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Title: Housing in Keene - Requesting Information
Post by: DRFlox26 on May 15, 2012, 01:28:57 pm
Please help me with contact information and your comments both pro   :) and con  :( regarding various Keene residential realtors. I think my next step is to select one Keene realtor to work with.

I plan to spend the week before PorcFest 2012 (which I will attend) getting firsthand info about housing in Keene. I would like to sample the small single family house market, including houses now for sale as well as recent transactions. I am interested in a two or small three bedroom house for me (male 62, retired) and my cat for a move from Denver sometime between this Fall and 2014. I would like to be within an easy drive of the new YMCA on the northwest side of town for daily exercise. I am a permanent Ron Paul supporter.

I returned to Denver last night after my 16 day trip to the East Coast from New Hampshire to Philadelphia. I will move to the East Coast by 2014 and New Hampshire is now my first choice. I visited numerous apartment complexes in and around Nashua over 2 1/2 days, drove the coast visiting Portsmouth for 1/2 day, and had only an afternoon in Keene seeing 3 Princeton Properties apartment complexes, the YMCA, and Central Square/Main Street.  Thank you!   :)
Title: Re: Housing in Keene - Requesting Information
Post by: freedomroad on May 15, 2012, 03:32:14 pm
This guy might be able to help you or recommend a Keene area person to help you.

If you don't get much response here, I recommend posting in the Keene section of the Shire Society Forum.

Title: Re: Housing in Keene - Requesting Information
Post by: DRFlox26 on May 15, 2012, 06:38:31 pm
Thank you, LoveandPeace.  :) I just registered at the Shire Society website and will post my housing information request in the Keene section once I get posting access to the website. I also have registered and started looking at the PorcupineRealtor website. Live Long and Happy.
Title: Re: Housing in Keene - Requesting Information
Post by: DRFlox26 on May 29, 2012, 04:02:11 pm
A really big THANK YOU to "LoveandPeace"!  :) I followed your suggestions in your reply (above) and have had wonderful results:
I found 3 realtors who are active in the Keene residential market and sent an email to each of them requesting an email letter of interest and qualifications to serve as my realtor to help me look for a small house in Keene. All 3 replied. Only one was a strong reply. I was offered and requested his references; the ones I received from past clients were full of glowing praise.

I have received and agreed to sign his contract forms to work as my buyer agent. The forms were very straightforward and free of legal gobldygook jargon. I selected that realtor, have been exchanging emails since then considering different house listings and asking questions about the process and getting excellent answers.

I have an appointment the week before PorcFest to meet the realtor in Keene and look at houses for up to two days.
My realtor, who didn't request I do anything like posting this spontaneous endorsement and doesn't know about it, is.....

The Porcupine Realtor!
Mark Warden
1087 Elm St. #307
Manchester, NH 03101

Phone: (603) 391-2888
Additional: (603) 624-7775

P.S. Thank you Free State Project Forum for the help you have given me on my several postings during the past several months. You've helped me make progress even though I am in two weeks I'll be checking out houses in New Hampshire right before I go to my first PorcFest!
Title: Re: Housing in Keene - Requesting Information
Post by: rank420 on June 20, 2012, 09:06:15 am
any follow up to this?

I was actually just on the porcupine realtors site looking at houses.

I still need to see if Keene is for me or somewhere else still. While NH is small, there are plenty of "possibles" including keene.

Title: Re: Housing in Keene - Requesting Information
Post by: DRFlox26 on July 08, 2012, 01:37:11 pm
Thank you Free Staters for your warm welcome to New Hampshire during my recent 3 week visit to NH including the KAC and Porcfest 2012. I plan to move to the Peterborough area from Denver this Fall. I just signed to become a Participant by agreeing to the Statement of Intent and committing to move to New Hampshire. 

Live Long and Happy  ;)