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Title: My Family is Suffering
Post by: andrew-83 on May 01, 2011, 07:40:17 pm
Hello all I am sending this as an sos. I live in Colo. with my wife and two daughters. We are out of work and running out of time. uor lease on our appartment is up in a month and we are fresh out of ideas. I recently came across this project I found a link to a video Marc Stevens did on delusions best stuff ive seen since jumping on the freedom movement about a year ago. Like most Ive had to weed out some nonsense, but im feeling good about this. Mabey moving clear across the nation is the drastic step we must take to regain our lives and prosper. So here are my questions for anyone willing to listen. Where are most of the participants in the project located? If I were to make this transition I would need work and a place to stay untill I got on my feet(we) got on our feet. So what are the costs to live out there like? I just read that there are plenty of jobs anyone there that could possibly put me to work? or turn me on to a place that We could get into ASAP? I would love to make this move how much support is there from the project for folks that have practically bit the dust economically? Thank you whoever is reading this I send to you light and love from the deepest reccesses of my being.
Sincerely, Andrew
Title: Re: My Family is Suffering
Post by: raymcgill on May 01, 2011, 08:43:12 pm
Hi Andrew!
We are just folk like you. If you are destitute in Co, moving to NH won't be much help I would think. I've personally seen multiple people pack a moving van and drive it up here. Then they drive it back because they couldn't find a place in one afternoon. Have you met people here that you have formed relationships with? Moving with no job, no place, and no money is suicide. You don't want to be destitute in NH. Find some place warmer like Texas.

Title: Re: My Family is Suffering
Post by: maxxoccupancy on May 01, 2011, 09:04:43 pm fir housing, though you can't really find anything for free.  There are plenty of entry level jobs on the seacoast, though.  That will be the case until around June-July, then it really tapers off.  I'm sure that you folks can find similar work where you are, though.  The nice thing about Seabrook is that you can find two jobs and fill up your schedule.  Two adults could probably manage 120 hours a week between them.  A lot of households in this area do.