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Title: Announcement: Public Discussion of FSP Mission
Post by: JasonPSorens on July 11, 2005, 08:45:55 pm
With Free Staters continuing to move to New Hampshire ahead of the
20,000-signer threshold, and with our original September 2006 goal
for 20,000 signatures on the horizon, we need to consider whether to
change our mission statement, Statement of Intent, or Participation
Guidelines. Is there a way we can restructure the Project to increase our
chances of success in creating a free state, and in achieving liberty in
our lifetime? The FSP Board of Directors wants to hear what you have to
say. You can post your ideas on this forum, send them to us by email at, participate in the discussion at the Porcupine
Freedom Festival (, or attend one of many scheduled local
group meetings ( in August to make your views heard. We'll carefully
consider all input we receive by September 1st, and we plan to make a
decision on any changes by October 1st. Thanks for your help in working
toward a freer society!