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 on: October 08, 2017, 12:52:51 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
INDEX of Miles Mathis Analyses of False Flags & Conspiracy, Part 1b of 5
__6/25/17, __Marx's Wife and other things. Where we learn a lot more about Jenny Marx. Also important information on John Kerry, and on the Jewish/German settlements in Texas, including King Ranch. Also more proof of the incredible Hitler/Nazi hoax.
__6/20/17, The __Mandela Effect is another Hoax. Not indication of parallel universes or false memories, but another Intel project to mess with your mind.
__6/17/17, Looks like __Paul McCartney is really Paul Macartney of the Peerage. In a short addendum, we discover a couple of other useful things. See two pages from end.
__6/14/17, Looks like __Paul McCartney is really Paul Macartney of the Peerage. Like John Lennon, Paul apparently comes from the upper reaches of the peerage. Also more info on Guy Ritchie, the Koch brothers, and many others.
__6/8/17, Looks like __Nicklaus, Palmer and Player are Jewish. In an important update, we look at Roundell Palmer, head of British Intelligence during the war.
__6/6/17, The __Farbanks Folios. This has been hiding on my links page for years, but a reader—fearing it was being missed—asked me to post it here. He liked it and wanted it to get more hits. It is a Lord of the Rings sequel, so if you are offended by that, don't click on it. It isn't fan fiction, it is an entire book, over 350 pages.
__6/3/17, What They Don't Tell You about __Keanu Reeves. Mostly genealogy work again, but don't yawn yet. As usual, we go back to 1400 and pull in all sorts of other stuff.
__6/1/17, Looks like __Nicklaus, Palmer and Player are Jewish. The genealogies give up some more surprises. Plus more info on Copernicus, Luther, the Jagiellons, the Quirks, the Walzers, the Bashes, etc.
__5/24/17, Looks like __JFK was Gay. And other interesting news, including more explosive finds from the genealogies.
__5/14/17, __Richard Spencer looks like a Mole. Also new info on Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Cord Meyer, Jacqueline Bouvier, the artist Caspar Friedrich, and the Houstons.
__5/14/17, FYI: __David Icke. Again, the genealogies tell us all we need to know.
__5/12/17, __Martin Luther King. The rabbit hole is getting ever deeper. I have extended the previous addendum, and you won't want to miss it.
__5/12/17, __Martin Luther King. I have attached a third addendum to this paper, linking the Sneyds to the Stanleys.
__5/10/17, __Martin Luther King. I have attached two addenda to this paper, near the end.
__5/8/17, __Martin Luther King. Another hero falls. Also information on Coretta Scott King, James Earl Ray, Billy Graham, Bill Maher, and a game-ender on David Koresh and the Branch Davidians.
__5/4/17, __Justin Timberlake and others. As with Harry Styles, the “others” are more important and interesting than our title character, but he gets us in.
__5/1/17, __Harry Styles. Don't worry, I also hit more important topics than Harry.
__5/1/17, Was __Napoleon Jewish? Two new addenda to this paper, one on later Bonapartes, and one on later Radziwills.
__4/28/17, __Bill Cosby. No, this probably isn't what you think. Instead, we look at his genealogy, discovering some astonishing things.
__4/27/17, Strange Relations part 4. Guest writer Kevin is back with the 4th and final installment in this series on __Hollywood, including more surprising genealogical connections.
__4/25/17, __Affleck, Damon, Ludlum. A new guest writer has discovered some interesting things about these guys. With brief genealogical additions by me.
__4/21/17, __Steve Martin: a Wild and Crazy ... Genealogy. Where we look at Martin and surrounding characters.
__4/19/17, __F. Scott Fitzgerald. I have added an addendum concerning __Robin Williams, whom I linked to the Fitzgeralds and Kennedys through his published genealogy. Also linked him to Salem.
__4/19/17, The __Hippie Matrix. My old Trivial Pursuit games pays again, when I discover Abbie Hoffman's judge in the Chicago Eight trials was Julius Hoffman. I have added some comments about them, as well as a bit about Lenny Bruce.
__4/10/17, Your Best Source of Mainstream News is. . . The __Onion. No, Seriously. I show you how to peel The Onion for more than a joke.
__4/8/17, __Vladimir Lenin. I have now appended the genealogy of Nicholas II to this paper, showing he is descended in direct maternal line from Barbara Jagiellon of Poland. This indicates he was Jewish and that the __Russian Revolution was managed from both ends.
__3/27/17, Your __Fake Local News: Johnny Hovey. In an update to this paper from 2014, I am able to link the Hoveys to the Salem Witch Trial hoax.
__3/26/17, The __Trannies Psyop. File this one with Flat Earth and Pizzagate.
__3/19/17, Mr. __Turner. I analyze the 2014 film on the artist Turner, discovering far more than I ever thought to.
__3/16/17, __NRO2. My guest writer is back with a second long addendum about NRO. This is a tack-on to my paper of a month ago about the nuclear program. He analyzes more fun government patches, among other things, and I teach you how a pyramid is like a volcano!
__3/10/17, __Jeff Bezos looks like Another CIA Front. We also look at the King Ranch and related topics.
__3/4/17, __Bob Dylan's real link to the Rolling Stones. I have added a brief section on __Mick Jagger, after discovering some interesting things about him. Also __Jerry Hall. Also a brief addendum to my paper on Hitler, after discovering he had also been in Liverpool.
__3/2/17, __Interview request. I get another prominent request for an interview, and learn something from it.

 on: October 08, 2017, 12:48:54 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
INDEX of Miles Mathis Analyses of False Flags & Conspiracy, Part 1c of 5
__2/23/17, Strange Relations 3. Guest researcher Kevin is back with part 3 in his expose of __Hollywood. Includes new info on Clint Eastwood, the Fondas, Fred Astaire, and much more. Also brief additions by me. I have also added short addenda to my recent papers on __Trump and on the Nuclear Program. See the links below.
__2/16/17, __Hitler's Genealogy. I have added many more pages of analysis, including more analysis of fake photos of Hitler. I also show that __Eva Braun may have been twins. See addenda in the section on Eva (p.17) and near the end (p.44).
__2/14/17, What is Really Going on Behind the __Nuclear Program? A reader sent in some corroborating research on this one, which I have linked at the end. It includes further brief commentary by me.
__2/10/17, What is Really Going on Behind the __Nuclear Program? A shortish paper on the topic, including brief connecting remarks on the Alien Project. But what is most interesting is how the paper moves into unforeseen places.
__2/3/17, __Piece of Mindful. I have a few brief comments about this website, in response to questions from readers.
__2/1/17, The __New Match Game. I needed to chill after my big paper on Hitler, so this one is a complete change of pace. Just for a laugh.
__1/28/17, __Hitler's Genealogy. Readers from all over the world—including Germany—have sent me corroborating evidence for this paper in the form of links to mainstream sites. Those updates are scattered throughout the paper: I have marked them with the word addendum in bold.
__1/25/17, Looks like __Trump is Jewish. My recent genealogical research has allowed me to show a probable link between Trump and the Nazis, including Himmler himself.
__1/25/17, __Hitler's Genealogy. Further research has allowed me to show a probable link between Trump, Heinz, Goering, Hitler, and Himmler. See addendum near the end.
__1/24/17, __Rational Wiki. RW now has a page on me, but someone wishes they didn't.
__1/19/17, __Hitler's Genealogy. Yes, this is a big one. I also do Eichmann, Hess, Goebbels and Himmler. And much more.
__1/9/17, Let's Put the Spotlight on __Spotlight. I uncover huge amounts of evidence the priest scandals were faked.
__1/7/17, Strange Relations part 2. Guest writer Kevin is back with a continuation of his research on the early years of __Hollywood.
__ANNOUNCEMENT, added 1/1/17, Portrait Sale. In response to demand, I have extended my sale on pencil portraits for another few months into 2017. Still only $900: that's half price. This special offer is for portraits of young women and children only—which is what I have always specialized in. Follow that link or email me at for more info.
__1/1/17, The __Golden Suicides. In a short addendum, I show you more red flags on __Theresa Duncan. I also show Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring and Catie Disabato's Ghost Network are probably not what they seem. See p. 3.
__12/23/16, The __Folk Scene was Totally Manufactured. I compile all the red flags on this one for you. Includes Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Ewan MacColl, and Peter, Paul and Mary.
__12/18/16, Game of Fakes. In a short addendum, I connect __Prince to Dow Chemical. Also to Jennifer Aniston. Also more information on the Chases. See next to last page.
__12/16/16, __Obama's Genealogy, and so much more. I have added Lena Dunham and her parents to the end of this paper, showing they are spooks closely related to all the other spooks.
__12/15/16, __Election Night Coverage. Running the latest numbers, I show you more indication of unprecedented levels of fraud. See last addendum.
__12/13/16, 80's __Gender-Bender Pop-Projects and Crypto-Jews. A reader and guest writer does some good research on this topic.
__12/13/16, The __Marxism Project. I have added some genealogy notes to my short expose of Charlton Heston, showing he was related to the Wolfes, Webbs, Clarks, Kennedys, and Nashes.
__12/9/16, Is __Max Keiser a Plant? I show that Max and Stacy probaby aren't who you think.
__12/7/16, What About __Mark Twain? Where, somehow, I also pull in Sam Shepard, Matt Damon, Henry Miller, Eddie Vedder, Eminem, Gauguin, Richelieu, Daniel Boone, and the Mormons. Also more on Lincoln and the Booths.
__12/5/16, A Few Comments on Current Events. Including __Standing Rock.
__11/30/16, Counter-Advice from the __Third Sex. I answer some questions about seduction, __feminism, and—in a very short tack-on—__Pizzagate.
__11/30/16, The __Salem Witch Trials were Faked. I have now linked Governor Phips to the highest levels of the British peerage, including King James II, the Spencer-Churchills, the Bennetts, and Anglesey in Wales. This once again ties Salem to all hoaxes before and after it.
__11/28/16, From __Daisy Ridley to __Lord Byron, and everyone in between. I have added a paragraph linking William Faulkner to the pot.
__11/26/16, From __Daisy Ridley to __Lord Byron, and everyone in between. Where I link many more people to the peerage and to one another. Including Ridley Scott, Tilda Swinton, Helena Bonham Carter, David Irving, Kenneth Branagh, and many others.
__11/18/16, Such is Life: __Ned Kelly is not Who We're Told. A guest author from Australia unwinds this huge fake, pulling in all the usual suspects.
__11/16/16, __Brad Pitt's Genealogy. Where I also briefly hit Robert Downey and Kevin Bacon, among others.
__11/14/16, __Election Night Coverage. More indication the whole thing was faked, not just the results—but the entire two years of theater.
__11/14/16, The __Society of Friends looks like Another Jewish Front. I have added some inside information on Haverford College here. See last page.
__11/12/16, Proof that __John Lennon Faked his Death. I watched Let Him Be again, seeing a few new things. Go to purple text at the end.
__11/12/16, Strange Relations. Guest writer Kevin is back, this time researching the early years of __Hollywood.
__11/11/16, __Skinheads. A guest writer shows us both the highest and lowest levels of the fascist movement were manufactured and managed.
__11/9/16, __Election Night Coverage. Where I show you some things you may have missed.
__11/7/16, There is Something Wrong with __C. S. Lewis. I have added about 4 pages of research to this one, most of it at the end linking him to __Daniel Day-Lewis, and both of them to Anglesey.
__11/5/16, __Henry VII: Another Jewish Invasion of England. Where I unwind the War of the Roses and much else, including more information on the Stanleys.
__10/25/16, __Obama's Genealogy, and so much more. This one refuses to close. I have added another 3 or 4 pages of analysis sprinkled throughout, including more on John Lennon.
__10/22/16, __Obama's Genealogy, and so much more. Once I got back on the genealogy sites, I was able to add another 7 pages or so, rounding out this paper.
__10/21/16, __Obama's Genealogy, and so much more. Including more on John Lennon, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Stanley, Robert E. Lee, and many others.
__10/17/16, Proof that __John Lennon Faked his Death. In a long addendum, I reprint more good analysis from a reader, who shows us some very interesting clues from the film Let Him Be.
__10/15/16, Who was __George Washington? A deep analysis of George's and Martha's genealogies, revealing many things.
__10/9/16, There is Something Wrong with __C. S. Lewis. And it isn't what you may have thought. A deep plunge into the genealogies tells us many interesting things.
__10/6/16, The __Film Magnolia is Propaganda. I show you what Paul Thomas Anderson was up to with this one.
__10/6/16, __Karen Carpenter Faked her Death. I link to a youtube video that shows that Richard was also anorexic. Strange that no one ever cared about his health.
__10/4/16, Proof that __Pi=4. See addendum. As more proof of the suppression of science, we find that CalTech and Annenberg Learner have deleted their Mechanical Universe videos. All because I linked to one of them to help prove pi=4. If I were wrong, it would be easy to show, right, without deleting their own experiments and animations. So the fact that they are deleting their own presentations should indicate to you they are running scared.
__10/2/16, __J'Accuse, Part Deux: the __Dreyfus Affair on Trial. Guest writer Josh is back with a long paper on Dreyfus.
__9/29/16, __Karen Carpenter Faked her Death. Not anorexia, but another finished project.
__NEW EXPERIMENT, added 9/25/16, Proof that __Pi=4. A simple experiment shows you that pi=4 when motion is involved. This one comes all the way from the Netherlands, which is appropriate. You will feel like you have just visited some Netherworld when you see this. It is so amazing I have posted it on both my sites: even my non-science readers will not wish to miss it.
__9/25/16, The __Hidden Kings. I have added about 7 pages of photo analysis to this paper, which now makes it even longer than my Tate/Manson paper. See p. 31 for more photos of the Presidential limo, and p. 73 for 7 more fake photos of the family.
__9/12/16, __John Reed Faked both his Life and Death. More genealogy work shows Reed was related to the billionaire Reeds from Colorado, including the current Joseph Verner Reed and his father, who was a trustee at MOMA.
__9/10/16, __Thomas Pynchon is Another Spook Baby. I have added a few more comments at the end, including a short discussion of Ian McEwan.
__9/8/16, __Thomas Pynchon is Another Spook Baby. Where we look at Inherent Vice, etc.

 on: October 08, 2017, 12:47:12 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
INDEX of Miles Mathis Analyses of False Flags & Conspiracy, Part 2
__8/28/16, The __Lincoln Assassination was a False Flag. I have added several paragraphs of genealogy, showing Lincoln was related to most of his alleged conspirators through his wife Mary Todd, including John Wilkes Booth, Henry Rathbone, and the Surratts. Go down to p. 28 in the PDF.
__ANNOUNCEMENT, added 8/25/16, some of my readers have been confused by a guy on youtube with a channel called __DraftScience. They think that is me. It isn't. He links to me and discusses my stuff a lot, apparently, although I haven't watched more than a couple of minutes. I don't know him, have never talked to him, and have no links to him. Although there is some resemblance, since he is about my age and blond, that is about it. His hair is much longer and less curly, he doesn't sport a goatee, and he smokes. I don't.
__8/22/16, Opening Coffins. Guest writer “Kevin” is back, extending my research on the __Quakers.
__8/22/16, __SpaceX is Fake. And so is __Flat Earth.
__ANNOUNCEMENT, added 8/20/16, __Portrait Sale. Pencil portraits only $900 for a limited time. That's half price. This special offer is for portraits of young women and children only—which is what I have always specialized in. Follow that link or email me at for more info.
__8/20/16, The __Lizzie Borden Axe Murders Never Happened. Another major hoax from Massachusetts.
__8/16/16, __Mabel Dodge Luhan was a Spook. Plus extended analysis of Georgia O'Keeffe and others.
__8/6/16, __Eustace Mullins was an Anti. Also more on the Fitzgeralds, Andrew Jackson, and the American Nazi Party.
__8/2/16, __F. Scott Fitzgerald: Spook Baby. Also Zelda, the Kennedys, and more on the Salem Witch Trial.
__7/26/16, __Leonardo DiCaprio Italian? Plus analysis of __Jack Nicholson and others.
__7/20/16, Reading the Signs: Karl Marx. A reader wrote in to tell me Marx was closely related to the Rothschilds, and it turns out he is right. What he didn't tell me is that Borat is probably related to both. No, really.
__7/19/16, The __Society of Friends looks like another Jewish Front. We look at George Fox, founder of the Quakers.
__7/18/16, Opening Doors. We look at __Val Kilmer, Jim Morrison, Jackson Pollock, and others.
__7/16/16, The __Gunfight at OK Corral Never Happened. Lots of fake photographs from the same set of old families.
__7/8/16, The __Orlando Pulse Shooting is Another Hoax. Also analysis of Huey Long, the film The Big Fix, and the BP oil spill.
__6/24/16, __Vladimir Lenin is Another Fake. A long paper on Lenin and the __Russian Revolution, with much photographic evidence.
__6/16/16, Thrones Infiltrated. We look again at the __Medicis and Jagiellons, to see how these lines infiltrated the __royal houses of Europe.
__6/14/16, __Saturday Night Jive. Guest writer Kevin is back, this time researching the people behind SNL. Also extensive additions by me.
__6/6/16, Looks Like __Donald Trump is Jewish. I show you how to read his genealogy.
__ANNOUNCEMENT, added 6/5/16, Fourth Annual __Conference. The first three were supposed to be strictly Physics conferences, but we ended up talking about Art and Fake Events as well, so I am opening up this Fourth Conference to those interested in any or all of those topics. I will then tailor the amount of time we spend on each to the wishes of those who attend. Since my Physics regulars are already signing up, we will spend a lot of time on Physics, but if I get people attending this year who want to discuss Art or Fake Events—as seen in my papers—we will hit those, too. But be warned, this conference is not for people who want to come sell their own theories or disrupt the group. I reserve the right to refund the tuition of any such person and toss them out the door. The fee is $400 for five days, not including travel, room, and food. Those are up to you. We are tentatively set for either the first or second week of August. Email me with your preference and whichever week fills better will be it.
__6/4/16, __Engels and Owen. A continuation of my paper on Marx, this one on Friedrich Engels and Robert Owen. I also out dozens of others.
__ANNOUNCEMENT, added 5/29/16, __Portrait Sale. Pencil portraits only $900 for a limited time. That's half price. This special offer is for portraits of young women and children only—which is what I have always specialized in. Follow that link or email me at for more info.
__5/27/16, __Nathaniel Hawthorne and the House of the Seven Psy-ops. Where I out another nest of spooks.
__5/17/16, The Great __Harry Potter Hoax. Where Rowling is shown to be a probable front.
__5/16/16, The __Harvard Lampoon goes National. Guest writer Kevin unwinds this mystery for us, including a long section on Modern Art.
__5/14/16, A Game of Fakes. Where I look at “__Game of Thrones”, Spotlight, David Bowie, and Prince.
__5/11/16, The Case for __Reality. A reply to Donald Hoffman and The Atlantic.
__5/7/16, Was the Fakir a Faker? A guest paper by Josh, where he unravels the life of __Gandhi.
__5/5/16, The __French Revolution. A backwards continuation of my Napoleon paper, with more appearances of the House of Vasa. Also some news about Louis XVI.
__4/29/16, HELP! Do you want to know a Secret? __Paul McCartney is a Twin. Last update, I promise. I tear apart one last photo, showing you it is a fake.
__4/26/16, HELP! Do you want to know a Secret? __Paul McCartney is a Twin. In a second short addendum, I get an email from Sara Schultz. Not much here, but thought you should know.
__4/24/16, HELP! Do you want to know a Secret? __Paul McCartney is a Twin. In a 6-page addendum, I may have found where the twin went.
__4/23/16, Was __Dresden also Faked? In a 6-page addendum, I discover Raphael's Sistine Madonna is a fake.
__4/20/16, HELP! Do you want to know a Secret? __Paul McCartney is a Twin. Many pages of photographic evidence.
__4/18/16, Was __Napoleon Jewish? Plus many other things that will shock and confound you, including more on Laplace.
__4/14/16, Is __Tiger Woods a Psy-op? Also analysis of the __Payne Stewart plane crash and other related things.
__4/3/16, __Tom Turtle on Women's Clothing. Tom Turtle makes it back to shore after a long swim.
__3/31/16, The __Scopes Monkey Trial was Faked. Also analysis of Leopold and Loeb and other events of the time.
__3/22/16, A __Beautiful Mind? No, another Ugly Project. One of my readers does some good research on John Forbes Nash.
__3/18/16, Why I think __Kevin MacDonald and the Occidental Observer are Controlled Opposition. Also Lasha Darkmoon.
__3/16/16, Beauty and Ugliness. A response to Theodore Dalrymple and the __Manhattan Institute.
__3/8/16, The __Monica Lewinsky Scandal was Faked. Lots of photo analysis, plus commentary on Bill and Hillary, Vince Foster, the Jacobs family, Skolnick, and much more.
__3/3/16, __Lucky Lindy? I have discovered a few other interesting things, including the probable backers of the flight. See p. 25 for the largest addition.
__3/2/16, __Michael Crichton was not just a Novelist. A reader has researched Crichton for us, finding many interesting things.
__2/23/16, __Lucky Lindy? I analyze Charles Lindbergh's life, showing you some things you may have missed.
__2/12/16, __Gravity Waves of Propaganda, the Sequel. I show you how the newest announcement is another massive fraud.
__2/12/16, The __O. J. Simpson Trial was Faked. I have added a photo of Nicole and Denise together, sent in by a reader. It confirms my analysis that all these photos are paste-ups.
__2/9/16, The __Matrix Deconstructed. I have added a short section, warning you that the PBS show Closer to Truth is actually created to take you Further from the Truth.
__2/8/16, The __Beer Hall Putsch. Oh, the maze of tunnels when you are down the rabbit hole.
__2/3/16, Strange Plagiarism. __Veterans Today has updated their article with a small nod to me, but are still not indicating a direct quote. Legally, as it stands, the text is still plagiarized, since it is still acting as misdirection.
__1/30/16, Strange Plagiarism. Plagiarized text from my book The Un-unified Field at __Veterans Today.
__1/29/16, Was __Dresden also Faked? A look at the photos posted on the Wikipedia page takes us way down the rabbit hole.
__1/25/16, The __Nuclear Hoax. My second paper on this, where I look mostly at the Trinity test.
__1/18/16, __Robert Anton Wilson: Spook-Baby. I out another nest of probable agents.
__1/13/16, The __Matrix Deconstructed. Where I tell you what I think was really going on with those films.
__ANNOUNCEMENT, added 1/13/16, Personal Ad. The guys and married gals don't need to read this one. It's got to beat, and if not, at least it's free.
__1/11/16, __Noam Chomsky is and always has been a Spook. I have appended a long email I received from a reader—a reader who was a graduate student in linguistics at MIT. He confirms my reading of Chomsky, adding some tasty bits.
__1/8/16, __Steve Jobs: Bold, Brilliant, Brutal. . . Fake. We find that everyone involved in the Apple project is not who you were told.
__1/1/16, __Fidel Castro: CIA Agent. Where we learn more about Castro, John Wilkes Booth, Gram Parsons, Harry Belafonte, and others.

 on: October 08, 2017, 12:45:18 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
INDEX of Miles Mathis Analyses of False Flags & Conspiracy, Part 3
__12/28/15, __Elvis Aron Presley: Intelligence Project. I have added photos from Elvis' movies Kissin' Cousins and Double Trouble, see p. 23.
__12/27/15, LINKS. I have jettisoned a few links from my links page, with commentary on why. [This link was wrong for a day, click it again for the correction.]
__12/26/15, __Eugene Debs: Secret Agent Man. Where I out Debs and the Socialists, the Anarchists, the Pinkerton Agency, Mormonism, the Homestead Strike, the Haymarket Affair, and the death of __President McKinley. Basically, the entire 20th century was a bad movie.
__12/17/15, __Elvis Aron Presley: Intelligence Project. A long paper that will likely blow your socks off. It surprised me, and I wrote it.
__12/11/15, The __Tate Murders were Faked. I have added a couple of paragraphs showing Sharon Tate's death certificate is fake. Also several other anomalies on that document. See p. 48.
__12/7/15, Proof of my __Train Story. Some people have questioned the story in my bio about drawing a train with perspective as a small child. Here is the proof, direct from my babybook.
__12/7/15, Looks Like __David Irving is Jewish. So what, you say? He is also the world's most famous Holocaust denier.
__12/1/15, __Noam Chomsky is and always has been a Spook. Extensive web research shows some very strange connections with Chomsky, strongly indicating his spook status. Includes bonus outings of Rudolph Rocker, George Orwell, John Kenneth Galbraith, William F. Buckley, Daniel Ellsberg, Dwight MacDonald, William Sloane Coffin and others.
__11/28/15, What's Wrong with __Naomi Klein/Naomi Wolf? I show you how even these people you seem to agree with are used to misdirect you.
__11/18/15, How to Deconstruct a __James Bond Film. I show you how the new Bond film is a sign of the split in Intelligence.
__11/15/15, Outing __Jack London in all ways. We deconstruct one of the worst fake bios ever.
__11/11/15, __Custer's Last Stand was a False Flag. I have added several pages of new research, including more photo analysis.
__11/8/15, The __Glen Ridge Rape was Faked. I show you many pages of evidence this 1989 event never happened, including the trial.
__11/7/15, Who Stole __Feminism? I use Christina Hoff Sommers' book of the same name to out her as well as both sides of the fake neo-feminist argument, showing they were manufactured to misdirect you away from the real culprit.
__10/30/15, __Custer's Last Stand was a False Flag. I show you evidence of another probable hoax involving military intelligence; including lots of photo analysis, as usual.
__10/28/15, The __Salem Witch Trials are not what we have been told. In a second update, we find T. S. Eliot's ancestor on the Salem trial jury!
__10/26/15, The __Salem Witch Trials are not what we have been told. Smithsonian magazine takes only one week to produce a response to my paper, but only adds fuel to the fire. I have also added a small update to my paper on John Lennon (see p. 38).
__10/22/15, __Henry Thoreau and the Modern Magazine. We look at a recent New Yorker article on Thoreau called “Pond Scum”. Also analysis of Kathryn Schulz's TED lecture.
__10/19/15, The __Salem Witch Trials are not what we have been told. I show evidence this was an early hoax, pulled—as usual—by the merchants, using actors and agents but this time starring. . . themselves.
__10/17/15, __Kurt Cobain. . .well, You Know the Rest. Also commentary on John Cage, Buckminster Fuller, and many others.
__10/7/15, I don't Believe in __Elon Musk. I compile evidence that Musk is an Intel creation.
__9/27/15, The __Charleston and Roanoke Events were Faked. I show you a few things the other researchers have missed.
__9/17/15, __Kabbalah, Hermeticism and the Occult. I go back five centuries and show you that even then you could substitute “Intelligence” everywhere you found “the Occult.” Including a close look at the __Medicis and the __Rockefellers.
__9/10/15, Your __Faked Local News. An update on the Johnny Hovey hoax, where I hear from Benjamin Radford at Go to end of paper.
__8/31/15, __John Reed faked both his Life and his Death. I also look at the film Reds and Warren Beatty.
__8/21/15, The __“Artists” Duncan and Blake faked their Deaths. I fully unravel this old mystery from 2007.
__8/17/15, __Marilyn Monroe's Death was Faked. The top 14 red flags, plus photographic evidence and clues from Hawaii.
__8/11/15, __River Phoenix: another fake death. Lots of photographic evidence. Plus commentary on Joseph Campbell, Charles Taze Russell, and others.
__7/26/15, The __Hippie Matrix. How the government co-opted the hippie, anti-war, and environmental movements. Including an outing of Ram Dass, Stewart Brand, and Larry Brilliant.
__NEW POEM, added 7/6/15, Swanmaiden.
__NEW PORTRAIT, added 6/7/15, click thumbnail to see larger images.
__6/6/15, The __Earth is not Flat. A short response to a deluge of emails.
__5/25/15, The __Night Stalker Victims. Easy proof of another faked serial killer.
__5/21/15, The __Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Commentary by request, where—as usual—I take a third side, confounding all previous analysis.
__4/27/15, On __Chemtrails and Other Topics. Brief commentary on chemtrails, as well as some updates from my mailbag.
__4/22/15, __Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced. To create confusion around this paper, someone (probably at the behest of Intelligence) created an internet death hoax for Hawking two days after it was posted. The death hoax got over a million likes at Facebook and was reported on widely in the mainstream press. Curious timing, no?
__4/17/15, __Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced. I show lots of photographic evidence that Hawking died in 1985 and has been played by an impostor since then.
__4/13/15, Blank Space. Where I out __Taylor Swift and others.
__4/3/15, The __Boston Marathon Bombing Trial. I show you that the trial, like the event itself, is fake. Included is a brief analysis of the Gabby Giffords shooting, which is related.
__3/25/15, The Hidden King: __Camelot ruled from the Cave of Merlin. I have added another 25 pages of explosive evidence, most of it old photographs. Via this evidence, I should change my title to Hidden Kings.
__3/18/15, The Hidden King: __Camelot ruled from the Cave of Merlin. If you thought you had hit the bottom of the rabbit hole, click on the title here. Take a deep breath first, though.
__2/25/15, The __Patty Hearst Kidnapping was Fake. Also related commentary on Clint Eastwood and Dirty Harry.
__NEW CARTOON, added 2/24/15. My first SQUIB cartoon in over 25 years! Go here if you didn't know I was a cartoonist in college.
__1/30/15, __Bob Dylan's real link to the Rolling Stones. Operation Rolling Stone. I also out the real poet behind Dylan's songs. Joni can't tell you, so I have to.
__12/3/14, __Tate Murders. The mainstream tells us Manson is now living in Santa Barbara! Skip to near bottom of paper for the update.
__11/23/14, Reading the Signs—Today's Lesson: __Karl Marx. I out another bevy of agents, including Marx, Heston, MacLeish, Lupino, and others.
__11/11/14, It Looks Like __Monsanto Just Stole Another Election, The vote count is stalled in the GMO labeling proposition in Oregon.
__11/2/14, The __O. J. Simpson Trial was Faked, and so were the murders. Lots of photographic and legal evidence.
__10/3/14, A Study of __History. A variant reading of history.
__9/13/14, The __Unabomber was Another Psy-op. Also includes a look at Gerald Gardner (Wicca), Son of Sam, and the Wicker Man.
__9/3/14, An __Alpha Male with no one to Game. Analysis of the Redpill site, and commentary on the gender wars.
__8/26/14, The __Zodiac Murders were Faked. And so were the Houston and Cottingham murders.
__8/16/14, Using the Charge Field to Inflate __Evolution Theory. Charge and the active enzyme.
__8/16/14, Decoding the __Sam Harris/Ian Murphy Flamewar. More misdirection on __Sandy Hook.
__8/8/14, __Graham Hancock Unmasks Himself. Also an outing of Daniel Pinchbeck, Russell Brand, and Rubert Sheldrake.
__8/3/14, Proof __John Lennon's Death was Faked. Also includes a short analysis of Michael Jackson's alleged death.
__7/29/14, The Stolen Century. I have added a few paragraphs to this long paper on __Hemingway, Stein, Pound, etc., with more proof the Armory Show was manufactured by Intelligence. Go to p. 12.
__7/25/14, Who IS __Ted Bundy? Not who you think.
__7/22/14, Apoplexy Now. I analyze __Apocalypse Now.
__7/20/14, What I Finally Understood. Commentary on famous people, __gun control, Smith&Wesson, and __Larouche.
__7/6/14, Decoding __Silver Linings Playbook. The drug pushers are at it again.
__7/2/14, __Tim's Vermeer: More CIA Propaganda. I expose this recent art documentary for what it is.
__6/29/14, The __Tate Murders were Faked. That's right. Manson is another creation of the MATRIX. Over 80 pages of photographic evidence.
__6/19/14, The Bikini Atoll __Nuclear Tests Were Faked. Easy photographic evidence.

 on: October 08, 2017, 12:42:12 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
INDEX of Miles Mathis Analyses of False Flags & Conspiracy, Part 4
__5/31/14, The __Lincoln Assassination was another Manufactured Event. I take you through the whole thing, using both old and new evidence.
__5/28/14, The __Santa Barbara Shooting is another Hoax. Elliot Rodger doesn't exist.
__5/27/14, More on Propaganda in __Art, including another look at Bo Bartlett.
__5/19/14, __Easy Rider, another movie from the Matrix.
__4/4/14, A Note on my __Web-images. I have replaced many images on this site. Hope it helps.
__3/29/14, The __Andrew Solomon Award, for fictional news reporting. A Sandy Hook update.
__3/11/14, Outing __Walt Whitman. Not in the way you think.
__NEW POEM, added 3/11/14, Poems. You give your love so reluctantly.
__3/6/14, Learn to Recognize __Government Disinformation. I link to __Edward Snowden's leaked documents, which prove government agencies are using lies and other dirty tricks in online forums to discredit people.
__2/4/14, I Would Like to File a __Suspicious Transaction Report on the entire 20th century. Money laundering and the art market.
__2/1/14, Your __Fake Local News. Fake news, fake murders, and fake trials, in your hometown.
__1/6/14, __Boycott Everything. Well, almost everything.
__12/23/13, __Wendell Berry is being used. He is being used to whitewash some very dirty awards.
__12/13/13, __Watergate Unstoppered. A look at Watergate, compiling easy information.
__12/4/13, Blurred Lines. A __pop song gets us into the sex question again.
__11/11/13, __Ramparts was also a CIA Front. Strange goings-on at Ramparts.
__11/6/13, The __Cultural Cold War. A closer look at Frances Stonor Saunders' book of the same name.
__10/29/13, The Stolen Century. A look at __Gertrude Stein's Paris salon, in light of our recent findings.
__10/25/13, A Review of The __Painted Word, 38 years late.
__10/18/13, From __Theosophy to the __Beat Generation, or, how even the Occult was Disguised. Including proof that MOMA is the CIA's Museum.
__10/17/13, Decoding __Rosicrucianism and __Freemasonry, Using the Charge Field. Something new under the Sun.
__10/7/13, __Schopenhauer and the __Mundaka Upanishad. Renunciation of all action.
__10/1/13, Breaking News: Most Americans cannot tell __fake news from the Onion from news from the New York Times.
__7/1/13, The Real __Matrix. Language as the deepest Matrix.
__4/28/13, The Great __Cat in the Hat Deception. A little mystery in bookselling.
__4/23/13, The __Boston Marathon, or the Case of the Four Fences. Like Aurora and Sandy Hook, another mystery it takes no Sherlock Holmes to penetrate.
__4/10/13, The __CIA and Art. We look at __Shepard Fairey's career, especially his OBEY line of propaganda.
__2/22/13, __Yoko Ono's Gun Statistics. I analyze the numbers in the mainstream, showing they are pushed in many ways.
__2/15/13, Is __Alex Seitz-Wald still Typing? I respond to his latest puff-piece, continuing my analysis of the Sandy Hook story and the hired litterateurs fronting it.
__ANNOUNCEMENT, added 2/4/13, After publishing two science books, I am pleased to announce that one of my readers is now underwriting my first art book. It will be a compilation of my most popular counter-criticism articles, following fairly closely my best-of list on this site. I am now fielding blurbs for the back cover. If you have anything pithy to say (regarding a recommendation), email me with it and perhaps I will use it. If I do, I will send you a free signed copy.
__1/24/13, The __Sandy Hook Conspiracy Debunked? No. I show that nothing has been debunked, and even give you more evidence.
__1/6/13, The Alleged __Sandy Hook Tragedy. Another staged event.
__12/31/12, Dear __Mainstream Media. An open letter to the MSM, and those controlling it.
__11/9/12: I just updated the two previous papers, based on the new supermajority in the California legislature. The Democrats endorsed __GMO labeling and they now have a supermajority. What is to stop them from passing a law requiring labeling? Nothing!
__11/7/12, The __2012 Election was a Complete Fraud from top to bottom. An extended computer hack, televised.
__10/26/12, The Vote for __Proposition 37 will be Stolen. Get ready for it.
__10/8/12, A Logical Proposal. Concerning the upcoming __election.
__9/18/12, The Future of __Poetry. Signs of hope on the horizon.
__NEW POEM, added 9/8/12, New poem La Pucelle. About Joan of Arc. A terza rima, with annotation.
__8/29/12, The __Health Emergency. Time to get in control of your food and water now.
__8/15/12, A Brief Review of __Eric Fischl at PAFA. How to sell form over content, by simply saying it is content over form.
__8/12/12, The 2012 ARC __Salon. My favorites from the new Salon.
__8/11/12, The Destruction of the __Artist. The Chuck Connelly story. My analysis of the documentary.
__8/8/12, __Blue Sky sodas are not Natural. Unless you think GMO beet sugar is natural.
__PRESS RELEASE, added 8/07/12, Artist Moonlights as Physicist. My paper on __plate tectonics is being published by the scientific journal AIG.
__6/19/12, __Prometheus Unwound. An in-depth review of the new movie Prometheus.
__6/10/12, The Silencing of __Ron Paul. The spooks make another late-night visit.
__6/8/12, A Nation of Scabs. How the __middle class allowed itself to be plundered. Including more analysis of the art market.
__6/8/12, The Death of Democracy. Proof from the __Republican Primary votes that they can now steal elections that aren't even close.
__5/18/12, Breitbart proves __Obama was born in Kenya. Obama's literary agency bio listed him born in Kenya from 1991 to 2007.
__4/28/12, __Ron Paul just won Iowa! Paul has now won Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Nevada, and Louisiana.
__4/24/12, __Ron Paul just won Iowa! The Revolution started today.
__4/9/12, A letter from __Occupy Wall Street to the Whitney Biennial. I reprint this letter, for your edification.
__4/9/12, Why the __Trayvon Martin Case is not what it seems. Another government psy-op, fomenting new race wars.
__4/2/12, My Own Little __Salon. I find some gems of new realism on the web, and say nice things for a change.
__3/15/12, Why I don't read the __Mainstream Press: today's example—Rolling Stone. Matt Taibbi exposes himself on 911, etc.
__3/11/12, The Write-in __Vote is Crucial. The loss of the write-in is the loss of democracy.
__2/25/12, On __Meyer Schapiro. Another counter-critique of 20th century propaganda.
__1/22/12, __Fake Election News. CNN and CBS post fake delegate totals.
__12/26/11, __Standing is not Standing. Appeals court denies standing to those who have standing.
__12/7/11, The Mainstream Media piles on __Sheriff Arpaio. The controlled media is ordered to attack a man for launching an investigation, and they all say, "OK!"
__11/27/11, The Brave New World of __Stephen Hawking. I link you to my science site for this one. No equations, don't worry.
__11/7/11, __Modern Art as a Market Derivative or Credit/Default Swap. I show that Modern Art is a derivative with no underlying asset.
__11/3/11, The __Chapman Bros., Goya, and the Critics, where I say what no one else is saying.
__11/1/11, __New works, new scans
__10/31/11, __Adam Gopnik and Jacob Collins, a review of Gopnik's "review" in the New Yorker.
__10/29/11, __Philippe de Montebello, where we take a closer look at his tenure at the Metropolitan Museum.
__10/27/11, The __Mona Lisa Curse, in which we look at Robert Hughes' 2008 film.
__10/27/11, __Robert Hughes and the Royal Academy, in which I thank Hughes for coming over to our side, and recommend he come a bit further.
__10/27/11, Boycott the __Outwin Boochever, I have just added a long addendum, after hearing from the director of the NPG.
__10/24/11, Boycott the __Outwin Boochever, for continuing to pander to the postmodern crowd.
__10/6/11, The Place of Technique in __Art, a response to Dan Gerhartz.
__10/4/11, __Occupying Wall Street. Won't matter if people continue to vote like sheep.
__9/23/11, A Review of the 2011 __Threadneedle Prize. Plus bonus material, as usual.
__9/9/11, How This __Election is already being Stolen. Manipulation of information.
__8/27/11, Soft Machines. A review of the current __exhibition at Pace Gallery, New York.
__8/15/11, The Rise of Corporate __Art. The continuing evisceration of realism by realists.
__8/8/11, Why I don't __exhibit in Taos. A critique of the galleries and of the Taos Fall Arts Festival.
__8/8/11, Where do your __Taxes Go? The rich just looted your country and your bank account.
__8/8/11, Why __Ebay will Fail. No seller support.
__5/28/11, The __First Amendment is not Dead. Long live the First Amendment!
__5/14/11, __Fake Bankruptcy. A review of the movie "Inside Job," which won the Oscar for best documentary this year.
__5/3/11, The Ultimate Fake Person Award. __Mark Zuckerberg, CIA creation.
__5/1/11, __911 Truth and Obama's Birth. Get ready, the future arrived this week.
__4/28/11, __Kathleen Gilje at Francis Naumann Gallery. Deconstructing the left.
__4/7/11, __Tom Turtle on the question of cats. In which strange and eccentric things are intimated.
__4/7/11, __Tom Turtle takes a yoga class, narrowly avoiding a rupture.
__3/25/11, Clive Bell and Formalism. A counter-critique of his book __Art, from 1913. This counter-critique might be called Whistler versus the Post-Impressionists.
__11/5/10, __Defamation. Why most people don't understand the legal definition of "defamation" anymore: they are misdirected by lobbyists, lawyers, and government stooges to believe in a new definition, a definition that will shut them up.
__10/30/10, __Agnes Martin and the psychological causes of Modernism. Including more on Dave Hickey and the Harwood Museum.

 on: October 08, 2017, 12:39:38 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
INDEX of Miles Mathis Analyses of False Flags & Conspiracy, Part 5
__PUBLISHING UPDATE, 8/16/2010.  My __science book is now available for purchase from, either hardback or softback or kindle. It is also still available from, or you can order signed editions from me.
__8/10/10, Sunrise, Sunset. I have just posted some cover __songs on my youtube channel, working on my voice. Some of you may be interested in this, especially those of you who are professional singers looking for a good laugh.
__8/1/10, The End of Sense, A counter-critique of __Hanna Rosin's "The End of Men."
__PUBLISHING UPDATE, 7/2/2010.  My __science book is now available for purchase. Here is the link to order: This is the cheapest place to get the books, but they will soon be available at major outlets for a mark-up. I will soon have some signed hardbacks available for those who want them. The price will be retail plus the two shipping charges. I will post an update when I have them available, or you can email me with a pre-order now.
__6/17/10, Prince Gimmick, A review of __Chuck Close, and other commentary.
__6/7/10, A Review of __Tim Eitel and Pace Wildenstein Gallery, If you are looking for happy thoughts do not click this link. Try Tom Turtle instead.
__5/22/10, Thoughts for the Day, on __Ben and Jerry and asking girls to coffeeshops, etc.
__5/13/10, __Tom Turtle on the Red Carpet. Tom Turtle comments on the lifetime achievement award of the great Tom Hanks.
__5/12/10, I have updated the __Tess Book with better scans.
__5/5/10, A client just sent me a great __photo of an old work. Click on the image to go to details.
__5/3/10, Channeling Thoreau and Twain by channeling __George Carlin. Warning: Don't read this if you are looking for an easy laugh.
__4/15/10, The __Theater of the Absurd. I comment on the news of the day, including the N-word (again) and __Sandra Bullock.
__4/6/10, Click here to go to my first posted __piano piece at YOUTUBE, Franz Liszt's Consolation no. 3.
__4/6/10, Click here to go to my new 10-part __studio tour on YOUTUBE.
__4/1/10, The Top 70 Greatest __Love Songs. Including Greensleeves!
__3/19/10, __Balls in a Basket. A review of the reviews of Skin Fruit, the current exhibition at the New Museum, New York.
__3/10/10, The __Pre-Picassan Brotherhood. An old article from about 10 years ago reprinted and illustrated.
__3/8/10, __Buddhism: the Stronger Poison. An analysis of "The Life of the Buddha".
__3/6/10, Why does the __Rainbow Curve Down? Another paper from my science site that I thought my art readers might like. It is not too terribly technical, and it has a lot of pretty pictures.
__3/2/10, The __Sexiest Women of the Screen. A top fifty list to answer Empire's list.
__2/27/10, The Philosophy of __Yoga. A critique from a lover rather than an adept.
__2/26/10, The Voice Vote. On Parliamentary procedure and the __Patriot Act.
__2/19/10, All __Apologies. No, this is not about Kurt Cobain.
__2/18/10, Why is the __Sky Blue? I thought some of my art readers might be interested in this paper from my science site, which shows that the current answer is wrong.
__2/18/10, __Physics is Corrupt. I also talk about art here, as usual.
__12/6/09, The __Venice Biennale 2009. A counter-critique of Art in America and "Art" in Venice.
__10/12/09, __Proverbs. Solomon's teachings take us into another critique of the avant garde, as well as of the ever-silent realists.
__10/6/09, The __AskMen 2009 List of Most Influential Men. A fictional poll topped by a fictional character.
__THANKS!, Thanks to all my readers, I have posted more than a million hits in the past twelve months, and am now logging over 100,000 hits a month. For those readers interested in science, you can also link from here to my science papers at The General Science Journal, where I just topped 10 million hits.
__9/12/09, The __NEA should be Abolished.
__8/31/09, The Possible __Dangers of Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and the proven dangers of online propaganda.
__8/31/09, In Praise of Mud. How to use browns and greys in your __painting to create more depth and richness.
__8/25/09, The Illogic of __Atheism.
__8/23/09, The Decline and Fall of __Christopher Hitchens.
__8/16/09, New __Scans, New Images.
__8/10/09, __Tom Turtle Plays Beach Volleyball. The latest installment of the adventures of Tom Turtle.
__8/10/09, 100 Best __Films, an artist's list.
__8/6/09, __Dave Hickey, Provocateur, a new letter to the editor, mocking Dave Hickey and Dennis Hopper. Skip to bottom of the page.
__8/6/09, __Tom Turtle goes a'Golfing, the latest installment of Tom Turtle.
__7/29/09, __Futurism and Stuckism. I have petitioned Parliament to investigate the BBC, for propaganda in the arts section. If you are a UK citizen and would like to sign this petition, please contact me immediately.
__7/18/09, The 100 Top __Vocal Songs since 1950, yes, back on my list kick, but this time by request. Movies next.
__7/15/09, The Business of __Art, concerning propaganda from galleries to artists.
__7/11/09, New details added,
__6/30/09, New paintings added,
__6/23/09, Jerry's __Artarama has no customer service.
__6/18/09, A Review of __Bo Bartlett at Forum Gallery, including passing commentary on other artists at Forum and John Pence Gallery.
__6/6/09, __Poetry is not a Performance Art, a review of slam poetry.
__6/3/09, __Ragnar Kjartansson and "The End", commentary on today's NYTimes article.
__5/17/09, Contra __Dave Hickey, against the art critic.
__5/17/09, More letters to the editor, Old and new letters added from my files, including two new ones about __Dennis Hopper in Taos. Go to the bottom of the page for new postings.
__5/7/09, __Dennis Hopper: Double-Fake Artist, in which Hopper's exhibits at the Harwood in Taos are slammed.
__5/4/09, The __Futurists and the Stuckists, a BBC correspondent uses propaganda to tie the Stuckists to Futurism.
__5/2/09, The __Turner Prize, state-funded propaganda to subsidize the art market.
__4/14/09, The 2008 __ARC Salon. The second death of realism.
__4/7/09, Top 50 __TV Shows and Theme Songs. No, Seinfeld is not #1. Sorry Jerry, the theme song really hurt you.
__3/28/09, 49 Most Influential Men of 2008. I'm pissed that the Cookie Monster didn't make it, and raise hell.
__3/26/09, On Balls and __James Joyce, a critique of Ulysses, the Modern Library list of novels, and modern fiction in general.
__3/25/09, Sif & Trelawney, a twice-told faerie tale in three parts, illustrated.
__3/14/09, The 75 Greatest __Books Ever Written, OK, maybe not, but a better list than that of Esquire.
__2/22/09, The Return of __Tom Turtle, in which Tom helps you deal with unwanted phone calls.
__2/20/09, New __Poem, Asterië.
__2/17/09, __Tom Waits, casualty of cool.
__2/15/09, On __Elizabeth Gilbert, including a critique of the TED conferences.
__2/2/09, A Few Real Secrets of __Drawing, and other thoughts.
__2/1/09, A Return to the __Hockney-Falco Thesis. In which I attack both sides, including David Stork.
__10/22/08, A Prediction. Concerning the upcoming __election.
__10/12/08, What you should know about __Barack Obama. His voting record and his advisors.
__5/8/08, SQUIB. Samples of my __comic strip from 1984-1987. Also samples of HELIUM HORNRIM.
__2/24/08, The DIY Ballot. The easy solution to __voting problems.
__2/13/08, Currin Again. A counter-critique of the recent __New Yorker article.
__11/7/07, A Defense of __Ashley Olsen. and, to a lesser extent, __Lance Armstrong.
__10/2/07, Graydon Parrish and the __911 Memorial.
__9/08/07, Of Beavers and other Beasties Where does __intelligence now find sustenance?
__1/16/07, William Whitaker and ABS, a __health and materials recommendation.
__12/06/06, __Censored, by Yahoo et. al.
__12/05/06, A Letter to __Tom Wolfe, just dug out of my files from 1998.
__11/05/06, __Stein v. Krugman, in which I go very far afield.
__10/17/06, The Wiki Mandarins, a critique of __Wikipedia.
__10/11/06, The Lastman in __Comedy, on freedom of speech.
__8/22/06, Letter to the __MacArthur Foundation, concerning contradictions in the website "overview" page.
__8/22/06, Letter to the __NEA, a letter from early 2005 to Dana Gioia, Chairman, and a response.
__8/19/06, Bad Boy of the Latin Club, a silly interlude now linked from my __bio page.
__8/03/06, __Sexual Politics and our Children, more iconoclasm in yet another arena.
__7/24/06, More Sleight of Hand from the __WSJ, a response to an article from The Wall Street Journal.
__THANKS!, Thanks to all you readers, I have had seven times more hits on the homepage in May than in January (now with about 15,000 page-hits a month, or 70,000 hits a month overall). Whether that is due more to the site re-design or to all the new Davidic fights I have picked in this period, we will never know. But it is interesting to note that I posted those numbers while losing my weblinks from ARC. Those who have thought I am harming myself by speaking out appear to be wrong. Some bridges are burned while others are built.

For earlier essays (1998 to 2005), you may go here:

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I'm sure anything will be appreciated.  8)

Thanks! I have been informed that pizza and drinks go over well 😊

 on: October 07, 2017, 10:06:26 pm 
Started by stifoo - Last post by JasonPSorens
I'm sure anything will be appreciated.  8)

 on: October 07, 2017, 10:05:22 pm 
Started by Cesararei - Last post by JasonPSorens
In my area I've been seeing a lot of help wanted ads in the restaurant and hotel industry. Not your field, but perhaps a place to start. I'm in the Upper Valley (Lebanon, Hanover, Lyme).

 on: October 07, 2017, 07:18:40 pm 
Started by Cesararei - Last post by Cesararei
Hello, my name is Luis.

I am here asking for help. if anyone knows of any jobs please let me know. I have tried to join the FSP job alert and welcome wagon on Facebook but so far it has been one week and I am still waiting. Also my experience so far in online job hunting has been quite bad, there something about the impersonal nature of it that I hate. It's as if your applying to something that is programmed to say no. Anyway, my qualifications are as follow: 2 years experience working in inventory and warehouse management in a local pharmacy owned by my family. I also stepped in when needed as a cashier and customer representative. I have a High School diploma and two years of college in a Business Administration degree. Honestly I am quite open to any position for now since what I urgently need is a job so I can set up in NH and be independent. Later I could focus on sometime more honed in on my skills if I can't find anything now. So if anyone knows of any help wanted signs around your area let me know.

I love the lakes and mountains region so anything in that area is a plus.

I love nature even more so anything nature related would be amazing!

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