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Author Topic: Anyone willing to fight unjust bills?  (Read 1425 times)


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Anyone willing to fight unjust bills?
« on: January 15, 2016, 10:16:09 pm »

I am aware of at least one bill (House Bill 1547) in the 2016 NH legislature that is unjust, unethical and anti-liberty. Are there any other unjust bills currently in the NH legislature (in addition to HB 1547)?

Perhaps FSP participants would be willing to fight unjust bills one by one, starting with House Bill 1547.

Regarding House Bill 1547, it is already being discussed in this topic link:

Everything is explained in the above URL, but here is a summary: House Bill 1547 is an unethical bill which would unjustly criminalize ANY interspecies sexual interactions between humans and beings that are non-human. This is an unjust and unreasonable infringement on individual freedom and liberty. It is discriminatory because it criminalizes zoosexuals (people who are sexually attracted to non-humans). It also unjustly criminalizes any photography of interspecies sex. This bill is being pushed by the Humane Society of the United States, who has an anti-zoosexual agenda. Interspecies sex is not inherently wrong; the notion that it always involves "animal cruelty" or "animal abuse" is propaganda that is being pushed by the HSUS and other prejudicial organizations.

Is anyone associated with the FSP willing to fight this bill if it passes out of committee? Because I feel that this bill sets a bad precedent -- this time zoosexuals are being attacked but who knows what minority group will be next. This situation reminds me of FSP's "don't step on the porcupine" analogy -- with zoosexuals being the porcupine and HB 1547 like the foot trying to step on them.

In any case, HB 1547 is an example of a bad bill; are there any other bad bills currently in the legislature that should be stopped?
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