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Title: adding quotes
Post by: PJM on July 15, 2010, 04:58:02 pm
Could you please give me step by step directions on how to add quotes to a reply. I'm new to this sort of thing.
Title: Re: adding quotes
Post by: RichW on July 15, 2010, 05:45:41 pm
There is a Quote button on the right-hand side of each post.  (1) Hit that button, (2) Place cursor below the post you are quoting, (3) Type reply, (4) Hit the Post button.
Title: Re: adding quotes
Post by: 10stateswithnh on July 16, 2010, 03:58:47 pm

You can select the quote button while reading the post you want to reply to, if you do this without starting the reply it will open up a compose box for you with the quote already in there. Make sure you're not typing between the [ quote ] and [ /quote ] tags and you should be good. Otherwise your text will appear to be from the post you were quoting once you post your reply.

(I had to add spaces to make my text appear as I intended, otherwise the word and appeared inside a quote box 3 times.)

If you only want part of the previous post, you can delete some of the text after the quote appears inside your compose box. You can even delete further levels of quotes inside quotes, just make sure you don't mess with, alter, or delete the [ quote ] and [ /quote ] boxes, unless you are deleting an entire quote inside a quote, in which case, make sure you get the whole quote, including the entire contents of those tags (you should have the same number of [ quote ] and [ /quote ] boxes at the beginning and end of the text you delete).

Also you can then go back down the screen while composing your reply, and add quotes from other posts, provided they appear on the same screen (it doesn't work if the second quote you use is so far back in the thread that it doesn't appear on the page with your compose box, I found that out the hard way!). :)
If you do this be careful to move your cursor where you want it, but especially not inside another quote, before you hit the quote box for the 2nd post.
Title: Re: adding quotes
Post by: PJM on July 17, 2010, 11:12:25 am
Thanks, got it