie's Newest Career Move Back in Early December
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on February 28, 2017, 09:56:18 pm
The Deep State Activates

PewDiePie Attacks the Legacy Media: My Response to His Response

The Media Groups We're Attacking Aren't the Press, They're Just Corporations

Everyone is Hitler, Everyone Is A Russian Agent

The DNC Revolt over Ellison that the Corporate Media Won't Cover

Repeal the NFA Petition Gets Quarter Million Signatures: Good!

My Three Bits of Advice to Smaller Youtubers Who Wish to Grow

Last Night in Sweden: Trump Crucified For Noting Crime Incline in Europe

My Thoughts on the Armenian Genocide

Thoughts on Creepy Milo Yiannopoulos and his Man-Boy Love Rant (Take Two)

CIA Analyst Whines About Trump Not Trusting His Subversive Former Agency

Riots Erupt in Stockholm: Trump Was Right, Just A Day Too Early

Le Pen Refuses Head Scarf: I Applaud Her Bravery

Trump Gets Serious on Deportations

He's a Nazi in 2017 Is Like "She's a Witch" in 1517

Fluff Bunny Leftist Tries To Bind Trump With New Age Nonsense "Magic"

Milo Goes on an Attack Against Salon, Takei, and Maher

Spicer Indicates Federal Government Will Enforce Anti-Pot Laws (It's Probably a Ruse!)

A Response to Varg's (ThuleanPerspective) "Solution"

Trump Rescinds Obama Era Transgender Bathroom Provisions

CNN and NYT Banned From White House Press Conferences

Thoughts on Google's Trolling/Hate Speech Algorithm Program

DNC Elects Tom Perez the Clintonian Corporatist: Bad Idea!

Trump Refuses to Attend Correspondent's Dinner; Corporate Media Outraged

Confused Starbucks Marxists Say #ResistCapitalism

The Time Has Come for A Social Media Movement Against the Corporate Media

Tom Perez' Scandals Go Beyond Voting Rights and Whites
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on March 15, 2017, 09:21:04 pm
A New Chapter: Trump's Epic Address to Congress

Trump's Immigration Proposal Is the Right Plan. I Fully Support It

Trump Grades Himself With Fairly Decent Clarity

Obamagate: Trump Claims Barack May Have Wiretapped Him During Campaign

Vice Finally Gets It: Partially Understands Our Magickal War with Globalism

Paid Shills Defame People Like Molyneux, PJW, Razorfist, and Myself Constantly

Rand Paul Is Correct: The Obamacare "Fix" Looks More Like "The Fix Is In" to Me

The Trump Wiretap Story Gets Even Weirder

Mark Levin Exposes True Nature of (Proven) Trump Wiretap Claims

Fukushima Still Fucked, So Radioactive It Kills Robots

North Korea Fires Missile Off Randomly, Malaysia Expels Ambassador Over Insults

Comey Might Be Helping Trump With His Plea to the DOJ

Dedicated Video On My Opinion of Nuclear Energy

Alt-Knight Stick Man Bashes Some Anarchists, Gets Charged For No Reason

Wikileaks Vault 7: A Massive and Confusing Revelation

Chris Louras Is Finally Ousted by David Allaire for Rutland City Mayor

Hawaii Claims Temporary Immigration Ban Is Establishment of State Religion

Her Voice Is Not My Voice: I Have My Own, Thanks

Laura Ingraham Embarasses Herself Talking About My Town and Should Apologize

Open Borders and Limitless Immigration Are Stupid

Trump Thankfully Declares Hideous GOP Healthcare "Fix" As Malleable

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye Removed From Office

New York Times Supports Espionage and Mass Surveillance, Slaps Family Friendly Terms on It

New Hampshire House Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana: Sununu Will Support it

Shia Labeouf's HWNDU Flag Captured; Haha!

Bill Clinton Warns of Nationalism and Identity Crisis

Trump and Sessions Force Out 46 Obama Era Prosecutors

Geert Wilders Laughs as Netherlands Removes Turkish Ministers from Protest

Steven Crowder Trolls Cenk Uygur: My Thoughts

Why Anarchism Will Always Fail

Populism and Nativism Have Already Won This Generation: You'll See What I Mean

Trump Weighs Slashing Coast Guard, TSA, FEMA Budgets for Wall

Maddow Leaks Trumps 2005 Taxes, Destroying Leftist Talking Points Unwittingly

I Don't See Many So-called Feminists Speaking About Saudi Arabia's All-male "Girls Council"

The Rich Lefties Show Fake Sympathy, but the New Right Shows Empathy

California Lawmakers Want to Decriminalize Infecting Others with HIV

Texas Joins States Calling for Constitutional Convention

Senile John McCain Calls Rand Paul a Russian Agent over Montenegro NATO Objection
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on March 31, 2017, 09:02:07 pm
Jeff Sessions is Totally Wrong on Marijuana

Wilders (Predictable) Loss Is Still a Major Increase for Populism

How and Why I Believe JFK Was Killed (And RFK Too)

Trump Proposes Massive Budget Cuts, Gets Opposed by Moron Neoconservatives

European Censorship Is Now Similar to That of China

Le Pen May Win, but Front Nationale Has Already Won in Terms of Growth

Merkel Is a Pariah, So Trump Refused to Shake Her Hand

Trump Says Merkel Wiretapped by Obama; Media Pretends It Never Happened

Confirmed: Brazille Did Indeed Help Clinton Cheat on Debate Questions

Erdogan Tells Muslims in Europe to Have 5 Kids; Cavusoglu Warns of Wars of Religion

North Korea: China, Tillerson, and Red Lines

On Facebooks Dystopian Fact Checking

Devin Nunes: No Evidence of Trump Collusion with Russia

Youtube Filters LGBT Content Resulting in Youtubeisoverparty Hashtag

JonTron's Statement: My Response

MGTOW And Its Lack of Logic (And ThuleanPerspective's Optimism)

David Rockefeller Dead at 101: Haha!

Why the New Right is Growing Online while the Old Left Withers

Regarding Youtube's Adsense TOS Changes, Possible General TOS Changes, and Notification Throttling

On the Alt Right: Fake "Conservatives" are Confused

Trump Is Losing Favor, but Is Hardly "Doomed" or "Headed for Impeachment"

Remnant Gestures: Human Development Is All Communicative

Support for Meg Hansen and on S.79 and Phil Scott's Attempts to Silence Her

Sadiq Khan is Disgraceful but Europe's Problem is Zealotry in General, Not Just Islamofascism

GOP Abandons AHCA Healthcare Repeal Bill at Trump's Behest

Trump May Purge Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House

You Can't Really Blame Foreigners for Not Assimilating in Parts of Europe

Todays SJWs Are Yesterday's Temperance Moralists

We Save Youtube or We All Fall Together: Here's My Idea

Regarding the Kalergi Plan, the European Union, and Globalism

US Senate Votes to Strip New ISP Data Selling Rule: My Take

It Will Be Hysterical When My Generation Gets Old

Centrism Collapses in Sweden as Swedish Democrats Rise to First Place

Kekonomics: Venezuelans now (Sort of) Using Rare Pepes as Currency

Trump Reverses Obama Era Climate Change Package

Goodbye "Alright Youtube", Hello "Alright World": War on the Lamestream Media

Ban Health Insurance and Subsidize Care Itself

Brexit Begins! Article 50 Triggered

Trump Lambastes Freedom Caucus: My Analysis

If Anthropogenic Climate Change Exists, We Are All Doomed

Coup in Venezuela as Congress Now Essentially Dissolved by Maduros' Courts

Michael Flynn Seeks Immunity for FBI Testimony, Legacy Media Immediately Assumes Trump Culpability

Pence Breaks Senate Tie, Family Planning Rule Knocked Down: My Thoughts
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on April 15, 2017, 01:15:42 pm
Trump Holds Executive Order Signing Ceremony, Never Signs Order

All of a Sudden the Left is Concerned about Internet Privacy

Le Pen and Macron Neck and Neck on First Ballot as EU Fears for Survival

UK Absolutely Rules Out Ceding Gibraltar to Spain over Brexit Negotiations

Trump Throws China a Hardball on North Korea, Declares Willingness to "Solve" Problem Without Them

Susan Rice Reportedly "Unmasked" Trump in Incidental Data Collection

St. Petersburg Metro Attack Kills 10, Wounds Dozens

Shia Labeouf Sells One Ticket at Single-Theater UK Movie Premiere

FOX News Is Corporate Trash just like CNN, MSNBC, and Every Other Fake News Rag

Gorsuch Isn't a Threat to Roe v. Wade or Anything Else and Should be Confirmed

Ambassador Haley Threatens US Attacks on Syria over Supposed Chemical Weapon Deployment

Trump "Changes Mind" on Syria; I Oppose Any War in Syria

Venezuelan Assembly Spars with Courts, Maduro, Venezuelan Security Forces

Why Do So Many People Mistake Me for a Conservative?

War-pig Wench Clinton Joins Chorus of Warmongering Chickenhawks Calling for Attacks on Syria

US Naval Group Strikes Syrian Airfield with Tomahawk Missiles: A Stupid Provocation

Russia Responds to Syria Strikes by Nullifying Military Agreement with US

Zealot Truck Attack in Stockholm, Sweden

Being an Ex Satanist: Why I Left Satanism Behind and What Satanism Means

Government Backs Down on Twitter Unmasking Case

An Elaboration on Molyneux's Correct Point on War and Similar Propaganda

US Navy Sends Carrier Group to North Korea

Bombshell DM Release Indicates Seth Rich was Likely DNC Leaker According to Guccifer 2.0

How the Shills Attempt to Bait the Alt Media with Nonsensical Crap

French Left Tries to Cast Le Pen as Nazi Again

The Glory of North Korean Agronomic Educational Films

China Mobilizes and Deploys 150,000 Soldiers to North Korean Border

United Airlines is Utterly, Stupefyingly Bad at Public Relations

Trump Dangles Trade over China's Head/ China Rejects North Korean Coal

GOP Holds Kansas House Seat in Special Election: Democratic Melt Down!

First Islamic Female US Judge Found Dead in Hudson

Trump Softballs China, Praises NATO, Criticizes Russia: His Epic 4d Chess Move

Trump Gleefully Tests MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan: Nice!

Facebook Won't Remove Terrorist Content or Perversion but will Remove Non-PC Political Speech

US Military Considers Preemptive Strike on North Korea if they Test Atomic Weapon

Trump Already Creating a Grassroots Fundraising Juggernaut for 2020

Fiscal Heads Admit Trump is Not Insane; Well No Shit
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on April 21, 2017, 12:14:51 pm
(Styx's Recent Videos in previous post)
(Following are 2 years of Central Canada's Libertarian Voice)
Bill C-51 Has Got To Go! - James Beddome (Head of the Green Party of Manitoba) -

Hundreds Rally Against Police State Bill C-51 - Judy Rebick, Pam Palmater, Josh Sigurdson

The Peoples' March Against the Police State! (C-51) - POWERFUL - Winnipeg Stands Up

Children Are Not Government Property! - Barbara Judt, Wendy Bowcott & Others Speak Out (CFS)

On The Street: What Can We Do To Ensure Peace & End Canada's Wars? (2015 Walk For Peace - Winnipeg)

The Million Mask March: 2015 - Winnipeg Fights Corruption (Full Report)

MLA Wayne Ewasko Speaks Out On CFS at 'Rally Against Corrupt CFS Practices' (Raw)

Children Of The State - CFS Activists Speak Out!

420 In Winnipeg, 2016 (Full Report)

Rally Against The Collectivist Monetary System - Spreading Awareness of Central Banking Fraud

Why We March Against Monsanto - Winnipeg, 2016

Cannabis Activists Demand Answers From Trudeau During Winnipeg Visit

The Hateful Intolerance of the Left with Eric July

What Ancient Text Tells Us About Modern Monetary Madness - with Anarchy Girl Lauren Kathleen Young

How To Become An Anarchist with Sterlin Lujan

G. Edward Griffin on Defining Anarcho-Capitalism & Voluntaryism - Ending The Fed

Legally Kidnapped Children of The State - Whistle Blower Carlos Morales Exposes CPS

From Soviet Russian Agent To Anarchist - How Sonny Puzikas Broke Free

Gary Johnson EXPOSED - Sabotage, Lies & Corruption

The Future of Anarchy with Larken Rose

Who Really Controls The Federal Reserve? (with G. Edward Griffin)

Take The Health Red Pill - Introducing Dr. Ryan Greschuk To WAM!

Adam Kokesh ARRESTED In Front Of The White House ... Again!

How To Survive The Housing Bubble & Dollar Crash with Self Made Real Estate Icon Stefan Aarnio

Cannibal Vince Li Allowed Un-Escorted Trips to Selkirk, Manitoba

Why The People Don't Want GMOs

Is Winnipeg Really the Most Racist City in Canada?

What Do Canadians Think of 9/11 Truth? - The 9/11 Truth Truck Comes to Winnipeg

The 2015 Winnipeg Folk Festival - FULL Report (Edward Sharpe, Luluc & More!)

On The Street: What Canadians Think of Bill C-51

Todd Talks To Justin Trudeau Supporters - Voting For The Lesser Of The Evils?

On The Street: Different Puppet, Same Master? (Full Election Night 2015 Report)

Children Of The State - CFS Activists Speak Out!

Bye Bye Greg Selinger's NDP! - A Message From The People of Manitoba

Do Canadians Support A North American Union?

Canadians Love Their New World Order

Premier Greg Selinger Confronted By Wendy Bowcott of 'CFS You're Fired' Again!

MLA Steve Ashton Runs From Questions Regarding CFS and Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women

Don Woodstock Confronts MLA Steve Ashton & Speaks Out on CFS

Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross Confronted & Questioned On CFS - We Demand Answers

Justice Minister Gord Mackintosh Confronted on CFS Cash For Kids System

Premier Greg Selinger Confronted In Office On CFS As Security Goes Crazy

Premier Greg Selinger Grilled On Dishonesty - Aide Assaults Reporter For Asking Question

NDP Candidate Nahanni Fontaine Walks Out Of Debate After Being Questioned On CFS

Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau Confronted On Selling Off Canada's Gold & World Currency

Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan Confronted On Supporting Saudi Arabia & ISIS

Justin Trudeau CONFRONTED On Globalist Carbon Tax By Josh Sigurdson

Why I Called Justin Trudeau A Scumbag

NORTH KOREA SURROUNDED By 150,000 Chinese Troops & U.S. Warships! - Is War Imminent?

Vladimir Putin Says Syria Chemical Attack Was a FALSE FLAG!

The Australian Housing Bubble Is Ready To Burst! - Home Prices Skyrocket

Adam Kokesh ARRESTED In Front Of The White House ... Again!

Banks Reporting ALL Cash Transactions To The Police!


CAUGHT ON TAPE: Bank of England Implicated In Secret Recording - Rigging Libor Rates

Julian Assange DESTROYS The CIA In EPIC Response To Mike Pompeo

The Deception of Trump & The Globalist Military Industrial Complex

NORTH KOREA SURROUNDED BY U.S., RUSSIA & CHINA! - Tensions Rise As Nuclear Missiles Are Readied

How To Survive The Housing Bubble & Dollar Crash with Self Made Real Estate Icon Stefan Aarnio
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on May 01, 2017, 09:01:57 pm
Antifa Is Full of Cowards, My View on Berkeley

Corporate Media Lies Again about MOAB Price

Turkey Holds Referendum on Dictatorship by Erdogan

Sultan Tayyip I Now Commands The Former Turkish Republic, Referendum Succeeds

CNN Stoops to New Low, Conflates Cleveland Shooter with Violent Video Games

The Silver Lining to the Turkish Referendum and Tayyip as Dictator

The Era of Strategic Patience is Over

Corporate and Political Buzzterms: The Scam of "White Privilege"

Globalists Hope Trump will Reverse Course on the TPP: I Hope He Doesn't

Le Pen Vows to Stop All Immigration Temporarily/ French Election Banter

Thoughts on Alex Jones as a "Performance Artist"

Chickenhawk Neocon Bill O'Reilly Reportedly Gets Canned from FOX

Venezuela Is Completely Destabilizing: Mother of All Marches

Trump Shies Away From Striking Down Obama Era Iran Deal: Why It Doesn't Matter

Even Reluctant Hollande Classes Paris Attack as Terrorism

Democratic Socialism is just Socialism with a Family Friendly Label

My Bernie Sanders Impression (Bonus George Dubya)

I Don't Even Like Ann Coulter, but She Has Every Right to Speak at Berkeley

North Korea Threatens to Use Nuclear Weapons against Australia

Green Party/ Far Left Sells Out to CAIR and Apologism for Religious Zealots

French Election First Ballot: Macron and Le Pen Move to the Second Vote

Trump Attacks Democrats, Berates Senate GOP On Wall Funding and Possible Government Shutdown

North Korea Detains US Citizen, Proclaims it can Sink US Carriers

Israel Fires on Pro-Assad Forces in Syria over Stray Artillery, Apparently Ignores ISIS

Trump to "Cut" Corporate Taxes to 15%... I Support This, Here's Why

Trump Summons Entire Senate for North Korea Briefing, US Threatens Strikes

Bill Nye Goes Insane, Invites Rachel Bloom to Sing "Sex Junk"

Careful, France, the Establishment is Importing Russian Conspiracy Theories to Your Nation

Red Bull, Red Pilled! CEO Chastises Political Correctness, Multiculturalism

New Adsense TOS Has Some Larger Creators Worried... But Not Me!

Trump: NAFTA Will Be Renegotiated

In Astonishing Moment of Sanity, Sanders Recognizes Democratic Party is Failing

Trump Declares Possibility of Major Conflict with North Korea

I Oppose Trump's Plan to Prosecute Assange, but the Legacy Media's Hypocrisy is Arguably Worse

Muh Consolation Prize: New Orleans Confederate Monuments Removed

Trump Considers Breaking Ninth Circuit Up to Stop Obstruction

ESPN Lays Off 100 People: Sports Suck and So Does Corporate Infotainment

Theocratic Marxist Catholic Pope Doesn't Like Libertarianism... Boo Hoo Hoo

There Is No Gender Spectrum, only Malleable Expressive Choices (Gender is Chromosomes)

North Korea Threatens "Merciless" Punishment of Israel if it Interferes

Brazil General Strike: A Symptom of Dying Socialism

Macedonian Nationalists Storm Parliament over Ethnic Albanian Speaker

Trump Invites Duterte to White House

Most of the "Nazis" on Social Media are Actually Media or Political Shills

Muh OK Hand Sign White Power: Legacy Media/ADL Get Trolled Again

Trumps Offer to Meet with Kim Jong Un is Smart/ Meets with Leaders of Thailand, Singapore
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on May 15, 2017, 05:01:03 pm
Make School Lunch Edible Again: Trump to Scrap Michelle Obama's School Food Crap Bureaucracy

TV Is Dying: Youngest Demographic Prefers Youtube, Netflix

Why I Sincerely Hope FOX News Fails and Collapses

Bitter Hillary Clinton Blames "Russian Wikileaks", Comey for Defeat, Won't Take Responsibility

CNN Blocks Trump Ad over Fake News Label: But CNN is Provably Fake News

#FireColbert Due to his Lack of Entertainment Value, and the Hypocrisy of the "Left"

Huffpost Crows about Dear White People's Rotten Tomatos Rating, Ignores Audience Reviews

Royal Staff Summoned to Buckingham Palace Emergency Meeting: Possible Royal Death?

Trump Relaxes Restrictions on Religious Groups and their Charities

Obama Violated Fourth Amendment, Sought Unredacted Intel on US Citizens During Election

Leftist "Witches" Still Trying to Hex Trump

North Korea, China Exchange Threats and Rebukes in Unprecedented Diplomatic Row

Trayvon Martin to get Posthumous Degree for No Reason

Trump Considers Virtual Elimination of Drug Control Policy Office: Good!

Colbert to be Schlonged by FCC over Obscene Trump Remarks

UTexas "Miss Black" Pageant Winner Attacked for Not Looking Black Enough

French Election: Emmanuel Macron Defeats Marine Le Pen, but It Won't Save the EU

North Korea Claims US/ROK Plot to Assassinate Kim Jong Un

Venezuela Continues to Collapse Due to Socialism and Central Planning

Legacy Media Persists in Fixating on Trump's Pre-Political Investment Deals

California Government Proves it Favors Communism, Wants to Hire Commies for Government Jobs

The Death of Pepe the Frog Has Been Greatly Exaggerated (Furie's Folly)

Ghost (Of True Capitalist Radio) Is Making A Mistake

James Comey Fired: Trump Lays Massive Trap for His Adversaries in Firing Letter

To Those Claiming Trump will Be Impeached Because he Fired James Comey

Tunnel Collapses at Hanford Nuclear Waste Site

Crazed, Warmongering John McCain Lashes Out over James Comey Firing (ft. Olbermann)

The Democratic Party is Simply Not "Cool" Anymore

US Arming Kurdish Rebels, Turkey Threatens Response

Two-Scoop Trump: The Legacy Media is So Hard Up They're Reporting on Trump's Ice Cream Habits

Vermont House Votes to Legalize Marijuana, New Hampshire Senate Votes to Decriminalize

Ebola Returns to Democratic Republic of the Congo

Shadow Brokers Ransomware Cripples NHS, Spreads Worldwide

Jeff Sessions' Retarded Tough on Crime Stance is Disappointing

North Korea Fires Another Missile, Gets the Alarmists All Excited

Indiana: 4th Amendment Protects 2nd Amendment (The Left Won't Report on This, Trust Me)

I Was Right: FOX' Collapse Has Caused Other "Media" Firms to Poison Themselves with Neoconservatives

Venezuela Continues to Degrade into Street Violence Due to Socialism

Trump May Send More Troops to Afghanistan: I Hope He Doesn't

Whiners Attack Miss USA For Suggesting Aversion to Socialism
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on May 31, 2017, 10:17:21 pm
Clinton Launches Onward Together "Resistance"... She's the Face of the Rich Establishment

Trump Trap: WaPo Leaker Says Trump Gave Classified Info to Russians (I Think It's 4d Chess)

Trump Team Member: Western Wall Part of Palestine, Netanyahu Precluded from Attending Visit

His Name Was Seth Rich... And He Was Probably the DNC Leaker

I Warned You Trump Fans About Ann Coulter: Coulter Reams Trump Presidency as Disaster

James Comey Memo Claims Trump Pressured Him to End Michael Flynn Investigation

The Anti-Trump Hysteria Has Now Surpassed Even Red Scare Levels

Chelsea Manning Freed from Prison: Good

Trump Considers Lieberman for FBI, Hires Sheriff Clarke for Assistant DHS Head

Fair vs Unfair Criticism of Trump: Coulter, Beck, Never Trumpers, etc

Brazil: Temer Graft Scandal, and Apparent Stock Crash

Martial Law in Parts of Venezuela

Trump Decries "Witch Hunt" Investigations and Speculations

Crackpot Socialist Bernie Sanders and his Wife are In Hot Water with the FBI

I Want the Democrats to Nominate the Rock in 2020: Here's Why

US Air Strike on Syrian Convoy at "Deconfliction Zone": I Oppose This

China Threatened War if Philippines Drills for Oil Near Disputed Islands, Duterte Seems Amused

A Smart Move: Romphim Marketing "Adult" Rompers to Generations of Whining Babies

What it would Really Mean if Trump Colluded with Russia

Sweden Drops Assange Rape Investigation

Trump/Kushner Sell 110 Billion in Weapons to Saudi Arabia

WaPo Calls Seth Rich Story "Fake News", Asks for No Tangible Evidence in Trump Russia Case

A Suggestion for Solving Youtube's Demonetization Dilemma

Trump In Israel, Hopes to Usher In Peace Plan

As Venezuela Fails Let Us Learn A Hard Lesson about Central Planning and Redistribution

Breaking: Explosions at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, Confirmed Fatalities

Kimdotcom Claims to have Info Pertinent to Wikileaks/Seth Rich

Thousands of Antifa Terrorists Outed; Buzzfeed Enraged

Iblis Akbar!: Detroit Muslims Claim Genital Mutilation is a Religious Right

The Trump Budget: A Good Start but Not Enough, Needs Tax Reform

Kim Dotcom Claims He Knew Seth Rich was Involved with DNC Leaks, is Willing to Testify

George Friedman (Former Stratfor Head) Says War with North Korea Likely "Imminent"

Martial Law as Marawi, Philippines Assaulted by Hundreds of ISIS Members

Salon Declares Manchester an "Attack On Girls"- They're So Wrong

Vermont Governor Phil Scott Vetoes Marijuana Legalization; Maybe I Should Run Against Him

The "Liberals" Attacking Sean Hannity's Advertisers are Doing A Good Job

VR to Golden One and Varg Vikernes, RE Christianity, European Culture, Americanism, etc

Goofies at CNN Wonder why Melania Trump Wore a Veil for the Pope, not a Headscarf in Arabia

Vermont DMV Broke the Law, Sent Face Recognition based Intel to Other Agencies

Western "Liberals" (Starbucks Marxists) Don't and Won't Understand Hard-line Islam

Jared Kushner Supposedly in Hot Water with Attempt to use Russian Embassy to Contact Moscow

The Origin of Humanity: Europe or Africa? Patchy Forest, Semiaquatic, Jungle, etc?

Crazy Clinton Says She Beat Trump and Sanders, is All Sorts of Insane

Teenaged British Girl Ground Up into Kebabs in Blackpool, England

Even the New York Times Unwittingly Points to Democratic Party Dysfunction

Portland Gated-Community SJWs Attack White Owned Burrito Cart

Crazy Neofems Sue U Mary Washington for Not Banning Yik Yak

Protestors Torch Hugo Chavez' Childhood Home in Venezuela: Good!

2018 Midterm Pre-Game and Advice for the Reps, Dems, and Libs

Diversity Fuhrer Angela Merkel Declares Intent to Rule Europe, Insults US and UK

Legacy Media CNN Openly Declares Hostility for White Men

We Were Pharaohs and So Forth: Egyptian Mummies Show European and Levant Genetics

Kathy Griffin's Talentless Clickbait Photoshoot Doesn't Offend Me, but She'll Lose Her Career

The Only Smart Thing Salon Said All Year: No 2018 Blue Wave, No Impeachment

Covfefe- Yellow Journalists Go Insane over Trump Twitter Typo
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on June 15, 2017, 11:22:15 pm
Now Clinton is Blaming the DNC for Her Loss

Trump Expected to Withdraw US from Paris Climate Deal

US Withdraws from Paris Climate Accord: And People Are Gobbling Up the Propaganda

People Who Don't Know Jack about EMPs Worry North Korea Will Attack the US With One

Logitech C930e Doesn't Work for Vlogging as Many Sites Claim

Kathy Griffin Blames Trump for Her Internet Problem

Defense for Maher: He Will be Crucified by the PC Left, Not the Right Wing

Trump is Making a Mistake by Not Further Endorsing Protection of Homosexuals

Several Terrorist Attacks in London: Sadiq Khan Smiling Gleefully

CNN Believers Host Calls Trump a "Piece of Shit" for his London Response

Theresa May Calls for Internet "Hate Speech" Regulations to Stop Terrorism

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain Declare Qatar a Sponsor of Terrorism and Cut Ties

Clinton Is Strangulating the Democratic Party; and it's Hilarious!

CNN Stages Fake Islamic Solidarity Rally in London, Can't Apparently Swivel a News Camera

Deep State NSA Contractor "Reality Winner" Caught Leaking Top Secret Info

Dearborn Islamofascist Cleric Influenced one of the London Terrorists

Stop Watching TV News, Stop Reading Newspapers

The Word Islamophobia is Newspeak Nonsense

Why I Love the Trolls in my Comment Areas and Would Never Censor Anyone

Regional War (Turkey/Iran/Qatar vs Egypt/UAE/Saudis) over Qatar Isolation?

Iran Blames Saudi Arabia for Terrorism in Tehran

Regarding Runescape's Gay Pride Day and Planned Anti-Jagex Riots

Comey Did Indeed Confirm Trump Was Not Being Investigated; Trump Asked Comey for "Loyalty"

I Remember When Liberals Didn't Comprehend Why the Right Was So Offended at Things

Vote Statehood: I Hope Puerto Rico Petitions to Become the 51st State

That Gave me a Queasy Feeling- Loretta Lynch Implicated in Coverup by Comey (Lynchgate)

UK Election Results: A Slight Victory for Sovereignty

John McCain Tries to Question Comey but Leaves Everyone Questioning His Mental State

We Need a Constitutional Amendment to Protect the Internet

Trump States Willingness to Testify and Contravene Comey, Hints at Taped Conversations

Petit Albert Hardcover/Deluxe/Vellum Editions Now Fully Available

Antifa/SJW Tolerance: Tossing Piss at Lauren Southern at March Against Shariah

Republicans Still Haven't Learned Not to Bet Against Trump

Puerto Rico Votes for Statehood, but Participation Rate Lowest since 1960s

Too Cool to be a Liberal: Neolibs are Boring and Dying Out

Et Tu, McCain? Compares Obama Favorably with Trump on American Leadership

Maryland, DC Sue Trump Over Foreign Payments to Trump Inc.

Peru Warns of Venezuela Bloodbath as Protestors Torch Supreme Court/ Miranda Police Nationalized

Netanyahu Decides to Purge Gaza Again, Cuts off Electricity to 2 Million People

While Technically Justified, Trump is Playing with Fire Over His Mueller Firing Comments

War on Terror Spreads to Somalia; US Air Strikes Hit Al Shabaab

Gunman Assaults GOP Baseball Team, Shoots House Majority Whip Scalise in the Hip

Confirmed: Alexandria Gunman James Hodgkinson was Sanders-Loving Socialist

Yemen Suffering from Massive Cholera Epidemic due to Warfare

Trumps Temporary Travel Ban to be Decided by Supreme Court

Trump Now Supposedly Being Investigated by FBI For Obstruction of Justice

Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on June 30, 2017, 02:31:19 pm
Mentally Challenged People Will Comment Without Watching this Video

Rod Rosenstein Warns US Population about Anonymous Sources AKA Fake News

The Great Campaign- New Laptop/Etc: Two Years of Nonstop Work

The Backtracking of the Legacy Media Continues on the Russia Nonsense

Merkel Whines over Trumps' Proposed Russian Sanctions

Mistrial in Cosby Case was Easily Foreseeable

Trump Touts Rasmussen Approval Poll, Trolls Legacy Media

Megyn Kelly Gets Trolled into Yesteryear by Alex Jones

Caesar Play Disruptions: Loomer etc, My Thoughts

Economically Leftist, Pension-Happy Illinois Now Nearly Broke as a State

US Shoots Down Syrian Jet, Russia Threatens to Track and Attack Anything West of Euphrates

A Good Day for the First Amendment via Supreme Court Decision on Disparaging Trademarks

Bill O'Reilly Maneuvers to Take Advantage of the Death of Legacy Media and the New Era

GOP Healthcare "Reform" Probably a Disaster, Democrats Act like Hypocrites on Issue

Huffington Post White Privilege Otto Warmbier Article: Also: To Critics of my Last Warmbier Video

Democrats Fail in Georgia House Race Despite Massive Spending

Trump Pitches Solar-Panel Topped Border Wall System
Trump Now Supposedly Being Investigated

Empathy for Laci Green and Why I Am Not a Social Justice Warrior

Johnny Depp Goes Off Deep End, Invokes John Wilkes Booth

The Death of Box Stores (Legacy Commerce) and the Rise of the Internet

Loretta Lynch to be Probed by Senate

OAS Chief Compares Venezuelan Situation to Rwandan Genocide, Offers to Resign

Hating Women Isn't a Traditional Western Value

Trump Cuts Funding to Life After Hate, Redirects Funds to Combating Islamofascism

Regarding #Morethanarefugee I Want to Help Refugees Too, Here's How to Accomplish That

Rumors of Justice Kennedy Retiring from the Supreme Court

Bernie Sanders and his Wife Now Officially Under Fraud Investigation

I'm Concerned that Trump Is Bending to the Establishment on Drones and Surveillance

Crazy Erdogan Removes Evolution from Turkish Schooling

The Drug War Is Totally Stupid, it's Also Unconstitutional

GOP Healthcare "Reform" Is Dying: McConnell and Ryan are Insane

Mike Cernovich and Richard Spencer Spar over DC Rally; My Thoughts

Supreme Court Overturns Injunction, Reinstates Most of Trumps' Travel Ban

No, Yellowstone is Not About to Blow Up (Another End Times Bullcrap Prophecy)

The Trump-Russia Story Just Fell Apart #1: Fusion GPS

The Trump-Russia Story Just Fell Apart #2: Veritas: CNN Producer Calls Coverage Fake

Turkish Forces Strike Syrian Kurdish YPG

Venezuelan Nationalists Attempt to Bomb Supreme Court Using Stolen Helicopter

I Condemn the Destruction of the Arkansas Ten Commandments Monument

The Trump-Russia Story Just Fell Apart #3: O'Keefe Releases Van Jones Nothingburger Video

Randcare! Rand Paul Takes Command of Healthcare Reform

Trump Attacks Mika and Scarborough on Twitter for Constant Propaganda

Legacy Media Confused that Trump Would Defend Himself

Angela Merkel Votes Against Gay Marriage and Pretends to Care About Tradition

I Support Kate's Law, but Not the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on July 15, 2017, 01:24:50 pm
Marie Claire Magazine Editor Encourages Fans to Commit Federal Crime and Mail Trump Used Tampons

Texas Supreme Court Laughably Rules Against Benefits for Same Sex Couples

Now the New York Times Is Failing Too: Walk-out as Mass Firing Begins

Trump Signals End of US Patience with North Korea

Trump's Voter Fraud Panel Faces Significant Resistance: My Thoughts

Trump Tweets Out Internet-Shooped Video of Him Body Slamming CNN #FraudNewsCNN: Victory!

Steve Bannon Reportedly Pushing Massive Tax Reform- Including Tax Hike on the Wealthy

Democrats Seek to Use 25th Amendment, Force Trump Out of Office (They Will Fail)

Wacky CNN Tries, Fails to Indict Trump as a Racist Based on the #FraudNewsCNN Video

Dennis Kucinich (A Sane Democrat) Chuckles About the 25th Amendment Nonsense

Trump to Visit Poland Before France, UK, Germany

North Korea Develops Apparent Multi-Stage ICBM: Trump Calls Emergency UN Meeting

#CNNBlackmail As CNN Disgustingly Threatens to Dox Reddit User for Trump CNN Video

The Drug War Won't End While the Left Makes it a Racial Issue

Crazy Governor Christie's Career Is Dead Now

Vox Hilariously Proclaims Bernie Sanders the Democrats' 2020 Front Runner

More CNN Fake News: Lying About Poland's First Lady Ignoring A Handshake From Trump

I Mean, Have You Seen the Other Guys? Is an Official 2018 Democrat Slogan

CNN is Dying: Ratings Nosedive, Slammed in App Store, Internet Emails and Calls their Advertisers

Linda Sarsour's Jihad and Assimilation Comments

I am Basically a Small Government Minarchist

Our Civilization Will Prevail: Trump Drums Up Western Solidarity in Europe

The Normalization of Bullying is Coming from the Legacy Media, Not Internet Trolls

Texas Repeals (Unconstitutional) Bladed Weapons Laws

The Vatican Gay Drug Orgy is Probably Just Normal Behavior at Vatican City

Anti-Globalist Protests in Hamburg, but they're Fighting the Wrong Enemy

Kirsten Powers Exposes CNN For the Bullies They Are, Filipovic Insinuates Only Women Get Trolled

Obsessive Hacks Go Nuts Analyzing the Trump-Putin G20 Handshake

The 122 Nation Nuclear Ban Agreement is Nonsense and Everyone Knows It

I Remember when People Told me China Was Rising Due to the Nicaragua Canal: I Was Right Again!

Potential Bombshell Scandal: CNN May Have Hired Al Qaeda Propagandist for Syria Documentary

Immature Baby Paul Ryan Is Sad People Hate Him and Won't Hold a Town Hall

Lunatic Chuck Schumer is Concerned Your Kids will Snort Chocolate

New York Times (Fake News) Tries, Fails to Attack Donald Trump Jr Over Russian Adoption Meeting

The Donald Trump Jr "Scandal" of the New York Times Isn't a Scandal

Macron Dares to Criticize Africa, Gets Called Nazi

I am Now on

Shia Labeouf Gets Drunk, Gets Arrested, Rants about Shooting Police Officer

Border Wall Funded in House Spending Bill

Oregon Prepares to Partly Decriminalize Hard Drugs

I Oppose the FCC's Idea of Ending Net Neutrality

David Brooks' Sandwich Column is a Microcosm of Self Important Gated Community Liberalism

Al Green and Brad Sherman Launch A Waste of Time Impeachment Proposal

Obama DOJ Allowed Natalia Vetelnitskaya into the US under "Extraordinary Circumstances"

On BLM Members' "Suspected Words Database"

John McCain is Probably Colluding with the DNC, Corporate Media, and Foreign States to Stop Trump

Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey: More Memetic Synchronicity

When Is Speech Violence? New York Times Seeks to Censor Our Opinions For its Own Gain

Debunking Socialism and Government Benevolence! Show This to Your Socialist Friends!
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on August 02, 2017, 06:37:37 pm
Great Atomic Powers! North Korea May Have More Plutonium than Previously Suggested

Hungary Prepares to Fight EU Bureaucrats Regarding NGOs

Trump is Correct about the Legacy Media: The "Left" Used to Understand This

Leftist Media Encouraging "Liberals" to blame Protestors and Opposition for Venezuelan Crisis

Netanyahu and Israel Attack Soros, Side with Hungarian Nationalism

Ann Coulter vs Delta: Who Gives a Damn?

Washington Post Lamely Tries to Defend Problematic Polls and Legacy Media Power

Healthcare "Reform" Fails Again: Trump Encourages Total Repeal as Alternative

A Youtube Exclusive: The Great Vidme Surge: Help Me Claim #1- Conquest!

Civil Asset Forfeiture: Sessions is Nuts but the Legacy Media is Not Reporting Fairly on This

We'll Let Obamacare Fail Trump Abandons ACA Reform (He's Right to Do This)

Vermont Issues Episode 1: Third Hand Smoke and Vermont Anti-smoking Campaign

OJ Simpson Likely to be Paroled: My Opinion

Warmongering Traitor John McCain Has Brain Cancer- Oh Wow So Sad!

CNN gestapo Tries, Fails to Censor Mark Dice

Trump Ends Dumb Rebel-Arming CIA Program in Syria; Disgusting Corporate News Declares it Muh Russia

Vermont Issues Episode 2: Illegal DMV Facial Recognition

Everyone in the Media Now Pretends John McCain is a Nice Guy: You Sellouts

It Doesn't Help The US To Be Antagonistic and War-Happy

Vermont Issues Episode 3: The Opioid Epidemic; Feds Grant State $240,000 (Which is Meaningless)

Vermont Issues Episode 4: The NIMBY White Collar Class of New England

Jeff Sessions Must be Fired

Crazy NYT "Reporter" Calls White Women Racist For Not Making Way for Black Men

Vermont Issues Episode 5: High Taxes and Regulation and Persistent Vermont Poverty

Trump Claims "Complete Power to Pardon": My Thoughts

Vermont Issues Episode 6: Vermont the New Alcohol Juggernaut

The New Cold War: Brought to You by the Socialist Neocons and Socialist Neoliberals

Snopes (Propaganda Central) Begs for Crowdfunding: Lies Via Sampling Bias Galore!

Vermont Issues Episode 7: Governor Phil Scott More Concerned with Canadians than Vermonters

New DNC Slogan Is So Massively Dumb That It Caused Me to Laugh Until I Felt Sick (SJW!)

The Toronto Stairs Show Why Big Government can Never Work

Vermont Issues Episode 8: Special Education in Vermont

Trump Reportedly Considers Guliani and Cruz for AG

Swedish Prime Minister Lofven May Resign Over Leaks

Trump Bans Transgendered People From Joining the US Military: My Thoughts

Braindead Pelosi and Schumer Beg the Middle Class For Votes after Calling them Deplorable

Trump Talks to 40,000 Boy Scouts; His Foes Declare it "Like a Nazi Youth Rally"

Rich Hack Michelle Obama Pulls a Clinton, Claims She's "Discriminated Against" By "Racists"

Imran Awan, DWS IT Aide, Gets Captured After Trying to Flee US; Legacy Media Cover-Up In Progress

Vermont Issues Episode 9: Looks are Deceiving; Our Forests Only Look Old

Scaramucci Insults Steve Bannon, Promises to Destroy Priebus' Leakers; "Liberals" Feign Outrage

More Suffering In Venezuela as Strikes Begin

Kid Rock Should Seriously Run for the Senate; Here's Why

Congress Really, Really Wants a New Cold War

Vermont Issues Episode 10: Hey Phil, Don't Market Vermont as a Place to do Business, Make It One!

Vermont Issues Episode 11: Bernie Sanders Allegedly Steals Neighbors Newspapers

Congress Has Become a Farce on Healthcare; Single Payer is Also a Farce

John McCain (Allegedly!) Chuckles About Stopping Trump from Making America Great Again

Vermont Issues Episode 12: Rutland; The Good, the Bad, the Future

Anthony Shaffer Alludes to Debbie Wasserman Schultz Sending Info to Militants via Imran Awan

Washington Post: The Quest to Prove Collusion is Crumbling (Thanks Sherlock)

Welcome to the Cold War: Russia Expels US Diplomats, Seizes US Properties

Vermont Issues Episode 13: Vermont Industrial Hemp Industry is Expanding

Potential War With North Korea: What We Ought to be Focused On

Anthony Scaramucci Fired by Trump

The New Apartheid: South African Politicians Seek to Destroy the White Minority There

Trump Assaults Congress' Personal Healthcare Subsidies

Vermont Issues Episode 14: The Tale of Gravedigger and a Few Urban Legends

Jordan Peterson Locked Out of Youtube: Youtube's Faulty Automation Strikes Again?

A Response to Patreon: Lauren Southern, Political Backlash, Advice for Jack Conte

Youtube Goes Full 1984, Promises to Hide "Offensive" Content Without Recourse- We Must Oppose This

Vermont Issues Episode 15: Vermont Maple Syrup

Seymour Hersh: Seth Rich Indeed Leaked DNC Emails to Wikileaks (Confirmed by Wikileaks Itself)

The Imran Awan Case Is Being Largely Ignored by the Corporate Media
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on August 16, 2017, 12:06:45 am
Vermont Issues Episode 16: A Pot Dispensary for Rutland in the Norman Rockwell Museum?

Blind Enrollment: The Alternative to Affirmative Action

I Support the RAISE Act Proposed by Trump and the GOP

Vermont Issues Episode 17: Generac Flees HighTax, BusinessUnfriendly VT, Cutting 67 Jobs

Jim Justice, Governor of West Virginia, Leaves Democratic Party, Defects to GOP

Trump Warns of Cold War Escalation, Attacks Congress in Sanctions Release

Vermont Issues Episode 18: Business Insider Once Again Wrong on Rutland Refugee Crisis

The Rent is Too Damn High! Salon Faces Lawsuit over Back Rent at Former Offices

Mueller Gets Grand Jury; Legacy Media Rambles about Impeachment

I'm Now Accepting Donations On Hatreon

Vermont Issues 19: State Won't Cooperate With Trump Voter Data Request

The Google "AntiDiversity" Memo Is A ProDiversity of Ideology Manifesto and is Realistic

The Current Moral Panic and Why It Will Pass: 2017 is 1950 or 1983

Vermont Issues 20: Guns in Vermont; Bloomberg Boogeymen etc

NBC Thinks the Onus is On Trump to Unite the GOP: They're Wrong

Streisand Effect: Youtube Limited State for Offensive Videos May Backfire Badly

Vermont Issues 21: The Pros and Cons of the Five Decent Vermont Townships

No, the August 21st Solar Eclipse isn't a Sign of the End Times

Google Fires James Damore, Confirming His Memo's Point: The Case for a Tech First Amendment

Be Aware: North Korea Miniaturization Updates Look Like PreIraq News Reports

Vermont Issues 22: Burlington Bike Paths: Vermont's Big Dig

SoCalled Libertarians Not Recognizing the Threat of North Korea Don't Understand Anything

The Left/Dems Really Should Love Anticensorship Figures Like Me

Vermont Issues 23: Migrants Fleeing USA into Canada through Our State

The Millennial Left Has Sold Out to Organized Religion, Corporations, and Authoritarianism

Five Easy Steps Towards Safeguarding Your Internet Presence Against 1984 Style Censorship

Vermont Issues 24: A Rebuttal to VPR Re: Gun Laws

Locked and Loaded: Trump Issues Military Ultimatum to North Korea

Should the Government Regulate Google as a Public Utility? I Say No: Here are Better Suggestions

Final Dedicated Reminder to Follow Me on Vidme

Thoughts on Unite the Right in Charlottesville

Vermont Issues 25: Vermont Bear Populations Have Skyrocketed

Todays Boring "Left" Would Have Spurned the Counterculture and Embraced the Temperance Movement

Vermont Issues 26: Wilson Castle is Pretty Awesome

Firefox Now Engages in Propaganda and Censorship; Make the Switch Today!

Charlottesville, Trump's Response, Car Plows into Crowd, Helicopter Downed; My Response to Chaos

Vermont Issues 27: Foliage is Coming

GoDaddy Kicks the Daily Stormer Off for TOS Violations

Free Speech at All Costs: We Must Reject Authoritarianism in All Forms

My Fear: The Cannibalizing of Libertarians and Progressives by Fanatics Due to Government Ineptitude

Vermont Issues 28: Feds Try to Meddle in Our Education System; Screw Em!

Dreamhost Says DOJ Wants 1.3 Million Peoples' Personal Data Regarding AntiTrump Site

No, I Won't "Choose a Side" between the Far Left and Far Right; Neither Should You

Artificial Unintelligence: Youtube Related Vids Censorship (Join Me on Vidme and Dailymotion)


Styx is moving to, because Youtube is Politically Crrracked.

Free Speech at All Costs: We Must Reject Authoritarianism in All Forms

Vidme Exclusive: Vidme's Storage Limit Proposal

My Greatest Fear: The Cannibalizing of Libertarians and Progressives by Fanatics Due to Government Ineptitude

Vermont Issues 28: Feds Try to Meddle in Our Education System; Screw Em!

Dreamhost Says DOJ Wants 1.3 Million Peoples' Personal Data Regarding Anti-Trump Site

No, I Won't "Choose a Side" between the Far Left and Far Right; Neither Should You

Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers
Post by: Luck on September 01, 2017, 11:34:56 pm
Vermont Issues 29: Composting Vermont Style

Iceland Virtually Eliminates Downs Syndrome Via Abortion [It's saner to end it with Nutrition!]

Yes, the Alt-Left Exists: Yes, it is Violent

Vermont Issues 30: Vermont Man Sprays Immigration and Customs Car with Manure

Funny How Those Supporting ISP Net Neutrality Also Oppose It In Regards to Cloudflare, Google, Etc

Al Sharpton Wants to Destroy the Jefferson Memorial: The Coming Collapse of Identity Politics

Indian and Chinese Soldiers Pelt Each Other With Rocks in Border Standoff

Vermont Issues 31: Governor Phil Scott Attacks Trump Over Charlottesville Comments

The Rise of the Alt-Tech Alliance

You'll Get Inconvenient Truths From Me; Get Your Comforting Lies Elsewhere

The Five Moral Panics and Paradigms, Their Length, and their Overlap with Technology

Maria Chappelle Nadal, Alt-Left State Senator from Missouri, Makes Violent Comments about Trump

Trump Fires Steve Bannon; Which Doesn't Surprise Me Even Slightly (Here's Why)

Vermont Issues 32: Vermont State Fair Has Improved

FOX (Fake News) Relapses into Post-9/11 Style Moral Authoritarianism ft. Insane Guilfoyle

Misleading Words: "Anti fascists", "Patriot act", etc; Reality Manipulation

Vermont Issues 33: Rabid Fox in Ferrisburgh

The Democratic Establishment is Over-extending the Moral Panic and the Left is Destroying Itself

Gab, Hatreon, other Free Speech Sites Targeted by Web Giants

On the Boston Free Speech Rally, Counterprotests, VA Shiva, Trump's Response, etc

Vermont Issues 34: Bennington Downtown Reevelopment

Vermont Issues 35: Vermont Settles Case Against Jonathan Gruber Over Fraud

Trump Looks at Sun; Angry Front Page News

More Troops to Afghanistan, Criticism for Pakistan, Soaring Rhetoric: Trumps Speech

Vermont Issues 36: Vermont Declared #1 Bantz State in USA

Censorship Is Unpopular and Useless

The Drive to Five: Join Me On!

Vermont Issues 37: Burlington Town Center to be Replaced

US Diplomats In Cuba Supposedly Targeted by "Sonic Weapon"

If the Only Way You can Feel Safe is to Suppress Others, You're Very Unsafe Indeed (On Tech Censorship etc)

Vermont Issues 38: Storms Cause Sewage to Overflow into Otter Creek/ Lake Champlain

Military Intervention in Venezuela? I Oppose It, Despite its Apparent Popularity

The Obvious Solution to The Issue of "Offensive" Statues and Monuments

The "Late Capitalism" Hoax; Late Interventionism and Socialism is the Problem

Sebastian Gorka Resigns: Told You He'd Be Next (Also Joe Arpaio Pardoned) Trump's Pivot

Vermont Issues 39: Vermont Supreme Court to Weigh In on Marijuana Sniff Tests

Join me on Bitchute!

Youtube Rolls Out New Wave of Censorship: Let's See What Happens

Vermont Issues 40: Town Forest Infrastructure and Usage Expansion

Transhumanism Is Dumb: Here's Why

The Difference Between What You CAN Do And What You SHOULD Do (ft. Kitty Helper)

Hurricane Harvey: Houston Severely Flooded, Fire Ants, Cajun Navy Arrives, Mayor Blamed for Chaos

Vermont Issues 41: While Other Places Destroy Statues, Rutland Builds Them

Trump Considers Reversing Military Equipment Ban for Police Forces

Parts of GOP Consider Primary Challenge to Trump- My Thoughts

Vermont Issues 42: Seven Days Gobbles the Propaganda about Vermont Trolling

North Korea Fires Missile Across Japan; Not Provocation You Say?

Alt-left Tabloid Salon Declares Hope for a Civil War, Tells People to "Choose a Side"

Vermont Issues 43: Pressure Put on Bernie Sanders to Form Progressive Party

Youtube Puts Black Pigeon Speaks Videos into Limited State, Demonetizes Reviewbrah

Postmodernism is Just a Corporatized Celebration of Ugliness and Decadence

Vermont Issues 44: Thank Goodness; Goats Uninjured in Car Accident

MTV is Dying; but So Is MTV News

Talking is Not the Answer Trump Indicates Possibility of Military Response on North Korea

Vermont Issues 45: 13 Year Old Running for Vermont Governor; I'd Probably Vote for Him

Youtube Crackdown Continues with Diamond and Silk, RedPillBlack, and Others
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on September 15, 2017, 07:42:32 pm
Vermont Issues 46: Vermont Rejects Armored Vehicles for State Police

DACA Set to be Repealed: My Thoughts

VR to Thulean Perspective RE Rare Earth Minerals and Survivalism

A Vidme Exclusive: As Youtube Falters

Vermont Issues 47: Vermont Adopts Rescued Houston Pets

Hurricane Irma Might Even Be Worse than Harvey Was- Could Hit Houston, New York, or DC

North Korea Claims Hydrogen Weapon and ICBM Nuclear Warheads, Tests Atomic Weapon: Some Thoughts

Vermont Issues 48: Vermont Still Least Religious State

Moral Panic!: Calgary Police Say Heavy Music a Sign of Nazism in Children

Trump Wins Big on DACA, Scraps Program, Refers it to Legislature for a Permanent Fix

Vermont Issues 49: A Vermonter Commands FEMA's Hurricane Harvey Response

Clinton Still Feebly Trying to "Resist" Something, Spouts Off about Laughable Meme Website

On Slate's Semi-Smear Article About Alt Tech (Mentioning Me, Gab, and More)

Vermont Issues 50: McGruff the Crime Dog Voice Actor Dies in Vermont

Enough is Enough Says Nicki Haley about North Korea, Addressing Room Full of Ineffectual UN Morons

Crazy Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders and His Fans in her Failure of a New Book

Vermont Issues 51: Barre Mayor Lauzon is Basically Vermonts' Trump

Hurricane Irma Destroys Three Islands, Scrapes Puerto Rico, Headed for Florida

Youtube Encourages Me to Set the Tone of Conversations in my Comments: OK!

Vermont Issues 52: Lead Paint Poisoning Vermont Children

Trump's Swing to the "Center" Continues as Predicted: Strikes Deal with Democrats on Debt

Vermont Issues 53: Phil Scott Forms Marijuana Legalization Commission: Hahaha!

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton is Whining so Much Even the Legacy Media is Getting Bored With Her

Biden Complaining about DeVos' Campus Sexual Assault Suggestions is Surreal

Vermont Issues 54: Rutlands Recovery; the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Pelosi Claims Trump Will Sign Dream Act if Passed by Congress: Trump Sets Up the Neoliberals for Disaster

Vermont Issues 55: Nordic Farms Files for Bankruptcy: Symptom of a Larger Problem

How Trump Can Trap the Democrats into Voting for His Tax Reform

On PewdiePie, Firewatch, Moral Panic, and Offensive Things in Gaming

Vermont Issues 56: Comcast Sues Vermont over Being Told to Lay Better Cable

Hillary Clinton Once Again Rants Moronically About Trump and Russia

Ted Cruz Official Twitter Page "Likes" Pornographic Post

A Vidme Exclusive: The German Invasion!

Vermont Issues 57: Racist Graffiti in Andersonville Hits Several Farms

Traditionalism: It's Positive and Negative Aspects

Vermont Issues 58: Semi-annual Vermont Teachers' Strike Looms

Thoughts on Cryptocurrency: Helpful but not Perfect

Sanders, Gillibrand, Booker, et al, Seek to Force the Neoliberals to Embrace Single Payer

No, Trump Did Not Cave on the Border Wall in His DACA Deal

A Vidme Exclusive: Please Stop Changing my Categories- I Have More Experience than You in This Realm

Vermont Issues 59: Vermont Beer Becomes a Major Power

The Far Left Hates Free Speech so Much they Call Shapiro a Nazi

Hydrogen Hillary Clinton Won't Forgive Those Who Didn't Vote (For Her of Course)
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on October 01, 2017, 01:22:34 pm
See the following Styx videos at
JACKASS Youtube terminated his account, so all the Youtube links I posted are now junk.
_The Far Left Hates Free Speech so Much they Call Shapiro a Nazi
_Vermont Issues 60: Vermont Expands Opiate Treatment Facilities
_Trump Condemns Political and Racial Violence: Leftists Outraged
_All the Propaganda in the World Won't Save the Failing Legacy Media
_Vermont Issues 61: Vermont Hemp Crops Booming
_Hydrogen Hillary Clinton Says Trump Gives Support to the KKK
_US Debt Hits 20 Trillion, Chinese Debt rises, also the Difference between Debt and Deficit
_Vermont Issues 62: Vermont Investigates Solar Firm, Stands in Way of Business and Green Energy Alike
_As Predicted: The Far Left has Begun to Abandon the Neoliberals
_Thoughts on Juggalos, the MOAR, and some High School Health Class Stories
_Vermont Issues 63: Vermont Teachers Strike Continues: More Analysis
_Gab Attacked by Their Australian Domain Registrar
_Hydrogen Hillary Clinton Won't Even Admit Trump is a Legitimate President
_Vermont Issues 64: Support for Sean Duffy on Vermont Single Payer Studies
_Matt Furie Is Making a Mistake Trying to Censor the Use of Pepe
_Trump calls Kim Jong Un Rocket Man, Threatens to Destroy North Korea
_Vermont Issues 65: Phil Scott Rejects GOP Healthcare Overhaul
_Choose One: Socialism Holds American Society Together, or We're Capitalistic and Thus Failing
_Hydrogen Hillary Clinton Calls Trump's UN Speech "Dark and Dangerous"- What a Hoot!
_Stop the Hammering!: MSNBC Host Lawrence O'Donnell Goes Ballistic
_Vermont Issues 66: Second-Homers Can Apparently Vote in Vermont Elections
_Campo Santo Slammed by Grassroots Response for Assaulting PewDiePie: Good!
_Trump Uses Executive Order to Shut Down Pyongyang's Trade and Banking Connections
_North Korea Threatens to Test Hydrogen Bomb in Ocean as Kim Jong Un Calls Trump "Dotard"
_Vermont Issues 67: Two Native Tribes Seek to Meddle in Vermont Yankee Decommissioning
_Alternative for Germany: Sovereignty More Popular These Days
_Mel Brooks Attacks Political Correctness, Claims it is Anathema to Comedy
_Healthcare Reform Blockage: Rand Does it Right, McCain Does it Wrong; Guess Which the MSM Applauds?
_Vermont Issues 68: Vermont Teacher Fired for Demonstrating Nazi Salute to Third Graders
_Super Malaria Has Begun to Spread in Southeast Asia
_Hydrogen Hillary Clinton Blames Voter ID Laws For Her Loss Now Too
_Zuckerberg to Sell Massive Amount of Facebook Stock, Rejects New Stock Type
_Vermont Issues 69: Vermont Science! Monitoring Hissy Snakes
_Current Polls Oversampling Democrats by Utterly Insane Amounts
_Pelosi Says She "Trusts Trump" on Immigration: hahaha!
_Take the Knee (And Break It!) Seven Figure Salary Whiners and Trump's NFL Statements
_Vermont Issues 70: Vermont Losing Forests at a Rapid Pace Again
_New York Times Opinion Page Endorses Communism
_North Korea Goes Insane, Says US Has Declared War and May Fire on US Bombers
_Vermont Issues 71: Vermont Officials try to Claim Immunity Against Fraud Lawsuit
_Gab Still Under Attack, and Still Winning
_Professionals Selling Their Bodies in Venezuela to Get Food: Sanders' Workers Paradise!
_Trump Unveils Tax Plan: It's Mostly Good
_Vermont Issues 72: Vermont to Tackle Firearm Suicides
_Nexus 5 Replicant Mark Zuckerberg Lies, Pretends Facebook is Centrist and Unbiased
_Michelle Obama Claims Women Who Didn't Vote for Clinton "Voted Against their Own Voice"
_Vermont Issues 73: Vermont Democratic Party is Nearly Broke
_Aid to Puerto Rico to Be Streamlined, Shipping Restrictions Waived by Trump
_Melania Trump Books Rejected Because "Dr Seuss is Racist" but Remember FDR Is Heroic
_Vermont Issues 74: Vermont High School Sports in a Tizzy Over Drone Based Recording
_Youtube Begins Blocking Patreon Links Embedded on Videos for Non-Partners
_The Time Has Come to Stand Against the European Union on Censorship and Legalism
_Trump Criticizes Inept Puerto Rican Officials, Legacy Media Pretends He's Attacking Puerto Ricans
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on October 15, 2017, 07:40:42 pm
See the following Styx videos at
_Vermont Issues 75: The Abnormally Warm September
_Hydrogen Hillary Clinton to Receive Award for Advancing Human Rights... Hahaha!
_More Legacy Media Smears of Trumps Puerto Rico Response as Angel Perez Otero Praises President
_Vermont Issues 76: Vermont Subcontractor SAManage USA Data Breach Lawsuit Settled
_Mass Shooting in Las Vegas as Stephen Paddock Kills 50+ at Country Music Concert
_Catalonia Referendum Passes, but Spain Will Not Recognize It: My Thoughts
_Vermont Issues 77: Rutland Herald Downsizing, Selling Several Properties
_Hydrogen Hillary Clinton has Moronic, Self Serving Reaction to Las Vegas Shooting
_Traditionalism will Likely Win the Current Cultural Shift I: Growth and Decline
_You Don't Know How It Feels (RIP Tom Petty)
_Vermont Issues 78: Crazy Man Brings Hognose Snakes into Vermont
_A Big Problem With Gun Control
_Refuting Direct Democracy
_Vermont Issues 79: I Condemn the Bennington Banner for its Vegas Cartoon and Encourage a Boycott
_ACLU Free Speech Event Shut Down by BLM because "Liberalism is White Supremacy"
_On RWW's Character Assassination of Me (And My Support for Some of Their Work Oddly!)
_Vermont Issues 80: Better Mental Health in Focus
_If You Ain't With Us Yer Against Us: The Chorus of Fanatics on the Far Left and Right
_Republicans in Congress Abandon the Second Amendment: Not Like They Hadn't Years Ago
_Vermont Issues 81: Density Increase for South Burlington
_Trump Removes Contraception Mandate from Healthcare
_As I Predicted, the Legacy Media is Seeking to Defame the Alt Media; Alt Entertainment is Next
_Vermont Issues 82: School Threats in Vermont Make the News
_Legacy Media Whines About Trump "Censoring" Them As They Call For Censoring the Alt Media
_One Dimensionality: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part One)
_Gatekeeper Fallacy: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Two)
_Vermont Issues 83: Drug and Weapon Wars Alive and Well as 15 Year Old Jailed for Pot and Knuckles
_Youtube Creates new "Priority Creator" Caste that is Exempt from its Monetization Flagging
_Six Degrees of...: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Three)
_Deflecting Attack: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Four)
_I'm Withdrawing From Nicotine; Don't Expect 100% Verbal Finesse!
_Vermont Issues 84: Bernie Sanders Comes to Castleton To Market "FREE"(TM) College
_False Objective Morality: How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Five)
_Gatekeeper like Gateway Drug (Moral Panic): How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part Six)
_Trump Uses Executive Power to Defang some Useless Bureaus and Agencies
_Hydrogen Hillary Clinton and Neolib Obama Took Days to Condemn and Disavow Harvey Weinstein
_Eminem Attacks Trump, People Pretend to be Outraged; Grow Up!
_Vermont Issues 85: Vermont State Government Wants Suggestions for Outdoor Economy: So Here It Is!
_Trump Threatens to Have FCC Revoke Licenses of So-Called News that Isn't News
_Girls Now Able to Join Boy Scouts... Can Boys Join the Girl Scouts Too?
_Project Veritas Confirms Youtube Front Page is Manipulated by Legacy Media, NYT Deflects
_Vermont Issues 86: Bald Eagles Back in a Big Way in Vermont
_Bernie Sanders First Speaker at Womens Convention; Far Left Sexists Outraged
_California Decriminalizes Infecting Others with HIV: I Call for a Travel Boycott of the State
_Twitter is Run By Morons; the Rose McGowan Incident is a Symbol of Big Tech Defending Money
_Vermont Issues 87: Vermont Senator Drives Drunk, Crashes, Gets DUI
_North Korea Tries, Fails to Hack Parts of US Electrical Grid (Par for the Course!)
_Trump to Pressure on Iran Deal: I Mostly Oppose This
_Vermont Issues 88: Vermont #1 for Breweries Per Capita
_Hydrogen Hillary Clinton Says Trump a "Confessed Sexual Assaulter"; More Whining!
_Biloxi Public Schools Ban To Kill a Mockingbird Because Muh Feels
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on October 31, 2017, 08:57:38 pm

See StyxHH at any of these locations:

He's a libertarian in Vermont who has smart things to say nearly every day on politics etc.

I was copying his titles and links, but that's a bit too time-consuming for me. Sorry. There'll be AI to do that some day.
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on November 15, 2017, 12:08:10 pm

Styxhexenhammer's Daily Political Videos

JACKASS Youtube says this at his former Youtube channel at
This account has been terminated for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines.
So all the links I previously copied to his Youtube videos are now junk.
I'm sure he really violated the precious Community Guidelines, by following them to the letter, but by being Not a damned NeoLiberal Globalist Traitor.

Comments about Styxhexenhammer
Title: Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
Post by: Luck on November 30, 2017, 02:31:49 pm

I spoke too soon last time. StyxHH wasn't banned from YouTube [so far], but a mistake was made, or they were testing his supporters to see if they would object much, or something.

Anyway, here is his Vidme channel:

And his Bitchute channel:

But the YouTube channel seems to work better on my slow internet:

I invited Styx to contact me here, if interested in a debate.
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on March 21, 2018, 11:14:39 pm

(I recommend Bitchute videos as alternative to jackass Youtube.)


Deep State Whistleblowers [by OneAm.News - looks like a good station]

Common Sense Look at Texas Bomber (This is by a sympathetic progressive.)

Lauren Southern Banned from the UK

Tarrifs Are Not The Answer - Ron Paul

Young Turds Get Destroyed On Libertarianism

Why Larken Rose is wrong on immigration & making fun of Lauren Southern


Joshua Smith For LNC Chair - Libertarian Party

Record Afghani Opium Crop; Syria & Yemen Updates

Freeing Yourself First w/ Antony Sammeroff

Public Speaking, Nonviolent Communication, & the Rise of the Libertarians Kokesh at LPMI

Why health-conscious progressives should be thrilled that the Health Ranger is pro Second Amendment

A History Lesson For the Liberalists Regarding Locke and the Founding Fathers

Constitutionalist Libertarian
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on March 31, 2018, 12:23:53 pm

Vermont Libertarian


Joshua Smith For LNC Chair - Libertarian Party

Record Afghani Opium Crop; Syria & Yemen Updates Ft. Kyle Anzalone Ep. 60

Freeing Yourself First

Public Speaking, Nonviolent Communication, & the Rise of the Libertarians Kokesh at LPMI

Why health-conscious progressives should be thrilled that the Health Ranger is pro Second Amendment

A History Lesson For the Liberalists Regarding Locke and the Founding Fathers

Unite as "libertarians"

What Rand Paul Republicans & Libertarians Are Missing About Balanced Budgets

Libertarian State Senator of Nebraska Laura Ebke at LPMI

The important aspect of the Count Dankula trial that most ignore

What Libertarianism Is

Activism at KCL with Danny Al-Khafaji of King's Libertarian Society

State of the Libertarian Union Talk Show

Libertarians Crash Gun Control Rally

By appointing John Bolton, President Trump has caused trepidation in much of his libertarian base

California Voter Fraud
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on April 16, 2018, 11:03:08 pm

Restricted Videos & Censorship on YouTube (THIS VIDEO IS RESTRICTED BY YT) [mirrored]

Making the Case for Libertarian Anarchism. Kal Molinet & Keith Knight

A Pro-Life Libertarian Looks At Foreign Policy - With Guest Gary Heavin - Ron Paul Liberty Report

Ethno-Libertarianism - TAP 003

Concealed Carry, The New Target of the Left Since Parkland

US, Turkish Forces Face Off As Trump Reneges on Syria Withdraw Ep. 65

President Trump Wants to Deploy 2,000-4,000 National Guard To Mexican Border For Security

Trudeau and Left Push Narrative There Is a Strong Chance Of A NAFTA Deal

Which Way, Westerners?

China Tariffs Will Make the US Much Stronger In Long Run

Problems Within White Nationalist Movements

Ep. 38 - How Can The Libertarian Party Succeed? w/ Alex Merced

Libertarians in a World on the Brink Ep. 67 Ft. Keith Knight

The New Yorker's Creepy Leftist Hate of Chick-fil-A And It Being A Conservative Company

Exercise Your 5th Amendment Rights In Illinois Cops Can Get Instant Electronic Warrant

Call Me Al I talk with Libertarian candidate for 2020 Adam Kokesh

The Inevitability of EthnoNationalism - Radical Podcast (002)

Vermont Libertarian for Governor Write-in
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on April 30, 2018, 12:45:56 pm

Gun Control for Dummies - It's Common Sense

Top Libertarian States, Part I

Libertarianism in a Former Soviet Bloc

The Libertarian Juggalo

Dustin Nemos responds to Newbroke's Matt Lieb on Libertarianism

Trump doesn't care about the troops or Syria

California Tried to Seize Millions of This Inventor’s Fortune. He Fought Back. And Won

Latino Libertarian Outreach with Texas Governor Candidate Mark

Thomas Sowell on Facts and Free Speech Pt 1

Thomas Sowell Debunking Systemic Racism and Having Common Decency Pt 2

Libertarians Created Crypto Control Grid Unknowingly

FDA Kills Millions & Takes Years Off Your Life

When Freeloaders Become Martyrs

Southerncross Resistance interview #1: Adam Kokesh. making America free again

A Conversation with Canadian Libertarian

A Theory of Social Libertarianism

Kokesh challenges Bill Weld on his actions that drastically oppose the core of libertarian values

Top Libertarian States, Part II

Libertarians Troll Gun Control Rally

DEBUNKED! - "Cops Are The 'Good Guys'" - Absolutely False! Cops are Immoral order followers!

Matt Lieb spews the desperate old canard that Libertarianism is a religion

The biggest strawman that Libertarians get over and over

Liberty Defined by Ron Paul

About That Libertarian To Alt-Right Pipeline

Libs are showing weakness and we need to redouble our efforts to defeat them

Kanye To The Libertarian Party?

Vermont Governor Candidate libertarian Vlog
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on May 15, 2018, 02:29:04 pm

Nickolas Wildstar: Libertarian Candidate For California Governor

Sex Offender Registries (The Libertarian Circus)

No Charges for Officers Who Tased Mentally Ill Man TO DEATH in His Shower Ep. 71

Left and Right are no longer meaningful political axes

Libertarian Mayor Jeff Hewitt

Is The Libertarian Moment Over? With Special Guest John Stossel

New York Libertarianism? Candidate for Governor Larry Sharpe & Keith Knight

Best Argument for Libertarianism by Dave Smith

Canadian Psyop Exposed! We Have A Serious Illegal Immigrant Issue

The Case for Libertarianism by Penn Jillette

Libertarianism: An Introduction by Stefan Molyneux

Rand Paul Libertarianism in Two Minutes

Ron Paul on Libertarianism & the NAP

Defending Libertarianism. Walter Block

What is Libertarianism? Stephan Kinsella

Kevin Shaw Bringing Activism to the Libertarian Party

Why Anarcho Capitalism Doesn't Make Sense

Hans-Hermann Hoppe – Realistic Libertarianism as Right Libertarianism

Myers-Briggs Personality Test and Libertarians

I Have to Take Issue With the Libertarian Party - As a Registered Libertarian

How to Argue for Statism

Libertarianism and Property Rights from First Principles [Every adult deserves equal access to land or sea for survival IMO]

Atheism and Libertarianism 1: Negative Philosophies [Atheism is extremely naive IMO, like most other religions]

How Libertarians WILL Defeat Statism by Stefan Molyneux

Libertarianism 101 - Prof. Walter Block

ABORTION DEBATE: Feminist Squirms on Basic Questions

Blockchain is the Future of Social Media and a Decentralized Internet

Libertarianism Might Be Irrelevant

Caller: What’s a Libertarian, Libertytarian?

Constitutionalist Libertarian: This is my channel for BitChute
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views: Ayn Rand on Thorium
Post by: Luck on May 16, 2018, 02:52:47 pm

This is an update to what I posted yesterday above. I don't know a lot about Ayn Rand. I heard that she married a Rothschild, so I tend to doubt her libertarianism or her sanity, but the following video seems to have something more impressive to say about her. It's a video that seemed informative. It's been a week or two since I heard it. But I took some notes on it when I viewed it, as you can see below. I do think Thorium, or Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTRs), seem like an efficient, safe alternative to uranium, which jackass vested interests are preventing the public from utilizing so far.

GALT - 07 - Epilogue
10'33": Nine known associates of Alvin Weinberg during his Manhattan Project days, except for name changes, age differential and mannerisms, were essentially identical to Atlas Shrugged fictional characters. [JFK had picked Weinberg for the NRC or AEC but Edwin Pauley, oil industrialist & British agent, was present at JFK's assassination & picked LBJ for president and Holifield to replace Weinberg, thus shifting nuclear energy production from safe thorium to dangerous, inefficient uranium].
11'55": Ayn Rand became an expert on nuclear energy and favored thorium over uranium or plutonium.
12'38": After a run-in with Truman, Oppenheimer told Rand about thorium.

Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views: Ayn Rand on Thorium
Post by: Luck on June 02, 2018, 10:04:21 am

I Am a Libertarian Fundamentalist

I Am a Libertarian Extremist (and So Are You!)

Who Will Build the Roads in a Libertarian Society? Prof. Walter Block

Libertarianism in 5 Minutes - Dave Smith

Rand Paul on Libertarianism

Jeff Deist on Libertarian Division

Dear Canadian Libertarian

The Ultimate Argument for Libertarianism

Libertarianism in 15 Seconds

Hoppe Libertarianism

Stingray Cell Site Simulators Found Allover Washington DC And Surrounding Communities

The Left Now Openly Admits If You Are Middle Class They Think You Are Rich

Ron Paul on Libertarianism

The Best Brief Case for Libertarianism

The Truth About Libertarianism

Immigration & the Refugee Crisis - The Libertarian Solution

Libertarians and Three Percenters only represent a threat to tyrants

Intersectional Libertarians, Liberal Georgists?

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina Chair Susan Hogarth


The Evolution of Enlightenment - Intellectual Dark Web

Caryn Ann Harlos and the Libertarian Party Statement of Principles

The Nature of War guest Antony Sammeroff

Academic Homogeneity: Leftist Bias In The University

State of the Libertarian Union

The Road To Power

Carla Howell: The Libertarian Party is changing!

Steve Sheetz for Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views on Bitchute
Post by: Luck on June 15, 2018, 12:20:01 pm

Liberty Weekly Joins the Libertarian Institute

James Williams mashes Nigel Farage over Tommy Robinson

State of the Libertarian Union Talk Show

Curt the Barbarian about propertarianism

Libertarianism and The Jewish Question

Libertarianism, National Socialism, and The Natural Order

Defending Libertarianism

Virginia's Pedo Candidate

Reconciling Right-Libertarianism and The Alt-Right

Supremes Miss The Point On "Bake The Cake" Ruling - Ron Paul Liberty Report

Is College Worth It? NO

Selling Libertarianism

North Korea Could Turn Libertarian

Daniel McAdams on Who's Funding War Propaganda

Cakes, Bigotry & Free Markets

The BBC Sugar Coating of EU's Article 13

George Carlin on How language is used to mask truth

Radical Capitalist: For a Libertarian Alt-Right

CBC contributor puts libertarians in crosshairs

Pastor Chris Ashton talks on Christianity & Libertarianism

Libertarianism: Misconceptions Vs The Truth
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views on Bitchute
Post by: Luck on June 30, 2018, 09:41:46 am

Tim Moen Libertarian Party Leader Canada


Why Can't We Sue the TSA For Assault? - Ron Paul

Does Roaming Millennial Understand Libertarianism?

The libertarians at PORCFEST XV thanked Edward Snowden

Scheer throws Libertarian Maxime Bernier under the bus

AP Tries To Spin the Border Separation Lie With More Lies

Lopez Obrador Tells All of Mexico to Flood the US Border If He's Elected

State of the Libertarian Union Talk Show

Where Are The Libertarians? - Ron Paul Liberty Report

Libertarian Victory at the Supreme Court
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views on Bitchute
Post by: Luck on July 15, 2018, 05:43:51 am

Happy Independence Day To All Regardless Of Your Being American

Abortion and Libertarianism: Framing the Issue

Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruled University Can't Fire Conservative Professor For Wrong Think

Libertarian Mad Max won't tow party

Why Conservatives and Libertarians [and Liberals] are Natural Allies

Cannabis legalization reveals the INNER LIBERTARIAN in "progressives"

Libertarian Party Convention 2018 'Rising From The Bottom'

20 Most Important Organizations in American Politics 2018

Libertarians on Child Labor, Monopoly, and Inequality

Abortion and Libertarianism: Human Beings or Clumps of Cells?

Trump Tariffs Are Only An Excuse For BMW To Start Moving SUV Production To China

USPS Hypocrisy, Delivers High Times, Won’t Deliver Local Paper With Legal Marijuana Business Ad

We All Have To Listen & Learn From Each Other
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views on Bitchute
Post by: Luck on July 31, 2018, 02:31:40 pm

The Pro-Censorship Establishmentarians Really Hate Alt Tech

Libertarian Party History & Growth

Ancaps, Ancoms, and Bottom Unity in the LP

South Carolina Libertarian Party Victories

Blockchains in Space, and the New Internet

Abortion and Libertarianism: Human Persons and Human Non-Persons

The Failed Libertarian Unity Accord

Putin Calling Out Western Fake News After Summit Causes BBC To Cry He Is Attacking Them

Colleges Look To Prey On The Poorest By Now Adding Payday Loan Style Financing

MGM Sues Vegas Shooting Victims In Attempt To Avoid Liability And Large Payouts
- See also:

Taxation Is Theft (Pt 2)

What is Libertarianism?

SEE No Info, HEAR No Info, SHARE No Info

The Uniqueness of Western Civilization

Left Is Worried About Russia But Wants To Give Foreign Nationals Right To Vote

UK MPs [their Congress] Want Social Media Taxed To Fund Wrong Think Propaganda In Schools Plus Censor It Online

Nick Fuentes vs. Adam Kokesh
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on August 15, 2018, 12:41:35 pm

Ian | Free Keene

Libertarian: I was banned for life from Twitter

Libertarianism Conservatism Debate

Fascism | Libertarian News

State of the Libertarian Union Talk Show

Matt Welch Interviews Zach Weismueller, Libertarian State Rep

Ron Paul: Books, Economics, Federal Reserve, Free Trade

The Libertarian Angle: College Socialism

Two Libertarians Debate Whether People Should Vote

Tom Woods, Matt Welch, and Michael Malice Discuss

A Libertarian Theory of Contract

2018 Candidate Spotlight: Ian Freeman, Libertarian Candidate for NH

Charles Murray - What It Means To Be A Libertarian

We Are Libertarians

Path to Libertarianism

Young Americans for Liberty - Rand Paul on a libertarian society

Max Justice: Libertarian Superhero

Was Frederick Douglass a Libertarian?

Cato University 2018: Libertarian Conceptions of Order [Cato is tool of Plutocrats]


What a Libertarian is and the use of force

Arguments Against Anarchism (2018) [Using the term Anarchism is like the term Satanism, makes no sense to scare people away]

Libertarian gubernatorial candidates hope to break 'two-party monopoly'

Amid Alex Jones Controversy, Ron Paul Accuses Twitter, Facebook

Are you a Libertarian and just don't know it? Take this test
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on August 31, 2018, 08:42:41 pm


Does Roaming Millennial Understand Libertarianism?

The Conscience of a Liberal: Libertarian Response

The ONLY Viable Libertarian Strategy

Real News with David Knight


Libertarian Philosophy Critiqued

Interesting Relationship between Libertarianism & Christianity
See Libertarian Bible:


Road To Freedom Part 9

The Case Against Libertarian Socialist Rants

Basic Arguments Against Free Trade

The Conscience of a [Neo]Liberal by Paul Krugman - REBUTTED
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on September 15, 2018, 10:27:00 am

Liberty With Dakota

Social media companies have been suppressing conservative and libertarian speech

Will the Right-Wing Alliance Survive?

The Libertarian Label

Levi Strauss & Co Got Woke And Is About To Go Broke Over New Anti-Second Amendment Stance

Nike, Pat Tillman, & Colin Kaepernick Liberty Daily Vlog

Left Now Claiming Comedy Doesn't Have To Be Funny To Be Comedy

Libertarianism and Jefferson

Ry Dawson the Anti-NeoCon on Resurrect the Republic

Why Physical Removal is Not Oppressing People With “Different Opinions”

Libertarian Capitalism Has Been Tried Before, With Disastrous Results

Why I Am Anti-War

Tariffs, #FakeNews, Corporatists, and #WalkAway from Corruption

We are capable of good and bad. How is this best handled politically?

Democracy, Revolution and Counter Economics (Agorism) GovernmentIsSlavery

Is Anarchism Possible?

Taxation ISN'T Theft? (A critique) [Some taxes are not theft, like taxes on corporations]
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on September 30, 2018, 11:30:19 am

Debate: Free Trade vs. Nationalism

Free Markets and Foreign Policy


Conservatives Used To Be Pro Censorship

EU Trying To Force It’s Globalist Will Onto The World

Finding Traditionalism

BANG! List Of 81 Channels Targeted For Online Removal Now Made Public

The Smear Tactics of Global Corporatists

Yes Canada Libertarians deserve a voice in Canadian politics

History of the Industrial Revolution

Twitter Wants your Vagina Sewn Up [like a Muslim woman]

New Tax Plan Makes It Easier to 'Ed-exit'

Why Libertarians Should Support The Liberalists [not neoliberals please]

Libertarianism, Socialism, and Conspiracies

That Guy T Talks Bitcoin [a false god]

Tommy Robinson Trial

People Go To Prison In UK For Posts Online
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on October 14, 2018, 07:51:44 am

What is Alt-Libertarianism

Left Libertarian

Rethinking Libertarianism (Anarcho-Capitalism)
Why I Am a Left Libertarian

Time To Abandon The Libertarian Party Platform?

A Third/Fourth Party Emerges? (Theory)

Automakers In UK Are Trying To Use Fear To Force EU Deal Or Force It To Remain

Unemployment Rate Hits 49 Year Low And CNN Shockingly Admits Trump Has Something To Do with It

Popular Science deviously Tries To Make The Case For AI Fake News Fact Checking By Claiming It Has No Biases

Libertarian Culture Wars

Stefan Molyneux and His Critics

The Good Censor - The Google Internal Memo Promoting It And Silicon Valley Mass Censoring The World

Libertarians, Borders, and Ethics

The Constitution will Never Enforce Itself

The War Has Begun on 10/10... FBIBook Purges Hundreds of Alternative Media Pages

Why I Am A Left Libertarian - 9/6/2015

[This left libertarian discusses government gang stalking of citizens, such as herself. I wasn't aware of this.]
_It’s time for change. Let the world know about Government Gang Stalking. Let the world see the ugly bitch America has become. And then let’s begin anew.
_Listen to What This Former FBI Senior Intelligence Adviser said openly on CNN.
_Help Expose The American Stasi - Police, Firemen, EMS, Ambulance Drivers, Security Guards, Neighborhood Watch Group Members Gang Stalking/MOBBING Ordinary Citizens For Over A Decade.
It Can Happen To Anyone.
_How did it start?
_In the Administration of George Bush the Attorney General of the United States rescinded anti-COINTELPRO regulations allowing the FBI to spy on Americans, to disrupt, to infiltrate, to use all that was used in the past to harass, to intimidate people who did nothing other than exercise their free speech rights, their right to assemble, or like me, have a fireman move next to them who knew how to manipulate the system of Suspicious Activity Reports, Watch Lists, Fusion Centers, nationwide data bases in a personal vendetta. I once called the police on him which I think was the determining factor in his trying to get me out of the neighborhood/initiating my gang stalking with his friends. This giant Intelligence bureaucracy was created after 9/11 with no checks and balances. And Dick Cheney had a hand in a lot that was done starting in about 2002.
_Government Gang Stalking is An Indictment of American Institutions - Our Government which put into effect this abomination, Our Press which allows it to go on, Our Schools which turn out these Herd Animals/The Government Gang Stalkers, and even some of Our Churches many of whose members participate in it on Church property.
_"Mobbing is a form of persecution, of humiliation, of degradation. It is the dark side of organizational life in workplaces, universities, schools, religious organizations, the military, the judicial system, correctional institutions, and community organizations like condominium and homeowners' associations."
_"A reasonable person might be forgiven for thinking that this kind of thing couldn't possibly happen today, in the 21st century. BUT IT DOES AND FREQUENTLY."
_The best description of this cancerous program is contained in this link
_The Best Description of the Criminality of Deep State, the Crimes of Our Intelligence-Industrial Complex, I have found on the web is at this website
_U.S. Government Gang Stalking Is A Hate Crime
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on October 31, 2018, 10:09:09 pm

How I Define "Libertarian"

Canada's Marijuana Legalization Created State Run Monopoly And Local Potheads Are Too Stoned To Care

Trump Pulling US Out Of 144 Year Old Postal Treaty That Exploits Country Unless It Is Renegotiated

In Defense of Libertarianism

Capturing the Value of the Commons: Land Value Tax as a Community Development Tool

Libertarian Party DED?

Breitbart Attacks Me and Admits their Articles are Fake News

Economics - Liberty & Personal Responsibility

The Caravan Will Meet Armed Citizens in Texas
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on November 15, 2018, 09:35:06 pm

How I define the word "Libertarian"

The Voting is Bullshit

'Mommy Was a Commie, How I Rose from Stalinism to Libertarianism'

World Wide Web Creator Says Social Media Giants May Need To Be Split Up

Approaching Illegals Think They Have Constitutional Rights Outside US

SCOTUS Rejects Halting Sham Lawsuit Against Federal Government Over Climate Change

A Libertarian's Guide On How To Survive In A World Gone Crazy

Midterm Election Frenzy and Free Speech

Napolitano: How the Courts Killed Natural Law

‘Facebook is Evil and It Hates You’

Alex Jones Visits Globalist Mural

Libertarians, Open Borders, and the Unintended Consequence of Demographic Shifts

FDA Plans Crackdown On E-Cigarettes

Monarchy or Libertarianism?

The “New World Order” Is crumbling and Ruling Class Is Having a Collective Hissie Fit

Open Borders A Libertarian Reappraisal

Paypal Deplatforms Bitchute, Bending to Pressure from Busybodies and Lamestreamers

I Oppose the FDA Stopping the Import of Kratom / Proposed DEA Scheduling

Guardian Smear Against Alt Tech Calls "Most" Gab and Bitchute Users Nazis
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
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When You're Too Rational to Be Rational!

CNN And Acosta Celebrate A Minor Temporary Win


In Defense of My Liberal Friends

British Snowflake Millennials Are Too Scared To Cause A Scene By Speaking Out

Venezuelan Socialism In Practice

Libertarianism is not Liberty

In Defense of My Conservative Friends

Classical Liberalism and the Alt Right—NOT Fascism

"The Gun Is Civilization” by Maj. L. Caudill, USMC (Ret)

Taxation is Theft and The Social Contract is BS

Free Speech, Libertarian Outreach and the Federal Reserve

I Am Sorry To Say Gab Is No Longer A Free Speech Platform

Trudeau Creates $595 Million Tax Break Slush Fund For Legacy Media Outlets

French are finally starting to reach their breaking point over taxes, unemployment

Caravan Brings Crime To Tijuana

Questioning Authority

Why the Left Are Not All the Same

Puerto Rico Statehood Vote OK'd by Puerto Rican Governor, House GOP

Infowars Press Pool Petition Update

New Jersey May Legalize Marijuana Soon: Good!

They're LYING, Migrants Storming Border Are NOT Asylum Seekers
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The FALL Of Justin Trudeau & The RISE Of Freedom In Canada


Max Blumenthal on U.S.-Funded Neo-Nazism

Why do so many people loathe Libertarians?

Stossel: Google and Facebook Cross "The Creepy Line"

Students At Columbia Triggered By SNL Comedian's Joke, Partial Punchline Was Being Gay Not A Choice

Conservatives - Listen Up! Old Strategies SUCK! THIS Is How We WIN

Alex Jones and Mike Adams Fearmonger for Pro-Trump Martial Law

Rebranding the Alt-Right - The WINNING RIGHT

REBRANDING the Alt-Right - VISION for America's FUTURE

Stossel: Socialism Leads To Violence

Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen

Getting Back to the Roots of Voluntaryism

7 Things You Should Know About Free Speech in Schools

Don Lemon & The Left Defend Terrorism + Hate White Men

A Rebuttal to Nick Fuentes' Disdain for Libertarianism

USA Today Rewrites History And Constitution To Claim President Is Supposed To Be Puppet Of Congress
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POWER! The #1 Law of Political Power

Finally, A Federal Judge Has Ruled Obamacare Unconstitutional. It's About Time Too

Juncker Labels Hungarian PM Viktor Orbon As Fake News Peddler For Countering Globalist Narratives

Libertarians believe in self ownership - Don't you?

How To Have a Libertarian Christmas (Now you tell me)

Sargon of Akkad vs Adam Kokesh | Libertarian Debate

REDEYE RANTS #2 It's a Libertarian Christmas

Unlike The Left Claims, Not Even Migrants Want To Do Farm Labor. Robots Will Do It Soon Enough

Libertarianism A to Z

Merry Christmas, War is Over (in Syria)

Merry Christmas from The Canadian Libertarian!

Libertarian banned for being an improper gay

Far Left Media Is Dying Because Gen-Z Is Too Conservative

WSJ Using Musk's Banter With British Cave Diver To Push No Free Speech Online Narrative

The Insane Battle To Sabotage a New Apartment Building Explains San Francisco's Housing Crisis

The Compassion of Libertarianism

Is Liechtenstein a Libertarian Utopia?

China's Economic Takeover Of Africa Is About To Cost Kenya It's Largest Port

With New Caravan Forming Trump Has Said He Will Cut Aid To Honduras, El Salvador, And Guatemala

If Libertarians Were In Charge
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What is Libertarianism and Statism?

Meet the Robot Lawyer Fighting Fines, Fees, and Red Tape

Do You Know How Much Tax You Pay?

Legacy Media Is A Prisoner Of President Trump

British Army Now Targeting Least Desired For Recruitment

TSA Has Never Stopped A Terrorist. CNN Makes It Sound Like They Have

Identifying the LOLibertarians

Libertarians Clean Up National Parks During Government Shutdown

Lysander Spooner was NOT a socialist. Deal with it.

California Governor Newsom Declares State A Sanctuary For Illegals

Stossel: End Racial Preferences at Colleges?

Libertarians respond to Government Closure

Open carrying in Texas... Watch how this is supposed to work

Silicon Valley's High-Tech Border Wall That Will Change Nothing Except A Company's Profits

PARASITE-PROOF Government!! Intro to Propertarianism

NBC News Has A Doomsday Scenario With Shutdown Heavy On Feelings

Alex Jones and Owen Benjamin embrace Libertarian-Fascism

Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on January 31, 2019, 09:37:58 pm

Stossel: Government Shutdown Shows Private Is Better

Libertarians Clean Up National Parks During Government Shutdown

The Borg Uses Dead Soldiers to Question Syria Withdrawal

US Oil Production About To Exceed Saudis Peak Production And Continue Well Past It


Discussing a Free Society

Libertarians and the Environment

Do Kids Need School? Inside the 'Unschooling' Movement

European Elites Do Not Like The Rise Of Nationalism

Stossel: Super Bowl of Welfare

Marijuana Edition, Nullification Works and They Know it

DO NOT support anti Libertarian Neo Con buffoon Ann Coulter for President in 2020

The Far Left Worries About Antisemitism but Loves Rashida Tlaib

USA Today Moronically Defends Gillette's Corporate Sexism

The War Happy Lamestream Is Lying about Our Syria Withdrawal

Jack Dorsey Confirms For-Profit Multibillion Dollar Firms Collude to Censor People

Kamala Harris Announces 2020 Election Bid

Police State Loving Michael Bloomberg Opposes Marijuana Legalization

Elizabeth Warren is Nuts, Proposes Tax on Productive "Rich"

Youtube to Actively Suppress "Borderline" and "Conspiracy" Content

Howard Schultz Might Make a 2020 Run... But as an Independent

Trump Wants Schools to be Able to Teach Bible Literacy. Somehow this is Controversial

Coal Miners, Mary Poppins Deemed Racist Due to Soot
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Freedom is our Future

David Gordon: The Molyneux Problem - Rebutted

A Psychological Case for Closed Borders

Cannabis Radio - Music and News with a Libertarian point of view

TRUMP WALL Shutdown - CIVIL WAR Is Coming!!! Right Wing Will Go JOHN WICK

Voxday Darkstream 05-06-2017 Why Libertarianism is Dead

Federal Government And FBI Thinks We Should Be Okay With It Hacking Cyber Crime Victims' Computers

Taxation Is STILL Theft

The Libertarian Party's 2019 State of the Union Address

Antifa IS NOT Libertarian, They Are AUTHORITARIAN

For The Boomer XI ( What Is Libertarianism )

Daniel Kaddik on Socio-Libertarianism, "Do-Tanks" and Eastern Europe

Stossel: Bad Laws Worsen the Homeless Crisis

Senate Forbids Israel Boycott - Is It Constitutional?

SCOTUS Blocks Louisiana Abortion Law That Would Have Increased Safety

NewsGuard The Fake Fact Checkers Certain People Do Not Want To Talk About

Libertarianism = Anti-Workers - REBUTTED

Finland's Basic Income Trial Created Happy Unproductive Leeches On Society

Google Now Working With Russia To Censor The Internet

Libertarianism's Main Fault | Anthony Migchels

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Globalists on Conspiracy Cafe

Congress funds Sanctuary Cities while Americans Live in Tent Cities

Why I’m Not a Libertarian - REBUTTED

Steps to Freedom

Libertarian Ladies at the Women's March

Why Satan Loves Libertarians!
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Post by: Luck on March 01, 2019, 05:32:58 pm

Styxhexenhammer666 Just Went Full Spergon Of Akkad Over Vaccines And You Never Go Full Spergon

Mr Anonymous and the Not-So-Spontaneous Birth of the Libertarian "Movement"

Youtube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it's Being Monetized

A Vision for a Society of Free, Prosperous, and Responsible Individuals

The 3 Rules of Hate Speech: Free Speech Rules

Establishment Media Calls People Not Pushing Their BS About Dem Presidential Candidates An Assault On Them

Oregon Housing Crunch Has Legislators Enacting Statewide Rent Control Over New Construction

The Left Only Has A Majority In 6 States

Finding Your Own Way

How To Make Disciples of TRUTH In The Age of Media CENSORSHIP

Senate Forbids Israel Boycott - Is It Constitutional?

A guide to Libertarian related sources

Jen The Libertarian Joins the Show

Kamala Harris Hopes You'll Forget Her Record as a Drug Warrior & Draconian Prosecutor

The Constitution, Classical Liberalism, and Libertarianism
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on March 15, 2019, 01:39:41 pm

Libertarians and Normalizing Sex Work 2019-03-01

Best 5 States to Avoid High Property Taxes 2019-03-01

Official Libertarianism Ignores These Two Heroes 2019-03-07

Why “climate change deniers” are better for the environment than politicians 2019-03-08

Facebook Now Automatically Blocks articles 2019-03-11

Cops Hold Man Down as Fellow Cop Smashes His Face In with His Boot 2019-03-12

Migrants Use Almost TWICE The Welfare Benefits As Native-Born Americans 2019-03-13

Critical Free Speech Protections Are Under Attack in Texas 2019-03-14

San Diego Has Been Turned Into A Massive Chinese-Style Public Surveillance Network 2019-03-14

Questioning Vaccines is a Public Health Threat? 2019-03-14

Public Colleges, Universities and the Military 2019-03-14

Microsoft Workers Protest War Profiteering 2019-03-14

College Is No Longer Worth the Time and Money 2019-03-14

Majoritarianism vs. Liberty and the Constitution 2019-03-15

NAP [non-aggression] Gang Unite 2019-03-15

SPLC’s Founder Was Fired Amid Employee Accusations Of Racism, Sexism 2019-03-15

Rudeness Isn’t Illegal Says Sixth Circuit, In Case of Flipped-Off Cop Who Issued Ticket: Reason Roundup 2019-03-15

Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on March 30, 2019, 02:15:30 pm

How To Avoid or Bypass Web Censorship In New Zealand (0)

Thugs Shut Down Molyneux’s Speech – Cops Charge Him $40,000 For Protection (0)

NZ Gestapo Begin Door to Door Confiscations – One Man Dead Already (0)

Going to Burning Man? The Feds Want You Searched for Drugs

Battering Ram-Wielding Chicago Cops Crash 4-Year-Old’s Birthday Party, Point Guns at Terrified Kids

ICE Detained a Flight Attendant and DACA Recipient for 6 Weeks, All Because She Worked on a Flight to Mexico

Houston Narcs Implicated in Deadly Drug Raid Will Soon Be Collecting Pensions

This Man Didn't Kill Anyone. Texas Plans To Execute Him Tonight Anyway. (UPDATE: Supreme Court Blocks Execution)

When the state kicks down your door and takes your child over a fever

“You Have No Jurisdiction Over Me”: US Citizen Shuts Down Arrest By Knowing the Law

Mom Ignores Doctor When Her Sick 2-Year-Old Starts Feeling Better, Child Services Send a SWAT Team

Why Presidential Candidate Arvin Vohra Wants Libertarians to Wage a Culture War

Restrictionism Is the Road to Fascism in America, Not Open Door Policies
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on April 15, 2019, 01:05:16 pm

Libertarian News

5 ways to reclaim the “free-range” neighborhood

SWAT team seizes children because their parents disagreed with a doctor

“Where Are All the Libertarian Women?”

50 Years Later, We’re Still Stranded in the Twilight Zone

The Case for Tax Competition

Singapore Flirting with Class-Warfare Tax Policy

The First Amendment and the Catchall Permanent Injunction

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions

The Second Amendment in Public Housing

‘Vacant Land Myth’: Hundreds Of US Localities Are Resisting The Spread Of Green Energy

How to take advantage of the best tax deal ever, before it’s too late

Elizabeth Warren wants to end “beyond a reasonable doubt” for criminal convictions

93% of guns used in crimes are obtained illegally (i.e., not at gun stores or gun shows)

Two Negative Consequences of the Income Tax

Jesus Trying to Help Those in the Process of Murdering Him

We need to decriminalize opiates for personal use

Why did YouTube demonetize World’s largest Climate Change video channel?

The noble corruption of climate science

Four Climate Scientists Destroy Climate Change Alarmism

Multiple Government Websites Taken Down After Arrest Of Julian Assange

If Prisons Don’t Work, What Will? The presidential candidates should look at what a growing number of prosecutors are doing to end mass incarceration
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on April 30, 2019, 08:16:40 pm

To Prevent A Robot Apocalypse, We Must Study "Machine Behavior"

Stossel: Inequality Myths

It Took Good Samaritans 2 Hours and $150 To Paint a Crosswalk That D.C. Ignored for 6 Months

Labor Department: Gig Workers Are Contractors, Not Employees

California Politicians Hiked Gas Tax, Now Demand Investigation Into State’s $4 Per Gallon Gas Prices

After a False Accusation, Police and Child Services Forced a Family Apart for 7 Months

Dem Candidates Unveil Competing Plans To Destroy The Country [Satire]

Father Details NFL's Dre Greenlaw Stopping Daughter's Potential Rape

Smugglers And Cartels Profited Up To $2.3 Billion From Central American Migrants In 2017

On the American Ideology

Why is Russian Maria Butina in Prison?

Childhood Shingles Resulting from Chickenpox Vaccination:

Rapper Charged With Terrorism for Lyrics Criticizing Police as Supreme Court Refuses to Protect Speech

Cop Breaks 14yo Girl’s Arm for Arguing With Another Girl

Cops Open Fire on Pickup Truck Full of Children, Shooting 3 of Them, One in the Head

Charges Dropped Against Couple Who Shot Deputy After DA Rules It Was Self-Defense

Joe Biden Breaking 2015 Pledge to Never Run for Any Political Office Ever Again

MSNBC Venezuela Coverage Shows Why U.S. Founders Wanted Armed Citizenry

Guess who ends up paying those taxes meant only for the rich…

A horrible future awaits for anyone who depends on government

Here’s an easy way to tell if your bank is actually safe

This is one of the best countries in the world to have your child

Cities Are Tracking Everyone’s Cell Phone Signal

FBI Stages Fake Terrorist Plot After San Diego Synagogue Shooting

Davi Barker on Authoritarian Sociopathy

Wealthy Elitists Freak Out As Hordes Of Homeless People Take Over Their Neighborhoods All Over The West Coast

Food Crisis Alert: U.S. Farmer Income PLUMMETS

Fake climate science and scientists

Analysis of new NASA AIRS study: 80% of U.S. Warming has been at Night

Reality Check: Open Borders are Anti-Libertarian

How to Defeat the Government/University Complex, Which Is Turning Frustrated Kids into Socialists

IMF Research Shows Higher Business Taxes Reduce Likelihood of Firm Survival

The Messy Mix of Red Tape, Money Laundering, and Extraterritoriality
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on May 14, 2019, 11:39:29 pm

Libertarian News

Claim: Joe Biden’s Climate Views are Not Radical Enough to Win Democrat Nomination

California’s government solely responsible for states forest management and wildfire debacle

Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard tells Joe Rogan she would drop charges against Assange and Snowden

Connecticut AG Opinion on Repealing Religious Exemption from Vaccination Rules

Here’s a New Thing You’re Not Allowed to Say

Eric Peters, Libertarian Car Expert, Punished by Google for Wrongthink

If We’re So Right, Where Are the Libertarian Countries?

The Origins and Evils of Crony Capitalism

Incomes, Fairness, Mobility, and Equality

Argentina and the Political Consequences of Right-Wing Statism

Google’s Bias EXPOSED AGAIN: Extreme Left-Leaning Non-Objective Algorithms

The Sinister Reason Millennials Are Broke & Unhappy: It Isn’t Just Student Loan Debt

Malicious Spyware Has All The Markings Of “Government Sponsored Surveillance”

How Vaccine Information Censorship Works On The Internet

Police Use LexisNexis Facial Recognition To Identify Your Family And Friends

Courts to Government Officials: Stop Censoring on Social Media.

When a Socialist is leading in the Libertarian presidential primaries

Dallas police harass and bring man to court 82 times. They lose Every single court case against him.

San Francisco becomes the first US city to ban the use of facial recognition software by police

WhatsApp Voice Calls Used to Inject Israeli Spyware on Phones

B-52 Bombers, F-15 Fighters Fly First Deterrence Sorties Pointed at Iran

A Further Comment on Ass-Backwards Libertarians

This is one of the best countries in the world to have your child

Here’s a lesson from the 108,000 millionaires who left their home countries last year

More ridiculous Civil Asset Forfeiture shenanigans

The Deadly Perils of Traffic Stops in the American Police State

Tight Labor Market Giving U.S. Workers Leverage over Business

Cuba Enslaving Up to 100,000 Doctors, Other Professionals Annually

Philly to Set Massive Precedent and Stop Arresting People for Drug Possession—of ALL DRUGS

Cops Ignore Pregnant Woman’s Cries for Help, Force Her to Give Birth in Jail Cell

Cops Sexually Abuse Women and Children at an Alarming Rate and No One is Talking About It

Cops Fine Mother, Handcuff and Jail 13yo Autistic Boy, for Allegedly Pulling a Fire Alarm

Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Trooper Seen on Video Sexually Assaulting Innocent Woman

Cops Raid a Journalist’s Home, Kidnap Him After He Refused to Name Source

Police Now Going Undercover as Construction Workers To Write More Tickets

WATCH: Cop Grabs Mother By Her Hair, Rips Her from Car as Kids Scream in Horror

WATCH: Woman Tells Cop ‘I’m Pregnant’ Before He Shoots Her 5 Times, Killing Her

Groundbreaking Bill Allowing K-12 Students to Consume Medical Marijuana at School

Texas Woman Fighting For Her Life After Being Forced Off Life Support Against Family's Wishes

The Media Are Lying To You About Georgia's Pro-Life 'Heartbeat Bill.' Here's The Truth.

The Trend Is Not Your Friend

Is America Ready

Why School Compulsory-Attendance Laws?

Stossel: Moral Panic Over Sex Work

Is the U.S. Stumbling Towards an Accidental War With Iran?

Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Libertarians Calmly Discuss Abortion

Denver Mushroom Decriminalization Appears to Have Passed.

California's Rent Control Advocates Are About To Get What They Want, Good and Hard

Detroit Cop Shoots Family Dog in Front of 9-Year-Old

Fund Manager Who Stole $500 Million Released After Serving Just 5 Years Of 20 Year Sentence

Armed Patriots Vow Continued Patrols As Monthly Border Crossings Reach 100,000

62% Of Millennials Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck, Says Study
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: TJames on May 17, 2019, 12:47:18 pm
You posted this. It is pure heckling denialist garbage. Instead of denying the reality of anthropogenic climate change as scientist collect more and more data we should be trying to show that our ideas will actually lower carbon in the atmosphere.
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on May 27, 2019, 06:41:22 am
TJ, global warming isn't caused by CO2. It's only fake science that says it is. Too many people believe all the pretend science in the media and the miseducation system. There needs to be more awareness of the fraud, which I try to help with. If people knew more about past global cataclysms caused by asteroid impacts etc, which caused the ice age a few thousand years ago, they could realize that the warming trend since then has only been a result of the Earth returning to its natural temperature. Sea levels have been slowly rising for thousands of years as temperatures have been returning to normal (thanks to things like more sunshine reaching more of the surface as upper atmospheric dust has gradually settled out). Learning about the Younger Dryas impacts would help a lot to bring such awareness.
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on May 31, 2019, 01:49:44 pm

Prostitution Next Vice to Be Decriminalized?

Dangers of a World Where "Almost Anyone Can be Arrested for Something"

Where in the Developed World Are Average Workers Most Over-Taxed? [Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Italy]

Politicians in California Town Wipe Out Jobs and Businesses with Higher Minimum Wage

TSA Changes Policy: CBD Oil Is Now “Allowed” On Planes

First They Came For Your Fingerprints

Journalist Killings, Arrests and Assaults Climb Worldwide as Authoritarianism Spreads

Lots of Data Collected on People – Including You – Using “Smart” Roads and Public Transportation Systems

iPhones Harvest and Transmit Massive Amounts of Data While You Sleep

Luke Rudkowski ‏Detained in Switzerland While Reporting on Bilderberg Meeting Attendee Arrivals

Does the State Care More About Tax Evasion than Murder?

Confronting the Myths about "Arming Teachers"

End School Compulsory-Attendance Laws

Government-Created Monopolies Are Everywhere

Bureaucracy, Legal Immunity, and Prosecutorial Abuse

Nazi-style bloodline obsession to become public policy in Illinois

The History and Results of America’s Disastrous Public School System

Technotyranny: The Iron-Fisted Authoritarianism of the Surveillance State

Delaware Woman Brutally Attacked at Dominican Republic Resort Cautions Vacationers

U.S. Marine Attacked on Border Surveillance Mission

‘Somebody Owes Me Lunch!’: Cops Bet a Sandwich That a Woman Would Kill Herself—Then Let Her Do It

Mom Cries Foul As Cops Say Teen Shot Herself in Mouth While Cuffed Behind Her Back

Cops Deprived Man of Water for 7 Days Until He Died

CPS Forces Couple to Have C-Section to Kidnap Baby After ‘Falsely Accusing Them of Terrorism’

Cop Guilty on Multiple Charges of Repeatedly Raping 5yo Girl—Will NOT Go to Jail

Radical Muslims Suspected In May Attacks On Nigerian Christians

Seattle Doesn't Want You To Have A Big House

Unlike President Donald Trump, Justin Amash Actually Fights Against FISA Surveillance Abuse

Trade Wars Are The 'Enemy Of Growth:'

US Coalition Attacks Syrian Oil Transport Boats On Euphrates River
Title: Re: 15) Libertarian Views
Post by: Luck on June 16, 2019, 10:18:05 am

I plan to include Libertarian Views in my other thread, the weekly or biweekly Statist News Blog henceforth.


My source for Libertarian Views now is