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Title: An introduction and a comment
Post by: ahenry on August 08, 2002, 10:14:32 pm
I have followed the FSP for a few months now and right off the bat I want to say how much I like the plan. Unfortunately at this point in time I am not able or willing, to move from Texas and Texas is not a state that seems to be an option. Of course I am biased but I think were it possible to take it over politically it would be one of the top two for the FSP purposes. The only other state that I could see that would even be in the same ballpark for influence, and economic stability and independence would be California. I understand that it would be rather difficult to accomplish everything planned with a large state like TX or CA but if that was a possible state than man would I be on board. Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself and say how much I like the plan. I certainly want to help but I can’t promise to move when right now I know I can’t leave Texas. So aside from being unable to actually "join" I am all about this.