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Title: Arundel MD grand jury identifies real culprits in mistaken FBI shooting
Post by: Dex Sinister on August 01, 2002, 11:48:26 pm

This is a follow-up story to the incident near Baltimore, MD, where the FBI - searching for two male bank robbers on March 1st - pulled over a male/female teenage couple returning from the mall and shot the male teen in the face while he was attempting to comply with contradictory orders, i.e., "Hands in the air!", "Get out of the car!" The incident has had some activists claiming that the FBI believes it has a right to shoot people indiscrimitely.

Baltimore attorney Andrew C. White, the lawyer for FBI Special Agent Christopher Braga, who shot Joseph Schultz in the face, identified the real culprits in the mistaken shooting, teens Joseph Schultz and girlfriend Krissy Harkum.

" 'This would not have been a problem,' White admonished those persnickety pundits among us who insist cop types shoot only armed criminals, not law-abiding guys returning from the mall with their girlfriends, 'if the people inside the car had complied with orders and raised their hands, which they did not.' "

"Everybody get that? You know-it-alls who thought cops could only shoot folks who were armed and presented imminent danger to police or others should learn a lesson from this. You've been wrong. You've been wrong for years. You don't need to have a weapon. You don't need to present a danger. If you simply refuse to raise your hands, prepare to get [shot.]"

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