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 on: January 13, 2019, 07:08:52 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

BIZ & ECONOMICS (Statist News below)

The “national emergency”

The best way to destroy a good plan (like healthcare) is to implement it poorly

Is someone stealing from your organization? The 3 simple rules of stealing

OPEC's largest producer slashes exports

World Bank sees global economic growth slowing in 2019

POLITICS & Statist News

Weapons of War On Our Streets: A Guide to the Militarization of Police

San Francisco and Jonestown Fake

Cambridge Analytica: Where we take a closer look at Chris Wylie, Carole Cadwalladr, and the rest of this story; Also Bradley Manning

A Salvator Mundi Update (Russia selling Saudis art is really U.S. buying Yemen from Saudis?)

Cutting Through the Fog: Current Events Discussion Thread

Ben Carson Finds $516.4 BILLION Of Mismanaged Funds, Media DEAD SILENT

DIY paternity tests soar, around 20 per cent of men will learn they are not the father of the child

Yale Study Shows White Leftists Dumb Down Their Speech When Talking to Minorities

Israel: Jews mock Christ, Arab Christian minority not having it

Pelosi Refuses to Meet With Families of Victims Killed by Illegal Aliens

Deep State Panics Over NY Times Confirming Active FBI Coup Against Trump

Claim that "traditional masculinity is harmful": a bunch of Jews wrote the "study" at Yeshiva (Orthodox Jewish) university

American University Tells Faculty to Disregard 'Quality' of Writing When Grading

James Goddard, a British yellow-vest protestor, has been arrested for calling anti-Brexit politician, Anna Soubry, a 'Nazi'

Your new smart TV was so affordable, because it's collecting and selling your data

Political Correctness Is Much More Harmful Than People Realize

Russian troll farm aimed to discourage black US voters

China bike-sharing pioneer Ofo hits the skids

Digitally enhanced: Estonia plots the end of bureaucracy

A system to generate new song lyrics that match the style of specific artists

Distilled 3-D (D3D) networks for video action recognition

A framework for AI-powered agile project management

Is Deep State Ruled From Britain? How British Intelligence-Linked Integrity Initiative Drafted US For New Cold War

The Clinton memo that killed half a million people in Syria

Colorado leaps into increased surveillance of roads and a jump in potential radiation

Head of Syrian opposition urges Arab leaders to 'abandon' Syria

Trump picks former Monsanto Executive to head US Fish and Wildlife Service (conflict of interests)

US could lose its crown as the world's most powerful economy as soon as next year, and it's unlikely to ever get it back

The 'war on terror' has morphed into a globalist neo-liberal war on populism

Globalist warnings should not be dismissed out of hand

Retiring Israeli chief of staff tells NYT: "We struck thousands of targets without claiming responsibility or asking for credit"

Regular Israeli attacks only possible due to US backing

Saudi Arabia at war with free speech and civil liberties

Russia laughs off ridiculous claims by Zionist media that it is hacking the Israeli elections

 on: January 12, 2019, 11:50:46 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


GoSun woos outdoor cooks with Fusion's solar power

Termite-gut microbes extract clean energy from coal [CO2 isn't dirty in the first place, AGW Crackpots]

Robots of the future: more R2D2 than C3PO

Breaking barriers in solar energy

Facial recognition: Coming to a gadget near you

Star Trek style translators step closer to reality

Robots walk, talk, pour beer and take over CES tech show

New materials could help improve the performance of perovskite solar cells

These drones are landing, drilling holes, and taking off again

3-D printing 100 times faster with light

New way of switching exotic properties on and off in topological material

Scientists discover a process that stabilizes fusion plasmas


Stars/Surface fusion
_RHESSI observes high-energy phenomena from a solar flare. Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio.
_Stellar surface fusion occurs above a star's photosphere to a limited extent as found in studies of near coronal cloud activity.
_Surface fusion is produced by reactions during or preceding a stellar flare and at much lower levels elsewhere above the photosphere of a star.
_"Nuclear interactions of ions accelerated at the surface of flaring stars can produce fresh isotopes in stellar atmospheres."[1] [It references a 2008 paper at arXiv]

Star transforming into [something like] a black hole caught on camera

Chandra detection of a circumnuclear torus

Astronomers discover first direct evidence of white dwarf stars solidifying into crystals [White dwarfs are plasma rings]

Astronomers [think they] observe evolution of a black hole as it wolfs down stellar material

First evidence of gigantic remains from star explosions

Milky Way-sized galaxy lacking galactic neighbors

Lifting the veil on star formation in the Orion Nebula

Magnetar mysteries in our galaxy and beyond [Magnetars are also plasma rings]

What 100,000 star factories in 74 galaxies reveal about star formation

Ricocheting "black hole" jet discovered by Chandra

'Messy' star that made its companion go supernova

Group of telescopes finds X-ray engine inside mysterious supernova

Stereo anaglyph of Ultima Thule

*The Zeller-Nikolov climate discovery: Carbon dioxide has no measurable effect on planetary temperature

Gigantic jets and upper atmospheric phenomena

Laser triggers electrical activity in thunderstorm for first time

First phase liquid transition found in biology

New study reveals dinosaur killing Chicxulub asteroid caused a global mile high tsunami

Earth's water & chlorine from a Saturnian flare

10 Amazing Crop Circles That Have Left Authorities Stunned

Ben Davidson's Channel re Cyclic Micronovas etc

Sigiriya (Ravana's Palace) - Incredible Ancient Technology Found in Sri Lanka?

Catastrophe holds key to Historical Mysteries / Survival strategy? -CosmoG101-28.3 R Carlson 9/08

How the Younger Dryas Climate Event Influenced Prehistoric Humans | Human Origin Project

Wal Thornhill: The Saturn/Earth Connection and Our Place

Solar Micronovas or Saturn Novas?

CIA AstroTurfing Younger Dryas Impact - Diehold Foundation is COINTELPRO

 on: January 09, 2019, 10:08:07 pm 
Started by Rick2001 - Last post by JasonPSorens
That's great. Salem might be a large enough town to have professional firefighters, but many smaller towns rely on volunteers. A good friend of ours and "Pre-Stater" (NH libertarian from times before the FSP) is the volunteer fire chief in this area. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the community here. I have done work for a local land conservancy, for instance.

 on: January 08, 2019, 11:04:13 am 
Started by Rick2001 - Last post by Rick2001
Hi jason ,thanks for the reply it is much appreciated.
I completely agree and share the Libertarian philosophy and values.

More than being involved in politics, as soon as I will settle in Salem, I would like to be involved in volunteering for the community... I 've been in red cross, civil protection , volunteer firefighters  so I have some skills on first aid, emergency management , fire prevention and so on but I can also cook quite well , and  build/fix a loto of stuff (I consider myself a sort of handyman) so I think I can do something good for the community to repay for its hospitality.
Just don't know where to look to be involved....

If you have any suggestion it will be more than welcome.

 on: January 08, 2019, 10:12:23 am 
Started by Rick2001 - Last post by JasonPSorens
Hi Riccardo - Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately, this place gets a lot less traffic than the Free State Project Facebook groups the last few years. I don't use Facebook unless absolutely necessary, but most people do.

We have a lot of preppers of various sorts who've moved here. Certainly a lot of gun folks, plenty of permaculturists, some who live off the grid with solar panels and batteries, and quite a few who are interested in precious metals, cryptocurrency, and other investments that diversify away from sensitive U.S. industries.

The most important feature of Free Staters, of course, is their commitment to nonaggression and keeping their word - libertarianism. We may disagree about religion and private morality, but we share at least that moral basis: it's never OK to attack someone, take his stuff, or defraud him. And we apply that philosophy to the government as well. Most of us are interested in politics of some kind and trying to shrink government to its smallest feasible level. New Hampshire is very open to direct citizen involvement in politics.

If there's anything else I can help you with, let me know! Beyond our website (, the best way to see what's happening here for yourself is to come and visit. The NH Liberty Forum ( is coming up early next month.

 on: January 07, 2019, 03:49:47 pm 
Started by Rick2001 - Last post by Rick2001
Hi All, I am moving to USA permanently on March the 1st 2019, ad I would be really interested in know more about this Project.... I have read something and looks great!
 To introduce myself to you,  I am cutting and paste the presentation I made of myself on survivalist board forum some months ago.... at that time I didn't receive yet the new job offer here in US, so I was describing my life in Italy at that time....  now I have to start all over again  in NH, and I hope to  meet some other like minded people.

Sorry if the intro is more "prepping" oriented but it describes fairly who I am none the less....  you can guess from it that I value autonomy,  self reliance , hard work and that I don't trust any government to help me in an emergency situation so I have to provide for myself, my loved ones and help friends/community.


Hi all, my name is Riccardo and I am from Italy, Rome.

As you may guess, to live in Europe, and in particular Italy in theese times of economic and social crisis I am an hardcore survivalist.... LOL just joking.

Trying to be serious , in the last few years, the concerns about what is happening worldwide and that sooner or later may affect also my country, has led me to approach the prepper/survivalist phyosophy and bit by bit I started to prepare myself, focusing in particular on self-sufficiency for food/water, renewable energy and self defence just to mention the main themes;
I live just outside Rome by the sea, in a home surrounded by 1000 Sq/m worth of garden that I organized the best I could to provide the basic food necessities; so I have planted 40 different fruit trees (almost any kind of fruit you can imagine and different cultivar of the same to have them ripe at different times) and a green garden... started 3 composters and have drilled two wells for water (currently with electro pumps but I bought also a hand pump, just in case).
Since I work in a very big renewables energies company , PV panels were among the first thing I bought... still connected to the grid but I have plans to buy all the necessary to turn the roof-plant to standalone mode if necessary.

As for self defence (but also for passion... I have to admit ) I own a H&K VP9 9mm , an AR15, an AK47, a 12ga Shotgun and an M1A1 in 308... I also reaload.

Concerning the more important things to have in a SHTF situation , SKILLS, I try constantly to learn new things or improve what I already know in first aid, DIY projects, craftmanship, cook from raw ingredients , can and preservation of food, everything about self sufficiency , prepping and survivalism, gunsmithing (very basic level in order to care , maintain and repair my weapons) and so on.

I try also to stay fit, going at least three times to the Gym , starting with 45min of threadmill (7 miles/h) followed by crossift, light weight lifting and so on... I try also to swim once a week to develop stamina.

I served in the Italian Navy during conscription time and while there I developed some useful skills, including land navigation, climbing and so on that I try to refresh from time to time...


 on: January 05, 2019, 11:31:44 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

BIZ & ECONOMICS (Statist News below)

What is the difference between socialized medicine and true Medicare for all?

More scare nonsense from the CRFB

Now it’s the Dem’s turn to act stupidly with PayGo

Is this good news or bad news for JPMorgan Chase?

Ditching the dollar: Top 5 countries and their reasons behind the move

POLITICS & Statist News

The Aboslute Madman: Patriot Makes Guns From Scrap Metal, Sells Them in State's 'Buyback' Program, Buys Real Guns With Proceeds

The TSA is staffed by actual retards with plastic badges

Vaccine Skepticism In Australia Now Punishable By 10 Years In Jail

Canadian liberal woman's "lifelong dream" was travelling to Africa; Now her family fears that she was killed there

Japan ONLY Admits 27 Muslim 'Refugees', Two Already Arrested For Gang Rape

Coinbase bans gab from their platform

Ireland's population being diluted with foreigners

Sweden Invests Big in Sentencing People Who Criticise Immigration

Parkland Shooting Commission Report Causes A Stir: Recommends Arming Teachers, Calls For Investigation Of Sheriff's Deputies

UK Welcomes Extremists, Bans Critics Of Extremists

Wear a Hijab Day Backfires When Women Forced to Wear Them TWEET

Poll: Only 39% Of Service Members Approve of Transgender Troops [39% is a lot if you ask me]

Texas teen dead after befriending a muslim and playing stupid games with him

The Sargon Saga: NPCs, Censorship, And How The Intellectual Dark Web Fought Back

US gov't agency proposes new rule giving it right to ignore 'burdensome' FOIA requests

The US continues to side with terrorists and war criminals in Yemen

Sunday's election in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a 'complete fraud'

Saudi-led coalition accused of using Sudanese child mercenaries 'like firewood' to fuel Yemen war

NYT report on Zionist killing of Gaza paramedic Rouzan al-Najjar is a big step forward, though flawed

In 2019, say no to the government's cruelty, brutality and abuse

Western media takes (evidence free) aim at China's Belt and Road Initiative

Pension funds are tanking and the US government can't find $20 trillion!

How the Empire lost the Middle East

New York Black and Latino Legislators Association stealing from students to pay for lavish lifestyle

Leaked documents reveal Facebook's biased, convoluted censorship practices

Israel steals more Palestinian land for their illegal settlement construction

Status quo seekers uneasy with Rand Paul advising Trump

Haaretz exposes covert cyberwarfare firm recruiting IDF hackers

US issues updated warning urging Americans to 'exercise caution' traveling in China

US NGO teams up with with Gulf terror sponsor to target Myanmar

U.S. $100 Billion in weapons sales to the Saudis buys a world full of hurt

Iran has new 'potential' buyers for its oil in defiance of US sanctions

Mass psychosis and the Church of 'Humanitarian Interventionism' it spawned

Trump Flips Terrorism Narrative to Justify US Military Withdrawal From Syria And Afghanistan

 on: January 05, 2019, 05:04:14 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


Scientists develop a new method to revolutionize graphene printed electronics

Flexible thermoelectric generator module: a silver bullet to fix waste energy issues

Buzz grows on 'flying cars'

A new approach for steganography

Google Project Soli radar-based 57-64-GHz motion sensor, control by hand gestures

Researchers discover a metamaterial with inherently robust sound transport

Physicists uncover new competing state of matter in superconducting material

Researchers design a more durable MEMS switch for cell phones and power lines

New nanosatellite system captures better imagery at lower cost

Controllable fast, tiny magnetic bits

Excitons pave the way to higher-performance electronics


At the outer reaches of the known Universe, entire galaxies are disappearing

Groundbreaking flyby image of Ultima Thule by New Horizons on edge of our solar system

Early protostar already has a warped disk

Luminous gamma-ray flare detected from the blazar DA 193

Catastrophic galactic collision could send Solar System flying into space

Hen 3-160 is a symbiotic binary with Mira variable star

NASA's Juno mission spots dramatic volcano eruption on Jupiter moon Io

China probe makes historic touchdown on 'dark side of the moon'

Why is Earth missing a huge part of its crust? [Ans? Continental crust came from transgressions; missing crust was removed by regressions]

Sahara swung between lush and desert conditions every 20,000 years [False uniformitarian assumption; dust was cataclysmic, not gradual]

National Climate Assessment: A crisis of epistemic overconfidence

Genetic data on half a million Brits reveal ongoing evolution and Neanderthal legacy

How ancient DNA may rewrite prehistory in India

‘Ripped’ Woman with Massive Forearms Is the Oldest Known Human Burial in Lower Central America

Ancient Relics That Are SO Advanced They Shouldn't Exist

The Emerald Tablets and the Great Pyramid of Egypt | Ancient Architects

Ancient Origins of the Sphinx Temple of Egypt | Ancient Architects

Who Were The Neoliths? 3rd Lost Civilisation Discovered? Mystery History

Epoch-ellipse Preferred Survival Plan / Symbolic Clues -Cosmography101-6.3 w/ Randall Carlson 11/06

5 Scientific FACTS that prove the Great flood actually happened! (younger dryas impact crater)

Younger Dryas Impact Black Mat Layer - Eastern US Covered In Ice B4 Greenland Ash

Hudson Bay Younger Dryas Impact Crater - Greenland Hiawatha Glacier

 on: December 31, 2018, 07:14:26 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

50 Excellent Ways to Start Becoming More Self-Reliant

The Power Of Dreams, Goals, And A To-Do List. Making Resolutions Stick!

How to Become Self-Sustainable

POD: Family Communications

Bipartisan Support for New Federal Gun Controls Is a Red Flag

Turn Your Yard into a Food Forest with Edible Landscaping

31 Homesteading Skills for Preppers

Soft Skills Preppers Need to Develop

First Aid Kit For Survival

Big Benefits to Small Game

14 DIY Solar Projects for Your Homestead

This Is Exactly The Kind Of Behavior That You Would Expect During A Stock Market Implosion…

Electronics for Preppers: Simplicity Is Reliability

24 Ways to Maintain Body Temperature in a Survival Situation

U.S. Stocks Just Had Their Best Day Ever – And Here Is Why That Is A REALLY Bad Sign…

Underdog Guns for Prepping

Alt. News Hub – Because Mainstream Media Sucks

Raising Livestock on a Small Piece of Property

VID: Building a Concealed Fire Pit

Selco on Gun Confiscation: “Here’s How It Might Actually Go Down”

How to Be a Prepper in an Apartment

10 Ways To Keep Your Chickens Happy And Healthy This Winter

4 Knots That May Save Your Life

6 DIY Mosquito Traps That Are Dirt-cheap to Make

Methods of Purifying Water That Are Simple, Effective, and Inexpensive

Satellite Phones: How to Get Reliable Communications from (Almost) Anywhere On Earth

5 Vegetables to Grow Indoors During Winter

Basics of Homeschooling for Preppers

PrepperMed 101: Antibiotics – What is Enough?

The Easy Way To Make Charcoal and Biochar

Worst US Cities to Stay in for Preppers

Cold Climate Gardening – Easiest Crops to Grow (even in small spaces)

PrepperMed 101: Bleeding Control Always At Hand

DIY Greenhouse on the Cheap


What’s The Best Extreme Cold Weather Clothing?

Grid-Down Communication Methods

Home Remedies For Burns

Why Prepping Should Be Mainstream, And How We Can Make That Happen

10 Items to Add to Your Vehicle for Winter

Survival Hunting Traps

Weapons of War On Our Streets: A Guide to the Militarization of Police

Fire Starting Methods: Pros and Cons

Other sites

 on: December 31, 2018, 04:14:10 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

"Winston Ridley's" Christmas appeal-for-peace (Churchill impersonation)

More NH news

Keene Police Send SWAT Team to Apprehend Non-Violent Man Having Mental Breakdown in Own Home

Humorless City of Keene Targets New Vietnamese Restaurant Over “Offensive” Name & Sign

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

Eversource Plans Residential, Commercial Rate Hikes For 2019

ACLU Files Federal Lawsuit Claiming N.H.’s Criminal Defamation Statute Unconstitutional

Now In Control, Dems Move To Bring Back Ban On Guns In N.H. House Chamber

Prolific N.H. Opioid Prescriber Found Guilty in Kickback Scheme

Who Shipped $61 Million Worth of Weapons From N.H. to Saudi Arabia?

Higher Rates for Substance Abuse Treatment Providers Approved by N.H. Executive Council

A Fight for Transparency At New England's Powerful Energy Industry Group

Fake News: DCYF: More Staff Needed to Handle Increase in Child Abuse and Foster Care Cases [Less staff needed, or NO staff needed, as they kidnap kids]

N.H. Homelessness Rises, But Some See Hope

N.H. ACLU Wins Release of Detained Congolese Man Seeking Asylum

Hiker Killed By Falling Piece of Ice in Hart's Location

Proposed N.H. Bill Would Clarify Regulation of Tiny Houses [More crap, excessive regulation]

Manchester Program for Children In Trauma Expands to Laconia [probably more scheming to kidnap kids]

N.H. DOE Report: Science Scores On the Rise, But Some Districts Flagging [probably more fake testing & brainwashing]

Where New Hampshire Is Seeing Effects Of The Government Shutdown

Marijuana Bill Preview: Cannabis Legalization Proposal Estimates A $33 Million Windfall For N.H. [probably only for the establishment]

Driver Behavior To Blame For Uptick In N.H. Deaths [due to cell phones & poor education?]

New Year Brings New Alimony Law In New Hampshire [probably a boon for lawyers as usual]

ACLU-NH and Union Leader Sue Salem For Full Police Report

N.H. Democrats Seek to Reverse Voting Restrictions [so out-of-staters and foreigners can vote Democratic?]

Laconia Sun Editor's Personal Journey Through N.H. Mental Health System

Marriage Age Increase Among New Laws Taking Effect Jan. 1 [Marriage licenses imply that newlyweds are incompetent]

Bill Would Prohibit 'Sanctuary Cities' in N.H.

City of Keene Nazis in Dispute with Local Restaurant Owner Over 'Pho Keene Great' Name

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