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Title: PorcFest ReadMe #3
Post by: Rich Goldman on June 06, 2008, 05:01:28 pm
Similar to ReadMe emails #1 ( and #2 ( (which you should read if you recently registered), this has some more items of note:

1) People will be getting together with early arrivals Sunday, June 8th from 3 pm until whenever at Murphy's Taproom in Manchester.  Post to the forum thread with questions or comments.  -

2) If you are bringing a pet, be sure to bring a photocopy of proof of a rabies shot.

3) There are seats available on the tours to Manchester, Keene, and Concord, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, respectively.  These were the highlight of PorcFest 2007 for those that went on them.  If you have not been to New Hampshire before, these are a great way to meet key/fun people and get an insiders tour of the area.  Tickets are $20 and can be purchased in advance by emailing me or on-site at the registration desk.  If the cost is an issue, let me know and we'll work it out so you can go. 

4) For the indoor shooting range trip on Tuesday and Thursday, please note that the $30 cost will be waived for those who join Gun Owners of New Hampshire (for $20).

5) Some notes from Gunstock in response to issues from last year:
The swimming pool will be opened this weekend. Pool Hours are a little flexible but usually opens about 10:30am and closes about 5-6pm.

Bath houses are cleaned each morning and will aim to have them done by 7:00am.

Fun Shack Hours are Sun 9-5  Mon 9-4  Tues - Thurs. 9-6 Fri.& Sat. 9-7
If the doors are shut to the fun shack, go to the camp store.

The Camp Store opens everyday at 7:30am (they have great coffee) and closes:
Sunday at 6:00pm  Mon. 7PM  Tues - Thurs.8PM  Fri & Sat. 10:00pm

There is a Lost & Found  at the Welcome Center, which also has games & books for campers to borrow (at no cost I believe).

6) Peter Herrick is offering to take people for a boat ride (and maybe some scuba diving) throughout the week.  He did this last year and people had a great time.  Email or call him at 603-733-6100 to arrange a time to go out on the water.

7) There will be an open mike on Saturday for people to speak for a couple minutes.  If you'd like to sign up in advance, email Irena Goddard ( 

That's it for now.  There'll probably be one more email before Monday (with the program and any last minute changes to the schedule) and then a couple throughout the week.