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Title: Live Television Debate Tournament
Post by: KorkyDay on May 09, 2003, 07:08:48 pm
   Live Television Debate Tournament

   William Rice ("WHR4"), in the "What state?" section of discussions, proposed an on-line debate about "Which state?"  It sounds great.  In addition, I propose a live television debate tournament, possibly live on CSPAN.  It would not have any effect on the actual choice of state, other than educational.  Of course, its main advantage would be as a great recruitment tool for you.  (You might end up moving a year ahead of predictions.)

   Tournament structure

   Structure it somewhat like a tennis tournament.  A team of 3 debaters for each of 10 states.  The first round is 5 debates pairing teams at random.  Then the FSP signers in the live audience and those at their homes, vote by e-mail or something like that.  The 5 winners are in the next round.  One gets a free ride (for the round) and the other 4 are paired up as before.  That process continues until you have a winner.
   Then the original 5 losing teams go through the same kind of rounds to pick a winner among them.  That winner debates the winning team from the first 5.

   I am not volunteering to organize it.  I'm merely suggesting it.  I'd like to watch it.
   --Korky Day
Title: Re:Live Television Debate Tournament
Post by: KorkyDay on May 12, 2003, 07:42:54 pm
   I'm shocked that no one is replying to this.
   I think such tournaments should be standard in pubic elections, too.  That would be one way to lessen the ability of money to buy an election.
   If the public can see all the candidates in a debate, without their teleprompters and handlers and spin-doctors and glitzy television "graphics", they are more likely to vote for a Libertarian or a Green, I think.
   If that had been done in 2000, we might have elected Harry Browne or Ralph Nader as president, instead of Al Gore.
Title: Re:Live Television Debate Tournament
Post by: RidleyReport on May 14, 2003, 01:31:17 am

Obviously we can't just get on C-SPAN anytime we want...but if someone would just go over to and set up a $5 a month internet radio station we could have a radio debate and tons more.

I'm thinking of getting involved in starting this but holding off in fear of spreading myself to thin here.

That all having been said, if someone can get us on C-SPAN with a debate like this it would be fun to watch.  
Title: Re:Live Television Debate Tournament
Post by: KorkyDay on May 18, 2003, 07:21:09 pm
   True, Dada, you have to present something a little interesting to get on C-SPAN.  I think that my 2 proposals do that.  (See above and over in the "General FSP Discussion", the topic "Convention, with on-line vote?" )
   On-line debates are good, too, but why miss out on the large cable television audience?