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Title: newbie
Post by: LisaLew on June 10, 2003, 01:55:27 pm
Hey there--- I wanted to say hello after having been lurking for a bit.  I am very interested in the FSP, and with my continuing research, I get that much more excited.

As an education activist, I know first hand that doing anything at the local AND the national level is a total bust.  Working together at the state level is both realistic and effective.  I have read snippets about education on here, but nothing concrete.  I know homeschooling is big (and IMO the best option, although not always possible for various reasons).  With main objectives of FSP of reducing federal government meddling, how would things like STW, NCLB, state testing, etc. be handled? In the state stats I have combed through so far, that has not been addressed.  If it is addressed somewhere ( did not see it in the FAQs either), please send me in the correct direction.  

Both South Dakota and Idaho have made stands against STW, but have they given back federal grant money which ties them to the STW federal programs?  Both Montana and Alaska are hot STW places, aren't they?

Look forward to getting to know more about the FSP, and hoping my husband catches my excitement for this project.  We are both extremely frustrated at the growing of the Socialist States of America, and the apathy of most people toward the frog boiling changes we see every day.  
Title: Re:newbie
Post by: JasonPSorens on June 10, 2003, 02:24:28 pm
Hi Lisa, and welcome to the forum!  You'll certainly want to check out our Education forum:

The most general thing that can be said about most FSP members' position on education is that we want government out of it. ;)  You can find some of the specifics on the Education board, though.

There's no significance to the "llama" designation; I think it was just put in there as a quirky placeholder for your personal quote when you register for the forum. ;)
Title: Re:newbie
Post by: LisaLew on June 10, 2003, 02:55:15 pm
Thanks for the heads up on the education board.  Spent some time checking it out.
Regards-- LL