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 on: May 23, 2018, 11:50:51 pm 
Started by Danarchist - Last post by Danarchist
When did you stop being property?

 on: May 20, 2018, 10:22:15 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Serial ‘Bomb-Threat’ Hoaxer Still Calling in Threats from Prison

Introduction of Craigslist increased prostitution across U.S. [So what?]

Snapchat joins EU group fighting hate speech [That's FREE Speech, Stupid]

Soros [with globalist hypocricy] Surrenders as His Hungarian Empire Collapses [moves to Berlin]

43 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Gunfire at Border

Authorities say 'intentional detonation' triggered explosion at California medical building

Western Media Silent on Ukraine's Russian News Agency Raid

Alleged Texas shooter's Facebook now-defunct page cites connection to the U.S. Marine Corps

Students Not Smiling at School Will Be Punished, Say Teachers

Cambridge professor Stefan Halper outed as FBI spy inside Trump campaign

South African President Confirms: 'We'll Take White Land without Compensation'

City Bans Anarchy Symbol - Officials Call It "Hate Speech Similar To Swastika"

Lawsuit for human rights abuse because Muslim woman would not give man who thinks he's a woman a Brazillian wax in Canada

More 11-year-olds in England are now obese than in the United States

Americans are happy with how Trump is handling the Eonomy

Murder Surges 44 Per Cent in Khan's London Amidst 'Troubling' Rise in Serious Crime

Don't Sell Out Your Vote, Vote Patrick Little Tuesday June 5th for US Senate

78 Per Cent of 9,000 Afghan 'Children' Allowed To Remain in Sweden Are Really Adults

Post Office Subsidizes World's Richest Man's Firm 50%

Roseanne Barr: "I must in good conscience leave Twitter. bye bye!"

Starbucks Makes It Official: Stores Are Now Homeless Shelters [Sounds decent to me]

New Jersey school eliminates try-outs for cheerleading squad with new inclusivity rule that rewards mediocrity

Possible synthetic marijuana hospitalized 25 people in New York

Facebook Fact Checkers Say Liberal Opinion is Objective Fact

Thousands In Sweden Have Implanted Microchips Under Their Skin

Ghost Voters Keep Democrats in Office ~ Another No-Shit-Sherlock Moment

Pedophile Antifa Leader Found Guilty Of Raping Underaged Girl

Italy's new coalition government plans to deport 500,000 migrants

A man who tells the truth is a free man despite external slavery, imprisonment, or custody

1,400 White Dutch Girls Sex-Trafficked Every Year by Nonwhite Invaders, Police Admit

Is building a Linux system without NSA/CIA backdoors possible?

 on: May 20, 2018, 04:17:57 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


Robot teaches itself how to dress people

Toward smaller, more efficient radio frequency transformers

High-sensitivity microsensors on the horizon

Wearable ring, wristband allow users to control smart tech with hand gestures

Eco-friendly hut in Australia

New robot concept uses responsive materials to swim through water

The first wireless flying robotic insect

Autonomous glider can fly like an albatross, cruise like a sailboat

Self-assembling 3-D battery would charge in seconds

BMW to ease charging anxiety via wireless mat system

Broad adoption of electric cars will increase air pollution

AI is summoning demons [making flawed products]

X-Ray laser heats water to 180,000 degrees in a fraction of a second

Russia's new hypersonic glider weapon

Amazing Homemade Inventions

May 14, 2018
TETON Sports ALTOS Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag; Sea to Summit Alpha Pot; Kelty Siro 50 Hiking Backpack; Optimus Polaris Optifuel Stove; Sea to Summit Ultralight Hammock

May 15, 2018
Nemo Equipment Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair; MSR Elixir Tent; Ultra-Light Siliconized Cordura Pack Cover; Outdoor Research Men's Tantrum II Hooded Jacket; GSI MiniEspresso Set

May 16, 2018
Trash Can Compactor; 2 Tier Wire Basket; Suncast ELEMENTS; Exercise Floor Mat; Traveling Sprinkler

May 17, 2018
Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy; Gregory Optic 48 2.47 lbs. Backpack; Arcteryx Bastion Long Shorts; GSI Glacier Camp Stove; Kelty Linger High Back Chair

May 18, 2018
Picaridin; Foldable Plastic Cutting Board; Microfiber Cleaning Cloth; Dash Omelette Maker; Electric Lawn Mower

May 19, 2018
Coleman 8 qt. Jug Cooler; Eureka Green River Air Pad; ENKEEO Camping Lantern  Mosquito Killer; Wenzel Vortex 6 Tent; Acadia Ergo Flexi Comfort Chair

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The BIG Bell Test—Global physics experiment challenges Einstein with the help of 100,000 volunteers

So I had a Conversation in a Pub with a Government Scientist...about Space & Weather

Cells speak in a language similar to viruses

Sea levels are rising, but not because of climate change

We just had two years of record-breaking cooling world-wide

The inside of a proton endures more pressure than previously seen elsewhere

Are octopuses aliens?

Did recent supernovae affect life on Earth?

Observations reveal complex environment of HD 50138

Old NASA spacecraft points to new evidence of watery plumes over Europa

Chinese volunteers emerge from virtual moon base

Orbital variations can trigger 'snowball' states in habitable zones around sunlike stars

Researchers determine chemical composition of two extremely metal-poor stars

Unusual laser emission in the Ant Nebula suggests hidden double star system

A new map for a birthplace of stars

Astronomers find vast ionized hydrogen cloud in 'Whirlpool Galaxy'

Breakthrough in understanding rare lightning-triggered gamma-rays

Astronomers release most complete ultraviolet-light survey of nearby galaxies

Could recent supernovae be responsible for mass extinctions?

85,000-Year-Old Footprints Show Stepping Stone in Human Migration

What Sculpted the Earth’s Surface?

How our ancestors with autistic traits led a revolution in Ice Age art

Mysterious ancient humans with brains like modern people prompt rethink of early evolution

Newly Discovered Species –“Maybe We’ve Had the Story of Human Evolution Wrong the Whole Time”

Fossil record reveals changes in Earth’s movement and rotation

Earliest Version of Our Alphabet Possibly Discovered

Arctic ice brings an understanding of ancient Europe’s economy

 on: May 18, 2018, 02:52:34 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

There was a short discussion of floating islands a few years ago here:

I just posted an update there on the following new article, that explains a real plan for floating islands with their own governments, currency etc. The discussion above covered a cheap low-tech method of making your own floating island with plastic bottles in nets with plyboard or other planking over them and with mangrove trees around the edges. These trees can grow without rooting in soil, just water, so they would help buoy the island. Here's the new article, which involves a 50 million dollar investment, but I prefer cheap low-tech.

Floating island will have own government, cryptocurrency, 300 houses

NH has a very short coastline, so it might be hard to get floating islands there, but Maine has a long coastline. The islands would likely need to be a few miles out and would need to be well anchored or have self-propulsion. The gulf stream might keep it warm enough for the mangrove trees to survive there.

 on: May 18, 2018, 02:45:24 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Floating island will have own government, cryptocurrency, 300 houses

 on: May 18, 2018, 04:21:18 am 
Started by Instinct2Bfree - Last post by EdWeirdVT
Why isn't there a push to eliminate fishing licenses? The whole teach a man to fish philosophy is a core tenet (self sufficiency), so why do we let them sell this back to us as a good thing?

I remember being able to jump in the car & not have to worry about fish & game because we were not tagging deer (which DOES provide a good service checking for diseased animals) imho

 on: May 18, 2018, 04:08:19 am 
Started by RidleyReport - Last post by EdWeirdVT
How hard would it be for the responsible 1A auditor to carry a copy of the laws ALLOWING outdoor or public servant recording?

I know each state has different laws, but welcome to the internets... it could be done, no?

Being in VT we have pretty good people, but we can always improve...

 on: May 16, 2018, 02:52:47 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

This is an update to what I posted yesterday above. I don't know a lot about Ayn Rand. I heard that she married a Rothschild, so I tend to doubt her libertarianism or her sanity, but the following video seems to have something more impressive to say about her. It's a video that seemed informative. It's been a week or two since I heard it. But I took some notes on it when I viewed it, as you can see below. I do think Thorium, or Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTRs), seem like an efficient, safe alternative to uranium, which jackass vested interests are preventing the public from utilizing so far.

GALT - 07 - Epilogue
10'33": Nine known associates of Alvin Weinberg during his Manhattan Project days, except for name changes, age differential and mannerisms, were essentially identical to Atlas Shrugged fictional characters. [JFK had picked Weinberg for the NRC or AEC but Edwin Pauley, oil industrialist & British agent, was present at JFK's assassination & picked LBJ for president and Holifield to replace Weinberg, thus shifting nuclear energy production from safe thorium to dangerous, inefficient uranium].
11'55": Ayn Rand became an expert on nuclear energy and favored thorium over uranium or plutonium.
12'38": After a run-in with Truman, Oppenheimer told Rand about thorium.

 on: May 15, 2018, 08:50:45 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Using your arm as a smartwatch touchscreen

Researchers develop an app for crowdsourced exercise plans, which rival personal trainers in effectiveness

Misty II robot is targeted for developers

Banks don't want to be weakest link in blockchain revolution

Scientists create 'mind-reading' AI that predicts personality based on the motion and size of your pupils

Equifax reveals full horror of that monstrous cyber-heist of its servers

New software, HyperTools, transforms complex data into visualizable shapes

Generative adversarial networks unleashed for new levels in video games

Self-navigating AI learns to take shortcuts

Would Super Mario Bros. be better if you could play as yourself? Well, not exactly

Researchers hide information in plain text

Four New Police station and 186 cops to fight Mumbai cyber crime

La Plata County CO Electronic Crime Officers Targets the Dark Web

Dark Web Increased E-commerce Fraud by 30 Percent, Report Finds

Cybercrime Revenue Estimated To Be $1.5 Trillion

Global Operation Takes Down DDoS-for-Hire Site

UNODC to Provide Training on Cryptocurrencies and Cybercrimes

Amazon Demands Signal Stop Using Anti-Censorship Technique on Their Content Delivery Network

Facebook messaging app adds real time translations

New York Times gains 139,000 subscribers in Q1

How Comcast is trying to change the cable game

Computer-controlled 'greenhouses' in kitchens grow fresher, healthier produce

Canada newspaper La Presse to become a non-profit [bc it can't make a profit?]

China moves to rope in its tech 'unicorns'

From drone swarms to tree batteries, new tech is revolutionising ecology and conservation

'Top-ranked' reviewers aren't the top influencers when it comes to online sales

Postal Service: More financial loss as mail delivery slumps

Cyberattack on Tennessee election website preceded outage

Crypto-related scams getting creative

The U.S. needs a national strategy on artificial intelligence [AI is just computer programming, Dummies]

Do you trust the Internet of Things?

Facebook suspends 200 apps over data misuse

Email encryption standards hacked

Net neutrality rules have an official end date

Rights for citizens, duties for firms under new EU data rules

In DR Congo, home-grown digital entrepreneurs defy odds

Friends, likes, fake followers and cash—internet influencers under the microscope

4 ways 'internet of things' toys endanger children

From Yahoo to Uber, major hacks of data

How a 'smart countryside' can use technology for greener ends

Platform for mobile networks would bring services up to speeds of 100 Gbps

EU data protection may trigger global ripple effect

 on: May 15, 2018, 02:29:04 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Nickolas Wildstar: Libertarian Candidate For California Governor

Sex Offender Registries (The Libertarian Circus)

No Charges for Officers Who Tased Mentally Ill Man TO DEATH in His Shower Ep. 71

Left and Right are no longer meaningful political axes

Libertarian Mayor Jeff Hewitt

Is The Libertarian Moment Over? With Special Guest John Stossel

New York Libertarianism? Candidate for Governor Larry Sharpe & Keith Knight

Best Argument for Libertarianism by Dave Smith

Canadian Psyop Exposed! We Have A Serious Illegal Immigrant Issue

The Case for Libertarianism by Penn Jillette

Libertarianism: An Introduction by Stefan Molyneux

Rand Paul Libertarianism in Two Minutes

Ron Paul on Libertarianism & the NAP

Defending Libertarianism. Walter Block

What is Libertarianism? Stephan Kinsella

Kevin Shaw Bringing Activism to the Libertarian Party

Why Anarcho Capitalism Doesn't Make Sense

Hans-Hermann Hoppe – Realistic Libertarianism as Right Libertarianism

Myers-Briggs Personality Test and Libertarians

I Have to Take Issue With the Libertarian Party - As a Registered Libertarian

How to Argue for Statism

Libertarianism and Property Rights from First Principles [Every adult deserves equal access to land or sea for survival IMO]

Atheism and Libertarianism 1: Negative Philosophies [Atheism is extremely naive IMO, like most other religions]

How Libertarians WILL Defeat Statism by Stefan Molyneux

Libertarianism 101 - Prof. Walter Block

ABORTION DEBATE: Feminist Squirms on Basic Questions

Blockchain is the Future of Social Media and a Decentralized Internet

Libertarianism Might Be Irrelevant

Caller: What’s a Libertarian, Libertytarian?

Constitutionalist Libertarian: This is my channel for BitChute

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