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... Clearly the design of the Founders’ has been turned on its head. With the aid of complicit judges – which Thomas Jefferson called a “corps of sappers and miners” – who willfully misinterpret the Commerce Clause to grant Congress the power to regulate literally anything, we now have a ruling class who will admit of no restraints on national power with a national government of nearly unlimited de facto powers, grown like a metastasizing cancer far beyond the bounds of anything foreseen by even the most skeptical of Anti-Federalists from the Founding era. All actual, physical and structural powers of any real meaning – legislative, military, legal, law enforcement, and economic – are consolidated in the hands of the federal government. On top of this, they have grafted a hydra-like overlay of international law and international unelected agencies and untouchable international “officials” that are also being imposed up[on] us by means of treaties, executive partnerships (such as the supposedly now defunct Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, now being revitalized by the Obama Administration) and other constitutionally dubious mechanisms.
- While we are distracted with elections, they are planning the destruction of the dollar, the collapse of our economy, the final destruction of our sovereignty, and the total absorption of our entire system into the vapid body of an unaccountable global government.
- This is why we must stop playing by their “rules,” must get off of their artificial chess board, and instead play by the rules of our Constitution. This means taking power into our own hands as individuals, communities, counties, and states.
- To do this, Neithercorp Press, the Alternative Market Project, and Oath Keepers are working together to focus on concrete solutions that can be applied by the average American in their day-to-day lives, in both the private and public spheres. In the limited time we have left, we urge Americans to focus on the following four key strategies (arranged in order of priority of needs):
- 1. Food and fuel independence and security – and other essential infrastructure (general preparedness) - as individuals, within local veterans organization chapters, neighborhood mutual aid societies, churches, co-ops, farmers markets, and at the town, county and state levels). In the aftermath of an economic collapse, food is the hardest necessity to improvise, and food scarcity is a serious achiles heel, exploited by oppressive regimes throughout history. To get started on food storage and independence, follow the advice on (you don’t need to be LDS to learn from their experience in food storage and preparedness, or to use their canneries). Likewise, we will need fuel, emergency medical, and resilient communication that can function in a grid-down crisis, devoid of internet communication (or with the internet shut down intentionally by means of a kill-switch).
- 2. Physical security and Independence - again as individuals, neighborhoods, towns, counties and states, to include forming neighborhood watches, mutual aid associations, a volunteer sheriff’s posse (staffed by volunteers under direct command of the sheriff), and county militias established by county ordinances but staffed by self-supplied and self-funded volunteers (as is done in volunteer fire departments all over this nation), and ultimately, a true state militia capable of “repelling invasions” (using the research and model bills of Dr. Edwin Vieira). Americans have plenty of guns, but not enough organization. See for details.
- 3. Economic security and independence - as individuals and communities, including barter networks, use of silver and gold as real money, the development of valuable trade skills, and sound money bills at the county and state levels (as Utah just passed into law). The localization of community commerce is the only sure way to counter globalization. The more independent and insulated cities and states are from the corrupt and dysfunctional mainstream economy, the more safe and secure they will find themselves when that economy implodes. We must have an alternative to the fiat money system in place to preempt such an event. See for details.
- 4. State sovereignty and nullification of unconstitutional federal laws and actions. Veterans must support only sheriffs, state legislators and governors who have the guts and integrity to keep their oaths. To vote for an oath breaker, is to become an oath breaker. We must defend the powers reserved to the states and to the people by supporting state sovereignty resolutions and nullification of unconstitutional laws. See And eventually we must kick the bums out, as GOOOH recommends. See
- We will soon be publishing an upcoming series of articles that will provide in-depth details on each of the above four key pillars of action. While we should not turn our backs on the tactics of educating the public, supporting constitutional legislation, voting for honest and principled representatives, or nullifying unconstitutional laws (we should certainly make full use of the soap box, the ballot box, and the jury box) it is now time to dedicate ourselves to much more. The very future of our country, our liberties, and the prosperity of the next generation depends upon this.
- For the Republic,
Stewart Rhodes
Brandon Smith
- You can contact Brandon Smith at:
- Want to get started building a barter group to protect your town, city, or state from economic disaster? Visit our networking page, sign up, and meet like-minded people in your area now!
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Luck on August 22, 2011, 08:31:05 pm
... At Alt-Market and Oath Keepers, we believe that the best solutions are those which can be implemented by each individual American without reliance on legislators, bureaucracy, or political solutions alone. While we do encourage people to take back their towns, counties, and state governments, kicking out the corrupt oath breakers and replacing them with solid liberty advocates, we must also work outside the political sphere, taking personal responsibility to strengthen ourselves and our communities by private action and free association.
- The Founders never intended that we simply sit around and wait for "officials" to save us. We must work both in the public and in the private arenas. We certainly don't have time to wait for lawmakers to find their sanity or their honor, and so, in many respects we must walk away from the rigged game entirely, and take matters into our own hands. This means first and foremost decoupling from the broken mainstream financial system, and building networks for Alternative Markets as well as for mutual defense in the event of disaster.
- First steps towards this end include relocating away from areas with a high potential for danger. Of course, in any region, prepping with food storage, survival gear, and a personal garden is essential. Ideally, your neighbors should also be aware, prepared, and already involved in food production and barter. You should strive to build such robust community wherever you are (even if in the city), but country settings definitely offer greater opportunity. Rule #1: Go where the food is! Regardless of the state you live in, get out of the city and into a rural area.
- Next, a community's proximity to urban environments must be considered. Many rural retreats are still vulnerable to being flooded by unprepared city dwellers in search of food at the onset of collapse.  James Wesley, Rawles, of Survival Blog, refers to this as the "Golden Hoard", and advocates living at least one tank of gas distance from major metropolitan areas.
- Just as there are better places to live in each state, there are also better states to live in; what we call "Safe Havens."  Rural states with low population, abundant water, plentiful game, natural resources, fertile farmland, and defensible terrain, along with a relatively self reliant population, can rightly be considered safe haven states. These states will fare better than others in adapting and overcoming in the face of any crisis.
- Many fantastic efforts have been launched over the past decade which follow this concept. One is the Free State Project, which eventually selected New Hampshire, and another is the Wyoming Free State Project, which was started by Free State Project participants who opted out of East Coast relocation. There was also the Montana Alliance for Liberty, started by folks who likewise declined to consider New Hampshire. I (Stewart Rhodes) was also in the Free State Project but likewise opted out of the East Coast states and moved to Montana in 2005. And now Alt-Market's Brandon Smith is moving to Montana. In the past year Pastor Chuck Baldwin, the 2008 Constitution Party presidential candidate, along with his son Timothy Baldwin and their families, have moved to Montana, with the same goals in mind. In response to Pastor Baldwin's effective championing of Montana, many others have followed him by moving there. Most recently, influential survivalist author James Wesley, Rawles has promoted the concept of the Northern Rocky Mountain U.S. (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington) as being the "American Redoubt" - a refuge in time of coming trouble, and likewise has renewed interest in relocation to that region.
- All of the above projects provide a solid framework for those seeking refuge amongst like-minded people. Our goal is to learn from, provide support for, and build onto these existing projects until full fledged large scale liberty minded communities become a reality. While some people might feel perfectly comfortable in their current location, or have an existing community to work with, many other Americans out there do not.
- The Safe Haven State Project ( ) is designed around helping those people to relocate to counties or cities within states that have elements of protection and survival not readily available in other places. Here are some of the finer points of this project:
- 1) Safe Havens will be organized and promoted through the networking capabilities of . Coordinators will be made available who already live in safe haven areas that will help you with information on the region, housing availability, job availability, etc.
- 2) Initially, the project will focus only on a few areas of a few states. For now, our efforts will be centered on Western Montana (where we both reside). As more people in states suited to the project volunteer to help with coordination, greater numbers of safe haven areas will become available. And, of course, if anyone is interested in Wyoming, we will send them to the good folks at the Wyoming Free State Project.
- 3) The core purpose of Safe Havens will not be to build voting blocks, or to effect change through legislation, though those methods will be taken under consideration. Instead, Safe Havens are almost entirely about community building. This means that our area of networking will be tight (within a few counties, instead of spread out across the entire state). People relocating should be within easy driving distance of each other, so that barter networks can be constructed and mutual defense is made practical. Eventually, a few counties could turn into a dozen, and a dozen could turn into a full state, depending on the circumstances.
- 4) Safe Havens are meant to consist of a large number of people, with a diverse membership, living in relative proximity. Safe Havens are NOT compounds, communes, or any other such nonsense that requires too many people in too small an area with too many rules. A Safe Haven will not be dictated or micromanaged through pyramid structures, military hierarchy, or “community tribunals”. It is a designated area of free cooperation, not a creepy village of collectivists ruled by herd mentality. White robes and funny tasting Kool-Aid will not be made available…
- 5) Barter markets will become a foremost concern. A community entirely dependent on the mainstream financial system cannot be realistically considered a safe haven. Therefore, active organization of barter and trade will be ongoing. This trade will include goods and services, anchored by silver and gold (and perhaps copper) as a common currency. A weekly or bi-weekly marketplace will eventually be arranged (think “market bazaar” or farmers market).
- 6) Meet-ups will be a common occurrence in order to maintain market stability as well as to create opportunities for building relationships. The method of these meet-ups will likely vary.
- 7) Volunteer coordinators will help relocators to the best of their ability, however, the Safe Haven Project is not an employer or a nanny, and cannot provide guaranteed employment or housing. We are here to make your move smoother, and to introduce you to the area as well as other participants, but there will be no hand-holding.
- 8) Sincere commitment is essential. Our limited number of coordinators restricts our ability to help people who are not serious about relocating. Now is not the time for wishy-washiness…
- 9) There are certainly many arguments (usually erroneous) against the idea of community building. Most of these have been covered and refuted in great detail in the following article:
- The combined establishment of Safe Haven States, along with alternative markets and barter networking capability, could be a powerful step forward for the Liberty Movement that would attract many free minded Americans and inspire coherent working communities based on Constitutional principles and the support of individualism, not to mention non-coercive, truly free cooperation. This would provide not only the foundation for mutual defense, but also insulated, localized economies, shielded from financial chaos. The positives are many. The negatives are few. And, most people are tired of waiting around for someone else to solve their problems for them. Safe Haven Projects give activists an environment in which they can take legitimate steps towards determining their own destinies, as well as an opportunity to meet many others who are pursuing the same end, building a better country from the ground up, with their own two hands.
- You can contact Brandon Smith at: - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- Stewart Rhodes can be contacted through the Oath Keepers website.
- For more information on Alt-Market’s Safe Haven State Project, visit the Safe Haven web page here (still under construction):
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: John Edward Mercier on August 23, 2011, 10:49:05 am
That would be 'into quagmire'.
An solemn secure oath to the US Constitution would mean many oathkeepers would be domestic enemies to the document.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Luck on August 29, 2011, 08:07:30 pm
Politician Censors Town Hall - Police Seize Cameras
Click here to watch the video and read the entire post (

"Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Responds to Shocking Video of Citizens' Rights Being Violated"

This is like something out of Soviet Russia.  Apparently, now only "authorized journalists" (as in "state authorized propaganda agents") are allowed to film politicians as they "interact" with the public.  The public, as in you "little people," are not allowed to film.  "You are not the press," the officer snaps as he disarms a man of his camera. Apparently this officer has not heard of blogging, or citizen journalism.

Or perhaps he has heard of those, and that is exactly what he and his masters are trying to stop.  Bottom line is that you are not a safe, friendly, dependable "authorized journalist" and letting you film, letting you report or blog on what you see, well, that would be "dangerous" and must be stopped for "security reasons" to "protect the constituents" though none of the constituents are complaining about being filmed.

In this video, large news cameras are clearly pointing not just at the congresscritter, but also at the audience.   But the news media cameramen are left alone.  They are free to film everyone, and anyone at this public event.  Only the audience members are coerced into surrendering their cameras, with the obvious threat of force contained in the 'law enforcement" officer's words when he says 'I'm not going to ask you again" and "are we going to do this the easy way, or the hard way."

When a citizen asserts her rights, and says it is not against the law, the officer replies with "yes it is.  That's what I've been told.'  Apparently, this officer has moved from enforcing whatever laws are actually passed to just enforcing whatever the politician or his staff says.  He is now a "decree-by-our-betters enforcement officer."

This is disturbing and disgusting.  And this is a Republican politician.  Don't think for an instant that it is only the leftist politicians who consider you beneath them, and beneath their pals in the state authorized mainstream media.

Folks, you are being treated, at best, like children in a day-care center, or, at worst, like inmates in a prison, or like sheep with wolves as the supposed "sheep dogs.'  Get out of line, the man comes and takes you away.

This facade of normalcy -- this soft, thinly veiled despotism -- cannot last much longer before either the mask- and the gloves -- come off, and we are subdued under an open tyranny, or we the people put a stop to it once and for all, throwing off the shackles that are being forged around our ankles, by means of "laws" and "rules" and decrees by 'authorities" who make up law as they go.  We are in that twilight zone in between the two, between liberty and slavery, but that is not going to stay that way.  It will go one way or the other.  Which will it be?  Which will you leave your children in?  -- Stewart Rhodes
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Luck on September 03, 2011, 07:19:49 pm
Message from Stewart Rhodes:


This past weekend, Oath Keepers marched in Quartzsite, along with the Sons of Liberty Riders, the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, Arizona Campaign for Liberty, Riders USA, and many other groups.  We went there to support ten stand-up police officers who kept their oaths by refusing to obey orders that violated the rights of the people.  And that is exactly what we did.  We marched to the Quartzsite Town Hall and presented the "Quartzsite Ten" police officers with certificates recognizing them for honoring and keeping their oaths to defend the Constitution.  Each was also presented with a silver Oath Keepers challenge coin.   Officer William Ponce accepted the awards for those officers who could not be there, and said a few words to the crowd about the critical importance of the oath.  He spoke of how he had taken that oath first in military service, and then as a peace officer, and told the audience that he, and the other officers, take it very seriously.   He also spoke after the march, with several other officers joining him on the stage.

We also honored Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster and local liberty activists Jennifer Jones and Michael Roth, all of whom have risked arrest and other forms of retaliation, while refusing to back down in their fight for transparency in government and respect for the free speech rights of the people.

Joining us on our march were current serving Arizona Representatives Carl Seel and Judy Burges.  Both attended the awards ceremony, and both spoke after the march, emphasizing the critical importance of transparency in government, the keeping of the oath, and the need for the state of Arizona to serve as a guardian of the rights of the people.  They had an opportunity to meet with and talk to some of the "Quartzsite Ten" police officers as well as with Mayor Foster, Jennifer Jones, and Michael Roth.  It was great to see state legislators taking the time to come and see for themselves what has been going on in Quartzsite, and we hope this is the beginning of further inquiry and action by the Arizona legislature in this matter.  It is critical that sate officials in all three branches keep their own oaths to defend the Constitution of the United States and their state constitution by serving as a guardian of the rights of the people against abuse by local officials and officers.  As our Declaration of Independence made clear, the only legitimate purpose of government is to secure our rights, and if one level of government is abusing our rights, it is incumbent on the next level to investigate and to take action to stop the abuse.

After the march, we had a wonderful celebration of liberty with several excellent speakers, including Tony Martinez, the Founder of the Sons of Liberty Riders, Ernest Hancock of Freedom's Phoenix (who also live streamed the event), Mayor Ed Foster, Jennifer Jones, Michael Roth, Officer William Ponce, and many others.  And we also enjoyed the amazing music of the talented patriot musician, Jordan Page.

Though the heat was punishing, and the march in 110 degrees was a definite gut check, those who were there had no regrets and we would all do it again.  As for Oath Keepers, we had a strong showing from our Nevada and California Chapters.   And we had Oath Keepers from as far away as Alaska, Montana, and even Florida!    We also had the pleasure of meeting a large contingent from New Mexico, who will be helping us in that state in the future.  Considering how short the notice was, and how brutally hot it was, we had a very successful liberty gathering and we look forward to doing it again.

It is critical that we stand up in support of police and military who do the right thing by keeping their oaths, just as it is critical that we stand up and hold them accountable when they don't (as we did in Tucson).  Here, in Quartzsite, we have ten good police officers, ten stand up Americans, and we were most honored to meet them, shake their hands, look them in the eye, and hear their story.  They give us great hope for the future.   We encourage you to get to know them by watching the videos of their public statements, and we encourage you to seek out the good officers in your own community.  They are there.   Find them, and give them your support and back them up when they do what is right.  Encourage them to keep their oaths, and as part of YOU keeping your own oath, be ready to stand with them when the chips are down.

[See video etc here: (]
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: John Edward Mercier on September 04, 2011, 02:14:19 am
If they were to upkeep their 'Oath'... then it should have been in the US Proper.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Luck on September 07, 2011, 05:41:15 am
* John, it would be helpful if you'd add a few extra words to your statements to clarify your meaning. Which they are you referring to? All oath keepers? What should have been done in the U.S. proper? Oath keepers should hold their rallies only in the U.S. proper? Or they should only keep their oaths in the U.S. proper? By U.S. proper do you mean in D.C.? All of the states signed on to the U.S. Constitution, so it seems to me the oath to uphold and defend it should apply in all of the states.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: John Edward Mercier on September 07, 2011, 06:36:43 pm
Some of the land that makes up those States was acquired in a constitutionally questionable manner.
Some through treaty violation... and some through purchase not constitutionally authorized.

Article 4 Section 3 provides for the development of New States, but nothing stipulates authorization to violate treaty nor purchase land outside existing States.

So organizing someplace known to be proper would be better.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Luck on October 07, 2011, 06:39:22 pm
“Occupy The Fed Now!”
EDITED ANNOUNCEMENT (Edited by Stewart Rhodes, October 7, 2001, 2pm Eastern) (

Oath Keepers has an assessment of what is currently happening in America regarding the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, which is spreading.  On Tuesday, October 04, 2011, we came up with a plan, a new initiative which shall be Oath Keepers’ response to the demonstrations billed as “Occupy Wall Street”.

Our initiative is to place Oath Keepers’ message of Constitutionality in front of the demonstrators who show up at the rallies.

Oath Keepers is not involved in the leadership of “Occupy Wall Street”, but we have a keen interest in some subtle forces at play in all this, and we have a plan for countering those forces.

We have had numerous reports from our people who have attended some of these rallies, from Occupy Seattle to Occupy Los Angeles to Occupy Boston. Our reports indicate that many of the youth showing up at these events are people who have been suddenly awakened to the realization that this nation is in serious trouble. Many are frightened, more are angry, and most are confused. Oath Keepers notes that certain forces (socialists and Marxists) are attempting to co-opt their awakening by pointing a finger at Wall Street and using the very real and well documented corruption there, which is certainly obvious to all, to attack “capitalism”.  They are using the sins of corporatism, a.ka. crony capitalism, to attach the ideal of a free market and economic freedom in general, in order to persuade our youth that socialism (a soft form of communism) is to be preferred over the madhouse tactics of berserk corporate America, or, “Wall Street”.   They are presenting them a false choice between fascism (which is the proper name for a marriage between big government and big business) and Marxism, while totally ignoring the free market and sound money that our Constitutional Republic is supposed to have.

This is a lie being sold to our nation’s youth. Oath Keepers intends to redirect that lie back to the truth, which is the fact that the Federal Reserve is at the heart of the problem and without the Fed the bad boys of Wall Street could not do so much damage to our country.

Therefore, Oath Keepers sees good reason to stand in the streets with these awakening souls and protect their right to free speech, to peacefully assemble, and to redress their grievances to their government, as the Constitution prescribes for all Americans.  That is one thing.   Another facet of our initiative is to use these public gatherings to reach and teach many who now hunger for the truth – we can show them how the Constitution will protect them better than an oversized, bloated Federal behemoth hell-bent on controlling every aspect of each citizen’s life.

To point this out to the masses, Oath Keepers is organizing a joint effort along with Alex Jones of Infowars dot com (who himself called for an Occupy the Fed movement); Steven Vincent of End The Fed; Danny Panzella’s Truth Squad TV; Brandon Smith of; Gary Franch of Restore The Republic; and others as quickly as we can contact them. Remember Bob Dwyer, the guy who started the first Tea Party to launch the Ron Paul revolution? He’s in. The forces of Constitutional rule of law must muster now to deflect the bile being belched forth by the socialist/statist extremists who work for Soros and his ilk. Soros wants our youth to believe that capitalism is the enemy within, while in truth it is the Federal Reserve. Oath Keepers has the message American youth need. If we do not go out into the street and give them the truth, can we really say we’re still honoring our Oath?

Maybe it’s time we all got up off the sofa, turned off the damned TV set, and get out there with all the other Oath Keepers to share our message with the awakening masses. If there is any question, please pause right now and read this article by Dr. Edwin Vieira, and then come back here and think on what’s below. (

Here is a quotation from Dr. Vieira’s article at that above link -

Political loyalties move on a two-way street. Masses of economically deprived, socially dislocated, and politically disenfranchised, disgruntled, and disgusted people—who have next to nothing left and therefore almost nothing more to lose—are unlikely to entertain any obligation to the political system under which they happen to live, or to the political parties, politicians, and special-interest groups that run that system for their own parochial benefit. When America’s economy slips into the free-fall of hyperinflation or depression, impoverished people will rebel. First, against ever-worsening conditions, by demanding that public officials correct the situation. Then, when their protests accomplish little or nothing, they will rebel against incumbent officials at the next election. Finally, when they discover that the two major political parties are really one party with an empty cranium and a pair of duplicitous faces, and that changing the political personalities in office does not ameliorate the conditions that arise out of the government’s hare-brained economic policies, they will rebel against this country’s governmental institutions as a whole.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Luck on October 07, 2011, 06:40:30 pm
“Occupy The Fed Now!” (cont.)
Oath Keepers is planning to “Occupy The Fed Now!” and publicize this to remind the Occupy Wall Street people that the Fed is the source problem, without which the Wall Street criminals would be set back a hundred years. I will be posting our press release and a longer list of groups and orgs who will be joining Oath Keepers in this initiative.

We are currently drawing up our press release regarding our own response to the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon, which will be Oath Keepers’ official statement.   We are now planning an official Oath Keepers project which we’ve named “Occupy The Fed Now!”.

Yes, Oath Keepers has seen the need to block the attempted takeover of the populist movement generally referred to as Occupy Wall Street.

In an extensive phone conference on the evening of October 04, 2011, we heard from Oath Keepers who have attended Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Boston, Occupy Los Angeles, and Occupy Seattle. The overall consensus from our people at these rallies is that most people attending the rallies are very open-minded to the Oath Keepers mission/message, and that they are hungry for answers. Indeed, our reports indicate that many Americans right now are awakening, in droves it seems, and they are full of questions for which we have the answer – the Constitution for the united States of America.

Oath Keepers is not going to stand idly by and watch the Soros socialist/collectivist/Big Government crowd claim these newly-awakening Americans as their own. From Michael Moore to a host of other Big Government statists, the Soros faction is trying now to steal the people’s thunder, just the way the Republican Party tried to steal the Tea Party’s thunder by co-opting the Tea Party.

The Soros/socialist/Big Government message is that those evil Capitalists on Wall Street are the problem which now threatens to destroy America. That is an outright lie, and it is being promoted in the mass media by the way they’re covering the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Despite the fact that the “Monopoly Capitalists” are indeed present on Wall Street, and among them are serious corporate threats to America’s sovereignty, the media fails to distinguish the difference between true free-market capitalism and Monopoly Capitalism. Soros and his followers are attempting to misdirect the movement by claiming that capitalism is the problem. We shall expose that lie.

The problem is the Federal Reserve System, Inc.  This is the finest and most inclusive video documentary available, and Oath Keepers salutes Bill Still for a remarkable job with this educational documentary - (

See Steve Watson’s great article on the mass media / Soros lie about the true culprits of Wall Street  – (

When it comes to stealing thunder, nobody does it better than the U.S. mass media, which of course takes its marching orders from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  We note that history shows that the same people who created the CFR and the Federal Reserve also gave us the National Education Association (to determine content in public school textbooks), the American Medical Association (the pill-pushers’ lobby), the American Historical Society (the spin doctors for our true history), as well as the Trilateral Commission and numerous “think tanks” in the private sector, such as La Raza and SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center).  This is not being divulged or expounded by the mainstream media, as we know.

The Federal Reserve is not a part of our government, but instead is a private corporation, another danged corporation – and in all actuality the Federal Reserve System, Inc., is the biggest baddest corporation of all.

But wait! Am I saying that corporations are bad? Not at all. Like some snakes, which are not poisonous or aggressive, such as King Snakes which help keep the rodent population in check on farms across America, some corporations are very fine and docile assets for modern America. Like the King Snake, a good corporation carries its weight and benefits the economy locally and nationally by generating wages and taxes while at the same time providing services and/or products which people need or want.

Americans like and want that kind of corporation.

But when a corporation becomes larger than is useful, and seeks to concentrate financial power into the political and governmental spheres, its likeness is no longer the King Snake, but instead is more like a Rattlesnake.  At a point we call such corps “Monopoly Capitalists”. By the time a grouping of such Monopoly Capitalist corps are setting U.S. foreign policy, which the arms industry certainly does nowadays, the problem becomes unbearably apparent.  Bechtel comes to mind, along with Halliburton, the Carlyle Group, Monsanto, General Electric, et al.

That part of Wall Street is certainly to blame. But that is not “Capitalism”. Instead, it is “Monopoly Capitalism”, and it is now observably moving America into a new world order with intent to place America under the alleged authority of a one-world government. As such, Monopoly Capitalism is un-Constitutional and must be opposed.

Truth: No corporation could threaten America without the help of the Federal Reserve. The Fed is the problem, and Wall Street is merely the symptom of that problem.

For the socialist movement in America to take this new-wave of Tea Party-type energy, the “Occupy” energy wave, and divert it into protesting a mere symptom of the problem is flat-out wrong. Especially when they use the crimes of corporate Monopoly Capitalism to attack American-styled free-market capitalism itself. That is why Oath Keepers is launching the movement to “Occupy The Fed Now!”

We will also be working in conjunction with Alex Jones, who arrived at the decision this past Sunday while doing a live television broadcast. (October 02, 2011) Stewart Rhodes will appear on the Alex Jones show on Friday, October 07, 2011, at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, to coordinate Oath Keepers and Infowars forces in this effort.

Our new initiative, Occupy The Fed Now!, will have its own website up and running by Friday morning, October 07, 2011. We are also using a Meetup calendar system, and are doing a facebook page for this new initiative.

Stand by for an upcoming article about the entire “Occupy Wall Street” phenomenon and our own Occupy The Fed Now! initiative,  right here at Oath Keepers’ national site.

Oath Keepers
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: John Edward Mercier on October 07, 2011, 08:44:20 pm
A private corporation?

Name another 'private corporation' that was created by an act of Congress, has its board members appointed by the US President and confirmed by the US Senate... and must pay all its profits to the US Treasury.

Until then... the Oathkeepers are just ignorant.

Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Luck on October 08, 2011, 07:05:04 pm
* Are you suggesting that the Federal Reserve is not owned or controlled by the Bank of England and the books by Griffin and Mullins about the Fed are false? And the Fed was not the result of a conspiracy worked out on Jekyll Island?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: John Edward Mercier on October 09, 2011, 01:00:12 am
The Federal Reserve is a system enacted by Congress.
Its definately not 'owned' by the BoE.

And 'conspiracy'? The people on Jekyll Island had created the original reserve system to stop the panic, but needed to determine how to make such a system legal under federal law. They drafted the initial stages of a plan that would later become the basis for the Federal Reserve Act... though not as they originally conceived. A concept like the First and Second Banks of the United States not having any broad support amongst the Democratic Party.

Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Luck on October 09, 2011, 12:36:20 pm
* Where did you find that info, John? If I remember right, Mullins said the Fed is controlled by the Bank of NY, which is controlled by the Bank of England, because of the latter owning a majority of shares in the Bank of NY. I think he also said the profits of the Fed go to the Bank of England and its owners and maybe to the other Fed banks, whereas you say the profits go to the U.S. Treasury. Is there proof of your claim in the CFR, i.e. Code of Federal Regulations? The CFR is readable online.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Luck on October 09, 2011, 12:48:43 pm
* Here's another view on the Occupy Wall Street movement, which contradicts the Oath Keepers view somewhat, such as by claiming that Soros and Democrats are not controlling that movement.

The Next Step: Occupy Wal-Mart
October 7, 2011 by legitgov (
By Michael Rectenwald

Occupy Wall Street exceeds anything that either of the two big business political parties can contain or accurately represent. Contrary to the fantasies of some pundits, the movement was not initiated by Democratic operatives nor funded by  George Soros. Nor, apparently, does it seek to be absorbed or strictly represented by a Democratic Party platform. That is, Occupy Wall Street is precisely not the 'left' version of the Tea Party.

Rather, the movement represents the numerous and sundry workers of whatever age, occupation, or political affiliation affected by the economic crisis that began in 2008 and continues to this day. It represents those who have lost or cannot find jobs, those who are under-employed and working numerous piecemeal jobs to make ends meet, those who have lost homes or cannot afford homes, those who cannot pay for college or cannot pay back loans used to pay for college – in short, all of those who have been buffeted about by the aleatory conditions of a brutal capitalist system in protracted crisis.

These are not people who are looking for handouts, but rather people who object to the handouts given to the capitalist class. These are not people who refuse to work, but rather people whose labor has enriched a class that now refuses to re-invest its stolen capital. This is not an insubstantial layer of students and chronic liberal complainers. The movement represents a mass of workers with the potential for unforeseen revolutionary change in the U.S. and the world at large.

This is the movement's historical character and meaning, regardless of any particular expression given of it by the corporate media, the protesters, or the organizers, themselves.

Likewise, Occupy Wall Street has the potential to disrupt the standard political configuration of big business politics. It has the potential to cut across traditional political affiliations to secure the confidence and support of a broad base of workers, including some who have been held hostage by the Republican Party. For this reason, the political pundits of the right wing are especially concerned to portray the Occupy movement as the baby of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic politicos will no doubt attempt to appropriate the expressions of the movement to secure votes in the 2012 election cycle. This has already begun, as the party attempts to hijack the protests with union bosses and party spokesmen. Yet the movement appears poised to reject the Democrats and their union surrogates, as well as the media mouthpieces whose only 'solution' is to exert 'left' pressure on the Democratic Party and to point fingers at Republican Party bogeys. Occupy Wall Street appears on the brink of a decisive break with the 'left' reformism of the political establishment, appealing instead to the entire working class on basis of a complete political revision.

As workers attracted to the movement reject the political caricatures painted by both big business parties, they will break down false oppositions of town and country, and appeal to their counterparts in suburbia and rural America, truly a nightmare prospect for the ruling oligarchy. If Occupy Wall Street becomes "Occupy Wal-Mart," – that is, if it penetrates to the alienated and exploited heartland, it will combine workers for a truly revolutionary activity.

Occupy Wall Street

Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. is Chair and Chief Editorialist of Citizens for Legitimate Government.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Luck on October 12, 2011, 08:25:29 pm

... Now, if Americans are to deal intelligently with this situation [the economic crash], they must understand the reasons for it. Basically, the reasons relevant here are that one vitally important constitutional principle has been flouted since 1913 and that another such principle is now being systematically disregarded.
- The central economic problem plaguing this country since 1913 has been the presence of the Federal Reserve System. Without the Federal Reserve System’s debt-currency scheme having effectively supplanted the constitutional monetary system based upon silver and gold, it would have been impossible—not simply improbable, or difficult, but impossible—for politicians in the public sector and speculators in the private sector to have amassed the staggering level of unpayable, unconstitutional, and unconscionable debt that now bears down upon this country.
... [Economic collapse will inevitably lead to widespread civil unrest and politicians will very likely want to call for military intervention.]
- The lesson that History teaches, but that the deep thinkers in the “homeland-security” apparatus in Washington, D.C., apparently have not absorbed, is that once politicians (in any country) have turned to the Armed Forces to put a lid on domestic dissent arising out of failed economic and social policies, the Armed Forces quickly conclude that they are able and even entitled to become political powers in their own right, on their own initiative, and on their own terms. [That means military takeover of the government.]
... Of course, as has proven true everywhere else, having no training in economics or statecraft, politicized Armed Forces in this country would be unable to solve the underlying economic and social problems that rationalized their politicization in the first place. That does not mean that they would not try to address these problems—using familiar forms of interventionism. [E.g., forced unionization, forced military investments, etc.]
... So America would be wracked with chronic, incurable economic instability. Which would engender continuous political confusion, as the Armed Forces manipulated or even installed token civilian regimes staffed with incompetent puppets and “yes men”, followed by new bouts of military string-pulling or outright intervention aimed at cleaning up the last crisis, and so on, along the sorry lines South American republics such as Argentina have followed for generations.
- In addition, thoroughly politicized Armed Forces, unfettered by effective civilian constraints, would likely feel the need, and would have the ability, to justify the expensive existence of the military-industrial complex by inserting themselves into, if not instigating outright, ever-expanding overseas military adventures. Thus, the present “war on terror”—in addition to whatever other forms of aggressive imperialism could be fomented, ostensibly to “defend our freedoms” in a “homeland” that the “war on terror” itself had rendered no longer free—would drag on forever, at untold costs in lives and treasure.
... There are, of course, other, more-desirable alternatives [to military intervention] available:
- 1. Reform of the monetary and banking systems along constitutional and free-market lines is certainly possible—although it will not be easy, because: (i) the Federal Reserve System cannot simply be “abolished” at one fell swoop without generating massive dislocations throughout the markets; and (ii) the legislation necessary for proper reform cannot be enacted in Congress in the foreseeable future.
- Instead, Americans need to create an alternative constitutional and sound currency—actually consisting of, not simply “backed by”, silver and gold—to compete with Federal Reserve Notes in the marketplace. This step must be taken at the State level, for several reasons. First, it cannot be moved through Congress, whereas among the fifty States there must be at least a few in which the political and economic climate is such that State legislators can be convinced to take appropriate action. Second, the States enjoy the legal authority to adopt an alternative currency—indeed, as the Constitution declares, “No State shall * * * make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”.[7] Third, the States’ exercise of their legal authority to adopt an alternative currency is constitutionally immune from interference by Congress, as even the Supreme Court has held on more than one occasion.[8] Fourth, the States have a political and legal responsibility to their own citizens to protect the public health, safety, and welfare—which under contemporary conditions necessitates adopting a sound currency to replace the collapsing Federal Reserve Note before it is too late. Fifth, this approach has the benefit of being prudent, because it is both experimental and incremental—yet once the experiment has been tried and proven workable in one State it can (and surely will) quickly spread to others, because no real alternative exists, other than Americans’ supine and stupid acquiescence in the collapse of the Federal Reserve System, with all the dire consequences that will entail. Admittedly, the adoption of an alternative currency will not eliminate all of the economic problems the present faulty monetary and banking systems have caused; but it will mitigate them and provide a solid foundation for further reforms.

Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Luck on October 12, 2011, 08:26:19 pm

- 2. Reform of “homeland security” would be even simpler than dealing with the collapsing Federal Reserve System. As the Second Amendment to the Constitution declares, a “well regulated Militia” is “necessary to the security of a free State”. Not a Department of Homeland Security based in Washington, D.C., let alone the regular Armed Forces, but a “well regulated Militia”. “A well regulated Militia” is the only thing the Constitution identifies as “necessary” for any purpose, and the only thing it identifies as serving the specific purpose of  [is] “security”. Moreover, the only other place in which the Constitution uses any other word related to “security” is in its Preamble, where it lists as one of its purposes “to * * * secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”.
- Thus, the Constitution links “security” to freedom and liberty, and only to freedom and liberty. Therefore, to have “homeland security” in the constitutional sense requires a “well regulated Militia” in each and every one of “the several States”. And what is a “well regulated Militia”? As Article 13 of Virginia’s Declaration of Rights of 1776 so aptly put it, a “well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defence of a free state”. That is, a “well regulated Militia” consists of WE THE PEOPLE themselves—in the final analysis, the only possible guarantors of freedom in a self-governing society.
- Therefore, if Americans want a stable and prosperous economy, they want a free economy (that is, one based on the free market). If Americans want a free economy, they want “a free State”, that being the only kind of political system that will support and defend the free market. And if Americans want “a free State”, they want a “well regulated Militia” in every State. Moreover, for all of these reasons, the members of the Armed Forces—all of whom take an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution—should support a “well regulated Militia” in every State, too.
- If each or even most of the States already had a “well regulated Militia” in place, Americans would not now be faced with the likelihood of uncontrollable violent social unrest arising out of a nationwide economic collapse. For, not only would Americans be trained and equipped to deal with economic shocks and concomitant social disruptions, but also they would have put into effect proper institutions to prevent or lessen the severity of such shocks—in particular, an alternative sound currency that would enable them to operate outside of the Federal Reserve System.
- So it is certainly possible that, as the economic crisis intensifies and its true genesis becomes widely known, people throughout the States will prevail upon their State legislators to revitalize their Militia—first, to forestall, or if necessary to contain, violent social unrest within their jurisdictions; second, to provide alternative economic institutions, and in particular an alternative currency, in order to stabilize their local economies; and third, to assert other aspects of State sovereignty under the aegis of the Second, Ninth, Tenth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution.
- These reforms will not be self-executing, however. To be put into place they will require a great deal of effort from people in every walk of life and at every level of American society....
... [In] the new political environment, merely continuing his business in operation, maintaining his income, and securing his accumulated wealth will become matters of low priority for anyone with high economic, social, or political visibility who has or might run afoul of the new regime.
- So those myopic investors and entrepreneurs who are trying to figure out how they can personally profit to the maximum degree from, or even how they can just continue to do business with some modicum of success during, the coming collapse of America’s economy—under the childish illusion that the political rules will always remain favorable to their doing so—had better start thinking instead of how they can contribute, in every way they can, to whatever efforts their fellow citizens are making to prevent that collapse, to fend off the para-militarized national police state that collapse will turn loose, and to return this country to the rule of constitutional law - Right Now, before time runs out.
... [In 1772 an earlier, wealthy] John Brown did not organize the attack on the [British schooner] Gaspee because it was a good profit-making venture, a sound economic investment, or a clever hedge against inflation or depression. Neither did he mount the attack to curry favor from the political Establishment. To the contrary: From the moment he gathered his fellow patriots at Sabin’s Tavern, he stood to lose everything, including his life. His participation in the Gaspee affair was the riskiest speculation he had ever made or would ever make.... He was, after all, spitting in the eye of the entire British Empire, the supremely puissant “New World Order” of his day. Yet he—along with John Hancock, George Washington, and many other rich and influential Americans who wagered their all in the forefront of the fight for liberty—was eventually victorious!
- So it is not impossible for the well-to-do to be clear-sighted, courageous, patriotic, and even self-sacrificing. Or at least it was not impossible then, although apparently it is very difficult these days. It should not, however, be too difficult, even today. For unlike John Brown, who in the comfort of his rich surroundings had nothing material to lose if he and his fellow Americans had simply sat down quietly under British rule, the wealthy among the middle class today have everything to lose if patriotic Americans—especially including themselves—do not stand up, muster their financial and other resources, and bring an end to the Federal Reserve System and the emerging national para-military police state.
- Because the Federal Reserve System will destroy the economy; and the para-military police state will clamp down on society in the aftermath of financial collapse; and then those who have wealth that can be stolen by political looters will have it stolen. Perhaps not as soon as tomorrow.  But too soon for comfort.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Luck on November 03, 2011, 07:03:51 pm
Want To Defeat The Banks? Stop Participating In The System!

... The only practical strategy for combating the tyranny of centralized systems has been and always will be decentralization. Individuals must stop relying on the rules of a rigged game to see them through to the truth. This means that while mass protests are certainly a powerful tactic for voicing concerns on an international stage, they accomplish little to nothing in the way of meaningful change in the long run unless they are backed by individual actions to break away from dependency upon a poisoned political and economic framework.

The common assumption amongst Americans is that nothing can be done without mass action resulting in “compromise” from leadership. That the healing of our cultural dynamic is a “top down” process. That one person alone has little at his disposal for bettering the world. In fact, it is always self aware and self sustaining individuals who build better societies, not angry mobs without understanding or direction. Individuals blaze the path that the rest of the world eventually follows, and they do this through one very simple and effective act; walking away.

By walking away from the corrupt system, and building our own, we make the establishment obsolete. This philosophy could be summed up as follows:

Provide for yourself and others those necessities which the corrupt system cannot or will not, and the masses (even if they are unaware) will naturally gravitate towards this new and better way. Offer freedom where there was once restriction, and you put the controlling establishment on guard. Eventually, they will either have to conform to you, attack you, or fade away completely. In each case, you win. Even in the event of attack, the system is forced to expose its tyranny and its true colors openly, making your cause stronger.

The obvious question now is; how can each one of us use this strategy in our daily lives? Here are just a few easy applications:

1) Focus On The Federal Reserve
If you as an activist or the movement you support are not fully aware of the private Federal Reserve Bank and its primary role in the destruction of our economy, our currency, and our political dynamic, then your protests are a waste of time, and your movement will end in failure. Uneducated mass actions are easily manipulated, and can even end up serving the purposes of those oligarchs they seek to dethrone. G. Edward Griffin’s full analysis on the history of the Federal Reserve “The Creature From Jekyll Island” and similar materials should be handed to every OWS protester before it is too late.

2) Take Back Your Savings
Do you have a bank account with one of the so called “too big to fails”? Is the culmination of your savings currently in the hands of financial monstrosities like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, etc? Well, take your money back! This has been done by a few protestors and the response from banks has been outlandishly oppressive, including new guidelines attempting to obstruct customer access to savings, and even calling the police! This tells me that they are afraid. Afraid of Americans catching wind of the idea that the money they place in the accounts of bad banks is still theirs to do with as they will. If you don’t like how these institutions operate, don’t let them have your money. It’s as simple as that. Not only is this an act of defiance that truly hurts the banking system, it also protects your hard earned wealth (at least initially) from the inevitable collapse of these fiscally insolvent blood leaching leviathans (watch Bank of America closely, folks!).

3) Use Alternative Currencies
After you take your savings away from the banks, you still aren’t quite free of their influence. You are now holding fiat dollars, which the Federal Reserve, the foundation of all banking fraud, is currently devaluing. The idea of walking away from the dollar sounds ridiculous or even frightening to those trapped in the centralization mindset, but it is a highly effective method for combating the system itself. The dollar is a sham, and has been since its future was handed over to the Fed in 1913. Alternatives exist, and they must be utilized. Communities across the country use various scripts as a means to diminish reliance on the dollar, but ultimately, the best currencies are those that cannot be created out of thin air unhindered. This means gold and silver.

Central banking proponents have been railing against even the concept of a return to gold and silver currencies for years, and the Department Of Justice has labeled the use of such alternatives in place of dollars as a form of “domestic terrorism”. This should tell you, quite clearly, that they are deathly afraid of activists organizing to drop the dollar to pursue metals. If the system is willing to use the law as a weapon to keep us from having sound money, then we should be rubbing their nose in it daily by trading without dollars. They should be forced to react, and in the process, forced to expose their true intentions for our economic futures.

Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Luck on November 03, 2011, 07:04:46 pm

4) Build Barter Networks
[For example, go to Milly's Tavern in Manchester on Tuesday evenings and do barter in the parking lot there. Dave R says there have been about 20 people there the last 2 weeks.]
If a bunch of people can band together to huddle in parks with signs for weeks in cities across the nation, then they can band together to trade goods and services outside the establishment system as well. Barter networks grow spontaneously out of economic collapse regardless of what any group decides to do, but generally, they appear AFTER the worst has happened. Wouldn’t it be wiser to organize such markets now, before a full collapse takes place? By preempting disaster with a backup or failsafe free market barter economy in each town and city, we insulate ourselves from the effects of the crisis, and, we cut loose from our dependency on the controlled mainstream economy. Localized trade makes it possible to walk away from corporate chains and maintain the circulation of wealth within a community, while countering the increasingly higher taxes caused by austerity and inflation that we are likely to see in this country very soon. It really is a no-brainer.

5) Grow A Garden
I don’t know how to say this nicely; don’t be a jackass, learn to grow your own food. Don’t expect that our economy will continue to sustain you. Actually, you should have every expectation that it won’t! If every Wall Street or Fed protester had their own garden patch and some stored goods, we would all be much safer. Food dependence is the worst kind. It has been used by governments and despots for centuries to cull the masses and dissuade dissent.

Sharecropping should be common in every community. Neighborhood gardens should be standard. Every household should have a year’s worth of food. Period.

Imagine that you lose your job and every cent you have tomorrow. Imagine that mom and dad are broke and have no money to lend you. Imagine that food stamps are a thing of the past because the national debt has become so exponential that entitlement programs have been erased. Now, how do you live from day to day? Where do you get the nutrition required for you to continue holding up that sign or shouting that slogan? Think about it...

6)  Start A Micro-Industry
If the U.S. economy is ever going to get on its feet again, it will be because average Americans bring it back through local industry.  This means ending our community addictions to corporately produced goods and returning to specialized trade skills.  It means coalitions of local farmers, craftsmen, and micro-industries providing goods and services with a city or county based market focus.  Large manufacturers and business chains relying on the model of globalization will have absolutely no ability to rebuild mainstreet commerce, even if they wanted to, because their methods depend upon constant outsourcing and downsizing for survival.  Private tradesmen will be the only people capable of filling the dark void these corporations leave behind.

7) Start An Activist Group
The establishment HATES when you do this. The spontaneous organizing of groups outside government or corporate purview has generated notoriously absurd responses from authorities, including accusations of “extremism”, infiltration, and wrongful arrest. If this sounds frightening, then I suggest you get over it quickly, because this is going to be the norm for many years to come. The evils of the world are not undone by apathetic naysayers anymore than they are undone by mindless mobs. Without the coordinated actions of aware individuals with a common focus, nothing is going to change.

This group could be something a simple as a local barter network or a political discussion forum, or, a complex national organization geared towards tangible political action. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s based on the promotion of Constitutional freedoms, and its leadership is decentralized. Just make it happen…

At bottom, if we want to fight back against a system we cannot take back through traditional means, then we must learn to walk away. If the system feeds us, clothes us, and shelters us at will, then ordinary protest is pointless. Our tender parts are in a rusty vice on the autocratic workbench and until we pull them out, no amount of screaming and pounding will improve our situation. Independence is won through the constant striving for self responsibility. Freedom is won through a position of personal strength, not weakness and self-enslavement.

Numbers alone do not make a movement, and the elites we currently work to supplant are not going to flinch at a few random protests. In all likelihood they will welcome these actions as a useful distraction. Tyrants don’t fear the torches and pitchforks anymore. What they do fear is balanced insight, self reliance, and exceptional force of will. A handful of men with these attributes are far more dangerous to a corrupt system than thousands of citizens driven only by insatiable anger. To overcome oppression, we must first overcome ourselves. The ability to step outside the paradigm, the ability to act without permission, and charge the gates without apprehension, is the key to toppling totalitarian systems and exposing the great lie of our age; that we cannot exist without the cage we were born into.

You can contact Brandon Smith at:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA for Local Sovereignty
Post by: Luck on November 11, 2011, 10:03:11 pm

What would you do if you knew there was a lawful and peaceful way to restore the Constitution and its Bill of Rights as the supreme law of the land?

The solution is state sovereignty and each county acting in accordance with the principles established in the 10th Amendment. It's you working with your county sheriff and locally elected officials to stand up for the Bill of Rights and to stand against the out of control federal government and it agencies.

Appeal From Sheriff Richard Mack

10% Can Turn the Tide! [Sheriff Richard Mack (ret)]

Dear Friends,

What would you do if you knew you had just one chance to save your family and country from complete and utter destruction? What would you do if you knew there was a lawful and peaceful way to restore the Constitution and its Bill of Rights as the supreme law of the land?

As a former peace officer and county sheriff, if I were to take the stand in court right this minute, and be sworn to tell the truth, I would, without any hesitation or ambiguity, testify to you and every American, that there is a solution, that there is in fact a way to secure liberty, protect ourselves and our families, and once again live in peace and freedom.

The solution is in your hands, it is within your own backyard, it is right in your own county.  The solution is state sovereignty and each county acting in accordance with the principles established in the 10th Amendment. It's you working with your county sheriff and locally elected officials to stand up for the Bill of Rights and to stand against the out of control federal government and it agencies.

The bottom line answer is your county sheriff. Ultimately, he is the one who will decide what is and what is not enforced in your county. He has the authority and is oath bound duty to interpose himself on your behalf to protect you from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. He is the people's protector.

But the county sheriffs cannot do this alone. They need training, education, and support. To this end, I have helped form the CSPOA or the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association. And, one of our first projects is national convention of up to 200 county sheriffs, targeted to convene in January 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We can free America now, one county at a time, with the leadership of one county sheriff at a time.

In Las Vegas nearly 10% of America's county sheriffs will walk away with the constitutional training and first hand knowledge of fellow sheriffs' success stories in upholding their oaths of office. These constitutional sheriffs will establish a Declaration reaffirming their Oaths and enumerating the federal government violations that will no longer be tolerated.

This convention is a significant step in formalizing a nation of constitutional sheriffs. There is no abuse they will not be able to stop. When the county sheriff enforces the Bill of Rights and upholds his oath of office, we can free America now. No more waiting for the next election, the time to act is now, and it is within your grasp to make this happen.

To make this happen, this project needs your financial support.

Our founders pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to this holy cause. What are you willing to do to restore our republic? This major next step to Liberty does not require your fortunes, but merely that you do what you can. To ensure that each sheriff attends, we must raise $200,000 to cover travel, accommodations, and training costs.

To make this happen in January, we are targeting this fund raising goal to be reached by December 15, 2011. With your support, this could be one of the most important meetings since the Founders signed the Constitution. The county sheriffs are key to taking back our Republics!

Please make your donation today and share this page with all that you can.

To send checks or money orders mail to:
CSPOA, 112 Ridgewood Dr.
Fredericksburg, TX 78624.

Your contributions are not only appreciated but a valuable part of restoring freedom in America!

Yours in liberty,

Sheriff Richard Mack (RET)
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA for Local Sovereignty
Post by: John Edward Mercier on November 11, 2011, 10:44:52 pm
That would be Cooley Doctrine States... so it really doesn't apply to NH.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA for Local Sovereignty
Post by: Luck on November 14, 2011, 04:22:22 pm
* The Constitution applies to all the states and the sheriffs of NH are sworn to uphold the Constitution in their counties, so Mack's project to educate county sheriffs does apply in NH, like elsewhere. Currently, NH sheriffs ignorantly enforce color of law, such as bank foreclosures and tax revenue cases, instead of real law, such as the Bill of Rights, and upholding their oaths of office.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Constitutional Sheriffs - like Carroll Co Sheirff]
Post by: Luck on January 09, 2012, 07:38:48 pm
* At I just found that the following people will be on its BoD. It includes one from NH, i.e. Chris Conley of Carroll County. We need to ask all the other sheriffs to join and then cops, military et al.
- CSPOA Board of Directors
The CSPOA is in the process of establishing a board of directors. The following patriots have agreed to serve on the board. The board will help to guide the purpose and functions of the CSPOA and will be spearheading the effort to raise money for the upcoming convention.

Name   Office   City   County   State
Dean Wilson   Sheriff        Del Norte County    CA
John D'Agostini   Sheriff        El Dorado County    CA
Jon Lopey   Sheriff        Siskiyou County    CA
Ron Bruce   Sheriff        Hinsdale County    CO
Robert Douglas   Chief of Police    Chiefland    Levy County    FL
Cornel Rasor   County Commisioner        Bonner County    ID
Brad Rogers   Sheriff        Elkhart County    IN
Chuck Korzenborn   Sheriff        Kenton County    KY
Donnie Smith   Sheriff        Washington County    ME
Billy McGee   Sheriff        Forrest County    MS
Christopher Conley   Sheriff        Carroll County    NH
Tony DeMeo   Sheriff        Nye County    NV
Glenn Palmer   Sheriff        Grant County    OR
Gil Gilbertson   Sheriff        Josephine County    OR
Bunny Welsh   Sheriff        Chester County    PA
David Medlin   Sheriff        Oldham County    TX
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [County Sheriffs et al] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: Luck on January 17, 2012, 06:08:22 pm
* Oathkeepers asks:
"Do you….gun rights activists….have as much courage as the pot smokers?"

“The next time you begrudgingly follow some federal “law” that restricts your right to keep and bear arms – or the next time you hear about a gun rights case that will be decided in 2, or 4, or 6 years – with the hope that some judge will give you permission to exercise your rights, ask yourself this question:

Do you….gun rights activists….have as much courage as the pot smokers?”

That’s what Michael Boldin, Founder of The Tenth Amendment Center, asked the audience at the 25th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference.

Boldin then closed by stating, “For the sake of liberty – I hope you do – because I believe that we the people need to exercise our rights whether they the government wants to give us “permission” to or not!”

Well, DO gun rights activists have as much courage as the pot smokers who are now defending state sovereignty by defying unconstitutional federal laws that go far beyond what Madison called the “few and defined” powers of Congress spelled out in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution? That is a VERY good question. Read Boldin’s speech below or better yet, watch the video, and then ask, and answer, that question for yourself. Do YOU have the courage of a pot smoker? If you get ticked because he is comparing your resolve to defend the right to bear arms to the resolve of pot smokers, then good. As Boldin says, if he is not pissing some of you off, he is not doing his job as a speaker. Get mad, and then use that energy to take a stand. Visit the Tenth Amendment Center website and learn more about the whole “tenther” and state sovereignty movement, and how it is a vital part of restoring our Republic. As Boldin puts it:

This is the blueprint – when enough people say no to unconstitutional laws, regulations….and mandates….and enough states pass laws to back those people up – there’s not much the federal government can do, but slowly and consistently back off. There’s no tanks rolling into Los Angeles to shut down the dispensaries, and there’s no jack-booted thugs forcing people to get new driver’s licenses in Missouri. This is far from perfect, but it can work, and it is working right now.

I certainly agree that “just saying no” to politicians addicted to unconstitutional federal power is a huge part of the blueprint to restore the Republic. I will have more to say very shortly about what else we need to do to provide some “teeth” and muscle for our states and for We the People so we are strong, independent, and resilient enough to stand firm, come what may. But a good old fashioned shaming at the hands of the pot smokers about how to stand on the Tenth Amendment is a good start to get people moving.

Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers.
* See comments at

Here is the video of Boldin’s speech and please visit the Tenth Amendment Center website to read the full article.

10th Amendment Center Website
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Szabo for Sheriff] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: Luck on March 13, 2012, 09:57:09 am
Free Stater Frank Szabo for Sheriff of Hillsborough County
* I'm told that Frank is a Free Stater and here is his website:
* His site links to Sheriff Mack's video about sheriffs being able to stand up to corrupt state and federal govts to protect the people's rights and property.
* The sheriff of Carroll County is already a member of Oath Keepers and CSPOA.
* Eventually, NH will be a free state. Si?
* I encourage everyone to help support Frank's bid. I suggested to him that he mention that he has training with firearms etc.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Szabo for Sheriff] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: John Edward Mercier on March 13, 2012, 03:12:49 pm
You might as well forget any sheriff upholding the federal constitution to Madisonian ideal.
And in NH... they don't have nearly as much power as your suggesting.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Szabo for Sheriff] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: Luck on March 13, 2012, 09:26:15 pm
* Might as well forget about seeking freedom in our lifetimes.

* But, to repeat:
Free Stater Frank Szabo for Sheriff of Hillsborough County
* I'm told that Frank is a Free Stater and here is his website:
* His site links to Sheriff Mack's video about sheriffs being able to stand up to corrupt state and federal govts to protect the people's rights and property.
* The sheriff of Carroll County is already a member of Oath Keepers and CSPOA.
* Eventually, NH will be a free state. Si?
* I encourage everyone to help support Frank's bid. I suggested to him that he mention that he has training with firearms etc.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Szabo for Sheriff] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: John Edward Mercier on March 15, 2012, 03:01:50 pm
Your under the belief that freedom comes from a sheriff?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Szabo for Sheriff] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: KBCraig on March 15, 2012, 06:12:36 pm
Sheriffs in NH hold almost none of the power or influence they have in western states.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Szabo for Sheriff] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: Luck on March 17, 2012, 05:19:05 am
You're of the belief that we can have a free state without Free Staters being elected to office?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Szabo for Sheriff] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: MaineShark on March 17, 2012, 08:23:44 am
You're of the belief that we can have a free state without Free Staters being elected to office?

He can correct me if I'm wrong, but I expect his "belief" was that the limited resources available would be best spent on getting liberty-minded folks elected to offices where they can actually accomplish something.  Expending those resources to get someone elected sheriff (which, in NH, primarily means being a process server) would be an unwise use of scarce resources.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Szabo for Sheriff] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: John Edward Mercier on March 18, 2012, 02:02:07 pm
You're of the belief that we can have a free state without Free Staters being elected to office?
So you elect a sheriff... the sheriff oversteps their boundary... and the State stops them.
What have you accomplished?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Szabo for Sheriff] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: Luck on March 24, 2012, 08:08:18 pm
You're of the belief that we can have a free state without Free Staters being elected to office?
So you elect a sheriff... the sheriff oversteps their boundary... and the State stops them.
What have you accomplished?
* You elect a governor and he or she oversteps his/her authority and the Fed stops him or her. What have you accomplished?

By the way, Folks, who are the Free Staters running for Sheriff in Grafton and Cheshire Counties?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Marine Free Speech] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: Luck on March 27, 2012, 06:30:41 pm
Oath Keepers Assisting in Legal Defense of Marine Sgt. Gary Stein, Founder of Armed Forces Tea Party
March 27th, 2012

Oath Keepers is assisting in the legal defense of Marine Corps Sgt. Gary Stein, who is facing military administrative proceedings to separate him from the Marine Corps, with his commanding officer requesting that he be separated with an other than honorable conditions discharge.  This is all because Sgt. Stein dared to found the Armed Forces Tea Party Facebook page, and because, on a separate Facebook page run by someone else, in a discussion thread conversation with other Marines, Sgt. Stein strongly expressed his opposition to some of Obama’s unconstitutional policies and expressed his intent to refuse unlawful orders.

You can learn more background information about this case here.

We consider this attempt to kick a nine-year career Marine Sergeant out of the Marine Corps, for the “crime” of using modern social media tools to have a conversation with other Marines about serious concerns that impact his oath, and for the “offense” of daring to participate in the Tea Party movement, to be a travesty.

I (Stewart Rhodes) and Oath Keepers General Counsel David Rivers (a Marine Vietnam combat veteran), have volunteered our services as attorneys to assist Sgt. Stein pro bono and we have helped to assemble an excellent civilian legal defense team to work with and assist Sgt. Stein’s military JAG lawyer team.

Sgt. Stein was given written notification of administrative separation proceedings last Wednesday, March 21, 2012, but because all of the JAG officers were at a previously scheduled conference, he was not able to attain JAG counsel till last Friday, March 23.  With the separation hearing scheduled for this coming Saturday, March 31, 2012, that hardly provides time to prepare a defense, but unless we can secure a continuance, we will have to soldier on and be as ready as we can by this Saturday.  I am planning on being there for the hearing.

See more here:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Marine Free Speech] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: John Edward Mercier on March 27, 2012, 10:18:32 pm
How long has Marine Sgt. Gary Stein been in the Corps?

And by the way... you've accomplished nothing by electing those that overstep their constitutional authority; so you might want to check what a sheriff's constitutional authority in NH is.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Strafford Co Candidate] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: Luck on March 29, 2012, 08:11:42 am
William Miller, Constitutional democratic-Republican for Strafford Sheriff

True republicans, democrats, and libertarians:

I am William Dexter Miller, Jr, of Farmington, a Desert Storm Paratrooper for World Peace, a journalist in matters of official corruption, once jailed on bogus charges by Cocaine In America corrupted Chief of Police Roberge of Farmington, for exposing the cover-up of a kidnapping and wrongful death by drugging, and the Rochester Rape Camp licensure by former Chief of Police, candidate for Sheriff, David Dubois, and I am announcing my candidacy for Strafford County Sheriff, New Hampshire.

William Miller is the working man's Sheriff, and the thinking woman's law dawg.

I am going to be on the ballot as a Constitution republican, campaigning for the soul, not of a party, but of a country.  I am asking democratic and libertarian voters to write me in as the nominee for their party label, as part of a campaign to end all parties, all campaign finance, all corporations, and the buying of influence in matters of law and government, as we the people take back our country from the grip of the no so New World Order, and bring in the True World Order, an era of unprecedented openness and accountability.

I soldiered alone for you, since my campaign against COPS (Communist Occupation Perversion Syndrome) corruption in Strafford County began, in 1997, after Roberge's deceased partner in drug dealing, Bubba Haycock's sons, and their gang associates, declared war on my mother, the widow of a career infantry soldier since the Korean War, and two tours as a first sergeant in Vietnam, while I was minding my own business.

Both former Governor Jean Shaheen, who requested UN assistance in imposing gun control, and Miss Anti-Rape Pageant Queen, former Attorney General, and soon to be Vice Presidential candidate, Kelly Ayotte, along with NJ Governor Keith Christie, who gave the nod to Romney, are deeply immersed in the cover-up of corruption in Strafford County .

I am here to ask the grassroots of the Republican Party: is RAPE A REPUBLICAN FAMILY VALUE?

Here is my platform:

--END RAPE IN STRAFFORD COUNTY .  Make it safe and as comfortable as can be, for women to come forward with testimony of rape, incest and abuse FOR A CHANGE!


                                   WWW.JAIL4JUDGES.ORG, WWW.FIJA.ORG.

- -END THE FORECLOSURE NIGHTMARE/MORTGAGE INDUSTRY INHERENT FRAUD.  As Sheriff, I will defend you in your status as a lawful, peaceable inhabitant upon the land, and king or queen of your keep.  Strafford County , and our county court, will be the center of a national maelstrom over the rampant fraud in the mortgage industry.  THE MORTGAGE INDUSTRY FRAUD IS inherently interwoven with a web of corruption and entrenched special interests, operating a private club under color of law and government, and proclaiming "public law," as if we the people in our daily affairs, exercising right of free contract, are subject to such "public" proclamations.  This web of corruption, down to the local level, entails the Water/Oil/Warfare Complex, which includes the murderous Petrochemical Pharmaceutical Nightmare, and a plethora of human trafficking, and CIA related terrorism operations, much of which is linked to Bush family associates, and the BRITISH ACCREDITED REGENCY BAR ASSOCIATION.

 --END THE CRIMINAL INSANITY OF CANNABIS PROHIBITION NOW.  Talk to Willy Nelson, the farmers being put out of business by the thousands as a result of the Monsanto lawsuits for patent infringement, because Monsanto hybridized strains cross-pollinate their contamination into an honest farmer's crop, and WHERE IS THE SHERIFF?


- -ESTABLISH A COUNTY FARM FOR GROWING A STRATEGIC CROP RESERVE, AS PART OF A POSSE/MILITIA/CIVIL DEFENSE CORP PROGRAM, IN THE EVENT OF ECONOMIC COLLAPSE OR OTHER DISASTER (Ref: The Doomsday Bill, before the Wyoming legislature, courtesy of my cousin, David Miller).  Grow medicinal hemp, along with un-hybridized vegetables, at the County Farm

--(WELFARE TO WORKFARE, NOW!), .  Round up all degenerate males who are indiscriminately impregnating young girls, and passing the tab onto society, and dealing drugs

and put them to work, putting pressure on the legislature to pass the laws.  We'll put you to work, like a slave, and spend the money on your kids, and  the education and rehab of the young girl whose destiny you just hi-jacked.  This should go far to eliminate, pro-actively, any discussion about a young girl having an abortion.  Responsibility first, then you can have all the freedom you want.


- -NO MORE DEATFBIRS IN STRAFFORD COUNTY .   I stood with Ed Brown, early on, in the siege at Plainfield , on account of a bloody federal war tax, on account of which they ain't no law



( I will guarantee that once this circulates, someone around here is shredding documents).

 --GUN CONTROL?  WE (the people) HAVE THE GUNS.

I hold a degree in exercise physiology from Gordon College in Massachusetts, having narrowly missed appointment to West Point, after receiving a Vice Presidential nomination from George Bush:)  I graduated last year from the Hesser College massage program; I don't know how to pay my student loans in the Goldman Sachs Economy.  Support the White Man's Restoration Fund, because a mind is a terrible thing.

As a Desert Storm paratrooper, who took an oath to support and defend our country and her core values, and to liberate the oppressed, I never forgot my promise, nor shall I.

Recently returned from Desert Storm, I managed campaign offices for Gov. Edmund Gerald Brown, the left-coast fruitcake, wanna be winter soldier, in his campaign for President, against the corporate corruption of power, and for a plethora of jobs by way of infrastructure repair and bullet trains.  I played a key role in producing a 37-36 win in the Ct. primary vs Clinton , managing the volunteer headquarters in Hartford .

In 1992, I ran against the New World Order as a Republican for the legislature, taking 35% in the primary vs incumbent Barbara Spehar, also a selectwoman, from Farmington .  In 1996, Bob Kingsbury, candidate for Governor for the Libertarian Party, recruited me to run for the legislature, as a Libertarian, which I did, winning 10% in the general election, only trying to send a message, a message that has been brutally consistent and prophetic, regarding the course of our country and what history has to say about it.  If you see it on History Channel, I already read the books.  I have had many courses in history, politics, psychology, economics, as well as surgical and nursing subjects.  I was a medic and surgical technician in the Guard.

 In 1992, I supported Rochester Democrat, Terry Bennett, MD, for Senate.  I believe thinking people like Terry, who care about the poor, will resonate with my message.

In 1993, I went to UNH for Physician Assistant pre-req's, and wrote journalistic articles on the WARONDRUGS, New World Order, Water Diversion Projects courtesy of the Trilateral Commission, etc.  I was among the first to stand against the federal war upon the Branch Davidians at Waco .

In 2003 I was accepted into the Franklin Pierce Dr. of Physical Therapy program, but declined.  As a High Intensity Trainer (HIT-Man), and muscular therapist, I craft Higher Intelligence Therapy, for clients, and the body politic.  Airborne?

Recently, Sheriff Wayne Estes, and Roberge decided to retire, due to my work over the last fifteen years.  (Miller v Conway , et al, federal court, New Hampshire , 2001), and recent doc’s to the Postmaster General.

I have great confidence that I am in a commanding position in this electoral race.  William Miller

William Miller, Constitutional democratic-Republican for Sheriff.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Occupy Bilderberg] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: Luck on May 26, 2012, 01:07:35 pm
I got the following email from recently.

Oath Keepers will be at the protests against the elitist Bilderberg meeting at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia from 7 AM on May 31st until 6 PM on June 3rd.     

The purpose of Oath Keepers being there will be to outreach to any current serving police and military who may be tasked with security, and to keep an eye on the goings on  - to "watch the watchers" - and support the rights of the protesters to peaceably assemble and give this bunch of globalist elitists a piece of their minds.

Do the globalist elitists who attend Bilderberg deserve to be protested?  Absolutely.   In a perverse irony, Oath Keepers will be in DC this Memorial Day Weekend at the huge Rolling Thunder rally to honor our fallen war dead who fought against exactly the same kind of tyranny and oppression these elitists want to impose on us Americans, along with the rest of the world.  So, yes, they do indeed deserve to be protested.

However, as stated above, the mission of the Oath Keepers who will be there will not be to protest, but to to perform over watch, in support of the rights of the protesters and to outreach to the police and military, and even to the private security, encouraging them to honor their oaths and respect the rights of the people.   Think of us as "liberty police" and military.

All Oath Keepers are encouraged to attend if you can.  We have Oath Keepers members flying  or driving in from all over the country, including a contingent from our awesome Southern California Chapter (have push cards will travel!).  Oath Keepers Founder and President, Stewart Rhodes, will be  there, along with several state chapter presidents.  But if you come in your Oath Keepers gear (shirts, hats, etc.) please keep in mind our purpose for being there.  Let's conduct ourselves as "quiet professionals" and let our presence speak loud and clear.   And that will mean no protesting or yelling in your Oath Keepers gear. A stern glare from us works better anyway, when it comes to the Bilderberg clowns.  As for the police and military, professional courtesy, but also a firm and principled stand on the rights of the protesters, will be the order of the day. Dress sharp, be sharp, and stay cool as cucumbers.  Recommended clothing is a black polo shirt, Oath Keepers hat, and khaki pants.  But if you don't have a hat, then an Oath Keepers shirt is OK.

Anyone who wants to protest, please do not do so while wearing Oath Keepers gear. Wear something else. Pick one or the other. If you put on an Oath Keepers shirt or hat, you are now one of the disciplined quiet professionals there to do a mission. If you put on other gear, then you are a protester. Pick which role you will play and stick with it.

This way we will not be as vulnerable to spin from hostile media and propaganda outfits, and we will also be far, far more effective.

Any Oath Keepers peace officers who can attend, by all means, please do! We will need you there to serve as peace officer liaisons as we will make a very concerted effort to speak with the police present.  We will have some officers in attendance, but more is always better at such events.

Any questions, please ask in the comments or on our members forum.

For the Republic!

Oath Keepers
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Great Conference Videos] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: Luck on June 04, 2012, 07:44:44 pm
Videos of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association speakers from the Jan. 30 Conference can be viewed at . The Carroll County Sheriff, Christopher ?, is a member.

1. Oregon Sheriff talks about problems with BLM et al harrassing local citizens etc and how to stop them.

2. An Expert speaks on Illegal Foreclosures and says TARP funds paid for people's mortgages against foreclosures.

3. Joe Bannister, former IRS agent, mentions a 1957 Report of the Interdepartmental Committee for the Study of Jurisdiction over Federal Areas within the States, which explained the limitations of federal power. He acknowledges that most taxes are voluntary.

4. Michael Badnarik mentions the tyrannical Constitution-free zone within 100 miles of the border. He explains people's rights vs. public servants' granted privileges. His website is and his email is scholar [at] He has a Domino Effect project, which involves giving him the names and contact info for your state's speaker of the House and Senate president, so he can offer to speak to your state house or senate about Constitutional government.

5. Commissioner Littleton & Sheriff Maketa mention Terrorist labeling and the Missouri Information Analysis Report, or MIAC, and the Freedom Action Coalition Team. I think he advocates deputizing citizens to be volunteer deputies, unless it was another speaker.

6. Mack speaks about the dangerous abuses of the federal govt and mentions GOOH: Get Out of Our House, a new and promising way to do grassroots politics, which apparently led to him running for Congress in TX.

7. A historian says the people will support Constitutional public servants.

8. Sheriff Larry Pratt says states can nullify the federal govt's crap and mentions a Home Schooling org that teaches true Constitution facts. His website is .

I helped pay for these videos.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Great Conference Videos] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: John Edward Mercier on June 05, 2012, 11:14:42 am
1. Its federal land.
2. TARP was not a 'payment'... it was a requirement that had to be repaid with heavy interest.
3. Taxation is not voluntary. Read the US Constitution.
8. Read the 'supremacy clause' in the US Constitution.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Great Conference Videos] for Local Sovereignty
Post by: Luck on July 05, 2012, 09:20:14 am
* John said taxation is not voluntary and said to read the Constitution. He's misinformed. Income taxes and employment taxes are totally voluntary for most Americans and are not mentioned in the Constitution. You have to read the Code of Federal Regulations to see that the income tax applies only to specific kinds of income, mainly dealing with foreign investments. I believe the CFR also shows that employment taxes are not obligatory for employees and are only obligatory for employers who are corporations to tell their employees about, but don't have to require them to pay. No one is required to have a Social Security number either, but the govt tries to make it appear that it's required. It's mostly a big legalese con job.
* He's also wrong about federal land. Federal land is only that used for forts etc, according to the Constitution.
* And he's wrong if he thinks the states have to obey unconstitutional laws of the federal govt. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land; statutory laws passed by Congress are null if they contradict the Constitution.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: NH Sheriff Investigating Mortgage Fraud]
Post by: Luck on July 05, 2012, 09:26:23 am
The Sheriff for Carroll County New Hampshire, High Sheriff Christopher Conley has announced an investigation regarding mortgage fraud.

3. July 2012 by admin.

(Note: This is from , which has an article farther down, called Did you take a loan?  Did you sign that note? The article seems to do a good job explaining how borrowers should answer judges in court about loans to help avoid wrongful foreclosures.)



I am announcing the formation of a task force to investigate mortgage fraud throughout Carroll County - criminal fraud.

There are thousands of property owners throughout the county that may be affected.

During the past year, there have been many events, that have come to my attention or I have been involved with, affecting property owners, i.e. properties being foreclosed on that were owned outright, financial institutions that staked claim to a property but did not have a deed, note or mortgage history, persons who owned property and were told they were in arrears on a mortgage they paid. A common thread in each case is there was no accountability by the financial institution, no one to present a reply, no decision maker to speak with.

Last month, I learned 51 banking institutions filed for bankruptcy protection in federal district court on 14 May 2012. Do any of these banks or their constituent banks have property interests in Carroll County? Do Carroll County property owners have an interest as a creditor or affected party? What have the banks requested relative to mortgages they hold as assets?

Additionally, source documents include:

• US Senate Subcommittee Report on the financial crisis, 2011 and continuing

• Louisiana Parishes have sued for damages under RICO; the same corporations doing business in this county

• The Attorney General of Delaware, son of the Vice President, is seeking damages for destruction of the reliability of public records, deeds (titles).

• The US Comptroller, representing 14 federal regulatory agencies issued cease and desist orders to the very organizations that do business in Carroll County; they have ceased nothing.

The indicators that the title to your property may be subjected to fraud, include the following:

• the property was purchased or financed/refinanced after January 1997

• the property was purchased or financed/refinanced after January 1997 and the mortgage

servicing (who you direct payments to) has changed

• inaccurate inquiries from financial institutions relative to your mortgage

• the bottom of page 1 on your mortgage has the following statement, “New Hampshire

Mortgage - single family - Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac UNIFORM INSTRUMENT MERS Modified Form 303001/01

If you have experienced any of the above and/or you have information from any source you would like to share, I request you email, if possible, or write a letter. The contact information is: Email Letter

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Deputy Brian King
PO Box 190
Ossipee, NH 03864
539-2284 x317
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: NH Sheriff Investigating Mortgage Fraud]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on July 05, 2012, 01:11:33 pm
Try Article One Section Eight Clause One w/modification on under the 16th Amendment. And if you read the Codes... you'll see that they are not voluntary. There is no such thing as 'voluntary taxation'.

And the US Constitution talks of acquistion of land for forts/etc within the States. What your speaking of is that land that is federal territory. It was not acquired after Statehood.

And you can't use the Supremacy Clause to argue against my use of the Supremacy Clause to explain that a Sheriff only has the same ability of any citizen to seek ruling by SCOTUS on constitutionality.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: NH Sheriff Investigating Mortgage Fraud]
Post by: Luck on August 05, 2012, 09:39:38 pm
Aug 8 Fundraiser for Szabo for Sheriff of Hillsborough County, NH

Wednesday, August 8th, 6 pm - 11 pm at:
Crowne Plaza, 2 Somerset Parkway, Nashua, NH

Message from Frank Szabo:

I've been pretty good about posting things on FaceBook.  If you haven't "liked" my FaceBook page, please do.
I have spent the last few months connecting with Patriot groups and GOP committees.  I've done a number of radio and local TV interviews.  Some of them are linked on the website.  Practically everyone to whom I've presented is enthusiastic about my message.  Most were not aware of the true nature of the Sheriff.
I've received a number of great endorsements including Tom Flaherty of Greater Nashua Tea Party and Jane Aitken, founder of NH Tea Party Coalition and long time board member of Coalition of NH Taxpayers.  The most significant endorsements came this week with Jack Kimball, former NH GOP State Chair and Trevor Lyman, creator of the original Money Bomb.  Both are actively helping my campaign.
Our big FUNdraiser is August 8th in Nashua (flyer attached).  Please invite everyone possible to the FaceBook event.  We only have time for this one event, so it has to be a success.
Please let me know of any campaign opportunities and any connections you may have for speaking engagements.  Any gathering of concerned Citizens is a possibility.
We have business cards, yard signs and campaign buttons.  Contact us if you'd like any supplies [or to volunteer] [ ].
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Marine Arrested for "Mental Illness"]
Post by: Luck on August 22, 2012, 05:49:26 pm
Veteran Marine Sergeant Victim Of Pre-Crime Authoritarianism
[See also farther below about Oathkeepers signs by military bases - Luck.]
By Brandon Smith, Associate Editor

During the height of communist power in the former Soviet Union, the corrupt establishment bureaucracy often sought out ways in which they could deal with or silence dissident movements and outspoken individuals while avoiding public exposure and minimize blowback from the Russian populace.  A very effective method they devised was the use of the ‘Psikhushka’, or psychiatric prisons where activists against the state could be held indefinitely, isolated from other prisoners and the rest of the world.  By housing dissidents in mental hospitals, the Soviet government hoped that the public would assume that the prisoners were “psychologically unstable or deranged” and that if the activist ever did get word to others about his political incarceration, no one would believe his claims anyway.

The strategy allowed the Soviets to severely stifle anti-government speech for quite some time, feeding terror into the citizenry who now carefully censored themselves for fear of authoritarian retribution, not to mention the possible betrayal of friends and neighbors who might turn them in for a pat on the head from the state.  In fact, the widespread propaganda that the communists promoted amongst the public was that anyone who actually did speak out against the government “had to be mentally ill”, creating entirely new clinical designations to categorize those who refused to comply.  Professors operating in the Soviet run Moscow Serbsky Institute claimed that:

“Most frequently, ideas about a struggle for truth and justice are formed by personalities with a paranoid structure…”

Now, compare this abuse of psychiatry to the DSM-IV-TR manual used by [American] doctors today in the diagnosing of mental illness.  In it, you will find the term “oppositional defiance disorder”, a supposed illness which encompasses anybody who is disobedient, defiant, a free thinker, or even considered hostile toward authority.

The pigeonholing of political activists and anti-authoritarians is a process that is alive and well in the U.S. today.  This fact has been made even more apparent by the abrupt detainment or (non-arrest-arrest) of Marine Sergeant Brandon Raub of Chesterfield County, Virginia for posts he made to his Facebook page:!

Early reports on the event were sparse, and so far the mainstream media has stayed away from the issue entirely.  However, new information is slowly surfacing, and here is what we know so far…

The FBI, the Chesterfield County Police, and apparently the Secret Service were videotaped by Raub’s family hauling him away in handcuffs.  These agencies claim that Brandon is “not under arrest”.

Dee Rybiski, a spokeswoman for the Richmond FBI office, would not comment on the matter except to reiterate that no arrest had been made.

“We don’t comment on mental-health issues or anything like that,” she said. “We simply went to speak with him about the many complaints that we had gotten about his posts.”

The local police reiterated that “there is no criminal matter” and that they were only present to help the FBI transport Raub.

This is a rather strange stance on the part of law enforcement officials, considering they claimed during the incident that Raub was taken away for “resisting arrest”.  I would love to hear the FBI’s explanation on how a man can resist arrest without officially being arrested…?

According to Raub’s family, he was never read his Miranda Rights.  And, Raub himself stated:

“I talked to a Secret Service gentleman for 20, 30 minutes,” Raub said. “I was very cooperative and answered everything honestly…”

Raub is currently being held at the Salem VA Medical Center, where he is to be “detained” after a hearing before a judge who has enforced a 96 hour “observation period”:

The comments which allegedly sparked his persecution included references on Facebook to the government’s complicity in 9/11, his belief that there will be a revolution in America, and suggestions that the Bush family is populated with “child rapists”.

Whether or not you agree with any of Raub’s assertions, the bottom line is that under the First Amendment he is perfectly within his rights to publicly uphold them.  There is no law against “conspiracy theory”, at least, not yet…

Raub’s family has also stated that the FBI believes some of his comments to be “terroristic” and threatening in nature.  The only comment that I could find that could be even remotely interpreted as threatening is this post from August 13:

“Sharpen up my axe; I’m http://here to sever heads…”

This is NOT a statement that could be upheld in any respectable courtroom as being a specific threat and is not prosecutable.  Also as it turns out, the line is a lyric from a song by the band ‘Swollen Members’ entitled “Bring Me Down”:

So, apparently if the FBI does not like your taste in tunes you can be whisked away to a mental hospital.  Take note music fans…

Raub’s other comments include:

“If you are unaware of the great amount of evil perpetrated by the American Government I suggest you take … your head out of the sand. The day of reckoning is almost at hand.”

“I am standing against a great evil. I will do it all by myself if I have to.”

This is obviously not a mentally ill person, but a political activist and dissident being subjected to a new standard of “Pre-Crime” on the part of our government.  This action is, in my view, meant to set a precedent by which many other veterans and common citizens who oppose the criminality of the establishment will be subjected, detained, and who knows what could happen after.  The sky is truly the limit.

Pre-Crime arrests also cause self-censorship in the public, as well as encourage a tattle-tale culture of simpering slaves.  I believe Brandon Raub’s “detainment” is a test case for the demonization and prosecution of the Liberty Movement as a whole, and a primary step in the destruction of free speech in America.  If we do not take this event seriously, and attack it with every effort, we cannot expect to be saved when the pre-crime police are one day sent to our own doorsteps.

Oath Keepers to Place Billboard Outside Ft. Leavenworth to Protest Small Wars Journal Article Demonizing Tea Party as Future “Enemy” of U.S. Military
Archive for August 21st, 2012

Oath Keepers is putting up a billboard right outside the main gate of Ft. Leavenworth Kansas to respond directly to the Small Wars Journal article by Leavenworth instructor Colonel Kevin Benson which paints the Tea Party movement as a future military opponent during domestic CONUS operations by the U.S. military.   You can read more on that article here and here.  Here is the billboard we are putting up:

Since Colonel Benson has chosen to demonize the Tea Party movement, by using the Tea Party as the “bad guys”- along with militias – in his hypothetical scenario of future domestic military operations, and since he is apparently using his position at Ft. Leavenworth to brainwash young officers into thinking that the Tea Party is a potential future enemy they will have to fire upon, we feel it is crucial to counter his propaganda in as direct a manner as possible, sending a clear message not just to him, but to his students there at Ft. Leavenworth and to all others stationed there, and to the broader Army.   Those young officers need to understand that if they fire on fellow Americans, permitting themselves to be used as tools of oppression, and if they participate in martial law on U.S. soil, then they will become the new “red coats”and will be desecrating and destroying all that generations of American fighting men have bled and died to secure – our liberty.

We stand in defense of the rights of all Americans, but since Colonel Benson has chosen to name the Tea Party members in particular as possible future military enemies during domestic operations, we are coming to the defense of the Tea Party in this case.

Oath Keepers is also launching a national campaign to put similar billboards outside of military bases across the United States.  We were planning on starting with Camp Lajeune, North Carolina or Ft. Stewart Georgia, but Colonel Benson’s outrageous and dangerous article in the Small Wars Journal compelled us to make Ft. Leavenworth the first base for our billboard campaign.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Marine Arrested for "Mental Illness"]
Post by: Sam Adams on August 23, 2012, 06:09:32 pm
    Indefinite Detention, NDAA. First off, Any liar Oh I mine lawyer will tell you to never talk or volunteer[sp] info with law enforcement at all. They are investigating a possible crime and looking to gain evidence for your prosecution. They have been known to turn your words and statements around for their benefit. Best to do is ask if your being detained or what charged with and be the asker of questions and the answeree. Always ask for a warrant and probable cause for questions or investigation. Never willingly testify against yourself, its not what you say its what they said you said. This seems like fist time ndaa has been used, and now I hear the Marine was sent another 300 miles away to a mental hospital by a judge or hearing of some sort.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Marine Arrested for "Mental Illness"]
Post by: Luck on August 25, 2012, 12:46:48 pm
* The "rebellious" marine has been released by another judge now, it seems.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: OK Billboard Calls Col. Redcoat]
Post by: Luck on August 29, 2012, 05:50:26 pm
Oath Keepers to Place Billboard Outside Ft. Leavenworth to Protest Small Wars Journal Article Demonizing Tea Party as Future "Enemy" of U.S. Military
Since Colonel Benson has chosen to demonize the Tea Party movement, by using the Tea Party as the "bad guys"- along with militias - in his hypothetical scenario of future domestic military operations, and since he is apparently using his position at Ft. Leavenworth to brainwash young officers into thinking that the Tea Party is a potential future enemy they will have to fire upon, we feel it is crucial to counter his propaganda in as direct a manner as possible, sending a clear message not just to him, but to his students there at Ft. Leavenworth and to all others stationed there, and to the broader Army.   Those young officers need to understand that if they fire on fellow Americans, permitting themselves to be used as tools of oppression, and if they participate in martial law on U.S. soil, then they will become the new "red coats"and will be desecrating and destroying all that generations of American fighting men have bled and died to secure - our liberty. ...
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: OK Billboard Calls Col. Redcoat]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on August 29, 2012, 10:08:39 pm
Slight problem would be that 'honoring their oath' might require them to fire upon Americans.
The US Constitution lays out the ground rules for such an occasion.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: NH Sheriff Investigating Mortgage Fraud]
Post by: Sam Adams on September 01, 2012, 09:11:53 pm
Try Article One Section Eight Clause One w/modification on under the 16th Amendment. And if you read the Codes... you'll see that they are not voluntary. There is no such thing as 'voluntary taxation'.

And the US Constitution talks of acquistion of land for forts/etc within the States. What your speaking of is that land that is federal territory. It was not acquired after Statehood.

And you can't use the Supremacy Clause to argue against my use of the Supremacy Clause to explain that a Sheriff only has the same ability of any citizen to seek ruling by SCOTUS on constitutionality.

   Not very much of this is correct.. Signing W2  W4 contracts and signing contract w/ irs by signing return promising 5 years in prison and 50K penalty that you are a taxpayer and liab. They don,t charge you a wage tax. period.. They ask you first sentence if you are a taxpayer?  The Income tax is structured for profits minus cost of business equals INCOME, Business Income.   All taxation will go thru the census of the states???  Taxation of Wages is Voluntary and always has been, thats why they have to call it INCOME tax or it would be illegal.   W2 means Going to War WW1  W4 means money going 4 war efforts.  Federal State and Local and govt employees Must pay income tax because of their status working for govt. they are considered members of the Corp. Stockholders. Free citizens have no liab.  Back to Income, Profits minus cost of doing business. If you are a tax payer, only in your dreams, then do you like Corp America, deduct your fuel[trans], work clothes , tires brakes oil changes, lunches, baths, coffee, gifts, entertainment, insurance, license, registration, car payments, tools uniforms, laundry, education, child care, etc etc etc..
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: Luck on September 15, 2012, 09:29:59 am

How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom
Oath Keepers is proud to participate in the movie Molon Labe, described below. Stewart Rhodes and Sheriff Mack are featured figures in this film, and I am an associate producer on the movie. We are inviting each member and supporter of Oath Keepers to please contribute to this film, which is now in production.   

Why should Oath Keepers support this film? Because the film is a Constitutional masterpiece dedicated to the Second Amendment - with emphasis on the first part of the Second Amendment:   

"A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state...." Have you ever wondered why the American States have largely moved away from maintaining their Constitutional Militia?

Based on Dr. Edwin Vieira's essay entitled "The Militia of the Several States", this movie reminds Americans that true Constitutional "homeland security" centers on the Militia of the Several States (which, of course, is We The People ourselves), and not on some over-grown Federal bureaucracy which violates our "unalienable rights".

While other great movies are circulating presently or are in process of being made, Molon Labe by James Jaeger moves the tape all the way to the goal line. Read James Jaeger's call to action below, and take heart that Oath Keepers is on the front line in the battle to preserve our Republic and the Constitution which created it. Your donations are our ammo! Thank you for your support.

Message from James Jaeger and Matrixx Entertainment film company:

Dear Concerned Citizen:

We have recently started production on a new movie called -


How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom.

MOLON LABE features RON PAUL, PAT BUCHANAN, G. EDWARD GRIFFIN and is based on the works of EDWIN VIEIRA (a Constitutional attorney with four degrees from Harvard).  The film also features SHERIFF MACK; Oath Keepers Founder, STEWART RHODES; military commander, DAVID R. GILLIE and Senatorial Candidate, JACK ROONEY.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: Luck on September 27, 2012, 07:21:32 pm
Larry Pratt, Jesse Ventura Join Cast of MOLON LABE

How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom

Note by Elias Alias to all Oath Keepers, Associate Oath Keepers, supporters of Oath Keepers, Constitutionalists, Patriots, Veterans, Americans:

As Charlie Daniels has stated, "Something's wrong and we all know it."

As Claire Wolfe has stated, "America is at that awkward stage: It's too late to work within the system, and too early to shoot the bastards."

Oath Keepers is an educational organization with outreach to Veterans, current-serving soldiers and peace officers and firefighters. Oath Keepers is focused on the Oath required by this nation's founding legal charter, the U.S. Constitution, to which all peace officers, military, and firefighters swear [or affirm] their sacred Oath. Part of our educational outreach involves promoting on the Internet the consciousness which enhances every cop's and soldier's and firefighter's understanding of the true meaning carried in that Oath.

I am proud to announce a bold addition to the Oath Keepers outreach activities. Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes will be featured in a new movie slated to be released in coming months. With him also will appear Oath Keepers Board of Directors member Sheriff Richard Mack. I am calling on each American reading this to rise to support this movie project, because I can envision thousands of you chipping in five or ten or more dollars to help fund the project. We need grassroots help to make this film happen. This movie will greatly benefit the Oath Keepers mission nation-wide. Please read the below announcement, which is a progress report on the film's development.

James Jaeger likes to support the Oath Keepers mission. Now he is pooling together a most impressive group of American patriots in one powerful documentary movie. This update is specifically to announce the good news that Larry Pratt, President of Gun Owners of America, and Jesse Ventura, former U.S. Navy SEAL and Governor of Minnesota, have agreed to join the cast of the film.

Please review the impressive list of experts James Jaeger has assembled, and while pondering on this lineup of patriotic Americans, remember these words by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., who's works inspired this movie -

"The "Militia of the several States" are State institutions which are required to perform certain limited functions for the General Government, and basically unlimited functions for the States and the people. The primary requirement to maintain the Militia in their proper form rests with the States, and ultimately the people. ...This movie will examine the constitutional status, character, and purpose of the Militia as the ultimate guarantor of We the People's sovereignty."

Since the early 1900s, with only a few exceptions, the 'Militia of the Several States' have for the most part faded from daily life here in America, and the results are now visible. This update/report on the progress of Molon Labe can, if we all get on board and support it every way we can, represent the pivot point on which America gains the cognizant will to return to our Constitutional heritage as Free Americans. I salute James Jaeger and his all-star cast of Constitutional experts.

Please read the following announcement from James Jaeger, and make your decision to contribute at the link below. When you contribute, please let James Jaeger know that you're donating on behalf of Oath Keepers. Oath Keepers is hoping to have an opening screen credit for our organization as "Associate Producer", which means we'll be right up front at the start of the movie. Because of the powerful message in this movie, it is bound to go viral, and the publicity will help Oath Keepers expand our outreach to military, peace officer, and firefighter personnel exponentially. Catch the vision! Send in what you can, on behalf of Oath Keepers.

Thank you!

See below for mail-in directions, and click here to donate online.


Elias Alias, editor, Oath Keepers
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on September 27, 2012, 07:42:57 pm
The Articles of Confederation was the founding document of the United States of America.
And what function is the NH militia 'required' to perform for the 'General Government'?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: Auspicious Aspect on September 27, 2012, 11:12:26 pm
Larry Pratt, Jesse Ventura Join Cast of MOLON LABE

How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom

Note by Elias Alias to all Oath Keepers, Associate Oath Keepers, supporters of Oath Keepers, Constitutionalists, Patriots, Veterans, Americans:

This update is specifically to announce the good news that Larry Pratt, President of Gun Owners of America, and Jesse Ventura, former U.S. Navy SEAL and Governor of Minnesota, have agreed to join the cast of the film.


Elias Alias, editor, Oath Keepers

Larry Pratt is a long way from being a freedom lover. Pratt is a religious fundamentalist who wants to use the full power of the central government to impose an extremist theocratic government on the American people.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: Luck on September 29, 2012, 10:24:18 am
John said: The Articles of Confederation was the founding document of the United States of America.
And what function is the NH militia 'required' to perform for the 'General Government'?
* The Declaration of Independence was the founding document. The Articles became void when they were found to be unenforceable. That leaves the Constitution as the next founding document, I do believe.
* Do you favor having the federal government (the military-industrial complex, Homeland Security etc) defend the people? I favor having local militias do that. I think they're much more reliable.

AA said: Larry Pratt [involved in the Oathkeepers movie] is a long way from being a freedom lover. Pratt is a religious fundamentalist who wants to use the full power of the central government to impose an extremist theocratic government on the American people.

* I acknowledge that Oathkeepers has some questionable alliances. The John Birch Society is the one that comes to mind readily. But I don't know Larry Pratt. Instead of making claims about him, why don't you provide quotes and sources? I believe people's own words more than I do others' claims about them. But even our own words can often be misinterpreted or misstated.
* I did a little net searching on Pratt now and find that he's accused of being a racist because he spoke to neo-nazis in Estes Park, Colorado back in 1992, I think. But some suggest that it was a militia group or convention or survivalist group that he spoke to and lying alarmists like to call such people neo-nazis, when most probably are not. It was because of that speaking engagement that he got in hot water when he worked for Buchanan for President in 2000, it seems.
* Someone else claimed that he's anti-Muslim and referred to his article or speech, "Sudden Jihad Syndrome". So I checked that out and it seems it's not at all racist or extremist. It seems reasonable in warning that the Quran is used by many as an excuse for terror and tyranny, even if it's misinterpreted. Here's a quote from the first part of that article:
By Larry Pratt May 9, 2007
- It is evident that America has not yet looked at Islam for what it is. Even in the gun owning community, there are many who only know of Islam from what the politically correct -- and some Muslim spokesmen ­ have propagated.
- We are told by some that Islam is a religion of peace, and there are even verses that are cited to make that case. The problem is not just that there are blood curdling calls for mass murder in the Qur'an, there is a verse that calls for the abrogation of earlier verses by later verses: 2:106. "Whatever a Verse (revelation) do We {Allah} abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring a better one or similar to it. Know you not that Allah is able to do all things?"
- The happy, earlier verses of respecting the people of the book (Jews and Christians) are abrogated by the later verses calling for their slaughter.
- This is not to say that all Muslims subscribe to this. Happily, most do not. The problem for moderate Muslims, not to mention for the rest of us, is that until another system of interpreting the Qur'an is accepted within Islam, the radicals have the support of the Qur'an behind their calls for violent jihad.
- This is why the history of Islam has been one of violence, conquest and slavery. Qur'anic law, or Sharia, supports the subjugation and murder of all non-Muslims everywhere in the world. Where Islam has become the dominant religion, Qur’anic law is implemented, and all non-Muslims who are not killed are forced into Dhimmitude ­ a condition of servile subjection quite beyond the designation of “second class citizen.” Dhimmis are not citizens under Sharia.
* He's also said to be a friend or associate of John Ashcroft. That's the scariest thing I've read so far, since Ashcroft seems to be a fascist, having acted like one under Bush#2, with the Patriot Act etc. But being an associate of a fascist doesn't make you a fascist.
* Here's a little on Pratt from this site: :
Pratt addressed the 1992 "Christian Men's Meeting," organized by  Christian Identity racist, Pete Peters. Other featured speakers included former Ku Klux Klan leader and Aryan Nation official Louis Beam and Aryan Nations Founder Richard Butler.  He gave a speech at the 1993 Jubilation Conference in Sacramento, California, an annual gathering of far-rightists' sponsored by the anti-Semitic publisher of Jubilee, the flagship tabloid of the Christian Identity movement.  41
- "...on repeated occasions, Pratt spoke at meetings and on cable television programs as the invited guest of Pete Peters, a leader of the pseudo-religion known as Christian Identity. Christian Identity preaches that Jews are the offspring of Satan and that blacks are a "pre-Adamic" race of subhumans created before Adam and Eve. At a 1992 meeting, Pratt stood by as Peters raged against "Talmudic filth." (Pratt has also been a guest on the anti-Semitic Liberty Lobby's "Radio Free America.") ... In his 1990 book, Armed People Victorious, he urged the United States to adopt a system of civil defense patrols like the one imposed on the population of Guatemala by its military bosses. "It is time that the United States return to reliance on an armed people," he wrote. "There is no acceptable alternative."..." 42
* The statements in red here are more damning. The statement in green sounds like spin, i.e. a lie. I suspect that what they call anti-semitic is actually anti-Zionist. I believe Zionism is fascist and racist. The underlined statements sound reasonable. They're pretending that militias would be fascists or terrorists, whereas that's what the federal govt is becoming. But Pratt's close association with Pete Peters does make me distrust his intentions. I don't know if they lied about Peters or the Christian Identity movement, but I assume those allegations are true so far.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on September 29, 2012, 01:59:15 pm
So your arguing for the AofC and that it is VOID all at the same time.

And the AofC is the original founding document, even from whence the nations name came from; since there was no confederation under the DofI, just a statement of belief.

But that still doesn't equate to what the State militia is REQUIRED to do for 'General Government'?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: Luck on September 29, 2012, 04:23:14 pm
John, are you saying the executive branch has to obey the judiciary branch's interpretation of the Constitution, even if their interpretation is wrong? That would make the executive subordinate to the judicial.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on September 30, 2012, 12:21:11 am
Yes. But it doesn't make them subordinate, because they nominate and appoint the judicial.
NH has a balanced system with no specific point of empowerment.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: Auspicious Aspect on September 30, 2012, 01:40:26 pm

AA said: Larry Pratt [involved in the Oathkeepers movie] is a long way from being a freedom lover. Pratt is a religious fundamentalist who wants to use the full power of the central government to impose an extremist theocratic government on the American people.

* I acknowledge that Oathkeepers has some questionable alliances. The John Birch Society is the one that comes to mind readily. But I don't know Larry Pratt. Instead of making claims about him, why don't you provide quotes and sources? I believe people's own words more than I do others' claims about them. But even our own words can often be misinterpreted or misstated.

When I want to know something about someone I usually just ask them personally, rather than relying on media and other third parties. In this case, I know Larry Pratt. He believes that the US is a "Christian nation," and he uses GOA to advance his fundamentalist agenda. Of course, you don't have to believe me, you can do some easy research yourself. Take a look at campaigns where there have been at least two pro-gun people running and where GOA has assisted one over the other, then take a look at the favored candidate. In every such instance of which I am aware, the candidate backed by GOA is an anti-abortion, fundamentalist Christian.

In NH, GOA's affiliated organization is the NH Firearms Coalition. Larry Pratt is closely connected to the group's owners and has attended fundraisers for this group, at least once dressed as George Washington. NHFC has a history of backing mediocre pro-gun candidates who are anti-abortion over very pro-gun candidates who are not anti-abortion. Two years ago, they even endorsed a violent white supremacist over a normal, strongly pro-gun candidate because the supremacist was both pro-gun and anti-abortion.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: Luck on October 01, 2012, 01:54:58 pm
* Richard Mack is a strong supporter of Oathkeepers. I believe his wife's parents are or were Mormons and members of the John Birch Society. Romney is a Mormon. I wonder if Mack supports Romney for president and if Romney is strongly anti-abortion. I'm anti-abortion, but I don't favor trying to impose that on anyone. although I think it would be good if abortion doctors would put aborted fetuses on life support, like they do other premature babies, and let them be adopted if they survive. Someone at OWS argued that rights belong to persons and that personhood begins about the 20th week after conception and that seems reasonable to me. If I were female and pregnant with an unwanted fetus, I'd rather give it up to adoption, rather than have it killed, no matter what its age.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on October 01, 2012, 03:32:45 pm
Most abortions occur long before any viability.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: Auspicious Aspect on October 06, 2012, 12:52:41 am
Most abortions occur long before any viability.

Viability is a specious concept. A fetus becomes a baby when it's born, and not a second sooner.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on October 06, 2012, 08:41:29 am
But at the point of viability, its removal from the mother's womb will not automatically result in death.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: MaineShark on October 06, 2012, 12:03:12 pm
The libertarian issue is simply one of eviction.  The personhood of the fetus/baby is irrelevant: if it's not a person, it has no rights - if it is a person, it's still a tenant, and the owner of the space it occupies is allowed to evict it.

Viability is, actually, an issue relative to the method used.  I cannot evict a tenant by walking in and shooting him in the head without provocation, then dragging him out.  If it's winter and I evict him and he dies while living on the street, that's not the same thing as walking in and murdering him.  If the fetus/baby is viable, then the method used to remove it must be one which does not automatically kill it, such that its chance of survival is preserved.  It may still die, but if there's a reasonable chance that it would survive, it should be given that chance, not just killed and removed in pieces.

Now, if it's necessary to the mother's continued health that it be removed in a manner which cannot allow its survival, that's a different issue, just as if my tenant was dangerously psychotic and holding a hostage; shooting him would be necessary in order to make him leave without bloodshed.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: Luck on October 06, 2012, 03:13:22 pm
Viability is a specious concept. A fetus becomes a baby when it's born, and not a second sooner.
Premature babies are babies. Aborted fetuses that are viable are babies. One liberal on the OWS forum suggested that personhood is what matters and it begins when the brain begins to develop at about 20 to 23 weeks after conception. And MS's proposal makes sense to me.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on October 06, 2012, 04:44:21 pm
Do premature babies survive at 20 to 23 weeks?
And how does that fit with Frank's position that Life begins at Conception?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: Auspicious Aspect on October 06, 2012, 07:54:29 pm
But at the point of viability, its removal from the mother's womb will not automatically result in death.

Perhaps, but so what? Until it's born, it's not a person.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: Auspicious Aspect on October 06, 2012, 07:55:46 pm
Viability is a specious concept. A fetus becomes a baby when it's born, and not a second sooner.
Premature babies are babies. Aborted fetuses that are viable are babies.

A fetus is never a baby; it becomes a baby at birth.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Making 2nd Amendment Movie]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on October 06, 2012, 10:07:19 pm
But at the point of viability, its removal from the mother's womb will not automatically result in death.

Perhaps, but so what? Until it's born, it's not a person.
Expulsion from the womb is birth.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: CIA Mischief in Middle East]
Post by: Luck on October 28, 2012, 03:17:33 pm
BenghaziGate: Two 9/11's Bring Questions

It appears that our ambassador to Libya was working with the CIA. It appears that the CIA was providing arms to al Qaeda and other Islamic Jihadist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood for the purpose of taking down governments in the middle-east - with the President's knowledge. [The Muslim Brotherhood is a fascist group initially associated with Hitler's Nazis.]
If this proves to be true, this thing is positively huge. Can it conceivably cost a sitting President his office? Can it throw the 2012 Presidential election? Can it awaken the cheer-leading sports-addicted and creature-comfort-crazed American public? Dare the media toss it out onto the table?
We are confronted by a bitter question. Watch the following brief videos and judge for yourself whether the U.S. government, all bright and shiny in its choreography and colluded chorus, dressed in its cloak of lies which have been fabricated through six decades of 'national security secrecy', has joined al Qaeda or not. Questions are coming "fast and furious", this time on a truly global and totally world-shattering scale.
Former 20 year CIA veteran, Claire Lopez: "Jordan is targeted! Saudi Arabia is targeted!"
(excerpt from above link -- read whole article at link)
•   Could the Obama Administration's Fast and Furious gunrunning operation to the Mexican drug cartels be simply a dress rehearsal for a much larger gunrunning operation to al Qaida-linked and other Jihadist groups in Libya and, more ominously, Syria?
•   Is the Obama Administration running guns into other Jihadist hot spots?
•   Does the United States of America have troops in Jordan?
•   Was Ambassador Stevens our operational officer in a gunrunning operation to al Qaida linked groups that had "gone wrong?"
•   Did the Obama Administration set Stevens up and leave him (with former Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods and computer expert, Sean Smith) to die?
•   Did President, Secretary Clinton, General Petraeus and others have fore-knowledge?
•   Others?
•   Who else knows now?
•   Does Governor Romney know now?
These and other questions and more were raised yesterday [October 24, 2012] in a conversation between Glen Beck and former CIA agent Clair Lopez.
The videos below are from the above link in this section.
Video: Glenn Beck - Libya The Real Story

Video: GBTV: Claire Lopez, Part 1

Video: GBTV: Claire Lopez, Part 2
Question: When did Syria become a threat to the USA?
Question: Is "the enemy of my enemy" necessarily my friend, when the enemy of my enemy is al Qaeda?
Question: Should the American people be pleased when the ATF furnishes high-powered guns and ammo to Mexican drug cartels and nobody goes to jail?
Question: Should the American people be pleased when Wachovia Bank launders hundreds of billions of dollars for the Mexican drug cartels and nobody goes to jail?
Question: Should the American people be pleased when taxpayer dollars are spent by the DEA to smuggle drugs into this country from Mexico in order to learn more about the Mexican drug cartels, and nobody goes to jail?
Question: How much outright crime by Eric Holder's Justice Department, which oversaw the gun running, the money laundering, and the drug smuggling, should the American people put up with, while Eric Holder does not go to jail?
Question: How does the NSA spy on every American citizen's emails and phone calls when the Fourth Amendment clearly states "probable cause", and nobody goes to jail?
Question: If the Federal government has been caught lying to the American people about Pearl Harbor, Korea, Vietnam, the Gary Frances Powers U-2 shoot-down over Russia, the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Watergate break-in, the October Surprise, the Iran-Contra scandal, the BCCI scandal, the invasion of Iraq, and the longest ground war in our history -- the hunt for al Qaeda in Afghanistan -- what on earth would cause any thinking American to blindly believe that the Federal government is not lying through its teeth right now about running arms to al Qaeda in Libya and Syria?
Question: If our Federal government has so concentrated the authority and power which it has usurped from the several States which created it, is it not the responsibility of the several States to rein-in that usurpation and bring it back into compliance with its enumerated powers as listed in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution?
There are, of course, other significant questions. Every American should have lots of questions. A good question might be -- If a sitting U.S. President imagines some reason to furnish military armaments to al Qaeda and/or associated Jihadist terror organizations, should that President go to jail?
A truism left to us by Thomas Jefferson will do nicely to end this initial glance at how the power players on high perceive themselves -
"Experience hath Shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny."
Oath Keepers will be posting updates on this unfolding story at our national website. Please check back often, where you're invited to leave your comments under our articles. Url for this article:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: CIA Mischief in Middle East]
Post by: maverickthree on October 29, 2012, 05:21:06 pm
Here's another perspective on the events which transpired in Libya. Scroll down after hitting link.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: CIA Mischief in Middle East]
Post by: Luck on October 29, 2012, 07:57:55 pm
MT: Here's another perspective on the events which transpired in Libya. Scroll down after hitting link.
Okay, I'll quote part of the article here then.

Monsanto “War” Kills US Ambassador To Libya

... Founded in 1998, Il Silvestre is one of the most feared eco-terror groups in the world who in 2010 were stopped by Swiss police forces from blowing up the site of the £55 million nano-technology headquarters of IBM in Europe located in Rueschlikon, near Zurich.

Il Silvestre, according to this report, had targeted this IBM headquarters facility in Switzerland (which houses the ‘quietest’ nano-technology rooms in the world) due to this American companies plans to genetically modify 70% of the world’s cocoa supply through the use of nano-bio technology.

The reason for Il Silvestre’s targeting of the Americans in Libya, this report continues, was the planned US-EU takeover of this northern African nation in order to implement the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 2008 plan that demanded the massive planting of Monsanto genetically modified corn which former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi (1942-2011) had refused to allow in his country.

Unbeknownst to the vast majority of Westerners is that the true reason Libya was attacked and taken over by the US and EU was due to its immeasurable fresh water supply controlled by The Great Man Made River (GMR) Project described as the “eighth wonder of the world.” 

The GMR is the largest underground network of pipes and aqueducts in the world and consists of more than 1,300 wells, most more than 500 meters deep, and supplies 6,500,000 gallons of fresh water per day to the cities of Tripoli, Benghazi, Sirte and elsewhere making Libya the potentially largest agricultural exporter on the whole continent of Africa.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: CIA Mischief in Middle East]
Post by: Luck on October 29, 2012, 08:05:46 pm
Short Video: Sheriff Mack on Police Brutality:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: CIA Mischief in Middle East]
Post by: Sam Adams on October 31, 2012, 04:24:56 pm
       Witnessed 2 weeks ago, a police officer trying to make an arrest at a restaurant for a women failure to appear. Police slammed womens face[nose] into table edge, blood everywhere. Two women with her attacked officer and brought him to ground and cuffed him. They declared a citizen arrest and we all wrote statements as to what we witnessed with carbon copies. Injured lady was taken to hospital by ambulance, and additional police were told by owner of establishment that he is pressing charges against officer and wants him arrested for assult and battery and never return to his property.  People have to act.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Sheriff Mack Running in New Mexico]
Post by: Luck on November 05, 2012, 04:21:10 pm
Win Or Lose: This Was A Great Campaign
Posted on November 05, 2012

November 5, 2012 | by Sheriff Richard Mack

Four or five months ago I lived in Texas and had just been beaten (perhaps skinned alive would be a better way to put it) in the Texas District 21 Congressional race. I was asked to run by GOOOH and, at the time, thought it was a good idea.

GOOOH promised funding and people to help; none of it was delivered. I ended up spending my own money, something that I assured my wife we would not have to do. One of the biggest campaign expenses was paying my “volunteer” campaign manager.

There was infighting and all sorts of ‘I’ and ‘me’ problems. I put my neck on the political chopping block for a chance to stand for freedom! Others, well, I am not sure what their motives were.  On the plus side, I did meet some great people and made some great friends.

I’ve worked on several campaigns in my time and with several other freedom organizations. Most of the time this work was plagued with backbiting, money grabbing and downright selfish me-itis. As a result, I have wondered how we could ever be successful in this movement for liberty with such “Benedict Arnold” types among us. Some are willing to be a part and work hard as long as things go their way and their egos are stroked.  They literally put themselves before Liberty, our country and the American people.

If I sound offended, cynical or extremely disappointed, perhaps it’s because I am. However, I just finished a fantastic event in Las Vegas with fantastic people who all had just one goal and purpose; putting our country and freedom first.

Faith Restored

Now I have had my faith in “Patriots” restored even more right here in little Lincoln County, New Mexico. Why? Because a local physician, Dr. Ray Seidel, decided that he had had enough and put himself on the line to run for county sheriff. He called me and asked for advice about his campaign. One thing led to another and we ended up concluding that I should run as his undersheriff. I committed to do so.

People and “Patriots” called us both crazy; I pretty much agreed with them. This was a very improbable election. Dr. Seidel is just that, a Doctor! He has never worked in law enforcement or in a jail and has never written a speeding ticket in his life. In New Mexico you don’t have to be “certified” to run for sheriff, you have to be a citizen. He is!

So, I moved to Lincoln County, Billie the Kid country, and I have had an amazing experience working on this campaign! Why should I get involved when the guy running has no experience, is a write-in candidate, and wears a gun all day, everyday?  Yes, Doc Seidel is an armed family practitioner. He believes in freedom, he loves America, and he knows the Constitution. His patients love him and don’t seem to mind his sidearm; he doesn’t care if they do.

So we have busted our tails with about 25 volunteers working this Seidel for Sheriff campaign. There is no manager, there is no “boss” and there is no backbiting or backstabbing. All of us work together for the better good of our country. We all know that freedom is at stake and hope we can make Lincoln County the freest county in America!

We meet together frequently, we express our ideas and opinions as to how to campaign and get our message out. We hash things out, we disagree with each other frequently, we strive for common ground and then we get back to work. There are no egos bigger than the cause or our goal. There are no tantrums and pouting or selfish agendas. There are people and Patriots and concerned citizens fighting for a lost cause.  In Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, James Stewart said that “lost causes” are the only causes really worth fighting for! So, here we are.

The campaign has been a huge success! The election is tomorrow. I don’t know if we are going to win. Many people say we are, many hope we are, many are counting on us winning because they believe it’s our last hope!

Whether we win or not, this campaign has been amazing; a Doctor running for sheriff, families and friends helping, fellow citizens standing with us and all putting the Holy Cause of Liberty first! If Doc wins, you can come and see this for yourself, common ordinary people fighting together to take back America, one Sheriff at a time. In fact, you won’t want to just stop by, you’ll want to move here!
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Sheriff Mack Running in New Mexico]
Post by: Luck on November 05, 2012, 04:22:41 pm
[Police Brutality:] Witnessed 2 weeks ago, a police officer trying to make an arrest at a restaurant for a women failure to appear.
Where was that at, Sam?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Obama, CIA in Trouble?]
Post by: Luck on November 08, 2012, 03:48:45 pm
BenghaziGate: Good God Almighty! Did Obama And CIA Arm Terrorists Who Murdered Our Ambassador?
Tortured Death by Jihadists
- BenghaziGate is a story which is growing legs despite every effort by the CIA, the White House and the U.S. State Department to cover it up. Just as the CIA failed to provide President Kennedy with plausible deniability in the Bay of Pigs fiasco/scandal, and just as CIA could not provide plausible deniability for President Reagan in the Iran-Contra scandal, my bet says CIA is not going to be able to provide President Obama with plausible deniability in the explosive gushing onslaught of revelations now pouring out of the Benghazi attacks of 9/11_2012.
- Hark back to last year's dynamic revelations of the U.S. Department of Justice three-prong assault on our nation's values and our Republic's laws: Remember "Fast and Furious", the ATF's idiotic scheme to arm the Mexican drug cartels so ATF could find out who the bad guys are? And do we all remember the subsequent revelations which followed on the heels of that crime spree by ATF -- Wachovia Bank being fined one hundred sixty million dollars for laundering hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Mexican cartel drug money? -- and finally the exposure of the DEA's habit of helping the Mexican drug cartels actually import drug money into this country so they could find out who the bad guys are? That's right: Drug cartels were getting guns from the ATF's Operation Fast and Furious, while American banks were happy to launder profits for those Mexican drug cartels, and just to make sure the crime wave ran full speed with maximum effect, the damned DEA got caught actually helping the Mexican cartels get the dope across the border!
- Remember all that? It was all being run by Eric Holder's Justice Department. But when compared to BenghaziGate, it was child's play.
- Two gentlemen exposed Fast and Furious fiasco. Those gentlemen are Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars (home of the Three Per Cent patriot movement) and David Codrea, investigative journalist for Gun Rights Examiner. They worked tirelessly to convince Sharyl Attkisson of CBS that the story should be taken to the American public. Once CBS got it and ran the story, the cat was out of the bag.
- And that is what is happening right now in the wake of the murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya by Islamic Jihadist terrorists. Like David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh, Glenn Beck is ringing the Liberty Bell, forcefully and loudly, to expose something bigger than Fast and Furious, bigger than Watergate, even bigger than Iran-Contra. It is called:  "BenghaziGate!". As Glenn Beck notes, this one is big enough to take down a sitting U.S. President.
- Glenn Beck is asking if the Obama administration furnished the arms which attacked Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Beck is also asking if Ambassador Stevens was coordinating the arms trade between Libyan Jihadists, operatives in Turkey, and al Qaeda and related Jihadist terrorist groups in Syria.
- It's election day, 2012. I lament that most American voters who will go to the polls today are clueless about this embryonic story as it struggles to achieve its birth into the public mindset. Regardless, this story will continue to grow -- not just legs, but indeed will grow wings on which it can fly across America and around the world. Oath Keepers salutes Glenn Beck for taking the lead in revealing these questions. We also are grateful to those patriots within our Intelligence community who have helped Glenn Beck connect the dots.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers & CSPOA [Update: Fed Govt Responsible for CT School Deaths]
Post by: Luck on December 14, 2012, 10:34:45 pm
December 14th, 2012
The Federal Government is Guilty Accomplice in School Shooting in Newtown Connecticut

There has been a horrendous mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.   At this time, 27 people are reported dead, most of them children.,0,3969911.story

This shooting is yet another tragic example of the failed, grotesque insistence on helpless victim zones where any crazed gunman can be assured of a large number of disarmed, undefended, helpless victims, all crammed into one place, where he can kill many children before an armed defender arrives from elsewhere.  It is disturbing and sick that the federal government so hates the right of the American people to bear arms, and so hates their natural right to self defense, that the government insists on making them helpless, disarmed victims for anyone who cares to kill them.   And in this case, all of the teachers and staff were willfully disarmed by the Federal Government, by force of law and threat of prison, to ensure that they would be disarmed and incapable of saving the lives of the children entrusted to their care.

That makes the Federal Government complicit in the deaths of these children, and in fact an accessory to their mass murder, by forcibly disarming (with the very real threat of prison) all the teachers, all the staff, and any parent who may have been on school property.  That stupid law guaranteed the shooters would meet no immediate armed resistance, which is exactly what is needed to stop such an attack.

In such a shooting (as in every criminal attack), seconds count, and the people best positioned to stop the attack are the people on the scene – the intended victims and/or their care-takers.  In this case, that would mean the teachers and staff of the school who were responsible for the well-being of those children, and also the parents, who should have the ability to save the lives of their own children as they take them to and from school.

The police cannot, and do not arrive in time to stop such shooters from killing large numbers of people.  They are a slow reactive force compared to an armed citizen on the scene.   This should be common sense, as it is obvious that in the immediacy of a criminal attack, it is the intended victims (or their immediate care-takers) who are there, in position to put a stop to the attack, if they are capable.  And being capable means being armed, trained, willing, and able to use deadly force, right then, right there.  Anything less leads to what we saw here.

But no doubt the rabid anti-gun government supremacists will use this to further their agenda to disarm the American people, totally ignoring that obvious, plain-as-day truth.   Anti-gun nuts trust the government with guns, but not the people, and insist that the lowly citizen must be disarmed and helpless in the face of murderous assault, and must wait on slow responding armed government employees, who will not be there when the attack starts, and most often can only really clean up the horrendous crime scene afterwards and maybe, just maybe apprehend a shooter who has chosen not to kill himself (as they usually do).

The bottom line is that these teachers and staff at the Sandy Hook Elementary School were incapable of keeping these children safe, and incapable of defending them.  And one of the biggest reasons they were so incapable and unprepared to save the lives of the children entrusted to their care is because the anti-gun nuts and their fellow travelers in government insisted on disarming every adult in the vicinity, by threatening them with prison time – EXCEPT the gunmen, who don’t care about the law and thus were not disarmed.    laws against carrying weapons in schools don’t stop evil men with murderous intent.  Such laws only disarm the law abiding and virtuous, who are now rendered incompetent to defend the precious children in their care.

This is disgusting.  And yet another reason to home-school.  Why would you want to leave your children helpless, in the hands of adults who are  themselves helpless, and incapable of defending them, by government decree?  For all we know, one of the teachers may have been a veteran, with the training and skill to use a firearm if one had been available.  But all the teachers and staff, whatever their ability with firearms, were stripped of the choice and chance to save the lives of these kids.

There are more good guys than bad guys in the world.  But the good guys need to be able to stop the bad guys, and that means  they need to be armed so they can stop the bad guys on the spot, without having to wait for “official” government approved good guys to respond.  Trust the teachers with arms so they can save the lives of their students.

Until the adults are allowed to actually act like adults, and defend themselves and their students, this kind of willful killing will continue to happen, and the federal government will in each case be a guilty party to the conspiracy by ensuring that the targets are disarmed.

Until this changes, you should refuse to give your children over to government schools lorded over by a Federal Government so callous and indifferent to their safety and lives.

Stewart Rhodes,
Founder of Oath Keepers
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Update: Govt Responsible for CT School Deaths]
Post by: Luck on January 09, 2013, 06:21:31 pm
[This is from former Sheriff, Richard Mack, for CSPOA. I heard once that Maricopa County deputized anyone in the county, mostly without pay, who was not convicted of crime, i.e. volunteers. I'm not sure if that's still the case, if it was.  I imagine it's legal to deputize volunteers. Is it not? I mean without pay.
- I would favor also informing deputies that driver licenses are only required for those whose vehicle is used to haul freight or passengers for fees, and that deputies are not required to have a driver license, nor are others who do not collect fees from hauling on public roads. - Luck]
We recently had Sheriff Joe Arpaio at our CSPOA Convention.  He's been a good friend of mine over the years and I want to show my support for his latest initiative to protect children.
Instead of merely talking about what should or shouldn't be done about guns, he is taking action.  He is deploying his posse to patrol the schools in his county.
Of course, he has many critics, especially from those that would infringe upon our second amendment rights.  But just like the loyal patriot and protector that he is, Sheriff Joe is taking action.
The Obama Administration's task force will spend millions of tax-payer dollars to talk about how to violate the second amendment under the guise of protecting our children.
What Sheriff Joe is doing is taking action to protect our children and our right to protect ourselves.
I would encourage everyone to call their local Sheriff's department and tell them what is happening in Maricopa County.  Let's take action to protect our children!
Donate Online:

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Update: Govt Responsible for CT School Deaths]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on January 09, 2013, 07:18:15 pm
I believe in NH you might be able to deputize without pay. Not sure of the liability issue to the taxpayers.

But you must have a DL deemed legit by the State to operate on public roads for certain forms of transport.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Update: Cops Refuse to Enforce Weapons Ban]
Post by: Luck on January 16, 2013, 03:06:22 pm
Video: Oath Keeper Officer Calls on Brother Cops to Refuse to Enforce Gun Bans or Registration
Posted on January 15, 2013
[Click here to see the website. To join Oath Keepers, see]

In this video [The link isn't working yet.], Oathkeeper151, a New Jersey Police Officer who has been a member of Oath Keepers since 2009, makes it clear that he will not obey orders that violate the Bill of Rights. In particular, he says he will not be used as a tool of oppression against the American people who resist and refuse to comply with infringement on their right to bear arms, such as legislation or executive orders that decree they must register, get finger printed and photographed, like a criminal.

In the video, he asks his fellow officers what they are going to do if that happens. Will they keep their oaths? Here is his own description of his video:

In this video I ask my fellow Police Officers what they would do, if they were given an unlawful order. I also touch on the Assault Weapons Ban introduced by Senator Feinstein, and how this bill has the potential of putting us Police Officers in a very bad/even fatal predicament.

I spoke to him on the phone and he made it clear that he is not afraid to take this public stand because this is what needs to happen. The peace officers need to stand up and let the people know that they are on the side of the Bill of Rights, and that they will protect the rights of the people. In one of the comments on his video, another officer had this to say:

I’ll lay my badge down, stop doing what I love if someone tries to make me do something immoral or unconstitutional. Good video, take care

Oathkeeper151 agrees. He told me that if there were door to door raids for guns against Americans who refused to comply with registration or bans, he would either defend the people with his badge on, stepping between them and the oath breakers doing the raids, or he would lay his badge down on the table and then go join the people in resisting. He loves his work as a police officer, but his oath, and his responsibility to protect the people of his community, is more important than his job. His oath comes first. The rights of he people come first…. and he is not alone.

Molon Labe,

Stewart Rhodes
Founder of Oath Keepers

My Personal Pledge of Resistance Against Any Attempt to Disarm Us by Means of an “Assault Weapons Ban”

My conscience, and the urgency of our current situation, compel me to speak out.  The victim disarmament freaks are now telling us that they don’t want to disarm us- oh, no!  They just want to take away our “assault weapons” – our semi-automatic, magazine fed, military-style rifles – and the “high capacity” magazines that feed them.   They want us to believe that so long as we can own some kind of firearm, after our semi-auto military rifles are taken, we are not disarmed.  That is a LIE.

The truth is that our semi-automatic, military pattern rifles are the single most important kind of arm we can own, and are utterly necessary for effective defense of our lives, property, and liberty.    When you are disarmed of your military rifles, you are DISARMED.   At that time, the lion’s share of your military capacity to effectively resist tyranny is removed (yes, accurate bolt action hunting rifles are useful in that role too, but the semi-auto battle rifle is truly the Queen of battle, as Col. Jeff Cooper correctly noted).   It is a significant force on the battlefield, and as Patrick Henry said, when you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.

It is the height of Orwellian perversion of language and logic to say that disarming you of the most effective arms for combat that you still have is somehow not really disarming you, because you still have hunting rifles and shotguns.  And you can bet that if you let them take your military semi-autos, next on their list will be your bolt action rifles, which they will call “sniper rifles” (and by God, that is certainly what they are good for!).   And then when they have those, they will go after any weapon that holds more than a few rounds,  or is capable of any degree of long range accuracy and penetrating power, telling you that you really don’t need one of those to hunt or target practice (a shotgun will suffice), and then they will take everything except single shot shotguns or .22’s (as was done in England) and on  down the line.  So long as you have at least a .22, they will say you are not “disarmed” while they take everything else (and then they will take the .22s, or insist that you keep them at a gun-range).

We need to call a spade a spade and teach our fellow citizens that taking away military style semi-autos is disarmament.  And we need to throw down the gauntlet and take a hard stand against it, right now.  When we, as Oath Keepers, pledged to not obey any orders to disarm the American people, this is what we meant.  Any attempt to disarm the people of any arms currently in their possession is illegitimate and must be nullified, refused, disobeyed, and resisted.

And so, in response to this obvious assault on our right to keep and bear arms (as in military arms),  I feel compelled to make the following personal pledge:

I Stewart Rhodes, as an American, as a military veteran, and as a father, pledge the following:
[Click here to see the rest of the article.]
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Update: Cops Refuse to Enforce Weapons Ban]
Post by: Luck on January 16, 2013, 03:56:19 pm
[This is new from former Sheriff Richard Mack.]

Dear Friends and Patriots,

Sheriff Denny Peyman of Jackson County, Kentucky, was on Fox News recently vowing to protect his citizens from any unconstitutional executive order that would take away our second amendment rights.

We need more sheriffs like Denny Peyman that will protect the Constitution and our Republic.

In the coming days, I will challenge every county sheriff in this country to stand with me, and those like Sheriff Peyman, to stand up against government encroachment on our right to bear arms.

I encourage those of you who love freedom to contact your local sheriff and demand they take a stand!

Here is a link to the Fox News interview with Sheriff Peyman.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Update: Cops Refuse to Enforce Weapons Ban]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on January 16, 2013, 06:03:37 pm
Any chance the Sheriff will arrest the State Legislature and Governor for accepting federal funds not authorized by the US Constitution?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Update: Cops Refuse to Enforce Weapons Ban]
Post by: Luck on January 23, 2013, 08:15:05 pm
[Richard Mack said lately the following, apparently to remind folks that his group will take donations for a good cause. I don't know if they plan to arrest crooked legislators some day, but there has to be some kind of remedy. - Luck]

I am ecstatic about the growing number of sheriffs around the country vowing to defend the Second Amendment against Obama's unlawful gun control efforts.

There is a growing list of sheriffs on our website who have said "NO" to enforcing gun control.

As the groundswell continues, we expect more and more sheriffs to come out of the woodwork and join our coalition against tyranny!

"When government fears the people, there is liberty.  When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." - Thomas Jefferson

Donate Online:

Mail Donations To:
CSPOA - Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
112 Ridgewood Dr.
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Update: Cops Refuse to Enforce Weapons Ban]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on January 24, 2013, 01:25:16 am
Did Obama's EOs even have anything to do with sheriffs? I thought it was only federal agents under his authority?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Update: Cops Refuse to Enforce Weapons Ban]
Post by: Luck on January 31, 2013, 07:39:31 pm
The Brady Bill tried to make all law enforcement people responsible for enforcing gun control, including county sheriffs. Richard Mack was a sheriff then in the early 90s. He and another sheriff sued and they won their case in the Supreme Court. They won on the argument that the federal govt can't tell local govt people what to do.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Update: Gun Rights Rally Providence, RI Friday 10 a.m.]
Post by: Luck on February 06, 2013, 03:28:18 pm
[There will apparently be rallies at every state capitol, but Oathkeepers founder, Stewart Rhodes, will speak at the RI rally.]

February 8th 2013: Peaceful demonstration at every state capital for our 2nd amendment rights
Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers Founder

Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes, will speak at the gun rights rally in Providence RI ~ On Friday Feb 8th 10:00 AM, at the Capital.  Attend a rally in your state!

Rhode Islanders will join thousands of other Americans in a nationwide event being held at every state capital, on Friday,  10 a.m. (local time) to show support for our right to keep and bear arms.

Oath Keepers are encouraged to attend any rallies held in their state.

Across the nation, states are looking to create even more gun regulations. In January, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, after violating the NY legal process and rushing the legislation through under dark of night, signed into law the New York Safe Act.  Essentially turning law-abiding American gun owners into felons overnight simply by possessing any magazines that hold more than 7 rounds.  On Sunday, January 6th, 2013, Staff Sgt. Nathan Haddad, a highly decorated combat veteran, was driving through Jefferson County New York when he was randomly pulled over for a vehicle check. Haddad, who had five 30 round empty magazines in his possession, was arrested by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and charged with five felony counts. He is now facing 35 years in prison, seven years for each empty magazine. This attack on Hassad is seen for what it is, an attack on every law abiding citizen in America. The Second Amendment clearly states:  "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, "Shall Not Be Infringed.""

We hope this rally will show public officials, that the community will support them when they uphold their oath to the Constitution and they will be held accountable if they choose to dishonor that commitment to their constituents."

Among the many prominent speakers at the Providence, RI rally will be: Stewart Rhodes (The founder of the national Oath Keepers organization)  along with Blake A. Filippi, from the 10th Amendment Center (The 10th amendment Center has been instrumental in passing various Frearms Freedom Acts in over 16 states and counting).

Join the national event page on FaceBook:  "Peaceful demonstration at every state capital for our 2nd amendment rights"

Join the Providence event page on FaceBook:  "Providence peaceful demonstration for our 2nd amendment rights"

If you think you have something more important to do this Friday "You Don't!"
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Update: Restore Sheriff's Powers in Delaware]
Post by: Luck on March 08, 2013, 09:59:39 am
Sheriff Jeff Christopher

[Today], March 8, 2013, Sheriff Jeff Christopher of Delaware will be in Superior Court in Georgetown, Delaware.  The state of Delaware has previously passed a law which declares that the elected sheriff in that state has no powers of arrest.  The sheriff's duties have been reduced to serving court papers and running foreclosure sales, and Sheriff Christopher is working to change that.

We here at the CSPOA understand the important role of the sheriff as an interposer on behalf of the people.  Others in government understand this as well, and they are doing what they can to keep the sheriff out of the way.

Using his personal funds, Sheriff Christopher is taking the issue to court to restore the powers of his office, and this is where you come in.  It takes a lot of money to fight the government in court.

Why should you care about what happens in Delaware?  Well, we're setting a precedent.  There are several states that either never had or have eliminated the office of sheriff.  Now others are seeking to limit the sheriff's power.

Sheriff Richard Mack wrote a book not too long ago entitled, "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope."  The elimination of the sheriff or the limitation of his powers is a trend that we cannot allow to continue!  This is another attempt to destroy the people's protector and replace him with state police: officers who just follow orders and answer to bureaucrats instead of to the people as the sheriff does.

Please visit to read more and find out how you can donate to this important cause.  It could have a ripple effect that touches all of us.

The CSPOA is already helping Sheriff Christopher financially and we've set up a special donation button to ask for additional funds.  Any and all donations given there will go directly to Sheriff Christopher.

In liberty,

Richard Mack

Sheriffs Bushwhacked
Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher

• Delaware attorney general strips county sheriffs of arrest powers
By Pat Shannan

Sheriff Jeff Christopher of Sussex County, Delaware, when he was elected to the office in 2010, thought he was handpicked by the people to represent them as the highest-ranking law officer in the county. Instead, he has found himself in the middle of a fight for the future of American law enforcement as a result of a nationwide effort to abolish the sheriff’s office altogether.

It is one more example of federal and state governments ignoring the will of the people as well state laws. In the case of Delaware, the state’s own  constitution stipulates that the office of the sheriff is a constitutionally created position just like the secretary of state and the attorney general. Delaware’s Constitution states: “The sheriffs shall be conservators of the peace within the counties . . . in which they reside.”

This time it is Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, sending out mandates to commissioners informing them that their sheriffs no longer have arrest powers. In an opinion released February 24, State Solicitor L.W. Lewis said that neither the state nor the common law grants arrest powers to the county sheriffs.

It would appear that Lewis is a little confused. The office of sheriff was created more than a century before the official founding of the United States. Delaware’s first sheriff took office in 1669.

Christopher tells AMERICAN FREE PRESS that the two administrations prior to his — as far back as 2000 — began to notice a reduction in funding and the chipping away of powers of the office in general.

“Now my deputies and I have been relieved of all arrest powers and can’t even make a traffic stop,” he said. “Delaware has only three counties. . . The other two sheriffs . . . will not stand up with me” to prevent the elimination of county law enforcement, he said.

During an interview at the Las Vegas Sheriffs Conference in January, Christopher told AFP that the impotence of his office was brought home to him when he was hit in the eye and kicked by County Councilman Vance Phillips but was unable to arrest him.

Beau Biden’s questionable ruling against the longtime tradition of the sheriff being the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the county because of election by the people means the state’s usurpation of the office appears to be a forthcoming fact.

Pat Shannan is an AFP contributing editor and the author of several best-selling videos and books.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Update: Restore Sheriff's Powers in Delaware]
Post by: Luck on March 12, 2013, 08:14:31 pm
Revitalization of the State Militias
A Review of Edwin Vieira's The Sword And Sovereignty
by Nelson Hultberg

On April 19, 1775, the battles of Lexington and Concord on the outskirts of Boston ignited the conflict that led to the most momentous political event of man's history - the Declaration of Independence and the birth of America. In the early morning hours of that day, a command of British troops was dispatched from Boston to search out and confiscate stores of militia weapons and supplies at Concord. On the way they confronted a small and unimposing band of armed American militia at Lexington. The British Major John Pitcairn shouted out, "Ye villains, ye Rebels, disperse; damn you, disperse! Lay down your arms!"

The American militia were under the command of Captain, John Parker; and their orders were to remain non-antagonistic to the British. They were outnumbered by almost ten to one. So why didn't they lay down their arms when ordered to do so? "Because," says constitutional scholar Edwin Vieira, "free men with a duty to keep and bear arms never willingly lay down their arms. And at Lexington, none of them did." The heroic militia Captain John Parker warned his men, "if they mean to have a war let it begin here." And begin it did.

Importance of the State Militias
With his newest book,The Sword and Sovereignty, Edwin Vieira, Jr., has given us a magisterial work that meticulously documents the history of the early American Militias and why similar units must be revitalized today if we are to adequately confront our disintegration as a society and restore the republic that the Founders gave us. It is a book that will profoundly shock 98 percent of Americans. It is so overpowering in its legal logic and constitutional veracity that the intellectuality of Cicero and Plutarch comes to mind as one reads the prose. It is not a book that can be read lightly; it demands a tolerance for legal thought and abstract conceptualization.

But for those "men of the mind" who understand the importance of ideas in the unfolding of history, the effort will be most rewarding. You will be shown an entirely new way of seeing things regarding guns, militia, the Second Amendment, homeland security, how they intertwine, and how they have been grossly misrepresented by quisling, pseudo-experts of the establishment.For the first 125 years of our history, the "Militia of the several States" was a highly honored institution that played a vital role in preserving the concept of federalism upon which our system of freedom depends. This ended with the Militia Act of 1903, which shifted the "Militia of the several States" into National Guard units under the auspices of the national military. State and local control was eliminated.

In addition, as Vieira tells us, over the past century or decades "of disuse, misuse, and abuse have so thoroughly muddled the meaning of 'Militia' in contemporary American political discourse that the word is hardly ever encountered except as invective, usually well-freighted with vituperative adjectives such as 'extremist' and 'violent', broadcast by the enemies of constitutional government (and their dupes and other 'useful idiots') for the purpose of intimidating into silence the people they intend to oppress as soon as the vast majority of Americans has been thoroughly disarmed through one form of 'gun control' or another."

Anybody today with a modicum of brains can see that our nation is being transformed into a "first-class police state." Homeland Security and Washington's outrageous "Patriot Acts" are Alice in Wonderland institutions that have taken us a giant step down the path to Orwell's nightmare. Our military-industrial complex grows exponentially. The Federal Government has become a Godzilla of ugliness and menace. Our Congressmen are Machiavellian schemers wallowing in sophistic mazes and treason to truth.

Vieira's answer to this pernicious evolution is startling. As with all big thinkers in history, he asks us (like Steve Jobs did to his comrades at Apple) to "Think Different!" He maintains that America cannot be saved unless she revitalizes her original concept of the "Militia of the several States."

The Sword and Sovereignty explains - in 1,945 pages of text and 305 pages of appendixes, tables, and notes - why this must be done and how to constitutionally do it. Magisterial scholarship is putting it mildly.

History and Restoration of the Militias

The book explores the legal history of the pre-constitutional Militia statutes of colonial times to demonstrate that armed and well-regulated Militias formed on the state level are what the Founders intended for the provision of "homeland security." The monstrosity of today's centralized Homeland Security Department in Washington is not needed; a revival of the "Militia of the several States" and unequivocal acknowledgement of the people's right to bear arms will give us everything we require. This will decentralize "security" in the country and help greatly to check the ominous peril [from] the military-industrial complex.
Many Americans will perceive this as a quixotic attempt to turn back the clock and revive a hopeless anachronism that prevailed in the era of flintlock muskets and tri-cornered caps. Not so. Vieira demonstrates his points legally with the same overpowering logic that Ludwig von Mises puts forth economically in Human Action. Mises was relentless in rational destructions of the socialists' sinister fallacies. So too is Vieira in his dismantling of the arguments of today's collectivist control freaks. After he traces the legal history of pre-constitutional Militia and gun statutes, he then lays out seventeen fundamental principles (in seventeen chapters) to define how the constitutional structure and service of a revitalized "Militia of the several States" would be validated. When one is done reading these seventeen chapters, he sees clearly that a revitalization of the state Militias is constitutionally legitimate and workable in the modern day. Whether or not they can be revived is, of course, an open question. There is huge opposition in all establishment schools, bureaucracies, and courts to such a radical restructuring of society's power relationships. But Vieira demonstrates in compelling fashion why and how it can be done if Americans still have the will.

One of the most profound parts of the book is its explanation in Chapter One of the present day fallacy of "judicial supremacy," showing how the Supreme Court is not the ultimate judge of "what the law is." Congress stands above the Court and may stipulate how the Judges are to interpret the laws. But most importantly, the People stand above Congress, for they are the creators of Congress via the Constitution. WE THE PEOPLE rule in America, not congressional despots and judicial oligarchs.

As the famous eighteenth century jurist, Sir William Blackstone, observed in Commentaries on the Laws of England, "whenever a question arises between the society at large and any magistrate vested with powers originally delegated by that society, it must be decided by the voice of the society itself: there is not upon earth any other tribunal to resort to."Thus the salvation of America must come with reassertion of the citizens' fundamental right to decide the ultimate issues of their lives. Through political techniques such as nullification on the part of juries and state governments the overweening excesses of today's Federal Government and its bureaucratic thugs can be brought to heel.

It is important to understand that Vieira is NOT proposing "private" Militias, the likes of which we have seen in recent years from racial supremacy groups and neo-Nazi extremists. What Vieira is proposing is the revitalization of governmentally created and legitimized Militia units among the states that our Constitution calls irrevocably for. These will be legislated and regulated by the state governments. They will be official government bodies in all the towns and cities of the land, not rogue factions that operate from wilderness hideouts. The leftist establishment media will, no doubt, attempt to portray Vieira's plan as the promotion of wilderness wackos reveling in burning crosses and white sheets; but hopefully learned Americans will recognize such smear tactics as the inexcusable liberal vacuity that it is.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Update: Restore Sheriff's Powers in Delaware]
Post by: Luck on March 12, 2013, 08:15:19 pm

Benefits of Militia Restoration

There are so many benefits to such a revitalization. As Vieira writes, "Today, at every level of the federal system, America is woefully unprepared to deal effectively with hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters; with major industrial accidents, such as leakages from offshore oil-drilling rigs or meltdowns of nuclear power plants; with epidemics and pandemics; with crop failures and possibly attendant famines; with invasions through the Volkerwanderung of illegal immigration; with economic breakdowns, and in particular a collapse of this country's monetary and banking systems; and with the myriad threats posed by real terrorism. 'Well regulated Militia', however, not only could deal with the consequences of such events, but also could forefend many of them." In addition, the Militia can be used to investigate the constitutionality of the laws that they execute, they can supervise honest elections, they can help to repel invasions, they can help local police, they can be very instrumental in defeating the machinations of globalism, etc.

Another crucial point to grasp is that the revitalized Militia will not be in any way a part of the regular military, nor will they be under the thumb of Congress. This is the way the Constitution established them in the beginning, and this is the way they must be revived. They will be institutions of unity and defense at the state government level. Their revival will begin the vital process of restoring "federalism."

Owning Guns Not Enough

Vieira explains that the individual right to bear arms as a defense against tyranny will not suffice in and of itself. "For, confronted by usurpers and tyrants deploying 'standing armies' and para-militarized police forces, or by hordes of foreign invaders, armed individuals in isolation or in small groups would likely prove feckless." In other words, just the right to bear arms is not enough. What is necessary is the establishment of collective, coordinated state Militias. This is why the Second Amendment says, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The pre-constitutional colonial and state statutes during the 150 years leading up to 1787, demonstrate irrefutably that Militias organized on the state and local levels were held by the patriots of the era to be vital for the defense of freedom and order in the republic. The modern day is no different; in fact, such institutions are even more vital. Upon this right of individual and local self-defense, there can be no compromise.

Most libertarians and conservatives are aware of the recent testimony in front of Congress by Suzanna Hupp regarding our right to bear arms. She was one of the victims of the tragic Luby's massacre in Killeen, Texas in 1991 and lost both her parents to the gun-toting madman. She testified to our Washington solons that if she had been allowed to carry the gun she owned in her purse, she would have been able to kill the madman and would have saved numerous lives including her parents.

Then she topped off her heroic testimony with these searing words as she stared Senator Charles Schumer and his imperious cronies right in the eyes: "I am sitting here getting more and more fed up with all of this talk about these pieces of machinery having no legitimate sporting purpose, no legitimate hunting purpose. People, that is not the point of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is not about duck hunting.... It is about our rights, all of our rights to be able to protect ourselves from all of you guys up there."

How to Bring About the Revitalization
The Militias of early America in both pre and post Constitution eras were basically compulsory institutions. The states mandated that all able-bodied men were subject to membership and duty. In other words the states had the right to impress citizens into the Militia. This, of course, will not be acceptable to the libertarian community of the modern day. So if the Militias are to be revived, they will have to be voluntarily joined as Independent Militia Companies formed by the state governments. And this is the procedure that Vieira advocates. Independent Militia Companies must spring up under the auspices of the state governments via volunteers. Vieira goes into detail, however, explaining how the early American viewpoint was that membership in the Militias had to be compulsory, and that eventually they should be formed into such units as Americans are educated in this upcoming century toward their duties as well as their rights in maintaining a free republic. He makes a very passionate case for regaining the "all for one and one for all" spirit that animated early Americans' willingness to tolerate compulsory membership in their local Militias. Being a political libertarian, I would disagree on this point and rely permanently on voluntary units as the undergirding structure to revitalization. The Militias might not work as efficiently, and their memberships might not be spread as evenly among all citizens, but they will be a lot safer units of government under volunteer recruitment policies. The Founders understood the power lusting nature of man and the necessity for citizens to be armed and organized at all times as protection from their rulers. Suzanna Hupp understands this. Edwin Vieira understands it. And now we as a people must come to realize it. Our right to bear arms has nothing to do with duck hunting. State Militias have nothing to do with wilderness wackos.

"The struggle that has been thrust upon Americans," writes Vieira, "is not one to preserve the uniquely American way of life, but to restore it." The plague of factions and collectivist usurpers have decimated the republic. "Today, the true America exists only as fleeting, dissipating shadows of her former self."

The Sword and Sovereignty's message will go a long way toward restoring that resplendent America we lost. It is a profoundly patriotic work of powerful impact that can direct our intelligentsia toward a rediscovery of our real roots. Any thinking man or woman today who fears for America's survival needs to tackle this book. It is available in CD format at Amazon.

Nelson Hultberg * February 10 2013

Nelson Hultberg is a freelance writer in Dallas, Texas and the Director of Americans for a Free Republic His articles have appeared in such publications as the Dallas Morning News, The American Conservative, Insight, The Freeman, and Liberty, as well as on numerous Internet sites such as The Daily Bell, Financial Sense, and Safe Haven. He is also the author of
The Golden Mean: Libertarian Politics, Conservative Values to be released in March of 2013. Email him at:
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Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Constitutional Sheriff Assassinated Today]
Post by: Luck on April 03, 2013, 04:48:13 pm
It is a tragic and very sad day for all Americans, that we have learned of the assassination of Sheriff Eugene Crum of Mingo County, West Virginia. Sheriff Crum was very dedicated to his community and he will be sorely missed. The CSPOA and all its members and staff extend our most heartfelt condolences to Sheriff Crum's family and the Mingo County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Crum was shot shortly after noon today near the courthouse in Mingo County. A suspect is in custody.
Sheriff Eugene Crum

In liberty,
Richard Mack
CSPOA - Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (480)840-9091
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Illinois Gun Dealer Convicted]
Post by: Luck on April 09, 2013, 01:40:39 pm
I just heard about this recent Illinois case near my home town of a gun dealer getting a 2 year prison sentence for selling a firearm to someone he supposedly knew had been convicted of using cocaine, so it was without doing a background check, or whatever the law supposedly requires. I plan to inform Oathkeepers and maybe CSPOA of this situation and contact the gun dealer and see if anything might be done to try to overturn the conviction and maybe sue the plaintiffs. Notice at the bottom that 6 different agencies were involved in the case, including the local idiots. My guess is that the govt spent a million dollars or more to convict this terrible gun dealer. Can anyone else make a better estimate on that? I'm no expert.

Jerseyville gun dealer admits illegal sales
Posted: Friday, March 22, 2013 3:54 pm
[Alton] Telegraph staff report

EAST ST. LOUIS - The former operator of a Jerseyville gun store pleaded guilty to federal charges of selling firearms to someone he knew to be a regular user of cocaine, U.S. Attorney Stephen R. Wigginton announced Friday.

John L. "Jay" Jones II, 33, of Jerseyville, pleaded guilty Tuesday in U.S. District Court in East St. Louis to a charge of sale of a firearm to a prohibited person. The one-count information charged that in May 2010, Jones sold five firearms to another person, knowing and having reasonable cause to believe that the purchaser was an unlawful user of a controlled substance.

The crime is punishable by as much as 10 years of imprisonment, a $250,000 fine and a three-year term of supervised release.

Jones formerly was the operator of Discount House Inc., 711 S. State St., in Jerseyville, a federal firearms licensee, and was working in that capacity when he sold the firearms illegally.

Jones' sentencing currently is set for June 28.

Authorities had been pursuing the case for some time, but it only came to court this week.

As a result of his conviction and as one of the conditions of his $10,000 bond, Jones is prohibited from possessing any firearms or ammunition and can have no involvement in the sale or purchase of firearms or ammunition at Discount House, which remains in business.

Wigginton, who is U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, was granted a motion to seal three documents in the case because they contained "the full name of an unindicted individual.

"Although (the law) does not require the name to be redacted, its inclusion in the public record nevertheless raises privacy concerns," federal prosecutors argued.

They noted that Jones' defense attorney did not oppose the motion.

As a result of the seal, many details of the case were not available on Friday.

This case was investigated by agents of the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, working in concert with agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, officers of the Jersey County Sheriff's Department and the Illinois State Police.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Illinois Gun Dealer Convicted]
Post by: Auspicious Aspect on April 09, 2013, 03:40:11 pm
I just heard about this recent Illinois case near my home town of a gun dealer getting a 2 year prison sentence for selling a firearm to someone he supposedly knew had been convicted of using cocaine, so it was without doing a background check, or whatever the law supposedly requires. I plan to inform Oathkeepers and maybe CSPOA of this situation and contact the gun dealer and see if anything might be done to try to overturn the conviction and maybe sue the plaintiffs. Notice at the bottom that 6 different agencies were involved in the case, including the local idiots. My guess is that the govt spent a million dollars or more to convict this terrible gun dealer. Can anyone else make a better estimate on that? I'm no expert.

Jerseyville gun dealer admits illegal sales
Posted: Friday, March 22, 2013 3:54 pm
[Alton] Telegraph staff report

This article leaves out most of the information needed to understand the case, but what is your overall objection to what is described?

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Illinois Gun Dealer Convicted]
Post by: Sam Adams on April 09, 2013, 09:11:33 pm
    Fed,s always use an unindicted individual for all their testimony and alledged evidence. This time they even sealed his identity? Wonder why? Maybe its Bin Laden? He,s unidicted which means he is a criminal and should be in prison and the court coerced him into lying, I mean testifying because he was promised a better future. Dealer picked 2 years vs a jury giving him 10 years. People should start trusting juries NOW, as the govt has declared war on its voters.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Illinois Gun Dealer Convicted]
Post by: Luck on April 11, 2013, 10:52:55 am
AA said: what is your overall objection to what is described?

I object to the govt interfering with people's second amendment rights, as well as pretending to have the authority to control what drugs people may use or sell.

Richard Cornforth seems to have good info for how to defend oneself in court from govt abuse.

Sam said: People should start trusting juries NOW, as the govt has declared war on its voters.
I think it's even more important to trust learning the law and defending yourself in court and countersuing the bastards. Cornforth's info may help and Fred Graves' info seems very good too.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: Luck on April 11, 2013, 10:59:23 am
2nd Amendment Rally _ W. Springfield, Mass _ April 19
At the 2nd Amendment Rally at West Springfield, Massachusetts [] Stewart will give his second public address of the day.

>>Info for the Lexington Green event is at this link - 

Immediately after giving the Oath ceremony at Lexington Green on April 19, 2013, Stewart Rhodes will then appear at the Town Commons in West Springfield, Massachusetts, to speak for the 2nd Amendment Rally.  The fliers below will provide all the details and contact info.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Illinois Gun Dealer Convicted]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on April 11, 2013, 01:42:29 pm
AA said: what is your overall objection to what is described?

I object to the govt interfering with people's second amendment rights, as well as pretending to have the authority to control what drugs people may use or sell.

Richard Cornforth seems to have good info for how to defend oneself in court from govt abuse.

Sam said: People should start trusting juries NOW, as the govt has declared war on its voters.
I think it's even more important to trust learning the law and defending yourself in court and countersuing the bastards. Cornforth's info may help and Fred Graves' info seems very good too.

The dealer would have been arrested on commerce restrictions. They didn't arrest him for having a gun in his possession (keeping and bearing arms).
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: Luck on April 12, 2013, 06:56:35 pm
The dealer would have been arrested on commerce restrictions. They didn't arrest him for having a gun in his possession (keeping and bearing arms).
I believe the right to bear arms means also the right to trade for arms.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Illinois Gun Dealer Convicted]
Post by: Auspicious Aspect on April 12, 2013, 07:10:13 pm
AA said: what is your overall objection to what is described?

I object to the govt interfering with people's second amendment rights, as well as pretending to have the authority to control what drugs people may use or sell.

This looks to me more like a contract dispute. In this case, the dealer had a contract with the government. He agreed to abide by certain rules, and in exchange, he was granted privileges that are withheld from regular citizens. It seems like he broke the contract, so his business partner (ATF) held him to penalties under the contract that he willingly signed and from which he was making a profit.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on April 13, 2013, 09:58:57 am
The dealer would have been arrested on commerce restrictions. They didn't arrest him for having a gun in his possession (keeping and bearing arms).
I believe the right to bear arms means also the right to trade for arms.
I believe if that was what they meant... they would have made it clear.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: Erik The Red on April 13, 2013, 11:32:18 am
The dealer would have been arrested on commerce restrictions. They didn't arrest him for having a gun in his possession (keeping and bearing arms).
I believe the right to bear arms means also the right to trade for arms.
I believe if that was what they meant... they would have made it clear.

I'm no lawyer or scholar, but isn't restricting what can/can't be sold and to whom 'infringing' on the RKBA? That infringement was not to happen was pretty clearly stated. Nowhere was it stated that "...shall not be infringed....unless you use drugs, or beat your wife, or WE think you're mental".

I think I am with Luck on this one, if the ability to acquire/trade something is restricted the right to keep and bear that thing is therefore similarly restricted.

just my $.02
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [Illinois Gun Dealer Convicted]
Post by: MaineShark on April 13, 2013, 01:48:13 pm
This looks to me more like a contract dispute. In this case, the dealer had a contract with the government. He agreed to abide by certain rules, and in exchange, he was granted privileges that are withheld from regular citizens. It seems like he broke the contract, so his business partner (ATF) held him to penalties under the contract that he willingly signed and from which he was making a profit.

Engaging in free trade is not a privilege - it's a right.

In exchange for signing their contract, he was allowed to exercise his right to trade, while others are having that right infringed.  A contract signed under duress (if he sold guns without signing their contract, which he has every right to do, they would violently attack him) is no contract at all.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on April 14, 2013, 03:53:41 am
I don't know if it would qualify as a Right, since the US Constitution allows for restrictions on it; and depending on the State Constitution the Legislature may have some control over it.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on April 14, 2013, 03:57:46 am
The dealer would have been arrested on commerce restrictions. They didn't arrest him for having a gun in his possession (keeping and bearing arms).
I believe the right to bear arms means also the right to trade for arms.
I believe if that was what they meant... they would have made it clear.

I'm no lawyer or scholar, but isn't restricting what can/can't be sold and to whom 'infringing' on the RKBA? That infringement was not to happen was pretty clearly stated. Nowhere was it stated that "...shall not be infringed....unless you use drugs, or beat your wife, or WE think you're mental".

I think I am with Luck on this one, if the ability to acquire/trade something is restricted the right to keep and bear that thing is therefore similarly restricted.

just my $.02
And you don't think that the populace is smart enough to word it in such a way, should they desire, to make the SCOTUS take the same perception? Since its their ruling that will arbitrate.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: Luck on April 15, 2013, 01:48:01 pm
AA said: This looks to me more like a contract dispute [between the govt and the gun dealer].
Forced contracts are void. Acquiescing to contracts involuntarily for the sake of survival is Duress, which makes most similar so-called "contracts" with the govt Void. They're not true contracts.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on April 15, 2013, 01:53:21 pm
That might work in court.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: Luck on April 16, 2013, 08:44:48 am
(Rallies info below at second paragraph.)

Just because my statement may not be accepted in most courts doesn't mean the statement is false. The principle is certainly correct. Contracts in an authoritarian society are often under duress, even if most people don't realize it. Such contracts have no moral obligation for those under duress.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: John Edward Mercier on April 16, 2013, 10:55:28 am
Its the court (actually jury) that he will need to convince.
He will need to argue that the federal government, and maybe even State, have no authority to restrict this commerce action.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: Luck on April 17, 2013, 01:22:48 pm
Here's the info again about the rallies on Friday

>>Info for the Lexington Green event is at this link -

2nd Amendment Rally _ W. Springfield, Mass _ April 19
At the 2nd Amendment Rally at West Springfield, Massachusetts [] Stewart will give his second public address of the day.

Immediately after giving the Oath ceremony at Lexington Green on April 19, 2013, Stewart Rhodes will then appear at the Town Commons in West Springfield, Massachusetts, to speak for the 2nd Amendment Rally.  The fliers below will provide all the details and contact info.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: Luck on April 17, 2013, 06:47:06 pm
MA tyrants are said to be attempting to prevent the Lexington Green rally, but OK says they will have someone there to give the alternative location, if the tyrants succeed. I think they say the Springfield rally will be at 2 p.m. Here's an update link:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: Luck on April 19, 2013, 10:02:37 am
OK now says:
Whatever the judge decides to do, we intend on standing on Lexington Green and renewing our oaths just like the Massechusettes Militia did in 1798.   If the judge rules against us, we will do the Oath on Lexington Green and then go to West Springfield to hold the rest of our event.

See this about their Complaint Requesting Injunction:

See this about plan update:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [OK at Prepper Fest AZ Expo April 26-28]
Post by: Luck on April 23, 2013, 08:22:32 am

Stewart Rhodes at Prepper Fest AZ Expo April 26-28, 2013 in Phoenix, AZ.
He will be the Key Note Speaker on the 27th and 28th to promote Oath Keepers and Operation Sleeping Giant.
Stop by our booth and meet Stewart.

Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center
7000 E. Mayo Blvd, Suite #14
Loop 101 and Scottsdale Rd.
Between Sports Authority & Babies “R” Us

Tickets to the Prepper Fest AZ Expo are $10 in advance (or with a coupon) and $12 day of the event. To purchase tickets, see a schedule of events or for more information, visit .
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [2nd Amendment Rally Apr 19 in E & W MA.]
Post by: Sam Adams on May 06, 2013, 10:35:08 am
MA tyrants are said to be attempting to prevent the Lexington Green rally, but OK says they will have someone there to give the alternative location, if the tyrants succeed. I think they say the Springfield rally will be at 2 p.m. Here's an update link:

  We were planning a tea party rally in CT on 7/4/2007 at the Capital. The Capital Police stated since its a holiday we can,t have the rally because they are all on a long week-end holiday. Vendor insisted on having a permit issued for that day and later he was quoted for 300 persons, $17.00 a head for the permit, because of over-time pay. Everyone in the group objected, and the vendor went back and asked to see the law. Anyways, he was granted permission at the normal rate to exercise his 1st amendment rights of Assembly and even his and others free speech. My point is, when you ask permission to assemble you can be denied or you can receive permission from your govt  to stand on your own grass. Here we have the Oathkeepers having their permission retracted after the fact of having it granted, WHY did they ask permission in the first place? What does the Right to Assemble and the Right to Free Speech Mean? Does it mean we are Trained to seek permits and actually pay for this Privilege, or is it a Right like the 2nd Amendment? Privilege or a Right?    I can understand notifying the Capital or scheduling the activity ahead of time so as not to conflict with other groups or events, but to convert your born rights into paid permits[permission] seems like begging.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [DHS Videos Call Gun Owners Terrorists]
Post by: Luck on May 06, 2013, 04:23:47 pm
May 2nd, 2013
DHS Training Video Depicts ‘Militias’ As Chemical Weapon Wielding Terrorists

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at

A training-style video available on a media page of the FEMA HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program) website, and linked to the Department Of Homeland Security, features a fake news report depicting “gunowners” and “militias” as terrorists planning bombing attacks on public centers.  While confirming that the video’s source was indeed a FEMA/DHS webpage (it was), I discovered another similar video which pushes the boundaries even further; depicting a raid on a militia headquarters which turns up “evidence” of a chemical weapons factory, as well as schematics of various civilian targets.  Both videos can be viewed below:

I can’t see any actual “training” utility to these videos, except that they condition DHS agents (and perhaps other law enforcement officials) to immediately associate the “militia” and the gun rights community at large with vicious terrorism.  Take special note that “gun possession” is mentioned in both videos as if it is a crime, while showing weapons and items that are perfectly legal to own today, including semi-automatic rifles, sniper scopes, night vision, flack jackets, and armor piercing rounds (rounds manufactured before the ATF cut-off date are still legal for anyone to own).  All of these items are descibed in the video as seized “contraband”.  Also take note of the absurd scene in which confiscated shooting dummies of various skin tones are displayed while an officer states “ethnicity was open, they hated just about everybody… “.

The official intention or purpose of these videos is not yet known, though this is not the first time the DHS has been caught producing materials that demonize patriot groups and profile them as domestic terrorists.  From the Virginia Fusion Center Report to the MIAC Report and beyond, the DHS along with the help of propaganda peddlers at the Southern Poverty Law Center, has consistently fielded the concept that Constitutionalists, states rights advocates, 2nd Amendment advocates, tax protesters, anti-federal reserve activists, Ron Paul supporters, and even returning veterans are potential threats to national security.  The fictional videos above make us appear monstrous with the potential capacity for mass murder.  The narrative is clearly being established in the minds of law enforcement that we are the enemy.  Realize that the “militia” label will one day be used to pigeonhole all Liberty Movement Groups, and that the fantasy of “evil plots” against the citizenry will certainly be attached…

As of the date this article was posted, both videos above were available for download on the FEMA HSEEP website, linked to a subsection.  The exact date when these videos were produced is not clear.  Here are the original links for those resources (Vid 1 is listed as “Video Raid”, and Vid 2 is listed as “Video News Raid”):
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [DHS/FEMA Videos Call Gun Owners Terrorists]
Post by: Luck on May 06, 2013, 04:33:45 pm
See previous message for DHS videos info. I wanted to add these links, & , which discuss OK sponsoring a NASCAR, driven by Jeffrey Earnhardt, for the June 1, race in Dover, Delaware. (Take that, corrupt govt swine!)

You may also like to see comments by another naysayer, SPLC, and OK's response at
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA [More on Obama's Treason]
Post by: Luck on May 08, 2013, 11:05:30 am

May 8th, 2013
Oath Keepers Founder Attending Benghazi Hearing in DC Today and at Boston Bombing Hearing Tomorrow

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes is in DC and is attending the House Benghazi Hearings today, where three key witnesses will testify.  Also attending are Richard Frye and Jeff Lewis of Patriot Coalition.


As the founder and President of Oath Keepers, a national organization of current serving military, police, and first responders, as well as veterans, all dedicated to defending our Constitution, I felt compelled to be here  in support of those who kept their oaths and to demand accountability from those who failed to support them.

It is now looking like they (including Obama himself)  intentionally and callously withheld crucial military support, watched good men die on their screens, and then punished and purged those who tried to help them.

Hopefully the truth will finally come out, after months of stone-walking and political spin.

Oath Keepers will  hold a national conference call on Benghazi within the next week, as a follow up on the hearings.

Meanwhile, all Oath Keepers, and our supporters, are encouraged to contact their elected representatives in the House and Senate and demand a full investigation and accountability. This is not about politics.  It’s about honor,  letting those who risk their lives in service know that we have their back, and punishing those who do not.

I will also be attending the House hearing on the Boston Bombing scheduled for 9am Eastern, tomorrow morning.

The defacto martial law lock-down and warrantless cordon and search in the Boston area in the wake of the bombing was more like something out of occupied Iraq than America and sets a very dangerous precedent for setting aside the Bill of Rights under the rationale of “emergency” just like the gun confiscation during Katrina was also defended as being “necessary” under an emergency.  (see our Declaration of Orders We Will Not Obey #2: “We will not obey orders to conduct warrantless searches against the American people”)

Yes, the Supreme Court has carved out a “hot pursuit” exception to the warrant requirement, but that applies to a specific building, such as seeing the suspect enter a home, hearing gun-fire or screens coming from the home. It does NOT apply to an entire city, regardless of how bad the bad guy.

Such an “exception” would swallow the rule and wipe out the Fourth Amendment, just ad the gun confiscation during Katrina was a total violation of the Second Amendment.

The Bill of Rights was meant for emergencies, to stop us from setting aside our rights when we are scared and angry.

We also hear calls for the suspension of Miranda rights and even the use of “enemy combatant” designation and military detention of the remaining Boston Bombing suspects.   (See our Order #3: “we will not obey orders to detain US citizens as ‘enemy combatants’”).

We must defend ALL of the Bill of Rights, for all Americans, at all times, lest we ourselves be hypocrites like the oath breakers who infest DC and are destroying our Republic from within.

Wither we give due respect to the incredible wisdom and foresight of the Founders, and defense what good have bled and died to preserve, or hang it up, disavow our oaths and join the ranks of the government supremacist destroyers of liberty who ALWAYS use tragedy, emergencies, and war to assume more lower to themselves and enslavement of mankind.

For the Republic!

Stewart Rhodes
Founder of Oath Keepers
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (55 Sheriffs Sue CO on Gun Laws)
Post by: Luck on May 18, 2013, 05:01:12 pm
55 COLORADO Sheriffs Sue State Over Bad Gun Laws
See lawsuit link, video link and names of the sheriffs at .
"Oath Keepers everywhere are pleased by this kind of patriotism displayed by County Sheriffs. Our message of fidelity to the Oath is certainly gaining good traction all across America as governmental corruption is exposed on all levels of government (with the most hideous corruption emanating from the General government in WDC). Thank God for real American Sheriffs!"
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (O.K. Billboard Up in Calif.)
Post by: Luck on June 03, 2013, 08:24:37 am
O.K. Billboard Up At Twentynine Palms Marine Base!
[Two other O.K. billboards are already up near two other bases. See below.]
June 1st, 2013
( (

Times change and lines sometimes become blurred. New Orleans and Boston have seen a military involvement with “law enforcement” on American streets. Here are two links which excitable citizens can easily misinterpret to their own dismay

You and I know better than to be overly concerned about this kind of morph, but many Americans right now would not trust anything “government” any further than they could throw it. Still, you and I remain calm and collected in our speculations about what “might happen if“.

Before Katrina struck New Orleans no one would have believed that U.S. troops would be going door to door confiscating citizens’ personal guns, but that line blurred in the exigency of the moment and the dark deed was indeed done.

In April 2013 the Boston bombing saw another line being blurred when the military suddenly popped into view working side by side with local police –

As awakened Americans know, the Fusion Centers of the Department of Homeland Security have interfaced local police with the U.S. military. Some of us see good reason to break that coupling. The three torrid scandals presently rocking Washington D.C. indicate that the force of government can and will be sometimes brought to bear on citizens merely on grounds of their opposition to political policy. Owing to obvious lying by top officials in the current regime, there is a climate of distrust overshadowing the General government.

It is a good time to place Oath Keepers billboards near military bases around America, because many signs indicate that in the event of an unusual exigency our own military could be called down upon the American people right here in their own country.

Back in January of 2011 Julie Watson of the Associated Press announced the following –

A mock city roughly the size of downtown San Diego has risen in a remote Southern California desert to train military forces to fight in urban environments.

The $170 million urban training center was unveiled Tuesday at the Twentynine Palms military base, 170 miles northeast of San Diego.

The 1,560-building facility will allow troops to practice and refine skills that can be used around the world, the Marine Corps said.

Please read that article at original site:

In another accounting of the opening of this desert training center Kelly O’Sullivan of The Desert Trail notes on January 28, 2011:
Shortly after Brig. Gen. H. Stacy Clardy III cut the ribbon on the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center’s new $170 million urban warfare training facility Tuesday, Jan. 25, the base commanding general stood atop one of its 1,250 cargo-container buildings with an enthusiastic group of visitors and watched a platoon of Marines storm a building in one of its seven districts.

The men of 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment out of Camp Pendleton, in their fifth of 36 days of pre-deployment Enhanced Mojave Viper training at CAMOUT — short for Combined Arms Military Operations in Urban Terrain — roared up in light armored vehicles and tanks, barreling out to take up positions on the ground, rifles at the ready.

That article is found here:

I mention the above because the featured urban warfare training city is actually pegged to the U.S. Marine Corps base at Twentynine Palms, California. Twentynine Palms, California, is where retired Lt.CDR “Guy” Cunningham conducted his widely-known survey of Marines in which he asked the Marines if they would fire on Americans who refused, in the face of government orders, to turn in their personal guns. A surprising number of the Marines said that they would fire on Americans who disobeyed a law requiring them to turn in their personal weapons. (Thankfully, the large majority of Marines responding to that question stated that they would not fire on Americans who resisted gun confiscation, but some said they would.)

All things considered, Oath Keepers, on May 24, 2013, leased a billboard in the town of Twentynine Palms, California, and placed this remarkable message on that billboard for all to see.

Oath Keepers would like to thank Michele Imburgia, Josh Holkesvig, John Oetken, and Jeff Ford for spear-heading the successful mission to place our billboard at Twentynine Palms, California.

Additionally, Oath Keepers has a billboard up at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, and is in process of securing billboards for Ft. Hood, Texas, and Fort Rucker, Alabama, with more to follow those. Oath Keepers would like to thank each patriot who donated to our billboard fund.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Obama: If People 'Can't Trust' Government)
Post by: Luck on June 14, 2013, 02:15:52 pm
[See full article at this link:]

All of this spying began under the G.W. Bush administration, and it has continued and expanded ever since. Both Republicans and Democrats in Washington, D.C., are equally culpable in dismantling the Bill of Rights, in trampling our liberties, and in bringing the United States to the precipice of a police state.

According to other published reports, “The US National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation have been harvesting data such as audio, video, photographs, emails, and documents from the internal servers of nine major technology companies, according to a leaked 41-slide security presentation obtained by The Washington Post and The Guardian.”

The report also said, “The program, codenamed PRISM, is considered highly classified and has never been made public before. The list of companies involved are the who's who of Silicon Valley: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple. Dropbox, though not yet an official part of the program, is said to be joining it soon. These companies have all willingly participated in the program, says the Post.”

See the report at:

Secret Program Gives NSA, FBI Backdoor Access To Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft Data

So, let me ask readers a question: how is all of this different from what the Nazi government did in Germany, or what the communist government did in the former Soviet Union, or what the communist government is still doing in China? How is it different? It isn’t, and you and I both know it isn’t!

Well, now that the mainstream media has decided to actually cover the story, how will the American people react? How will pastors and Christians react?

For far too long the vast majority of Americans, including the vast majority of pastors and Christians, have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to this burgeoning police state that began in earnest under G.W. Bush. Until now, when one tried to talk to their pastor about these things, he or she was dismissed as a “conspiracy nut.” And when one would try to educate his or her friends and co-workers, they would get the same response. How many times did we hear the retort, “This is America; it can’t happen here”?

Well, IT IS HAPPENING HERE; and this is America in name only.

Years ago on my website, I began compiling those few media reports that would surface regarding America’s plunge into a surveillance state. I invite readers to peruse these reports...

Emerging Police State

Again, the real question now is what are the American people going to do about it? With the exception of now-retired Congressman Ron Paul (and a few others), hardly anyone on Capitol Hill was interested in arresting this out-of-control federal government. What will Congress do now?

If Bill Clinton deserved to be impeached (and he did), Barack Obama certainly deserves to be impeached. And for that matter, G.W. Bush deserved to be impeached. Any President who deliberately and willfully tries to strip the American people of their Natural liberties by unleashing the spy agencies of the federal government against them should be impeached. They should also be tarred and feathered!

So, what is YOUR congressman or congresswoman doing? What is your senator doing? What are your State officials doing? What is YOUR pastor and church doing? What are YOU doing?

This issue transcends partisan politics. It should not matter to a tinker’s dam whether one is a Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, white or black, male or female, Christian or non-Christian, businessman or laborer. If we do not have the right to privacy, we have forever forfeited the right to call ourselves a free country.

Furthermore, shame on those corporations who, for the sake of money, are helping to turn our once free republic into a police state. Shame on them! And shame on those pastors and churches that have sat in their ivory palaces and refused to be the watchmen on the wall, the duty to which they have been called. Shame on them!

Yes, we DO have some problems here. The first problem is an arrogant, tyranny-prone, out-of-control federal government that, like a leviathan, is swallowing up our liberties. The second problem is the indifference, apathy, and greed of corporate America, the media (until lately), and America’s pastors and churches that refuse to do anything to resist it.

Make no mistake about it: what the federal government is doing by its wholesale spying on the American people is a blatant attack against our liberties, our homes, and our way of life. We (all of us) either fight off this insidious attack or forever are labeled as the cowards and traitors that we will have become. President John F. Kennedy is quoted as asking, “If not us, who? If not now, when?” Amen.

(c) Chuck Baldwin
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Progress on Oathkeepers' 2nd Amendment Movie)
Post by: Luck on June 17, 2013, 08:43:16 am
Sunday Reading: Good News For The Second Amendment, by Elias Alias

The past three weeks have been absolutely insane as Federal law-breaking and lying have erupted on many fronts, with the latest being the Edward Snowden leak exposing the NSA's mischief. To illustrate how bad it is inside the beltway, here is the former head of the NSA talking his trash at the Press Club just as he was stepping down from his job running the NSA to take another job running the CIA. This is a four-star General who would have the American press believe that "probable cause" is not found in the Fourth Amendment. Unbelievable? You bet! But watch this two minute vid and see him do it on film -

That is the caliber of genius who ran the NSA, which we're supposed to "trust". Done laughing yet? But this email is to be "good news", so after we realize how dire our situation under leaders like General Hayden, let's look at the good stuff.

We're getting there. James Jaeger has announced that he has filmed all the interviews for the upcoming documentary movie, "Molon Labe!: How The Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom". He has asked me to thank each of you who have sent in your support to make all that happen. I'm excited. Here's why.

I have just seen an hour of the rough-cut for the movie, with segments from each of the experts who are featured in the film, and it's awesome!  I'm sure each of you who has contributed will be proud to be a part of this. I'm already seeing it as a great tool for RT&I in Oath Keepers outreach program. I'm sure we'll carry it at our online store, and other web operations have asked to carry it. Like James' "Fiat Empire", millions will see it.

... All of this is good news because the movie has the right message for America, and Oath Keepers is helping produce it. We're doing that by spreading the word for fund-raising to complete the film. For that commitment James has awarded us the "In Association With" opening film credit, which is an awesome gift for our future outreach.

I firmly believe that millions of Americans will be talking about this film as soon as it's finished, packaged, and made ready for distribution. The first person to be interviewed for this movie was former Texas Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Stewart Rhodes, Chuck Baldwin, and Ron Paul were soon joined in the movie by Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America (GOA), who always works nicely with Stewart - recall: Larry Pratt gave the prayer at our Oath Ceremony on Lexington Green, Massachusetts, this past April 19, 2013.

Can you imagine sitting in a room with Stewart Rhodes, Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul, and Larry Pratt, all discussing the necessity for a return to the Constitutional Militia of the several States? The very thought of it is exciting! But James has included even more. His movie also features Pat Buchanan, G. Edward Griffin, Jack Rooney, David R. Gillie, Alex Jones, and Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.

That is an impressive lineup of powerful men who are devoted to the entire U.S. Constitution, as written, with emphasis on the Second Amendment. These guys are dispensing knowledge and wisdom. For an hour and a half, anyone watching this film will have the nation's most knowledgeable gun rights advocates talking freely about America, our roots in freedom, and how the Second Amendment is the answer to today's tyrannical General government in Washington D.C. 

That is an exciting thought.

The final word on the Second Amendment, and the inspiration for the movie Molon Labe!, has been written by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. Yes, James Jaeger has based his movie on Edwin Vieira's two-thousand-plus page tome, The Sword And Sovereignty". You may read a great review of that book by Nelson Hultberg
You may find your own copy of the book - as a CD-Rom only, for the book is not in paper publication yet - at  Amazon dot com.

Every American is duty-bound. We are the Militia, all of us, and as we'll see in the movie, the Constitution mandates it.

Molon Labe! shows how we as Americans can take our country back, get back to personal freedom and self-responsibility, by honoring and living up to the Constitution. It is the consciousness [conscience?] of this nation's founders, and it served us well until we let the General government grow too large and begin to run our lives.That is why James searched for the finest voices in America for this film. And now they are all filmed. As they say in  film-making lore, "they're 'in the can'". 

Get your name or your organization's name in the Movie Credits
As you'll see below, this is a chance to get your chapter or group into the end credits of the movie. I would like to see every liberty-related organization in America pitch in and get their group's name in the credits on this film. Think about it - where else could one find an opportunity to receive end-credits recognition for good supportive work on a movie project with Pat Buchanan, Stewart Rhodes, Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin, and all those other guys?Now James Jaeger is putting all the interviews together. I feel very fortunate to have watched as the script was finalized and then the participants were scheduled and filmed. Now I'm happy knowing James is busily making it all come together in his Matrix Entertainment studio. Check out this seven minute trailer [at bottom].

The project has spent about fifty thousand dollars thus far, (I have not checked for exact figures), with most of that money coming from grassroots Americans like you who want to help make this movie happen. A lot of us have already given ten or twenty, and some have given more. Others, just as importantly, are supporting the movie's production by spreading around the link to the online home of the film - We are all doing what we can, and it's working. 

For those who have not yet made a contribution, here is another opportunity to join this movement to reinstate the Constitutional Militia of the several States. Support money continues to come in, but the sooner it's in, the more quickly James can finish this film and make it available. So you are invited to take action by spreading around the film's website and trailer, and/or by sending in a donation to help cover the costs. Your help is appreciated by James Jaeger and by Oath Keepers.

Additionally, James is offering screen credits for donations of one hundred dollars or more. You can get your or your group's name in the end-credits of the movie for only a hundred dollars. As I work with Montana Oath Keepers, I'm going to ask our members in Montana to fork over a hundred dollars so "Montana Oath Keepers" will be listed in the credits. It would be cool to see otherState or County chapters and groups listed there too. How about you, Florida and Connecticut Oath Keepers, and New York and Alabama Oath Keepers, and Nevada and Nebraska Oath Keepers? Getting into the end credits will help finalize the movie and make us all look better while we're at it.Personally, before the NSA reads one more word I write, I want to be publicly known for having supported this film. You should too.
I would like to pass along an observation James told me recently. The collectivist progressive gun-control lobby funds Michael Moore's anti-gun films with a couple million dollars or more. But James Jaeger is making Constitutional films of the highest quality for just over a hundred thousand dollars each, and he's doing it as a work of love. Like Oath Keepers, James' Constitutional film collection (Molon Labe! is his sixth in a series) is funded by "we little people" instead of having corporate sponsors like Michael Moore enjoys. All of his Constitution-oriented films are funded in part by a few producers and many grassroots contributions. Grassroots funding allows James to script and direct and produce his films without catering to any special interest. His first Constitutional film, Fiat Empire, got more than five million downloads and was passed around at Tea Party rallies all over the country. Molon Labe! is hitting right on the mark where timing is concerned, for this year has seen a renewed attempt by the gun control lobby to take away our guns, and that has awakened millions of Americans to the government's intent. This film will be like new ammo for our ongoing war to keep our guns. And - it will be viewed very widely. 
So here is how you can share in this project personally. Go and make your donation, and then spread this article around to family and friends and let them know that this is hope for America and that by donating whatever they can, they will help produce a movie which will be viewed by millions of Americans this year - just in time to be a hot item during the 2014 election cycle. Do it now, right? You can be part of the good news for the Second Amendment. That should get your week off to a great start! Thank You!

Elias Alias, editor
Movie website:
For slow connections:
Donation Page:
Movie trailer:
Nelson Hultberg's review:
Edwin Vieira's book, The Sword And Sovereignty, on CD-ROM at Amzaon:
Online link for this article:

You do not need to be prior service to join Oath Keepers. All Patriotic Citizens are invited to join as an Associate Member.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (OK Summer Gathering: Athol, Idaho, July 26-28)
Post by: Luck on June 21, 2013, 10:57:00 am
Big Oath Keepers Summer Gathering at Annual North West Patriots and Preparedness Rally, July 26-28

Attention all Oath Keepers and liberty-minded Patriots!   Oath Keepers presents the first annual Oath Keepers Patriots and Self Reliance Rally in northern Idaho.  This is THE summer Oath Keepers gathering to attend.

July 26 – 28, 2013.

Farrgut State Park

Athol, Idaho (between Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint, East of Hwy 95),-116.229858&sspn=2.2484,6.696167&t=m&gl=us&hq=farragut+state+park&z=13

    Stewart Rhodes
    Sheriff Richard Mack
    Pastor Chuck Baldwin
    Dale Pearce
    Kris Anne Hall
    Cope Reynolds
and others!
Music by  Jordan Page! (an awesome liberty artist)

If you would like to attend or just want to help the cause please donate [at top link]. We are recommending a $7.00 donation when entering. We also have a facebook page: North West Patriots and Preparedness Rally

Vendor spaces available. See below. Any questions, contact event organizer Scott Whitehurst (Idaho Chapter Vice President) at or call at: 208-699-8648
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Stop NDAA in Oregon, July 15)
Post by: Luck on June 28, 2013, 07:52:38 am
by Elias Alias

PANDA is: “People Against the NDAA“ [National {Fascist} Defense Authorization Act].
Consider this to be a call to action for all Oath Keepers and Patriots.

Our man in South-West Oregon is Tom McKirgan. I have enjoyed speaking with, and working with, Tom this year as he pushes the envelope for freedom in his neck of the woods. Right now, Tom is working in tandem with PANDA Oregon’s State Team Leader Shane Ozbun of Eugene, Oregon, to fight at the Coos County Commission for a resolution banning the NDAA-2012 in Coos County. Of the three Commissioners, one is friendly to the cause of rejecting/nullifying NDAA-2012, but the other two are opposed to such a resolution.

Oath Keepers works with PANDA every way we can, same as we work with FIJA and the Tenth Amendment Center and other liberty-driven groups. Dan Johnson of Bowling Green, Ohio, is the founder of PANDA and is coordinating with Shane Ozbun and Tom McKirgan in this fight. I am excited to report that Tom McKirgan and Shane Ozbun are teamed-up and working together to bring the resolution to the attention of not only the County Commission, but also to every citizen in Coos County. The resistance is on, however, so Shane and Tom have their work cut out for themselves – and for us!

That’s right – I’m calling for all who can to help fight against the NDAA-2012 in Oregon. Being basically in the middle of nowhere, Coos County would be a long drive to actually show up there for rallies, but anyone capable and willing should do that on July 15, 2013.

Resistance Is Futile?

What the rest of us can do is very simple – we need supportive and educational  “comments” under an article at the local newspaper there in Coos County, and at one other site.  We also need to launch a broadside email volley to the two Commissioners who are resisting the resolution to nullify NDAA-2012. That is the mission – just read an article at your computer and make a comment and/or send an email. Details on that are below.

Here is an excerpt from PANDA’s article on this:
PANDA Under Fire!
In Coos County, Oregon, the struggle against these provisions began when Oath Keepers S.W. Oregon Coordinator Tom McKirgan spoke to the county commission in October, 2012 and February, 2013. He, along with members of PANDA, made the case for anti-NDAA resolution on April 2, May 7, and once more with a passionate outpouring of support on June 4. Unfortunately, two of the three Commissioners, despite their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, refuse to allow a vote.

A Coos County paper, The World, not only leveled personal attacks against the people of PANDA and Oath Keepers, but also denounced local action against the 2012 NDAA, saying “county officials obviously have no authority over federal law”.

So Tom and Shane are in battle mode and they’re going to have a large rally, a sort of regional “Town Hall” rally on July 15, 2013. (See below.) There are quite a few Oath Keepers and PANDAs in the area, so they are expecting a good turnout.  The next County Commission meeting is at the end of July/first of August 2013. This is a great event at which to wear your Oath Keepers gear and spread around lots of Oath Keepers brochures, DVDs, bumper stickers, etc.
But that event is still a couple of weeks away. Meanwhile, there is this article in a local newspaper, and it takes a couple of sniper shots at our good name and PANDA’s good name. Check out the article at this link -

Now, really, Y’all! We can’t let that go unanswered, can we? Hell no!

Here is what you can do:

1. Share this email with friends on your personal or group list(s).

2. Go to the World newspaper article, read it, and leave a comment. You have to register. (or)

3. Leave a comment <here> (where you can post much longer comments) -

4. Make good use of this contact info for the two obstinate Commissioners -
John Sweet * (541) 396-7541* email John Sweet *
Melissa Cribbins *  (541) 396-7539 * email Melissa Cribbins *

5. Last but also important, if you’ve got any ammo left after doing all the above, how’s about sending a word of thanks and encouragement to the one Patriot on the Coos County Commission, to thank him for standing against the NDAA-2012.

Bob Main * (541) 396-7540 *

Final note:

The Town Hall meeting is set for Monday July 15th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the North Bend, Oregon Public Library located at 1800 Sherman Ave.

The Coos County Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for July 30th at 9:30 AM located at 2ND and Adams in Coquille, Oregon (15 min from Coos Bay/North Bend.) Those wishing to make a public comment should arrive by 9:15 to sign in.

Awesome! Let’s march! You can report in here after you’ve commented and/or emailed in support of PANDA and Oath Keepers’ SW Oregon group. Thank you Tom McKirgan and Shane Ozbun.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Stop NDAA in Oregon, July 15)
Post by: Luck on July 10, 2013, 02:45:13 pm
See previous post for NDAA info.

July 9th, 2013
El Dorado Sheriff’s Fight With Feds Likely Over Residents Carrying Guns
by Shorty Dawkins

Sheriff John D’Agostini has prohibited US Forest Service agents from enforcing [California] State Laws within El Dorado County, which includes El Dorado National Forest. This article [ ], would have you believe it is only about the right to carry guns in the El Dorado Forest, but there appears to be even more involved.

As the article states:

Cory Ward is an avid outdoorsman who frequents the El Dorado National forest. But he’s concerned this paradise could turn into a police state.

“I have felt intimidated,” he said.

He’s got a long list of complaints against federal officers who patrol the forest.

“They want to know what you’re doing here, where you’re going, do you have any firearms on board.”

Intimidation. It seems the Forest Service employees are intimidating the visitors. Why all the questions? And why ask if they are carrying guns? If they have a concealed permit to carry, they are abiding by the Law. If they are open carrying, it would be plainly obvious. What business is it of the Forest Service where the visitors are going? As visitors they might choose to go anywhere in the Forest.

Even if a visitor is not carrying firearms, it is a matter of intimidation to ask if they are carrying. Also from the article:

“The sheriff’s department says they’ve received more than 50 complaints from people just out enjoying the woods when they were stopped by an overly aggressive forest service officer.”

Intimidation. Just as Police Departments everywhere are becoming more militarized, more intrusive, and more intimidating, so we see this example of the US Forest Service becoming intimidating and intrusive. Just as too many police are forgetting who they are paid to serve, so it is, seemingly, becoming the way with these Forest Service employees.

Thankfully there are Sheriffs like John D’Agostini, who recognize it is the people they serve. We applaud his actions in limiting the powers of the Forest Service.

From NSA wire-tapping of all our communications, to TSA groping of our bodies, the Federal Government has embarked upon a systematic plan of intimidation, geared, not to saving us from terrorists, but to cause us to cower in fear of the power of the Federal Government and all their alphabet agencies. They are of the mindset that they are the masters, when it is “we the people” who are their masters.

The Federal Government is out of control. The Constitution is no longer respected or obeyed as the Supreme Law of the land The Bill of Rights is being totally ignored. They say they are protecting us. Not so. They are steadily bringing us into slavery.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Stop NDAA in Oregon, July 15 [plus news])
Post by: John Edward Mercier on July 11, 2013, 09:27:50 am
Federal Land.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Stop OR NDAA Monday + Help NH NASCAR publicity project)
Post by: Luck on July 13, 2013, 08:35:35 am
(The NDAA thing is explained in the post before the last one.)

Oathkeepers needs some more funds by tomorrow or so to fund the Oathkeepers' New Hampshire NASCAR publicity project.

Information about the project and where to donate are mentioned at .
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Oathkeepers Movie Update)
Post by: Luck on July 17, 2013, 09:40:08 am
Oath Keepers is pleased to direct our readers to a very interesting interview with James Jaeger at The Daily Bell. I have included here some excerpts, but there is much more in this surprising interview - topics range from Hollywood to Edward Snowden, from the NSA to the Constitution. Oath Keepers salutes both James Jaeger and Anthony Wile. Read them here:

[Here are two excerpts from the interview.]

Daily Bell: What's going on? How have you been?

James Jaeger: I have been quite busy since last March working with Edwin Vieira and Oath Keepers on a new movie entitled "MOLON LABE - How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom." We have an incredible "cast" of experts in the can: Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Alex Jones, G. Edward Griffin, Chuck Baldwin, Stewart Rhodes, Larry Pratt, David R. Gillie, Jack Rooney and Edwin Vieira, who wrote the book, The Sword and Sovereignty, which inspired the movie. The first rough-cut is done and the movie will be released hopefully on Labor Day or Constitution Day. You can watch a trailer with clips of the experts at .

But how does all this apply to the Bill of Rights, which states in the 4th Amendment:
"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

The key words are SEARCHES and SEIZURES and with these words, the NSA's assurance that they are not "unlawfully listening in " is made invalid. When the government "quarries records from the telecom providers," as the former NSA chief stated on national TV, it is, in essence, seizing the "papers and effects" of WE THE PEOPLE. It may only be seizing a copy of our "papers and effects" but the fact that that copy embodies intellectual property that has an automatic COPYright on it the moment it is put into tangible form as an email, phone recording, photograph, website or motion picture makes the act of "quarrying" information with the PRISM program or in the Bluffdale servers illegal not only under copyright law but constitutional law. The act of quarrying data is that act of seizing data, and data is the same as the "papers and effects" referred to in the Fourth....
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (OK Places Pro-Snowden Signs in DC Area)
Post by: Luck on July 24, 2013, 12:07:54 pm
OK Places Pro-Snowden Signs in DC Area, Encouraging More Whistle-blowers

Oath Keepers launches new campaign to place signs and billboards near Washington D.C. area defense and intelligence agencies, praising Edward Snowden for exposing the NSA spying on Americans and urging other government employees to follow Snowden’s example by becoming whistle-blowers.
By Stewart Rhodes

To launch this new campaign, Oath Keepers has placed three back-lit signs on the subway platform in the D.C. Metro Pentagon Station.

The first sign at the Pentagon Station is done in the style of the theater scene from George Orwell’s 1984 and features Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, as “Big Brother” []:

That “Big Brother” sign makes it clear that by exposing the NSA spying on Americans, Snowden honored his oath, and other government employees need to honor their oaths by also exposing unconstitutional actions.  Here is an actual photo of the sign, posted on YAL’s (Young Americans for Liberty) Facebook page: [Click link above]. Thanks YAL!

The URL on the sign, , takes viewers to a special landing page where the government employees can learn more about their obligations to blow the whistle on government violation of the Constitution, and more about exactly what the NSA has been doing and how it fits into the larger picture of the ongoing creation of an uncountable, totalitarian police state in America that is outside the Constitution and a grave threat to the survival of liberty in America. This particular “Stop Big Brother” artwork will also be going on a billboard along a major freeway in Maryland, near the NSA headquarters at Ft. Mead (as close as we can get it). That freeway billboard should be up within the week.

The second sign now in place at Pentagon Station is aimed directly at CIA employees, reminding them that their oath is not to a “corporate culture of secrecy” as new CIA director Brennan recently stated, but is in fact to the Constitution [].

And yes, we knew exactly what we were doing when we decided to use the J.F.K. swearing in as the graphic for this sign. []

CIA Director Brennan’s revealing statement came with his announcement of the CIA’s new Orwellian “Honor the Oath” campaign to stop leaks and whistleblowers:
  In a memo to the CIA workforce this week, Brennan says the “Honor the Oath,” campaign is intended to “reinforce our corporate culture of secrecy” through education and training.

Brennan is truly outdoing even George Orwell [].
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (OK Billboards: In Your Face, CIA!)
Post by: Luck on July 24, 2013, 12:19:03 pm
[See previous message for OK Billboards article.]

Big Oath Keepers Summer Gathering at Annual North West Patriots and Preparedness Rally, July 26-28

Attention all Oath Keepers and liberty-minded Patriots!   Oath Keepers presents the first annual Oath Keepers Patriots and Self Reliance Rally in northern Idaho.  This is THE summer Oath Keepers gathering to attend.

July 26 – 28, 2013.

Farrgut State Park
Athol, Idaho (between Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint, East of Hwy 95)

Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Richard Mack, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Dale Pearce, Kris Anne Hall, Cope Reynolds and others!

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Don't Be Framed for Child Porn Email)
Post by: Luck on August 04, 2013, 11:14:02 am
Receiving Child Porn
This a warning to all of our members, readers, supporters, and to the general liberty movement.
Please be extremely careful with email, and do not open any attachments from anyone who you don't know, or from any suspicious email, such as tormail.  And even if it seems to be from someone you know, take the time to read the email address carefully, to see if it is from a Tormail account, or other anonymous email service.  It could be someone impersonating someone you know, to trick you into opening files with child-porn on them.
No one here at Oath Keepers uses tormail or any other anonymous email service, so if you see an email purporting to be from Oath Keepers, or from anyone in leadership at Oath Keepers, from such an email service, do not open it.
There have been a string of anonymous attacks on liberty activists, all attempting to trick people into opening email attachments containing child-porn.   We know of at least four such attempts within the past few weeks. 
The first was when someone emailed Luke Rudkowski, Founder of We Are Change and tried to trick him into opening attached jpeg files containing child porn.   Luke was able to use the "view" function of his email to see that the images were child porn and he did not open them.
Then, someone using a tormail account tried to do the same thing to Dan Johnson, Founder of People Against the NDAA (PANDA).   Whoever emailed Dan Johnson pretended to be me, Stewart Rhodes, but using a Tormail account.    Fortunately, Dan knew that I don't use Tormail, and therefore he did not open the attachments.   Instead, he had a computer security expert examine the files, and that expert determined that they contained child porn.   You can read more about that attack, and watch a video we made about it, here.
Well, a few days later it happened again, to two other liberty activists we know.   They have chosen, for the time being, to not go public about it, in the hopes that the FBI will have a better chance of catching the perp.  All of us have reported these incidents to the FBI, through attorney Sue Basko.
Sue has written a very well done description of what happened, what we did to report it, and some important advice on how you can keep from being victimized by whoever is doing this.   Here is an excerpt of that tutorial.  Please take her advice to heart, and be very careful online.
Stewart Rhodes
    Child Porn Emailed to Activists to Try to Frame Them
    by Sue Basko
    (See also about Luke Rudkowski receiving similar email)
    I have been assisting a group of activist men to whom someone emailed child porn in an attempt to set them up for criminal charges.  Whoever is doing this is extremely sinister.
      I am writing this to warn others to beware. I'll give specific info on what to do if it happens to you.
    First, Luke Rudkowski, a media activist at We Are Change, was sent child porn via email while he was in Europe and crossing borders between nations.  Luckily, he previewed the images and reported the situation to the FBI at the Embassy in the city he was visiting.
    Then, Dan Johnson of PANDA (People Against the NDAA) received an email that looked like it was from Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers.  Dan was suspicious of the email because he had heard about what happened to Luke Rudkowski.  Also, the email was a tormail account, which is untraceable, and Dan did not know Stewart to use such an account.  In addition, there were attachments.
    Dan did not open the attachments, because he was suspicious of them.  Instead, he gave access to his email account to a computer security expert.   The expert opened the files in a live forensics environment, and saw they were child porn images.  The method he used did not leave the files on his computer or drive.  The metadata on the files was fixed to the names of Stewart and Oath Keepers, to make it look as if the pictures came from Stewart.
    Two days later, the same scenario was repeated, with two men from different organizations.  The same computer security expert examined those files, and found they were the same images as in the previous email, but the metadata on the images had been changed to match the name of the supposed sender and his organization.
    Whoever did this attempted to set up both the men in whose names they were sending the emails, as well as the men who were to receive the images.  This is evil to the max.
    I made a group report to the FBI on behalf of all the men, including the computer security expert.  With all the information neatly arranged in one report, hopefully the FBI will be able to get some leads on who is behind these dastardly set-up attempts.  The men are from all over the nation, so filing separate reports would have diluted the reports' effectiveness for law enforcement purposes.  A good deal of forensics examination has already been done by the computer security expert, and hopefully, he will be able to share his information with the FBI.
    If you receive such an email, try to get the files checked out by a security expert before you open them.  In any case, you MUST make a report to the police or FBI, because there is child porn involved.  It is illegal to view, possess, or pass child porn.  The criminal penalties are extreme and include forfeiture of assets, including homes, cash, and personal belongings.  Therefore, even the computer security person has to file a report.
    By law, you are required to make the report to a law enforcement agency promptly, and to either destroy the images or make the images available to law enforcement.  I'd say wait and see if they want the images before you destroy them.  Also, don't delete the email until you file your report, because the routing information on the email may be helpful to police.  Also, you need to alert the person whose name was put on the email as the sender.  You need to let that person make a police report, too.  They have been as victimized as you have, if not moreso.
    If you receive such an email and open the files, you are likely to be shocked, or to feel shame, fear, or a desire to push this away and pretend it did not happen.  You can't do that because you need to report it so you don't risk being caught up in child porn charges, even years down the line. If you need to go to therapy or seek other help to work out your shock over seeing the images and being set up, you should do that, but promptly make the police report.  Keep in mind that someone is, in fact, targeting you specifically and trying to harm you terribly. Therefore, it may be wise to take extra safety precautions for yourself and your family.
    1) Use of tormail account or other untraceable email account.
    2) Uses the name of someone you know, but from an email account you don't recognize.
    3) Has jpegs or pdf files attached.
    4) Has an email message that DOES NOT HINT at the files containing child porn, but encourages you to open the files and spread them to all your friends/ compatriots.
    5) The email  may have veiled threats against you or your group.

    1) Don't open the files.  Try to get help from a computer security expert.
    2) If there is child porn, REPORT THE SITUATION TO THE POLICE OR FBI.
    3) Share what happened to warn others.
    4) Take care of yourself.  Talk to a friend, get counseling if needed, take safety precautions for yourself and your family, etc.
Title: (Don't Be Framed for Child Porn Email + FSP Terrorists)
Post by: Luck on August 04, 2013, 11:15:59 am
My comment on the child porn emailings is, how can we be guilty of a crime if someone sends us an email unrequested? That sounds absurd to me.


FSP Terrorists
«August 14, 2013, 04:29:32pm»

«August 24, 2013, 06:33:12pm»
[Update from]
Concord's BearCat "For The Children"?
Report from boot on the ground:

You may or may not have heard, but activists in New Hampshire have been successful in postponing the City of Concord's vote to accept a $260K Homeland Security grant to purchase a Lenco BearCat (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck) to thwart domestic terrorist threats, including "sovereign citizens, free staters, and Occupy New Hampshire"
We have just learned that Concord School Board will hold a meeting on Wednesday night to discuss an endorsement of the BearCat.  Apparently, Concord's Chief of Police, and author of the grant application, is trying to rally support for the BearCat by arguing it could be used in school crisis situations.
Only residents of Concord will be able to testify at the school board meeting, but you can expect activists rallying outside with signs that read,
Textbooks Not Tanks
Let [Police Chief] Duval Hold a Bake Sale
It's not "For the Children"
In the meantime, we're contacting the members of the Concord School Board and ask that they oppose the BearCAT.  If activists are City taxpayers or past, present, or future parents of a child in the school district they are sure to mention that specifically.  We are also continuing to contact the City Councilors and write letters to the editor. 
When you decide whether to send a letter supporting the Concord Police Department's request to put America another $260,000 in debt, please consider that every dollar borrowed for that purpose can't be borrowed to keep teachers in the classroom; and every dollar borrowed will weigh down our children's opportunities to live full and happy lives.
The change we want to see must come from the local level.  It is one thing to drive a car saying, "I hope for the day that the school has all the money they need and the military needs to hold a bake sale."  It's another thing to stand up for your principles.
What kind of message does it send to our students that they are in constant danger at all times of being attacked and that the military industrial complex needs to be built up literally around them?
Why do we want to literally terrorize everyone for a threat that, terrible as it is, is so remote to be almost laughable?  Concord is a safe city.  New Hampshire is a safe state.  According to the National Safety Council, your chances of being killed by lightening are 1:124,000.  Your chances of being killed in a terrorist attack are 1:20,000,000 [one in 20 million].
Please tell the Police Chief that your board is not going to be used as a pawn in this conflict.  Better yet, tell him it is a waste of tax dollars and send a message to other towns across the state and nation that we are tired of having our money wasted down rat holes.  This is even worse than just burning the money.  The attempt is being made to make our community afraid.  People that are afraid are easily manipulated.
Watch how easy it is to manipulate people and how terrorism preparation works in a school setting to do just that.  Do you think the DHS is a wise steward of our tax dollars?  Do you think this is healthy for our children?  Do you think this will lead to adults making wise decisions?


SWAT team performs realistic hijacking drill on school bus filled with children
Thank you for taking your time to think this important decision through.
We have also organized a petition drive for this weekend with donated prizes for the people with the most signatures: two tickets to the Free State Project's annual Liberty Forum (over $200 value), OUNCES of silver, bitcoin, books, etc.  We will provide the materials and help organize the teams. Volunteers just need to show up. T
The final City Council vote is scheduled for September 9.

«Reply #2 on: September 19, 2013, 03:07:05pm»

The FSP newsletter says:
    Speaking of which, in the Concord BEARCAT controversy, we did get the police chief to backpedal and apologize. The City of Concord also claims to have amended the fraudulent grant application to remove references to “Free Staters.” But ultimately, given the loss by two votes at the September 9th hearing in which the City voted to accept the BEARCAT, it reminds me how crucial more movers are. Bring in the reinforcements--YOU!

Does this mean the jackasses actually voted to get the damn Bearcat after all? It looks like this link has recent info on the issue:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Support Florida Constitutional Sheriff Finch)
Post by: Luck on August 04, 2013, 11:25:22 am
(See previous messages regarding Child Porn emails)

Sheriff Finch vs The Man

Join us in a fundraiser rally to support Sheriff Finch!
August 24, 2013 – Panama City Beach, Florida
10am to 4pm
The Palms Conference Center, 9201 Front Beach Rd., Panama City Beach, Florida

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is proud to announce that we are wholeheartedly supporting and endorsing Liberty County, FL Sheriff Nick Finch for his courageous stand for liberty and the right of the people to keep and bear arms as guaranteed in the U S and Florida Constitutions. Sheriff Finch’s actions to nullify the arrest of a citizen in his county stand as a shining example of a constitutional Sheriff doing his duty and keeping his oath to protect, preserve, and defend the God-given rights we as all Americans are supposed to enjoy.

A quick review of the incident tells of a Mr. Parrish being pulled over for a very minor traffic violation last March. The officer, a deputy employed by Sheriff Finch, did a pat-down search of Mr. Parrish and discovered a small pistol in his pocket. Parrish had no “permit” for such and the deputy arrested him for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Sheriff Finch was notified of the situation and he went to the Liberty County Jail that he manages. There, after looking over the entire incident, he released Mr. Parrish and canceled the arrest. This is fully within his power of discretion as sheriff. In the first place, Sheriff Finch disagreed with the probable cause used to justify the stop and disagreed with the pat down that led to Parrish’s arrest. More importantly, Sheriff Finch nullified a wrong and stood for the Constitution which he is sworn to uphold. Faced with a choice between obeying a state statute or adhering to individual liberty, he chose liberty!

Following this incident, Sheriff Finch was investigated by the State of Florida and arrested for destroying official documents, a dubious accusation at best. Florida Governor Rick Scott took it upon himself to first suspend Sheriff Finch, then remove him from office and fill the vacancy by appointing a member of the very agency that investigated and arrested him! (In layman terms this is all called “the good ‘ol boy system”)!

So, Sheriff Finch has no job, no income, and is facing felony charges. The State has made it so Sheriff Finch has no money to provide for his family or pay for his lawyers. Finch has two special needs children and a very supportive wife. Yes, the State has already made a plea offer to Sheriff Finch and yes, you guessed it, if he promises to leave his position as Sheriff then all charges against him will be dropped. Of course, Sheriff Finch is fighting this absurd arrest and illegal action by the Governor all the way!

Sheriff Finch has never been a member of Oath Keepers or the CSPOA and we had never met prior to this incident. He is simply a man trying to do his job and standing for what’s right. What Sheriff Finch did is exactly what we have been advocating for years: He interposed himself on behalf of a citizen. We hope that all local officials and sheriffs across America will do likewise!

Since this incident, I have spoken with Sheriff Finch and his lawyer several times to be sure that we understood all the details of the case. After doing so, I feel confident in supporting him. The CSPOA recently sent $2500 to Sheriff Finch, and we will be sending more as circumstances allow. We encourage you to donate what you can to help him in his fight against incredible odds.

Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)
CSPOA Founder and President

We have created a special DONATE button for Sheriff Finch
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Ok Puts Pro-Snowden Sign near White House)
Post by: Luck on August 16, 2013, 07:23:48 pm

August 15th, 2013
Oath Keepers Places Pro-Snowden Sign at White House Stop on D.C. Metro, Featuring Obama as “Big Brother.”

Oath Keepers has placed a large sign featuring President Obama as “Big Brother” at the Washington D.C. Metro stop closest to the White House, praising Edward Snowden for exposing the NSA spying on Americans and urging White House employees to follow Snowden’s example by becoming whistle-blowers.

Last month Oath Keepers placed a similar sign at the Pentagon Station stop on the Washington Metro subway.  That done in the style of the theater scene from George Orwell’s 1984, featured Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, as ‘Big Brother” but now the graphic has been upgraded to feature Obama as Big Brother since he remains unrepentant even after Snowden’s embarrassing exposure of a snooping program the Administration denied ever existed.  And besides, Obama, as “Commander-in-Chief’ and as the Chief Executive, is clearly the biggest “Big Brother” of them all and is responsible for what the executive branch he leads is doing.

Nonetheless, you can bet there will be cries of “racist!” from the radical left because we dare to criticize their anointed god, despite the fact that we first featured Clapper – about as white a guy as you can imagine – as Big Brother, and despite the fact that Obama is the President, after-all (exactly who should we criticize if not him, for the policies of his Administration?).

The sign makes it clear that by exposing the NSA spying on Americans, Snowden honored his oath, and White House employees should follow his example by exposing other crimes against the Constitution.   We do  want to make it clear that, as we have stated previously, we are not defending or praising Snowden’s disclosure of U.S. intelligence operations against other countries.


We ARE defending and praising his exposure of unconstitutional U.S. intelligence operations against the American people.  When the Federal Government violates the Supreme Law of the Land and treats the American people like a foreign enemy, exposing that crime is the right thing to do.  And when that government is run by the very criminals who gave the orders to treat Americans like a foreign enemy, the “normal” channels for whistle-blowers are closed and all that is left is to blow the whistle to the real bosses – the American people themselves.  Which is exactly what Snowden did.

And the same goes for the Fast and Furious running of guns to the Mexican drug cartels,or for the truth of what happened at Benghazi, and for exposing the clear and imminent DHS preparation for a domestic war against freedom loving Americans, etc. – when the criminals are in charge of the government, the only recourse is to blow the Whistle to We the People so we can put a stop to it.   Those in government have a duty to expose government crimes against the Constitution.

Additional signs will be revealed at other DC area stations, in September, which will be as close to the CIA, DHS, and other national security/intelligence agencies as we can get them.  They will continue our campaign to get those in the know, inside government, to fulfill their oaths by simply exposing the crimes against the Constitution  that we know are going on.

This is part of a broader effort to place billboards at strategic locations throughout the United States.  We already have [a] billboard outside of military bases at Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base; Fort Benning, Fort Hood, Fort Stewart, and Hunter Army Airfield.  You can see all of those billboards, and help us in this effort, by going to

As long as you keep supporting this effort, we will keep putting up billboards till we have them outside of every major military base in America.  And along with the billboards, we will be handing out pocket Constitutions and issue pamphlets to active duty on the way into the bases.  In fact, our chapter at Ft. Hood, TX chapter has already handed out over 3,000 pocket Constitutions to active duty soldiers at Ft. Hood.  Way to go, Texas!

For the Republic!

Stewart Rhodes

Founder and President of Oath Keepers
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Oathkeepers 2nd Amendment Militia Movie)
Post by: Luck on September 30, 2013, 07:51:30 pm
In's notation about the book (with a couple of my [meaning Oathkeepers'] edits below) we read:

The Sword and Sovereignty is a comprehensive CD-ROM study, 2,304 pages in length, with 6,544 footnotes and endnotes, of the constitutional and statutory history of America's Militia, which gives special emphasis to the unique and indispensable rôle of the Militia as the institutions through which WE THE PEOPLE ourselves ultimately provide, or withhold, the consent of the governed upon which this country's form of government depends for its legitimacy. The Sword and Sovereignty derives the basic legal and practical principles of the Militia from a detailed study of the pre-constitutional Militia statutes of Rhode Island and Virginia selected, for reasons the book makes clear, as exemplars of what happened throughout America in that era. It explains how these principles are embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and how they should be applied in the operation of America's true federal system of government. Indeed, why it is Congress' and every State's duty to see to the organization of, and every Americans personal duty to participate in, the Militia, and why that is more imperative now than ever before.

It exposes the dangerous fallacy in the contemporary individual-rights misinterpretation of the Second Amendment, and explains how the Supreme Court's Heller decision reduced American's right * * * to keep and bear Arms to a level far below what our forebears enjoyed when the Constitution and Bill of Rights were ratified. And it examines ways in which revitalized Militia of the several States could, should, and if they were properly revitalized would deal with many of the most pressing contemporary problems this country faces, such as the correction of rogue public officials, the supervision of the military-industrial complex, the conduct of honest elections and the provision of an alternative currency, etc., etc.

So it is from Edwin Vieira's book that first came into my mind this vision of a Militia presence in the County Fair. But even before I got the book, James Jaeger was talking with Dr. Vieira while the book was being written.  James knew before the book was completed that he must make a full-length documentary film which would condense the logic in Dr. Vieira's writings on the Militia of the several States and place on the big screen Dr. Vieira's vision of Constitutional Homeland Security and the Second Amendment's salvation for our floundering nation.

When James told me he would make that movie and invited me to help, I jumped right in, because this theme goes straight to the quintessence of the Oath Keepers mission. All legitimacy in governance derives from the consent of the governed; and to be lawful, all authority must be legitimate as attested in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Those documents founded the nation, created the Federal government, and stand yet today as the "written word and will of the People".  Those documents grant the ultimate legitimate power to "We The People", and Oath Keepers exists as an organization to ensure that things stay just the way the nation's founding legal charter requires. 

Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.'s writings reveal the fact that the U.S. Constitution references the Militia in three places in the main body of the document, aside from the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. In fact, by reading Dr. Vieira's writings one learns that the General government in WDC is required by the Constitution to ensure that the several States have and maintain their State Militia. Well, Twentieth Century history shows how we as a nation have given away our Militia, and we can see the result as the General government in WDC now seeks to intrusively rule over us unchecked by Congress or Court.

The vision of a Militia presence at each and every County Fair in soon-coming times is a fascinating idea which contains the essence of a truth our Founders penned to paper. Here is how all Oath Keepers members and friends can begin to form that vision personally.

1: Buy Dr. Vieira's book,( linked above). and,
2:  pre-order your personal copy of James Jaeger's and Oath Keepers' amazing documentary based on that book.

Did I just say, "pre-order"? Yes! James is now taking pre-orders for the DVD with a two-four week delivery window.  The movie is completed and we are now in promotional mode. The movie will go into production beginning this week. We are preparing for a premiere date of October 24, 2013. Allow me to share James' words -

James Jaeger to Elias:

Feel free to give them the premier URL =   I will post at this URL the latest news about when the premiere will be.  You can let them know Dr. Baldwin and I are trying to coordinate theatrical playdates for a premiere screening probably on Thursday, 24 October 2013 starting around 7PM and a simultaneous screening on various websites, including Oath Keepers, between 8PM and midnight EDT.  If you mention these dates, be sure to tell them they are still subject to change as Chuck (Baldwin) is still trying to nail down his theater.  But again, you can give people the premiere page and ask them to forward that page far and wide as the latest news will always be there as well as the estimated premiere date/time, the trailer and URLs where they can pre-order DVDs and/or donate to the news release and initial marketing budget.

Everyone can now pre-order single copies of the DVD at    Delivery will be in 2 - 4 weeks.  You can send them the URL to the trailer -

We will also put MOLON LABE up on the net for free as a public service in about 6 months, but right now we still need to raise additional sums for completion, a saturation news release, premiere and marketing.  Thus the donation window is still open and you can still get a screen credit on MOLON LABE as acknowledgement.  Please go to   Please let people know about both MOLON LABE and The Sword & Sovereignty by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. -- the book that inspired and backs up the movie.

We would like to do a saturation news release for MOLON LABE like we did for our previous film, SPOILER. This release will reach thousands of newspapers, radio stations and TV networks across the country.  The SPOILER campaign literally saturated Google search results.  If your organization wants to carry the MOLON LABE DVD, we are happy to mention your website in the news release.  This will direct traffic not only to MOLON LABE, but your products, services and cause as well.  Please email or contact me [James Jaeger] at 212-933-9374 or 800-576-2001 to discuss.

Lastly, anyone wanting to sponsor a physical premiere (movie theater, auditorium, hall, home, church, etc.) for MOLON LABE, please let me know as soon as possible. 

Thank you for participating in this project.  Again, I hope you enjoy the fruits of our mutual labor and that they make a positive difference for our nation.


James Jaeger,

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Help WW2 Vets Access DC Memorials)
Post by: Luck on October 09, 2013, 08:03:46 pm
[Two Notices]

1. Urgent Call to Action! Calling All Oath Keepers and All Veterans to Support WWII Veterans at Memorials to Assist Them in WHATEVER They Want to Do.

Calling all Oath Keepers (and any other veterans) to back up our World War II veterans at the Washington DC area memorials, such as the World War II memorial, the Iwo Jima memorial, Arlington Cemetary, the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, and anywhere else that the Honor Flights go.   Go there and put yourselves under the command of the WWII vets.  If they want the barricades down, they should come down, come hell or high water.  No WWII vet should be denied access to the Iwo Jima memorial,  the WWII memorial, or to any other memorial they want to visit.   For many of them, on those Honor Flights, this will be THEIR LAST TRIP to go and pay their respects to their brothers who did not make it back.  It is intolerable to let Obama block their access for his petty partisan manipulations over the govt "shutdown."

The WWII veterans who have taken down the barricades at the Iwo Jima memorial, and have ignored them at the World War II memorial, did exactly what needs to be done.  We need to help them, and protect them.  Go there and be their "arms and legs" to get done WHATEVER they want done.  And go there with the conviction that you are not under the command of the police, not under the command of the Park Service, and not under the command of Obama.  You are under the command of the World War II veterans, and only the World War II veterans. Your mission is to assist the  WWII vets in doing WHATEVER they want to do.
More details are here:

2. Oath Keepers Supports Open Carry March at the Alamo on October 19, 2013


Date: October 19, 2013
Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Where: The Alamo

Oath Keepers will be participating in and sponsoring Open Carry Texas' march on The Alamo October 19th, 2013. Oath Keepers' Texas Chapter President Jay Stang will speak along with Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers founder and president, and Mike Vanderboegh, founder of the Three Percenter Movement and author of the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog. Jerry Patterson, retired Marine Corps combat pilot and Texas Land Commissioner, will be the keynote speaker.

We will peaceably assemble and exercise our right to bear arms at The Alamo, the birthplace of Texas freedom. We will follow in the footsteps of the Texas patriots at Gonzales, who famously dared Santa Ana to "Come and Take It", and the patriots at The Alamo, who refused to lay down their arms and surrender. They gave their lives in defense of liberty and lit a fire that burns in the hearts of Texans to this day. Their stand is as famous as the stand of Captain John Parker and the Minutemen at Lexington, who also refused to lay down their arms, and the Spartans at Thermopylae, whose king, Leonidas, who dared the Persians to "Come and Take It" (Molon Labe).

Current serving military personnel, veterans, current serving peace officers and retired Texas lawmen will be present at the march, honoring their oath and serving as an example to Chief McManus and the rest of the San Antonio Police Department that we are free men, and we will not be disarmed.

More details at:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Help WW2 Vets Access DC Memorials)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on October 10, 2013, 08:45:03 pm
So the Oathkeepers should be for the WWII Vets rather than keeping their Oath.
God, that makes me laugh.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Help WW2 Vets Access DC Memorials)
Post by: d.j.smith on October 11, 2013, 01:57:45 am
Ah, Mercier...

(Where's that text file? it is.)

Let's see. You crossed my path a short time ago, and I went through the last ten posts you had made at that point, paying attention to the overall point you were making with them. You:

If you aren't a paid shill for the globalists... well, you might want to consider signing up, because you sure spend a lot of time at the keyboard doing their work for free.

You make me laugh.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Success At The Alamo)
Post by: Luck on October 14, 2013, 07:36:17 pm
Here's an update from Oathkeepers. Looks like the effort to take down the barricades for the vets was a success.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Help WW2 Vets Access DC Memorials)
Post by: Sam Adams on October 14, 2013, 11:29:29 pm
  Reads like this is going to continue on a daily schedule until the barrycades aren,t in use anymore.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (OK & PANDA Unite to Stop NDAA)
Post by: Luck on October 15, 2013, 02:26:42 pm
[OKs are pretty busy. The help with Vets memorials probably helped their image, but the following may do more good for the country.]

Oath Keepers Unite With PANDA To Stop NDAA In Oregon

Oath Keepers wishes to acknowledge the efforts of two key leadership members in Oregon. (Tom McKirgan and Jeff Ford)  
Tom McKirgan is a busy man, as you shall see. His work with Oregon's PANDA people, despite failing to please PANDA national's highest expectations, has produced another Oregon County to proclaim disapproval of the NDAA-2012.
Shane Ozbun, the Oregon State Director for PANDA, works directly with Tom and other Oregon Oath Keepers. When teamed with motivated Oregon Oath Keepers and Richard Fry of The Intolerable Acts, PANDA's Oregon detachment is gaining good ground.
Tom McKirgan reports: "Coos County was the first County in Oregon to declare those sections in the NDAA as unconstitutional on July 30th, 2013. Then came Klamath County. Now,  Douglas County is preparing to implement a resolution that we recently introduced there. We have other counties in our cross hairs."
Working with Tom also is Jeff Ford, recent transplant from California, who runs Northern Oregon Oath Keepers while Tom runs Southern Oregon Oath Keepers.  The two of them are a parallel for how, also, two people are running Mississippi Oath Keepers, a tandem operation in which Elaine Vechorik is running North Mississippi Oath Keepers and John Moran is running Southern Mississippi Oath Keepers.
Tom and Jeff work with Tenth Amendment Center people and PANDA as well as with State-level and Local-level Tea Party, Constitutionalist, and other Liberty groups and organizations.  Working with others and encouraging Oath Keepers' Oregon members to do the same, a steady mounting of public awareness is showing signs of success.  What Klamath County has done is not the "end-all" of the fight against the NDAA, but is tangible (and enjoyable!) evidence that hard and persistent work, coupled with diplomatic carriage and communications, does produce accomplishment.
Oath Keepers invites all readers to view this nine-minute video of the County Commission of Klamath County, Oregon, delivering their statement opposing the NDAA-2012.
Oath Keepers salutes Tom McKirgan and Jeff Ford and all of their Oregon Oath Keepers for pushing forward in the fight for our Liberty as Americans. Below is a brief listing of activities coming up. This shows how two good men can get County chapters up and running. How did they do it?
They started where they were, with what they had, and every day they worked to add something more to their accomplishment. They understand a concept which Oath Keepers will be talking more about in coming days and weeks - the concept of "Each One Teach One". If two or three friends in one County want to organize as an Oath Keepers chapter, all they have to do is start holding regular meetings for the three of them, but as each one teaches one friend or neighbor, their numbers grow accordingly. It's local, it's personal, and it's rewarding. Just getting out there with boots on the ground and talking to people will always add new members to your chapter in any Local or County or State area.
Both Tom and Jeff are extremely busy, but I should send kudos to Jeff for also serving as a graphics designer for Oath Keepers national. Jeff works on our Billboard graphics and Internet/website graphics as well as various other graphics projects we find for him. His artwork is excellent and he's fast. Both Jeff and Tom are holding meetings and producing events in Oregon. Example:
Oregon Oath Keepers rally: Sunday, October 13, 2013; 9:00 AM
Vietnam Veterans Memorial * Washington Park Across From Zoo * Portland, OR
Oath Keepers of Oregon Salem Chapter General Meeting
Saturday, October 12, 2013 5:00 PM • 3 attending
Oath Keepers Lane County General Meeting
Saturday, October 12, 2013 5:00 PM • 3 attending
Oath Keepers of Oregon, Portland Chapter (Gresham) General Meeting
Thursday, October 17, 2013 7:00 PM
Another example of the mindset of victory is shown in these excerpts from a letter to myself from Tom McKirgan:
Just an FYI, both Raphaelle and I have a press release ready to go out right after you've posted the Klamath County proclamation story on Oath Keepers.
It's directed at the City of Coos Bay for voting down our resolution. We're beginning an initiative process and hopefully can clean house at the council, come election time. We're giving them something to remember before the holidays set in....
Next, I have an eight hundred [word] op-ed to go into The World Newspaper a couple of days after Raphaelle sends hers out. It was shared by Richard Fry and myself. Again, geared towards the City of Coos Bay. I'm trying to time them just right.
They also need to see that Klamath County honors their oaths.
In Liberty,
Tom McKirgan
Oath Keeper
S.W. Oregon Coordinator  

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (OK & PANDA Unite to Stop NDAA)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on October 15, 2013, 03:15:46 pm
You mean the Oathkeepers broke their Oath to uphold the US Constitution? Who would have guessed?/sarcasm.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (OK & PANDA Unite to Stop NDAA)
Post by: Luck on October 16, 2013, 08:06:36 am
[Stop NDAA info is in previous post - Luck]

Former Navy SEAL Ben Smith Does Oath Keepers On Fox News

Fox News let this one out to the nation. Catch it while it's still there. Personally, I'm going to ask our videographer to save this one just in case. Ben Smith is righteous, and his candid pronouncements must be preserved. I'm grateful to Fox News for airing this. And Ben, Oath Keepers salutes you for your continuing service to the American people. Thanks, Bro.
Elias Alias, editor
Video: Former Navy Seal Ben Smith's Warning to America! and Oath Keepers at World War II Memorial
I would like to also thank Rhode Island Oath Keepers, with Randy Swanson, for fetching this one.

Leave your comments at the Oath Keepers website:


Elias Alias, editor
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (OK & PANDA Unite to Stop NDAA)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on October 16, 2013, 06:10:29 pm
He keeps talking about how ever service member signed up to protect the US Constitution.

So what part of Article One Section Eight 'To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, ...' is he having trouble with?

Its federal land, conferred by the US Constitution, and has been closed by legal authority.
Upholding the US Constitution would be  service members that surround the property and prevent access/trespass per order of that legal authority.

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (OK & PANDA Unite to Stop NDAA)
Post by: Luck on October 17, 2013, 05:06:21 pm
October 17th, 2013
Oath Keepers Remove Barricades from WWII Memorial on Last Day of “Shutdown”

In keeping with our solemn obligation to preserve the liberty that our World War II heroes fought for, Oath Keepers posted an Honor Guard at the WWII Memorial, beginning on Wednesday morning, October 16, led by 91 year old WWII Army Airborne combat veteran Renn Bodeker, to ensure that the Memorial remained open and accessible to the WWII veterans on Honor Flights, and open to the public, for the duration of the absurd “shutdown” of the Memorial (which made no sense at an open-air memorial made of concrete and stone).

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (WWII Vet Reflects On Long Gun Rally At Alamo)
Post by: Luck on October 21, 2013, 07:51:36 pm
WWII Vet Reflects On Long Gun Rally At Alamo

Renn Bodecker is almost 91 years old. He served in WWII as a paratrooper and aided in the release of prisoners held by the Japanese at Los Banos prison, in the Philippines. Last week he went with Stewart Rhodes to take down the barricades around the WWII Memorial, in Washington, DC. This past weekend he was at the Alamo, for the Long Gun open carry event. He is a true Patriot. He stands by the Constitution, and the Freedoms embodied within it.

As Renn said, when asked what advice he had for young people today, who see the freedoms he fought for slipping away: “Make up their minds, I don’t care what the cost is, that they are going to take this Country back, and bring it back under the Constitution. Whatever the cost.”

He also said: “Death is nothing. Freedom is everything.”

Having met Renn, I know he means that with every fiber of his being. He is an amazing man. He is a good man, and a real Patriot. I would there were many, many more men like him. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

See video interview at
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (WWII Vet Reflects On Long Gun Rally At Alamo)
Post by: d.j.smith on October 23, 2013, 12:56:40 am
The conflict of opinion I see in the posts here is the spirit of the law vs. the letter of the law.

(I once asked a cop how often he thought the latter gets in the way of the former. He didn't have an answer for that. Go figure.)

Long, long ago, some heavyweight political philosophers warned us about written laws. They always multiply exponentially; they always lead to a bad situation, more despotism. That's why the common law remains unwritten. And even the Constitution is based on common law. That's why it seems vague in so many places. The authors left room for "common sense" interpretation, derived from a basic sense of decency, which is necessary for law to function properly.

So I don't care who owns ten square miles of what. The barricades were unnecessary, and to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, were an obvious middle-finger and an obvious dare from the NWO crowd. Maybe testing us. I think the veterans involved and the Oathkeepers did right and stood honestly and courageously for their good values.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Success At The Alamo)
Post by: Luck on October 25, 2013, 08:01:19 am
A New Line In The Sand At The Alamo

Photographs and three videos are also in this article at Oath Keepers' national website. Please enjoy the article there and leave your comments if and as you wish: 

Over 1,000 armed Americans peaceably assembled at  the Alamo, to honor those who fell there, and to commit themselves to preserving the liberty so many have bled and died to defend.  There were not arrests, or attempts at arrest, and the event went off without a hitch.   Texas Chapter President Jay Stang spoke, and then introduced Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes, and WWII Airborne combat veteran Renn Bodeker, who led the crowd in an oath renewal ceremony (to renew oaths to defend the Constitution, or for some folks, to take such an oath for the first time).

Mission accomplished.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Pray for FL Trial of Sheriff Finch )
Post by: Luck on October 29, 2013, 10:30:14 am
Pray for FL Trial of Sheriff Finch

CSPOA says Sheriff Finch is going to trial today for the charge of falsifying records when he discarded a deputy's charge against a citizen for having a gun in his possession during a traffic stop or something. CSPOA says they're surprised the case made it to trial, but I'm not surprised, since the fascists of both parties want to disarm the people.

Here's the original story from the CSPOA website:

Here's the CSPOA blogpage:
and the titles of recent article links there:
Family of Marine vet killed by SWAT team awarded $3.4 million settlement
Have you heard KrisAnne Hall speak?
Please join us at the Freedom & Liberty Education Summit in Kansas City
In an article for American Cop Magazine by Jerry Boyd, The CSPOA & Oath Keepers
CSPOA condemns the attempt by 46 of our United States Anti-American Redcoats to turn over to the United Nations the enforcement of a global gun ban.
We’ve been contacted by police chiefs [patriots]
Sheriff Finch vs The Man [of fascism]
The video editing is finally done on the St. Charles convention
... the president of the United States is the most powerful person in the world. However, ... power corrupts
... “The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (MJS) did not waste an opportunity to disparage the CSPOA
... South Dakota Sheriff’s Association [traitors]
Governor Sandoval vetoed the Universal Background Check bill yesterday, and now, the anti-gun Left is in full-mourning.
The CSPOA is investigating the issue [of] Sheriff Nick Finch in Florida published a very good article [on] the CSPOA.
As sheriffs and peace officers across the nation have risen up to defend the rights of the people ... some have taken more cowardly stances.
It’s 15 minutes long but does a great job of showing how the founding fathers understood that true religion and liberty were inseparably connected.
NCIS. It’s one of the top shows on TV
The Seething Rage of Piers Morgan vs the Calm Confidence of Sheriff David Clarke
As this video clip shows, Piers Morgan represents very well the greatest (and probably the only) threat to America: decay from within.
The Crisis Of The Day
When I sued the Clinton administration in 1994 [on unconstitutional gun control]

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Sheriff Finch Won)
Post by: Luck on November 02, 2013, 11:38:54 am
Liberty in Liberty County!

On October 31, 2013, Sheriff Nick Finch won his case at trial in Liberty County, Florida. The charges were complete nonsense to begin with, and the laughter in the courtroom was difficult to suppress as the prosecution presented its flimsy, farcical case.

Sheriff Finch was charged and arrested and booked into his own jail last June. Sheriff Finch had done something nearly unheard of, yet noble and courageous. He nullified the arrest of a law abiding citizen who had the audacity of carrying a gun in his pocket. Sheriff Finch said "not on my watch." So the State moved in, arrested the Sheriff and re-arrested the citizen, Mr. Parish.

The end result was Finch was removed from office and went to trial. Mr. Parish once again had the charges dropped, but he was ordered to perform 50 hours of community service and pay $200.

Let's be very clear here: Neither man was guilty of anything! There were no victims and no evidence that a crime had ever occurred. Today, a jury consisting of six Liberty County citizens nullified the charges against Sheriff Finch and told the State officials who brought this case to trial that they were having none of their shenanigans. Sheriff Finch was reinstated as Sheriff just 15 minutes later.

The Sheriff nullified the arrest of an innocent man and the jury nullified the arrest of another innocent man. Liberty won this Halloween day in Liberty County and a tremendous example was laid before us all; do what's right, keep your word, and have the courage to stand for the little guy. As Sheriff Finch testified in court before a badgering prosecutor who demeaned and assailed Sheriff Finch's dedication to his oath and the Constitution, Sheriff Finch calmly and firmly told the prosecutor and the court, "The Constitution has to count for something." 

Sheriff Finch and his good wife are to admired for their courage and commitment. I am proud to call them friends and proud that I had the opportunity to witness for myself the humility and strength of these good people as they stared adversity in the face and won! Now perhaps it is for each of us to learn from this and realize that Liberty and the Constitution only "count for something" if we make it so.

In liberty, Richard Mack 

P.S. What else can you do to help?  Please spread the word by forwarding this email to everyone you can, and please post links to on your own web sites and social networking pages (facebook, etc.)  We desperately need to increase awareness if our message is to have a widespread effect!
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (“Don’t Tread on Me” Considered Extremist)
Post by: Luck on November 04, 2013, 06:26:40 pm
Navy SEALs Ordered To Remove “Don’t Tread on Me” Navy Jack From Uniforms

[] We have heard other SEALs say that the reason for this change in policy is that DOD believes that the “Don’t Tread on Me” Navy Jack is a symbol related to, or associated with, “extremist” organizations.   We have not confirmed this, and the DOD has not put out an official statement laying this out as the reason, but it wouldn’t at all surprise us.   Today, simply quoting the Founding Fathers, or expressing the same beliefs in inherit individual liberty that drove them to take up arms against the British Empire (which they had been part of, until declaring their independence), is a short track to being labeled an “extremist.”  So, it stands to reason that any symbols and insignia that relate back to that “Spirit of 76″ and the American Revolution would be hated by the current regime and its supporters, who would love to erase all such ideas and history from the minds of Americans (and certainly fear active duty military even thinking about such ideas and expressions of resolve).   And such a policy certainly fits right in with the recently disclosed Army briefings, such as those at Ft. Hood, that labeled the Tea Party and Christians as “extremists” and potential terrorism threats. Problem is, for the Regime, stamping out our culture is not that easy to do, and can’t be done just by banning the wearing of the Navy Jack and other insignia, and using SPLC propaganda in deployment briefings.   Just where do they think guys who become Navy SEALs come from?

[Read more at]

Under COMMENTS, FreedomChild Says:

Makes perfect sense to an Obamunista TRAITOR.
Anything American, is BAD.
Anything that reminds us of Liberty, Freedom, Justice, is Bad.
Consitution is dated and does not matter. Just because they say so.
A child in school that wears an American flag or NRA t-shirt is bad, it might offend.
Anything Male, Masculin, is Bad.
Anything that is Christian, is Bad.
They are teaching Army troops that Christian groups and Tea Party are terrorist.
They are targeting Tea Party Members with the IRS.
They are purging US Generals.
Obamunista’s Shutting down Ammo importation.
Obamunista’s Shutting down domestic sources of LEAD with EPA.
DHS preparing to go to war with the American People.
DHS hoarding massive ammo quantities.
DHS targets of pregnant women, “no hesitation”.

Ol' Rono Says:

They, (The tyrants) are taking off their mask and revealing who they truly are. This will cause “talk” among all in the service to go exponential, and conversation about the “Oath Keepers” are guaranteed. The tyrants, can’t help themselves now. They are addicted to power as a junkie is addicted to dope. The more they quench their thirsts for power, the more recruits Oath keepers will get. A cycle that they can’t stop.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Vets, Do Your Duty At Home)
Post by: Luck on November 12, 2013, 10:25:03 am
Message to Vets

[Skipping the dumb praise part.]
Some of you thought that you were through, but Oath Keepers has news for you. It ain’t over yet, Bro.  There is still a nation requiring your devotion to duty, your dedication and loyalty. Despite all the victories in war which comprise the rich history of the American military, our great nation remains yet in peril. Oath Keepers reminds all Veterans that the Oath never expires, that our duty only retires at the grave, and a Veteran still has a job to do – not necessarily on some distant battle field, but in one’s hometown, one’s community, one’s neighborhood.

The extra mile is the service one performs after being discharged. There exists today a great need for all Veterans to figure out what Steve Mason, the Vietnam Veterans of America “Poet Laureate”, revealed in this famous line before he died  -

“Old soldiers with bad gums find out too late whom they really served.” – Steve Mason, Viet Vet, RIP

After World War II, there has been a never-ending series of wars on a controlled, limited program which can be summarized as “perpetual war for perpetual peace”.  There is no honor in that, and a large percentage of combat veterans are likely to figure that out. When a Veteran comes to clearly see that, a righteous inner rage is kindled, understandably. Now the Department of Homeland Security has learned that returning war Veterans can settle back into their communities and start figuring out whom they really served when they answered the call to arms coming from Washington D.C.

So DHS now instructs your neighborhood policeman to pay closer attention to you because you are a Veteran, and as a Veteran you have seen directly, first hand, the great lie behind the deployments of our fighting men and women beginning with the Korean War in the 1950s. DHS knows that when a Veteran figures that out, he may be a force to deal with – and by God, they’re right about that.

So, yeah, go on down to the slop-shoot and raise a mug to your old outfit, and take a little slack after you’ve done your tour for the uniform.  But afterward, whatsay we each and all, as Veterans, as Oath Keepers, once again stand tall – but this time, doing it inside our own hearts and souls, where the battle for America now is fought, where Veterans, maybe moreso than any other sort of American, can summon the courage to face the truth – and then get down to work on the toughest battle of all, the educating of a trusting, believing, brain-washed public which has no idea whatsoever about war, about those who go to fight the wars, and about those damned by God politicians who send them.

Brothers and Sisters, Oath Keepers salutes your service. Awaken now to our new duty. Show your dedication to duty as you honor that Oath you swore, and band together in your neighborhoods, your communities, your families and circles of friends, and teach in your own TAOR the moral lessons enshrined in the U. S. Constitution. Your next duty station begins here -

Thank you for your service.

Semper Fi!


Elias Alias, USMC Vietnam Veteran and editor for Oath Keepers
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (OR Working to Defang NDAA)
Post by: Luck on November 20, 2013, 06:49:18 am
Oath Keepers Activist Alert: Oregon Carries The Ball

What Oath Keepers and PANDAA are doing in Oregon right now as they fight the NDAA-2012can be a model for activism at grass roots all over the nation.

What we want to do is light up the airwaves with an email attack on some seated ignorance being fought at present in Oregon by Oath Keepers and PANDAA. An important article has just been published and it needs Oath Keepers' comments in a real way. This is serious activism and your moments spent doing this will have a high yield.  Please go to our site and read the article and then go hit the comments section under the new article.  Or just go straight to the article at The World's news site:

Thank you.
Elias Alias, editor

Teasers from our article on this:

Then in October 2013 the SPLC took aim at Tom McKirgan and his Southwest Oregon Oath Keepers with a hit piece that puts Tom on the map as a true liberty fighter. Look at the vile childishness with which SPLC regards Tom McKirgan and Oath Keepers:

[Fascist SPLC slant] Oath Keepers Pushing Oregonians to Resist Gov't Concentration Camps - David Neiwert on October 18, 2013, Posted in 'Patriot' Groups, Antigovernment, Extremist Propaganda - A statewide organization of conspiracy-peddling Oath Keepers has been gaining traction in small-town Oregon by convincing a series of county-level officials that they need to speak out against the enactment of the National Defense Appropriations Act by passing official resolutions defending the constitutional rights of their citizens. Among the concerns that these county officials cite is the alleged threat, raised by the Oath Keeper activists who promote these resolutions, that federal authorities are planning to round up American citizens and incarcerate them in concentration camps.

From the SPLC's hit piece on the Oregon Oath Keepers, which is linked in our article:
The SPLC volley then went wild. Here is more from their article: Quoting:
Most of these resolutions are the handiwork of Tom McKirgan, who heads up the Oregon chapter of the Oath Keepers from his home in rural Coquille. He first convinced the Coos County commissioners - after months of activism - to pass a resolution in late July opposing the NDAA because of its supposed violations of the Fourth Amendment's requirements for due process. (The national Oath Keepers organization also promotes NDAA-related conspiracy theories on its website.) McKirgan has been working in tandem with activists from the state chapter of People against the National Defense Authorization Act (PANDAA) to promote the resolutions. And while PANDAA's portion of the presentations have remained within the realm of the rational concerns about civil liberties related to the bill, when the Oath Keepers have spoken up, it has veered into the wildly conspiratorial. [So say the conspirators.]

Read the whole article at our site, and take your thoughts over to The World's op-ed article and make your comment in support of Oath Keepers' fight to de-fang the NDAA in Oregon.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: Luck on December 13, 2013, 01:30:43 pm
Sheriff Mack's Winning Lawsuit Now Being Used To Stop Obamacare!
Sheriff Richard Mack
Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

December 2, 2013
On December 9, 2013 reported that South Carolina is very close to passing HB 3101, which nullifies Obamacare for SC citizens and businesses. If the bill passes, South Carolina will be the first state to take this courageous and very appropriate stand against this most destructive and abusive and yes, unconstitutional statute!

Now as states wake up to their true power and responsibility, we have SC taking exemplary action to protect their citizens from an out of control federal government.

South Carolina State Rep Tom Davis is the bill's sponsor, and in justifying his legislation he twice quoted from the Mack/Printz v. US case, saying that the States are not "political subdivisions of the Federal Government" and that the feds cannot "compel the states to enforce federal laws."

The Mack/Printz case was the case that set Sheriff Mack on a path of nationwide renown as he and Sheriff Printz sued the Clinton administration over unconstitutional gun control measures, were eventually joined by other sheriffs for a total of seven, went all the way to the supreme court and won.

There is much more "ammo" in this historic and liberty-saving Supreme Court ruling. We have been trying to get state and local officials from all over the country to read and study this most amazing ruling for almost two decades. Please get a copy of it today and pass it around to your legislators, county commissioners, city councils, state reps, even governors!

The Mack/Printz ruling makes it clear that the states do not have to accept orders from the feds!

See for yourself as you read the Mack/Printz ruling and share it with others. Everyone searching for a solution to stop the overreach of the Federal Government will find it in the Tenth Amendment as reinforced by this once-in-a-lifetime Supreme Court landmark decision!

Booklets containing an abridgement of the court case with comments by Sheriff Mack can be ordered at

Are you upset with Obama's stance on
gun control?

Are you concerned about Obamacare?

Who is the guardian of the Tenth Amendment?

Who can draw a line in the sand?

The Constitutional Sheriff

Can just one person help restore the republic?

Become a CSPOA member
Do you want to stop Obamacare? South Carolina is showing us how.


A pocket sized review of the only USSC ruling in history where a handful of Sheriffs sued the Feds and WON!!!

A landmark case, this booklet proves the Federal Gov't is not our boss!!!

Abridged, with foreword and summary by Sheriff Richard Mack. This  booklet contains key verbiage from the official court record, with comments added. It's a great companion to a pocket constitution.

(Dimensions: 3 1/4" W x 6" H)

Pack of 5 for $4 (THAT'S ONLY 80 CENTS PER COPY!)


This 5-DVD set is the entire CSPOA convention held in Missouri this past summer. It is proof positive that the "Constitutional Sheriff" movement is working!!!

53 presentations in all (over 17 hours), PLUS it includes the 75-minute highlights DVD (also available separately).


Get it all and more at

The CSPOA is also now offering lifetime memberships at various ranks:

Deputy - $300    Corporal - $400    Sergeant - $500    Lieutenant - $600    Major - $700

This is a heavy duty real leather wallet with a special compartment to snugly fit your CSPOA badge. The badge is finely crafted real metal like a police badge; not a cheap imitation.
All ranks come with additional free merchandise.

In liberty,

Richard Mack 

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Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on December 17, 2013, 11:45:02 am
Obamacare is constitutional. And it doesn't force the States to enforce federal law.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: Luck on December 26, 2013, 10:34:12 pm
Obamacare is NOT constitutional. It forces citizens to buy something they don't want. That's called THEFT and similar terms.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: TJames on December 27, 2013, 11:20:55 am
Irrelevant because government is only as powerful as people believe it is. >:D
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on December 27, 2013, 12:09:40 pm
Obamacare is NOT constitutional. It forces citizens to buy something they don't want. That's called THEFT and similar terms.
US Constitution Article III Section 2.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: Luck on December 28, 2013, 11:58:48 pm
Nothing in the Constitution permits the govt to steal.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on December 29, 2013, 06:07:03 pm
That would be Article One Section Eight - 'The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes,'

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: Luck on January 09, 2014, 11:06:01 pm
That power is strictly limited.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: KBCraig on January 13, 2014, 10:52:09 am
That power is strictly limited.

Apparently not.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: Luck on January 21, 2014, 05:00:25 pm
If you read Title 26 of the Code of Federal Regulations, you can see that income taxes don't apply to most Americans, but only to those having foreign income etc. And employment taxes are voluntary. The problem is that the IRS and other parts of the govt trick people into volunteering to pay taxes they don't owe.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: KBCraig on January 23, 2014, 02:32:45 pm
If you read Title 26 of the Code of Federal Regulations, you can see that income taxes don't apply to most Americans, but only to those having foreign income etc. And employment taxes are voluntary. The problem is that the IRS and other parts of the govt trick people into volunteering to pay taxes they don't owe.

No, the problem is that judges who rule on the law disagree with everything you said. It's not a trick, it's force.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: Luck on January 23, 2014, 10:50:00 pm
It doesn't matter if anyone disagrees with the truth, in that the truth is still the truth. If my statements on taxation were false, it should be a simple matter to prove it by finding in Title 26 of the CFR where the statements are shown to be wrong. Of course, anyone can use misunderstanding of the code to make claims, but there are plenty of knowledgeable people who agree with me, including former IRS agent, Joe Bannister, who works to help people beat IRS claims.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on January 24, 2014, 11:43:01 am
That power is not strictly limited. It was until the passage of the 16th Amendment.
And KBCraig would be correct; and that you would understand if you actually read the US Constitution - specifically Article Three.

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Model for States to Stop Obamacare)
Post by: KBCraig on January 24, 2014, 02:53:38 pm
It doesn't matter if anyone disagrees with the truth, in that the truth is still the truth.

It probably matters to all the people who've gone to prison because their "truth" disagreed with the judge's opinion about the law.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen)
Post by: Luck on February 26, 2014, 09:59:24 pm
[This isn't from OK or CSPOA this time, but it's 2nd Amendment related.]

Fri, Jan 17, 2014 04:53 PM [a little late, but not too late to oppose Shaheen et al in next election]

Subject: United Nations Arms Trade Treaty
In a 53-46 vote, the Senate narrowly passed a measure that will stop the United States from entering into the United Nations Small Arms Trade Treaty.
Which 46 Senators Voted to Destroy Us? We came four votes away from the U.S. Senate giving our Constitutional rights over to the United Nations.
The U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which has been championed by the Obama Administration, would have effectively placed a global ban on the import and export of small firearms. The ban would have affected all private gun owners in the U.S. and had language that would have implemented an international gun registry on all private guns and ammo. Astonishingly, 46 out of our 100 United States Senators were willing to give away our Constitutional rights to a foreign power and to allow the creation of an UN police force to come into this country to assist in the collection of weapons from US, you and me!
Here are the 46 senators who voted to give your rights to the U.N.:
Boxer (D-CA)
Feinstein (D-CA)
Bennett (D-CO)
Udall (D-CO)
Blumenthal (D-CT)
Murphy (D-CT)
Carper (D-DE)
Coons (D-DE)
Nelson (D-FL)
Hirono (D-HI)
Schatz (D-HI)
Durbin (D-IL)
Harkin (D-IA)
Landrieu (D-LA)
King (I-ME)
Cardin (D-MD)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Cowan (D-MA)
Warren (D-MA)
Levin (D-MI)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Franken (D-MN)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
McCaskill (D-MO)
Baucus (D-MT)
Reid (D-NV)
Shaheen (D-NH)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Udall (D-NM)
Gillibrand (D-NY)
Schumer (D-NY)
Brown (D-OH)
Merkley (D-OR)
Wyden (D-OR)
Casey (D-PA)
Reed (D-RI)
Whitehouse (D-RI)
Johnson (D-SD)
Kaine (D-VA)
Warner (D-VA)
Leahy (D-VT)
Sanders (I-VT)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Murray (D-WA)
Baldwin (D-WI)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Folks: This needs to go viral. These Senators voted to let the UN come into our country and take OUR guns. They need to lose their next election. We have been betrayed. 46 Senators Voted to Give our 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights to the U.N. Please send this to EVERYONE YOU KNOW! This is exactly how Hitler began his dictatorship, by taking away the ownership of guns.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on February 27, 2014, 02:18:34 am
You might want to read the treaty for your self...

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen)
Post by: Luck on February 27, 2014, 05:12:47 am
You're free to post a link to the treaty. If the vote was not traitorous, I'll post a revision, if someone else doesn't do so first.
To see the Amendment click here:
To see the official vote click here:
Thanks to Conway.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on February 27, 2014, 12:32:31 pm
Treason has a specific definition within the US Constitution.
As for the ATT it covers international trade of firearms; not exactly a violation of the right to keep and bear arms.
Its wording could at most be described as anti-competitive.

Your link to the Amendment doesn't seem to go to anything...
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen)
Post by: Sam Adams on February 27, 2014, 01:26:19 pm
          I will forward this to the Union Leader, and we will see if they publish it. I suspect they will.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen?)
Post by: Luck on February 28, 2014, 11:30:54 am
Treason has a specific definition within the US Constitution.
As for the ATT it covers international trade of firearms; not exactly a violation of the right to keep and bear arms.
Its wording could at most be described as anti-competitive.

Your link to the Amendment doesn't seem to go to anything...
I don't understand why the Amendment link doesn't work right, but at the other link, , you can click on the Amendment Number:    S.Amdt. 139 to see the Amendment.

What you say sounds plausible, that there's no threat to the 2nd Amendment from the treaty, but the wording of the Amendment says it's to prevent any such threat anyway, so I don't see it as harmful. Here's a quote:
To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty."

I hope there's not a bad ulterior motive for not wanting to enter into the UN Arms Trade Treaty. It's plausible that the Senators who voted against Amendment 139 are not traitors, but I'd have to know their reasons in order to judge better.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen?)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on February 28, 2014, 03:53:24 pm

The ATT would definitely have an effect on arms manufacturers in the US that wish to sell their product in certain other countries; as those other countries would now have a system that is more like the US in scope.

It creates a anti-competitiveness to homegrown arms... or even to a black market.
So its not like the treaty would actually achieve its goal.

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen?)
Post by: Luck on March 02, 2014, 03:47:08 pm
Do you have reason to believe the Senators who voted against the amendment did so because they wanted to help protect small businesses selling arms abroad from monopolies? It sounds like the yea voters are likely as dirty as the no voters at any rate.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen?)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on March 02, 2014, 06:11:51 pm
Not really. But I'm sure that lobbyist pointed it out.
Like most things, it will have a lot bigger impact on some rather than many - and in this specific case is more of political statement rather than something that could be effectively enforced.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen?)
Post by: Sam Adams on March 02, 2014, 11:01:23 pm
 The UN also has this UNODA  which is office for disarmament affairs. Under the ATT as far as I see and read, the UN will regulate Global arms trade, and put limitations and penalties on abusive govts or arm companies. This sounds like licensing and tracking Gun dealers, or if you would say Arms dealers, and checking their registry of gun purchases. Kind of like Global gun registration. Don,t trust them. But who is to pay for this, maybe a UN Global ammo and Gun tax?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (2nd Amendment NH Traitor Shaheen?)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on March 03, 2014, 02:39:33 am
UN doesn't have the authority to tax. So it would need to be sovereign countries taxing for them and transferring the money - which is highly unlikely.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CT Trampling 2nd Amendment after Sandy Hook)
Post by: Luck on March 13, 2014, 08:26:39 am
[Sam sent this interesting item.]

Gun Law Chaos: Failing Connecticut Blows Up
By Staff Report - March 11, 2014

A showdown is developing between a sizable number of Connecticut state police officers and the politicians who passed into law highly restrictive gun control, gun bans, and bans on high capacity magazines. Gun rights legal expert and activist David Hardy reported Friday that 250 law enforcement officers in Connecticut have signed an open letter stating that they will not enforce the new anti-gun and magazine laws, which they consider to be a violation of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. A major news story on these developments is due to be published soon, but Hardy received an advanced notice via email from Tyler Jackson, the head of the Connecticut Peace Officers Association, the organization that sent the open letter. –

Dominant Social [Major Media Inspired Misconception]: Guns are dangerous and courageous state representatives are voting to take them away.

Free-Market Analysis: Connecticut politicos have finally hit the proverbial wall. Following the [possible false flag] Sandy Hook shootings of toddlers, Connecticut passed a radical gun-registration law.

- Read the rest at:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Gun Entrepreneurs)
Post by: Luck on March 22, 2014, 05:22:14 pm
Ares Armor Update: The Skinny on EP Armory Polymer 80% Lower Receivers
By Nick Leghorn on March 17, 2014

Let’s look at the situation surrounding Ares Armor, EP Armory’s lowers, and why the ATF might be interested.

Ares Armor is a distributor of EP Armory’s polymer 80% lower receivers. The claim to fame for these models is that the lower receivers are two different colors — one color for the receiver itself, and a completely different color for the parts that need to be milled out to complete the gun. It’s the equivalent of a “paint by numbers” approach to firearms manufacturing, making the process nearly idiot-proof.

The problem is the definition of an “80% lower.” The appeal of the 80% lower receiver is that it is legally just a chunk of metal and not a firearm, so it skirts nearly all of the gun laws in the United States right up until the point where someone drills out all the required parts and assembles their own gun. In order to maintain that status, the lower needs to be like a block of marble in an artists’ studio: just raw material with the finished product still needing to be chiseled out. According to the ATF’s “once a gun always a gun” doctrine, the instant the lower is milled out and completed it’s officially a firearm and subject to all of the applicable laws. Even if you go back and fill in the relevant sections, it’s still a gun that you just manufactured and must be treated as such.


Ares Armor vs. Illegal ATF Raid
UPDATE: Stewart Rhodes interviews CEO Dimitrios Karras - March 18, 2014 [on Youtube]

Last week the BATFE Raided EP Armory based on a determination letter that had deemed the 80% Polymer product to be a firearm. The determination letter that the BATFE used to obtain warrants against EP Armory is based on incorrect information about the manufacturing process. The BATFE has been notified of their error and the incorrectness of their determination based on this error.

This week on Monday, March 10th the BATFE threatened to raid us even though they are fully aware that their determination letter is factually incorrect. They requested that we turn over a list of every customer that had purchased a polymer lower from us and turn over the remaining inventory that we have.

Our customer's privacy is of the utmost importance to us. I cannot in good moral conscience turn over a list of names to the BATFE just because they unduly threaten us with an unjust raid based on information they KNOW TO BE FALSE!

For the time we are SAFE! We were granted a Temporary Restraining Order against the BATFE on March 11th. The following is the declaration that I made during the process of obtaining this TRO:

Declaration of Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor

In regards to the events surrounding Ares Armor's interaction with EP Armory's products and the threats made towards Ares Armor by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE.) The following declarations are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

I, Dimitrios Karras, state:

1. During a meeting with the BATFE around the end of 2012 that was unrelated to EP Armory's product, the Agent that was present very strongly requested that I turn over Ares Armor's customer list. He intimidated me with the possibility of criminal charges if he was not satisfied. This was the first attempt the BATFE made to intimidate Ares Armor into turning over private customer information.

7. The BATFE has Raided EP Armory based on incorrect information about EP Armory's manufacturing process. The determination letter written by the BATFE incorrectly classified the EP Armory product as a firearm based on faulty information. The BATFE was under the impression that EP Armory was making a firearm and then reverting back to the 80% stage by filling in the fire-control cavity. At no point during the manufacturing process by EP Armory is a weapon made and then reverted. The solid fire-control cavity is built first and the rest of the 80% casting is made around this "core" specifically so that their product at no time could be considered to be a firearm.

8. The BATFE has been appropriately informed of their mistake. However, even though they have no determination that is based on fact, they are knowingly using their fiction based determination to intimidate Ares Armor with threats in order to inappropriately gain access to information that is private and should be protected.

In exchange for turning over our customer's private information the BATFE said that they would not "raid" Ares Armor's facilities and would not pursue "criminal" charges. This made me feel as if I was being extorted. I agreed to their terms in order to delay an impending and unjust raid against Ares Armor long enough to obtain legal protection under the law.

10. I have been unjustly threatened with raids and criminal charges in an attempt by the BATFE to obtain information that is private and protected. The BATFE has expressed interest in obtaining Ares Armor's customer list in the past and is now attempting to strong-arm us with undue threats based on information they know to be incorrect.

Dimitrios Karras

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption)
Post by: Luck on March 23, 2014, 09:28:40 am
[Note Gun Entrepreneurs article in previous message.]

CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption

This message is in 4 parts:
Part 1. CSPOA Conference Report
Part 2. CSPOA Resolution vs. Tyranny
Part 3. One Member's Encounter with TSA
Part 4. CSPOA Plan to End Corruption

Part 1. Jan 2014 CSPOA Conference Report

The January 2014 CSPOA conference began with a prayer. Right then, any newcomers could tell there would be something different about this meeting of over 75 sheriffs, police chiefs, peace officers and other elected officials and public servants from 31 different states. As the day progressed, each of the speakers noted God’s role in our task; how could they not? It takes faith to understand freedom; it takes more than courage to stand when the tide is going against you. A self-serving person will go with the flow, but a person of principle – a person of faith – stands even when he or she stands alone against the crashing waves.

The men and women at this conference did not attend out of any desire to make their lives easier or to make themselves more popular. They came because their beliefs demanded that they be there. Every day they pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for a cause they believe in: The Holy Cause of Liberty. The same pledge that guided our Founding Fathers as they wrote The Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Sheriff Brad Rogers of Indiana acted as master of ceremonies for the event and said a few words by way of introduction. Following his remarks we heard from Sheriff Jeff Christopher of Delaware and Sheriff Nick Finch of Florida, both of whom have recently suffered attacks from their own state governments and who have been assisted financially and personally by the CSPOA through generous member donations. This was the first time most of us had heard Sheriff Finch’s story in his own words and it was really a treat. His wife attended as well and with a little coaxing from the group we got her up to the mic too. Wait until you see the video of this!

Constitutional scholar and director of the Institute On The Constitution Michael Peroutka spoke next, with a rousing reminder of just how heavily dependent the Constitution is on a proper understanding of God’s law.

After a short break, Richard Mack – former Arizona sheriff and founder of the CSPOA – gave a review of important statements from his renown supreme court case. He addressed the oath of office all government officials swear to, the fundamentals of state sovereignty and the duty each local public servant has to protect citizens from abusive and out of control government.

Attorney and constitutional scholar KrisAnne Hall concluded the morning with a powerful presentation on the Fourth Amendment (search and seizure, warrants, etc.), illustrating just how far we have strayed from constitutional practices in recent years.

After lunch our real work began. One of our primary goals was to draft a resolution that would state clearly how we felt about the current abuses raining down from the Federal government, and to establish boundaries and guidelines for federal agents and employees to follow when entering local jurisdictions. We spent the early afternoon discussing this document, and the tone in the room was nothing short of miraculous. There was some discussion about proper wording, but there was no real disagreement on what we wanted to say. There were some who worried that if the document was worded too strongly others would be hesitant to join us, but there were none who said it was too strongly worded for themselves. There were no lost tempers; no heated arguments. Nobody walked out of the room in anger. How is this possible in a room full of strong-willed, independent sheriffs from across the nation? Only one answer to that: They were of one heart and one mind, and they were acting in courage with the strength of faith.

Eventually we selected a small committee headed by Sheriff Joey Kyle of Missouri to take the task of combining all our ideas into a finished resolution. Another committee was given the task of making a plan to raise money for a special fund to be used to defend CSPOA members in the event of legal attacks which will surely come as a result of our stand.

After the finished resolution was read back to the group, we felt another prayer was needed. We prayed over this document, that it could touch the hearts and minds of many other sheriffs, peace officers, public officials and citizens across the nation; that it could be an instrument used to restore liberty to countless numbers who are losing it a little more each day. We prayed that it could be taken in the spirit that it was written: Not a spirit of anger or violence, but a spirit of peace and freedom. We prayed that it could be a clarion call to unite the good people across the nation who want to stand but do not want to stand alone.

The conference culminated with a banquet and award presentation. Sheriffs Pam Elliott of Texas and Denny Peyman of Kentucky were among the speakers. Hearing Denny Peyman tell in his own words about the persecution he has suffered and how he is arresting corrupt officials in his own county is another moment you won’t want to miss on video. Finally, Sheriff Nick Finch received the CSPOA Constitutional Sheriff of the Year award for his exemplary defense of the U.S. Constitution. During his trial he said a phrase that may very well ring down through the years, “The Constitution has to mean something at some point.”

The CSPOA has as its primary goal that all sheriffs and peace officers across America will put the constitution and their oaths to defend it first and foremost in the performance of their duties. We hope as you read this document that you will be led to stand with us, that we can move forward in faith to save this nation and people that we love, remembering that faith is a strength our adversary can neither possess nor comprehend.

    Gun Owners of America - - A non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners.
    Free & Equal - - A non-profit organization formed to break the stranglehold of the two-party system and reform the electoral system throughout the United States.
    Institute on the Constitution - - To help individuals across America understand their own history by reacquainting them with the worldview and vision of our Founding Fathers.

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption)
Post by: Luck on March 23, 2014, 09:34:17 am
Part 2. CSPOA Resolution vs. Tyranny

CSPOA Jan 2014 Resolution

The following was drafted at a meeting of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) on Jan 24, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada and approved by the members present.  [] We encourage all sheriffs, peace officers and those in public office to sign with us. We also welcome the signatures of all other U.S. citizens.

What do we plan to do with this resolution? [See Part 4.]

Of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Pursuant to the powers and duties bestowed upon us by our citizens, the undersigned do hereby resolve that any Federal officer, agent, or employee, regardless of supposed congressional authorization, is required to obey and observe limitations consisting of the enumerated powers as detailed within Article 1 Section 8 of the U S Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

The people of these united States are, and have a right to be, free and independent, and these rights are derived from the “Law of Nature and nature’s God.” As such, they must be free from infringements on the right to keep and bear arms, unreasonable searches and seizures, capricious detainments and every other natural right whether enumerated or not, pursuant to the 9th amendment.

We further reaffirm that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” (10th amendment)

Furthermore, we maintain that no agency established by the U S Congress can develop its own policies or regulations which supersede the Bill of Rights or the Constitution, nor does the executive branch have the power to make law, overturn law or set aside law.

Therefore, in order to protect the American people, BE IT RESOLVED THAT,

The following abuses will not be allowed or tolerated:

1) Registration of personal firearms under any circumstances.

2) Confiscation of firearms without probable cause, due process, and constitutionally compliant warrants issued by a local or state jurisdiction.

3) Audits or searches of a citizen’s personal affairs or finances without probable cause, and due process, and constitutionally compliant warrants issued by a local or state jurisdiction.

4) Inspections of person or property without probable cause and constitutionally compliant warrants as required by the 4th Amendment and issued by a local or state jurisdiction.

5) The detainment or search of citizens without probable cause and proper due process compliance, or the informed consent of the citizen.

6) Arrests with continued incarcerations without charges and complete due process, including, but not limited to public and speedy jury trials, in a court of state or local jurisdiction.

7) Domestic utilization of our nation’s military or federal agencies operating under power granted under the laws of war against American citizens.

8) Arrest of citizens or seizure of persons or property without first notifying and obtaining the express consent of the local sheriff.

that the undersigned Sheriffs, Peace Officers, and other Public Servants, do hereby denounce any acts or agencies which promote the aforementioned practices. All actions by the Federal Government and its agents will conform strictly and implicitly with the principles expressed within the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights.

There is no greater obligation or responsibility of any government officer than to protect the rights of the people. Thus, any conduct contrary to the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights will be dealt with as criminal activity.

Signers are listed alphabetically by state, then by County/Agency. []

STATE   Agency   Title   Name   [Date] Signed
      Citizen   LeRoy Holt   2/10/2014
AZ   Arizona   Senator   Don Shooter   2/22/2014
AZ   State of Arizona   Senator   Judy W Burges   3/22/2014
CA   Los Angeles County   Deputy Sheriff   Paul Schrader   1/24/2014
CA   Trinity County Sheriff's Office   Deputy Sheriff   Mark Potts   1/30/2014
CA   Modoc County   Sheriff   Mike Poindexter   1/24/2014
CA   California   Sheriff/ Coroner   Dean WILSON   2/21/2014
DE   Sussex County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Jeff Christopher   1/24/2014
FL   Liberty County   Sheriff   Nick Finch   1/24/2014
ID   Benewah County   Sheriff   Dave Resser   1/24/2014
ID   Owyhee County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Perry Grant   2/6/2014
ID   Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Tom Carter   2/28/2014
ID   Elmore   Veteran Peace Officer and 2016 Candidate for Elmore Sheriff   Doug Traubel   1/24/2014
IN   Franklin   Indiana Committeeman   Thurman HIATT   2/3/2014
IN   Elkhart County   Sheriff   Bradley Rogers   1/24/2014
KS   Franklin   Sheriff   Jeff Richards   2/5/2014
KS   Sherman County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Burton Pianalto   1/24/2014
KY   Greenup   Sheriff   Keith Cooper   2/5/2014
KY   Jackson County   Sheriff   Denny Peyman   1/24/2014
KY   Kenton County   Sheriff   Charles Lee Korzenborn   1/24/2014
MI   Barry County Sheriffs Department   Barry County Sheriffs Auxillary   Douglas Hull   1/30/2014
MI   Barry County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Darin Leaf   1/24/2014
MI   Benzie County   Sheriff   Ted Schendel   1/24/2014
MO   Old Monroe   Chief of Police   Larry Kirk   1/24/2014
MO   Atchison County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Dennis D Martin   2/11/2014
MO   Christian County   Sheriff   Joey Kyle   1/24/2014
MO   Osage County   Sheriff   Michael Dixon   1/24/2014
NC   Albert J. Ellis Airport Police Agency   Chief of Police   Hans Miller   2/10/2014
NC   Catawba County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Coy Reid   2/5/2014
NE   Burwell Police Dept   Chief of Police   Benjamin Hughes   2/10/2014
NM   Jemez Springs Police   Chief   Shane Harger   1/24/2014
NM   Valencia County   Sheriff   Rene Rivera   1/24/2014
NV   State of Nevada   Representative   Kamau A Bakari   3/22/2014
NY   Saratoga County   Deputy Sheriff   Christopher Lorey   2/19/2014
NY   Fulton County   Sheriff   Thomas Lorey   2/7/2014
OR   Josephine County Sheriffs Office   Sheriff   Gil Gilbertson   2/5/2014
OR   Morrow County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Ken Matlack   1/24/2014
PA   Office of Constable for the 9th Ward   State Constable   Ed Quiggle, Jr.   1/24/2014
TN   Fentress County Sheriff's Office   Deputy Sheriff   Larry Crabtree   1/24/2014
TN   Fentress County Sheriff's Office   Deputy Sheriff   David Oppenheim   1/24/2014
TX   Austin County Constable's Office Precinct 4   Constable   James Clark   3/11/2014
TX   Ellis County   County Commissioner   Paul Perry   1/24/2014
TX   Shackelford County Sheriff's Office   Deputy Sheriff   Donovon Boyett   1/24/2014
TX   Archer City Police Department   Officer   Terry Madison   1/31/2014
TX   Edwards County   Sheriff   Pamela Elliott   1/24/2014
TX   Shackelford County Sheriff's Office   Sheriff   Edward Miller   1/24/2014
UT   Beaver County   Sheriff   Cameron Noel   1/24/2014
UT   Garfield County   Sheriff   James D. Perkins   2/22/2014
UT   Iron County   Sheriff   Mark O. Gower   2/22/2014
UT   Tooele County   Sheriff   Frank Park   2/22/2014
UT   Utah County Sheriff Department   Sheriff   James Tracy   1/24/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Curtis Oda   2/28/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Jacob Anderegg   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Jerry Anderson   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Brian Greene   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Richard Greenwood   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Mike Kennedy   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   David Lifferth   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   John Mathis   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Ronda Menlove   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Michael Noel   3/15/2014
UT   State of Utah   State Representative   Marc Roberts   3/15/2014
VA   Lynchburg   Sheriff   Ron Gillispie   2/21/2014
WA   Cowlitz County   Deputy Sheriff   Nathan Hockett   1/24/2014
WA   26th Legislative District   State Representative    Jesse Young   3/20/2014
WA   House of Representatives   State Representative   Jason Overstreet   3/12/2014
WA   House of Representatives   State Representative   David Taylor   3/12/2014
WA   House of Representatives   State Representative   Matt Shea   3/12/2014

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption)
Post by: Luck on March 23, 2014, 09:36:21 am
(Part 2, Cont.)

ST   Agency   Title   Name   Signed
AL   Elmore   Candidate For Sheriff Of Elmore Co. Alabama   Mark Syck   3/13/2014
AL   Shelby County   Sheriff Candidate   Rick Needham   3/15/2014
CA   Riverside County   Candidate for Governor of California   Robert C. Newman II, PhD   1/24/2014
IL   Menard   Running for sheriff   Stephen Brady   2/2/2014
KY   Floyd   Floyd Co Ky Sheriff Candidate   Joey Collins   2/4/2014
NC   Craven County   Candidate for Sheriff   Chip Hughes   2/20/2014
NV   Dist 40   Assembly Candidate   John H Wagner   3/22/2014
NV   Clark County   Candidate for Sherriff   Gordon Martines   1/24/2014
NV   State of Nevada   Nevada Governor Candidate   David Lory VanDerBeek   3/22/2014
TX   Dallas County   Candidate for Sherriff   Kirk Launius   1/24/2014
WV   Randolph   Chairman & US Senate Candidate-Constitution Party of West Virginia   Phil Hudok   2/11/2014

ST   Agency   Title   Name   Signed
AZ   CSPOA   Founder   Richard Mack   1/24/2014
FL   Port Authority of NY&NJ retired   citizen (retired police LT)   James McGovern   2/14/2014

ST   Agency   Title   Name   Signed
AZ   Maricopa   USMC (Retired)   Steve Porak   3/22/2014
CA   Los Angeles   Constitution Enforcement Militiaman, USAF Veteran   Milburn Bias   2/4/2014
FL   Okaloosa County   COL, USA, Ret., Op American Spring   Harry Riley   2/26/2014
IA   Muscatine   Citizen, Veteran, Oathkeeper   Shawn Reichert   2/13/2014
ID   ADA   Retired CSRS   Robert Penner Sr   1/31/2014
KS   Franklin   4th Vice Chairman Independent American Party, USAF Veteran   Roger Tucker   2/13/2014
MO   OREGON CTY.   U.S. Naval Veteran Vietnam ERA   Kenneth Thompson   3/22/2014
NV   Washoe   USMC Veteran   David Haskns   2/25/2014
NY   Dutchess   USAF Security Police Veteran   Richard Santoro   3/1/2014
OK   Comanche   Retired Army & Citizen   Stephen Schaefer   2/12/2014
PA   Westmoreland   Navy veteran, member of Pa militia, Westmoreland County 1st Bat.    Corey May   3/21/2014
TX   Dallas Police Department   Sr. Cpl.   Thomas Haney   1/24/2014
TX   Collin County   US Marine / Supporting Citizen   Micah Hurd   2/3/2014

TOTAL CITIZENS AS OF 3/23/2014: 53
ST   Agency   Title   Name   Signed
AR   Pulaski   Citizen   Keith Cook   2/3/2014
AZ   Maricopa   1st Vice Chairman AZ LD22 Republican Party   Frank Carroll   2/4/2014
AZ   Maricopa   Precinct and State Committeeman   Joel Alcott   2/15/2014
AZ   Arizona   State Committeman   Rick Dalton   1/24/2014
AZ   Maricopa   U. S. Citizen   Jeff Segal   2/22/2014
CA   San Bernadino County   Campaign Manager   Lawrence Hebron   1/24/2014
CA   San Bernardino County   Individual, Republic for the uSA   Daniel Mahnke   2/1/2014
CA   Santa Cruz/Republican Central Committee   Member, SCCRCC   David Harra   2/20/2014
CA   Fresno   Mr.   Steven Rahn   1/30/2014
CA   Fresno   President   Richard Wahl   2/9/2014
CO   Mesa   Administration of Justice Graduate   David Zulian   1/30/2014
CO   Teller   Honorary Mem.County Sheriffs of Colorado   Randy Baringer   2/12/2014
FL   Constitution of the United States   Concerned Citizen   Todd Comber   2/12/2014
FL   Florida   Citizen   Michael Alvarez   1/30/2014
FL   Leon County   Citizen, Veteran, Oath Keeper   Ivan Chiplinsky   3/10/2014
FL   Martin and St. Lucie   Oath Keepers - Martin/St. Lucie County Chapter Leader   Mike Saxton   2/26/2014
FL   Florida Oath Keepers   President   Mike Austell   3/14/2014
FL   Miami-Dade   Private Investigator   Daniel Bernasconi   2/11/2014
IL   Chicago Fire Department.   Lieutenant   Mike Horist   1/31/2014
IN   Franklin   citizen   Carol HIATT   2/3/2014
MD   The Institute on the Constitution   Esquire   Michael Peroutka   1/24/2014
MD   DHS Federal Protective Service   Supervisory Special Agent (Retired)   Christopher Fiora   1/24/2014
MD   Howard   U. S. Citizen   Stanley Howell   2/9/2014
ME   Sagadahoc   Concerned Citizen   Leon Bard   2/22/2014
MI   Macomb   Concerned Citizen   Terry Hilliker   2/20/2014
MN   Sherburne   Citizen of Minnesota   Daniel Larson   2/10/2014
MO   Platte County   Citizen   Timothy Norris   2/1/2014
NC   Yadkin   Mr.   John S Willard, Jr   2/27/2014
NC   Buncombe County   National Liberty Alliance Buncombe County, NC Organizer   Douglas Stehling   2/12/2014
NH   Coos   Citizen   Alvah Brown   1/31/2014
NV   Clarke City   Attorney   Warren Markoutz   3/22/2014
NV   Las Vegas   Attorney   Joel Hansen   3/22/2014
NV   Washoe   Citizen   Justin Edwards   2/20/2014
NV   N.D.O.C.   Correctional Officer   Jonathan Allen-Ricksecker   2/14/2014
NV   unknown   Patriot   Linda Sanders   3/22/2014
NY   Society for the Preservation of our American Reubl   Founder and President   Robert Laity   1/29/2014
OK   Okmulgee County, OK   Citizen and former City Councilman   Jim Lonsdale   1/30/2014
OR   Tillamook   Citizen   David Guthert   2/12/2014
PA   Clymer Law   Attorney   James Clymer   1/24/2014
TX   Tarrant   Citizen   John Viertel   2/6/2014
TX   Tarrant   Citizen   Robert Gustavsen   2/5/2014
TX   Tom Green   Citizen   Nancy Farmer   2/4/2014
TX   Harker Heights Fire Department   Firefighter / Paramedic   Cody Newman   2/26/2014
TX   Texas   SSG   Joel Viertel   1/31/2014
UT   Salt Lake   Citizen   Gary Anderson   3/21/2014
UT   Utah   Citizen   Sam Bushman   3/20/2014
WA   USA   Administrative Assistant II   Joseph Rodriguez   2/6/2014
WA   Washington   Mr   Reginald Jules   3/4/2014
WV   Nicholas   Citizen, Member - Constitution Party WVa   Butch Paugh   2/10/2014
WV   Raleigh   Constitution Party of WVa. Member   L. Gene Stalnaker   2/10/2014
WV   Nicholas   Founder, Nicholas County Tea Party   Tim Clifford   2/10/2014
WV   Berkeley   Secretary, Constitution Party WVa   Jeff Becker   2/7/2014


Add your name to the list.
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Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption)
Post by: Luck on March 23, 2014, 09:43:33 am
Click here to go to Parts 1 and 2:

Part 3. One Member's Encounter with TSA etc.
New Mexico Police Chief Shane Harger

We've all heard these famous last words; maybe we've even used them:  "What's the worst that could happen?"  Well, Police Chief Shane Harger of Jemez Springs, New Mexico (yes, it's a state) found out just what the worst is that could happen when he signed up for the recent CSPOA conference, held on January 24 in Las Vegas.

The worst that could happen is, you get detained by airport security because you are flagged as a potential terrorist due to your affiliation with 'radical patriot groups.'  Then, when you arrive home from the conference after signing your name to possibly one of the most significant documents you've seen in your life, you find out that you've been fired - in fact your whole department has been shut down - due to your dangerous political affiliations.

Chief Harger heard about the CSPOA through the grapevine and called us out of the blue, just to find out more about the organization.  It was just a few weeks until the next convention, so after a personal discussion with him we decided to invite him and one of his men to attend the conference.  

Once at the event, we heard remarks from Chief Harger about what a relief it was to know that there were other people like him out there who were still willing to stand up for what's right in the face of looming opposition.  He was the one who made the statement we alluded to in a previous newsletter, "I've been to a lot of conventions and meetings for law enforcement, but I've never attended one that started with a prayer.  Right then I knew this was something different."  

The CSPOA has been in frequent communication with Chief Harger since the event.  CSPOA staff met with Chief Harger and his family in Utah over the weekend recently for a little R & R and some intense meetings. We had to ascertain if he indeed wants to fight this atrocity and to find out if his wife is on board also. They both are! His wife is a wonderful lady and their son is a very well mannered eight year old.

We plan to back the Hargers all the way and make an example of the TSA's tyranny and highly improper hiring standards!

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption)
Post by: Luck on March 23, 2014, 09:45:57 am
[See Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this message above.]]

Part 4. CSPOA Plan to End Corruption

Lighting the Lamp of Liberty Action Plan: A CSPOA Solution

Posted on March 17, 2014

Stated Goal: To Restore the Rule of Law – The Constitution of the United States of America

Start Date of Action Plan: January, 2014

General Outline:

Phase 1 – Invite millions of patriots to sign the CSPOA Resolution /Citizens Petition.

(See )

This will demonstrate our peaceful intent and that “We the People” do support and stand with those who are willing to keep their oaths of office.

    Obtain enough signatures to force the White House to publicly respond in writing.
    Activate a citizens’ brigade to obtain signatures in support of the CSPOA Resolution from every city, county and state elected/appointed official from all 50 states in the Union. A written report will be published on the results of our efforts and made available to the American people.
    Establish a broad coalition of like-minded Constitutional organizations to carry out the Action Plan.
    Create a coalition of friendly media to focus on the issues and initiate honest discussion of our peaceful intent.

Phase 2 – Initiate a delegation of patriot citizens to peacefully assemble in Washington D.C. in a non-violent, unarmed press conference/rally

    The event on September 17, 2014 (Constitution Day) will start with a National Rally at the Press Club. The CSPOA Resolution will be publicly unveiled with media present. The speakers will include, but not be limited to:
        Sheriff Richard Mack – President and Founder of the CSPOA.
        Selected Federal Congressman/Senators/Public officials who have the integrity to stand with us.
    An actual print out of all CSPOA Resolution /Citizens Petitions will be delivered to the White House.
    A list of public official signers to date will be available for the media and the public, broken down state by state.
    A small delegation will be on hand from every state to personally deliver the CSPOA Resolution to all 435 House members and 100 Senators.
    An attempt will be made to have the above elected officials sign the Resolution on the spot.
    A small hand-picked delegation will deliver the CSPOA Resolution to the President/Vice President/Attorney General of the United States at the White House.
    A written report will be published on the results of our efforts and made available to the American people. A list of confirmed speakers to be announced.

Phase 3 – Those who will not sign the Resolution will be publicly invited to peacefully resign.

    A list of those who will not resign will be created and published.
    A team of Constitutional Attorneys will be assembled to support an action plan to replace rogue government officials who will not obey their oaths of office.
    Those who don’t keep their oaths of office must resign.

We humbly invite all like-minded organizations and individuals to join us in this holy cause of liberty.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on March 23, 2014, 09:50:19 am
Actually, the sheriffs (executive/enforcement) would be overstepping their authority - US Con Article III.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption)
Post by: Luck on March 23, 2014, 02:39:14 pm
Anyone who reads the CSPOA Plan shown just above John's post can see that there's nothing in the plan about Sheriffs or executives carrying out any part of the plan in their official capacities. Everything in the plan is legal for any citizen to do.

The CSPOA plan is the most sensible one I've seen to date and will likely be effective, if enough concerned citizens join in supporting it.

Click here to go to Parts 1 and 2:

P.S., 17 states' sheriffs' associations oppose Obama's gun control plan. See . Why isn't NH among them?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Free Event April 18, Springfield, IL 7 p.m.)
Post by: Luck on March 24, 2014, 11:26:25 am
Click here to go to Parts 1 and 2: of the CSPOA Plan vs Tyranny

Friday, April 18, 2014
Springfield, Illinois 7pm-9pm
Northfield Center 1

Northfield Inn Suites Conference Center
3280 Northfield Dr., Springfield, IL 62702

Held in Diamond & Emerald Rooms, Northfield Center 1

This event is free, thanks to our sponsors below!
It’s time we all unite no matter what political party affiliation.
Come enjoy an evening with great speakers and liberty loving Americans.
The Constitution is so important, elected officials take an oath to uphold it.
So it should be important enough for us to hold them to it.

Meet in Person
Sam Bushman – Broadcaster, Voice of Liberty, Host of Liberty Roundtable
Sheriff Nick Finch - Liberty County, Florida, Arrested, tried & cleared of all charges for defending the 2nd amendment right of a citizen in his county
KrisAnne Hall – Former Prosecutor/Constitutional Attorney: Reclaiming Our Constitution, It’s up to us
Sheriff Richard Mack - Founder CSPOA: Won monumental Supreme Court case that restored the Tenth Amendment
The CSPOA Resolution – The document to restore America

Broadcasting live Sam Bushman and Vincent Finelli
Speakers 7PM - 9PM
with fellowship & book signings before and after

Thank you to our Sponsors for bringing this event to us free!

Liberty Round Table:
Parkland Environmental Group, Inc: 217-525-2935
The Power Hour:
Midwest Innovators, LLC:
CSC Talk Radio:
USA Prepares:
Noticeable Banners:

For more information contact: Sam Bushman 801.756.9133
or website:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Sensible Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on March 24, 2014, 04:04:19 pm
US Con Article III states "The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their Authority".

So after the Congress and the President enact a law... the SCOTUS, not a subset of State executive branch has the authority.

For instance: There is no federal authority for the expenditure of monies to conserve or study wildlife. So federal funds granted to the State for purpose that exist under the NH Fish & Game are extra-constitutional. So how do the sheriffs intend to end what the NH Legislature and Governor accept for federal funds? The answer is: they would need to file suit and seek federal court injunction. Pretty much everything else is a waste of time.

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Rancher vs BLM Fascists)
Post by: Luck on April 10, 2014, 01:36:31 pm
This is really about the Fed Govt against Rural America.
OK and CSPOA and others are taking a brave stand against govt power abuse.

Coalition of Western State Legislators, Sheriffs, and Veterans Stand Vigil in Support of Embattled Nevada Rancher, Cliven Bundy ‘To Prevent Another Ruby Ridge or Waco”

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 10, 2014

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (, led by retired Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, and the Oath Keepers organization ( are assisting Washington State Representative Matt Shea in organizing a delegation of current serving Western state legislators and Sheriffs to travel to the site of a tense stand-off between Bunkerville, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The delegation is traveling to Nevada to support a coalition of current serving Nevada legislators being organized by Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, of Las Vegas, to stand vigil at the Bundy ranch to prevent Federal Government provocation of violence resulting in another Ruby Ridge or Waco type incident.  They also hope that their example of oath-sworn public servants defending the rights of the people will prompt Clark County, Nevada Sheriff Douglas Gillespie and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval to honor their oaths of office by taking real action to defend the rights of the Bundy family, the rights of all Nevadans, and the sovereignty of the State of Nevada.

Yesterday, April 9, 2014, Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore served the first watch in this vigil shortly after Cliven Bundy's son, Ammon Bundy, was tazered by BLM "Rangers" during a heated confrontation.  The video of that confrontation can be seen on our website.  

The courage and resolve displayed by Ammon Bundy and his relatives is inspiring, and may well go down in history as a watershed moment - a turning of the tide.  But the above video also amply demonstrates the heavy-handed behavior of the BLM that risks escalating an already volatile situation into open bloodshed, that, once begun, may spiral out of anyone's control.

It is necessary that current serving public servants step in-between the protesters and the BLM, to protect the rights of the people and to prevent violence against them by the militarized federal law enforcement that are massing near the ranch to continue the forced confiscation (theft) of  Bundy's cattle, while they also restrict all access to huge tracts of public land, and attempt to restrict the free speech of protesters with their absurd "First Amendment Area" (which the protesters are ignoring, to their honor).

The Oath Keepers organization, comprised of 40,000 current serving and former military, police, and first responders, is also calling on its members and all other patriotic Americans to join the vigil at the Bundy ranch under the leadership of the current serving legislators and sheriffs.  The goal is to have at least one current serving state legislator and at least one sheriff on the ground at all times until this is over.  And they will be backed by a large number of military and police veterans, as well as dedicated patriotic Americans from all walks of life, to interpose and defend the rights of the protesters and to keep an eye on the actions of the BLM and any other federal law enforcement present, to prevent a recurrence of the horrid abuses seen at Ruby Ridge and Waco, and to hopefully pressure the Clark County Sheriff and the Nevada Governor to step up and do their constitutional duty.

Regardless, please tell everyone you know to be praying for a peaceful resolution to this situation and for the safety of the brave patriots headed there and on the ground there right now.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Happening Now: Rancher vs BLM Fascists)
Post by: Luck on April 10, 2014, 02:08:00 pm

As Assemblywoman Fiore said yesterday during the launch of her vigil, “we are here because the Governor is not.” And she will remain there until Governor Sandoval steps up to do his job, by defending the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Nevada, as he swore to do when he took office.  And Assemblywoman Fiore will not stand alone.  Other brave public servants will honor their oaths by standing with her, and there are thousands of Americans now on their way to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

Governor Sandoval did at least, finally, [make a statement]. But the Governor needs to [] order the Nevada Highway Patrol to actively interpose and stand between the people and an out of control BLM [].  And he needs to speak out directly on the issue of federal subversion of what were supposed to be state lands, and the intentional destruction of rural America.  Silence in the face of tyranny implies consent. []

This is not about cattle.  This is about power, and the trampling of rights. It’s about a systemic power grab and abuse of power by the federal government as it runs roughshod over the rights of honest, hard-working rural Americans and over the rights of all the Western states.  This is not an isolated incident.  It is but the latest in a long train of abuses aimed at subjecting rural Americans to absolute despotism while destroying the property rights, economy, and independence of the rural West, in particular, and eventually wiping out all of rural America.  This is an attack on all of the West, which is why patriotic legislators and lawmen from all over the West are answering the call to defend it.

And it is not just ranching that is under attack. It is also mining, farming, logging, fishing, oil and gas, and any other industry that uses natural resources or the land.   This is a full spectrum, frontal assault on the rural West.   Ultimately, it is about bankrupting and impoverishing independent rural Americans to bring on a planned depopulation of the West.

This is truly a range war, and it is being waged by all three branches of the federal government, including complicit federal judges who “make it legal” through their willful rulings that strip away any meaningful redress or shelter for ranchers and farmers who have worked the land for generations only to now be told that they can no longer do so because of one endangered species or another.  Entire regions of the West are being shut down and impoverished using this tactic.

In this case, the Bundy family has run cattle on that same range since 1877 and they used to have fifty-two neighboring ranchers who did the same.  Now, using the Desert Tortoise as the weapon of choice, the federal government has run all the other ranchers in Clark County, Nevada out of business, and Cliven Bundy truly is the last man standing.   And it is also about all Nevadans being “prohibited” from using their own “Public Land” and the fact that the Feds were imposing their will over the state and it’s people at gun-point.

Unless We the People begin to take a meaningful stand now, in full support of our patriotic state public servants who are willing to lead us, the domestic enemies of the Constitution will not stop until the West is a land of ghost towns, devoid of people, and we are all crammed into city slums, totally dependent and weak, with no protection of our rights, like third-world urbanized peons under the arbitrary and capricious control of corrupt dictators.  

Remember the immortal words of Frederick Douglass: Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

Under the Founders design, the states were to control their own land, unless, and until, the federal government purchased a particular piece of land, with the consent of the state legislature, for a fort, magazine, arsenal, dock-yard, etc.

As Article One, Section 8, Clause 17 states, Congress has the power: To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.

When did the Federal government purchase the millions of acres in Nevada it claims to own?   When did the legislature of Nevada ever consent to it?   Where are the forts, magazine arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings on that land?  Where in the Constitution does it say the federal government can keep 80% of a state when it is admitted into the Union?  Nowhere.  And yet the federal government totally ignores the limited powers of Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, doctrine of equal footing, whereby new states admitted to the Union were to enter it on an equal footing with the original states.  Why doesn’t Virginia have 80% of its land claimed by the federal government?   Why doesn’t Ohio?  It is only in the West that this absurdity exists (and it is not just in Nevada.  Similar abuses are seen in the rest of the West).

And now, the federal government is not even content with that.  It wants to control all of the land, and stop all beneficial use, by having complicit federal judges use the catch-all “commerce clause” to turn the Constitution on its head, inventing a general police power of Congress to regulate anything and everything, which is the basis for the entire modern regulatory leviathan that is now strangling and stomping rural America into the dust in the name of the Desert Tortoise, the Spotted Owl, the Delta Smelt (used to deny water to California farmers) and even prairie dogs (with Utah farmers who have farmed for generations told by the EPA that they could no longer till their land because it is now “prairie dog habitat”).

We must stand now, or see our children impoverished and enslaved in their own country. []

It is vital that the Western States stand up now for the rights of their people and in defense of their state sovereignty. [] [W]hen the federal government violates the Constitution by claiming powers never granted, it is the duty of the states – all three branches of the state, and at every level, from the Governor down to the local dog catcher – to nullify and interpose to protect the rights of the people and to defend the dual-sovereignty design of this Republic.

In contrast to Sheriff Gillespie, who is truly AWOL in his failure to defend the people of his county, there have been Nevada Sheriffs who take their oaths seriously, such as the legendary Sheriff Jones of Eureka County, Nevada and Nye County Sheriff Tony De Meo, who successfully defended rancher Wayne Hage against BLM abuse.

We wouldn’t even be in this confrontation at the Bundy Ranch if Gillespie took his oath seriously, but even without him, it is time to get it done, and with Nevada State Assemblywoman Fiore and her brave coalition of Nevada legislators leading the way, and joined by a growing coalition of staunch constitutionalist public servants from many states, we will defend the West.

We therefore call on all liberty-loving Americans who can possibly make it to Bunkerville, Nevada to join us in this vigil, NOW, in direct support of oath-keeping Western lawmakers and lawmen as they stand guard over the rights of the people and begin to push back against federal abuse.  Come take a meaningful stand, in a real fight where it counts the most – in our states.  This is far, far more important than any trip to Washington D.C. to wave signs and yell at a deaf and blind Congress, White House, or Supreme Court.  This is where the real battle is, and where you belong.  This is where you can make a real difference, and begin the restoration of the Republic, from the bottom up.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Happening Now: Rancher vs BLM Fascists)
Post by: Planethosting on April 10, 2014, 02:39:42 pm
This is outstanding information, Luck.  Please find the link below "John Edward Mercier" name and click "ignore", he/they is merely a goon representing State interests with one of their most utilized tactics - to VEX people, Vex = to harass and to wear down.
They attempt to steal your will.  He/they is not here to gain any perspective, but to do what the State does best...prosecute!
Don't waste your energy on parasites, Sir, it is needed where traction can be made, not with satanic gargoyles who receive satisfaction from running around binding other humans to push through oppression (the nature of evil).  We are fighting against what you are allowing him to do to you, they are the enemy, they are trying to impede your advancement with spiritual bondage techniques, as Great Britain knows best how to do, there is no sincere discussion with them.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption)
Post by: Sam Adams on April 10, 2014, 05:17:14 pm
Actually, the sheriffs (executive/enforcement) would be overstepping their authority - US Con Article III.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Johnny,n you are a TROLL. Get Lost.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Happening Now: Rancher vs BLM Fascists)
Post by: Luck on April 11, 2014, 03:45:16 pm
he/they is merely a [word deleted] representing State interests with one of their most utilized tactics - to VEX people, Vex = to harass and to wear down. - They attempt to steal your will.  He/they is not here to gain any perspective, but to do what the State does best...prosecute! - Don't waste your energy on [word deleted], Sir, it is needed where traction can be made, not with [words deleted] who receive satisfaction from running around binding other humans to push through oppression [words deleted].  We are fighting against what you are allowing him to do to you, they are the enemy, they are trying to impede your advancement with spiritual bondage techniques, as Great Britain knows best how to do, there is no sincere discussion with them.
It's not real clear what you were saying there, but this forum is supposed to be devoid of name-calling. So please modify your post and remove all of the name-calling from it. If you think John is an intentional fascist or anything similar, I think that's highly unlikely. He just seems to try to point out possible flaws in people's ideas. People who seem to be the "enemy" usually aren't. Enemies usually try to act like friends. Don't they?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Happening Now: Rancher vs BLM Fascists)
Post by: Planethosting on April 11, 2014, 07:19:39 pm
I think what's more likely is that I will spend less and less time here, as I have been doing, because this is a place for contentious spirits, and bickering.  Which is what America, the Nazi Police State, is all about.  Where, if our banking owners want something, they go murder people over-seas, and take it.  If cops want something, they pull people over and stomp on rights, and even seize property.  There is no more community in this God forsaken country, it is all about power and mass psychosis.  Today, you only need one hand to count how many people you trust, and anyone affiliated with receiving a paycheck from the American people's stolen money, either directly or indirectly, are the least trustworthy of them all.  The atmosphere at this forum is no different than the rest of society, I am finding.  The same old lusts of the flesh repackaged under a different banner.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (CSPOA Plan to End Tyranny/Corruption)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on April 11, 2014, 07:27:42 pm
Actually, the sheriffs (executive/enforcement) would be overstepping their authority - US Con Article III.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Johnny,n you are a TROLL. Get Lost.
Because I point out the obvious.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Happening Now: Rancher vs BLM Fascists)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on April 11, 2014, 07:31:11 pm
As for the purchase of land for the federal government... not exactly.
Much of the land west of the original States was purchased by the federal government, and would fall under 'territory' within the US Constitution definitions. While something like the WMNF would constitute land 'purchased' with the consent of the NH Legislature within the sovereign State of NH; though outside a constitutionally-defined purpose.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers Leading Us out of Quagmire
Post by: Sam Adams on April 12, 2014, 07:12:46 pm
A private corporation?

Name another 'private corporation' that was created by an act of Congress, has its board members appointed by the US President and confirmed by the US Senate... and must pay all its profits to the US Treasury.

Until then... the Oathkeepers are just ignorant.

           2 years ago John, have you learned anything since? Private corps created by Congress are freddie and fannie. Federal reserve [has its board members appointed by president[president is given 1 one name to pick from], and confirmed by Senate,[No senate does not confirm board members], and must pay all profits to the US Treasury[ You are Living on the Moon, fed reserve takes all Profits in GOLD BULLION out of Fort KNOX], pays Nothing to Treasury. John are you still denying your not a Troll here?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Happening Now: Rancher vs BLM Fascists)
Post by: Luck on April 16, 2014, 08:09:55 am
Updating With Stewart Rhodes

NOTE: First, at the moment things are quiet here.   99% of the rumors on the internet are either blatantly false or wildly inaccurate.  No strong presence of federal agents has been seen. Remnants of BLM's recent sojourn here are still present, such as the lights they had put up at their "field-headquarters" and no doubt we are under surveillance of all kinds, but there is no overt, visible massing of federal law enforcement.

We are, however concerned that the domestic enemies of the Constitution that infest the federal government might try to take advantage of folks going home, and attempt to make a move on the Bundy family. We feel certain that they will want to try again at some point, perhaps in a different way, even perhaps by executing a dynamic entry raid to attempt to arrest the Bundys.  And we have heard that this is being discussed, though I have not been able to directly confirm it.  But it is a real risk.

Therefore, to prevent such a raid, or to at least throw a monkey wrench into any such plans and make it more difficult for them, we're doing the following: 

1: We are calling on all Oath Keepers who can possibly get here to come to the Bundy Ranch to serve as volunteers on an ongoing, rotating watch. That is not because there is any great emergency, but is a preventative measure - sort of like doing a rotation on the DMZ.  We have six Oath Keepers here from New Hampshire (one of whom - Jerry DeLemus - is now the head of security for the ranch).  We have one woman, Lori Storm, who drove down by herself from Nebraska, and one of our Board members from Nebraska, Steve Homan, is also here. We've got people here from Montana, Utah, Arizona, California, and Washington State. People are here from all over the country.  But people, however dedicated, will get burnt out and we need others to rotate in. 

We need you to step up and serve your turn on watch.  We are raising money to help with gasoline - just be sure to save all receipts for reimbursement.  (EA here: That may only be available on first-come first-served basis. Of the money we've raised thus far, we've given $12,000.00 dollars to the Bundy family, and we purchased a $1,000.00 generator, but we are now raising more money to help some folks traveling from afar.) I will not ask you to do anything I am not willing to do myself.  So, even though I have been away from my home and family since April 10, I am still here, and I will remain here through April 19 []. And I can think of no better place to be on April 19 than on ground where modern patriots followed the example of the Founders and stood firm in defense of liberty. Like their forefathers before them who stood at Lexington and Concord, they refused to bend the knee to tyranny, and they stood their ground.  And that spot of ground may go down in history as the birthplace of the next American Revolution, where the tide was turned, and the people stood up.

2: A rotating vigil of state legislators and current serving sheriffs at the ranch [is also requested]. This second part of our plan is a continuation of what we've already been doing. Oath Keepers helped facilitate a number of legislators from several Western States traveling to the Bundy Ranch this past week. Sheriff Mack's Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association ( helped ensure that some real-deal constitutional Sheriffs were also present on the side of the Bundy family.

We will be continuing  this effort and we need proactive Oath Keepers  to help arrange a steady stream of State and County officials to rotate presence there so that the idiot government will have to admit it's ready to kill sitting elected public servants to assert its authority, or leave the Bundy family - and their cows - alone.   Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, on Monday night, served the first vigil in the Bundy Ranch House (if only the Nevada Governor, Brian Sandoval, had a fraction of her integrity and courage.  We wouldn't need to be here). []

There is also some serious perimeter security and Oath Keepers CPTers who volunteer to help with the out-lying security in the desert will find this to be a great training exercise. Bring your gear.  Consider this your Minute Man FTX.  But however you come, do come. Oath Keepers will not be alone in this. Many other Americans are mobilizing now, millions of Americans are learning about it and are wanting to be helpful. Be part of it.

For the Republic!

Stewart Rhodes
Founder and President of Oath Keepers
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Happening Now: Rancher vs BLM Fascists)
Post by: Sam Adams on April 16, 2014, 10:28:54 am
                                     Just like a disease, sometimes their hard to get rid of. Then sometimes it comes back worst than the first time. Have to stay on top of them, diseases can grow and go in remission. This is why we have gov. they want to conquer the body, like back in 1770 and again in 1812 and of course 1860. There gradual and sometimes persist, similar to insect infestation, locust or fire ants. Browns learned about them, and how shifty and patient they can be.   
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Happening Now: Rancher vs BLM Fascists)
Post by: Luck on April 16, 2014, 02:54:08 pm
New Hampshire 9/12 Project Leader Shines At Bundy Ranch

[Stewart Rhodes says:] Over the years I've watched Glenn Beck be "wrong" many times. But in recent times I've noticed that Glenn is learning. He is slow, to be sure, and has shown that he is not really "there" yet by his treatment of the Bundy family's fight with the Feds. But Glenn is moving toward the true spirit of our Founders. [] But he's listening better than he used to and maybe before long he'll become as wise about the planks in his own platform as his people across the land are. Jerry is our example.

[] First rule of life is: Centralized power in government is bad, cannot be good, and bites the hand of all who empowered it.  That is why our Founders did not require in the Constitution that we natural-born citizens swear an Oath to the Constitution - because We The People reserved to ourselves the Right to Revolution.  That is a prerogative given us by the Founders, and when any government becomes as oppressive and authoritarian in its nature as our present Federal government has grown to be, it is our right and our duty to throw off that government.... yes? That is why we reserved to ourselves, always, the Right to Revolution. Glenn Beck, while you think on that, please always remember that there is no signature on the Constitution by or on behalf of the Federal (General) government. The only signatories on the document which created the Federal government are those of the States in compact.  Glenn, the States created it. They own it, and they can shut it down any time they wish.

[] But perhaps when your own people rise up publicly as Jerry has done here, and show you by example how to correct your perception to allow you to take proper action, you'll get the picture and make that last leap of faith into the world of true liberty fighters.

[Here's Jerry NH 9/12 on video:]

[Unfortunately, Jerry seems to support the U.S.' evil Iraq and Afghanistan wars.]
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Happening Now: Rancher vs BLM Fascists)
Post by: Sam Adams on April 16, 2014, 07:57:54 pm
                           This is a big part of what pisses me off about everyone. People can,t believe who,s the criminal,, Their govt or the Pentagon and cia is. Wake The F#@!C up Quickly, you are being laughed at by Soros, EU and the owner of the central bankers The Queen and Charles, Get with it Quickly. The Nazis  protected you all last April 19th when they occupied Boston with 4500 SS stormtroopers and removed all from their homes without a SHOT, DISGUSTING.                                        April 19th is the day the shot was heard around the world??? BUNKER HILL afterwards < next might be BUNKERVILLE.. Stop being Naive, don,t listen  to Mr dalebert, he wants you be think his way that there is no Conspiracy and there never was any God or the Son of God, and everything is ok?? Wake the F@#$k up. People with no Faith, or no future, usually shut their mouth and go about their small empty lives, vs interacting with folks that have futures and smarts.                           Why would People want you to have No Faith,, Not Reproduce and not have a normal relation.  Believe the govt Lies that they Believe BLINDLY, and make anyone believe if your against their lifestyle your divided and against them vs all being on the same page of Freedom.           Your gov. has been conspiring for your mind and influence since you had an SS#, and probably sent some plants here Hi bert??  or any fools that back his lack of Faith, and negativity. Anyways, Lutherans like to work Dates to recall evil and events. Your govt is Lutheran. I will research when the minutemen  attacked from Bunker Hill to help predict the Lutherans.         But this would be a conspiracy, I should be careful??
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Happening Now: Rancher vs BLM Fascists)
Post by: Luck on April 19, 2014, 08:46:59 am
Sam, no name-calling here please. Please delete derogatory terms from your post. If you believe in freedom of speech, you should support everyone's right to express their views. It's better for everyone to "destroy" their enemies by making them friends, having respect for each other. We can't do that by name-calling. Can we?

Also, I don't understand your statements about Lutherans.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Fascist Harry Reid Calls Us Bundy Supporters Terrorists)
Post by: Luck on April 19, 2014, 08:48:47 am
Harry Reid Calls Cliven Bundy Supporters “Domestic Terrorists”
“I repeat: what happened there was domestic terrorism”
April 17, 2014
Senator Harry Reid has escalated the war of words over the Cliven Bundy dispute, sensationally labeling the Nevada cattle rancher’s supporters “domestic terrorists” during an event in Las Vegas today. [] Reid is obviously angry after his complicity in the siege against the Bundy family was exposed and became a viral story. Although many news outlets claimed this issue was “debunked,” Reid’s involvement in a solar farm just 35 miles from Bundy’s ranch is documented. Archived files which were deleted from the BLM’s own website confirm that confiscating Bundy’s cattle was "necessary" in order to clear the way for lucrative solar deals with transnational corporations. []
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Mormon Threat)
Post by: Luck on April 22, 2014, 10:41:13 am
Mormons in CSPOA
- I attended a CSPOA event last Friday in Springfield, IL with my brother. I found that there were several Mormons who were speakers, so I've since spent several days looking up info about Mormonism online. I thought maybe Mormons may help spread pro-Constitution ideas, but I found that they seem to have a prophecy that they will be the last protectors of the Constitution, but that it may be a scheme by which they can get into power and, once there, will want to change the Constitution to be pro-Mormon.
- I found that Mormonism is apparently a very abusive and deceptive religion, even worse than most others. So now I'm suspicious of CSPOA as well as Oathkeepers. I think the leadership may have fairly genuine concern for the Constitution, but I'm afraid that some are just puppets of the Mormon leadership and that they will ultimately take control. Oathkeepers has ties to the John Birch Society and I think so does Sheriff Mack, the founder of CSPOA. The Birchers may have some reasonable ideas and correct info, but I think some is false info and they may be controlled by Fascists.
- I think all religions need to face up to the fraud and abuses in their doctrines and practices and denounce them. I sometimes call myself a Jesus follower and have even used the word Christian, but I denounce all the carp in the Bible which suggests that it was okay for Moses, or Joshua, or David, or the "Holy Spirit" to kill (or torture) anyone for any reason. And I urge everyone to join in denouncing such insanity. Is it any wonder that with such doctrinal "inspiration" there is so much abuse in the world?

Some Mormon Links
- What's Wrong With The Mormon Church?
- Why I left Mormonism
- MORMONISM: A Latter Day Deception
- Mormon Sex Slave Tells of Horrific Abuse by Church Leaders..! h
- Trapped in a Mormon Gulag
- Addiction due to Polygamy Mindset
- Mesa, Arizona "CITY ABOVE THE LAW"
- Mormon Rules: The List
"Post Register: Two-Headed Fish Linked to Simplot Mine"
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Opposition to Depopulation Conspiracy)
Post by: Luck on April 24, 2014, 10:08:29 pm
Bundy Racist? (Depopulation discussion is farther below.)

Oath Keeper statement regarding New York Times Article

The New York Times is reporting that Cliven Bundy said the following:  
"I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro," he said. Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, "and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids - and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch - they didn't have nothing to do. They didn't have nothing for their kids to do. They didn't have nothing for their young girls to do.
"And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?" he asked. "They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I've often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn't get no more freedom. They got less freedom."

If the above quote is accurate, of course we vehemently disagree with that viewpoint as it is entirely inconsistent with our values.  No one is ever better off as a slave under any circumstances.  We stand for the liberty of all Americans at all times and we stand for the liberties of all mankind of every race, creed, and color. Our stand at the Bundy Ranch is about liberty and freedom from government oppression for all Americans.  

In fact there are black Oath Keeper veterans standing watch at Bundy Ranch.  Among them was Navy veteran David Berry. Dave Berry attended our first conference in Las Vegas in 2009 to see for himself whether the smear attacks of SPLC were true.  He found that we were simply Constitutionalists defending everyone's rights.  That is what we will continue to do, which is why he was here with us at the Bundy Ranch.

Our Bylaws are very clear that this organization is open to all Americans and that we oppose all racism.

We are awaiting clarification by Mr. Bundy and if he makes that clarification we will post it here.

[Opposition to Depopulation Conspiracy]
However, regardless of what he said and what his position is the stand we are taking is not just about the Bundys, but about the whole west and the methodical attack on the west to impoverish rural America and drive us off the land.  

Using the endangered species act as a weapon of mass destruction against us to kill the livelihood of ranchers, farmers, loggers, etc., and to crush rural America as explained by Montana State Senator Jennifer Fielder in "Taking Back Our Lands".

That is why Oath Keeper founder, Stewart Rhodes has helped bring the Coalition of Western States Legislators and Sheriffs together to form the Coalition of Western States (C.O.W.S.) led by Washington State Representative Matt Shea.

In addition, Stewart is working closely with Nevada Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore to organize resistance by Nevada County Commissioners and Sheriffs.  Stewart and Michelle Fiore will be attending the Nye County Republican Party Central Committee meeting this Saturday [Saturday, 26 April 2014] at the invitation of the Chairman to discuss strategy for Nye County to resist BLM abuse. We will be doing this across the west calling on and assisting all rural Americans and asserting their rights just as we were answering the call in Connecticut and New York where the 2nd Amendment is under assault.  Our strategy is to get those who have sworn the oath both inside and outside government to honor it by defending all the Constitution for all Americans.  

As two time Medal of Honor winner Smedley Butler said:  
"There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights."  
Note: See General Butler's biography here:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (OK at Bundy Ranch: Threats)
Post by: Luck on April 30, 2014, 10:49:58 am
Details of the update are here:

Drone Threat. OK says a reliable source claimed the feds were planning to attack the Bundy ranch with drones, which luckily turned out to be disinfo.

Infiltrated Militias. Militias are making many false claims against OK and are making threats as well, calling OKs deserters who should be shot. OK says these are govt agent provacateurs who've gained leadership positions within militias in the manner of COINTELPRO.

Bundy Ranch. OK is continuing to maintain a presence at the Bundy ranch with help from many patriots and orgs.

Terrorist Harry Reid. They restate that Sen. Harry Reid, who calls the Bundy supporters domestic terrorists, is an agent for the Chinese govt which wants to use the Bundy ranch for a solar power farm. The endangered turtle speciies was recently introduced onto the ranch to use as an excuse to take the land away from the Bundy's. EPA, BLM et al are collaborating in this effort under the Agenda 21 scheme.

Vid. There's a new video at the above link too.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Militia Infiltrators)
Post by: Luck on May 08, 2014, 10:45:21 pm
A US Army Ranger Exposes Ryan Payne

On the Second of May, 2014, Oath Keepers noted in an email advisory for our membership and subscribers, about fifty-four thousand of them, that "...we think that the greater majority of militiamen and militiawomen serving there [at the Bundy Ranch] are tops. To you we say: You have our support and our gratitude for your sacrifice for the Bundy Ranch mission. Well done.  However, Oath Keepers suggests that you do question your leadership to be sure they are who and what they claim to be. We would especially encourage people to look into any claims about any specialty service in the military that any of the current leaders might claim."

That is remarkable when we look into Ryan Payne - remember him? He is the little twerp who decided that Oath Keepers "deserted" our posts at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, that Oath Keepers are traitors and cowards, that Oath Keepers have committed treason, that Oath Keepers have stolen supplies or logistics, and that Oath Keepers gambled away thousands of dollars at the casinos up the highway from the Bundy Ranch. Yes, Ryan Payne said all that and more about Oath Keepers. And Oath Keepers said at that time that Ryan Payne was lying.

Oath Keepers intuited that Ryan Payne is at best an avid liar and a liability by his behavior, posture, tonal inflections, and the asinine arrogance of his unchecked powers of narcissism.

Oath Keepers has been on a few rides in our brief sojourn in service to the Constitution. We've been all through the COINTELPRO / NSA / Intel Community / CIA-Wall Street-WDC /  Military-Industrial Complex mass-tandem of un-natural fate. We  notice that the scenes never change in the theater of the absurd. The government which sent an army down upon a bunch of American ranchers and cowboys in Nevada's desert has a long history of infiltrating American cultural segments, including since the 1990s their infiltration of as many of the militias as they could. No one disputes that, and government records reveal it to be true: . 

Now at the Ranch we have a noisy and self-anointed puffed-up grandiosity in a small package strutting his war-plan command scenarios as if his dream-wish fantasy of warrior-like heroism were really more real than reality. And he wants Oath Keepers banned from the Bundy Ranch, on grounds of his allegations that Oath Keepers has committed treason etc.  Oath Keepers smells a rat.

We have now been blessed by discovering the vetting work done by a US Army Ranger. Seems that our outspoken antagonist, Ryan Payne, has presented himself to the world as a Ranger, in various different places on the World Wide Web, and apparently intended to actually have people believe that he was really a Ranger. We can only guess that he has done this for political capital and influence over the proletariat.  He is now caught in that lie, and you heard about it first from Jim White at NorthWest Liberty News.   

Please read the emails between a *real* Ranger - Danny Harrington - and the US government Ranger school, as Danny Harrington sought to verify Ryan Payne's claim of being a Ranger.

Here is James White's audio file of the interview with Ranger Danny Harrington
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Alaskans Want Freedom from the Feds)
Post by: Luck on June 01, 2014, 10:48:44 am
Former Sheriff Mack reports on his recent trip to Alaska.

Alaska, an Historic Trip for Liberty

[] But this trip to Alaska was so much more than just a visit to one of the most beautiful places in the world where I saw moose, climbed a glacier, and visited Sarah Palin's hometown. I attended two different meetings, one exclusively for public officials and one the next day for the public. Both meetings focused on an historic topic: How does Alaska create the position of elected sheriffs in a State that has never had them and how can the CSPOA help Alaska get them?

That's right, many people and public officers all across the American "final frontier," want to have sheriffs doing in Alaska what some are doing in the lower 48 and what all of them should be doing. The bottom line is, these Alaskans want to choose for themselves the law enforcement representatives that work in their towns and boroughs. Alaskans want to be protected, they want to be defended, and they want to be free. They want the Constitutional Republic that was meant to be. They want Constitutional Sheriffs [to tell the Feds to get out!]!

On Thursday the 23rd, there was a meeting in the city of Palmer with 12 public servants; mayors, state reps, town managers, and a town attorney. They wanted to know about the Mack/Printz case and more importantly, how they could get the office of sheriff instituted within their jurisdictions.  Why do these concerned leaders and citizens want to have sheriffs? Because they are tired of the federal government running their lives, controlling their lands, tying up their natural resources and destroying their economy. Yes, the feds think they own 65% of Alaska and these Alaskans want it back. They want the jobs being tied up in EPA regulations and blocked by federal red tape and politics. They want to be independent and they want their schools to be run by Alaska! They want their state to provide the oil our country needs to get out from underneath the thumb of OPEC oil tycoons, some of whom support terrorism [The Feds are the worst terrorists and enemies] and large groups of American enemies! Alaskans are tired of the bureaucratic dictatorship in Washington DC and they want to do something about it: They want Sheriffs!

On Friday at the Wasilla Sports complex, Rafael Cruz (the father of Ted Cruz) gave a tremendous speech, a passionate fiery oration about the corruption in Washington and the need for liberty. He told of escaping Cuba and the dictatorship of Fidel Castro. Cruz warned that Castro's ascent to power was realized by the use of propaganda and political schemes similar to those used in America today. It was an honor to share the podium with this former Cuban who is now a great American preacher and patriot. The message was loud and clear, let's get back to the basics of American liberty, get the federal government out of our lives and out of our way, and let's have Sheriffs in Alaska!

What a great idea and formula for freedom! Maybe this second to the last state can set the example for the rest of us and perhaps even get Connecticut (one of our first states), to wake up and get their sheriffs back! It's all about freedom.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Happening Now: Rancher vs BLM Fascists)
Post by: Planethosting on June 01, 2014, 11:36:46 am
                          This is a big part of what pisses me off about everyone. People can,t believe who,s the criminal,, Their govt or the Pentagon and cia is. Wake The F#@!C up Quickly, you are being laughed at by Soros, EU and the owner of the central bankers The Queen and Charles, Get with it Quickly. The Nazis  protected you all last April 19th when they occupied Boston with 4500 SS stormtroopers and removed all from their homes without a SHOT, DISGUSTING.                                        April 19th is the day the shot was heard around the world??? BUNKER HILL afterwards < next might be BUNKERVILLE.. Stop being Naive, don,t listen  to Mr dalebert, he wants you be think his way that there is no Conspiracy and there never was any God or the Son of God, and everything is ok?? Wake the F@#$k up. People with no Faith, or no future, usually shut their mouth and go about their small empty lives, vs interacting with folks that have futures and smarts.                           Why would People want you to have No Faith,, Not Reproduce and not have a normal relation.  Believe the govt Lies that they Believe BLINDLY, and make anyone believe if your against their lifestyle your divided and against them vs all being on the same page of Freedom.           Your gov. has been conspiring for your mind and influence since you had an SS#, and probably sent some plants here Hi bert??  or any fools that back his lack of Faith, and negativity. Anyways, Lutherans like to work Dates to recall evil and events. Your govt is Lutheran. I will research when the minutemen  attacked from Bunker Hill to help predict the Lutherans.         But this would be a conspiracy, I should be careful??

Hi, what's this business about the government being Lutheren?  I would like to learn more about that.

Also, there are several agents of darkness in here conducting their sorcery, and if you allow them to 'get to you', then their sorcery is successful.  Our government's main use of sorcery is to break and wear people down.  Hence, the "ignore" button.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Alaskans Want Freedom from the Feds)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on June 01, 2014, 02:49:04 pm
For NH preventing the overreach of the federal government would be the job of the Legislature.
Municipalities and Counties are creations of the Legislature.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Alaskans Want Freedom from the Feds)
Post by: Luck on June 03, 2014, 07:20:20 am
In reality, doesn't everyone have the right to self-government? Doesn't the Declaration of Independence acknowledge that right? Doesn't Article 10 of the NH Constitution acknowledge it? If any government fails to do its job for the people it was designed to serve, isn't it the right of the people to institute new government or order that serves their moral purpose?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Oathkeepers Fights Illegal Obama-assisted Invasion)
Post by: Luck on July 18, 2014, 11:04:28 pm
I hadn't heard before that the govts of Mexico and Guatemala are moving people to our border and Obama is helping them cross the border.

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.

Far from protecting the states against invasion, the Obama Administration is doing all it can to ensure that the invasion by illegal aliens goes unchecked. while foreign powers – Mexico and Guatemala chief among them – conspire to transport as many illegals as possible across their borders and through their interior, in a government guaranteed corridor of free and easy travel for illegals destined for the United States.   See this: .

It is not a “refugee crisis.”  It is a planned invasion, being carried out by the executive branches of foreign nations as well as the executive branch of this nation, in conjunction with cartel and gang smugglers.  External enemies combined with internal enemies.   And the children being sent here are being used as pawns by the conspirators.

Further, we also know, from Border Patrol officers, that the cartels and gangs, such as MS-13, are bringing in their young soldiers among the “children” and while at it they are also actively recruiting from among the other youths who are being let in.

[Read more at the link above.]
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Oathkeepers Fights Illegal Obama-assisted Invasion)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on July 19, 2014, 03:21:01 pm

The free market will prevail.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Hundreds Are Dying At The Mexican Border)
Post by: Luck on August 02, 2014, 12:49:28 am
Breaking Report: Hundreds Are Dying At The Border

[Read the entire article at: ]
Immigrants Are Left To Die After Border Crossing

Most come from Central America and pay human traffickers known as ‘coyotes’ between $5,000 and $8,000 each to be smuggled into the United States.

Many don’t make it alive.

‘The fact is, they’re all homicides,’ Vickers said. ‘These people pay coyotes who are affiliated with drug cartels big money to be brought here and dropped off at the checkpoint. And they go through our private property to avoid detection.’

‘And the coyotes, a lot of times, by the time they get to the checkpoint, or even north of the checkpoint, run off and leave them. And you know, they’ll point at a light up north, one of those radio towers, and say, “Just keep walking toward that tower. Houston’s 20 minutes away”.’

Houston is a 280-mile drive from Falfurrias.

[] In the filmmaker’s footage, Vickers shows a photo he took of a gang-tattooed drug runner who was armed but dehydrated when the Texas Border Volunteers stumbled onto him, near the point of death from heat exhaustion.

[] Burgard also saw an Urdu-to-English dictionary that Vickers picked up near his ranch, dropped by ‘a coyote leading a group of Middle Easterners into our country.’

And Chinese immigrants, paying up to $50,000 each to be smuggled into Ecuador and then into the United States, are now numerous enough that the federal government has added Mandarin translations to signs at emergency stations dotting the Texas border region.

But it’s those ‘OTM’ aliens, especially the hundreds of unaccompanied minors crossing every day along the length of the U.S.-Mexico border, who have turned illegal immigration into relentless front-page news.

The flow is ‘four times what it was in 2011. A four-fold increase,’ says Vickers.

He agrees with Republicans in Congress who point fingers of blame at President Obama, who declared in 2012 that the federal government would no longer pursue illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children before 2007.

He also championed a bill called the DREAM Act – failed legislation that aimed to offer those immigrants permanent residency if they graduated from high school. ‘When Obama started talking about the DREAM Act, and this and that about the DREAMers, I mean it was like, overnight we started seeing hordes of these teenagers coming in from Central America,’ Vickers told MailOnline. ‘I’ve got pictures of them.’

[] The deluge of unaccompanied minors, he said, have occupied so much of the federal government’s resources near the U.S.-Mexico border – allowing for only sparse apprehension of gun and narcotics smugglers.

‘Before the tidal wave of women and children hit the border,’ he told MailOnline, ‘cartels say they were getting about 50 per cent of their personnel across. Since Border Patrol has been hit with this wave of human shields, cartels are now claiming to get up to 90 per cent of their people across.’

Burgard also showed MailOnline exclusive interview footage with a 27-year veteran of the U.S. Border Patrol who left his job because of the changing conditions on the ground.

‘I retired early because I was told I had to release a group of criminals because they may be DREAM Act people,’ the agent says, his face shielded because he feared reprisals.

‘I just could not see releasing these people who were convicted of crimes back into American society. I voiced my opinion. I was told basically to just shut up and do what I was told.’
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (NYSIC Falsely Accuses OK of Terrorism)
Post by: Luck on August 07, 2014, 10:00:36 am
Oath Keepers comments on the NY State Intelligence Agency's (NYSIC) accusations of potential terrorism by NY Oathkeepers at . See NY Oath Keepers rebuttal of NYSIC follows.


On June 12, 2014, the New York State Intelligence Center (NYSIC), which is managed by the New York State Police, issued New York State Counter Terrorism Bulletin: CTM 14-07: Recent Spike in Violence Targeting Law Enforcement. In that bulletin, the NYSIC referred to three recent attacks on Law Enforcement Officers in the month of June, one in Canada and two in the United States. The bulletin stated:

“Based upon reporting it appears all the suspects in these incidents were motivated by elements of a far right anti-government ideology with a particular fixation on law enforcement.”

Here is a summary of the three incidents that the NYSIC used to justify their unwarranted connection to the New York Oath Keepers and other constitutional Liberty groups in New York State.

Incident #1: On June 4, 2014, Justin Bourque, a 24-year-old male in New Brunswick, Canada, with no criminal record, shot and killed three Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers and was later captured. The report states: “…he struggled to hold a job, turned to drugs, and became increasingly obsessed with guns (particularly the ongoing U.S. gun debate which has spilled over to a lesser degree to Canada) and abuses by police.”

In reviewing Incident #1, where, exactly, is the connection to the New York Oath Keepers and other NY Liberty groups?

Incident #2: On June 6, 2014, Dennis Marx, a 48-year-old male in Forsyth County, Georgia, was shot and killed by Deputies trying to enter the county courthouse with a so-called “assault” rifle, body armor, an assortment of grenades, ammunition, food, water and flexible handcuffs. The NYSIC bulletin states: “Marx was scheduled to appear before a judge at the courthouse that morning on eleven felony drug and weapons charges. As to motive, Marx had long running issues with law enforcement and was a self-identified sovereign citizen.”

Again, in reviewing Incident #2, where, exactly, is the connection to the New York Oath Keepers and other NY Liberty groups?

Incident #3: On June 8, 2014, Jerad and Amanda Miller shot and killed two police officers, and a civilian who tried to stop them in Las Vegas. “…the Millers draped a Gadsden flag (‘Don’t Tread on Me’) over one dead officer, left a swastika on the other, and a note that said: ‘This is the start of the revolution.’” They then fled to a local Wal-Mart with the officers’ guns and ammunition. Additionally, they had: MRE-style food, knives and first aid supplies. They died in a shootout with police at that Wal-Mart.

The NYSIC bulletin also stated: “Jerad Miller had over a decade long criminal history in multiple states, including misdemeanor battery and drug trafficking.” Additionally, the bulletin indicated that, “Jerad and Amanda Miller had also traveled to Bundy’s ranch in Nevada, although they were reportedly asked to leave for being too radical and due to Jerad’s criminal record.”

In reviewing Incident #3, we again ask: Where, exactly, is the connection to the New York Oath Keepers and other NY Liberty groups?

The NYSIC bulletin goes on to assert: “Michael Brian Vanderboegh, a longtime militia member and founder of the III Percent Patriot Movement, which was supported by Jerad and Amanda Miller, traveled to NYS at least once in 2013 to speak to the Liberty Oath Keepers meeting in Monticello, NY.”

NOTE: For the sake of accuracy, Mr. Vanderboegh founded the “National III (Three) Percent Movement,” NOT the “III Percent Patriot Movement.” They are different entities. Plus, Vanderboegh is on record saying, what he created is “a movement, NOT a militia, NOT an organization that can be infiltrated, co-opted or broken up …it’s an ideal.” Also worthy of distinction, the Millers were NOT his supporters.


So, what exactly caused those who authored the NYSIC bulletin to make the determination that we are a far-right extremist organization, posing a threat to police, when the New York Oath Keepers had absolutely nothing to do with the aforementioned incidents?

Are the good people of New York State expected to go along with NYSIC’s faulty logic and misstatements of fact? Are they expected to ignore the truth—that there is absolutely no rational connection between these three incidents and New York Oath Keepers? Further, can the good people of New York have any confidence in an “intelligence” center that uses such faulty logic to publicly demonize an organization whose clearly stated purpose is to encourage OUR Military and Law Enforcement Officers, and others, to honor their oath? Can any reasonable person conclude that any or all of these three incidents justify the NYSIC classifying the New York Oath Keepers as a far-right extremist organization?

Are we now to presume that the County Sheriffs, District Attorneys, law enforcement officers and other public officials, who regularly speak at New York Oath Keepers’ meetings, are also now, by association, far-right extremists? Using the connecting methodology of the NYSIC, the Sheriffs and other invited guest speakers of New York Oath Keepers must also be considered far-right extremists. After all, they spoke before the same group as Mr. Vanderboegh and are, therefore, connected.


Here is another important piece of so-called “evidence” outlined in this bulletin that caused this State agency to wrongly identify the New York Oath Keepers as far-right extremists: “The Oath Keepers is an organization composed of current and former military and law enforcement personnel, who take a pledge to ‘not obey unconstitutional orders such as orders to disarm the American people, to conduct warrantless searches, or to detain Americans as enemy combatants.’”

Is NYSIC suggesting that it is extreme and threatening to encourage our officials to honor their oath and refuse to obey unconstitutional orders?
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (NYSIC Falsely Accuses OK of Terrorism)
Post by: Luck on August 07, 2014, 10:04:05 am

Perhaps the people who wrote this NYSIC bulletin are unaware that U.S. military personnel, local law enforcement officers, and private armed government contractors illegally searched for and seized firearms from law-abiding citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, making them vulnerable to looters or other criminals and unable to protect themselves. (The actions of these officials were later found to be unconstitutional.)

Perhaps the people who wrote this NYSIC bulletin are unaware that New Orleans police officers shot six American citizens, two of whom died, simply for crossing the Danziger Bridge trying to survive the devastation and death that Hurricane Katrina brought to New Orleans. (Five New Orleans police officers were later convicted of murder.)

Perhaps the people who wrote this NYSIC bulletin are unaware of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012, 2013, and 2014, and the dangerous provisions that authorize the federal government or their appointees the power to detain, indefinitely and without trial, any person suspected of terrorist activity or associations, or thought to “represent an enduring security threat to the United States.”


Here is the final charge outlined in the NYSIC bulletin that caused them to identify the New York Oath Keepers as far-right extremists:

“There have been multiple observed instances of overlapping membership in the Oath Keepers and the III Percent Patriots, and the Oath Keepers’ founder has spoken supportively of the III Percent Patriot Movement.” (As cited previously, the National III Percent Movement that Vanderboegh founded is an ideal or goal to be reached. Again, Vanderboegh does NOT have an organized membership and is NOT connected to the “III Percent Patriots,” as incorrectly implied by the NYSIC.)


It appears that the NYSIC bulletin is using the same cookie-cutter formula used in the infamous report from the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC): MIAC Strategic Report: The Modern Militia Movement, dated February 20, 2009. The MIAC report indicated that if someone is opposed to abortion, illegal immigration, the United Nations, and other issues, this justified considering them a potentially dangerous “militia member,” simply because of his/her stance on these issues. Furthermore, under the heading, “Political Paraphernalia,” the report stated, “Militia members most commonly associate with 3rd party political groups. It is not uncommon for militia members to display Constitutional Party, Campaign for Liberty, or Libertarian material. These members are usually supporters of former Presidential Candidates: Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr.” It is important to note that after a nationwide swell of public outrage, on March 25, 2009, the Missouri State Highway Patrol rightly removed the MIAC report from circulation.

Are we to believe that the NYSIC is consciously engaging in the same type of misinformation campaign, and largely, for the same reasons: to harass, profile, and intimidate those they deem as political opposition? Why would anyone, especially public officials, intentionally slander New York Oath Keepers? The Oath Keepers are simply encouraging those currently serving to honor their oath, which always provides the benefits of protecting the natural rights of their fellow New Yorkers—as mandated in the Constitution. We are NOT far-right extremists, nor do we pose a danger to law enforcement.


This nation was founded on the principle that free men had the right and duty to act according to their conscience, and to support and speak about the means to achieve the most honorable representation in government. But instead, those not interested in honest debate seek to divert attention from real issues by routinely mischaracterizing their opposition as: rogue, subversive, uncaring, racist, extremist and anti-government.

The New York Oath Keepers fully understand that the Law Enforcement Officers in New York State are one of the last lines of defense against the growing lawlessness of our own state and federal government officials. So please keep in mind that we are your fellow law enforcement officers, military members, firefighters and other first-responders. We are your brothers and sisters, your fathers and mothers, your relatives, your friends, your neighbors down the street. We are small business owners and a multitude of other honorable New Yorkers who are committed to supporting and obeying constitutional laws.


The New York Oath Keepers’ mission is to encourage and persuade all Law Enforcement Officers and all sworn government officials, to honor their oath.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with the good people of New York—including honorable Law Enforcement Officers—in defense of Liberty and in opposition to unconstitutional laws that deny the People and their Posterity their natural, unalienable, God-given rights.


If the goal of NYSIC is to achieve a high-standard of credibility, which is based on truth and fairness, we highly suggest, and in fact insist, that the officials at this agency initiate a public correction, indicating their error of classifying New York Oath Keepers as a far-right extremist group and/or a threat to law enforcement.

Lastly, New York Oath Keepers formally request a meeting with officials at NYSIC and the agencies associated with them. We will answer questions and clarify the Oath Keepers’ Mission. Of course, we will have questions as well.


William Cooper, President, New York Oath Keepers (former Sgt. US Air Force)

John Wallace, Vice President, New York Oath Keepers (US Army-NYARNG; Lt. Col. NYSP Ret)

Dan Devlin, Vice President, New York Oath Keepers (MP US Army; PHX, AZ PD)

Frank Morganthaler, Vice President, New York Oath Keepers (USMC; Lt. FDNY Ret)

John Mahoney, Special Advisor, New York Oath Keepers (Sgt NYPD Ret; USMC; Special Forces Trainer, US Army Ret)
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (State Militias Are Legal; Martial Law Is Illegal)
Post by: Luck on August 18, 2014, 12:59:34 am
By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.
August 9, 2014
[See full review at ]

My latest book - By Tyranny Out of Necessity: The Bastardy of "Martial Law" - is now available through Amazon. Its title encapsulates its theme: namely, that "martial law" (as most Americans conceive of it) is a wholly illegitimate concept which appeals to some supposed, but false, "necessity" in order to establish a very real tyranny.
Some might say that, in light of the present parlous condition of the Republic, and especially the pathetic indifference of average Americans to this sorry state of affairs, writing such a book will prove to be a fool's errand on my part-or perhaps a hopeless task quixotically undertaken for the benefit of fools. Obviously, I disagree. I consider the subject-matter of this book to be vital to this country's survival.

One would presume that, in light of the seriousness of the matter, Americans would ask: "What is 'martial law'?" and "How is 'martial law' legal?" Certainly, proof of the illegality of "martial law"-in any of its particulars, let alone as a whole-would provide a firm foundation for opposing it, and for deposing from public office those individuals who propose it. So I anticipate (or at least hope) that By Tyranny Out of Necessity, which demonstrates in exhaustive detail why the common misconception of "martial law" is industrial-strength bunkum, will be a smashing success in terms of its usefulness among patriots who intend to keep their heads out of the sand, their feet on the ground, and their eyes on the ultimate goal of living in what the Second Amendment calls "a free State".

Yes, one would presume, perhaps even expect, that such would be the case. Yet hoping does not make it so. There remains the possibility that this country has already plunged so far off the deep end of Spengler's Der Untergang des Abendlandes that nothing can be done to salvage the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or any semblance of "a free State". What might constitute evidence for that lugubrious conclusion?

A. The evidence. That I have had to write By Tyranny Out of Necessity (or, for that matter, any of my books touching on the Militia) is prime evidence of the decay into which this country has fallen. For, as By Tyranny Out of Necessity explains, the Militia are, as they always have been, the definitive preventive of and answer to "martial law", or any other manifestation of usurpation or tyranny. No threat of "martial law" would exist if Americans were properly organized in "the Militia of the several States", because any constitutionally valid form of "law" that needed enforcement by "martial" institutions against civilians would be the civil laws of the Union and of the several States executed by the Militia-that is, by WE THE PEOPLE themselves.

Even the half-witted rogues in the Disgrace of Columbia would think long and hard about the inadvisability of attempting to invoke "martial law" if WE THE PEOPLE awakened to their own constitutional authority in the Militia; refused to recognize the legitimacy of any form of "law" that needed "martial" enforcement against civilians, but was not executed by or under the control of the Militia; organized themselves for the purpose of revitalizing the Militia by means of State legislation under the States' reserved constitutional authority in that respect; and through that effort prepared themselves to oppose "martial law" even if that legislation could not be enacted in time in every State. Emphasis on the last point is vital: Even if patriots could not succeed in having proper Militia statutes enacted throughout this country before a major economic, political, and social breakdown occurred, they could at least motivate, educate, organize, equip, and train tens of thousands of Americans who would be capable of acting collectively in their and their country's interests. This critical mass does not exist at present; and it will never come into being unless and until adequate steps are taken to revitalize the Militia. Perhaps only a small part of it can be amalgamated before a calamity strikes. But something for some is better than nothing for all-a self-evident truth to which every passenger who found a seat in one of the few lifeboats on the Titanic would have attested.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (State Militias Are Legal; Martial Law Is Illegal)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on August 19, 2014, 05:44:44 pm
Our duly-elected State Legislature that only serves two years would need to request federal intervention...
Something not likely to happen without a very odd situation.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (State Militias Are Legal; Martial Law Is Illegal)
Post by: Luck on August 22, 2014, 11:44:40 pm
Our duly-elected State Legislature that only serves two years would need to request federal intervention...
Something not likely to happen without a very odd situation.
No, everyone has the right to self-govt, as admitted in the Declaration of Independence. All we need to do is declare independence again and be independent.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (The Buzz about Ferguson, MO)
Post by: Luck on August 22, 2014, 11:46:33 pm
The Buzz about Ferguson, MO
[Quoting from article; link is at the end.]

Everyone has something to say about Ferguson, Missouri’s monumental moment of madness. [] Oath Keepers finds that as of August 21, 2014, there is not enough information assembled to know whether justice shall point its wabbling finger at Officer Wilson or at Mr. Brown. Oath Keepers has no position on that question at this time.

Our focus at Oath Keepers national is on the deployment of police assets and a wee little problem about a stand-down order from above in the chain of command which caused the police to ignore the looters whilst firing non-lethal bullets and gas canisters at innocent protestors. And, we might add, there is this tiny little problem about trotting out the militarized assets of police-state equipment against citizens who were demonstrating peacefully.

[] Here is how one of our Oath Keepers on the ground there put it -

The previous focus on peaceful protesters with lines of policemen equipped in riot gear, in fundamentally static positions, are being thwarted by modern looters and thugs with cell phones and team work. One active sergeant told us, “I don’t want my guys stationary, they just become targets for the thugs throwing bricks and taking pot shots at us with their pistols”. The analysts in our group take this kind of reporting very seriously. The local police are equipped to handle the current situation, but only if a paradigm shift in strategy and tactics can be made. The leadership, Gov. Nixon and down the chain of command must make the changes before the whole city of Ferguson turns into a burned out war zone, more businesses are destroyed, and more lives are lost forever. One retired Green Beret in our group suggested that instead of grouping our officers in large blocks (50 to 100 men), that Nixon must order a specific change in tactics. Break up these groups into rapid reaction teams of 20 to 25 officers and hide them, staging them in places spread around Ferguson. Our intel guy concurred, and added that the younger minority officers should be in street clothes to blend in and work as Scouts, identifying threats and looters. The Scouts should be directing the rapid reaction teams to protect the businesses from the ongoing crime, and refocus the police resources away from unconstitutional activities like shooting OC gas at peaceful protesters. They should get to the business of putting the criminals behind bars. With hundreds if not thousands of criminals stealing the businesses of Ferguson blind, how many arrests have been effected? The percentage is embarrassing, not enough. The Highway Patrol’s tactics did not work, and it is time to admit it. Bringing the National Guard in for force protection secures the Command Location, but what about all the other locations where people’s lives are being destroyed? The National Guard is not the answer when the number of civilian arrests that need to be made, beg for an increase of 1000 percent. Officers should be focused on looters, not bullying the media in McDonalds. We need officers to put criminals in jail, not shoot tear gas at reporters too stupid to not shine lights in the officers eyes while they are trying to work. We need a Governor smart enough to reject the riot control tactics developed before cell phones that are now failing catastrophically, and smart enough to not disable the internet and violate our rights and freedoms. We need a Governor to show enough wisdom and to lead our state by the Constitution rather than against it with ineffective abuses like curfews. Governor Nixon should be wise enough to defeat the criminals without taking our rights and freedoms, and to change failing tactics and demand from police that they discern between peaceful protesters and looting thugs.
(end paraphrased message from Missouri Oath Keepers)

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (The Buzz about Ferguson, MO)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on August 23, 2014, 04:54:35 am
No. For the federal government to institute martial law in NH it would be a constitutional issue.
The Declaration was a declaration and not a document of governance - which is why the Articles and State Constitutions came into being at the same time.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (The Buzz about Ferguson, MO)
Post by: Luck on August 23, 2014, 09:22:29 am
(Cont. from previous post)

Open Letter of Warning to Governor Nixon From Missouri Oath Keepers
(Also photo there shows military suppressing freedom of the press in Ferguson, MO.)
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Help Stop Cartels Taking Over Our Border Lands)
Post by: Luck on September 04, 2014, 06:30:26 pm
Drug Cartels are taking over our Mexican border lands and bringing in Middle Eastern terrorists and Cartel thugs.

Oathkeepers describes the situation here:

And see these videos:

Fernando explains that the standing orders of the Border Patrol are:
    They’re not even to draw their weapon on  these people – if they can they are supposed to just continue on their way, move out and leave them alone.  And to me, that puts my family in danger because that [open] gate is right at the end of my street.  If they leave them alone , let them continue on their business, they’re going to end up on my property.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (PA Cops Support 2nd Amendment Rights)
Post by: Luck on September 08, 2014, 09:51:58 pm
Auditors in one PA sheriff's county tried to force him to release the names of local people with concealed weapons permits (if I read the article correctly). He refused and they filed a lawsuit against him. Numerous other sheriffs and legislators supported the sheriff and the case was won recently.

See the whole article here:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Oathkeepers Give Survival and Self-Defense Training)
Post by: Luck on October 08, 2014, 08:32:43 pm
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Police Abuse in PA Manhunt)
Post by: Luck on October 21, 2014, 12:05:19 pm
October 20th, 2014

Pennsylvania Oath Keepers team with prestigious law firm to condemn newest police-state manifestation.

The story went national in the last week of September, 2014. An elusive suspect who is believed by authorities to have shot two police officers has been the subject of an intense manhunt in a wooded area of eastern Pennsylvania.

I shall link readers to two op-eds at the Prince Law Office site, but first let’s read how Pennsylvania Oath Keepers are reacting to what has unfolded during this manhunt. Here is how Tom Wise describes it:

Imagine peering cautiously from behind your door as heavily armed squads of armored police officers meander across your lawn. Feel the vibrations as armored patrol vehicles roll down your street, and a six and half ton armored breeching platform digs ruts across your front lawn. Pretend the local businesses are closed, parents and children separated, pets are left to fend for themselves, and the elderly are left without care because police have cordoned off your neighborhood. Your friends are helpless, sleeping in their cars through the cold mountain nights, and your family is hungry as they wait for you to return with food. But police refuse to allow you to drive back home.

This bizarre scenario isn’t taken from the plot for Red Dawn. This happened, and is still happening, in Barrett Township and other North Eastern Pennsylvania towns, and your state police are doing this “for your own good.”

Please understand that we are all praying for the family of Cpl. Bryan Dickson, and for the healing of State Trooper Alex Douglass. The loss or injury of any of our public servants is heartbreaking, and we support our State Police in their search for the killer.

At the same time we must ask ourselves if the loss of freedom and liberty, and the endangering of the residents of any town in the United States of America is the proper response in the search for one man. One man who, for what public information we now have, is accused by what seems at best a circumstantial connection to the crime.

In addition, those who have questioned authority’s response and point out its inherent assault on the citizens’ Constitutionally-guaranteed rights, and who have stood for the citizens of Barrett Township in the protection of their civil-rights have had their lives threatened. Threatened for taking a stand against an emerging militarized police presence.

Residents of Canadensis Pennsylvania were overwhelmed by State Troopers searching for Eric Frein, the accused police killer. Videos provided by residents have shown large groups of police officers in full battle gear, automatic weapons ready, walking through yards and wooded areas in squad formation.  Pennsylvania State Police have brought in a six and half ton armored mobile sniper platform with breeching capability affectionately named “The Rook.”

Is this the right way to find a fugitive? What ever happened to neighborhood policing? What has happened to asking questions, and seeking input from those that live in the affected area? Do we no longer seek to partner as citizens and protectors? What ever happened to good old fashioned tracking, seeking clues, and detective work, using more peaceful means to police? Is brute force really an effective tool in finding a fugitive from the law?

We the people of Pennsylvania, Oath Keepers in support of the Constitution of the United States, standing ready to support our local and state police in times of trouble or calamity and to protect the Constitution, insist that our officers stand down in Barrett Township. No citizen of the great Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania should be subjected to the suspension of inalienable rights under the constitution in the common exercise of police discretion. No citizen accused of a crime should have their constitutional protections infringed, as we are assumed innocent until proven guilty.  No police presence should take the role of a domestic army positioned to face the citizens rather than our outward enemies. The safety of our family and friends cannot be so threatened by police in the fulfillment of their duties, nor should our citizens be moved to accept such a threat as common to our lives.


So that is how Tom Wise and the leadership of Pennsylvania Oath Keepers have worded their concern. Tom Wise makes good points. One point he brushed over very lightly but hinted at is found down the column at this article on the local ABC affiliate News-13 website:

Lt. Col. George Bivens is quoted saying:  “Lethal force is authorized upon positive identification if he is not actively surrendering,”


Shoot him if he doesn’t act right when apprehended, use lethal force if he does not “actively surrender”. No arrest, no charges, no trial, no jury verdict – just take him out unless he is actively surrendering.  And then hope you shot the right guy.

Well, that is sorta where another side of this story comes into play. The esteemed Prince Law Firm has spoken up in opposition to this police-state drama, and for their trouble in defending the Constitution they are now receiving death threats from anonymous statist-minded parties. Anyone can relate to why a law firm devoted to protecting citizens’ Constitutionally-guaranteed rights would object to a call for lethal force to be used on a man who has not been brought to trial.

The elder Prince in Prince Law Office, PC, wrote an op-ed on the firm’s blog and titled it “The Uproar”. It was written and published by Warren H. Prince, Esq. on September 25, 2014. Link:

Warren Prince began his article with these words: “I must admit that I’m surprised by the vitriol arising from Joshua’s recent post about State Police action in Pennsylvania. Our staff has received death threats. Can you believe it? Death threats because we expressed an opinion contrary to theirs and in support of the Constitution.”

Warren Prince was alluding to an article his son, Joshua Prince, had written on the law firm’s blog, which has stirred the ire of some statist-minded people who want to see an over-played show of force by the State Police, and by some others who want to use this manhunt as an “on the job” training situation for teaching cops how to use their new military-grade mechanical toy, that “Rook”. After all, as the Department of Homeland Security continues to pre-position military-style equipment all over America by granting such vehicles and equipment to police departments and Sheriffs’ offices, it would come in handy for them if the local police were to be trained on how to use that equipment. The police then become an equipped extension of the military in a liaison of military-police state “martial governance” which DHS is attempting to construct.

In a more recent article by Joshua (Josh) Prince, the issue is clarified even more. Please read the whole article at the Prince Law Office blogsite, here:

From that article:

The Legal Issues of the Eric Frein Manhunt

By Joshua Prince, Esq., October 03 2014

Prince Law Office

As our viewers are likely aware, several of our recent blogs (mainly my own) regarding the Eric Frein manhunt have resulted in some controversy. Prince Law Offices has always stood by the rule of law and the Constitution. It is in that spirit that the blog articles at the heart of this controversy, and this response, were written.

At Prince Law Offices, we believe that our legal system, of which the Constitution is the heart, exists both to prosecute those who commit crimes and to protect the civil and natural rights of the citizens. Sometimes, those two goals come into conflict with one another, as they have here. The Pennsylvania State Police are operating to catch and prosecute the suspect of a capital crime. They should fully utilize the resources provided them under the law to pursue and arrest the suspect, who will then be afforded an opportunity to defend himself before a judge and jury. Let us not forget that, as of now, he is a suspect and no matter what evidence has been presented by the media or the police, the foundation of our criminal justice system is that everyone receives the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. It is for precisely situations such as this that the protections of the Constitution exist, and Prince Law Offices proudly stands by its dedication and commitment to protecting the Constitutional rights of all citizens.

While the State Police are clearly working to execute their mandate to enforce the criminal laws of the Commonwealth, our concern is they are neglecting the other side of the equation – the protection of all citizens’ Constitutional and natural rights.

(end quoted excerpts from Joshua Prince article at above link)

So it is imperative that this vision of justice be brought before the public mind. Oath Keepers commends the Prince Law Office as well as State chapter President Larry Liguori, Tom Wise, and all the other Pennsylvania Oath Keepers who are working to do just that. We will post an update as things there develop.

Elias Alias, editor
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (OK opposes militarization of police in Bucks County, PA)
Post by: Luck on October 28, 2014, 07:40:44 pm
Oath Keepers oppose militarization of police in Bucks County, PA.

To join a CPT (county? preparedness team) in your area contact David Helms, Oath Keepers National CPT Coordinator at

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Can Govt Imprison People to "Control" Pandemics?)
Post by: Luck on October 29, 2014, 05:16:38 pm
They're just using pandemics as an excuse for globalism. Aren't they? Many doctors say that vaccines have never been proven to be safe or effective. Dr. Mercola is one of many; he's at . There's also evidence that govt covert ops have been involved in attempting to cause pandemics.

Don't Submit to Medical Martial Law (for Ebola etc)

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Joan Stanley for Montana Senate)
Post by: Luck on November 04, 2014, 04:19:49 pm
OK Supports Libertarian activist Joan Stanley for the Montana Senate.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Abuses from Militarization of Cops)
Post by: Luck on November 18, 2014, 07:47:41 pm
OK said: Oath Keepers has been warning about the militarization of police departments for quite a while. It’s nice that others are seeing the problem, too.

The story includes a video of a Boston area cop and Stewart Rhodes' comments.

Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Poem: Old World Celt)
Post by: Luck on November 21, 2014, 12:00:46 am
Following is part of an inspiring poem, Old World Celt, at:

As an Old World Celt of any brand, I am a steward of my world AND an inhabitant AND a moderate user of resources. What I take I replenish. If I destroy, I balance with building or growing. If I profit beyond my means, I turn and share with brethren. If I see neglect, I step in and repair. I am balance to negativity and the world has never not needed the likes of me.

Where there is loss, I present dream. Where there is devastation I will rise bringing hope.  Evil fears the Celtic, for we are fierce in opposing it. We built a nation as a beacon for what we are and what the people of Earth might some day rise to be, and despite the gains of evil during our sleep, she stands yet. The fundamentals of what we built still reside beneath the fog of conscription and illicit modification. It is by our estimation recoverable. As we remember who we are, so too we remember the original intent of what we built, and what falls can be set upright once more.

In the West there are whispers of the Rising…in the deep woods among the cedars; in the fields of barley and hops and beans; in the sand of the beaches; in the caves of the ancient lava flows; in canyons of red stone; in the sacred hills of our native kinsmen; in the libraries and bookstores; in the coffee shops and at the water cooler; in the community hall beneath the bright lights and on the shadowed street corners; in the barns and stables; in the early minutes of the sports events; in living rooms of the aware….we are here, unnoticed, standing beside the trappings of modern civilization watching. We have seen the dark tide that threatens to overwhelm civilized man. And we in our generational memories are no stranger to what the loss of civilization would look like. We hear the cries of the early victims, singled out among the throng by the evil and the opportunistic — and a fire has been lit in our heart. Fierce and hot are we, yet coolly calculating.

We have heard the call, the cry in the night slipping across the land, to rise and be counted among the strong.

And in the great storm there comes from the likes of us a returning cry…for as an Old World Celt in defense of a nation; in defense of a World, I am a giant, sword wielding champion!  No matter in what part of the world I reside,


Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Prevent Violence in Ferguson)
Post by: Luck on November 24, 2014, 10:51:27 am
Message from Oathkeepers Re Ferguson, MO. upcoming Grand Jury Decision

We think it is a shame that local business owners should have to even worry about violence, looting, or someone setting fire to their shops.     The family of Michael Brown has specifically asked that all protesters remain peaceful.   Michael Brown's father even did a video appeal, asking for calm and peaceful protests only, saying that "hurting others or destroying property is not the answer.  No matter what the grand jury decides, I do not want my son's death to be in vain."  He also said, "We live here together, this is our home, we are stronger united.  Continue to lift your voices with us and let's work together to heal to create lasting change for all people regardless of race."

Watch that video here:

And we are sending an open letter out to the community urging the same thing, as well as urging the organizers of the protesters to "police their own" by looking out for hot-heads in the crowd who may resort to violence, looting, or property destruction.  It is imperative that they do all they can to limit such incidents. 

And we will be urging the protest organizers to also be on the lookout for provocateurs from outside Ferguson who want to start violence, and who want to start a race war (whether it be the KKK, or the New Black Panthers, all racists want to make this only about race, and they want to see racially motivated violence on all sides).  We feel an obligation to do what we can to help throw a monkey-wrench in the plans of such provocateurs, by making it clear that it is not about race - it is about rights.

As we did with our open letter to Governor Nixon in August (, we will be urging the police to respect the right of peaceful protesters to free speech and assembly, and urging them to protect both the peaceful protesters and the innocent business owners and home-owners from any violence or property destruction.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Prevent Violence in Ferguson)
Post by: Luck on November 24, 2014, 01:12:21 pm

Oath Keepers Open Letter to the People of Ferguson, Missouri


People of Ferguson, whatever the Grand Jury's decision, you have an absolute, God given, and constitutionally protected right to protest and speak your mind. The First Amendment prohibits government at every level from "abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

And under our Constitution, the police have no right, no authority, and no power to violate those rights, and neither does Governor Nixon, or anyone else in government. During the earlier protests in August, we saw egregious violations of the rights of peaceful protesters and media in Ferguson, including the irresponsible, indiscriminate use of tear gas and rubber bullets, as well as police pointing assault rifles and sniper rifles at people who posed no apparent, immediate threat to anyone - people who were simply standing in the street, voicing their opinions. We also saw the imposition of an absurd curfew, and routine harassment of people merely standing on sidewalks.   
Because of these blatant abuses, our Missouri Chapter of Oath Keepers sent an Open Letter of Warning to Governor Nixon, warning him that he and the police under his leadership were using unconstitutional, rights-violating tactics that were also, perversely, ineffective at stopping the few actual looters, shooters, or rock and Molotov cocktail throwers. We told the Governor:

Such over-the-top threatening displays, with rifles pointed-in indiscriminately at protesters and residents, only anger and frighten the people and reinforce the perception that it is "the police vs. the people" rather than the police vs. a small number of criminals, while risking the lives of the very people our police are supposed to be serving.

And much like over-the top and indiscriminate threat displays and use of force in Iraq lost the hearts and minds of the locals, so too does it lose the battle for hearts and minds here at home - assisting in the agendas of those who wish to divide us along racial lines and create an "us vs. them" mentality among both the people and the police.


Likewise for the imposition of curfews, which violate the right of the people to peaceably assemble, while also failing to stop the looters and shooters who ignore such decrees. The First Amendment prohibits "abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances" period. It doesn't add on - unless a politician declares a state of emergency and imposes a curfew. Nor does it say - unless other people are looting and being violent, in which case all of you lose your right to peaceably assemble.   Curfews punish the peaceable majority for the actions of a violent few, and again, alienate the community and send the message that the police see them all as the enemy and seek to trample on the rights of all of them.


People of Ferguson, every human being has the right to protest.   But nobody has the right to initiate acts of violence or destruction of property against other people, no matter how angry or upset they are.   In this case, the family of Michael Brown has specifically asked that all protesters remain peaceful.   Michael Brown's father even did a video appeal on that point, declaring:

    Hurting others or destroying property is not the answer. No matter what the grand jury decides, I do not want my son's death to be in vain ... We live here together, this is our home, we are stronger united.  Continue to lift your voices with us and let's work together to heal to create lasting change for all people regardless of race [emphasis added].

Continue reading and comment Here:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Prevent Violence in Ferguson)
Post by: Luck on November 25, 2014, 12:57:03 am

From Oathkeepers:

Today we had enough Oath Keepers respond to our call for volunteers to kick this off, but we really need more.  So, if you have the right skills and qualifications (see below), and are willing, please go there.  We need more of all skill sets, but in particular we need more cameramen.  We want to film everything.  And if you can live stream, that is a big plus. 

We will do a formal announcement for the public shortly, but we wanted you to know it is a go, so if you want to help, you can get on it.

St. Louis area Oath Keepers member Sam Andrews is helping to coordinate and vet the prospective volunteers.  If you think you are qualified to serve on a security detail for this mission, please contact him:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Prevent Violence in Ferguson)
Post by: Luck on November 29, 2014, 12:11:40 pm
Oath Keepers were successful guarding an area in Ferguson from violence and destruction. The St. Louis newspaper made a friendly report on their presence. Below is an excerpt from an OK article at

Stewart Rhodes says: we did this because we felt compelled to lead by example to show the American people a constitutional answer to civil unrest and violence.  We wanted to show them that they have the power – already in their own hands – the right, and the duty to secure themselves and their communities.   Over and over scheming politicians and their flunkies in both major parties are presenting the American people with a false choice between lawless chaos, violence, looting, and arson on the one hand, and a hyper-militarized, rights-violating police state on the other.

Perversely, the more government bureaucrats and politicians refuse to actually protect the people and their property, the more they insist that they need even more power, and they insist that the people need to give up even more rights.

The more severe the crisis, the more the chaos will be used to justify a ratcheting up of police state power, and it will not end until all of our children have the boot of a totalitarian police state on the back of their necks (and remember, when there is a boot on your neck, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a left boot or a right boot or whether there is a white foot or a black foot inside it.  Police states oppress all).

As we pointed out in our open letter to Governor Nixon, and also in our letter to the people of Ferguson, there are ways to stop looting and arson that are also respectful of the rights of peaceful protesters, and in obedience to our Constitution.  We don’t have to sacrifice liberty to get security, not if We the People do as the Founders intended and stand together in defense of our own communities.   In our Open Letter to the People of Ferguson, we specifically addressed the veterans of Ferguson:

    We call on the veterans in your community, in particular, to step up and lead the way to defend the lives and property of their neighbors, and we call on them to form neighborhood watches and patrols to put a stop to acts of violence. ...
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (OK Success in Ferguson)
Post by: Luck on November 30, 2014, 07:54:56 pm
Feds and State Polizei sneakily trying to make Oath Keepers stop protecting Ferguson people:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Ferguson Video: Swat Team Commit Arson?)
Post by: Luck on December 01, 2014, 10:50:39 pm
Robert J. Simmons Says:
December 1st, 2014 at 5:50 am

Yesterday, Sunday Nov. 30 2014, I read an article that stated that the PTB (powers that be) in Ferguson, asked the OathKeepers to leave. I thought this quite puzzling, as who would refuse free help in quelling a disturbance. Now, today Dec. 1 2014, a Monday morning, I read an article, complete with supporting video footage, of paramilitary swat teams, dressed in black and toting military assault weapons, torching a car at an auto parts dealer. Caught on tape you can see one of the thugs toss into the car what appears to be a flash-bang incendiary grenade. Later photos show the building and all the cars on the lot completely destroyed by fire. While you guys were there, did you happen to come across any foreign troops posing as US law enforcement ? Someone doesn’t want you guys around as witnesses, and someone wants to start a whole lot of trouble, probably leading to martial law for the whole damn nation.

Here's the Video:

The Feds Are Starting Race Wars

Wilson did not call in his shooting of Brown, which proves his likely guilt:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Swat Team Arson + Ferguson OK Success)
Post by: Luck on December 03, 2014, 12:51:15 pm
[See previous post for video of swat team arson in Ferguson.]

The Ferguson Conundrum Solved By Community Security [Community Preparedness Teeams]
December 2nd, 2014
This article comes from
by Brandon Smith

Many times in the past I have discussed the concept of what I call the “non-participation principle,” but often people misinterpret what “non-participation” really entails. Such a strategy does not mean an individual activist or group simply refuses to support the system by not using Federal Reserve notes, or not paying taxes, or not buying Monsanto-generated frankenfoods. That kind of thing is all well and good. But ultimately, non-participation means taking away power from the corrupt political and financial elite. Sometimes, this is done through force of arms — but not always in the way some might believe.

One-dimensional tactics are often more dangerous to the activist group fighting for freedom than they are for the power oligarchy, and I see them promoted all the time. How often have you heard some idiot (or paid provocateur) rambling about a march on Washington, D.C., to “arrest the criminals” (the criminals in D.C. are middlemen as replaceable as lawnmower parts, not that a blind march into the mouth of the beast would accomplish anything anyway). What about the insane option of military coup? What about random violence against random targets, forsaking the very principles by which our movement sustains itself? Even if a movement “wins” in such a way, it still loses after becoming the monster it sought to destroy.

How about the opposite end of the spectrum? People call on the liberty movement to buy useless, ethereal bitcoins or chant slogans on street corners in docility while being doused with pepper spray. Activists regurgitate the “reach, teach, and inspire” mantra without acknowledging that concrete action and legitimate risk are often the most inspiring paths that can be undertaken. What about those people who actually argue that we need to “reason” with the psychopaths running our infrastructure and show them the error of their ways (which is much like trying to debate with a shark on why you are not as tasty as you appear)?

All of these tactics culminate in a zero-point game of make-believe revolution. They not only accomplish nothing, they actually distract the movement from pursuing more tangible and effective methods.

The non-participation principle could be summed up as follows:

    Provide for yourself and others the necessities that the corrupt system cannot or will not. Remove your consent for the system to provide necessities for you when it suits them. Eventually, the elites of the system will have only one of two options: admit that you no longer need them and leave you in peace or try to physically stop you from taking care of yourself. If the system tries to stop you, it must expose itself as inherently despotic in the process and lose public support. In either case, you win.

It is vital that movement activists understand that our nation and perhaps the world have become targets of fourth-generation warfare leading to artificial division, conflict and very real self-destruction. If we are to respond, it must be with fourth-generation revolution. The methodology of the non-participation principle has been applied with great success in certain parts of the world, but most recently in Ferguson, Missouri, by the constitutional organization Oath Keepers and its Community Preparedness Team (CPT) program.

With very little initial press going in, Oath Keepers has broken through the mainstream barrier once again by using its CPT strategy in Ferguson, sending trained veterans and former police officers who have sworn to uphold constitutional liberties to defend properties under threat of arson by looters, rioters and suspected federal provocateurs. All members were volunteers and were present at the behest of business owners.

While supporting the right of Americans to peacefully protest, it has become clear that elements outside of Ferguson are attempting to exploit the legitimate frustrations of the community there and wield the citizens as a weapon to further their own agendas. Ferguson has been used to promote false racial division and conflict, the deployment of militarized police to attack protesters while allowing looters to move unchecked, and the socialist concept that property is evil and that business owners (even small-business owners) are all contributors to state violence and are, thereby, culpable targets for reprisal.

A friend of mine recently fell into a debate with a man claiming that the Oath Keeper response was unacceptable because they are “all racist.” Of course, when one realizes that Oath Keepers was defending businesses owned by black and Chinese, as well as white, locals, the racism argument disintegrates. Ultimately, the critic relented, but ended his diatribe with these words: “Some things just need to burn.”

This appears to be a common theme among agitators in Ferguson, who desperately want “bloodshed” so that a chain of reactionary violence will erupt, as outlined in this Breitbart article.

And there you have it. Members of the socialist cult don’t hate Oath Keepers because they think the organization is a bastion of racism; they hate Oath Keepers because the highly trained group won’t let innocent people and their businesses burn to the ground. They hate Oath Keepers because they want chaos as cover to further their ideology, and Oath Keepers provided security where the police and federal government would not.

This, of course, not only angered socialist/communist provocateurs on the ground in Ferguson, but also elements of the government.

While many local police seem to be thankful for the Oath Keeper presence, government response teams had other ideas. Oath Keepers on site reported suspicious activity at a nearby residence in which a team of three men appeared to be setting up a sniper position after exiting a silver suburban. At the same time, state police units had set up on a nearby roof and were aiming sniper rifles in their direction. Luckily, the team leader, Sam Andrews, had worked with the local police department before and maintained a friendly relationship with them. His call to police had an immediate response, and whatever the teams of men were planning had been thwarted by the appearance of official witnesses.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Swat Team Arson + Ferguson OK Success)
Post by: Luck on December 03, 2014, 12:52:11 pm
Immediately following what I suspect to be a bungled false flag attempt, Andrews was approached by a county officer who told him that business owners had complained and wanted the defense group to leave. This was found to be a lie, and the officer admitted that his chief was being pressured by the feds to get Oath Keepers out of the area.

After failing on multiple occasions to run off Oath Keepers, the St. Louis County police chief is now attempting to use a statute requiring security personnel to be licensed by the state. The statute, however, clearly applies only to paid security personnel, not volunteers. So Oath Keepers is back again and refusing to comply with the order to disperse.

Other groups providing security, including a group of black volunteers defending a white-owned gas station out of respect for their former employer, have not been harassed by police.

Why are the state and federal governments so intent on getting rid of Oath Keeper volunteers whose only “crime” is to defend innocent people from harm? It’s probably because Oath Keepers is taking the concept of non-participation nationwide.

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes states:

    They want to create a false paradigm… They are presenting a false choice between lawlessness, looting, arson, assault, murder on the one side, unrestrained or a hyper-militarized police state on the other… They are failing to do the intelligent thing and protect businesses without trampling on rights.

All four businesses protected by Oath Keepers remain untouched by fire, including Natalie’s Cakes and More, a beauty supply store, a dentist’s office and a Chinese restaurant, even though all of them had been directly threatened at the beginning of the riots. Natalie’s Cakes and More had not only received threats of arson, but had also been damaged by looters before the arrival of Oath Keepers. Now, her business stands intact.


My regular readers are well aware that I have been involved in the formation and training of my local Montana CPT. I believe it is one of the best models of the non-participation principle in action today, combining elements of security and defense, emergency medical training, engineering for vital resources (farming, water, construction, etc.), as well as communication — everything that a community needs to protect itself or rebuild in the wake of disaster. The Ferguson event proves beyond a doubt that the CPT concept is effective and necessary.

The governor of Missouri, the federal government and some elements of the local police were either unable to come to the aid of citizens of Ferguson or they were unwilling. It is my belief that many buildings in Ferguson were simply allowed to burn in order to help perpetuate tensions and provide another rationale in the minds of Americans for militarization of law enforcement. If the system cannot or will not protect you, then you and your community will have to provide security for yourselves.

By extension, if the citizenry suffers extreme levels of conflict with city-, state- or federal-run law enforcement organizations, then they should be providing for the safety of their own community. If the police and the people cannot get along, then remove the police from the picture entirely and create your own neighborhood watches and mutual aid groups. No city-paid police officer is going to care more about the safety of a neighborhood than the residents who live there and the businesses that survive there. And no violent criminal is going to be able to function for long in a neighborhood that is trained and armed to defend itself.

The best option, the only option when faced with a conundrum like Ferguson, is for residents to kick government out of the picture completely. Whatever problems might be encountered during such a transition would be a happy trade over the constant crisis wrought by political “mismanagement” or manipulation. In the end, corrupt government will never go away unless we stop handing our responsibilities over to them — and this includes security. We must stop trying to change the system by following the rules that perpetually benefit the system. If we are ever going to get rid of elitist control, we have to step outside the false paradigm and play our own game by our own rules.

You can learn more about Oath Keepers here.

–Brandon Smith


Oath Keepers volunteers continue to guard Ferguson businesses and we have retained two patriotic St. Louis, Missouri lawyers from the firm of Hearne & Bendick to represent us in our defiance of, and legal challenge to, the St. Louis Police Chief’s unlawful order asserting that we cannot guard Ferguson residents and businesses against arsonists without a “security officer” permit.

Please help support that legal fight, and also help us provide legal defense if any of our volunteers are cited or arrested while engaged in civil disobedience against that unlawful order. Go here where you can donate specifically to our legal defense fund. Any left over legal defense funds will be reserved to assist future litigation and legal defense.


Fox News: Armed 'Oath Keepers' Threatened With Arrest for Guarding Ferguson

This article was published at Fox News Insider on December 02, 2014, at this link: 

Please go there and view the exclusive Fox News video of the interview with John Karriman of Missouri Oath Keepers.

Note from Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers:

As retired police officer and Missouri police academy instructor John Karriman said, we will not, and did not, stop protecting the buildings and people we had promised to protect.  We were there the very next night after being told to stop, and we have been there every night since.   And we will continue to be there until calm is restored and we are no longer needed. Refer to our attorney's letter to St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar : 

You may also read, and/or link to, this article at Oath Keepers' national website, where your comments are welcome. Here's that link --
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (OKs Stand Ground in Ferguson)
Post by: Luck on December 04, 2014, 11:28:41 am
Oath Keepers reject [illegal] orders, refuse to stand down, remain on Ferguson rooftops
by David Codrea of Gun Rights Examiner December 03 2014

David Codrea's article: 

From that article:

Members of Oath Keepers, a national group that includes current and retired military and law enforcement personnel, have rejected orders from St. Louis County Police to abandon posts on top of private businesses that invited their protection, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Monday. The order to stand down was issued under presumed authority of a county ordinance prohibiting unlicensed security personnel.

"Once we read the statute, we laughed at it," local Oath Keepers leader Sam Andrews commented, explaining the ordinance applies to employed security personnel. "Then, the next night, we were there."

The committed presence of Oath Keepers could renew confrontation dangers, as group founder Stewart Rhodes had earlier cited a report of members being targeted, presumably by a federal law enforcement sniper team. Per Rhodes, such teams had not communicated with local law enforcement, let alone coordinated activities with them.

Confirming the Post-Dispatch report is an update from Rhodes sent to members and supporters Wednesday, explaining that, contrary to some reports, the group did not abandon their posts. The alert also included a letter from an Oath Keepers attorney.

"As retired police officer and Missouri police academy instructor John Karriman said, we will not, and did not, stop protecting the buildings and people we had promised to protect," Rhodes insisted. "We were there the very next night after being told to stop, and we have been there every night since. And we will continue to be there until calm is restored and we are no longer needed."

"A review of the applicable statutes and regulations makes clear that the Oath Keepers do not fall under the provisions of St. Louis County Code ... as suggested by your officers," attorney Matthew H. Hearne advised St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar.

Read entire article at David Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner page:


Editor's Note: David Codrea worked with Mike Vanderboegh to uncover the ATF's infamous gun running operation called "Fast and Furious", in which the Federal government was caught arming the Mexican drug cartels. He and Mike are the ones who got the story to Sharyl Attkisson of CBS news, who blew the lid off that massive Federal crime spree by the ATF. Oath Keepers salutes the good work David Codrea does at the national Gun Rights Examiner. Give him some clicks, eh? Thank you!
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Ron Paul in OK Documentary vs Martial Law)
Post by: Luck on December 09, 2014, 12:27:58 pm
Email from Oath Keepers

Ron Paul Joins KrisAnne Hall and Sheriff Mack In MIDNIGHT RIDE

Yes, Ron Paul and KrisAnne Hall have joined Sheriff Mack, Stewart Rhodes, G. Edward Griffin, Chuck Baldwin, Edwin Vieira, Larry Pratt, Rosie Haas, Walter Reddy, Dan Happel, David R. Gillie and others in James Jaeger's newest film, MIDNIGHT RIDE.

MIDNIGHT RIDE is inspired by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.'s newest book, "By Tyranny Out Of Necessity: The Bastardy of "Martial Law". This film will reveal the four types of Martial Law and clarify what the Constitution says about each type.

James Jaeger and Edwin Vieira has scripted the movie so that it features most of our "Ten Orders We Will Not Obey"! Getting our Ten Orders into a classy documentary film with a cast rich in popular Constitutionalists and including Ron Paul and G. Edward Griffin And Edwin Vieira is the sure way to get our Ten Orders on the record for all time. Oath Keepers is delighted.

I will close by noting that our Missouri Oath Keepers who protected businesses in Ferguson, Missouri and spoke well on camera have generated much good publicity for Oath Keepers. We gained from the good coverage by the New York Times, Fox News, and Ben Swann among many others. That momentum can carry forward as we now document the fullest meaning embodied in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights when they speak of our unalienable rights to free and armed society. Oath Keepers at Ferguson, Missouri demonstrated the proper use of firearms in the hands of "We The People". The writings of Edwin Vieira and the subsequent movies by James Jaeger reveal Oath Keepers' solid foundation in the highest law of the land. We are calling for the reinstatement across America for the Constitutionally-required "Militia of the several States". Oath Keepers is the only organization in the nation sounding that clarion call, and we do so to honor our Oath to the Constitution. The answer to the coming tyranny of "martial law" is the combined power in the hands of We The People ourselves, as Oath Keepers demonstrated at Ferguson, Missouri. Oath Keepers will push for official Militia offices in all State governments, as the Constitution requires.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (Attend WA State Rally Defying Gun Law)
Post by: Luck on December 11, 2014, 02:53:24 pm

December 11th, 2014


Thousands To Openly Violate New Gun Law!


This is huge. Washington State’s new anti-gun law will be openly violated by thousands of citizens at the State Capitol in Olympia. The lineup of speakers indicates a fever pitch participation by national voices, including Sheriff Mack, Ammon Bundy and Mike Vanderboegh. The event organizer states the following:

“We will rally at the capital, openly exchange guns, unveil and plan to break apart the legislation and violate i594 in every possible way. Because ALL law that violates the Constitution is not law, it is VOID!”

Check out this exciting announcement as sent to me by Oath Keepers Board of Directors member and North Oregon coordinator Jeff Ford. And be sure to enjoy the video by Gavin Seim at bottom of this article :

Elias Alias, editor

Stewart Rhodes has asked all Oath Keepers that can make it to Olympia, WA at the State Capitol building on December 13, 2014 at 11:00 AM to attend and protest the i594 gun control initiative that was voted for in State of Washington.

Oath Keepers will have a table set up at the rally but if any of the Washington members in the area can get there at 9:00 am to set up a table please contact Jeff Ford at: or by phone at 714-478-1386 (please leave a message if no answer).  I will be bringing a banner and an Oath Keepers flag as well as brochures and other materials. We might also possibly be able to have a meet and greet after the rally somewhere in or near Olympia but not sure exactly when or where yet because I don’t know the area that well and it’s a long drive back to central Oregon. Please look for another email if we come up with a location and time for the meet and greet and/or visit the table at the rally for more information if you can make it there.

    Date: 12/13/14
    Time: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
    Location: WA State Capital, Gateway Park. 416 Sid Snyder Ave SW Olympia, WA

Featured Patriot Speakers:

    Mike Vanderboegh
    Sheriff Richard Mack
    Cope Reynolds
    Ammon Bundy
    Rep Elizabeth Scott
    Anthony Bosworth
    Kit Lange Carroll
    Gavin Seim
    PLUS: Other regional patriots.
    We will have a local Oath Keepers representative speaking there as well.

Hope to see everyone there that can make it to Olympia, WA on Saturday.

For Liberty and best regards,
Jeff Ford
Northern Oregon Coordinator; National Board of Directors for Oath Keepers
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (WA State Defying Gun Law)
Post by: Luck on December 22, 2014, 11:33:27 am
Washington State Rep Matt Shea Demands Sheriff's Apology Over Deputy's "Constitutionalist" Remark

Hundreds of citizens heard Matt Shea's speech while openly defying the militarization of their local Sheriff's Department. The specific focus was the now infamous and viral video of a Deputy Sheriff telling a citizen that the police department needed an military combat MRAP war machine because there were a lot of "Constitutionalists" with "guns" in Spokane Valley, Washington. This gathering was to formally and publicly let the Sheriff know that We The People aren't buying into the Govlish thinking behind the militarization of police. As Matt Shea notes in his speech, the attitude which this Deputy Sheriff has obviously been programmed, conditioned, trained, and pressured into holding as part of his professional mindset, (thanks to the SPLC of course) ain't gonna wash in Washington. It is an inspiring few minutes, and sends the message loudly and clearly across America - America is NOT going to stand still for tyranny's militarization of our local police under any federal program. Lyle's letter with the video link follows. Thanks again, Lyle, for sending this.
Elias Alias, editor

Washington State Representative Matt Shea On Fire For Constitution
View video on YouTube:

                         LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D.

Sunday -
December the 21st, 2014
1700Hrs; M.S.T. (Arizona)


BRIEFING LEVEL:                    Privately distributed

SUBJECT OF BRIEFING:          Leadership at the local and State level


The video link [above]: Wash State Rep. Matt Shea demands apology after deputy says MRAP needed for gun owners is a quick study of leadership by an elected official.  The Great State of Washington has a leader in Representative Shea, but he is more than a public official.  Matt is an attorney, and proudly served in our military two tours of Iraq in military intelligence.  Thoughtful, studious, and passionate about a person's freedom and the sovereignty of a city, county, or state, Representative Shea is not about worrying over his next election or committee assignment or building a resume.  Representative Shea knows the citizens of this Nation are in a war for the very survival of our country, and the enemy is "behind the wire" and determined to collapse this Republic we call home.  I also know Representative Shea personally, and call him "friend" and colleague, in that, we both are working to preserve these exceptional United States.

Moments after concluding his speech, which you will see below, Matt, Sheriff Richard Mack, and I were on a conference call.  One of the topics discussed was rallying elected officials to stand against the growing juggernaut which is the Federal Government and its many agencies.  Since the near disaster at Bundy Ranch almost a year ago, we are aware of a growing list of elected officials who have come forward and placed their responsibilities to their Oaths of Office and representation of citizens first, and concerns with re-election a distant second.  These elected officials embrace the foundational concept:  People are free and equal, and they voluntarily transfer some of their rights via a social contract to a government - mostly to protect them from violence, so they may enjoy their freedoms and their lives.  Government exists by the consent of the people in order to protect the rights of the people, and therefore, governments that fail to do so can be resisted and replaced with new government.  Listen to Representative Matt Shea speak truth and speak as a leader.  We need this in those we have elected to represent us.  American voters will trust a leader who believes in right and wrong and acts on it, even at his own seeming expense.  And the reverse is also true: a leader must trust the American people, believing they are both good and gifted, equal to almost any challenge thrown at them.

Politics for those in office so they can remain and get internally promoted to this coveted chairmanship of a committee, or the corner office, or bigger title is crude and rude; we are losing our country and do not need such office holders.  We need leaders who are willing to publicly place the people above themselves, above ideology, above political agendas.  We need leaders who will stand and speak straight with the citizens, as you will see when you click on the below link and listen to Representative Shea; leaders who will call-out those abusing their positions of trust; those in public office who, for whatever reason, have forgotten their Oaths of Office, much less that all positions of public trust are but temporary, and an honor to hold - not a right.  If your elected official is not coming close to the ideals I have mentioned, or those you will see and listen to then put them on notice!  Enough!  We are losing our country and this is NOT a drill!!
Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Specialist
Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment
Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst
U.S. Border Intelligence Group
Wash. state Rep. Matt Shea demands apology after deputy says MRAP needed for gun owners

Link for original article at Joe Newby's Spokane Conservative Examiner with above video:
Link for KXLY Spokane News, with a televised report about the event:
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (New OK Movie Vs. Martial Law)
Post by: Luck on January 16, 2015, 12:49:09 pm
NOTE: Oath Keepers say Martial Law is Illegal and I agree

MIDNIGHT RIDE - When Rogue Politicians Call for Martial Law.

This film is exceptionally important for Oath Keepers, as it will get our "Ten Orders We Will Not Obey" onto the public record with good style and taste in a movie documentary with a cast laced heavily with Oath Keepers officers.

MIDNIGHT RIDE will immortalize Oath Keepers' stand against the militarization of police and will show clearly why Oath Keepers rejects the coming "martial law".  Martial Law is in the works as we speak, and our "Ten Orders We Will Not Obey" have never been more pertinent.

Important Updates For MIDNIGHT RIDE --
Catch The Paul Revere Spirit

RON PAUL has agreed to appear along with KrisAnne Hall, Sheriff Mack, Stewart Rhodes, G. Edward Griffin, Chuck Baldwin, Edwin Vieira, Larry Pratt and others in James Jaeger's newest film,

Click here to donate:


Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (New OK Movie Vs. Martial Law)
Post by: Luck on January 20, 2015, 12:08:15 pm
[See Movie Info in previous message.]

Brandon Smith on Organized Self-Defense and Globalists' Weakness

Sure, anything is possible given ample opportunity. Perhaps the movement could grind away at the New World Order over the course of several decades until the majority of the masses are awake and aware (which is exactly how long it would take). However, I think it infinitely foolish to presume that we have decades to accomplish such a task. If the past has shown us anything, it is that tyranny does not respect reason and, at a certain point, couldn’t care less about image. Tyranny respects only power. It does not respect the protestations of ants it can crush under foot, but it will make a wide path around a rattlesnake ready to strike. While there is utility in the pursuit of intellectual and philosophical combat, if you are not willing to be the rattlesnake as well, then you are not going to affect change against such an opponent. You will eventually be stepped on.

The refusal to accept responsibility for one’s own defense is yet another product of fear — fear that the enemy is too powerful, that all resistance is futile. But resistance is only assured failure if resistance is never undertaken. Sheeple defeat themselves within their own minds before they ever stand up, and so they never stand. This is the only reason totalitarian elements ever achieve success. Again, many in the liberty movement are going to face a rude awakening when they realize they have relied too much on the notion of the system policing itself, instead of preparing for the worst-case scenario.

And finally, the globalists themselves suffer from a veritable fog of illusions to which I can speak only briefly.

We are stepping over the threshold of an age that will shatter the illusions of everyone, and the internationalists are no exception. The root pillar of elitist globalism itself is that some men are born to rule, while other men are born to serve. Some men are born kings, and other men are born slaves. The psychopathy of this belief system should be evident, but psychopathy also elicits blinding ego and hubris, which smothers any inherent questions of motive. I do not think the elites ever actually consider the validity of their own philosophies. I am relatively certain their manner of viewing the world is much like that of a cult, a religious sect driven by the brutality of zealotry rather than the empowering nature of understanding.

Such men cannot be reasoned with. In fact, zealots often revel in their ability to trample all other world views as they grasp for complete dominance of their ideology. The illusion of rightness is far more important to them than actual truth, and this is their greatest weakness. Hidden under all the posturing and power grabbing, deep in the recesses of their own assumed omnipotence, I sense an ever present terror within the globalist culture. I sense a brand of terror that comes only from the seed of doubt.

The incredible array of propaganda leveled at the public, the constant war gaming and mind gaming against the citizenry, the endless hailstorm of legal maneuvering designed to erase our sense of connection with our natural rights and liberties, the tidal wave of fearmongering, and all the manipulations and scapegoats and elaborate theatrical displays, all reek of fear. For if the globalists were truly as omnipotent as they pretend to be — if they really were all-knowing philosopher kings born to rule — then they would already have their New World Order. They would not need lies. They would not need the threat of force. The undeniable power of their ideology would be enough if their ideology actually had any validity. Lies are designed to hide lack of validity and lack of strength. The globalists are, at bottom, a hollow shell desperately clamoring for substance.

What may appear to be the “thoroughness” of the elitist con is actually a form of micro-management that exhibits a fundamental doubt of success. The globalists wish they could predict the future, but they cannot. So they are just as afraid as most of humanity. I believe we are entering an era in which they will feel the stark pain of shattered illusions and the destruction of their own fantasies, no less felt than the pain of the rest of the world.

Our mission as an opposing force to globalism is to come to terms with our own illusions and to erase them, to stop compromising and to stop waiting for the final shoe to drop and to take positive action now rather than after the endgame develops. This means preparation and organization for the worst-case scenarios. This means making one’s family, neighborhood and community as self-reliant and secure as possible. The excuses have to stop. The distractions and intellectualized silver bullet solutions have to stop. Hard work and risk are all that are left, all that matters. If we do this, and if we do this now, then victory is possible. In any contest of strength and will, he who knows himself best, he who sheds all illusion, will be the winner.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (New OK Movie Vs. Martial Law)
Post by: Luck on February 05, 2015, 08:57:23 pm
In Washington State American gun rights activists are disobeying recent gun laws that illegally attempt to prevent gun ownership. History of gun rights suppression in other countries is shown where gun bans have led to tyranny and massacres of many innocent people.
Title: Re: Oathkeepers +CSPOA (NM and WA Sheriffs Stand Up Against IRS)
Post by: Luck on February 12, 2015, 09:41:46 pm
New Mexico Sheriff Standing Tall For The Constitution
by Elias Alias, February 12, 2015

The number of Constitutionally-minded Sheriffs in America is growing.  Eddy County, New Mexico, Sheriff Scott London is the most recent Sheriff to stand up to a bullying Federal agency. Oath Keepers salutes Sheriff London.

Constitutional Sheriff Scott London of Eddy County, New Mexico, Says NO! To IRS

This is totally encouraging. Yet another Sheriff is fearlessly standing up for his citizens to defend their Constitutionally-protected rights. This time a truly American Sheriff is standing between the IRS and a property owner in his County.

Sheriff Scott London of Eddy County, New Mexico, is a member in Sheriff Mack’s Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). I have talked with Sheriff Mack about the situation and have also enjoyed two very fine articles about Sheriff London’s confrontation with the IRS — one by KrisAnne Hall and the other by Ben Swann.  All of the other articles floating about on the Internet seem to be versions of one or the other of those two articles, so allow me please to simply link our readers to both articles here, with a few brief excerpts from each.

But before linking readers to the two articlesI must first note that as of last night, Wednesday evening February 11, 2015, Sheriff Mack told me by telephone that Sheriff London does *not* want people to show up in support of his stand against the IRS.

As Sheriff Mack pointed out, this situation is totally different than the situation at Bundy Ranch this past April, 2014. In this instance we see a County Sheriff doing the right thing, standing up for his citizens in his County, and Sheriff London has the full support of his department and the people. He does not need the armed support which was needed at the Bundy Ranch, where the County Sheriff was *not* standing up for his citizens against the Federal government.  So please, do not head for New Mexico to help out. This is not a situation which calls for that kind of help and support.

What is called for is spreading the word about this, showing everyone that Sheriff London is a true Constitutional Sheriff. In forwarding this article Oath Keepers can do tremendous RT&I, for here is a Sheriff who is willing to walk the walk. Sheriff Mack told me that indeed, Sheriff London will allow himself to be arrested if the Feds insist on doing that. But again, I repeat, Sheriff London does not want help from outside his County.

Now here are the two articles, with KrisAnne Hall’s article first:

Constitutional Sheriff in NM Defies IRS!

February 6, 2015 By KrisAnne Hall

(snippet from her article)  Yes, Sheriff Scott London just issued a cease and desist order to the IRS! This is not the end of his letter. Sheriff London ends his notice to the IRS by making it very clear that he will stand by HIS oath to “support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of New Mexico” even if the IRS will not.

Read KrisAnne Hall’s article:


And from Ben Swann:
EXCLUSIVE: Sheriff Stands Up to IRS, Cancels Land Sale

WASHINGTON, February 7, 2015—New Mexico’s Eddy County Sheriff Scott London notified the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) via letter that the sale of county resident Kent Carter’s property is canceled until Carter receives due process of law and his appeal is heard. The certified letter dated February 4 received an immediate response from the Undersecretary of the Treasury’s office. According to the Treasury’s website, however, the public auction is still slated for February 19.

“Many officers have stood up over the years for the rights of citizens being victimized by the federal government,” said Sheriff Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, “But Sheriff London is the first one to stand up to the IRS since the early 1990s.” Mack said, “His actions show courage and humility. London is setting a good example for the rest of our sheriffs.”

Read entire article here:


Both of the above articles provide a copy of the letter Sheriff London sent to the IRS.
Post by: Luck on February 19, 2017, 10:28:17 pm
The Solar Minimum, Earthquakes and Coming Mini Ice Age - and What to Expect


I just listened to the video there and it's very impressive to me. John Casey has been accurately predicting sunspots and climate conditions for a number of years. He says volcanoes and earthquakes are more severe during cold climate or low sunspot conditions. More quakes over 7.0 and 8.0 on the Richter scale are likely. So he warns everyone to prepare for hard times from poor crop harvests and from quakes and volcanism. He warns that the New Madrid fault may disrupt traffic and pipelines across the MS River between St. Louis and Memphis at least. He said cosmic rays have increased greatly, causing an increase in cloud cover and thus cooling the Earth, resulting in record snowfalls and cold spells in many locations.

He says this will also offer opportunity to prosper by producing things that will be in much greater demand.

The book tells how to be prepared and it's available at
He'll give a 10% discount and free shipping if you tell him you heard him on the above video Adapt 2030, I think.
Post by: Luck on March 27, 2017, 12:47:49 pm
Terrorists Plan to Destroy US Infrastructure, e.g. the Electric Grid, so Prepare (politics)

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So prepare for grid failures etc and promote failsafing the grid and infrastructure.

_A video at says terrorists in Yemen and I think Iraq destroyed the power grid there before attacking opponents. It says terrorists could hire Mexican cartels to carry out attacks in the U.S. Or they could activate their own people within the U.S. to do similar attacks on our power grid etc. It says one high-altitude EMP attack could destroy the entire power grid.

_An online article says at : if nine key electric substations were knocked out, the U.S. would be without power for over a year.
_The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) ... noted that high-voltage transformers, like the 17 that were shot up at the PG&E substation, ... are massive, hard to move and usually custom built.
_NAS recommends the U.S. make and store a set of universal transformers that could be used in emergencies.
_"There are probably less than 100 critical high voltage substations on our grid in this country that need to be protected from a physical attack," former FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff told the Wall Street Journal.
_"It is neither a monumental task, nor is it an inordinate sum of money that would be required to do so."

_It says on this site :
_America’s electric grid, data centers, telecommunications networks, and other critical infrastructure can be damaged or destroyed in several different ways: a nuclear weapon that generates an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) effect; a geo-magnetic storm from the sun that also can generate an EMP effect; a smaller, localized EMP that can be created with everyday equipment from Radio Shack; cyber warfare; and direct physical attacks.

_Future Tense at says [An EMP attack] isn’t the only threat to the nation’s electricity grid. U.S. critical infrastructure is also vulnerable to cyber and physical attacks. But ... odds are you have far more to fear from nut-obsessed squirrels than nutty extremists when it comes to the reliability of your electricity.
_... if an adversary did want to start World War III ... the grid might not be the best target. ... some manufacturers of industrial control systems and transformers report that their equipment has been tested and proven robust to such an electromagnetic pulse. ... And for that matter, there are other, easier ways to attack the grid. ... there’s the possibility of a remote cyber attack ... but [it's] less likely to result in physical damage to equipment in the grid.
_National outage reporting data suggests that enemy No. 1 is Mother Nature. ... Moreover, given the changing climate, such severe weather events are expected to increase — indeed, 10 of the most destructive hurricanes on record occurred in the last 10 years. ... Geomagnetic events [also] have the potential to be high consequence
_... it would frankly be prohibitively expensive to make the grid robust to every possible threat. Nonetheless, making the electric grid more reliable and more resilient to natural hazards would be an important first step.

_The Top 7 Threats To America’s Power Grid at are: the EPA, terrorism, cyberattacks, solar & wind power, EMPs, outdated system, and squirrels.
Post by: Luck on June 18, 2017, 12:45:17 pm
Cloudy or Clear? Predict the Night-Sky Weather with These Handy Tips

DIY Perimeter Trip Wire Alarm

It's Monday, what have you done to prepare?

Essential Communications on a Budget

At what point, do you bug out of your workplace?

After the crash: The homeless will be our survival saviours

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Toilet paper tablets

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Making a G.O.O.D PLAN: Get Out Of Dodge

The World Is Short-Fused On Multiple Flash-Points

Top 10 most common emergency food fails

Billionaires Are Prepping For The Apocalypse

Reference. See Mike Fischer's link on hyperbaric oxygen (somewhere at ). Before the Great Flood there was a thicker atmosphere, so oxygen was under greater pressure and made much more rapid healing possible.
Post by: Luck on June 30, 2017, 02:51:17 pm
Important Prepping Links

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The Wealthy Are Buying Multi-Million Dollar Bunkers With "Highest Level Of Military Grade Security"

24 Prepping Items I Don’t Spend Money On
Post by: Luck on September 02, 2017, 04:55:23 pm
"We Can Barely Keep Up" - Prepper Panic-Buying Begins As WWIII Fears Grip America

How to double your current door security with minimal hardware investment

Very 1st step of prepping: Know your enemy

Confessions of a Knothead: Basic Ropework and Knots

Be prepared - A good lesson for more than just Boy Scouts

Primitive Technology: Simplified blower and furnace experiments

DIY Electric Match

World War II Civilian Survival Lessons

Five Common Piles of Prepper BS

$3 Emergency Solar Radio [DIY project]
Title: Re: (30) Joe, PREP FOR HARD TIMES
Post by: Luck on October 03, 2017, 08:04:58 pm
No Cell Service? No Problem: Amateur Radio For Your RV

MK Ultra, Illuminati Possible Plan for Takeover:

He's not talking about a UN army taking over. He's talking about a secret Illuminati army of programmed citizens, way better trained than maybe any other army. Svali talked about the kind of training they do back in 2001. A lot of em start training at 3 years old. What this guy says about their armies showing up in identical black SUV's wearing identical black swat-team-like uniforms is very plausible and would work to fool most of the people.

I guess one of the best things that can be done is to inform the public of what the Illuminati plans may be, especially how they will try to fool people into thinking they're legitimate authorities. We can start cooperating with neighbors to prepare. I guess we need most to inform the military and police of the Illuminati plans.

The best preventive measure would probably be forming local largely-independent governments, though there may not be much time for that. Nonetheless, it's worth working on.

Another thing is that there may be ways developed to deprogram people from Illuminati brainwashing. After all, Svali and some others have apparently been deprogrammed.

Also, we could get some folks to go around acting like swat teams with black SUVs (like the Illuminati seem to be planning), going to towns and cities, to their leaders and law enforcement and citizens' groups, saying we're with govt black ops, then leave and leave a message in an envelope saying this is how the terrorists may go around in the near future attempting to take over local control to defeat the U.S.
Post by: Luck on October 31, 2017, 09:23:17 pm
How To Cook Burdock

Storage guidelines for fruit and vegetables

Truck update

How a YouTube star gained 5.4 million followers by mimicking the Stone Age

Winter water storage - is sugar or honey saturated water a good idea to prevent freezing and mold in emergency water supply?

A cautionary tale to keep your preps low-key

Keep a coffee mug in your preps; You can use it to sharpen your knife

Making an AR-15 from soda cans: Extreme recycling! FarmCraft101

Backyard chicken trend causes spike in infections

How To Stop All Future Mass Shootings

Excellent reddit post: loads of survival manuals in PDF

Do you plan to bug out, or in?

Primitive technology: Natural Draft Furnace

Butter shortage in France

Is Everyone Prepped For This Week's "CME Exercise"?
Post by: Luck on November 13, 2017, 12:36:20 am

Post by: Luck on January 26, 2018, 10:41:44 am
10 emerging risks that threaten our world
The threats discussed are:
1. Not enough food to go around
2. Algorithms shut down the internet
3. The end of trade as we know it
4. Democracy buckles
5. The extinction of fish
6. Another global financial crisis
7. The rise and rise of inequality
8. War without rules
9. Who are we? [national identity]
10. The break-up of the internet
The article gives details and suggests possible solutions.

Cash After the Collapse: 6 barter items to use in place of cash
Includes links to these articles:
Six Kinds of Currency That Might Emerge after the Collapse
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The Skinny: 6 Everyday Uses for Dry Milk

Build a Cozy Fireplace Fire (That Won't Get Smoky)

DIY paper firelogs

Make charwood etc

People aren't prepared if their home water supply is cut off

Prepper food

The Art of Reconnaissance: How to Improve your Viewpoint

Make Improvised Snowshoes

Surviving by Not Eating - fasting with water

Post by: Luck on March 17, 2018, 07:47:01 pm

Prepping by South Africans

Traveler's or Hobo signs

Silicon Valley's Doomsday: Prepping For An Economic Apocalypse

Basic Emergency Supply Checklist

48 Survival Skills for Kids

"Survival Russia" a Dane living in Russia makes great Youtube videos

Cool flint napping video

72 hour bug out bag, feel free to add your suggestions in the comments

Bugging Out in an RV

Basic Strategies And Gear For Operating In Cold Weather

The Brutal Truth About Violence When the SHTF

How to Make Campfire Last All Night

Land Navigation - Lensatic Compass and Map Use

Survival and Austere Medicine Manual


A sleeping bag in a can

How to Not Be Seen

Previous page for more prepper tips

10 Countries It’s Super Easy to EMIGRATE To
Get citizenship in:
Seychelles for $12,500
Ecuador if $800/mo income
Austria if ?
Belgium if get local job
Paraguay if deposit $4500 or more in local bank
Canada if educated/skilled + then pay $500 Canadian
Belize if renew visa for year + then pay $1000
Nicauraqua if $600/mo income
Panama if $1000/mo income
Mexico if renew FMM visa every 6 mo at $42/yr
Svalbard, Norway if have enough resources to survive
Post by: Luck on March 23, 2018, 09:04:57 am

Trump is supposedly going to start taking down the deep state this weekend, according to Dauntless Dialogue channel. But it looks like it's connected with UFO Aliens etc, so now I think it's BS.

Instead of that crap above, here's an eye-opener on govt promoting registering the mentally ill and making it illegal for the mentally ill to own guns:
Post by: Luck on April 30, 2018, 11:29:02 pm

How To Identify Real Mil-spec 550lb Paracord

If Yellowstone goes off, how can one prepare for the oncoming global volcanic winter?

How many days of food and water do you have if you lost all gas and electric?

4 Ways To Heat Your Home Off The Grid

Burying shipping containers

Lifeboat ethics

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Truck update

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How To Build, Plan and Bury A Survival Cache

Cornish Room Heater heat your house for pennies

Surviving The Next Great Depression

Lessons from Venezuela: 5 Things You Must Learn to DIY Before a Collapse

Homemade emergency rations idea

Kevlar helmet mods, the guy is made of edge and cringe, but does this work?

Uzbekistan proposes tripling property tax for people who don't keep enough chickens. Prepper Nation?

Oilskin Tarp out of a Cotton Bed Sheet

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Suggestions where to live

My 56 yrs old mother is turning to prepping. She wants to stock up on a supply of MORE'S. What do you recommend?

How to preserve meat

Making jerky in the wild, I like this way better

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How to make your own Freeze Dried food for SHTF

Other sites
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always have a multi-tool with you

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how to preserve food without electricity

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How to start and grow plants in a jar of water, like your grandmother used to

How to seal a Mason jar without an electric vacuum sealer

How to survive, evade, resist and escape danger

10 North American trees every survivalist should know

Learn these rules before you begin to forage

Primitive technologies you can make without tools

How to build a fire AND remain hidden in the wild

Cattails are a wonderful survival resource

how to sew

How to locate resources when the grid is down

DIY solutions to modern-day appliances that you could build from scratch if you lost everything

Fire, water, food, shelter: Tips for how to survive in the woods

How to make survival tools out of scrap

How to harvest rainwater

19 Common plants that are edible and can help you survive in the wild

How to get your friends and family to start prepping

How to find a sense of direction without GPS

25 different kinds of root cellars

Hypothermia: How to identify, treat, and avoid it

build simple machines in the event of a collapse

Immobilizing broken bones when you’re off-grid: How to make a cast with mud

How to easily give yourself the Heimlich maneuver and possibly save your life

Avoid these common mistakes when growing potatoes

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How to avoid unexpected animal attacks

Camping basics: Tips for surviving a thunderstorm

Old school navigating: Knowing how to use a compass

How to keep your feet dry when hiking in wet weather

How to make a formidable temporary shelter when SHTF

Why written emergency plans are better than just having them on your mind

The 5 types of alternative energy that help you survive

Prepping video library

DIY mosquito traps

New smartwatch is powered by body heat alone

Five websites you need to be checking daily: (herbal medicine),,, (conspiracy),,

How to cook indoors without electricity

Off-grid waste management

Tips for how to build a fire in any weather

Learn these basic medical conditions that need to identified first BEFORE administering first aid

Survival tips when collecting potable drinking water in the wilderness

Starting your homestead on just a single acre of land

Calcium chloride during survival situations

What to wear in a sleeping bag

How to make your own gypsy well [filter water]

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10 Crucial skills to ensure your survival in a disaster

4 Essential ways to communicate in times of disaster

Survival skills to outlast the wilderness

Prepping items you can get for free

How to make your home self-sufficient

5 Must-have radios for survival in a grid-down situation

A list of medical supplies you need to be stockpiling

Professional gardening tips that even newbies can follow

Regular physical labor improves your health and chances of survival

Amazonian mint can be used to treat cutaneous infections and promote wound healing

The many survival uses of tarps

These maps should always be in your bug-out bag

Hungry in the wild? Take these 15 plants into consideration

9 Ways to prepare for and survive a famine

Emergency preparedness: What you need to know about crush injuries

Video: How to Give Yourself Heimlich Maneuver or save yourself from choking | First Aid Training

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Train yourself to be more situationally aware of your surroundings

Those weeds growing in your garden are actually edible (and good for you, too)

Remember these tips to avoid financial ruin

25 Reasons to prep even if DOOMSDAY never arrives

Why government-operated disaster shelters are not as safe as you think

In some cities, police now take FOUR DAYS to respond to a 911 call

Natural remedies for frostbite

How to dry-salt fish

The lone wolf approach to survival never works: Why you should network

Don’t make these 10 mistakes when deciding to live in rural areas

Camping alone? 5 Safety precautions

Journey towards food self-sufficiency

What you need to know about water purification

How to deal with gangs, mobs, and looters

Why you really should plan a mock bug-out trip

Practical life-saving use of a Faraday cage

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A guide to growing potatoes for all situations

How to grow herbs in a jar of water

How to treat minor injuries in the field

Survival superfoods you need to stock up on now

How to make cordage from common plants

A guide to keeping fruits fresh without canning

A survivalist’s guide to water

Debunking some of the most common water survival myths

A guide to preventing and treating snake bites

Natural pain-relieving remedies

How to deal with armed individuals and groups

How to safely forage for food

Simple survival shelters that you can build yourself

5 hygiene survival myths debunked

9 Skills every prepper must master

How to treat burn victims

A medicinal plant map for your survival kit

How to grind grains to make your own flour

Essential survival gear that works as force multipliers

How to set up a functional rainwater irrigation system

How do you treat broken bones, fractures, or joint injuries when you’re out in the wild?

Warning for humanity: The madness is spreading by design as the masses are deliberately poisoned with toxic pharmaceuticals, pesticides, 5G wireless, hormone disruptors and toxic vaccines

How to stop bleeding almost instantly

How to disinfect a wound almost instantly

How to protect your survival cache from mold, spoilage, or pestilence

America will see a resurgence of diseases long thought to have been eradicated… most deaths will happen through sickness, not violence

A guide to preserving food with duct tape and bentonite clay

Natural remedies to have at the ready for an emergency situation

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50 Excellent Ways to Start Becoming More Self-Reliant

The Power Of Dreams, Goals, And A To-Do List. Making Resolutions Stick!

How to Become Self-Sustainable

POD: Family Communications

Bipartisan Support for New Federal Gun Controls Is a Red Flag

Turn Your Yard into a Food Forest with Edible Landscaping

31 Homesteading Skills for Preppers

Soft Skills Preppers Need to Develop

First Aid Kit For Survival

Big Benefits to Small Game

14 DIY Solar Projects for Your Homestead

This Is Exactly The Kind Of Behavior That You Would Expect During A Stock Market Implosion…

Electronics for Preppers: Simplicity Is Reliability

24 Ways to Maintain Body Temperature in a Survival Situation

U.S. Stocks Just Had Their Best Day Ever – And Here Is Why That Is A REALLY Bad Sign…

Underdog Guns for Prepping

Alt. News Hub – Because Mainstream Media Sucks

Raising Livestock on a Small Piece of Property

VID: Building a Concealed Fire Pit

Selco on Gun Confiscation: “Here’s How It Might Actually Go Down”

How to Be a Prepper in an Apartment

10 Ways To Keep Your Chickens Happy And Healthy This Winter

4 Knots That May Save Your Life

6 DIY Mosquito Traps That Are Dirt-cheap to Make

Methods of Purifying Water That Are Simple, Effective, and Inexpensive

Satellite Phones: How to Get Reliable Communications from (Almost) Anywhere On Earth

5 Vegetables to Grow Indoors During Winter

Basics of Homeschooling for Preppers

PrepperMed 101: Antibiotics – What is Enough?

The Easy Way To Make Charcoal and Biochar

Worst US Cities to Stay in for Preppers

Cold Climate Gardening – Easiest Crops to Grow (even in small spaces)

PrepperMed 101: Bleeding Control Always At Hand

DIY Greenhouse on the Cheap


What’s The Best Extreme Cold Weather Clothing?

Grid-Down Communication Methods

Home Remedies For Burns

Why Prepping Should Be Mainstream, And How We Can Make That Happen

10 Items to Add to Your Vehicle for Winter

Survival Hunting Traps

Weapons of War On Our Streets: A Guide to the Militarization of Police

Fire Starting Methods: Pros and Cons

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How To Homestead On Less Than An Acre

10 Practical Reasons You Need Tarps

Top 10 Herbs That Every Homesteader Should Grow

6 Paper Products For Survival

10 Good Reasons to Raise Ducks for Eggs

16 Reasons To Stockpile Raw Honey

Training a Dog to Alert Without A Bark

23 Things to Buy RIGHT NOW If You’re Totally Unprepared

Trapping and Snaring for Survival

8 Easy Survival Skills


Preppermed101: Emergency Burn Care

How to Train Your Body To Act Instinctively for Self-Defense

How to Install an Off-Grid Water Well

12 Ways To Upcycle Tin Cans For Survival

How to Spot a Bad Guy

10 Scary Things That Would Happen If The Grid Went Down

VID: 10 Warning Signs That Survival Emergency Is Imminent

Survival Living: Strategy and Logistics to Live Off the Land

2 Guns You Should Take Along When You Bug Out

Five Off The Shelf Foods For The Frugal Prepper

Slingshots for Survival

The Seven Enemies of Wilderness Survival

6 Reasons to Bundle Up and Get Outside During Winter

11 Garden Soil Hacks To Maximize Your Harvest

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Reasons why preppers give up (and how to stop yourself from doing the same)

The best home defense tactics that protect your home from intruders

Unusual foods that you can pickle now, for use in an emergency

Non-lethal but effective weapons for home defense

Why super glue is a crucial survival supply in a first aid kit

Learn about these weeds that can be used to treat disease or provide nutrition when things go sour

Crucial first aid skills you need to learn before going off grid

Everything you need to know about foraging for food in emergency

Here’s what you should do if you wake up and think there’s an intruder in your house

A beginner’s guide to growing grains in your own backyard

5 Everyday items you should always have with you

How to stop a bleeding wound, even in the middle of nowhere

How to plan for and live a low-profile mobile lifestyle

Toothache Tree – Your Roadside Source Of Pain Relief And Other Survival Aids

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Primitive Technology

Rat burger: Why you may need to eat rodents for survival

The top 3 ways a burglar will break into a home

Secret hiding spaces for your valuables

Why self-reliance may be the most important skill to learn for prepping and for everyday life

Edible water gardens in your homestead

Turn your homestead into the ultimate edible landscape

4 Survival shelters you can build from scratch

Every prepper needs to be physically fit

Easy way to make charcoal and biochar

Growing peppers year round inside your house

Signaling techniques that can save your life

Scavenging tips

Outdoor caches that don’t require any digging

How to survive a car crash

Can you train your dog to stop barking?

Community economies, bartering and trading

How to predict the weather by looking at nature

How to stay safe while you’re out shopping

3 Crucial home security tips to consider

Natural pain relief

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