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Title: Exotic Pet Laws
Post by: BigJoe on April 06, 2011, 02:37:05 pm
Here is a summary of all the state's exotic pet laws:

NH doesn't do so well on the liberty front here.  Is there any chance of the libertarians that were elected as state reps could muster up some political capital to make some changes on this front?
Title: Re: Exotic Pet Laws
Post by: freedomroad on April 06, 2011, 04:14:20 pm
Maybe and liberty loving state reps have been searching for people to help them with repeal laws.  The NHLA had a law repeal related event last year.  At the MVP meeting a couple state reps reminded people about when bills for next session are do over and over again.  There was even a meeting by a bunch of state reps very recently to talk about what laws to try to repeal next.

I recommend asking your state reps and/or any pro-liberty rep that lives near you.  Start doing some research.  A rep is more likely to help you if you have done a good chuck of the work already.

If you don't know how to reach a pro-liberty rep or are unable to tell, join the NHLA forum.