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Title: Just Registered!
Post by: sj on February 21, 2008, 12:32:56 am
My wife and I are coming to our first PorcFest and it's about time!  ;D ;D ;D  Putting that tax "refund" to good use.

We signed up for the bus tours of Grafton/Concord and the Seacoast region because those are the areas we're interested in moving to (ah, if only Maxxoccupancy were here...he'd have something to say about this  ;)  8)).  We're very excited to meet you all finally and explore our new home.

Hotels are indeed filling up fast so get your room now.  We'll actually have to stay at 2 hotels because one of them has weekday rooms available but is full on the weekend.  The Weirs Beach Motel ( has rooms for $59 a night (but only Monday-Friday) so that's affordable and close...and availability probably won't last long (till Feb 29th at the very latest).  Even though on the website, they don't list rooms for $59, they do indeed have rooms at that rate (I don't know if they're only for porcupines or what).

Our plan is to drive all day Tuesday, get in Tuesday night, then leave Sunday morning (possibly after attending the Christians meeting...I found it humorous that the atheists meeting was right afterwards).
Title: Re: Just Registered!
Post by: Rich Goldman on February 21, 2008, 10:36:15 pm
Glad to hear.  Look forward to meeting you.  Yeah, that was the idea of those hotels with only weekday availability....get a cheaper rate for part of the week.  Heh, that's a good/funny observation.