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Title: Home Schooling, Unschooling (See FSP/Libertarian News)
Post by: Luck on February 01, 2009, 02:06:24 pm
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(Entertainment starts at 3rd Post)


When society breaks down, we can build anew on more sound footing, such as better education methods, like the Suzuki mother tongue method.
Young Kids Learn "Suzuki" Violin
The young or inexperienced learn by playing with more experienced players
The Suzuki method can be applied to most any learning. That includes public speaking. Most people have stage fright, but a better education system could easily end that. It's domineering education that causes stage fright and sheeple-like behavior and submission to authoritarians.

Teacher explains:

* The first one is a great home school video: ( It's not perfect. The lyrics and images could use improvement. But it's amazingly good for amateur. The singing is most excellent.
* The second one is just an excellent amateur music video, a couple of years old, but I still like it. The sound is amazingly well edited for an amateur. I actually rate it as better than most professional productions: (
* Actually, they even sound pretty good playing both at the same time.
* Oh, and this one's pretty good: (
* And here's a smorgasboard of video options relating to homeschooling, mostly speeches, I think: (
* IAHP is another great resource. See: (, (, (
Title: Re: Videos for Effective Activism, Home School, Entertainment etc
Post by: Luck on May 18, 2009, 08:44:41 am
* I just found out yesterday about a source of probably excellent advice that would likely help Libertarians and the peace movement to become effective. Also good for being effective economically and personally. I recommend that activists and supporters go to youtube and listen to some of the videos here: (

* Here's what he says [from notes I took]; also see links below.
* To become effective take 4 steps to unplug and reset.
1. Define: define your ideal lifestyle & how much it will cost. That's your target.
2. Eliminate: get rid of all interruptions & people possible that interfere with the target.
3. Automate: take the remaining tasks & automate, delegate, or outsource them: he pays 25 people in India $4/hr to do tasks that would consume hundreds of hours a week of his time. Do outsourcing with with a free trial, or with,, or
4. Liberate: learn mobility & how to use the lifestyle once it's created. Do much of what you fear, because it's necessary for success; ask what's the worst that could happen.
* Being good at producing results is the best job security. Say no to minutia or interruptions to help produce results.
* Minimal input with maximum output = high productivity.
* What we have to invest is income, time and attention; invest each of them wisely.
* Prove the concept of wasted time by getting an autoresponder to check email twice a day to see how much time it saves you.
* Realize that massive action without well-defined objectives is a form of laziness; don't be too lazy to define objectives before acting.
* Set short deadlines, because people tend to use all of the time available & don't finish a project until just before the deadline.
* Identify the 80% of people who waste your time & stop spending time on them.
* Don't multitask most of the time. Use a timer to single task for 20-30' at a time; then do something for a break for a few minutes; then single task again etc.
* Do batching: let things accumulate for a day or a week etc, then do them all at once.
* Data is vaulable if it's actionable. Most data is not valuable.
* What gets measured gets managed, but only measure what's meaningful, not all that's measurable.

* To promote your book, don't use publishers; get a recent college grad to prove themselves at marketing by finding media for your book.
* To sell a book etc, get people to talk about it on the net by saying something remarkable [that people will want to remark on], and by polarizing people. The worst that can happen is no response.
* To be remarkable, threaten people's behaviors, beliefs, or belongings.
* Seek to get your admirers and your haters to get into arguments online.
* Have an incredible phenomenon to discuss, like building 34 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks.
* But you have to have creidibility or a hook or PR, i.e. personal relationships.
* Talk to bloggers around the product, not directly about it, because they don't like to be manipulated or "spammed".
* People like to be part of something new and they like solutions to problems.
* Tell them about the concept of the book, or the trends you noticed.
* Google adreach can help find good titles. Google analytics can find good data.

How to achieve your ideal lifestyle: (
How to sell your book or idea: (

Title: Old SciFi TV Show about Liberty
Post by: Luck on July 14, 2009, 10:42:17 pm
* I am a Free Man! [great surreal action with several musical themes]

Title: Creative Arts
Post by: Luck on August 10, 2009, 10:18:52 pm

* "Bruce Lee" plays ping-pong with nunchucks [great editing].

* Amazing Acrobatic Girls (

Kessler Sisters - Quando , quando [starts poorly, but soon gets hot]
Moby: Porcelain

Bumble Boogie:
Flight of the Bumblebee:
Rhapsody in Blue:
Jerky Drums & Piano:
Jerky Beatbox:

Best Dance Crew:
Six Flags Guy:
Groovy Dancing Girl:

Gene Kelly on roller skates:
Rollerblade dancing thru obstacles [starts at about 50 seconds]:
Unicycle dancing:
Bicycle dancing:
Treadmill dancing:

Treadmill bicycle:
Treadmill quadracycle:
Ice Skating Treadmill:


Orinoco Flow
Wild Child
Curse 'em Puffy Seal


Out There

Do & Sell Art
Speed Painting
Anime Girl
Title: Re: Better Schooling
Post by: Luck on November 01, 2013, 09:12:07 pm
A Philadelphia School's Big Bet on Nonviolence
2013-07-18, The Atlantic
Posted: 2013-10-29 08:51:34

Last year when American Paradigm Schools took over Philadelphia's infamous, failing John Paul Jones Middle School, they did something a lot of people would find inconceivable. The school was known as "Jones Jail" for its reputation of violence and disorder, and because the building physically resembled a youth correctional facility. Situated in the Kensington section of the city, it drew students from the heart of a desperately poor hub of injection drug users and street level prostitution where gun violence rates are off the charts. But rather than beef up the already heavy security to ensure safety and restore order, American Paradigm stripped it away. During renovations, they removed the metal detectors and barred windows. The police predicted chaos. But instead, new numbers seem to show that in a single year, the number of serious incidents fell by 90%. The school says it wasn't just the humanizing physical makeover of the facility that helped. Memphis Street Academy also credits the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) , a noncoercive, nonviolent conflict resolution regimen originally used in prison settings that was later adapted to violent schools. AVP, when tailored to school settings, emphasizes student empowerment, relationship building and anger management over institutional control and surveillance. There are no aggressive security guards in schools using the AVP model; instead they have engagement coaches, who provide support, encouragement, and a sense of safety.

Note: For a treasure trove of great news articles which will inspire you to make a difference, click here .
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Lesson in Plutocratic Science)
Post by: Luck on December 15, 2013, 10:17:57 pm
This Year's Nobel Prize Winner Announces Boycott of Top Science Journals (by Miles Mathis)

[Complete article is at - See also ]

. . . the 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology/Medicine [-] Schekman [said:] "Leading academic journals are distorting the scientific process and represent a tyranny that must be broken. Pressure to publish in "luxury” journals is encouraging researchers to cut corners and pursue trendy fields of science instead of doing more important work. The problem is exacerbated by editors who are not active scientists but [journalism] professionals who favour studies that are likely to make a splash."

. . . Upon re-reading what I have already written, I thought that Schekman might be in danger of losing his funding from this brouhaha. So I researched his backers at eLife, the open-access magazine he edits and touts in his Guardian article. I was surprised to find two of the largest charitable foundations in the world behind him—which goes a long way in explaining his confidence. He is supported by both the Wellcome Trust and the Howard Hughes Trust, which rank 3 and 4 in the world, having a combined endowment of over 40 billion dollars. This fact puts this boycott in a whole other light, and takes our elevator down to another sublevel. It appears that my first assumption was naïve. I had assumed Schekman was using his new fame to tell a truth, but this whole thing is beginning to look like cover for an intended buy-out or takeover. Since both Nature and Scientific American are owned by Georg von Holtzbrinck Group in Germany, it looks like some bigger billionaire senses an opportunity to takeover the von Holtzbrinck publishing empire. This reading of the story is supported by the fact that Stefan von Holtzbrinck, chairman of his family's Publishing Group, is also chairman of the board of trustees of the Max Planck Foundation. Why is that important? Because the Max Planck Foundation is the third backer of Randy Schekman and his eLife magazine. So what we are seeing is two of eLife's backers attacking the third. That can't be a coincidence. I predict that either the Max Planck Foundation will drop its support for eLife, or von Holtzbrinck will quit as chairman of the board. We will then see the von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group bought out by. . . whom? Well, the current chairman of the Wellcome Trust is William Castell, who is also a director of. . . General Electric. So if you thought something positive was going on here, you are probably wrong. I would say it is very unlikely that a director of GE is going to steer the Wellcome Trust in a direction any ethical person would approve of. So the odds Schekman is a good guy here also just fell dramatically.

What we have seen in the past decade—and especially since 2008—is worldwide media concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. We have seen an unusually high number of acquisitions and mergers. We have also seen old privately owned empires bought out in hostile takeovers by groups with strong ties to governments. Comcast would be the perfect example, since if MOMA is the CIA's museum, Comcast is the CIA's media company. In other words, the billionaires are now swallowing one another, and the billionaires with the strongest ties to government are the only ones not getting eaten. My guess is von Holtzbrinck was seen by someone as being too independent, and therefore prime fishfood. I can't say without doing more research who is behind this attack on Science and Nature, but finding out who was behind Schekman cured me of any optimism. I won't be sorry to see these magazines go, but it now looks like if they go they will just be swallowed by bigger, meaner fish, and I don't see that benefitting science, medicine, or anything else. If the third and fourth largest charitable trusts in the world were doing good, the world wouldn't be what it is, would it? For instance, Wellcome Trust came from Wellcome Pharmaceuticals, which sold out in 1995 to GlaxoSmithKline. GSK, like Pfizer and Monsanto, is one of the most evil companies in the world, responsible for overdrugging and poisoning the world for profit. This is not my opinion or another conspiracy theory, since GSK just paid over 3 billion in fines, pleading guilty to criminal charges in the US for a host of offenses, including hiding and faking data, bribing doctors, and illegal promotion. That is the largest fine ever paid by a drug company and the largest fraud case in healthcare in the history of the United States. You may think Wellcome cut its ties to GSK decades ago, and is now just doing the Lord's work, but if you think that you aren't paying attention. With a GE director as head of Wellcome Trust, you should not expect this fund derived from pharmaceuticals sales to have changed its course.

Unfortunately, I have to admit this new reading of the facts throws a wrench into my original thesis, since if Schekman is just the frontman and pawn in some media takeover, I can't take his agreeing with me as a mark of distinction. Unlike me, it appears he is not attacking the system: he is only attacking his competitors in order to replace them with his own backers. So even if he is telling a small truth about these three journals, no good will come of it. As I have shown before, these people are always right about the opposition, but always wrong about themselves. Or, they often use the truth to destroy their competitors, but then hide behind the same old lies with regard to themselves.

Schekman is certainly right in telling the world that science is being tyrannized, but it isn't Nature and Science that are the major tyrants. They are just the two of the publishing arms of a much larger tyrant, and even larger tyrants appear to be lurking. If you think all these mergers and acquisitions are likely to lead to more scientific freedom or better science, I think you are in for more disappointments. More mergers will just lead to more information monopolies and less intellectual diversity. In both art and science, we appear to be moving to what in farming they call a monoculture. Give it a few more decades, and one company will own all the intellectual property in the world, including all past and current art, science, film, music, sports, and other media. That is your New World Order, and once it finalizes there will be no escape. A paper like this will no longer be possible, since all sources of alternative information will have been wiped. I am just one of the last lizards before the freeze. Since I don't like to end on a down-note, I will point out that this can be stopped. If people don't want to live in that world, they don't have to. If you don't want to live in Mordor, don't help to build it.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Practical Homeschooling Newsletter Contents)
Post by: Luck on December 18, 2013, 09:32:42 pm
What's in the Current Issue of Practical Homeschooling?

    P20W: Why these four letters mean the new Common Core databases are worse than we thought
    4 spooky new educational trends you should know about
    Safe places to find pen pals for your kids, and why it's worth it
    Your child's science experiment could literally be sent to outer space - for free! Here's how.
    How to make holidays an inspiring, and educational, break from formal academics
    The ups and downs of homeschooling while hubby's enlisted in the Navy
    Tomboys! What to do when your little princess morphs into a cowgirl
    A terrific family writing project
    Online High: what it's like to take courses from a high-quality online academy
    Meet a second-generation homeschool family, and see how they schedule their day (as opposed to how Mom did it)
    Homeschooled girl starts a charity
    Homeschool volleyball champs!

    Melissa Morgan has 10 Top Tips for helping your preschooler memorize the Bible
    Dr. Kuni Beasley explains how to "package" your teen for college admissions
    From best-selling author Janice VanCleave: a Christmas-themed project and experiment.
    Our classical columnist, Dr. Bruce McMenomy, introduces an innovative way to test kids in difficult subjects
    Sam Blumenfeld went to school 75 years ago. He remembers and contrasts the schools of the past with schools today.
    Anne Wegener encourages us with a message about the upside of kids' academic struggles

    One of the huge companies behind Common Core acquires a company that tests for ADHD. Ominous.
    The results of our informal poll on how early homeschoolers start - or plan to start - their children on formal academics
    Britain's "Too Much, Too Soon" campaign
    What's happening to high-school math requirements?
    The weird connection between exit exams and prison

    A set of seven sweet "Super Seatwork" K-3 language-arts workbooks
    A course for teens on how to start their own micro businesses

    Learn with Lowly Worm
    Find history answers quickly with this book
    How to draw, in proper proportion, from real life
    A poetry course
Title: Re: Better Schooling (NH Homeschooling Laws)
Post by: Luck on January 02, 2014, 08:55:04 pm
[It looks like NH is still a bit more authoritarian than some states, but improving. Let's get on our reps to acknowledge parents' total rights to caretake their own kids. They're not govt property and don't need govt abuse via compulsory imprisonment in "schools" for 12 years of their lives.]

New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition
PO Box 2224, Concord, NH 03302
(603) 760-2612

Changes to the Home Education Law from 2012

HB545 was the one time notification bill. It took effect on August 12, 2012. If you have been homeschooling and sending in a letter of notification in past years, you do not need to notify again. If you are homeschooling a new student, or have moved to a different district, you do need to notify. Do note that you need to keep your letter of acknowledgement from the school district or private school (and maybe an extra copy) in a safe place, since you will not be receiving a new letter each year.

HB1571 (passed without the governor's signature) removed the requirement to submit the annual evaluation to the “participating agency” and states that the results "(a) May be used to demonstrate the child’s academic proficiency in order to participate in public school programs.
(b) Shall not be used as a basis for termination of a home education program.
(c) Provides a basis for a constructive relationship between the parent and the evaluator, both working together in the best interest of the child." The text of the bill can be found here

HB545 requires only "one-time" notification for homeschooling. It also states that the Home Education Advisory Council will have an opportunity to review and comment on proposed rules, and it makes the three legislative members of the Council non-voting members. Half of the Council's voting membership is made up of homeschooling parents. You can read the text of the amended bill at

Some families may still choose to send in an evaluation, and there is the possibility that some non-public schools will ask to have evaluations submitted to them.

[See more at ]


2 Previews of Coming Posts


[Comments about this kindergarten poster are below.]
JEN: Oh, that brings back memories! I don’t remember how my son got graded on coloring, but he HATED coloring. If he decided to go along with the assignment, he would color the picture somewhat with colors that “made sense” and then he finished it by scribbling black all over the top of it not caring where the lines were. I was certain they were going to think he was depressed and refer us to a psychologist. LOL

ANDREA: My parents took the black crayon away when I was about four. LOL

MARI: Sounds like angsty rebellion to me, Jen. “Fine! I’ll go along with your stupid assignment but HERE’S what I think of it!”

Also, I remember the days of being terrified the school would refer us to a psychologist. One of the girls’ teachers did this cool exercise with the kids where she would scribble some lines and curves on a page in a notebook then the kids would take the scribble back to their desks and turn it into a picture and write a short story about the picture they had created. Invariably the girls in the class made pictures about unicorns and princesses and the boys made pictures about video games and shooting people. And MY kids made pictures about “Bob the Evil Duck” who was evil and had no friends and was on an endless quest to find a friend but inadvertently ended up slaughtering everyone he met or farting evil gas clouds that destroyed cities or turning into a vampire and creating evil vampire duck spawn or something outrageously strange and demented. I just knew that sooner or later the teacher was going to be like, “Look, your kid needs help. I’ve contacted authorities and you’re now all on some kind of terrorism watchlist and I really think you need family counseling or something.”

JEN: LOL, Mari! That’s like my son would almost always write the opposite of whatever the writing prompt was. He did get a visit from the school counselor (without my knowledge until after the fact) because he wrote why he was not proud of himself when the assignment was to write why he was proud of himself. I let the teacher know how I felt about that and reminded her that the entire year he had been writing the opposite of whatever she assigned – still it was “the law” that she had to do that.

Yep – angsty rebellion pretty much sums up his entire public school career. I loved reading Shamus’s book, because a lot of what he wrote about his dislike of worksheets and what he thought about school was like being able to get a glimpse inside my boy’s head. And … I’ve derailed your thread about coloring.

MARI: LOL, not at all, Jen. It was a thread about how sad that picture made me and why. I’m not a “stick to one topic” kind of person – I love when threads go all stream-of-consciousness.

One of my daughter’s “scribbles” stories was about a serial killer that killed every member of her class except her. I just knew that was going to get us a call or a visit from CPS or the cops or something. Luckily, I don’t think the teacher ever figured out that in the story, my daughter was the serial killer.

And what law makes teachers send kids to the school psychologist without informing parents? O_o Personally, I would be glad the kid took the writing assignment as permission to safely work out his issues in a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment. But then, I’ve been accused more than once of being “a little hippy dippy.”

PREVIEW #2 (Home-Schooling)

Narration Beats Tests
Title: Re: Better Schooling (NH Homeschooling Laws)
Post by: Sam Adams on January 03, 2014, 12:49:57 am
In the 90,s my kids attended elementary school and they had a stiff structured school. They tried to criticize myself and or my wife once about proper parenting skills and it was meet with immediate questions and statements of their early retirement. The principle interfered and it was suggested that he be brought before the board of education for expulsion. Why can,t parents today realize that the public servants can and will be fired for overstepping their duties, only upon YOUR say so, Speak Up Always.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Attend School Board Meetings)
Post by: Luck on January 03, 2014, 06:57:15 pm
School Boards

Attending the meetings, or running for the board and getting elected, surely can be helpful. My brother has been on his local school board for a few years now. He votes the opposite of everyone else nearly all the time and he explains why, but the other members seem to be too stupid to understand. They're brainwashed by conventional society.

You're not likely to find many school boards who will uphold parents' rights to have sole responsibility for overseeing the education of their own kids. As long as they condone compulsory attendance etc, school boards are just part of the Statist system. So I favor home-schooling, or Unschooling, as some say. End Statist brainwashing by keeping kids out of public and Statism-supporting schools.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Stop School to Jail Track)
Post by: Luck on January 09, 2014, 11:03:32 pm
[I don't expect much of anything positive to come of the Obama Administration on this issue, but some people are hopeful, and it's just as well to hear of it, as well as raise awareness of the problem.]

Movement breakthrough reaches DC, Obama Administration moves to address the school to jail track across the country. Ashley Franklin

Labor/Community Strategy Center
     Community Rights Campaign         
Obama Administration moves to address the school to jail track across the country.

The Department of Justice and Department of Education released joint guidelines to school districts to curb the school to jail track and address discriminatory discipline practices across the country.  The Community Rights Campaign's recent report Black, Brown and Over-Policed in L.A. Schools documented such discriminatory outcomes with the racialized rates of school police ticketing and arrests in LAUSD.  These new guidelines are warning districts that the federal government is willing to take action to remedy discriminatory discipline patterns that are impacting Black and Latino students across the country, including the racial harms associated with the role of police at school.

This is a sign of the power of a growing grassroots civil and human rights movement to end racism and the pre-prison conditions in our schools.  These guidelines are the result of many years of struggles on many different fronts.  We want to give movement shout-outs to Dignity in Schools Campaign, Alliance for Educational Justice, Advancement Project-DC Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Campaign, Gay Straight Alliance Network, CADRE, Youth Justice Coalition, Southern Echo, Padres y Jovenes Unidos, VOYCE, Black Organizing Project, Public Counsel, ACLU-SC, DRUM-NY, Philadelphia Student Union, Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC), Children's Defense Fund, and the Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition.

The Labor Community Strategy Center's Community Rights Campaign and our allies have been leading many prominent struggles in our schools, in the county and in the state to curb back some of the most punitive aspects of the school to jail track in the country from the criminalization of truancy, mass ticketing and arrests in schools, and moving the needle with our allies and LAUSD leadership to implement alternatives to end harsh discipline practices in LAUSD. Los Angeles is an important site of struggle as the second largest school district in the country, the largest dedicated school police department in the country and the largest youth probation system in the country.

Please check out this article from the LA Times where the Community Rights Campaign Lead Organizer Manuel Criollo is featured along with other local allies. You can also check out this NY Times editorial.  Follow this link to read the original "Dear Colleague" letter from DOE/DOJ.

Ashley Franklin
Community Rights Organizer

Community Rights Campaign     
3780 Wilshire Blvd. #1200, Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 387-2800
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Zero Tuition College)
Post by: Luck on January 11, 2014, 10:50:46 pm
Zero Tuition College

Welcome to the Online Community of
560 Self-Directed Learners

Who Educate Themselves Without College

Zero Tuition College started as a blog. Then it became a community. Now it's a book: Better Than College: How to Build a Successful Life Without a Four-Year Degree, written by ZTC founder Blake Boles.

The ZTC Community [JOIN US!]
Advanced Search
Currently displaying 560 profiles.

ZTC Projects are proposed and managed by individual authors. If you'd like to learn more about a project or get involved, contact the project author directly. To submit a project proposal, please write to

Below you'll find various resources that support or promote self-directed learning at the college level.
To suggest an addition, please send it to Thanks!
Title: Re: Better Schooling (START A [Bartering] TRADE SCHOOL in NH)
Post by: Luck on February 13, 2014, 10:06:57 am
Trade School

Trade School is an alternative, self-organized school that runs on barter.
It works like this:

1) Teachers propose classes and ask for barter items from students. For example, if you teach a class about making butter, you might ask students to bring heavy cream, jars, bread, music tips, clothes, vegetables, or help with something like finding an apartment.

2) Students sign up for classes by agreeing to bring a barter item for the teacher.

Trade School is for people who value hands-on knowledge, mutual respect, and the social nature of exchange. We believe that everyone has something to offer.

The Trade School network is made up of self-organized barter-for-knowledge schools across the world. It started in 2010 with a small group of friends in New York and spread to Virginia and Milan in 2011.

How do I start a Trade School?

1) You learn about Trade School via our website and our PDF.

2) You make sure you are aligned with our basic principles:


    1. Trade School is a learning experiment where teachers barter with students.
    2. Trade School is not free-- we believe in the power of non-monetary value.
    3. We place equal value on big ideas, practical skills, and experiential knowledge.


    1. Everyone has something to offer.
    2. We are actively working to create safe spaces for people and ideas.
    3. We want more spaces made by and for the people who use them.


    1. Trade School runs on mutual respect.
    2. We avoid hoarding leadership by sharing responsibilities and information.
    3. We are motivated by integrity, not coercion.
    4. Our organization is always learning and evolving.

3) You find friends and neighbors who want to help open a local Trade School with you, as these people will add energy and information to your school. Plus, organizing a school alone is tiring, boring, and against the principles of cooperation!

4) You fill out the form below, telling us where you are located and your reasons for organizing a Trade School in your area.

5) An organizer contacts you, sharing information and giving you a Trade School website for your area (ex: that allows you to schedule classes, coordinate with other organizers, accept and approve class proposals from teachers, make forms for students to sign up for classes and receive emails, and tell the world about what you’re doing. You make your own logo!

6) You start your own Trade School!

7) You keep in touch with Trade School organizers internationally, letting everyone know what did and didn’t work, while helping new Trade Schools open.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (SCIENCE: Stars Form Electrically etc)
Post by: Luck on March 02, 2014, 12:31:33 am
As with most things in modern society, science is all screwed up too, because of fascist influence. So here's some help to find truth, instead of propaganda that is taught in most schools.

Stars and Planetoids etc
Many things claimed in conventional science are false and illogical (and unscientific). For example, there's no way that stars can form in dusty plasma in space with just gravity. Gravity is a very weak force that can't make two atoms or molecules stick together. Instead, hydrogen atoms in space probably tend to form strings or filaments with the proton end of one hydrogen atom attracting the electron end of another one. Hydrogen is made of just one proton and one electron, which are shown as + and - which attract each other, while also repelling like particles. So they form filaments of +-+-+-+-+-. When filaments get long and thick enough, an EM pulse or something can cause them to collapse into stars and planetoids. Charles Chandler has very thorough explanations of how dusty plasma forms stars, which have electrical current-free double layers, CFDLs, due to compressive ionization which squeezes electrons out of densely packed atoms. He explains how granules and supergranules form in the photosphere, how sunspots form, how the solar wind is forced out of the Sun and so on. He also has a Geophysics section to explain how CFDLs in the Earth cause the geomagnetic field, the Moho layer, volcanoes and earthquakes and how asteroid impact caused continental drift and how tides and global warming and cooling occur due to alignments of planets.

Fast Rock Strata Formation
This website shows that rock strata very likely formed rapidly, during cataclysmic flooding, instead of slowly over millions of years, as demonstrated scientifically.

Grand Canyon Formed Rapidly
There's an online book here which explains in detail how the Grand Canyon formed when two large lakes breached a natural dam. It likely only took a few days for the canyon to form when all that water ran through it, just like when water can breach manmade dams and empty reservoirs quickly. The author believed in the biblical creation story, but you don't have to believe in that to see that the science of the catastrophic formation of the Grand Canyon is very plausible.

Asteroid Impact Caused Continental Drift
The above book uses "hydroplate" theory to explain continental drift, but that theory isn't very plausible. Instead, Mike Fisher's theory of an asteroid impact as the cause is much better and can be found at . He also shows that dinosaur fossils have now been carbon dated to being only about 20 to 30 thousand years old, instead of many millions of years.

Everything is made of Light Photons
The site shows that calculus needs to be improved, that formulas in physics need correction and that all matter is made of photons. He shows how the elements are made. They aren't like bags of marbles, but instead they spin and all the atomic particles within them spin too. If they become unbalanced, they can break apart. The particles take in and emit light beams which help to organize the particles in atoms and ions etc.

Title: Re: Better Schooling (Major Science Errors)
Post by: Luck on March 22, 2014, 10:19:03 am
Probable Major Science Errors
1. Authoritarian corruption of science, science media, math, education and political economics
2. False safety certification of medical treatments, industrial processes and consumer products
3. Some false history and false interpretation of myths, ancient documents and bibles
4. False dating of fossils, artifacts and rock strata
5. False Big Bang theory history of the Universe and formation of galaxies and galaxy clusters
6. Inaccurate calculation of cosmic distances
7. Incomplete Nebular Hypothesis of formation of star systems
8. False theory of Continental Drift
9. False theories of Earthquakes, Vulcanism and Meteor Impacts
10. False theory of Weather
11. False Greenhouse theory of Venus and Earth and False claims of CO2 caused Global Warming
12. False theory of Petroleum formation
13. Wrongful denial of Transmutation
14. False Quantum Mechanics

Science Errors Ranking by Importance
1, 2, 9, 10, 11, 14
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Major Science Errors)
Post by: Luck on March 22, 2014, 10:38:02 am
Proof against Dating of Continental Drift
This is one of the major errors from the previous message.

Continental drift very likely did occur, but it occurred very rapidly and very recently not gradually millions of years ago. See for details.

Coastal erosion and continental shelf sedimentation are proof against continental drift having occurred more than about 5,000 years ago.

This website, says: Average erosion rates are 6 feet per year along the Gulf and 2 to 3 feet per year along the Atlantic. [] Beatley, Brower, and Schwab (2002).

This video, , says coasts worldwide are eroding faster than the Atlantic coast is, so that would be more than 2 feet per year. It also says the continental shelves are gaining a few feet of sediment per year.

Conventional science claims that most continental drift occurred over 200 million years ago. But if erosion has been going on for all that time, the coasts would have eroded 380 miles in 1 million years and 3,800 miles in 10 million years. So the continents would have all eroded into the oceans within 20 million years and there would be no land above sea level.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Major Science Errors)
Post by: Terence on March 22, 2014, 10:50:26 am

Thanks for the resources in this thread, Luck. I especially like
The terse list of major science errors.

Title: Re: Better Schooling (Evidence for Young Earth)
Post by: Luck on April 11, 2014, 04:20:36 pm
I think Bible stories are largely symbolic rather than literal and that they're often greatly misinterpreted, but creationists seem to be much closer to the truth about geology, evolution etc than is conventional corporate science.

Evidence for Young Earth (

I posted more data here: (

The following are evidence of a Young Earth etc.

Civilization: Origin of various civilizations, writing, etc., all about the same time several thousand years ago. (

Language: Similarities in languages (e.g. compare some aboriginal languages in Australia with languages in south-eastern India and Sri Lanka). (

Human Genome: The decay in the human genome due to multiple slightly deleterious mutations each generation is consistent with a recent human origin. ( ( (

Y-Chromosome: Very limited variation in the DNA sequence on the human Y-chromosome around the world (

Racemization: Lack of 50:50 racemization of amino acids in fossils ‘dated’ at millions of years old, whereas complete racemization would occur in thousands of years. (

Fossils: Discontinuous fossil sequences. E.g. Coelacanth, Wollemi pine and various ‘index’ fossils, which are present in supposedly ancient strata, missing in strata representing many millions of years since, but still living today. How could Coelacanths have avoided being fossilized for 65 million years, for example? ( ( (

Fossils: Scarcity of plant fossils in many formations containing abundant animal / herbivore fossils. E.g., the Morrison Formation (Jurassic) in Montana. Also the Coconino sandstone in the Grand Canyon has many track-ways (animals), but is almost devoid of plants. Implication: these rocks are not ecosystems of an ‘era’ buried in situ over eons of time as evolutionists claim. The evidence is more consistent with catastrophic transport then burial during the massive global Flood of Noah’s day. (

Fossils: Polystrate fossils: tree trunks in coal. There are also polystrate tree trunks in the Yellowstone fossilized forests and Joggins, Nova Scotia and in many other places. Polystrate fossilized lycopod trunks occur in northern hemisphere coal, again indicating rapid burial / formation of the organic material that became coal. ( ( ( (

Coal: Experiments show that with conditions mimicking natural forces, coal forms quickly; in weeks for brown coal to months for black coal. Long time periods could be an impediment to coal formation because of the increased likelihood of the permineralization of the wood, which would hinder coalification. (

Oil: Experiments show that with conditions mimicking natural forces, oil forms quickly. (
Opals: and opals form quickly, in a matter of weeks. (

Petrified Wood: There is evidence for rapid petrifaction of wood. (

Rock Intrusions: Clastic dykes and pipes (intrusion of sediment through overlying sedimentary rock) show that the overlying rock strata were still soft when they formed. (

Strata: Para(pseudo)conformities, where one rock stratum sits on top of another rock stratum, yet the contact plane lacks any significant erosion. E.g. Coconino sandstone / Hermit shale in the Grand Canyon (supposedly a 10 million year gap in time). The thick Schnebly Hill Formation (sandstone) lies between the Coconino and Hermit in central Arizona. (

Strata: The presence of ephemeral markings (raindrop marks, ripple marks, animal tracks) at the boundaries of paraconformities show that the upper rock layer has been deposited immediately after the lower one. (
and inter-tonguing of adjacent strata. (
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Post by: Luck on April 11, 2014, 04:49:28 pm
More Evidence for Young Earth

Salt: The amount of salt in the world’s oldest lake suggests an age of 4500 years. (

Rapid Sedimentation: The discovery that underwater landslides (‘turbidity currents’) travelling at some 50 km/h can create huge areas of sediment in a matter of hours. (

Canyons: Observed examples of rapid canyon formation; for example, Providence Canyon in southwest Georgia, Burlingame Canyon near Walla Walla, Washington, and Lower Loowit Canyon near Mount St Helens. The rapidity of the formation of these canyons, which look similar to other canyons that supposedly took many millions of years to form. ( ( (

Islands: Rapid island formation and maturation, such as Surtsey. ( (

Coastal erosion: Rate of erosion of coastlines, horizontally. E.g. Beachy Head, UK, loses a metre of coast to the sea every six years. (
Highland Erosion: and the rate of erosion of continents vertically. (

Mountain Gorges: Gorges cut through mountain ranges where rivers run. They occur worldwide and are part of what evolutionary geologists call ‘discordant drainage systems’. (

River Valleys: River valleys are too large for the streams they contain. Dury speaks of the “continent-wide distribution of underfit streams”. Using channel meander characteristics, Dury concluded that past streams frequently had 20–60 times their current discharge. This means that the river valleys would have been carved very quickly. (

Seafloor Magnetization: The pattern of magnetization in the magnetic stripes where magma is welling up at the mid-ocean trenches indicates rapid sea-floor spreading as well as rapid magnetic reversals.
Creation Research Quarterly 25(3):130–137, 1988).

C14: Carbon-14 in coal, oil, fossil wood and diamonds suggests ages of only thousands of years. Note that attempts to explain away carbon-14 in diamonds, coal, etc., such as by neutrons from uranium decay converting nitrogen to C-14 do not work. ( ( ( ( (

Isochrons: Demonstrably non-radiogenic ‘isochrons’ of radioactive and non-radioactive elements. ( (

Zircons: Different faces of the same zircon crystal and different zircons from the same rock giving different ‘dates’. (

Zircons: Evidence of a period of rapid radioactive decay in the recent past (lead and helium concentrations and diffusion rates in zircons). (

Radiohalos: Pleochroic halos produced in granite by concentrated specks of short half-life elements such as polonium suggest a period of rapid nuclear decay of the long half-life parent isotopes during rapid formation of the rocks. (
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Evidence for Young Earth)
Post by: MaineShark on April 11, 2014, 05:21:30 pm
Those articles aren't even internally consistent.  Just for an example, one claim that there is evidence in the Y chromosome to support the "Biblical account of a recent origin with a single pair of ancestors, Adam and Eve..."

Only problem, of course, is that such evidence would actually refute the Bible, since Genesis expressly states that Adam and Eve were not the first humans, but rather were one particular pair of humans that Yahweh created as some sort of experiment or pets.  Apparently, the authors of the aticle, while claiming that it supports the Bible, have never actually read the Bible.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Evidence for Young Earth)
Post by: dalebert on April 12, 2014, 09:35:08 am
OMG, poke my eyes out if I ever get it in my head to masochistically sift through all that tripe from but as a nuclear tech in the Navy, I had to study radiation fairly extensively so as soon as I saw mention of carbon-dating diamonds (*facepalm*), I had to wonder why the f**k would anyone talk about carbon dating something like a diamond? That makes NO sense. It's ONLY useful for dating things that we know were once alive. It tells us with incredible accuracy, up to 50,000 years (with current precision of measurement but it may increase with newer technology), how long ago the living cells in a material stopped continually replenishing their C14 content, i.e. when they DIED. Based strictly on the carbon dating of formerly living things and disregarding mounds of other evidence, we know factually that there were living things walking the Earth 50,000+ years ago.

Just watch a 1 minute video. These claims are relying on people to know only enough science to be dangerous. I guess we can thank our public schools for that.  ::) These poor folks desperately want to believe in something and they just want someone who appears professional and authoritative to reassure them. I clicked on just one of those C14 debunking links and it spews a bunch of confusing sciencey-sounding stuph that I couldn't even make sense out of followed by a "Conclusion". *facepalm* I don't know why they bother retyping the conclusion on each separate page as if it's going to be any different than the last one. They could just put "The Bible's right!" or "Exactly what you wanted to hear!".
Carbon-14 dating is a way of determining the age of certain archeological artifacts of a biological origin up to about 50,000 years old. It is used in dating things such as bone, cloth, wood and plant fibers that were created in the relatively recent past by human activities.

I hope it's encouraging to know that there are lots of people who manage to be Christians without clinging to ancient young-Earth creation myths in defiance of science.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Evidence for Young Earth)
Post by: dalebert on April 12, 2014, 01:47:56 pm
Study Concludes Oklahoma Biology Teachers Suck at Understanding Evolution
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Evidence for Young Earth)
Post by: Luck on April 16, 2014, 08:48:40 am
Read for Yourselves
Instead of taking Dalebert's words as truth, I encourage everyone to read the links above for yourselves. I've read them and I don't find fault with them the way he does. And I'm not prejudiced. I used to assume that conventional dating was correct until I studied the matter for myself. And I'm not a creationist. I don't believe the universe, or the Earth, or the biosphere were created 6 or 7,000 years ago. It's possible, but unlikely at this point. Earth's continents seem to be at least ten to twenty thousand years old since deposition (not creation).

Rock Strata Formed Rapidly
The evidence for this is in my previous post. Strata have been found scientifically to form quickly during simulated flooding. Flooding causes the strata to separate into layers. If each layer took thousands of years to accumulate and harden, the layer would erode greatly and the erosion would be visible between adjacent layers, where there would be many ditches. Instead, rock strata tend to be smooth and of fairly constant thickness over long distances.

Many rock strata, esp. in mountainous areas, have sharp bends without cracks, where the layers were all folded at the same time when the rock was still soft mud, sand, or lime. That could only happen at a rapid rate, not over thousands of years, because of erosion and hardening under pressure and cementing.

Dinosaur Bones
Several years ago it was found that dinosaur bone fossils contain intact proteins and other organic matter that should have disintegrated if they were millions of years old. Some dinosaur fossils (at least a dozen or so) have now been carbon dated between 20 and 30 thousand years.

Contrary to Dalebert's claims, I believe any material on Earth that contains carbon can be carbon-dated to show when the material hardened.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Evidence for Young Earth)
Post by: Sam Adams on April 16, 2014, 10:16:00 am
         Science theory has always been changing, but Geology do try to use some time frame. The White Mountains have been studied through its Magma intrusions and possible North American plate moved westward. Then the evidence of glaciation forming the valleys and leaving the mountain peaks leave scientist to believe the area is 100 million years old. Maybe the oldest mountain range in the world because of its base size and evidence of massive erosion.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Evidence for Young Earth)
Post by: MaineShark on April 16, 2014, 10:52:45 am
Contrary to Dalebert's claims, I believe any material on Earth that contains carbon can be carbon-dated to show when the material hardened.

Dalebert's description is general, but accurate.  Radiocarbon dating doesn't date the age of carbon, or somesuch.  Radiocarbon dating is a very specific process that compares the ratio of C-12 to C-14 in a biological sample and compares it to the overall environmental ratio to determine how long the biological sample has been dead.

C-14 decays radioactively, but is constantly replenished in the atmosphere.  C-12 is stable, and does not decay.  Thus, the environmental ratio is fairly constant over time.

Any living plant or animal in the Earth's atmosphere constantly takes in fresh C-12 and C-14 from the atmosphere, so the ratio in a living entity is essentially identical to the environmental ratio.

Once that entity dies, it no longer brings in fresh carbon (as carbon dioxide in plants, or as carbon compounds in consumed plants, in animals).  Thus, the C-14 decays into nitrogen, with a half-life of 5730 years, constantly changing the ratio of C-12 to C-14.  By measuring the ratio in a dead sample and comparing it to the known environmental ratio, some extremely simple math results in the amount of time elapsed since the sample died.

It is literally impossible to use radiocarbon dating on something that was not once alive.  Nor can radiocarbon dating tell anything about how long something was alive before its death - all radiocarbon dating yields is the approximate date of death.  If some hypothetical tree lived for a million years, and died a thousand years ago, radiocarbon dating would give an age of a thousand years.  If someone makes a carving out of mammoth ivory, now, and someone two thousand years from now radiocarbon dates that carving, the answer will not be two thousand years, but would be something in excess (perhaps significantly in excess) or seven thousand years; the date that the mammoth died, not the date that the carving was made.  Use of fossil materials by craftsmen can make dating of archeological sites difficult.

If it was not once alive, it cannot be radiocarbon dated.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Evidence for Young Earth)
Post by: Luck on April 16, 2014, 03:22:18 pm
Since a sample of C14 decays by half every 5700 years, anything that contains measurable amounts of C14 cannot be more than about 60,000 years old. Therefore, diamonds which contain measurable C14 cannot be over that age (when they first formed from carbon), whereas conventional science claims they are a billion years old.

Sam's claims that mountains are millions of years old ignores the facts against that which I just mentioned, i.e. no significant erosion evident between layers, experiments of rapid deposition of multiple layers in flooding, folding of strata without fracturing the rock in the folds (proving it was soft when it was folded, which included many layers all folded at once). Much of the evidence for former glaciation is actually better evidence for flooding instead. See my earlier main post for the list of evidence.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Evidence for Young Earth)
Post by: MaineShark on April 16, 2014, 09:07:36 pm
Since a sample of C14 decays by half every 5700 years, anything that contains measurable amounts of C14 cannot be more than about 60,000 years old. Therefore, diamonds which contain measurable C14 cannot be over that age (when they first formed from carbon), whereas conventional science claims they are a billion years old.

Where do you get that idea?  At 60,000 years, there would be around 0.5% of the original C-14 left.  So, the math does not support your claim.  But half-lives are not strictly mathematical.  It's a statistical measurement, so it's no longer valid once the sample size is below the threshold of statistical validity.  If I count a million humans, odds are that half a million will be male, and half a million will be female.  If I take a sample of five humans, there's no way to predict how many will be male and how many female - if I happened to select from NFL players, the sample could contain five males and no females.

Atoms that are radioactively decaying in proximity to each other influence the rate at which their neighbors decay.  Once you get below a certain density, that no longer occurs, and the statistical half-life no longer applies.  Atoms may take longer and longer to decay.

Of course, the claims fall even flatter since no one has actually detected measurable C-14 in any diamond.  Oh, a geiger counter will click if near a diamond, but it will also click if near a glass window, a cup of tea, a plaster wall, your hand, or absolutely anything else, since there's this thing called "background radiation" that results from cosmic rays.  It's called background radiation because it's always present, everywhere on earth.  The levels of C-14 that folks are claiming to have detected are within the range of background radiation, which means that it's literally impossible to actually measure anything there.  Once you get down to that level, background radiation eliminates all possibility of getting an accurate result, because you cannot separate your result from the background.  So, anyone claiming to detect C-14 at those levels is being dishonest.

Additionally, Creationists will make claims regarding other materials (oil, etc.) containing C-14 levels indicating young age.  That ignores both the fact that C-14 is regularly produced by natural irradiation due to radioactive mineral deposits (uranium, etc.) and, perhaps even more importantly, that they are generally measuring K-40, not C-14.  K-40 has a half-life of well over a billion years, as opposed to C-14's 5730 years.  Doesn't take much K-40 to screw up the measurement when the levels under discussion are low.

Incidentally, much as the C-12 to C-14 ratio is useful for dating biological samples, the K-40 to Ar-40 ratio is useful for dating geological samples.  Argon does not naturally occur within minerals, so any argon that is present must necessarily be due to radioactive decay of K-40.  A "fresh" geological sample of a potassium-containing mineral would have some amount of K-40, and no argon of any sort.  Over time, some K-40 becomes Ar-40.  The amount of argon in the sample will yield its age.

Because of K-40's extremely long half-life, Potassium-argon dating does not even begin to be useful until the sample is more than a hundred thousand years old.  That's the minimum age that it can measure, and it's already older than the 60,000 you claim as a maximum.

The various isotope dating methods are useful in varying ranges and types of material, but the end result is that it can be proven that the planet is billions of years old, because rocks of that age have been dated.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Matter Is Made of Photons)
Post by: Luck on April 22, 2014, 08:35:24 am
(Original Post for Young Earth links: )
- First, re Carbon Dating: MS's info does not disprove the Young Earth findings. Of course, any scientist can make wrong conclusions if they use sloppy procedures. But it hasn't been proven that C14 scientists do that. Radioactive dating that shows long ages has been proven unreliable. One of the best evidence is coastal and continental erosion. At the current rates of erosion the continents would all erode completely below sea level within 20 million years and the seafloors would have deep deposits of sediment. The seafloors have very little sediment.
- Continental Drift. The most comprehensive theory of formation of Earth's surface is at . The author is probably a creationist, but his theory doesn't rely on creationist belief. His evidence indicates that Earth was struck by an asteroid some 4 to 14 thousand years ago, which broke up the former supercontinent, pushing the Americas over 2,000 miles away from Eurasia and Africa in a matter of a day or so and building up the world's mountain ranges in the process, as well as causing the Great Flood and the formation of sedimentary and other rock strata with many fossils.

- Matter from Photons. Miles Mathis shows well how matter is made of photons at . He also shows how conventional Math and Physics have made many errors and he corrects many of the errors. His explanation of gravity is likely incorrect, since he says it's an acceleration of matter due to expansion. Expansion would require internal matter being constantly created at an accelerating rate in order to push the expansion and space would have to expand at the same rate in order for the expansion not to be detectable. Except for that and a few other likely errors in his papers, he does a good job of explaining how photons likely form subatomic particles, which form atoms that mostly spin and must be balanced in order to remain stable. Instead of electrons orbiting atomic nuclei, they orbit the poles of protons, but, since the atom spins, all of the subatomic particles rotate around the center of the atom as it spins.
- Photon Spin. He considers that a photon can rotate around a point on its surface, but I think that's unlikely, unless it pairs up with a second photon, so they both rotate around the point of contact, kind of like a propeller. He also says photons have mass and radius, which I agree with, because otherwise they surely couldn't exist and could not react with electrons etc.

Title: Re: Better Schooling (Evidence for Young Earth)
Post by: Bazil on April 22, 2014, 10:50:43 am
Anyone who sides with the "young earth" group is doing more harm than good to their own cause.  Because they will be disproved and that will only damage people's faith.  Let me explain:

[Flaming rant]
I don't know what's with all these young earth theories.  Especially when people try to use them to back up religious ideas of the age of the Earth.  I'm quite a religious person and I think other religious people who try to prove the earth is young are wasting their time and are very short sighted.  Do you know why God put us here?  So He would have beings that truly wanted to be with Him.  If scientists had started looking at the age of the earth and the universe and saw "yep made 6k years ago exactly as the Bible describes" there would be no atheists and very few people would reject God.  There would be no choice in the matter we'd have to accept God whether we liked it or not.  That would not be a true test and would moot the whole point.

Furthermore these people who try to simplify the universe because "God didn't need to make the universe as big or as old as people think it is just for us."  Why do some people think the universe isn't really what it looks like, that it's just some illusion?  They forget, God is omniscient and omnipotent, it's just as easy for Him to make a proton as it is for Him to make a universe so vast and complex we can not understand it.  So even if God wanted to create just one gnat why wouldn't He create the universe we see now around it for that bug to live in?  A universe that was self sustaining, billions of light years across and worked in every detail, no smoke and mirrors... It makes no sense that He wouldn't!  It's just as easy for Him to make that universe as any.

People shouldn't see the grandeur of time and the universe as evidence that God doesn't exist, but as a testament to the power and love of God.  That He would make a place more vast than we could imagine just for us.
[/Flaming rant]
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Evidence for Young Earth)
Post by: Luck on April 23, 2014, 01:25:47 pm
Anyone who sides with the "young earth" group is doing more harm than good to their own cause.  Because they will be disproved and that will only damage people's faith. 
Anyone who sides with propaganda over open-minded objectivity is doing more harm than good. I mentioned that I'm not a creationist, but their evidence is much better than conventional "science". I've stated what the major evidence is that I know of, but the disagreers don't state such evidence, but merely ignore it. I also don't believe the whole Earth is young. I believe the Earth's surface is young. As for the rest of the Earth below the surface crust, it may be considerably older. I don't know of any way to determine that as yet, but the surface age can be determined as explained earlier.

Interesting Mathis Quote
I just read one of Mathis' latest papers at in which he says at the end:
From the amount of absurdity in the polywater [controversy], including the involvement of military, any sensible person quickly comes to the conclusion that there was a cover-up. In this way, it is likely Feynman was simply hired by the Pentagon to supply misdirection. I have no idea what use the military is putting polywater—and don't much care—but surely they have figured out by now that charge channeling is involved. Perhaps this is just one more reason that physics is claiming ignorance of charge. It may be that the entire charge field has become a military secret. It won't be long before all knowledge becomes a military secret, and you are left holding nothing but a bag of lies [a.k.a. mainstream science].
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Matter Is Made of Photons)
Post by: FSmember1111 on April 23, 2014, 01:50:10 pm
What do you think of the idea that earth is a burned out star

Somehow we were hit by an icy comet or an oxygen cloud that extinguished the flame.   
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Matter Is Made of Photons)
Post by: MaineShark on April 29, 2014, 10:15:05 am
- First, re Carbon Dating: MS's info does not disprove the Young Earth findings.

Um, yes, it does.

Of course, any scientist can make wrong conclusions if they use sloppy procedures. But it hasn't been proven that C14 scientists do that.

What's a "C14 scientist?"  Someone who does radiocarbon dating professionally?  No professionals agree with your claim, so I think you just shot yourself in the foot, there.

Radioactive dating that shows long ages has been proven unreliable.

Shall we do the Wikipedia thing and say, [citation needed]?  You like making claims.  Not so much backing them up...

One of the best evidence is coastal and continental erosion. At the current rates of erosion the continents would all erode completely below sea level within 20 million years and the seafloors would have deep deposits of sediment. The seafloors have very little sediment.

That's completely incorrect.  Erosion rates are nowhere near high enough to do that.  And the seafloors are made up almost entirely of sedimentary rock, except in the tectonically-active areas where new rock is being formed by subsurface vulcanism.

- Continental Drift. The most comprehensive theory of formation of Earth's surface is at . The author is probably a creationist, but his theory doesn't rely on creationist belief. His evidence indicates that Earth was struck by an asteroid some 4 to 14 thousand years ago, which broke up the former supercontinent, pushing the Americas over 2,000 miles away from Eurasia and Africa in a matter of a day or so and building up the world's mountain ranges in the process, as well as causing the Great Flood and the formation of sedimentary and other rock strata with many fossils.

An impact strong enough to move the Americas by 2000 miles in a day would have turned the planet into a glowing cinder.  It wouldn't cause a "Great Flood," as there would be no water left.  Or air.  Or anything else, other than molten rock.  It would send so much crustal material into orbit that the resulting dead rock would have a ring system.  There's a good chance that the ring material would impact the moon, creating enough "drag" to slow its orbital speed to the point that it actually crashed back to Earth eventually, effectively destroying both bodies.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Geology)
Post by: Luck on May 05, 2014, 09:16:19 am
What do you think of the idea that earth is a burned out star
Somehow we were hit by an icy comet or an oxygen cloud that extinguished the flame.  

That's similar to this guy's theory at who says all planets are former stars. I think most planets are accreted, but many of the gas giants probably do lose their dense atmospheres eventually to become rocky planets like Earth with thinner atmospheres. Uranus and Neptune may do so, but Venus may be farther along in the process. See this link for discussion of Juenemann's theory and others: .

MaineShark accuses me of making claims without backing them up, but he's the one who does that. I provided the links for the claims I made. The site provides abundant evidence that continental "drift" was caused by an asteroid impact.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Zero Tuition College: Book Project)
Post by: Luck on May 05, 2014, 09:25:43 am
I gave info about Zero Tuition College at .
The founder of ZTC, Blake Boles, is writing a book, The Art of Self-Directed Learning, or it may be already written and maybe just needs funds to get it published. The funding project is occurring at . It is: "A new book with 23 illustrated stories about giving yourself an unconventional education in a conventional world." Libertarians and anarchists et al are all for unconventional education. Am I right?
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Geology)
Post by: MaineShark on May 05, 2014, 10:00:22 am
MaineShark accuses me of making claims without backing them up, but he's the one who does that. I provided the links for the claims I made. The site provides abundant evidence that continental "drift" was caused by an asteroid impact.

No, it provides a bunch of claims, not evidence.  I could write a website arguing that humans are actually plants and just don't know it, but those claims would not magically become evidence, just because I stated them.

And, further, as I mentioned, even those claims are patently false.  Those who do radioactive dating don't agree with your claims.  Erosion rates don't even vaguely approach what you've claimed.  Seafloors do have deep deposits of sediment.  And an impact that could move continents would have destroyed the planet, as far as it being anything approaching something that could have life (and could have actually physically destroyed the planet, turning it into an asteroid belt).  Nothing you've said even vaguely approaches being within the realms of the possible, let alone practical or realistic.

Some of these claims are as unrealistic as some scene in a B-movie where someone fires a couple dozen shots from a single-shot gun without reloading.  Others, on the other hand, are more like someone pointing their finger and going, "bang, bang, bang," and it actually resulting in bullets going flying.  The former are grossly inaccurate, but at least make a pretense of conforming with reality (eg, the radioactive dating, which could obviously trick someone who doesn't understand the process or the math), while the latter sort are pure fantasy.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Latest on Home & Un Schooling)
Post by: Luck on May 05, 2014, 10:34:16 am
Some home schooling pictures:

Podcast: The guest for this episode is Katherine Herring, of Herring’s Green Grass Farm. During this conversation we talk about her roles as mother, wife, teacher, and farmer. Along the way we talk about her transition from Engineer to stay-at-home Mom, to homeschooling, to farming on the homestead.

Breastfeeding and homeschooling - similarities in how both are discouraged in the U.S.!

Unshackled and Unschooled: Free-Range Learning Movement Grows

Vermont Homeschooling Expected to Grow

Our First “Official” Year of Unschooling

Unschooling on the Road

Unschooling Resources
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Evidence for Young Earth)
Post by: John Edward Mercier on May 06, 2014, 10:51:14 am
I hope it's encouraging to know that there are lots of people who manage to be Christians without clinging to ancient young-Earth creation myths in defiance of science.
Not if they want to graduate from one of those public schools.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Latest on Home & Un Schooling)
Post by: Luck on May 14, 2014, 08:07:19 pm
In Praise of The Unexceptional: Because Unschooling Doesn't Have to Be Impressive
[W]hat’s more important for the moment than whether or not I, or my family, fits the narrative of The Successful Unschooler, is just what that narrative is. Us unschoolers are feeling pressure to do more and be more: to become world travelers or successful entrepreneurs, to win prestigious awards or get head hunted by Google. Somehow, through both the greater culture and through those same messages making their way into our own, smaller, unschooling communities, we’ve gotten the idea that quiet skills aren’t enough. That if we’re not doing big things with obvious rewards, then we’re not enough. That’s why the quote from Alfie Kohn I shared at the beginning of this article, and the article I pulled it from, really resonated with me when I read it. My whole generation, both schooled and not, has been messed up by those messages.

Legislatively Relevant Homeschooling Material
We were informed that HB1013 will be voted out of committee by early June. We need your help! We will have to double our efforts to get it through the full House and Senate before the end of June. Get the latest update at . Some of our legislators need more information about homeschooling and what HB1013 is about. We have useful maps and informative fliers – that you can download and print – to help your family learn how to lobby and educate your legislators.

Carnival of Homeschooling
- Why Homeschool has a great piece where Henry answers a variety of questions from a mom who recently began homeschooling!
- Mel over at MamaBuzz is busy debunking homeschool myths about age gaps and hours they keep. (Keep debunking those myths!)
- Here on the Nerdfamily Blog , I talked about Great Science Reference Books to have on hand!
- I talked this week about avoiding the summer brain drain over at Homeschool Hangout ! Homeschool Hangout happens every Thursday at 1:30pm pacific over on Google Plus!

Homeschooling During the Summer?
Summer School or Not
The endless debate I heard between homeschoolers on issues of summer was
1. Yes, we go all summer, the kids get bored and on each other’s nerves otherwise
2. No, we stop in the summer, mom needs a break, and kids need to be bored and find constructive ways of entertaining themselves. Of course both answers have their merits. I will start by saying what I did back then, and then elaborate a little bit on the choices. [Click the link above to read the message.]

How To Get Good Results From Negotiating With Your Kids
Negotiating may seem like something that you should not be doing with your children as it feels like you are giving in to them too easily. It can have a positive effect on your child though. When you negotiate things in their daily lives you are giving them a valuable skill that they can use later in life. Scott Brown, who is the author of How to Negotiate With Kids Even When You Think You Shouldn’t, says that when you negotiate with them you are helping them to learn how to solve their conflicts in a calm and constructive way. Here are some negotiating tips: [Click on the link above.]

CHEE - Christian Homeschoolers for Excellence in Education
Homeschooling: Preparing for Life
Thinking of homeschooling?  Need reminders about why you decided to homeschool in the first place?  Take less than 15 minutes to watch this encouraging video. [Click on the link above.]

Suggestions To Make Homeschooling Work For You
Title: Re: Better Schooling ([b]Ancient Technology Breakthrough[/b])
Post by: Luck on May 21, 2014, 07:01:22 pm
The forum thread described below is an example of how dedicated amateurs can do real science and make breakthroughs.

Ancient Technology Breakthrough
The ancient Egyptians appear to have had electricity and a paper on ancient pyramids at may provide clues about the source of their electric power. The work described in the following thread may lead to both the discovery of ancient knowledge of technoloty and new understanding of how to better translate hieroglyphics. For example, "masturbating scepters" should read "vibrating [electrical] contacts".

See the thread "Ancients Knowledge of EU revealed in Dendera Light discovery" at .

Ancient Egyptian Electricity
This finding is pretty extraordinary, if not revolutionary. Ancient Egyptian electricians apparently really knew their craft and could build a lot of different electric circuit components and devices, including tesla coils, transformers and plasma tubes. The author and his friend built electrical devices depicted on Egyptian monuments that really work.

Some speculate that at least one or more of the ancient pyramids was somehow used to generate electric power, but I don't know of any plausible analysis on that yet, unlike the analysis in the "Ancients Knowledge" thread.

The author found that some of the pictures on Egyptian monuments are not meant as hieroglyphs but as illustrations of electrical and maybe other technology etc, which have hieroglyphs nearby probably as captions to explain the images.
Title: Re: Better Schooling ([b]Ancient Technology Breakthrough[/b])
Post by: Sam Adams on May 21, 2014, 10:04:08 pm

Ancient Egyptian Electricity
This finding is pretty extraordinary, if not revolutionary. Ancient Egyptian electricians apparently really knew their craft and could build a lot of different electric circuit components and devices, including tesla coils, transformers and plasma tubes. The author and his friend built electrical devices depicted on Egyptian monuments that really work.

Some speculate that at least one or more of the ancient pyramids was somehow used to generate electric power, but I don't know of any plausible analysis on that yet, unlike the analysis in the "Ancients Knowledge" thread.

The author found that some of the pictures on Egyptian monuments are not meant as hieroglyphs but as illustrations of electrical and maybe other technology etc, which have hieroglyphs nearby probably as captions to explain the images.

                         My understanding of the discoveries there, that the massive interior chambers were made from walls and ceilings of Granite slabs which consist of 30% to 60% Quartz. Walls were made of the same but held 10 inches short of ceiling and funneled into upper tube like tunnels that directed or funneled the Quartz electric.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Ancient Technology Breakthrough)
Post by: lildog on May 22, 2014, 08:44:23 am
Not to get off topic here but for those who are homeschooling their kids and want a good tool for teaching earth science, the Merrimack public library has the first public seismograph in the state.  It is being paid for 100% by private donations so not a single tax dollar was used to buy it.  There will also be a few training sessions (also paid 100% with private donations) to teach the public how to read the charts and make sense of what they see.

They are still trying to raise the last $2,800 so here's a chance for free staters to step up and show that the government gun of taxation doesn't need to be used to get what a specific group within a town or community wants. if you want to make a donation.

Title: Re: Better Schooling (Merrimack Library Seeks Donations for Public Seismograph)
Post by: Luck on May 24, 2014, 07:44:22 am
[See previous post for the original message. Previous topic before that was Ancient Egyptian Advanced Tech.]
Not to get off topic here but for those who are homeschooling their kids and want a good tool for teaching earth science, the Merrimack public library has the first public seismograph in the state.  It is being paid for 100% by private donations so not a single tax dollar was used to buy it.  There will also be a few training sessions (also paid 100% with private donations) to teach the public how to read the charts and make sense of what they see.
- They are still trying to raise the last $2,800 so here's a chance for free staters to step up and show that the government gun of taxation doesn't need to be used to get what a specific group within a town or community wants. if you want to make a donation.
No problem. That's not really off-topic here, since the thread is on Schooling. I just like to update the specific subtopic whenever I make a new post. So I'll update to show your subtopic now. Thanks for posting it.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Home & Unschooling Stories)
Post by: Luck on May 30, 2014, 02:11:54 pm
Negative space and homeschooling

Reading Rainbow is not a charity

Interest-Based Homeschooling

5 Reasons Why Homeschooling is Smart for Your Children

This morning, my son was busy redesigning a Lego robot with a teammate for a 4-H contest.

Homeschooling advice from graduates who have been there

Notes on Homeschooling: Why I'm Not Worried About Socialization

Homeschooling: Or Who's Ever Even Home
Our journey homeschooling one musical child and dealing with her musical/wrestling brothers in school...learning, growing, sharing, wrestling, and making music together.

Homeschooling looks like this….
I remember once being told {actually more than once} that three kids is not a good number… two will play together and one will be left out.

FREE Homeschooling Resources from Educents

The West’s Darkest Hour
Whites are committing assisted suicide
The history of the drive for compulsory schooling is not guided by altruism, but by a desire to coerce the population into a mold desired by the Establishment.

Ways to Build Trust in Unschooling

Unschooling Doesn't Mean There's No Hard Work

Presentation: Unschooling Rules by Clark Aldrich
When it comes to evolving education, being incremental and pragmatic may be at odds with being effective or moral

Unshackled and Unschooled: Free-Range Learning Movement Grows

Homeschooling Mom: Top Six Picks for [Kids'] First Chapter Books

Learning to trust my instincts: Homeschooling

Free Homeschooling Resources Set from Blue Manor Education

Nanny State Lessons from a German Homeschooling Family
The Obama Administration has stepped up deportations, and one recent attempt may strike Americans as chilling. Uwe and Hannelore Romeike and their seven children were on track to be deported not for illegal entry, gunrunning or drug trafficking. No, it was for homeschooling.

Carnival of Homeschooling – Eliza Doolittle Day

How I Put My Husband Through College – As A Homeschooling Mom of Five!

How to Start Homeschooling in Philadelphia - Informational Meeting

Homeschooling: Teen Program Guide 2014

5 Ways for a Homeschooling Mom to Get Some Rest

Homeschooling: Get Started
Getting started homeschooling is easy . . . it starts with the internet.

Unschooling, No Calendar

I decided to talk about Unschooling: Does it ‘Work’ and is it for You?
Title: Re: Better Schooling (New on Home Schooling)
Post by: Luck on June 11, 2014, 10:36:10 am
Carnival of Homeschooling
Joanne Jacobs ⋅ Joanne
Judy of Consent Of The Governed is hosting this week's Carnival of Homeschooling. The theme is wisdom. Shivram Gandhi, a “random teenager ...
Homeschooling an adopted child: The whys and hows
Simple Homeschool ⋅ Jamie Martin
Why did we choose homeschooling for our adopted children? What issues are there to consider if you're adopting and trying to decide on an ...
A Look at Homeschooling from a Former Public School Teacher
The Modest Mom Blog ⋅ Caroline
A guest post from Jessica at Candle in the Night blog! I've known for years that I would teach my children at home. There are many reasons to ...
A Former Public School Teacher Talks About Homeschooling (Part 2)
The Modest Mom Blog ⋅ Caroline
A guest post from Jessica at Candle In The Night blog. In the last post, I talked about a few of the academic benefits to homeschooling.

Homeschooling and Working from Home
Schoolhouse Review Crew ⋅ TOS Marcy
As a homeschooling mother, I've always wished to help supplement our income and in order to do so I need to work from home. Could I get of job?

5 things to consider before homeschooling {and an update}
the handmade home ⋅ ashley @ the handmade home
This time last year I had no idea we'd be where we are, now. It kind of blows my mind. We'd just finished up another year of school and though I had a ...

Our Homeschooling style over time
Why Homeschool ⋅ Janine Cate
As our family has grown, our homeschooling styles have changed. Now that my family is shrinking, our homeschooling style is changing again.

New threat to homeschooling: call to action in Africa ⋅ Andre Viljoen
Homeschooling action groups in the Western Cape fear that the Government intends to introduce draconian anti-homeschooling legislation in draft ...

Four Methods to Avoid in Charlotte Mason Homeschooling
Simply Charlotte Mason ⋅ Sonya
But did you know that Charlotte also warned against four schooling methods? She cautioned that these four methods can destroy our children's desire ...

This week's Carnival of Homeschooling is up - The Wisdom Edition
Why Homeschool ⋅ Henry Cate
Mission statement: On this blog we explore why homeschooling can be a ... Judy is hosting this week's Carnival of Homeschooling at Consent of the ...

What I would tell myself about homeschooling
Simple Homeschool ⋅ Rachel Turiel
Rachel Turiel shares what she has learned during the past three years of homeschooling, and what she would tell her just starting out self if she could.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Home & Unschooling Stories)
Post by: Luck on June 11, 2014, 10:36:55 am

Teabagger who claims to be "homeschooling expert"
The Immoral Minority ⋅ Gryphen
A conservative activist, who has been billed as a homeschooling expert by tea party groups, warned over the weekend that sex-ed courses were a plot ...

Carnival of Homeschooling
Joanne Jacobs ⋅ Joanne
You are here: Home / Blogging / Carnival of Homeschooling ... The Carnival of Homeschooling's graduation edition is up at HomeschoolBuzz.
Homeschooling 'Expert': Sex-ed Is A Liberal Plot, So Make Your Kids Learn By Watching Guinea Pigs
Breitbart Unmasked ⋅ Xenophon
By David June 2, 2014 2:00 pm – Comments A conservative activist, who has been billed as a homeschooling expert by tea party groups, warned over ...

Graduation Day: A Homeschooling Mom's Pièce de Résistance
Green Willow Pond ⋅ Deborah@Green Willow Pond
Many of you know I am a homeschooling mom. My two older children graduated high school several years ago. I have three more years to go with my ...

Is homeschooling a big deal?
Simple Homeschool ⋅ Cheryl Pitt
Homeschooling is a big deal -- or is it? Contributor Cheryl Pitt shares her thoughts on failure being an opportunity for improvement.

Sniffing the flowers along the way – Celebrating Homeschooling
Classical Writing ⋅ Lene Jaqua
I recently read a book called Being Bread. In one of the early chapters, the author describes a morning commuter scene, parents rushing through the ...

10 Kindergarten and Preschool Lessons from Our First Homeschooling Year
Schoolhouse Review Crew ⋅ TOS Marcy
Last September, we embarked on an adventure: homeschooling our oldest. He was five turning six in November, which made it mandatory for him to ...

Families Talk About the Benefits of Homeschooling
BCNN1 - Black Christian News ⋅ bcnn1-admin
Families from a local home school co-op network enjoy a nature walk on Dykeman Trail. Pictured are, from left, Rebekah Kuriakose, Aliza Kuriakose, ...

Every thing That You Require To Know About Homeschooling
Do you come to feel as even though your neighborhood education choices are missing? They may possibly benefit from finding out from home.

Colorado Springs Independent
Teacher-free school
Colorado Springs Independent
"Unschooling" lets students select and manage their own learning activities; adults merely "consult." Is this a realistic alternative to traditional ...

The young and the reckless
Colorado Springs Independent
Unschoolers believe that children are natural learners, and that, given free rein, they'll pick up what they need to know without the pressure of classes, ...

'Unschooling,' Terry Maketa, health care for veterans, and more
Colorado Springs Independent
Reading your feature on "unschooling" and Proprius as a resource center ("The end of school," cover story, May 28), I noticed that again, public ...
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Home Schooling Stories)
Post by: Luck on July 08, 2014, 05:13:43 pm
Tips for single-parent homeschooling - Simple Homeschool - LaToya Edwards
I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to finish school and provide for us but I never let go of the dream of homeschooling.

Seventh Grade Homeschooling: Here Is The Real Deal - The Parenting Passageway - Carrie

The Best Academic Curriculum for Homeschooling an Asperger's Child - My Aspergers Child - Mark Hutten, M.A.

Homeschooling Methods - My Blog - Twer44

Homeschooling - CRAZY FOR KIDS - Ann

What I have learned in 15 years of homeschooling - Why Homeschool - Janine Cate   

Guidelines To Make Your Kids Geniuses Through Homeschooling
Homeschooling is not as challenging as some consider it is, and it is anything you can deal with if you learn what you require [for] it.

H is for Homeschooling - Sam's Noggin - Sam   

Thinking of Homeschooling? - Christian Assembly Church - dub

Some Solid Tips About Homeschooling Here
 - Successful Parenting Today

Carnival of Homeschooling - The Foodie Army Wife - Constance Smith   

Carnival of Homeschooling - Joanne Jacobs - Joanne

When Reactionary Anarchism Meets Homeschooling - Patrol - David Sessions   

Homeschooling for Aspies - Wrong Planet Asperger - Autism Forums   

Six Reasons Why You Might Want to Consider Homeschooling - Club 31 Women - Lisa
Virginia Homeschooling Laws - no oversite whatsoever? - Project Reason - Jefe
Powell was taught at home, his parents using a religious exemption that allows families to entirely opt out of public education, a Virginia law ...

Solid Tips For Your Personal Best Homeschooling Experience   
Home-schooling Parents Rally Against Common Core - BCNN1 - Black Christian News

Year-round Homeschooling : Don't you need a break? - Little Natural Cottage - Kristy
“Year-round” homeschooling isn't actually doing school work twelve months out of the year. We do take breaks! We just don't follow a traditional ...

Homeschooling Dads Make a Difference! - The Phoenix Foundation - Diana Stinn

Carnival of Homeschooling - Joanne Jacobs

Protecting Christian homeschooling's reputation vs. - Elizabeth Esther

Homeschooling on the Road - Schoolhouse Review Crew - TOS Marcy
One of the many benefits to homeschooling is flexibility. Even so, sometimes life can be tricky, and you may be on the 'road' more than you intended.

Christian Homeschooling Families Lead Fight Against 'Common Core' - Black Christian News
As states across the country grapple with the controversial 'Common Core' educational guidelines ...

Awesome Homeschooling Video! - Jamie Jo   

Homeschooling in the Headlines - The Inappropriate Homeschooler

Homeschooling: We can't allow predators to hide behind us. - A Little Crunchy - Kimberly Storms
That that is not our personal community, we are homeschooling to do better than that, and yet it seems we are failing to police our own.

10 Things I Never Expected When I Started Homeschooling - - Kerry
Homeschool graduate Tia shares the ten things that most surprised her about homeschooling! Click through the slides below ...

This Week's Homeschooling Theme: Independence Day {Link Party!} - Real Food Family - Traditional Food & Natural Living - Roz
A week of fun school at home ideas for the Fourth of July, plus a Blogger Link Party.

Homeschooling with Autism - Natural Homeschooling - Teri
As I have mentioned before in previous posts, my oldest child has autism. He was diagnosed at the age of three and he is now seven.

Walking in Faith Homeschooling - Schoolhouse Review Crew - TOS Marcy

Haymaking and Homeschooling - Little Flower Farm - Mr.and Mrs. Farmer

A Homeschooling How We Roll - Catholic All Year - Kendra Tierney
I'm over at California to Korea today, where my friend Micaela interviewed me about my homeschooling style as part of her How I Homeschool series.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Unschooling Stories)
Post by: Luck on July 08, 2014, 05:22:15 pm

Interviewing Sophie, an Unschooling Teenager - Stories of an Unschooling Family - Sue Elvis
Are unschooled children lazy? [NO!]

Unschooling Themes: Emergencies and First Aid - Radical Ramblings - aNonyMous

Guide to the Best Homeschooling and Unschooling Resources - KQED (blog)
The homeschooling and unschooling movements, along with the open-education resource movement, have led to a wealth of free or low-cost and

Unschooling Isn't New. Really, It Isn't. - I'm Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write. - Idzie D
I can't count the number of times I've said, with as much patience as I can muster, that unschooling isn't new.

hazards of free-range kids - Rickshaw Unschooling - Emily
Yes. A month without enough clothespins to hang my laundry well. A month with squeezing past this sheet-jungle to get to my daughter's bed at night.

Pin by Shannon Young on Home/UNschooling. - Pinterest
I don't know how kids have any time to develop if they have to "do well in school." I certainly didn't have the time to become who I needed to be.

When is Unschooling Unparenting? - Home Education Magazine - barb
Completely absent in my unschool were lesson plans, grades, schedules, ...

Do Unschoolers Have Rules? - Home Education Magazine - barb

Our May 2014 Unschooling Resources & Activities - Interest-Led Learning - ChristinaPilkington

Unschooling Paradise Encourages Readers to Follow Their Unschooler Family Across the U.S. - (press release)

What Is It Like to Raise Unschooled Kids? - Huffington Post
I unschool my son (now 13... would be 7th grade). He went to a few preschools and half of Kindergarten. I had no plans to take him out of school, but ...

Happy 6th Blogging Anniversary + Unschooling 101 Zine Giveaway! - I'm Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write. - Idzie Desmarais

No comments - Unschooling Chat Notes - Sandra Dodd
Dodd's unschooling chats. News · When, Where and How? Various Topics and older chats · Big Book of
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Unschooling & Homeschooling)
Post by: Luck on July 27, 2014, 11:48:01 pm
What Do Grown Unschoolers Think of Unschooling? IV in Series - Freedom to Learn - Peter Gray
Most were very happy to have been unschooled, but a few [raised by fundamentalists] were not. Why?

No Books, No Classes, No Problem: These Students Teach Themselves
- To most parents, it sounds like a scene from a John Hughes movie or maybe The Simpsons: Students take over a school, dismiss the teacher, and promptly eliminate tests, quizzes, and rote instruction. They then decide what courses to study—or not—and teach and learn from one another.
- They include play as a part of the new curriculum. What some might consider an education apocalypse is the reality in one Massachusetts high school. It’s also the driving concept behind a movement of parents and educators who have rejected the conventional apple-for-the-teacher model of education and embraced “unschooling” as the ideal way for children to learn.

The Case For Home Schooling - Republic Broadcasting Network - RBN
How the school system works: A brief overview by Master Teacher John Taylor Gatto.
Carnival of Homeschooling - Joanne Jacobs
You are here: Notes From A Homeschooled Mom
No comments - The Inappropriate Homeschooler
There's only one way to be happy: Be your authentic self. That bit of wisdom is not only true for living but for homeschooling as well.
Homeschooling over the Summer - The Phoenix Foundation - Diana Stinn
To me, homeschooling is a lifestyle and so we have homeschooled every summer!   

Planning To Homeschool High School Giveaway - The Home School Scientist - Marci Goodwin
Are you planning to homeschool high school? The Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling Teens is a must have tool. Win a copy
I'm Making the Jump to Homeschooling - Creative Minority Report - matthew archbold
If you'd have told me five years ago that I'd be teaching my children at home I'd have asked for a drug test.
Homeschooling vs Public School - Mommy Edition - Amy
Homeschooling Parents with school-aged children are faced with an abundance of choices on how to achieve the best education for their child.

Steve Toth Defends Homeschooling from Local Tyrants - Cahnman's Musings
"And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath"

Spirit Led Homeschooling Planning - Common Graces - Wendy
Free The Ultimate Planner for Homeschooling Moms - FTM
If you have been looking for one Planner to meet all your planning, then here is the Complete

Waldorf Homeschooling Middle School: Charcoal Drawings - The Parenting Passageway - Carrie
The Waldorf curriculum moves into not just using art as the vehicle for the subject, but

homeschooling. - Stellar Day. - jesswilliams
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that we have made the official declaration that WE ARE HOMESCHOOLING OUR KIDS!
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Unschooling & Homeschooling)
Post by: Luck on August 16, 2014, 10:14:13 am
African American homeschooling on the rise, over 200,000 Black parents are homeschooling their children

The Inappropriate Homeschooler: 3 Tips for a Hot, Inappropriate Homeschooling Marriage

Home & School Mosaics: A Medley of Perspectives on Home and School
Back To School
A Compendium of Curriculum – Blog Linkup
Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...
Ooka Island
Unleashed Dogs: Danger of Loose Dogs
Let the Homeschool Nesting Begin
7 Ways to Get the School Year Off to a Great Start
Green Apple on Books
You’re Gorgeous, Wait What?!
Think on the Good Things
Back to School? No Way!
What I’m Going to Miss
Waterproof Bible
Back to School Means an Intro to an Empty Nest
Homeschooling For Free

Literature Study for Homeschool (Hewitt Homeschooling Review) Schoolhouse Review Crew - TOS Marcy

Homeschooling in NWA - Peekaboo

What I Learned Our First Year of Homeschooling - Real Food Family - Traditional Food & Natural Living - Roz

Natural Living Benefits of Homeschooling - Natural Living Mamma - Brittany Thomas

Ultimate Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Giveaway - Our Journey Westward - Cindy

Home Schooling Mother Sent to Prison - In My Own Write - Hazel Katherine Larkin

Moms' Back to Home School Night! - Kim's Ohio Homeschooling Events

Can Secular Homeschoolers Escape The Weird Majority In The Homeschooling Movement? - Irregular Times - J Clifford

Carnival of Homeschooling - Joanne Jacobs

5 Tips for Homeschooling Various Grade Levels - edVAcation - Elizabeth_N

so, we're homeschooling! - carissa graham

New Events from AHEM - Western Mass Catholic Home Schoolers - Christine

Home School Photography Class - Learn Photography Online - Rowan

FREE Devotional for Homeschooling Moms TODAY - Hungry for God - Lori

Vacations While Homeschooling - Sonoma Christian Home - Kimberly Kulp

More than just “unschooling”! - Raising Miro on the Road of Life - Guest

Self-Determined Education, Unschooling and Activism - Natural Born Learners - beatrice ekoko

Jaden Smith Reading Unschooling Rules @officialjaden - The Daily Prep

A Week of Unschooling: Wipeout and Oranges - Radical Ramblings - aNonyMous

Albert Einstein #quotes #unschooling

NEWS - Unschooling Paradise Encourages Summer Trips as Part of Unschooling Curriculum

Radical Unschooling is... - Just Add Light and Stir - Sandra Dodd

Our July 2014 Unschooling Resources & Activities - Interest-Led Learning - ChristinaPilkington
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Unschooling)
Post by: Luck on September 29, 2014, 09:52:39 pm
"Unschooling" is a growing parents movement, magazine reports
a steady diet of standardized testing and indoor inactivity is choking the creativity right out of our kids ...
It's back to class, except for 'unschoolers'
unschooling encourages activities initiated by the children   
Montreal Gazette: Unschooling: No classes, no schedule, no tests   

Focus on unschooling's end product, professor says
The most amazing thing about unschooling is the incredible array of people and that's what builds healthy communities

Outside Magazine examines Unschooling, an alternative education movement
children stay at home and learn about their world through play and self led exploration

Weekend Reading: Unschooling   

Unschooling in the wild
Living Freedom

My teen hates school and I'm afraid he won't do schoolwork at home
Unschooling Questions and Answers

Unschooling: The Case for Setting Your Kids Into the Wild

Unschooling: the Future of Education?
The American Conservative

Patheos (blog): Unschooling Offers Lessons for Adults

Letter: Unschooling should not be perceived as a threat or abuse

13 Lessons on Unschooling and Running A Business

Unschooling Mom2Mom Facebook page: Lifelong Learning
many questions we have from people about unschooling

on unschooling and parental comfort level

Q & A – Unschooling Basics

Unschooling: When kids rule the school

Seven Days: A Cabot Family Makes the Case for 'Unschooling'

ABC Online: Unschooling: kids in a class of their own

The Globe and Mail: 'Unschooling' is a luxury for the wealthy

Unschooling: the Future of Education?

Summer Never Ends! A Day In Our Unschooling Life

“Unschooled” Kids Do Just Fine in College: Smithsonian
“the final and most extreme frontier in the broader cultural shift toward 'child-centred' parenting,”

University of British Columbia: Better schools through unschooling?

KQED (blog): How do Unschoolers Turn Out? Unschooled adults flourish despite the stigmas

These Kids Grew Up With The Woods As Their Only Classroom: NPR (blog)

Book Talk about Unschooling and Autonomy in Education: Natural Born Learners

24 Hours Vancouver: Strike has parents 'unschooling' kids

A GOOD READ: Try some 'unschooling' at your Tri-City library

A Parent's Message: School Is Choking the Creativity Out of Kids

Unschooling: Free Press Houston
The first thing to know about an unschooling camping trip

Unschooled kids more likely to go into the arts, tech, science
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Unschooling even Better than Homeschooling)
Post by: Luck on November 07, 2014, 02:00:59 am
Actually, Unschooling refers to self-directed learning, which usually means no conventional schooling or school attendance. Parent-directed learning is inevitable for the first few years of life and a whole lot can be learned at that time. That's when speech is learned. It's when writing and math can also be learned most naturally and easily. See Glenn Doman's books and the IAHP. Gradually, kids should be given opportunity to have increasing control of their own learning, but should also be encouraged to consult with others to learn about what might be worth their learning.

Unschooling movement takes root

Unschooling: a Decentralized P2P Education Platform

Unschooling Sausages

Norwich University Writers Series presents 'unschooling' author Ben Hewitt

It's All About Education: Why the Unschooling Movement is Growing

Squishy? Living in the Unschooling Moment
Are You a Proper Unschooler?

When the school bell rings, you'll find my kids at home

SCS News and Views: Schooling Styles

Title: Re: Better Schooling (Unschooling even Better than Homeschooling)
Post by: Terence on November 15, 2014, 03:22:05 pm

Wow, lot's to go through, here, Luck.  Thanks for posting the links.
I should log into this forum more often so I can read such articles
a little at a time.

Title: Re: Better Schooling (Real Science: Surprising Findings in Astronomy)
Post by: Luck on November 18, 2014, 08:07:36 pm
[It's a pleasure providing the links when people actually use them.]

Statist science and education have become increasingly corrupt, leading to fear mongering for profit, like the global warming scare, and many other false beliefs parading as facts.

Charles Chandler has the most thorough model for formation of galaxies, stars, planets etc at:

Topics include:

Black Holes
The Sun
Star Types
The Planets

His findings are very surprising, and include consideration of electric and magnetic forces, which actually outweigh the effects of gravity in most cases.

He often discusses science topics on this forum:
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Ancient Nuclear War on Mars? NO!)
Post by: Luck on November 30, 2014, 09:13:14 pm
Ancient Nuclear bombs on Mars?

No, Not Nuclear Bombs, but Impacts. Impacts produce thermonuclear explosions.

See Charles' explanations of impacts:

and especially

Re: Most Thorough Model
Postby Lloyd » Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:02 pm
Impacts Fallout?
Charles, are there enough questions for you yet? In case not, here's another. In the "Nuclear bombs on mars" thread, the referenced article about possible former civilization on Mars says products of nuclear explosions are found on Mars: Xenon-129 in the atmosphere and uranium and thorium on the surface. Since you consider most craters to have formed by thermonuclear explosion, do you think those products could have formed from impacts?

Postby CharlesChandler » Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:15 am
Yes -- any decent-sized meteor impacting at 30 km/s should generate the temperatures and pressures necessary for a nuclear explosion, so there is no need for any stupid life forms to be nuking each other in order to get those heavy elements.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Advanced Russian Physics)
Post by: Luck on December 15, 2014, 07:20:01 pm
From Kanarev
(Канарев Ф. М.)
Best Regards, Prof. Kanarev

15.12.2014. To Mr. Josip Slisko,
Autonomous University of Puebla, Puebla, Mexico.

[Links are in Russian. For English versions, see ]

Dear Mr. Josip Slisko, Thanks for attention to scientific publications on my personal scientific site Every days its visit about 400 readers from the different countries of the world. It is a pity, but you do not know till now that there is more than half of scientific information in school and university textbooks on the physicist and to chemistry is deeply erroneous in all camps of the world.

Russia – the first country in which reliability of existing physical and chemical knowledge already is studied more than 40 years. Result: it is established that in heads of academicians of all countries and in heads of winners of all scientific awards, including Nobel Prize, more than 70 % of deeply erroneous theoretical physical and chemical knowledge. Nature laws are uniform, and the person has divided them into physical and chemical laws, and has lost touch between them. I have understood it more 40 years ago and have started to search for the reasons of occurrence of scientific errors and - to correct them.

Result: my personal scientific site is in the lead by quantity of the scientists visiting it. Russia the first country in the world already has absolutely new textbooks:

1. Kanaryov F.M The general physics.

2. Kanaryov F.M Physics of a microcosm.

3. Kanaryov F.M The theoretical mechanics. F.M. THE THEORETICAL MECHANICS. The textbook the First law of Dynamics of Newton. New set of laws of movement of material points and bodies is named «MECHANODINAMICS». The new concept helps to distinguish laws of mechanical movementof firm bodies from laws of Hydrodynamics, Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics.In the textbook examples of the decision of mechanical problems which had no decisions in Newton's dynamics are presented.

4. Kanaryov F.M.Examination of fundamental sciences. The textbook on interdisciplinary knowledge.

5.Kanaryov F.M.Monograph of a microcosm.

Dear Mr. Josip Slisko, You know that Russia carries out now reform of the academy of Sciences and formation reform, considerably advancing in this important issue all countries of the world. All kind. The professor, Kanaryov F.M. of 12/15/2014.
Title: Re: Better Schooling (More on Unschooling)
Post by: Luck on December 24, 2014, 12:43:06 am
Unschooling gains traction with home educators

Don't miss these 5 ed docs released in 2014

New Book Illustrates Life Of 'Unschooling' In Vermont
"Class Dismissed": New Film Promotes Homeschooling

School's out, this time forever

Book review: Challenging the way our kids are educated

Diane Flynn Keith shares fun holiday curriculum, resumes newsletters in 2015

Title: Re: Better Schooling (Freedom to Grow Unschool)
Post by: Luck on February 09, 2015, 03:31:24 pm
Could Unschools Be the Answer to High-Stakes, High-Stress Education?
By Sarah Anne Perry

First, see this video maybe:,d.eXY&cad=rja

Freedom to Grow Unschool [in Hull, GA] cannot call itself a school. [ ]

Officially, it’s a “learning center for homeschoolers,” director Lora Smothers says, when people ask if it’s accredited. “The answer is no. We’re just a business offering educational services to families of homeschoolers.”

But semantics don’t keep people away. “It gives the power back to the parents to be the final say in their kids’ education,” Smothers says. “I think that’s my favorite part of what I do—just reminding parents that they know what’s best for their kids. ‘Cause a lot of them are so frustrated with how the public school system is working now.”

“Unschool” can mean a lot of things. “Unschooling is actually a worldwide movement of people who have decided to let their kids take the lead in their education,” Smothers says. “There’s a broad range of what that can look like.”

Everyone has an opinion about "Our Failing Schools"—whether they're really failing or not. Some educators have found solutions by just abandoning traditional ideas about education. Whether your kids want to fidget freely, learn art from robots or just not do the school thing at all, there is probably something for them. (If you can afford it—tuition at these schools is in the $5,000–$7,000 neighborhood, though Athens Montessori School offers scholarships, and Freedom to Grow has ambitions to become more accessible through grants and scholarships.)

Freedom to Grow

Whereas some unschools are completely hands-off, and others are closer to curriculum-based home-schooling, Freedom to Grow falls somewhere in the middle.

The school (or not) began in 2010 with nine students under founder Terri Cole-Smith. Smothers taught neuroscience on Fridays as a graduate intern before becoming director in 2012. The staff now consists of Smothers, a child-safety advisor and two other mentors.

“We decided the word ‘teacher’ wasn’t exactly functional for us, because we do so much learning from the kids, and we function as playmates and mentors and coaches a lot of times,” Smothers says.

The Freedom to Grow philosophy is based on the assumption that children are self-motivated and have ideas worth pursuing. The learning center serves about 20 students, ages 5–12, but doesn’t acknowledge grade levels. Instead, learning happens in one large group. Certain times of the day are designated for the study of specific topics, like math or reading, but the kids also spend time working on independent and group projects they have chosen.

“I think it really helps kids who either would be considered behind in a certain area or who excel not to feel so weird,” Smothers says. “We acknowledge that everybody has different gifts and that we’re all in different stages. I think it removes a lot of the stigma kids experience in school.”

School only happens during school hours. “One of our biggest selling points is that we don’t do tests or grades or homework,” Smothers says. “Which is a big deal to a lot of families who come and are just tired of the stress, of every evening trying to force the kids to do their homework, and they don’t wanna do it, and it takes up all their time. When families come, they say, ‘Oh, we have our evenings back. We have our weekends back.'”

Smothers doesn’t see traditional schooling as some great evil. “I think that the idea of public education is necessary,” she says. “I think it’s core to our country’s values, that everyone has the right to an education no matter where you come from. But in the execution of that plan, things get really difficult.”

For one thing, schools are too big and often lack resources. “It isn’t really possible to create the individualized experience that each kid needs,” she says. “And that’s no fault of any teacher or administrator. I think there are a lot of people in school who have really high expectations of kids, but they can’t do everything that they would want to do to help kids reach those goals.”

The other problem, she says, is the national emphasis on standardized testing. “The fact that there’s so much money wrapped in the testing, to the point where administrators, and then teachers, and then their parapros, and then the students all feel the pressure of it,” she says. “I think that pressure and that stress is totally antithetical to creativity and taking risks and just being yourself, a lot of the time.”

Title: Re: Better Schooling (Freedom to Grow Unschool)
Post by: Luck on March 02, 2015, 12:09:13 am
More on Unschooling

Waldorf, Montessori, Unschooling: Alternative Education Comes to China
Middle-class parents give Western models a try.
Jesse Walker
Feb. 11, 2015 11:23 am

Unschooling Allowing Students A New Approach At Education

Learning at home better than school
Title: Re: Better Schooling (Students as Teachers)
Post by: Luck on October 24, 2015, 10:53:12 am
A High School Where the Students Are the Teachers
2013-03-27, Time Magazine
Title: Re: Better Schooling (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on November 04, 2015, 06:58:50 pm
I’m here to disrupt your school (
We’ve been homeschooling for 10 years and hoo boy, I think we’ve tried it all! Montessori, classical, unschooling — you name it, we tried it. That’s what you do when you love your kids, I guess
10/22/15 03:42

Parenting tests (
...a fool.. Yablonski described unschooling as "living your life as if the school system didn't ... Rocket! Yablonski described unschooling as "living your life as if the school system didn't...
10/19/15 05:26

Jac's Quests: Our Unschooling Life (
Home Educating. Unschooling. Whole Life Unschooling. Radical Unschooling.... when Lawi was just two and a half. And it resonated with me. So, unschooling.
10/18/15 23:37

Starcat's Corner »» unschooling (
Happy weekend! Hard to believe that it’s the end of May already. How has your spring been going? Mine’s been a bit crazy, but I seem to be settling into the ramped-up energies of this time of year...
10/18/15 03:25

Heroic Unschooling Information Session - Downtown | Deschutes Library (
Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 3:00 PM The world is changing much faster than our education...
10/17/15 02:52

HippyHappyMama (
...what does unschooling look like? What is our every day? Let me show you! Unschooling looks like ... having it all to ourselves. Unschooling looks like our children being able to learn skills at...
10/14/15 14:25

Unschooling A Lifestyle of Download (
Scientists In The Antarctic Are Apparently Getting Drunk On The Job
10/12/15 15:41

What Unschooling Looks Like {october 2015} (
Our unschooling highlights from October…. Learned about henna and made... sharann Rural foodie, writer, wife, unschooling mom to five, storyteller, mediocre guitar...
11/02/15 13:31

Book Recommendation: Unschooling Dads (
Full title: Unschooling Dads: Twenty-two Testimonials on Their Unconventional Approach to Education . It's available in paperback...
10/26/15 05:35

What in the World is Unschooling? (
you may be wondering what exactly is “unschooling?” I can only explain what it is for us, since unschooling varies as much by family as any other method of homeschooling.
10/25/15 09:20 | Colombia |

What Unschooling Looks Like {september 2015} (
And to be honest, unschooling, even conservatively practiced unschooling, is a radical concept ...
But I think if more people witnessed unschooling in the works, they will see how wonderfully...
10/25/15 08:46

Rickshaw Unschooling: Wild Art: Exploring Local History (
I had the great fortune of exploring some of our local natural and historical sites with some 8-13-year-olds this week. Our home was previously logged and explored...
10/24/15 21:49

Unschooling Lifestyle: A consensus definition for unschooling (
The term, "unschooling," emerged as a starting point to ... indication of what the unschooling approach really means. I've heard unschooling defined ...
10/21/15 23:07

Unschooling Lifestyle: The Unschooling Happiness Project (
Paperback . Kindle . "It was a nice blend of stories, practical advice and philosophical musings." -- Chris, An Eclectic Odyssey Unschooling 10/21/15 22:59

Unschool's Cool: Untainted Unschooling (
We have quite a few (to say the least) unschooling skeptics among our ...
wrestling commenced! "Is this unschooling?" Our guest said jokingly. "At it's finest," I replied...
10/14/15 18:40

Rickshaw Unschooling: Eyes on the Prize (
This weekend I've been holding a video camera for my son, to help him with a video tutorial contest he wants to enter. I've tried to give him video advice, but he won't take it.
10/05/15 19:19

Skule (
i was glad to see you put it as "home" schoolin'; if i did have "kids" that age, my money would be on the unSchooling (or aschooling, to follow the atheist an archy) path/approach.
10/31/15 03:05

Homeschooling - should we encourage it? - Education -universities... (
In all my time homeschooling I only met one religious homeschooler. The whole unschooling movement is the antithesis of rigid instruction based on religious...
10/23/15 17:48

Homeschooling or Unschooling? (
Thanks for the encouragement. I'm not sure how to incorporate the Core Curriculum into this type of schooling, but I guess it will just take some time and effort to balance it all out.
10/21/15 18:33

Does anyone homeschool? Or plan on it? | Multiples and Twins (
The main thing is figuring out what method you prefer.... Charlotte Mason, Classical, Unschooling, standard schooling at home. And each state is different regarding the laws, expectations ...
10/21/15 02:05

Do It Yourself Homeschool Journal: & Delight Directed Learning... (
...compared to nationally marketed merchandise. In my situation, unschooling 4 kids while recovering from birth and nursing a newborn, I think it's worth $30. I don't like making my own stuff.
10/19/15 14:35

Now that we are a few months into the school year.... (
We are unschooling for high school land it's working out very well. Ds (14) is more motivated and excited about life than he's ever been.
10/15/15 05:17

How long to 'unschool' (
There's a Facebook group called uk unschooling or unschooling uk, I can't remember which way round it is! Really helpful people and lots of information.
10/12/15 06:13

Weekly Poll: Do your kids know what grade they are in? (
And if I started using grade levels, he would be all over the place. Taking it one step further, since we have been unschooling, DS perceives that he is learning, but not doing school, I am waiting...
10/06/15 09:58

Drivers ed printable worksheets (
...Homeschoolers · Living Joyfully with Unschooling Box Set. . lesson plans, curriculum units
10/21/15 04:54

Powerful imagery. #children #unschooling #education #parenthood... (
#words #engagebrainbeforeopeningmouth #think #namaste #actionforhappiness #love #regurgitate by kathygilliver
10/09/15 02:19

Christian Costume Ideas and Butt Sin (aka hilarious links) (
...police, the unschooling police (oh my goodness, I had to leave all the unschooling FB groups ... bickering about what is and is not unschooling!...
11/01/15 05:48
Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on November 11, 2015, 11:30:57 am
Join the Crowd! No, not that crowd, THIS ONE.

Home schooling resources abound for Maine families
At the far end of the spectrum are parents who choose what they call “unschooling,” in which they allow their kids to seek their own education.
11/09/15 08:23

Elon Musk Builds Alternative “un-school” Without Grades
11/09/15 04:59

Unschooling: What's in your toolbox?
11/08/15 00:00

When Home-schooling Became Legal
The crunchier version of Moore’s Christian movement, unschooling is about ... intelligence.
John Holt and Unschooling: Listen to John Holt discuss theories from How Children Learn
11/06/15 22:48

Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum
John Holt promoted this learning style, better known as "unschooling" with his books Freedom and Beyond, How Children Fail, and How Children Learn.
11/04/15 22:48

New Baby/Unschooling Update 😎
11/10/15 12:03

Unschooling Lifestyle: Sandor Katz mini-documentary
Here's a short documentary about an interesting person who followed his passion and lives a unique life. His book Wild Fermentation is a fun read
11/07/15 19:19

Such a taboo topic. Education in a form not in a classroom, or even a curriculum. Letting the child choose what they want to do and learn.
11/07/15 17:31

Exploring Unschooling Preliminarily. Reflections, K Week 13 and 14
Unschooling is so different from what everyone thinks school ought be.
11/07/15 14:59

Unschooling Momma and Poppy
11/06/15 14:16

Unschooling Lifestyle: English Tutor
11/06/15 12:05

Unschooling Maths - Easier than Schooling it!
“If so many children go to school, fail maths and hate every minute of it...
11/06/15 10:57

Unschooling Site News,
Unschooling movement takes root - Unschooling movement takes root Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Emma Kennedy,
11/05/15 11:16

I'm Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write. - Why You Should Start Unschooling
I understand that, for any number of reasons, unschooling just might not to be doable in your case.
11/05/15 10:06

This is a fun quiz on homeschooling styles
11/09/15 15:18

Attachment parenting
This website is great for those asking for more info The Natural Child Project - Celebrating attachment parenting and unschooling
11/08/15 05:20

What do you think of homeschooling (K-12)?
Then there's the "unschooling" method of home schooling where the child is not "directed" in his/her learning and there is no curriculum.
11/05/15 12:35

Don't wanna school your kids at all? Well, the rapture's coming, so...
The homeschooling families I know use all sorts of educational approaches - ranging from unschooling to boxed curriculum - and they all take education quite seriously.
11/05/15 09:24

Bridging Unschooling to and when do you go conventional?
This is something I think about a lot, because so many kids seem to benefit from a less structured setting
11/04/15 16:00
Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on November 18, 2015, 09:15:39 am
An A for Home Schooling by Brian C. Anderson, City Journal Summer 2000
This kind of flexibility can go too far: some in the small but growing "unschooling" wing of the home-schooling movement, inspired by 1960s educational radicals like John Holt and Ivan Illich

The School for Social Hackers — The Workshop — Medium
Between summer and mid-year seminars, in the best tradition of unschooling , there is ample time to experiment, to work, to write, to travel, to think.

7 Homeschooling Resources Every Parent Should Know About
founders of the homeschooling movement (which he called "unschooling"), offers free educational downloads as well as an impressive amount of helpful advice on getting started in homeschooling

Unschooling Lifestyle: Writing
Writing See all posts labeled: writing It seems like I should have more on this topic, but this is all so far. You might think the George Washington copywork is an odd choice, but it's entertaining

Roadtrip Day 127
Tucson for a little social time – unschooling dads’ night at Kristin and Craig Post’s house. Ronnie ... commune with Craig and the other unschooling

Ordinary Life Magic: Unschooling Tools : Television
This post is part of the Unschooling Tools series. Other posts are Unschooling Tools : Games; Math Play; For Creativity

Star: The Jolie-Pitt kids’ education is crazy
They’re traveling and learning and it sounds a lot like unschooling to me. They have tutors, so I’m sure they’re fine.

Unschooling: Dabbling, Digging Deep
This can paralyze unschooling, and can be problematic in many ways for children who are not unschooling as well. When children lose the drive to try new things

What's Your Learning Language?
...them up when I find them. :) Unschooling is a great way to capture the kids' interest in learning ... educational journey. We do a bit of unschooling in our homeschooling too. Do your kids have any...

Unschooling Lifestyle: Freedom, chores, volunteerism
" In my family, we have a similar approach to sharing household chores, but without formal meetings. In my book Unschooling: A Lifestyle of Learning , I described it this way. In my family, we have...

Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on November 26, 2015, 01:19:36 pm
Unschool's Cool: Unschooling Honesty
Freedom to Learn What One Wants When One Wants

Unschooling and Changing the World

Just Add Light and Stir
Inspiration and Encouragement for Unschooling Parents

What do you learn from unschooling?

A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Thursday 2015

Getting Older, Unschooling, and Moving On

Social efficiency: American education past and present

Beyond Homeschool High School, College, Scholarships, & Internships.

A Bit Unorthodox
Unschooling, as an Orthodox Christian

Refining What Unschooling Means For Us

Homeschooling models

NINJA MAMA | Homeschooling: Is it legal? Parents’ top 10 FAQs answered

Trade24 Makes Bold New Steps Towards a Better Environment
Unschooling Program Support

Why Every Parent Should Consider Unschooling
Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on December 02, 2015, 09:44:48 pm
It's Advent! Why I Am Excited About Christmas

What Unschooling Looks Like {November 2015}

The Cons of Unschooling

Our "Unschooling" Season

Hello from Texas...

Is this unschooling?

We teach best what we most need to learn

Heroic Unschooling Information Session
Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on December 09, 2015, 03:45:40 pm
Teaching them how to study when you don't do grades

Unschooling Q & A

From Montessori to Unschooling and Back


Wait, I thought you were unschooling??

Unschooling: Am I doing enough?

Being your child's PARTNER, not his adversary

Unschooling begins

Children's Book Review & Giveaway: 'What Was It Like, Mr. Emperor?'

Something Extraordinary Is Happening In The World

Do home-schoolers do better in college than traditional students?

Homeschooling Offers Hope

Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on December 16, 2015, 06:10:55 pm
Being Acutely Aware In Unschooling

Welcome to PearceOnEarth!
The five of us have traveled to over 30 countries in the past 6 years while homeschooling

10 Reasons Why You Should Read My Unschooling Blog

Homeschooling: Regaining Childhood

Clare Kirkpatrick

Jo Isaac

Natural Born Learners
Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on December 23, 2015, 02:10:34 pm
When You Unschool, You Don’t “Unparticipate” -
Community Engagement and the Value of Different Ideas

Unschooling “done right”?

Unschooling Resources I Have Found Helpful

Life Without Instructions Unschooling Conference

Humming along

Between the Stacks - Unschooling, a personalized approach to learning

Amy Thompson

Raisingmirovideos Videos

Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on January 03, 2016, 05:27:02 pm
How to Spark Curiosity in Children Through Embracing Uncertainty
2015-10-21, KQED/NPR

Unschooling Conferences, Gatherings, Get-Togethers

robertogreco: feral teacher · aka rogre · writing · archive

There is Something Extraordinary Happening in the World
8 reasons that lead me to believe it.

How do Unschoolers Turn Out?

Homeschooling an angry child: The hardest part of Jamie’s homeschool year

The Battle of Peer Dependency: Part 2

Homeschooling Methods: Discover the different ways to teach at home, and choose the philosophy that's best for your kids to follow.

Reading Everything Aaron Swartz Wrote: A new posthumous collection of Swartz's work shows his range as a scholar and intellectual.

7 Smart ''Unschooling'' Tips to Practice Now — Even If Your Child Is in ''Regular'' School

[Coming Up Online] Class Dismissed Movie and Homeschooling Info Night

Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on January 07, 2016, 10:28:39 am
The Battle of Peer Dependency: Part 1

Big Blogging Plans for 2016!

Thinking of Homeschooling? A Teacher Prep List.

BUSHNELL ON BOOKS: ‘Spellbinding Sentences’ and ‘Azalea Unschooled’

From concerned parent to free-school co-founder

Exploring Alternative Teaching and Reform

5 Things Unschoolers Can Teach School At Home Types

Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on January 17, 2016, 03:17:32 pm
Unschooling is for adults, too!

What does unschooling look like for us?

Unschooling Wins the Race eBooklet, only 99 cents

Unschooling 101 eBook, only 99 cents: Top 10 Questions About Learning Without School

Unschooling Doesn't Mean There's No Hard Work

Unschooling Fun [by Pregnant Lady]

From There to Here: How We Got Into Unschooling

Perfect Day for a Bush Walk: unschoolingkiwikids

Read Articles About Unschooling [Online] From Life Learning Magazine
Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on January 23, 2016, 11:28:09 am
Your kids' education is in these people's hands — pay attention
Avital Norman Nathman

10 People you should be following if you care about your kid's education
When it comes to our kids' schooling, we want the best. Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, many kids aren't getting the education they need or deserve. Thankfully, there are many hardworking and dedicated folks out there who are invested in helping support and inspire kids when it comes to education. These are just a few of them.

Bethe Almeras.
Bethe Almeras, who blogs as The Grass Stain Guru, is an educator who believes in "the power of play, nature and laughter." Her social media feed is a great mix of educational information and things that might make you giggle.

Darcel White.
Traditional schooling isn't for everyone, and Darcel White's blogging and tweeting about her adventures in unschooling confirms that. White's blog, The Mahogany Way, focuses on her life with her children, all their daily happenings and how education — the way they see it — fits in.

Erica Arndt.
The No. 1 alternative to traditional schooling that most people have heard about is homeschool, something that Erica Arndt knows a lot about. Arndt chronicles the daily experiences she has with her four young children at her blog, Confessions of a Homeschooler.

More: How far would you go for your kid's education? One mom went cross-country

Ileana Jiménez.
Known as the Feminist Teacher, New York high school teacher Ileana Jiménez not only teaches unique and engaging courses on activism and feminism, but she also actively speaks about these topics all over. Jiménez created the #HSFeminism hashtag, which invites conversation around the topic from both educators and students alike.

Jessica Lahey.
You can find educator Jessica Lahey speaking and writing frequently about school-related issues all over. From her bestselling new book, The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed, to her New York Times column, "The Parent-Teacher Conference," you can learn more about how to help your kids gain their independence and succeed in school.

Jennie Magiera.
This Chicago technology educator is a White House Champion of Change, an Apple Distinguished Educator and all-around inspirational woman. Magiera writes a lot about engaging ways to use technology in the classroom, on both her blog and social media feeds.

John King.
Former high school social studies teacher and principal John King is currently the Acting Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education. King tweets frequently about his hopes and goals for students in America, as well as highlighting many of the accomplishments by various schools, educators and students.

More: Amazing teacher buys a home for her homeless student's family

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center.
This wonderful organization has been at the center of one of TV's most beloved education shows for children, and you probably had no idea. The Cooney Center is the creator of the Children's Television Workshop, which developed Sesame Street! Their feed is full of informational and interesting findings on learning and early literacy in children.

Ron Clark.
Ron Clark may have made headlines recently for dancing with his students, but the real story is the work he does daily as a middle school teacher and co-founder of the innovative Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta. The school not only houses incredible educators, staff and students, but it remains a destination for many school boards and educators who are looking for inspiration and invigoration to bring back to their own communities.

Sara Mead.
For a different sort of education specialist, why not follow Sara Mead? Mead is an education and early childhood policy analyst with Bellwether Education Partners, a nonprofit that helps education organizations become more effective in their work. Mead tweets a lot about early learning, so parents of preschoolers might be interested in checking her out.

More: The Mamafesto: 10 "Gender warriors" you should be following in 2016
Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on February 04, 2016, 06:06:36 pm
ADHD Is Fuel for Adventure
Some of the best medicine for kids with attention-deficit disorders may be extreme sports and outdoor learning.

Unschooling Your Children-a Mother's Tale

Dayna Martin Unschooling Not Unparenting Anarchast

The call of the sea (Homeschooling at Sea)

why I ditched the classroom for the wild

School's out
A "child-led" way of learning gaining popularity in Australia

Home schooling grows in popularity

The Homeschooling Journey: Connecticut Resources and Options
Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on February 18, 2016, 03:02:28 pm
Disillusioned with public schools, some parents turn to 'unschooling'

Dissatisfaction with Testing [tyranny]  Leads to Growth in ‘Unschooling' Movement

Free-range education: Why the unschooling movement is growing

More Sibling Rivalry: Another Unschooling Interview: How Unschooling Helps Overcome It

Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on March 05, 2016, 04:22:20 pm
Reading: My three daughters have all proceeded on the reading journey in remarkably different ways

Will Unschooling Create Successful Adults?

It might be that those things which you don't like about unschooling aren't really unschooling

Experience Based Unschooling: It's interesting how different my children are from each other

The Beginner’s Guide to Unschooling: zen habits : breathe

Associate professor studies growing unschooling movement, including among minorities

It Really Is Okay [BETTER] to Leave School [brainwashing]

Alternative educational platforms: home schooling and unschooling

How To Learn All Subjects Through Unschooling

The Boy Who Could Change the World [posthumously], book review: A tantalising legacy

7 Reasons Why Unschooling Produces Brilliant Children
Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING!)
Post by: Luck on March 18, 2016, 06:54:41 pm
Caterpillars to Butterflies: My brilliant daughter scored 4.0 in her science classes in college! This, however, is not about grades. It's about transformation.

Unschooling the rest
Title: Re: Better Education (UNSCHOOLING v AUTYRISM)
Post by: Luck on March 31, 2016, 10:32:10 am
*Autyrism - Coining a New Term
Autyrism, a new term (pronounced au'-tir-iz-um), is practice of or support for authoritarian tyranny, abuse of power, abuse by authority, oppression, suppression, repression, or slavery. An autyrist is a person who engages in or supports autyrism. Autyrism can be conscious or unconscious. By far the most support for and practice of autyrism seems to be unconscious. Therefore, by raising consciousness about autyrism, it might be greatly reduced, if not defended by further autyrism. Most parenting, schooling, economics and government involve largely unconscious autyrism.
- Science is also inflicted by unconscious autyrism. It pretends that many mainstream theories are facts, while all alternative theories are absurdities that don't deserve any respect, but instead must be ridiculed or shouted down. Examples of alternatives that are shouted down are those that disagree with: the Big Bang; other mainstream cosmological theory; global warming theory; evolution theory; old age of Earth theory; mainstream economic theory; and mainstream education theory.
- Support for unschooling, including support for self-directed education, seems to come from all major divisions in society, such as liberals/progressives, libertarians, anarchists/agorists and conservatives (Are there moderates any more and are they left out?). Can we all come to have and show respect for both conventional and alternative science theories? Can we stop practicing autyrism ourselves toward those ideas we find implausible? Can we acknowledge that our ideas are mostly just theories, not facts? Should we not think in terms of probability, rather than certainty? The less knowledge we have in any field, the lower we should rate the probability of the ideas or theories that we favor. The greater our knowledge, the higher we may rate them, but we must avoid supposing that anything is 100% probable, other than our own consciousness. This way, we can have greater respect for others and have more humility ourselves. And we can increase our ability to learn more and increase knowledge and wisdom.

Government: Is it Ever Big Enough?

Why Young Men Struggle: A Deep Dive into a Pathological System and Blue Pill Brainwashing

Why is Unschooling so Fringe?

On The Fringe

School Is Prison, Kids Like [NEED] Freedom

Adventures in Unschooling

Defining Life Learning: What it is and what it isn't

*Schools are becoming 'exam factories' which don't equip students

*(I found unschooling resources at but others are listed there as well.)
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Cheating is a result of a competitive grade based school system

*Unschooling: Decentralized Education for a Changing World

Maine parents embracing the lessons of homeschooling: REJECTING COMMON CORE

Mommy Monday: Autism and Unschooling…

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(Previous post just 5 days ago.)

(New article link at end added today: 4/30)
Calling bullshit on maths

*A Revolution in Parenting: Radical Unschooling and How to Truly Connect with your Children

*Redefining Work and Money (and everything else in life)

Is home education the answer to the school places crisis? This mum says yes

*Seven Sins of Our System of Forced Education

Good Unschooling Videos:

Skipping School: Lua Martin Wells at TEDxCharleston
9 min.

Unschooling Insights for Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads, and Location Independent People
8 min.

*Libertarian Parenting Part 3 - Professor David Friedman on Unschooling
40 min.

John Taylor Gatto on Unschooling - Part 1
7 min.

Yet Another Study Confirms That Spanking Is Bad For Kids
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*Common Core Tyranny: Surveillance, Standardization, and the Sexualization of Children

Unschooling – a 10 min. video (, Germany, France, U.S.)

"I want to unschool, but what if my kids just watch TV all day?"

Unschooling Math: A Cottage Business

*What is Worldschooling? Information and Resources for Parents

Life on the road means less stuff, more family time, Florida family says

*How to Learn ALL Subjects through Unschooling

Raising Miro on the Road of Life » Podcast Feed
TED Talk Video: Unschooling: making the world our classroom;search%3A

Our Unschooling Journey Through Life

I committed to teaching my children at home in the mountains of West Virginia

*‘Unschooling’: My transition from homeschooling to college

Becoming a Wild Family: The jump into Unschooling…

*Unit Study Techniques to Enhance Any Homeschool Style

Poem: "The Conditions in Which They Can Learn"
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(Previous post was added yesterday.)

*Triggering the Education Revolution
For the record, we have developed an incredibly complex and confounding set of beliefs and myths about schools and education that are simply false. Our systems are dysfunctional in many respects and many children are poorly served or badly harmed as a result. While the neuroscience research discussed here is relatively new and revolutionary, many insightful observers and educators have understood and have formerly tried to apply the fundamental principles that are suggested over many generations only to meet phenomenal resistance and frustration. That resistance comes primarily from the bureaucracy and the authoritarian structures that exist primarily because of compulsory attendance laws. Until those counterproductive and unconstitutional laws are eliminated, no amount of learning and study will enable us to make meaningful changes to our institutions. Attendance laws derive from highly erroneous beliefs about learning and knowledge and they require institutions with built-in factors that preclude conditions necessary for knowledge acquisition based on individual initiative.

*See the manifesto at:
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How unschooling works for my family

How do you spot learning difficulties when you are unschooling?

The giggles
The most rewarding benefits to our unschooling are the ones that are so much more difficult to describe. The soulful gazes, all the giggles, the joy, the "being in the moment," the connections, the love, the peace (very noisy peace), the flow of life (looks chaotic unless you're in it), and soooooooo much more. —a mom named Rachel

Joyful Liberation

Seeking Unschooling Peace – Finding the Quiet Times in Our Families’ Lives

*Principles Not Rules: Unschoolers Living & Learning in the Real World

*The Benefits of Unschooling: my interest hopping has benefitted our children as much as me

Unschooling: The true test of intelligence is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don’t know what to do

Unschooling Math Adventures

*I'm Unschooled; Yes, I Can Write: Bio

My path to unschooling

*Scholarly Paper
Pedagogy out of Fear of Philosophy as a Way of Pathologizing Children (Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning 2016 Vol. 10 Issue 20): Shaking free of the Pedagogy of Fear and restoring honor to children’s questions  demands  a  fundamental  conceptual  change  within  education

We are advocates of family travel
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From Homeschooling to College

Our unschooling today 5/20/16 [mostly pictures]

Unschooling: Why it’s not as crazy as it sounds

What is Unschooling after all?

Unschooling: A Lifestyle of Learning

Why I consider Unschooling as deeply Christian

Unschooling to School... AND BACK AGAIN!!

*How a certified teacher chose unschooling for her kids

A Day in the Life: Learning Through Unschooling

*Authoritarianism Means Never Having to Apologize over Spilled Milk

*Homeschooling: General Facts, Statistics, and Trends

How my son learned to read (when we stopped trying to teach him)
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*Occupy Education Conference Talk

Unschooling this week

Roadrunner Musings: Just a person…thinking…outloud…about unschooling

Unschooling Tools : Math Play

*Kafkaesque authoritarianism: Student arrested, suspended and charged with larceny for stealing 65 cent carton of milk

*Stay-at-Home Teacher: Best Online Programs for Better Homeschooling

Attachment Parenting to Unschooling

What our Unschooling Summer Looks Like – Simple + Free

Unschooling Siblings Working Together

More on unschooling and the essence of humanity

Unschooling doesn’t stop on Saturday

*The gift of disagreement
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The Not So Proper Unschoolers

Unschooling: How these Parents are Making it Work

*Sometimes when I see the news, I feel ashamed that I brought a child into this world

How to start a minimalist-zero-waste-need-oriented-unschooling-catholic lifestyle as a family

*This Is Perhaps The Hardest Thing About Unschooling

Some Thoughts about Proper and Not So Proper Unschoolers

Stonecote Sudbury School brings new style of learning to Alta Vista neighborhood

What schools can learn from the unschooling movement

As the World Unfolds: A Secret Look Inside Alternative Learning

*The Complex Intellectual History of Government Schools

*There is Something Extraordinary Happening in the World

*RHR: Unschooling as a Cure for “Industrialized Education”

Creative teacher readings; too much maths? too much data? unschooling and the myth of genius

Unschooling: What about Socialisation?

It’s unschooling, not a miracle cure

*Reply to Unschooling as educational neglect

College After Unschooling

Another Typical Unschooling Day

Unschooling Food – Our Progress

A typical unschooling day, +autism

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Living a Catholic Fairy Tale: A typical unschooling day in our home

Limited kinds of unschooling will have limited benefits

Our Crazy Joyful Life: Parenting with love & Learning through life: Our Unschooling Weekend

Single Mom Unschooling - Living and learning as a solo parent: He Knows

Child-led Learning: consciously living and learning with our children: Unschooling: Can I really do this?

My Wife And I Never Said ‘No’ To Our Kids, And This Is What Happened

Unschooling Subjects?

What is “unschooling”, and could it work for your kids?

How about looking for a school that works with an alternative curriculum?

Is unschooling the answer?

Here’s why having children does not mean you should stop traveling

UPDATE: Following an outcry from parents, two federal agencies have [sort of] backed off a policy that would have said the government is “equal partners” with parents in education
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FOREST THEATRE: A Lesson in Letting Kids Self-Direct

So, what is unschooling? [It's self-directed learning]

Gentle parents feel angry too [Don't pretend not to]

Essential Tips on How to Read Faster [Feedback welcome]

Learning without formal schooling in India

So You’ve Decided To Homeschool and now you are completely overwhelmed - but the hardest part is already over

Unschooling 101: Don’t Rush

Unschooling is not unparenting!

Freedom From School: Our Unschooling Story

Risk is a Component of Learning, and a Foundation of Unschooling
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Rickshaw Unschooling: square foot observing

The Power Of Unschooling: Why My Daughters Don't Go To School

Palm Trees and Notebooks: Life and Learning: Unschooling/Homeschooling

Question everything – or not?

Chores, critics, freedom to choose, love, my podcasts, parenting, radical unschooling, trust

Unschooling 101: Are You Really Listening?

Nothing By The Book: A passion for learning and for life: unschooling and worldschooling in practice (a NOT-BACK-TO-SCHOOL present)

Unheard voices – cakes without recipes: Be open to complaints

Unscientific Unschooling Methods

Kids, Unsupervised

Parents ditch education to take children on ‘global unschooling’ trip
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Unschooling: Radical Education That Produces Free Human Beings Instead of Slaves

Part-time news reporter finding tools to help her Homeschool

There are no Theoretical Children

Great American Unschooling Tour

What I learned from our first year of home education

Comment on “Teach Your Own, The John Holt Book of Home Schooling”

A Month of Unschooling (or ‘Phew! They ARE learning heaps!’)

8 Things You Need to Know Before Deciding to Unschool

Cakes: unschooling in action

Wonder and magic in Arequipa

Unschooling: A Denver mom shares a glimpse at this growing movement

I love you, but I don't own you

Day 11: Here and There
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Unschooling for Black Liberation

Raising World-Changers: second-generation unschooling

Love Trafficking (Rickshaw Unschooling)

Unschooling – A Typical Day

What’s the Difference Between Unschooling and Radical Unschooling?

Define “Unschooling”: The Dad Hatter’s Unschooling Primer Part I

So what is bad about schooling?

Letting Swiss children grow up without school

A small town, a handful of families; everyone greets us warmly, like old friends

Unschooling for public schools, The Independent Project
Title: Re: Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
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More Than A Class: How Unschooling Transforms The Home

Unschooling activity book and what we've been up to

Motivation to Learn – The Dad Hatter’s Unschooling Primer Part II

Unschooling: Whole movements of people wisely diverging from the status-quo

on School systems and unschooling: New Ways of Teaching

Can Online Education Replace The Traditional One? (Yes, and it's time it did)

The Promised Land (or Real Imperfection)

Gifted children are often misdiagnosed and misunderstood

Unschooling Ideas Any Parent Can Adopt

Copasetic Flow: Unschooling with Cartoons and Comic Books

Self Design: kids on the trek

Lets Talk About Homeschooling

Rules of Unschooling: ideas and myths

Unschooling vs Parent Led Learning

How To Manage An Income Whilst Unschooling
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Learn Math Visually

Sometimes Angry Unschoolers

A Bit Unorthodox

Keep it Classy: The Sisters’ Guide to Dealing with Homeschool Doubters

Forget socialisation, get to know your kids again

Planning My Family's First Secular Christmas Together

Unschooling 101: Lead By Example

Reading About Learning to Read: Homeschooling Bog Review

We arrived home from our year long adventure

Cultivating Community for Homeschooling and Life in Our Travels

American Education System and Intrinsic Motivation
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Educating Your Kids While Traveling the World

Winter Play Ideas | Unschooling (Free-Learning) to University

All Public Schools Dumbdown Children!

Three Encouraging & Helpful Homeschool eBooks for $0.99

A Full Hour of Maths – Unschool.Me

The simplicity and vitality of life learning

Confessions of a really confused human development / education improvement wannabe

Unschooling science and fun things to do

Something Extraordinary is Happening In The World

Hitpiece against Radical unschooling on Good [bad] Morning America

Unschooling; Why It’s The Chosen Education For Our Children

Unschooling: the media still don’t get it

Five years into Common Core: 15-year-olds behind 35 countries in math
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A Thing to Learn from Unschooling [& profound]

There are different ways of learning

Unschooling Resources

Use Unschooling Principles To Improve Your Partner Relationships

The way we educate students doesn't reflect what scientists know about expertise

Could online tutors and artificial intelligence be the future of teaching?

Free-range education: Why the unschooling movement is growing

Trailer Park Unschoolers: Because you don't need to be rich to unschool!

How Children Fail: the creed of the slave

Welcoming Spirit Home

Binning the books
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Finland Will Become the First Country in the World to Get Rid of All School Subjects

Riot-Prone Mobs Are A Product Of Americas Cult-Like Education System

Army Veteran Student Says Campus Culture Promotes Segregation

What does unschooling look like?

Unschooling is Working

Unschooling and Mastery

Hobbies and Unschooling

Screen time, or sitting in school all day, linked to society's ills

Unschooling Isn’t ...

The Mystery by the Creek - Solved!

Unschooling on a Budget: Use Your Local Library

Unschooling Isn’t Working For Every Subject

Unschooling and How & Why We Home Educate

Acceptance is contagious and Autism

Unschooling on a Budget: Extended Family and Family Friends

Where Are All The Unschoolers?
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Unschooling Concerns and Questions

Unschooling on a Budget: Breaking the Unschool Rules with Curriculum

Unschooling Requires Lifestyle Changes

Conventional Wisdom, negative stereotyping, vs Homeschooling Reality

Why I will be unschooling

Homeschooling Labels and the Chaos They Can Cause

Parenting progress. Star Children. Unschooling

Growing For Goodness: Holisitc Healthy Sustainable Big Family Small Living: Unschooling?

Unschooling on a Budget: YouTube Is Your Friend

Compulsory SRE? How about we stop teaching children that their consent doesn’t matter in the first place?
The coercive nature of schooling and traditional parent child relationships normalises and teaches coercive relationships and behaviour – this is the exact opposite of consent.

Traveling Families: 8 Duffels & 2 Mutts

Unschooling Helps Raise Critical Thinkers

Ignorant ‘Good Housekeeping’ on unschooling

Unschooling and the juxtaposition of joy and anxiety
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6 Realities of Home Education

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be zombies

Unschooling Site News: Perspective

Unschooling Site News: Seeing Writing

Unschooling Site News? Strewing (surprising people) in Action

Unschooling and Learning: A Wise or Unwise Decision?

100 Days of Home Ed…Day 42

unschooling hard knocks

Homeschooling to give our children roots to ground them and wings to help them fly

Using Bullet Journaling as an Unschooling Tool

How we 'kind of' Unschool: 3 goals

Knitting Is Homeschooling?
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Post by: Luck on April 12, 2017, 08:22:00 am
There’s not just one way to homeschool

Important to learn

Guide to the Best Homeschooling and Unschooling Resources

Interest Led Homeschooling Teens: Interview with Charlotte

Interrupting School For Activity

B is for Bleak

IoT is Powering up the schools!

You don’t go to school to learn; You go to school to be tested

Naughty parents, term-time holidays & what’s going wrong

Big Book of Unschooling
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Post by: Luck on April 26, 2017, 01:23:48 pm
Helping refugee children to read — with computer games

Nine Causes of Scientific Decline in American Academia

When Teachers Get Mindfulness Training, Students Win

Why Black Families are Rejecting Public Schools

Writing as unschooling

Interest-Led Learning for Teenagers: An Interview with Me!

The myth of the uninvolved unschooler

How We Started Homeschooling in 5 Steps

Science without school (Share your experience)

too much

Unschooling Today 4/24/17
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Post by: Luck on May 11, 2017, 08:19:22 am
Shared Experiences are Important

Phrases to Hear and Avoid

How an introverted mom became an angry one

Unschooling is socialization

Unschooling movement growing

The End of 6th Grade in Homeschool

Day 50 (A Welsh Unschooling Journey)

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for Stream of Consciousness

Addressing Some Common Unschooling Concerns

Is it really only feasible to unschool if your family has a lot of money?

Unschooling – What it Looks Like In Our Home

Our Unschooled Week #10
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on May 24, 2017, 09:31:13 pm
Radical Unschooling: #100 Days of Home Ed - Day 90

What Kind of Homeschoolers Are We?

Unschooling, A to H: A Throwback

Unschooling Myself & The Future

What support is and isn't

Sandra Dodd reminds us to set the example of living as a learner

I am trying to decide on an appropriate kindergarten homeschooling curriculum for my autistic spectrum son

Unschooling in Action: Learning Animation

The Little School-House Built on Loving Learning

freedom to be me, freedom to be you

I’m 7 and I choose how I spend my childhood
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(UPDATE of previous post)

Researchers examine the effectiveness of a psychological strategy on online learners
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on June 08, 2017, 02:29:29 pm
wikiHow to Create an Unschooling High School Transcript

Unschooling Our Way

Precisely How to Unschool

Unschooling a Perfectionist

What Kind of Homeschoolers Are We?

Unschooling for life

Homeschooling mother of four boys
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on June 22, 2017, 08:31:27 pm
Learning Reimagined with Zakiyya Ismail

Unschooling for life: Picky eater solutions

Cherrylicious Unschooling Mumma: Our Natural Journey & How It Lead To Unschooling

RadiCool Unschooling

Okay, Crazypants, What’s Radical Unschooling?

Fucking Lego (and an insight into what unschooling our homespace looks like)

Unschooling Maths - your best apps? (20 Posts)

Unschooling – The Unconventional Schooling

Choosing Home with Kerry McDonald

"The answer to most problems is in a box labeled MORE ATTENTION”

"What about socialization?"

How to Successfully Make the Transition to Homeschooling

Raising Human Beans: "Un"Schooling
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on July 06, 2017, 08:59:42 pm
Positive Discipline and Unschooling

Girls Unschooled with Jo Watt

Education Options for the Stressed Out Family (and Our Surprising Choice)

Home Grown: Adventures in Parenting off the Beaten Path, Unschooling, and Reconnecting With the Natural World pdf

Unschooling Helena

Why are you Unschooling your child, teacher?

More Great Unschooling Quotes

Unschooling Life

Unschooling At 2 Months

The Unspoken Rules of Unschooling
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
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(I forgot to include these two articles last time.)

French school is using facial recognition to find out when students aren’t paying attention [Will it give them electric shocks too?]

Scientists slash computations for deep learning
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on July 19, 2017, 10:52:19 pm
Unschooling Dads with Dan Cadzow

Chattering away at no one

We aren’t Hands free, we are Hands on

Discussions, bedtime, perception

Slamming Doors

Kindness isn’t Taught: Unschooling the Brady's

The fabric of life

Unschooling + Creativity

Our Unschooling Day 7/11/2017

Unschooling Today 7/14/2017

Unschooling Is Back, Baby!

Unschooling for life – A Potluck Life

Life-Led Learner

There's No Place Like Home: The Unschool Experiment

The Gatannah Files: Strides in Unschooling
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
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Book Chat: What the New Science of Child Development Tells Us About the Relationship Between Parents and Children

Please Help Me: An open letter to doctors who help and hinder

How a certified teacher chose unschooling for her kids

Filipino Parents from La Union Use ‘Unschooling’ to Teach and Raise Smarter Children

Are Homeschoolers and Unschoolers Too Attached?

Confessions of a Radical Unschooling Neophyte

Why Dolls Matter

Learn Nothing Day Report (humor)

UNSCHOOLING: This family allows their kids to choose what they learn

Unschooling in our house
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on August 17, 2017, 08:26:11 pm
(I forgot to include this first article the other day.)
Teachers Union President Thinks Youre a Racist if You Yank Your Kids from Their Crappy Schools

Radical Unschooling Narrative for Neophytes

Setting Up an Unschooling Room

Unschooling on a Budget

The beauty of unschooling kids with special needs

How to Have Gifted Children

Our Unschooled Week #21

How does Unschooling work – a week or so in our house Aug 2017

The Art of Strewing and Our Brand of Unschooling Homeschool
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on August 30, 2017, 10:10:25 pm
Radical Unschooling Umbrella

The Beauty of Unschooling Through Lego

back to unschooling

“Unschool” kids with attention deficit

A Fly On My Homeschool Wall

Radical Unschooling: What the Heck Is…

Unschooling an Only Child with Deb Rossing and Pat Robinson

Unschooling is not unparenting

Insightful family travels the world to educate kids in an ‘untraditional’ way — they call it ‘Global Unschooling’

Unschooling Appalachia

Unschooling my Spirituality

“Radical” unschooling represents the springboard to radically transform our world
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on September 13, 2017, 01:16:24 pm
Book life, homeschooling, and a request

We Make Our Own Fun: Unschooling ~ 3rd Grade

No Homework, No Lesson Plan: Why I’m ‘Unschooling’ My Kids

A Delightful Dr. Seuss Find

The Unschooling Handbook (free download)

How to Get Your Kids to Do Chores: My Top 5 Tips

Homeschooling philosophy

When and How Should My Children Learn to Read? Learning From My Mistakes

Diary of An Unschooling Family, Day 7
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on September 29, 2017, 10:16:40 pm
When Teens Take Over

Radical Unschooling as a Social Movement

Diary of an Unschooling Family, Day 10 [Living on Holiday]

Unschooling and the lack of measured progress

homeschoolingblackca: STEM Unschooling

RadiCool Unschooling & Neurodivergence

What’s Unschooling? 6 Things You Should Know

Unschooling: The Educational Movement More Black Parents Are Joining

Riko's blog: PDA and more
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on October 12, 2017, 05:42:46 pm
Akilah S. Richards' Top Unschooling Resources

Schooling Was For The Industrial Era, Unschooling Is For The Future

WELCOME to HOMESCHOOL NYC! Families, homeschoolers, and educators will find many resources here

Unschooling Fair

Behavior problems and Autism in Texas
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on October 27, 2017, 09:59:37 am
Forest Therapy

Chai Chat!..........with Single Mom Unschooling

Patience with Democracy

A Solid Unschooling Week

Our Unschooled Fortnight #26

The History and Expansion of Unschooling

What to Do in the Wild: Ideas for Creative Wilderness Play with Children

School of Life Mum-of-three who believes in ‘unschooling’ never disciplines kids and lets them chose their own meal and bedtimes

Unschooling: What it is and what it is NOT

Homeschooling: Life Skills

Homeschooling through High School

Homeschooling Gifted Learners [All Are Gifted]

Differences between Homeschooling and Conventional Schooling
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on November 09, 2017, 09:51:01 am
Unschooling, Fostering Curiosity & Learning To Let Go

No more bricks in the wall!

Physical Education Homeschooling Ideas

Ordinary Unschooling with Anna Brown and Pat Robinson

Many ways to homeschool

Non-Consumerist Gifts

Unschooling is not Unparenting

Homeschooling in Minnesota

Homeschooling Year 3

Relationship, Obedience & Homeschooling

Homeschooling and language connection

Our homeschooling month – October
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on November 24, 2017, 10:58:24 pm
Unschooling and Diversity: Audio

Unschooling: learning and living in the now

7 Steps to Unschooling – The Dad Hatter’s Unschooling Primer Part III

Our Unschooled Week #29

Unschooling – Thinkibility Boost: Test-free, Stress-free Learning

NaNoWriMo 17 – History of RadiCool Unschooling

Download Online Born to Learn Unschooling in the New Paradigm

Guided Explorative Projects

An Unschooling Manifesto: Why Do Many Schools Resemble Prisons?

Why The Future of Education Is Unschooling

Trickle Down Homeschooling

Preschool Astronomy

Homeschooling at Christmas Time
Title: Re: 14) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on December 08, 2017, 02:04:25 am
An unschooling autism recipe for pumpkin pie

This 19-Year-Old Quit School At 8 — Now Her Cake Masterpieces Are Worth RM19k

What it’s Like to Be an Unschooled 10 Year Old

How Our Family Unintentionally Started Unschooling

Is it actually necessary to have a college education to be successful? Hell No!

Interest-Based Learning

Why Homeschooling is Better

Homeschooling Versus Public Schooling

Homeschooling Away From Home

4 Tips to Refine Homeschooling Education

School is a 12-year jail sentence where bad habits are the only curriculum truly learned

Unschooling…What is that???

Free HomeSchooling Websites

21 Benefits of Homeschooling

Homeschooling Cheaply
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Unschooling Mommys…

Unschooling In Class – College students gain first-hand insight into the intrigue of unschooling

How Children Fail: angry lessons from failures to teach

Homeschooling with Homer

The Homeschooling Family

The Prison of Modern Schooling and the Homeschooling and Unschooling Revolution [1 hr Video]

The Life of an Unschooling Mom

Homeschooling – My Story
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Winter Solstice Crafts The Unschooling Way!

Talking about ‘The Gift of Time’ with unschooler Pam Laricchia

Time To Rethink Education

Christian Homeschooling Becoming Popular in Russia

Different Methods of Homeschooling

How Homeschooling AND Unschooling Saved Our Famiy. Part One.

How Homeschooling and Unschooling Saved Our Family. Part Two

How We Homeschool-Unschooling Edition

Our unschooling life in Australia: Choosing Unschooling

Top Unschooling RSS Feeds

Homeschooling Made Easy – Read This Article!

Top 10 Homeschooling Tips from 2017

Homeschooling 2018: My son helped me create a list

Homeschooling and Homesteading on the Good View Quarter

Homeschooling Day 1: we worked on his Daily Journal
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UnSchooling Circles at Learning Societies UnConference, Bangalore, 2017

Unschooling Dads with Nick Hess

Roadschool vs unschooling

Why Don’t You?

Homeschooling with the Seasons {Winter Edition}


Homeschooling 2018 Plans

India: How did we come up with a curriculum?

Success of Homeschooling

Homeschooling Association Groups Dedicated To Making Homeschooling Possible

What Is Relaxed Homeschooling?

Kara’s homeschool: Was it “OK” to commit 3 hours a week in our school plan to volunteering?

Mama Revolution: What is Unschooling?

A Little of This and a Little of That: Eclectic Homeschooling

5 Hacks to Nix Bad Homeschool Habits and Forge Good Ones Instead

Five ways schools destroy children’s freedom (and what to do about it)
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How to Set the Stage for a Relaxed Homeschool

13 Homeschooling, Unschooling, and Self-Directed Learning Resources


Don't Blame Homeschooling For Child Abuse Cases [It's establishment propaganda]

How to Homeschool with American Girl {Science Ideas!}

The Best Homeschooling Resources Online

On Seeking Unschooling Advice

PanKwake’s Take on Home Ed Registering

Raising Independent Kids – Practical Life Skills

Homeschooling Mom: How I’m Making Over $700 Monthly as a Part-Time Teacher — Without Leaving My Home!

Kids learn reading and math easiest from ages 1.5 to 3 & up to age 5: start with the 2nd video in this play list
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Vid: Denmark's Forest Kindergartens

This Parenting Style Gives Kids All the Freedom

Homeschooling through Texas: Wild West!

What I Love About Homeschooling

Learning as an Open Road, Learning as a Commons

summer break forever

How to homeschool and still get (most) things done

Educational Things to Do at Disneyland with Kids

We Live In Brooklyn Now

But how will they learn?

101 Reasons Eclectic Homeschooling Works for Gifted Kids

Reclaiming The Radical Critique Of Education

Pam’s homeschool day in the life

Fun Learning Activities: 25+ Things Kids Can Learn from the Grocery Store

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(First 3 articles added late.)
This site is putting out great info for ending authoritarianism in education, like compulsory schooling, but they're apparently PC liberal fanatics. I'm a liberal libertarian, but not PC or any such nonsense. I recently joined the site, but I said something not PC, so they banned me from posting on their forum. What I had said that got me banned is that someone's video trailer showed only white people, so a lot of people, esp. minorities, might think the unschooling movement is white separatist. The moderator said they didn't allow inflammatory speech. Here's a definition of inflammatory: (especially of speech or writing) arousing or intended to arouse angry or violent feelings. I responded that every word imaginable is inflammatory, because some people would take any such word as an offense. So far, the mod has not changed his fanatical mind, so I'm still banned from posting. Such liberals are frustratingly pathetic hypocrites, or mind-numbed robots, as Lindbaugh used to say.

The Children’s Civil Rights Movement

From Fear to Freedom

Self-Directed Education: As Social As It Gets

Making Space for Creativity with Fluid Art

Saying “Yes” to Unschooling after Brief unpleasant Schooling Experience

Deschooling Education - Towards a Learning Society

Silencing the Voice of Conformity

The Importance of Art in Child Development

The Ultimate Creative Writing Assignment for Harry Potter Fans

Unschooling Ourselves: Re-Thinking How We Interact With Our Kids

Why The Future of Education Is Unschooling

Mompreneur: Alternative Ways To Get Your Education

Eight reasons we home educate

Unschooling in the now

100 Days of #RadiCoolUnschooling – Day 23

5 Tips for Homeschooling Your Kinesthetic Learner + Resources
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Homeschooling ( Worldschooling) History

In Today’s Education News: If it weren’t for double standards, our education establishment wouldn’t have any standards at all

Find Your Bliss: what happens in the natural unschooling process

Home Education – in depth answers to initial questions

Leaving the Ordinary World Behind

Education For All People – Home Schooling – Is It Right For You?

Rethinking education

Homeschool Without a Curriculum

Homeschooling With Less: How Minimalist Homeschooling Works

Deschooling: Step One for the New Homeschooler

Maryland to Force Homeschoolers to Submit to Warrantless Home Inspections, Trampling Rights

Deschooling in School

Challenging Convention and Post-Secondary Education in America
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Lost in Motherhood?

6 Exciting Reasons Jackson Mississippi is a Soulful Family Getaway

What happens if you don’t put them on the yellow bus?

Pavlov, Roller Skates, and Why We Don’t Punish Our Kids – Unschooling

If You Share This Vision (Resources)

EU116: Growing Up Unschooling with Summer Jean (Podcast)

Home Schooling - How to Get Started

John Holt, Home schooling (Videos)

10 Ways to Make the Most of a Four-day Homeschool Week

Open Letter to Assembly Member Eggman and Democratic Lawmakers in California [on homeschooling]

10 Indoor Entertainment Ideas for Kids

Wanted: Conformity for Females; Independence for Males?

Your Children Are Not Your Property

Sexuality, Gender, and Childhood
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Best time for kids to learn Math is ages 2 to 5

Best way to discipline young kids

Take the Pressure Off: 13 Ways to Nurture a Love of Words & Stories

A Year of Homeschooling

Capturing the charmed life: homeschool: teaching more than one grade


Division: Distributing the Work

Living With Kids

Hands-on Spring Learning – Homeschooling with the Seasons: Spring

Why Giant High Schools Just Can’t Help Messed-Up Kids

Radical Pedagogies as Living Experiments and Messy Affairs

Weeks in the Life (Down Time)

Overprotected Childhood: How Keeping Kids "Safe" is Actually Harming Them

National Library Week

Why a club of mutual- and societal-improvement is good for teenagers, and how to structure one

Snowflakes: Self-directed is wrongly commonly assumed to mean self-centered and self-important

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Select a Home Schooling Philosophy while Educating Your Child

Halfway Through Our Virtual School Year with Calvert (Leavenworth Virtual School in Kansas)

Curious and Engaged

Learning to read: the unschooling way

5 Ways to Prevent Homeschool Burnout

Hard-Won Homeschooling Freedoms Are Under Threat and Must Be Defended

Homeschooling Is Not For Everyone, But Self-Directed Learning Is

Anonymama Radically Unschooling and Following Christ

Home Education: Our First Week

Week(s) in the Life (Busy as a Bee)

Homeschool- How to design and personalize an education for your ADHD child

Raising children in egalitarian communities: An inspiration

Noddy the Ornithopod

7 Reasons You Need to Keep a Homeschool Portfolio {and a FREE Homeschool Portfolio Pack}

2 years ago this Texas teacher's note banning homework went viral

A Texas teacher stopped assigning homework. The Internet gave her an A+

Homeschooling is the smartest way to teach kids in the 21st century

Gaming and Growing Up Unschooling with Xander MacSwan

Self Directed Learning and the Role of Care

Providing space and time for trial and error is essential to learning

You Can’t Ruin Your Kids

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From Homeschool to Full Scholarship US College University

Undaunted Homeschool

3 Fun Ways to Teach Shapes to Your Preschooler

Homeschooling Methods: Unschooling

Getting Prepared for SUMMER! Breakdown Of What The Kiddos Will Review...

Creative writing orlando fl

Homeschool Methods: Relaxed Eclectic Homeschooling

Could Unlimited Screen Time for Kids Actually be Beneficial? An Argument

Roadschooling: Why some families homeschool while travelling the world

Best time to learn counting and Math is ages 2-5 with flashcards
Dots 1-50
10 parts: 1-100:

Most effective ways to discipline kids without abusing
Effective timeout:
Full episode:

Deschooling in School

My Self-Directed (Adult) Journey into Self-Directed Education

Accidents and the development of children


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What’s the Big Deal about Homeschooling Methods?

Homeschooling in the USA: Yesterday and Today

The schedule: Homeschool vs. Classroom

Hypocrisy and All of It – The Unschool Sisters

Katie Tastrom is Parenting Anti-Capitalist Style

Adventures in Free Range Learning

Why I Chose To Un-School My Son

Unschooling the Early Years

The Future of Education

The Unschooling Handbook: How to Use the Whole World As Your Child's Classroom

Long Term Travel with School Aged Kids

What We Did in April 2018 [Unschooling]

Homeschooling is an Excellent Choice for Many Families

The Power of Curiosity

Teens and Screens
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5 Things Prepper Parents Should Know About Homeschooling

Writing for the joy of it

Meet the Lincoln family ‘unschooling’ their kids and travelling the globe

What I’m Into: Unschooling, Learning

Are homeschoolers abandoning schools?


Homeschooling traveling across America

Include pop in your homeschooling

We’ve Decided to Homeschool, Now What? Getting Started and Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

I believe that learning takes place year round

How to Start Homeschool

How School Makes Kids Dumb (very good video: looks like Finland is very progressive)
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My Educational Creed: A Pedagogical Decalogue

Finding Balance in a Plugged-In World [& other topics]

unschooling: what is it?

Our furniture doesn’t fit

There is Something Extraordinary Happening in the World

The misguided goal of trying to get kids to pay attention

Kirby’s Kids: The Who, How, Where, and When of Your Homeschool

Saxon Grammar and Writing 3

The Magic of Unschooling with Ann Rousseau

Growing and Learning Beyond “Normal”

Across the Lines: Abolishing Racism with Education

My Faith Led Me to Unschooling

Students view school as a prison

How will my unschooled child survive in the future?

Deschooling in School - Part 4


Starting Unschooling as a Teen with Noah Tetzner

A day in the life - unschool

Unschooling Year End Report

Unschooling and.. Its Origins

Scrabble & Homeschooling l Unschooling

Unschooling: Learning to Read Through Gaming!

Reluctant Spouse to Unschooling Advocate

Unschooling Reading About Teasing
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Ten lessons from ten homeschool years

EU131: Deschooling with Maria Randolph

What if the classroom had no walls?

Our Unschooling Adventures

Are you keen to look into an alternative learning path for your child?

Podcast Ep. 1193 Insights from 17-Year-Old Unschooling Listener and Budding Historian

15 Important Life Skills: An Essential List of Life Skills for Kids

How will my unschooled child survive in the future?

How to Quit Parenting

Stop Putting Subjects into Hierarchies

What Is Unschooling and How Do You Do It: Unschool Q&A

Why we started unschooling
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Deschooling Two Cultures with Iris Chen

10 Thing I Learned From my Dad

How the Gig Economy Empowers Unschoolers

Eclectic Unschooling in Russia 1

Is it important to show your work?

Half A Year Of Home Education: How We're Getting On

150+ Excellent Topic Ideas for Your Homeschool Co-op Classes

Defending the Obvious: Greece needs to loosen up

Friends of the Stelton Modern School

When obsolete values direct learning

New video game teaches teens about electricity

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What the Standardized Tests Reveal About our Homeschooling

Chess and Emotional Learning Leaps

Eclectic Unschooling with Pickles and Tickles

How Unschooling Grows

Three Conquered the Cliff!

What led us here?

Why we home educate in the holidays

On Fire! Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018

Unschooling? I’m UnMomming

Reflections on a Nomadic Unschooling Life

Andre Stern ‘The Power of enthusiasm’ (Unschooling)

The Honest Homeschooler - Embracing the chaos of curiosity and creativity in homeschooling - Curriculum

Discussing the Coppers (What Unschoolers Do Instead of School)

Homeschool Curriculum for your Family

Blurring the line between school and prison

How to Self-Direct When Stuck in Conventional School

Self-directed learners are natural scientists

How I learned that my kids are different
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Peer Unschooling Network

I plan to keep adding links to alternative education resources to this post.

Self-Directed Learning
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How I learned that my kids are different

Self-Directed Education and How the "information age" has transformed how knowledge works

Early organized sports aren't a great option for kids

Robots will never replace teachers but can boost children's education

Presence of 'mean' robot found to improve human concentration

A light-weight and accurate deep learning model for audiovisual emotion recognition

Kids connect with robot reading partners


Maybe I'll add this to each new post.

Peer Unschooling Network

Self-Directed Learning
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Self-Directed Education and the New Shape of Knowledge

Voice of the Children: An Intersection: Musings on the best possible way to be with one another

Why Big Tech is in the Business of Education Reform

The American School System Is Destroying The Voice Of Young Writers

Six ways that tablets really can transform teaching

A DAY IN MY LIFE / slow living + unschooling

Do Black People Unschool or Practice (other forms of) Self-Directed Education?

Self Directed Education. What Is It, How Does It Work?

Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
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Update Available: Why Big Tech is in the Business of Education Reform

Ways of Thinking, Not School Subjects

Luka's totally self-directed education: vital foundations, especially the Continuum Concept

Learner, Teacher, who am I

How to Start Homeschooling

20 Ways to Make Kids Hate Learning

What makes an educational video game work well?

Second Generation Unschooling with Amanda Sharma

How NOT TO SCHOOL your kids | The Unschooling Life

Unschooling And...Keynoting about it

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Children learn best when their bodies are engaged in the living world

A font that helps you remember what you read

Limiting screen time improves cognitive function for children

How to choose the “best education” for your children?

One of the hidden lessons of school is that we can be categorised by our ability, which then affects how we see ourselves and other people

Homeschooling – Teacher – Amanda's Life

The student is the most important subject in our sentences

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Empowering Wonder

Amazing ways that unschooling develops children’s creativity

The Decision to Leave School Behind with Jen Lumanlan

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Post by: Luck on October 31, 2018, 09:26:44 pm

Corporations' monopoly over schooling: FOLLOW THE MONEY: Public School

Rockefeller Domination of Education

Give Kids Control

Trust and authenticity are central to the practice of Self-Directed Education

Code 300’s: Are They Really Learning?

Gifted Hearts Learning

Unschool without unschooling

Review: Free to Learn (Gray)

The Reading Wars: Why Natural Learning Fails in Classrooms

Designing for Learning

John Taylor Gatto Passes Away But His Spirit and Work Live On

Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on November 15, 2018, 09:11:13 pm

6 Reasons to Start Homeschooling ASAP

Why Every Parent Should Read This Book

Differences Between Self-Directed and Progressive Education

What Makes a School Successful: Are the Kids Happy?

John Taylor Gatto In Memoriam for ASDE

The Unschooled Engineer: How a teenager who has been unschooling can begin preparation for academic study of STEM

How to Homeschool in the 21st Century (For All Types of Parents & Kids)

How do you Know they are getting their Education?

New Series: Homeschool Q&A

Carpe Diem: Unschooling is All About Living in the Present

3 Eye-Opening Lessons for Catholics under Common Core

D.C. Bureaucrats Are Trying to Make Parents Get a License

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10 Ways To Grow Tiny Superhumans

Productive Home Schooling – 5 Ideas

How Schools Thwart Passions: Pursuit of passions requires time for play and self-directed education

Top Reasons Why Students Need to Use Technology Nowadays

5 Things To Focus On Instead Of Stats

Typesy: The BEST Homeschool Typing Program

An examination of role playing games as a microcosm of healthy Self-Directed Education environments

Control or trust?

Self Directed Stories: Unschooling in China

Schooling’s Assault on Young Anti-Authoritarians: excerpt from Resisting Illegitimate Authority, conventional schooling punishes anti-authoritarian impulses and primes children for conformity

Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on December 14, 2018, 01:02:39 am


DIY science in Chennai neighbourhoods

Wendy Priesnitz: learning over the course of a lifetime

Playful Learning on the Beach | Aloha Homeschooling

The Positive Language of Evolution

Mom Entrepreneurs Share How They Homeschool and Grow Their Businesses

Spiritual Education In Homeschooling

Homeschooling moms in India – Interview with Sandhya

Gifted Women Struggling with Motherhood and Homeschooling

How To Start Homeschooling

Agile Learning Centers, Liberated Learners, and Sudbury Schools: What’s the Difference?

Change up Change Up: How new perspectives brought about empathy at an Agile Learning Center

What Are You Up To? The weekly routine in the wonderful life of an Agile Learning Facilitator
Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on December 31, 2018, 11:57:47 am

Homeschooling again - Testing – They Did It!

Hobbs Waters dances with destiny

Homeschool Burnout | One Mistake I Didn’t Know I Was Making

How School Districts Weaponize Child Protection Services Against Uncooperative Parents

Homeschool Performance Series Testing

This Family Has Travelled to 22 Countries in a Year – and They Aren’t Done Yet

Back Home: self-directed learning in fiction

Learning Happens... Even When It Isn’t the Goal

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Post by: Luck on January 15, 2019, 08:15:41 pm

Learn The Difference Between Unschooling and Deschooling

Why Homeschooling…the series – How to Homeschool (part 3)

The Future of Our Educational Institutions Realized

Why Public Schools Failed You and How to Un-fail Yourself

Day 50 – Back to the Roots

The Only Right Way to Learn is Freely
Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on January 31, 2019, 08:42:59 pm

Why I chose to “unschool”

My children need very different approaches to learning

We have been educating Myka her entire life

Thoughts from a 13-year-old gamer


Public Schools And The Weaponization Of [the abusive] CPS [Child Protective Services]

Why Homeschoolers Make Great Entrepreneurs

Oregon Silently Working To Begin Invasive ‘Home Visits’

5 Homeschool Organization Questions that Make a Big Impact

Self-Directed Education
Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on February 15, 2019, 12:36:14 am

Unschooling: Wanna delve deeper?

Mum & Me

HUGE List of FREE Homeschool Curriculum & Resources (28 Freebies!)

Making the decision to homeschool

How We Maintain School Through a Crisis

Your Questions Answered: Organizing Your Home School


Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on March 01, 2019, 05:21:30 pm

Learning to teach to speed up learning

Research rethinks tutorial teaching

doubt in your homeschool choice

Beat the Homeschool Blues With Random Acts of Kindness

Off-Grid Education

Muffin Tin Coin Counting Activity

So, where’s that tribe?

The Unschooled Day – #1

The Questions asked a Homeschooling Mom

What can board games teach?

Homeschoolers Outraged at ‘Orwellian’ Iowa Bill That ‘Treats Them All Like Criminals’ – Mandatory Home Inspections

When you feel alone in your homeschooling journey


Self-Directed Education

Peer Unschooling Network

Self-Directed Learning
Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on March 15, 2019, 12:08:12 pm

Children’s Freedom: A Human Rights Perspective

It’s Not OK For Kids To Hit And Not Apologize

Roam School

[Nevertheless] It's What Learning Looks Like

Homeschool Complete {Second Grade Review} both a Biblical and literature based program

The Battle Over the Underground History of American Education and How to Win It

How to Balance School With Travel

Yes, YOU Can Teach Your Kids About HOW to Study

5 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Curriculum

Outside-the-box homeschool ideas


Self-Directed Education

Peer Unschooling Network

Self-Directed Learning
Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on March 30, 2019, 01:30:33 pm

Unschooling FAQ – Academic Concerns

The Incredible True Story of: UNSCHOOLING on a BAD DAY

The Many Shades of Fear-Based Parenting

In-your-face stuff from an opinionated rural north Idaho housewife

How We Homeschool in High School

The Educrats' Latest Dumbing Down Of America's children

What to Think About When Your Homeschooler Applies for College

How Do You Handle Subjects Your Kids Dislike or Struggle With?


Self-Directed Education

Peer Unschooling Network

Self-Directed Learning
Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on April 15, 2019, 12:23:45 pm

Robot-guided video game gets older adults out of comfort zone, learning and working together

The Unschooling Adventure

The inter-generational beauty of homeschooling

Homeschooling: Autumn’s View

The Outdoor Homeschool: Take Your Homeschool OUTSIDE

Ultimate List of Homeschool Conventions {USA}

Model Graciousness

Play Ground Day

Caterpillars, Butterflies, and Literature: A Lesson for Kids of All Ages

Why you’re not a bad homeschooler

FREE Homeschool Curriculum & Resources | Huge List of 26 Freebies


Self-Directed Education

Peer Unschooling Network

Self-Directed Learning
Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on April 30, 2019, 07:28:59 pm

Step by step instructions to Homeschool in the 21st Century (For All kinds of parents and kids)

Why HomeSchooling is on the Rise in Australia

How to Embrace Rabbit Holes with Lazy Unit Studies

WRITERS: When The Going Gets Tough, Sell Short Stories

4 ways to promote reading at home

Flexible Homeschool App Free Trial
Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on May 14, 2019, 10:47:03 pm

How to Homeschool Your Younger Children When Your Older Teens are Taking All Your Time

Homeschooling Expert Blames Public Education for the ADHD Overdiagnosis Epidemic

8 Simple Rules for Homeschooling

Biggie’s Review of Sinarella

Unschooling on the High Seas

Homeschool Connections: Do I Need a Homeschool Consultant?

Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on May 31, 2019, 11:01:54 am

Homeschooling in the Philippines: Frequently Asked Questions

Books For Successful Homeschooling

Stop Stigmatizing Homeschooled Kids

Unschooling and Socialization Again & Again & Again

"hey! teacher! leave those kids alone"

Love Against the Machine: The Enormous Joy of Discovering that Unschooling Works

Musings of a night owl reference librarian . . .

Let Kids Learn What They Want

New book: Read Yourself an Education, Vol. 1

How Summer Learning Can Make Your Entire School Year Better

Why should you homeschool year round?


Self-Directed Education

Peer Unschooling Network

Self-Directed Learning
Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on June 15, 2019, 09:07:23 am
Best Parenting Disciplines

A new approach for unsupervised paraphrasing without translation

5 Things That Changed Our Homeschooling

Today’s Schools Are Yesterday’s Streetcars: How Technology Will Transform Education

The History And Results Of America's Disastrous Public School System

One Family’s Odyssey of Learning Together While Traveling the World

7 Myths about Homeschooling, debunked!

100 Reasons to Homeschool Your Kids

Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on June 30, 2019, 05:24:29 pm

Research suggests people are more honest than economic theory would have us believe

The History and Results of our Disastrous Public School System, Part II

Educating our kids for the future they'll inherit

It Takes a Village — Practical Tips to Help You Create Yours

Schools are Bureaucracies: Mom Arrested After Taking Action And Defending Son From Bullies

Western educational system in Africa; forever colonised

Getting Started Homeschooling: Develop a Mission Statement

The dangers of socializing

Homeschooling in the Philippines – A General Overview
Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on July 15, 2019, 03:07:14 pm

The lazy girl’s guide to home education UPDATE: 6 years later

Getting Ready to Move

Are We Really Free? Maybe It’s Time for a Personal Declaration of Independence

Why Every Parent is Really a Homeschooler

6 Reasons We Use Teaching Textbooks with our Twins

Our Beginning-of-the-Year Homeschool Plan for Elementary and Middle School

Title: Re: 15) Home Schooling, Unschooling (Student-Directed Learning)
Post by: Luck on July 31, 2019, 06:47:34 pm

How My Views on Unschooling Have Changed

Instead of expectations

Inspiration and Encouragement for Unschooling Parents

Back to (Home)School

Finding My Path As the Children Get Older

Homeschooling Through High School

My top 16 tips for beginning homeschoolers

Homeschooling 101

How to Get Teacher Freebies as a Homeschooling Parent

Pennsylvania School Warns "Your Child May Be Taken From Your Home" Over Unpaid Lunch Debt

Your child’s best teacher…is you


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Title: Re: Home Schooling, Unschooling (See FSP/Libertarian News)
Post by: Luck on August 17, 2019, 11:27:28 pm
I plan to move Homeschooling to the FSP/Libertarian News thread.