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Title: My First Time!
Post by: djbutt3rfly on February 22, 2008, 12:22:38 pm
I'm planning on coming to PorcFest for the first time this year.. not only is it my first time to NH, but it will be my first time east of South Dakota!! I don't have a clue what to expect!!

I live in Seattle now... would it be too much of a hassle to try to rent a car or RV and drive there? GoogleMaps says it's about a 2-day drive... also, how is the camping? Would it be better to get a hotel room and stay at the campsite during the day? I'm not the biggest camper in the world (lol) but I would be afraid of missing out on all the stuff to do by not staying at the campsite?

Also, how do you sign up for the tours and stuff? I'm really excited to be able to go this year! Thanks!
Title: Re: My First Time!
Post by: Rich Goldman on February 22, 2008, 01:12:01 pm
Awesome.  You'll have a great time.

The hassle factor is really up to you.  Safest bet IMO though would be to fly into Manchester, NH and rent a car from there. 

Camping is great and is really where a lot of the fun happens.  You can pick up some camping gear in town when you arrive.  There are hotels in the area and many will be staying there too. Further details on lodging can be found at:

To sign up for bus tours and other things, go to the PorcFest registration page:

Please post if you have any other questions or concerns.  Thanks.
Title: Re: My First Time!
Post by: Pat K on February 22, 2008, 06:06:41 pm
Hi djbuttrfly, its great that your coming for your first Porc Fest.

But Rich is right flying would be a lot less hassle.

I say this as a person who likes to drive and has driven
cross country and all over the east coast.

You would have to drive rally style to make it in 2 days.  ;D

If you have alot of time to take then it could be worth it.

Otherwise time and money wise flying is cheaper and much faster.

You could get a tent at Wal-Mart cheap when you get here if
you want to camp. I was not a camper at first, but like it now.

There will be a Beer in my cooler for ya.