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Title: Introducing the Bee Free Girls. Liberty Cheerleaders needed for new Team
Post by: MK on June 23, 2010, 12:16:01 pm
Introducing the Bee Free Girls, a Liberty Promoting Dance Performance Team is now actively seeking Dancers and Promotional Models.

Think of the Bee Free Girls as kindof like "Liberty Cheerleaders."

Girls needed as Dancers and Promotional Models to Dance, Promote Liberty, Have Fun and Make some Dough!

Compliimentary Product lines with Bee Free Girls sharing in a percentage of the profits.

Official Lanch planned for this Fall and starting the audtions now.

If you're going to be at PorcFest then please look me up for more information (mk or markus)

If you not going to make Porcfest, then please PM me for my email addie!

Thanks for your interest and Good luck!  :)