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Title: What happens at Valley Street jail
Post by: Wesley Bodhi Freeman on July 12, 2012, 02:24:17 pm
Valley Street jail, located in Manchester, is worse than many other jails in the nation. Most other jails have a legal procedure for inmates sent to their "max"imum security units. In Valley Street, if you're sent to max, nobody can hear your cries for help. Inmates are frequently and *randomly* attacked by corrections officers. If a 1033 (assault on an officer) is called over the walkie-talkie system, at least 15 COs and white shirts will be on their way to beat the shit out of you whether you did it or not. It is also not rare for the COs and white shirts to murder inmates who are in handcuffs (without any accountability). A few murderers are still working there. Sometimes torture techniques and sexual humiliation are used against inmates in max. Furthermore, Valley Street will not hesitate to deny you a minister visit (violate religious liberty) or confiscate your mail (without telling the sender or the recipient). Speaking of violating religious liberty, the only thing that is allowed on your desk (other than some pictures) is a Bible. Not any religious text, only the Bible. The jail also only provides Christian religious services whereas most other jails have services for Muslims and Jews.  The supervisors for the inmate workers in the kitchen will use deragotory terms to adress the inmates. Sometimes these supervisors will throw things at inmates. Medical care is appalling. The county nurse's suggestion for most ailments is to "drink plenty of water." People regulary suffer seizures at Valley Street because the jail refuses to give them their medications. The jail will remove your teeth if you have a cavity but will not numb you. And if they do end up hurting you in any situation they will lie in thier reports about the incident. The air vents are disgusting, filled with years of mold. Keep in mind the inmates breathe this air all day. The jail keeps hiring new personel and making better food for the staff lounge, but uses the excuse of budget cuts to create more rules for the inmates and serve them cheaper and cheaper food.

The jail was built by the federal government back in the 80s as a maximum security prison. But the feds were actually chased out by the county after the feds gathered evidence on multiple corrections officers for raping inmates. Thus today it is the 3rd highest security jail in the nation with little oversight by the feds.

Something needs to be done about this. And we need to stop the Prison State Project,
Title: Re: What happens at Valley Street jail
Post by: Wesley Bodhi Freeman on July 12, 2012, 02:48:56 pm
But don't take it from me: (

Bob Burke,1 , EyeWitness to Jailors murder of NCP Brian Armstrong (,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=ace7d2a8f4a47d27&biw=1024&bih=551 (,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=ace7d2a8f4a47d27&biw=1024&bih=551)
Title: Re: What happens at Valley Street jail
Post by: RidleyReport on July 17, 2012, 01:13:10 am
Thanks for posting this Wes.
Title: Re: What happens at Valley Street jail
Post by: firecracker joe on July 26, 2012, 01:13:04 pm
I was in the prison system for the last 3 years and have heard the same things about valley street jai,l that they have different rules than other jails that they think nothing of beating inmates and have hundreds of lawsuits  pending against them for cruel and unusual punishment , not one person that i have met that has been there has anything good to say  that place should be douce'd out and throw out all the corrupt co's( which is most of them) and over haul the whole valley st. jail , they make joe arpio look sane ( which he is not). >:(
Title: Re: What happens at Valley Street jail
Post by: ang3315 on February 16, 2013, 09:13:00 pm
I was in valley st jail for four months and this is all true. I was in the female unit and they were still violent twords the inmates. I never saw them abuse the general population but in valley st the womans unit has all classifications in one unit (which i think should b illegal). So the mentally disabled were in the same unit and i often saw them beaten and treated like animals. While i was there there was a pregnant woman who was in labour  and screaming for hours. The co's did not believe she was in labour or the nurse and doctors didnt care. She was screaming for around 8 hours before the paramedics came. They got to her to late and she ended up having the baby on the cement floor in the hallway. You are allowed to grieve a co if they do something u feel is wrong but it never happensand if u theaten a grievence they will make your lives hell. I have seen the sexual humiliation first hand. There was an obese inmate taking a nap in her braw and underwear and because she wasnt wearing a t-shirt the co made her stand in her braw and underwear on the mezzanine in front of everyone while they yelled at her. But she was tking a nap like that because the cells that are upstairs are extremely hot like over 80 degrees even in the winter and the oneson the bottom are so cold probably in the 50's. You can request a temp check on the bottom floor to get an extra blanket but i tried that and they never listened to my request. Thats another thing they will "lose"requests all the time or they'll  just rip them up in front of u. The worst thing that happened to me while i was there was when i got switched to a cell that a few days before had a woman who was in a wheelchair in it a few days before. I lifted up the matress and it was soaked  in urine. Urine that had been sitting there for days. I begged the co to change my cell and he wouldnt he just gave me liquid soap and rags to clean it. I asked for bleach or disinfectant but again no. So i tried as hard as i could but it was saturated into the paint of the metal bunkbed. So i had to sleep in someone's urine for2 weeks. Now i just want to make clear i was not being punished just moved. They do not clean the cells ever so lice, mersa, and all sorts of infections spread like wildfire. I could go on and on. But something neeeds to be done and the warden needs to be punished because not only does he know about these atrocities  he encourages it.
Title: Re: What happens at Valley Street jail
Post by: MikeForLiberty on February 17, 2013, 04:40:04 pm
Thanks for sharing. It is just horrible. For whatever it is worth, your state reps vote on the county budget and have access to all department heads. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who has been locked up in Belknap county. I haven't been to the jail here yet but I will visit as soon as the schedule in Concord eases up a bit.
Title: Re: What happens at Valley Street jail
Post by: Angel gonazalez on August 14, 2015, 02:23:13 pm
I was there for 6 months and I worked in the laundry room and I am Muslim and they tried to serve me pork and the cook try to have his kitchen workers fight me because I grieved him with does nothing at all that jail lacks respect for inmates each other people relegion no matter what action you try to take it doesn't matter at all sargents don't car capt.. Don't care co's don't care at all!! That's why when you see them out and about in Manchester they run and hide!!! It's not all the co's must of them respect you !!!but it's just a certain few that take that job as a co way to serious and trust me in s real jail they wouldn't last !!
Title: Re: What happens at Valley Street jail
Post by: RidleyReport on August 18, 2015, 08:04:24 pm
thanks for posting this report angel...    check to find out how you can attend our events in New Hampshire and meet some of us. 
Title: Re: What happens at Valley Street jail
Post by: Almag1912 on May 13, 2017, 11:56:27 am
I was also there for 4 months, I did notice they had no alternate religious diets, but, everything is turkey based. Of course this doesn't cover Kosher diets but what do they care. One thing that struck me as egregious is the fact that if you get 5 minor write-ups you lose your good time. These can be for leaving a cup on your desk, giving someone a soup, or in my case having an extra towel that was given to me by one of their baby sitters with a plastic badge because there wasn't one in my laundry bag when I turned it in. another thing that amazes me is the fact that they want 96 people to be SILENT when the nurse comes in for med pass but if they see someone whispering they will stand next to the nurse and scream at the person whispering...the silence is so the nurse doesn't make a mistake handing out meds, but I guess jumping when the glorified security guard screams doesn't effect her, strange. I can say however that there has been an influx of new employees who do look at the inmates as people and are MUCH better than the older cadre. At one time there were so many on steroids there that there was a constant problem with "roid rage" but someone must have come down on them because I noticed a big drop in muscle mass...except Sgt. Visca (?? not sure how to spell it but anyone who has been there knows who I mean). Somewhere along the line someone high up made the decision to teach the guards to treat the inmates badly, and the new recruits are taught the same, I have been told this by recruits, but it has been toned down a little. The county didn't "chase the feds out, the cells were built to the size standards at the time for the feds but then the standard changed, Valley Street added a top bunk in every cell and they now have twice as many inmates on a unit as they have seats for people to sit. The place is antiquated, the county needs a new jail...and a new plan of management. I had to do 80 days in Cheshire County, NH which IS a Federal holding facility, their modus operandi is MUTUAL RESPECT. This outlook and implementation works incredibly well, the segregation unit is usually empty, there is much less acting up even from the most egregious inmates, the food is NUTRITIONAL instead of bread, pasta, baloney and carrots EVERY DAY there is a full 4 week rotation on the menu with a variety of FRESH veggies, many different kinds of meats and the portions are larger...yet at Valley Street I gained 35 pounds in 4 months because of all the bread and pasta, I lost 30 at Cheshire eating right. The idea at Valley Street is give em carbs, get em fat that way no one can say we don't feed them right. The issue with the requests being thrown away is true, I was dealing with this on a regular basis. I am a combat Veteran of the USMC and I had put in requests to the VA coordinator at the jail that he never received, My mother had died and I received a life insurance check at the jail that they "quarantined" because they said it was "contraband" since the check itself had my actual address on it rather than the jails address. It took almost 2 weeks to find out the check was there and let me know I had to send it back or it would be destroyed. After sending it back the new check was there for another two weeks before it went on my account, even after sending multiple requests to have it put on. I finally fixed the problem by using MY OWN stamped envelope and MAILING OUT the request to the business manager. There HAS to be some standard in this state regulating the county jails, I'm going to find out who is in charge of this and see if I can do something because you can end up in jail here for damn near anything...I drove my truck to work while my DRIVING PRIVILEGES were revoked in NH for asking a cop to hold on a minute because I was on the phone  (disobeying an officer), refusing to give my license and reg IN MY OWN DRIVEWAY because they had no reason to ask for it (disobeying an officer), and a couple other tickets, I have a NY license, I was here helping my sick mother, I put fuel in the truck in Goffstown, pulled up to the store so I didn't block the pump when I went in for a paper, answered my cell before I went in....the officer wrote a 6 page police report on how he approached me because he saw me use my phone so he suspected criminal activity. Of course I wasn't supposed to be driving but I am a Patriot, I believe that since I own my truck and I'm not committing an ACTUAL CRIME I should be able to drive my truck in this country. For this I lost EVERYTHING, my mother died alone because I'm such a horrible person for driving my truck when "they" didn't want me to. there was no problem driving in Africa getting shot at as a Combat Driver when my license was suspended for tickets I got on leave. There's a problem here. 
Title: Re: What happens at Valley Street jail
Post by: Russell Kanning on May 13, 2017, 12:21:15 pm
crazy stuff
Title: Re: What happens at Valley Street jail
Post by: Shutdownhcdoc on May 13, 2017, 06:47:23 pm
I made a Facebook page recently called
"Valley street jail exposed"
Please comment and tell your story. I would appreciate it.

Title: Re: What happens at Valley Street jail
Post by: Rjobin23 on October 18, 2017, 10:58:58 pm
My name is Robert Jobin I'm 23, years old & I was 19 when I survived the brutal torture and sexual assault I endured at HCDOC. To this day the images blur in my head, the faces, the screams.. Night after night I laid there wondering when would it end? Or will I actually die here? I was in a bad mental state at this point and time the Doctor's said it was a drug induced psychosis, and before any of the actual violence occurred I actually believed in my mental state that everyone wanted to kill me anyways... Now only imagine my mental state when they actually tried.. Honestly I've read the stories about the murders in Valley St. Or the lawsuits all the stories are the same and they involve the chair... Inmates make jokes about the chair all the time until they survived it... Then it's not so funny... Basically it's a modern torture device they shackle your ankles, and waist, cuff your wrists tighter and tighter as the hours wear on and threaten you while doing so saying the more you scream the tighter they'll tie the restraints... They'll tie it tighter no matter what but making sure you don't scream will probably keep you alive... I truly don't believe they put anyone in that position in hopes that they'll pull through... I think they put you there to die. The first time I "rode" the chair was the worst not knowing what to expect, I screamed and screamed it hurt so much cutting the circulation to all the extremities of your body at once is painful the first time was easy I just had to be quiet while they tied me in tighter and after a while of pointless screams and cries for help I just sat there quiet as could possibly be maybe a little sob here or there all while taking blows from the correctional officers. I was placed there because of a suicide attempt after already having my head slammed off of the ground for attempting to jump head first off of the top tier... Yeah the first time was easy the second time they pepper sprayed me head to toe naked and threw me in this rubber room, and left me there writhing and screeching in pain the officer's were joking about setting me on fire and I believe they really had... His name was Sgt. Fitzpatrick bald skin head looking mf as of a year ago I believe they promoted him to LT. This man tortured me and sexually assaulted me for no more than 15 hours no less than 12 hours STRAIGHT. They are supposed to rinse you off after pepper spraying you immediately! This man left me to burn and then convinced me I was in hell (also poor mental state) but along with this story... They all threatened to kill me multiple times C.O's Gonzales (now Sgt.), Chase, and big Antillus, Batsin... I remembered their names because of their hands in it... But I didn't fear for my life until Fitzpatrick got his hands on me... After being left in the rubber room to burn for what felt like a lifetime I was put back in the chair as this point I'm laughing and moaning like I was being pleasured... I was beyond that point of pain where I really wanted to stick it to them.. I don't remember much but I do remember CO Lapierre coming to get me out he was there at the end of it all to help me out of the restraints to the shower to rinse off.. The only shower I took without being made a spectacle of by the Fosher's and any correctional officer around... I block out alot of the painful memories but I do remember this much I've never felt painful relief in my life and when they took those restraints off of me the blood flow returning hurt... It was actually excruciating pain. After this time in the chair I went to the hospital to get my hand treated. Broken bones fixed in surgery my mutilated hand I still to this day don't know  which treatments I endured in the hospital or exactly what diagnoses I recieved... All I know is after not being fed for days or weeks it felt like the HOSPITAL felt like vacation I felt helped and safe as long as the nurses didn't leave me in the room alone with the correctional officers... I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THAT HELLHOLE. I don't have much more to say... But it was torture and alot of the details I've to this day blocked out. I was left in a hole for months and was in line to die... They just weren't quick enough for my number.