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Title: Freedumb!
Post by: Ear on November 01, 2006, 02:09:54 am
I just had the following exchange with a confused friend who votes Republican:

ME:  Sorry, wrong link... I should have shown you this instead:

CFWVR:  I'll need to check that out. I just might move :D

ME:  You?  I thought you were one o' them Republicrats!
ME:  This is for whack jobs like me who are pro-choice and anti-gun control.

CFWVR:  heh
CFWVR:  I thought anti-gun control was the right

ME:  Yes, being against gun control IS a typical Right-wing stance... but being pro-choice is a typical Left-wing stance.
ME:  Libertarians like both stances, because the more important underlying issue is personal liberty.

CFWVR:  I'm mostly in favor of government non-interference.

ME:  That's pretty much the idea.

CFWVR:  I'm against legal abortions only because I became a dad, and thought there are too many people who get abortions who are just too damn lazy to take care of their kids.

ME:  I don't understand... you think that people who are too damn lazy to take care of kids should be forced to have them?

CFWVR:  If they don't want kids, they shouldn't have sex.

ME:  So you're against government interference, but you want the government to force people to either stop having sex, or have unwanted babies?

CFWVR:  I have to go now, dinner is ready.
Title: Re: Freedumb!
Post by: Spencer on November 03, 2006, 01:19:41 am
Well-played, sir.  Well-played.

You demonstrated logic and quick thinking -- those are dangerous (and rare) traits.