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Title: Campsite share available w/water & electric & Kayaks from the 11th to the end.
Post by: Lumpy on May 22, 2008, 12:36:46 am
My girlfriend and I have a campsite located at #031 Cedar with water and electricity, around other Porcupines.

We'll be arriving the morning of the 11th and staying the rest of the festival.

It's $29 bucks a night.  (That's the split with the extra 6 bucks included the camp requires).

Reply/questions here, or call me either at home: 508-760-2290 or on Verizon cell: 774-212-2136

We're dog friendly and for the most part people friendly too.  We're vegetarians but will likely have lots of wood for a decent fire for cooking on etc.   Might have room for a passenger or two if you need a ride.  We're up coming from Cape Cod.

*We'll also be bringing two 15 ft kayaks with all the gear and we're happy to lend them to people to help avoid any rental co$t$.  Kayaks are for use by any freedom lovers.