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 on: October 14, 2018, 11:36:23 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

NH: Is LP running more candidates than GOP in Keene?

Free stater business burglarized

NH: Gericke ejected from political event

NH: Does media focus too much on little people crime?

NH: Bedford govt. coming after good business?

Open letter RE: Libertarian Party debate ban

NH liberty news

NH Senate race fake Facebook account?

Cheshire TV Hosts Debate for NH Senate District 10 Candidates

Libertarian Transgender Sheriff Candidate Featured in Union Leader Article

Only Two City Councilors Voted Against Expanding Nicotine Prohibition in Keene

NH Libertarian Party Candidates Excluded from WMUR’s Debates via Insurmountable Rules?

NH’s Top Police Chief Resigns After Attacking Own Son

My Appearance on RT America Friday to Comment on Facebook’s Takedown of Hundreds of Pages

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

AG Investigating Police-Involved Death of Epping Man

Former St. Paul’s Student Accused of Lying to Grand Jury Sentenced to Community Service

Manchester Library Eliminates Fines for Kids

State Orders Saint Gobain to Install Air Pollution Controls at Merrimack Plant

N.H. Man Accused of Securities Fraud Over 'Tiny Homes' Investments

State Finalizing Contracts With Seven Hospitals to Build New Addiction Hubs [I guess addiction is great for business; better make more addicts]

AG: Police Use of Deadly Force Justified in Rochester Shooting [as always]

ACLU and Newspapers File Suit Over State's 'Laurie List' police officers with credibility issues

N.H. Lawsuit Highlights Prison Inmate 'Pay to Stay' Law (former inmate being retaliated against)

Portraits of Overdose Victims on Display in Washington

AG: Woman Died of Gunshot at Rochester Storage Unit

Hassan On Sweeping [self-serving?] Opioid Legislation: 'This is Just the Beginning'

Marijuana in Canada Becomes Legal Oct. 17

UNH Law to Launch Program Focused on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

ACLU Sues ICE, Says Man Was Detained In Dover Jail Unlawfully

From Fixing Roads To Collecting Rent: Why N.H.’s DOT Is Also A Landlord

Video Games Can Help Students Understand Bystander Intervention

Great Bay Towns Turn Out Against Transmission Line

13 Dartmouth College Groups Face Hazing Allegations

 on: October 14, 2018, 11:29:48 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

BrainNet allows three people to communicate using brainwaves to play Tetris

A new convolutional neural network model to detect abuse and incivility on Twitter [pure BS; End the damn thought police]

China used tiny chips on US computers to steal secrets

How a machine could mark the turning point for DNA data storage

A font that helps you remember what you read

Did Apple secretly add a 'beauty mode' to new iPhones that can't be turned off?

THEY KNEW Windows 10 1809 DELETED YOUR FILES (and released it anyway)

Space-borne quantum source to secure communication

Why your online data isn't safe

9th generation processors

Can wireless challenge cable for home internet service?

Kids with cellphones more likely to be bullies – or get bullied

Young Americans say online bullying is a serious problem

Study details link between social media and sex trafficking

The social implications of teens leaving Facebook

Sight-impaired people want to use technology but are excluded by cost and accessibility

New study finds consumers wary of manipulated photos

Betting with a smartphone? The casinos know who you are, and where you are located

Storm left wide swath of Florida a communications dead zone

 on: October 14, 2018, 11:25:18 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Too much belly fat is a warning sign of an unhealthy brain

Portable cancer test uses smartphone, new gold biosensor [probably the usual BS: inaccurate testing that leads to expensive deadly cancer treatments, when herbs do the job better than anything and without side effects]

A new molecular programming language: CRN++

Child abuse may scar our DNA at the molecular level

Scientists unveil plan to stave off global pandemics with a Noah's Ark ... of bacteria

*20 VACCINE FACTS you need to know to make an informed decision

*What the Media Won't Tell You About Ebola

Trillions of health-protecting viruses make up your virome?

28 medical studies come to the same shocking conclusion: Fluoride is linked to lower intelligence in children

Sealy, world-class 3D printers set to create dissolvable medical implants

Calcifying the brain: Taking calcium supplements - even at low doses linked to brain lesions

Some watchdog: Six toxic artificial sweeteners approved by the FDA

Have 80,000 Americans really died from the flu - Or is this a Big Pharma con to push the 'flu vaccine'? [Yes]

FDA loophole can turn $10 supplements into $40,000 drugs

Six cases of rare polio-like neurologic condition 'with no cure' confirmed in Minnesota

The CDC continues its yearly push for the ineffective flu shot

Los Angeles sees outbreak of flea-borne typhus among homeless

New study reveals that antidepressants cause severe withdrawal symptoms - "hallucination," "mania," and "anxiety"

A probiotic strain that kills antibiotic resistant superbugs

The creator of GMO potatoes reveals the dangerous truth

More fake flu news from the CDC

Game-changing research reveals: Epigenetic memories are passed down 14 successive generations

Why adding fluoride to water should be halted immediately

Time-restricted feeding is critical for weight loss

Fiber Reduces Inflammation and Preserves Brain Function

Pesticide Industry Squashes Local Rights

Caught Red-Handed, Please Stop Trusting These Science 'Experts' (dangers of basing health decisions on industry-funded science)

Household Chemicals Causing Obesity

The Importance of Biochar and Regenerative Systems for Soil Health

One Family’s Journey Into Regenerative Agriculture

Petition to Stop Weedkiller in Cereal

Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease

Nattokinase is natural alternative to the dangers of Aspirin

Hidden Story of How Vaccine Dangers Have Been Suppressed

 on: October 14, 2018, 07:51:44 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

What is Alt-Libertarianism

Left Libertarian

Rethinking Libertarianism (Anarcho-Capitalism)
Why I Am a Left Libertarian

Time To Abandon The Libertarian Party Platform?

A Third/Fourth Party Emerges? (Theory)

Automakers In UK Are Trying To Use Fear To Force EU Deal Or Force It To Remain

Unemployment Rate Hits 49 Year Low And CNN Shockingly Admits Trump Has Something To Do with It

Popular Science deviously Tries To Make The Case For AI Fake News Fact Checking By Claiming It Has No Biases

Libertarian Culture Wars

Stefan Molyneux and His Critics

The Good Censor - The Google Internal Memo Promoting It And Silicon Valley Mass Censoring The World

Libertarians, Borders, and Ethics

The Constitution will Never Enforce Itself

The War Has Begun on 10/10... FBIBook Purges Hundreds of Alternative Media Pages

Why I Am A Left Libertarian - 9/6/2015

[This left libertarian discusses government gang stalking of citizens, such as herself. I wasn't aware of this.]
_It’s time for change. Let the world know about Government Gang Stalking. Let the world see the ugly bitch America has become. And then let’s begin anew.
_Listen to What This Former FBI Senior Intelligence Adviser said openly on CNN.
_Help Expose The American Stasi - Police, Firemen, EMS, Ambulance Drivers, Security Guards, Neighborhood Watch Group Members Gang Stalking/MOBBING Ordinary Citizens For Over A Decade. It Can Happen To Anyone.
_How did it start?
_In the Administration of George Bush the Attorney General of the United States rescinded anti-COINTELPRO regulations allowing the FBI to spy on Americans, to disrupt, to infiltrate, to use all that was used in the past to harass, to intimidate people who did nothing other than exercise their free speech rights, their right to assemble, or like me, have a fireman move next to them who knew how to manipulate the system of Suspicious Activity Reports, Watch Lists, Fusion Centers, nationwide data bases in a personal vendetta. I once called the police on him which I think was the determining factor in his trying to get me out of the neighborhood/initiating my gang stalking with his friends. This giant Intelligence bureaucracy was created after 9/11 with no checks and balances. And Dick Cheney had a hand in a lot that was done starting in about 2002.
_Government Gang Stalking is An Indictment of American Institutions - Our Government which put into effect this abomination, Our Press which allows it to go on, Our Schools which turn out these Herd Animals/The Government Gang Stalkers, and even some of Our Churches many of whose members participate in it on Church property.
_"Mobbing is a form of persecution, of humiliation, of degradation. It is the dark side of organizational life in workplaces, universities, schools, religious organizations, the military, the judicial system, correctional institutions, and community organizations like condominium and homeowners' associations."
_"A reasonable person might be forgiven for thinking that this kind of thing couldn't possibly happen today, in the 21st century. BUT IT DOES AND FREQUENTLY."
_The best description of this cancerous program is contained in this link
_The Best Description of the Criminality of Deep State, the Crimes of Our Intelligence-Industrial Complex, I have found on the web is at this website
_U.S. Government Gang Stalking Is A Hate Crime

 on: October 13, 2018, 11:51:55 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Children learn best when their bodies are engaged in the living world

A font that helps you remember what you read

Limiting screen time improves cognitive function for children

How to choose the “best education” for your children?

One of the hidden lessons of school is that we can be categorised by our ability, which then affects how we see ourselves and other people

Homeschooling – Teacher – Amanda's Life

The student is the most important subject in our sentences

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Empowering Wonder

Amazing ways that unschooling develops children’s creativity

The Decision to Leave School Behind with Jen Lumanlan


Peer Unschooling Network

Self-Directed Learning

 on: October 13, 2018, 10:58:23 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
(Continued from above)

Insane libshit makes a comic about "police free world" [libertarians also wisely favor a cop-free world]

Our Trump Rally Video Was Blocked on YouTube ... Here's the Ridiculous Reason Why

"Game" is just an algorithim for banging npc females

Mass Migration Planted 'Bomb' Under EU - Belgian Politician

Facebook recently deleted alot of pages on all sides, But only deleted large rightwing pages and small leftwing pages; Heres the breakdown

Muh BLU WAIV! Florida Initial Absentee Voting Has Returned

Hundreds of Hondurans head for US border in another mass migration 'march'

President Donald Trump endorsed prison reform on Thursday, warning Attorney General Jeff Sessions to get on board with the idea

Hurricane Cost May Skyrocket As Billions In Stealth Fighter Jets Unaccounted For

America's Founders Were Fleeing Jewish Controlled Economies and Governments; Many Of Them Wanted A Permanent Ban On Jewish Immigration; By the Civil War, Jews Had Already Taken Over the South


Diseased corpses of Ebola victims STOLEN by their distressed families

MSU student raped woman hours after leaving #MeToo rally

Lets sue Facebook

Liberals Changed Their Opinions on Migration After Being Exposed to Migrants

"People have completely forgotten that in 1972 we had over nineteen hundred domestic bombings in the United States"

FBI Steals Treasure Hunters' Civil War Gold Worth Up To $250 Million

Long list of Jewish Child Molestor Rabbis gets no media coverage and Jewish homosexual pedophiles are undisturbed

Creator of GMO reveals "it is important for people to know how little genetic engineers know, how biased they are, and how wrong they can be"

Mozilla says tech firms need to hire more leftist liberal arts drones to combat 'misinformation'

I've decided it's an emergency situation in big cities and it's time to leave for a farm life

The Great Social Media Purge Has Begun for midterms

Disney Begins Star Wars SJW Purge

Witches place a hex on Kavanaugh

UK: Somali gang-rapist's deportation was stopped by plane passengers

Everything About The UN Is Wrong And We Should Be Rid Of It

Soaring antidepressant use is turning our waters into a 'drug soup' and changing marine life's ability to mate, feed and move

President Trump signs the Music Modernization Act into law [more copyright crap?]

Democratic Senate Candidate: It Would Be "Inappropriate" to Ask Anarchists Not to Destroy Property

Ancient Spooks: Part III

Ancient Spooks: Part IV

The Feel-Good Hoax of the Year

The Titanic: the Fraud that Keeps Giving

 on: October 13, 2018, 10:57:29 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

BIZ & ECONOMICS, then POLITICS & Statist News

The stunning differences between MMT and MS (i.e. Modern Money Theory and Monetary Sovereignty)

Social media data used to predict retail failure

Austerity cuts 'twice as deep' in England [as] rest of Britain

Video ad business booming in US: market tracker

Researchers build a model that predicts business closures in cities with 80% accuracy

For wineries, competition boosts profits from sustainability

Market forces put America's recycling industry in the dumps

Where will Amazon put its second headquarters? What you need to know

Tech to prepare manufacturers, workers for the 'factory of the future'

Disruption makes startup investors balance caution against fear of missing out

Tracking how mobile banking and texting are impacting lives in Africa

POLITICS & Statist News
Scientists successfully breed mice with same-sex parents using stem cells and a DNA editor

Scientists worried that new technology will enable smallpox to be weaponized

Hubble Space Telescope sidelined by serious pointing failure

Another NASA space telescope shuts down in orbit

Poland will not sign UN Migration treaty: 'We want Poles to be safe in their country'

Trump Signs Bills Lifting Pharmacist 'Gag Clauses' on Drug Prices - Allowing Pharmacists to offer Cheaper Medication


UK fines man £450 for having knife in work, court gives him knife back after fine was paid ... since he needs it for work

Britain: 13 year old white girl raped by up to 70 moslems gets justice: 1 of the 70 was convicted for sex with a minor, will spend 3+ years in prison

Four Democrats Caught in Voter Fraud Ring Targeting Seniors in North Dallas

President Trump Praises Ulysses S Grant and Robert E Lee at Ohio Rally, Libs Triggered

Facebook Engineer Who Stood Up to Company's 'Intolerant' Liberal Culture Leaves

It's happening again: Pro-life activist assaulted by abortion protester on campus

Italy: Salvini is SHUTTING DOWN Brown People with 9PM Curfew

Muslim Migrant Celebrates Swedish Citizenship by Raping Woman

Principal Replaced After Making A Student Take Off His Trump Jersey At A Patriotic-Themed Football Game

Trump Signs Legislation To Clean Up Millions Of Tons Of Garbage From The World's Oceans

Anyone else getting non-stop telemarketers and scam calls daily? They won't stop!

Beverly Hills High School Students Surround LA Times Reporter with Trump Flag, Tell Her "LA Times is Fake News"

97% of Hollywood execs donate to Democrats

The Greeks fight back! Citizens reinstall vandalised cross monument that 'insulted migrants'

California DMV Wrongly Registered 1,500 People, Including Non-citizens, to Vote in 2018 ~ Which means it's several times more than that

Tennessee: coal burner gets bashed in the head by her black dildo, then repeatedly run over by him, leaving two abominations without their mother [I respect people myself, but I thought it may be good to hear the derogatory remarks of a probably angry person, probably a racist etc]

 on: October 13, 2018, 01:09:10 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


Permanent, wireless self-charging platform for low-power wearable electronics

9th generation processors

Exploring self-driving car with device as steering wheel

Researchers develop 3-D printed objects that can track and store how they are used

Passengers ready for world's longest flight

UC Berkeley team gives jumping robot higher goals than bouncy-bouncy

Your smartphone could soon be making your commute much less stressful

Russian scientists isolate bacteria which neutralizes nuclear waste

Russian and American astronauts dodge death in rare Soyuz rocket launch accident

Russia tests its nuclear deterrence tech in large-scale drills

Atlas robot can now do parkour to chase humans up stairs

Ancient pigment can boost energy efficiency

New tool simultaneously senses magnetic fields in various directions

World's fastest camera freezes time at 10 trillion frames per second


Forcing a metal to be a superconductor via rapid chilling

A mysterious insulating phenomenon in a superconductor

Copper ions flow like liquid through crystalline structures

Scientists explain the low-temperature anomaly in superconductors

Ultrafast optical fiber-based electron gun to reveal atomic motions

The culprit of superconductivity in cuprates

A topological insulator in which optical and electronic excitations hybridize and flow together

Protoplanetary disk material found to be too sparse to form planet populations

Astronomers witness birth of binary star system for 1st time

When is a nova not a nova? When a white dwarf and a brown dwarf collide

Remarkable flares from the galactic center

Planetary nebulae reveal kinematics of Messier 87 galaxy's outer halo

Giant, jagged 'ice spikes' cover Jupiter's moon Europa, new study suggests

High levels of scandium near the galaxy's giant black hole were illusory, astronomers find [including the black hole IMO]

'Pulsar in a box' reveals surprising picture of a neutron star's surroundings

Galaxy NGC 3256 contains substantial amounts of dark matter, study suggests [i.e. electrical forces]

Massive star's unusual death heralds the birth of compact neutron star binary

Scientists puzzled as to why Earth's mantle convection has stalled

'Lost volcano world' teeming with life discovered thousands of meters below remote seas

Mt Etna at risk of 'catastrophic collapse'

Scientists successfully breed mice with same-sex parents using stem cells and a DNA editor

Trillions of health-protecting viruses make up your virome

The Evolution of Life on the Electric Earth

The Problem with Ice Age Overkill

Oldest Hominid Bones Found In Poland Belonged To Neanderthal Child Whose Fingers Were Chewed By Giant Bird

Easter Island Heads May Have Been Markers for Drinking Water

Clues from a Somalian cavefish about modern mammals’ dark past [maybe related to Cardona's Age of Darkness]

This Ancient Stone Cutting Technology Evidence at Puma Punku is Unlike Anything Ever Seen

Ancient Machining at Petra This is What Mainstream Science Doesn't Want You To See

Rare Ancient Megaliths of Peru Show They Somehow Shaped Stone in a Way We Cannot Match

Uncovering the impossible: 6 of the Heaviest Ancient Stones Ever Made

The Great Sphinx of Egypt: Guardian of a Lost Ancient Archive | Ancient Architects

The Inventory Stela, the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid | Ancient Architects

Easter Island Statues - Mystery Solved? | Ancient Architects

Catastrophe Linked to Grail; Southwest US Flooding / Randall Carlson

Ice Age Clues in Glacial Retreat - Catastrophic Model / Randall Carlson

Extinct Mega-Beasts of the Pleistocene / Randall Carlson

Randall Carlson - The Cosmic Origins of Halloween

Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis (YDIH) - Prospects for a physics-based model - Antonio Zamora

Proof a Solar Flare Ended Younger Dryas - Dead Sea - Lake Van Level Analysis

Younger Dryas Comparative Mythology - NASA GeoSpace1

Discovery Shuttle Museum Symbology - Younger Dryas Mythology

 on: October 10, 2018, 03:14:08 pm 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by RidleyReport
we have a third participant technically...a relative is sending me ideas for enhancing the contents :)

next I will probably visit and enquire with most of the shops in the nearest shopping center incuding a dartmoth-hitchock branch...  all of them are probalby throwing stuff every day that I/we could include.  in the 90s Catholic Charities used to give me a bunch of medical stuff they couldn't keep for one reason or another and I"d ship it to friends in Zagreb who moved it to towns by the front line.   Half of that is probably illegal now but at least I can do the lawful half.

 on: October 09, 2018, 11:09:29 pm 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by RidleyReport
We're now in a position to store and collect more items, if others of you have surplus you want to donate.   i.e. for the moment space is no longer the limiting factor.  It's practical for me to collect stuff from you if you're in (or visiting) the keene area and the stars align.

Meanwhile here are the other places where the project is under discussion:
NH General Discussion on Facebook

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