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 on: Today at 10:22:20 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

What's causing the voltage fade in lithium-rich NMC cathode materials?

Forget joysticks—use your torso to pilot drones

3D-printed underwater jetpack

Norwegian researchers hit silicon jackpot for top battery solution

Molecular clock could greatly improve smartphone navigation

Artificial intelligence technology could help protect water supplies

In China, yellow robots deliver snacks to your home [No one steals them?]

Search and rescue robot developed

US start-up eyes supersonic future

Airbus unveils pioneering solar-powered drone

An underwater pokeball for capturing sea creatures punctuating self-driving vision with tests, software update

Liquid-metal, high-voltage flow battery

A better way to control a swarm of drones

Gorilla Glass to have beefed-up protection for phones to survive oh-no drops

Safe solid-state lithium batteries herald 'paradigm shift' in energy storage

The first flying car?


The Threat Posed by the Wikipedia-Google Complex to Freedom of Information: Analysis of R. M. Santilli Article

Santilli Lawsuit against Frank Israel and Pepjin van Erp

Deep subterranean connection discovered between two active Japanese volcanoes

Comet: C/2018 N2 (ASASSN)

Astronomers discover 12 new moons orbiting Jupiter

One of Jupiter's newly discovered moons is an oddity

Soundwaves reveal over a quadrillion tons of diamonds miles beneath the Earth's surface

Hawaiian telescope detected asteroid over Africa five hours before entering atmosphere

The silent sun: 3 weeks without sunspots

Stunning side-by-side video of Mars shows how the planet-wide dust storm has transformed the surface of the red planet

Earth-based telescope takes image of Neptune sharper than Hubble

Weird sound waves discovered in quantum liquids

Did a rogue star alter our Solar System?

Brown dwarf detected in the CoRoT-20 system

One of the densest clusters of galaxies in the universe is revealed

Mode changing and giant pulses found in a millisecond pulsar

NASA's new mini satellite will study Milky Way's halo

Team creates high-fidelity images of Sun's atmosphere

X-ray data may be first evidence of a star devouring a planet

Martian atmosphere behaves as one

Ultra-bright early galaxies may be less common than we thought

Why won't Parker Solar Probe melt?

Researchers study gravitational lensing around an extremely dense galaxy cluster

Where to search for signs of life on Titan

Could DNA prove that ancient Egyptians visited Ireland?

Mummies’ secrets uncovered in Egypt

New theory of human evolution

Ancient Stone Toolmakers Came To North America Far Earlier Than Clovis People

The origin of humans is not East Africa. It’s much broader

Scientists May Have Solved One of Earth’s Greatest Climate Mysteries

46th Hottest June On Record

NEWS: Heatwave Reveals Unknown Archaeology in Britain & Ireland

NEWS: Sealed Black Granite Sarcophagus OPENED

Solar System's History in Disarray

Discourses on an Alien Sky #38 | The Ancient Polar Configuration: Reviewing Essential Conclusions

Cosmic Geometry, Universal Patterns & Golden Ratio - Randall Carlson

 on: Today at 09:05:50 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Part 3 of 3 [1a. Bundy's; 1b. Bundy's; 2. Zuckerberg's]

2. Zuckerberg Free-speech Act

Also interesting to see that Randi Zuckerberg is criticizing her brother Mark this week for defending free speech. She is suggesting the US join some European countries in banning Holocaust denial. This is obviously a manufactured event, to allow her to do just that. No real people are outraged that Mark Zuckerberg defended Holocaust deniers, since there is nothing offensive about what he said. Free speech is nothing more than Constitutional law in the US, and always has been. The Zuckerbergs manufactured this whole controversy, just so that Randi could promote a ban on free speech. Which should be far more offensive to average Americans, and probably is. All the people in the media pretending to be outraged at Zuckerberg's comments are simply planted mouthpieces, and this entire event was manufactured and staged like everything else in the news. It indicates the fascists are feeling the heat, and their answer of course is to turn up the fascism. If people aren't buying the old lies, force them to buy the lies at gunpoint. It won't work, since the US can't pass a ban on any free speech or any idea without overturning the entire Constitution. Not even I believe they are about to do that. Since they can't do that, they are trying to do the next best thing: if you can't change the laws, change the customs. They are trying to change the way you think by hitting you with this 24-7 barrage of propaganda. They want to convince you that those who question the mainstream on any topic are bad people, so they hammer away at these stories day in day out. But it isn't working. Why isn't it working? Because in order for it to work, the masses have to trust/respect those doing the hammering. No one trusts the Zuckerbergs and no one ever will, so Randi Zuckerberg isn't a good spokeswoman. Her propaganda is worthless and it will never stick.

That can be said about all these people in the news now. Everyone can tell they are transparent fronts for the powers-that-be, so their words don't have any weight. They and their families have been caught lying over and over about everything, so why should anyone believe them about the Holocaust or anything else? The answer: no one does. It isn't just the Holocaust that people are denying these days, it is everything. Sensible people are seeing that nothing about recent history makes any sense, so why believe it? If it is full of contradictions and isn't believable, why believe it? Even if the government overturned the Constitution and banned questioning government stories, it wouldn't make any difference. It might prevent the publication of some ideas online, but it wouldn't prevent people from believing what they believe or talking to their neighbors. You can't legislate that.

That is the real problem of people like Randi Zuckerberg. Not only can you not police what people think, once you have lost their trust you can't even influence their thoughts anymore. The propaganda doesn't work anymore, and that is what really concerns them. But as I have said many time before, it is their own fault. They had a pretty good propaganda machine working up until 2001, but they broke it by their own actions. CIA allowed DHS to come in and use their tools, and DHS broke those tools. There have simply been too many flubbed projects since 2001, and that isn't the fault of any Holocaust deniers. That is the fault of Intel itself. The problem goes far beyond Holocaust denial, since they would also have to address 911 denial, Sandy Hook denial, Manson denial, Hitler denial, Lenin denial, Cold War denial, Bay of Pigs denial, Castro denial, Kennedy denial, Hawking denial, MLK denial, serial killer denial, and news denial. People don't believe the news anymore, period. So what are the governors going to do about that? Are they going to pass a law to force you to believe the news? How will that work?

I will be told they are preparing for the onset of a 1984-style control grid, but I don't think they are. If they are, they are going about it the wrong way. The time to slip into that scheme was back in the 1950s, when everyone believed what they were told. In that case, ramping up the propaganda and having it believed was at least a possibility. But as it now stands, there is no possibility the masses are going to fall for such a naïve scheme. They aren't going to sit in front of some large screen and buy even bigger lies than they are already being sold. You don't implement 1984 when everyone is already suspicious. You have to ease into that scenario from a position of trust. You can't blast into it from a position of distrust, because if your audience balks the whole plan fails from the first moment.

The governors already have a vast control grid in place, but the problem is it is failing. It relies on incredible levels of propaganda, but the lies aren't being swallowed. Successful propaganda requires trust, and all trust is gone. So the governors are now just relying on your inertia, which they make sure to supplement with as much drugging and confusion as possible. This is why they mothballed the just-say-no campaigns and switched to just-say-yes campaigns. This is why many States are legalizing marijuana and why they are watering down laws against other drugs. This is why they have made street mj much stronger. They are quite happy for you to be stoned out of your gourd. But of course you can counter that plan as well, by not buying the stuff. Stay lucid, friends, it is your only hope.

So, what will they do next? If the past is any indication, and it always is, they will continue to work undercover, scurrying about in the dark as much as possible. I don't expect to see them make any direct attack on your freedoms, since that would be counterproductive. Instead, they will try to continue to undermine your power and your sanity as much as possible. But once you know what they are up to, this is very difficult for them.

A different question: what should they do next? Well, since the current schemes aren't working, they should give them up completely and go another way. I am not suggesting they should turn themselves in and stand trial for all the crimes, since there is no chance that will happen. I am suggesting they should slowly ease into a plan B, by which they take the heat off themselves by taking the heat off of us. If they change their plan of governance from a plan of wholesale looting to a plan of beneficent governance, everyone will be happier, including them. Governors will always be rich, even under a plan of beneficence, but it doesn't have to be this obscene and dangerous level of wealth that lopsides the world and does no one any good. Surely it has occurred to them that after a certain point, wealth is just a meaningless column of numbers. Once you have a big house and four or five absurd automobiles and an even more absurd boat and college tuition for the kids, the rest is surplus. It doesn't do you any good and costs you more in lost freedom than it is worth as coinage. That is to say, after the first ten million or so, the wealth is just a burden. And yet these people have billions and sometimes trillions in the family, money just squirreled away in holes all over the world, doing nothing but earning meaningless interest. If they gave it all back they would never miss it. Indeed, they would sigh a big sigh of relief that they didn't have to guard it anymore. ...

 on: Today at 09:03:58 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Part 2 of 3 [1a. Bundy's; 1b. Bundy's; 2. Zuckerberg's]

More clues come from the linked Las Vegas shootings in June of 2014, where the Millers supposedly shot two police officers in cold blood at a pizza parlor. Guess what one of the officer's name was. . . Beck. A cousin of Glenn Beck, maybe? And who was Jerad Miller? An actor. The mainstream admits he was working as a street performer just before these events transpired. But that's not suspicious, is it? Ask yourself this: why are we not supposed to think this event was just another street performance, bankrolled this time by the Feds? Just three months earlier, he had—we are told—sent messages to the local DMV, threatening to kill anyone who showed up to arrest him for having a suspended driver's license. They are testing you again with that story. What is wrong with it? One, they don't show up at your house to arrest you for a suspended driver's license. They have to catch you driving illegally, don't they? If you don't want to get arrested, all you have to do is walk or ride your bike. Two, if you threaten State employees in any way, they send a sheriff out to arrest you. If you have a previous record—as Miller is supposed to have had—they not only charge you with the appropriate crime (assault, etc.), they keep you in jail as a precaution until the trial. Otherwise you might drive your car though the front glass at the DMV and hurt or kill someone. So, according to the given story, Miller shouldn't even have been on the street in June of 2014. He should have been in jail awaiting trial for threatening State workers.

More clues come from the other leader along with Ammon Bundy. His sidekick was named Ryan
Payne. Hmmm. A Payne involved. The Paynes are from the same families, aren't they? See Payne Stewart in my paper on Tiger Woods. They have been billionaires for generations, and are related to all the Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln.

Which brings us back to the Hammonds. The elder Hammond in this story is named Dwight Lincoln Hammond. I guess you caught that middle name. This confirms we have the right Hammonds, since the famous Hammonds are closely related to the Lincolns. For instance, John Hammond the Columbia head was the son of a Vanderbilt. With that in mind, go to the Wiki page for Amy Vanderbilt, where you will find one of her sons was Lincoln Gill Clark. All of those names are family names, and the Lincolns are closely related to the Clarks via the Todds. Mary Todd Lincoln's close relatives were Clarks. They don't want you to know this, which is why they scrub the Hammonds at They refuse to tell us the paternal grandparents of John Henry Hammond II. But we can walk around that easily, by going to Wiki, which has a page for a different James Henry Hammond. Yes, John Hammond Jr.'s father was named James Henry Hammond, which should look strange. How can John Henry Hammond be a II if his father is named James Henry Hammond? Anyway, the James Henry Hammond at Wiki is a generation or two too early, but the name can't be a coincidence. He is from the same family, being from South Carolina. His Hammonds are related to Fitzsimmons, Hamptons, and Fishers, telling us again we are on the right track. Anyway, this Hammond's parents were Elisha Hammond and Catherine Fox Spann. The name Fox again tells us we are in the right place. The Hamptons and Hammonds were among the wealthiest plantation owners in the South prior to the Civil War, and the Foxes are old Jewish money as well (though normally hiding behind Quakers).

I hope you also caught the first name of Hammond, which was Dwight. All three of his names are surnames, you see, and I reminded you above that Dwight was on the list of Boston Brahmins. Not a coincidence, as you now understand.

We can also link the Hammonds and the Bundys through the name Lincoln, since both are related to Lincolns. See William Lincoln Bundy, d. 1940, in the line of Cliven Bundy. He married a Burton whose sister married a Vanderpool. They are also related to MacArthurs, Reeds, and Lymans, which takes us back to the Boston Brahmins again. They are also related to the Iversons and Morrisons, including Walter Morrison who invented the frisbee. No doubt this takes us directly to Jim Morrison of the Doors and his father Admiral Morrison of the Gulf of Tonkin hoax.

This also links us to Phil Lyman, who was involved in the BLM fracas and allegedly sentenced to ten days in jail in 2015. If you remember, he was the San Juan County Commissioner, but nonetheless allegedly took the side of the protestors, becoming personally involved. He and others organized an ATV ride in Recapture Canyon in Utah. Well, his name is another red flag here. Like the Bundys, the Lymans are another prominent Boston Brahmin family going back centuries. This indicates that Lyman, the Hammonds, and the Bundys were all cousins, hired to appear in this stageplay by its directors.

 on: Today at 09:02:33 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


Part 1 of 3 [1a. Bundy's; 1b. Bundy's; 2. Zuckerberg's]

1a. Bundy Ranch Standoff Fake

[Mathis is good at asking questions that most of us don't think to ask most of the time.]

Donald Trump allegedly pardoned the Hammonds last week. I say allegedly because the whole story is part of a long running fake project. It concerns the Bundys and Hammonds in Oregon, as part of that whole highly publicized series of standoffs going back to 2014. It is supposed to be between cattlemen and the Feds, but it is another manufactured and staged play, meant to keep your eyes off other things. Trump didn't really need to pardon anyone, since this entire saga has been another hoax. I can tell this just from the names, and you should have caught those, too. Hammond and Bundy. Top families we have seen many times. The Hammonds we saw in my paper on Bob Dylan, since a Hammond was head of Columbia Records, being the man behind both Dylan and Leonard Cohen. The Bundys we saw in my paper on Ted Bundy, who spent some time in the Northwest, as we know. He was in nearby Washington state, pushing forward various projects in the 60s and 70s. He was at Washington State and then worked on Rockefeller's campaign in Seattle. He was actually a Rockefeller delegate in 1968. Amazingly, this links us back to Simon Cowell above, since Bundy is supposed to have been born as Theodore Cowell. What are the odds?

In that paper I linked Ted Bundy to McGeorge Bundy, a head of the CIA. So we have all sorts of obvious red flags in this story about the standoff in Oregon. The Bundys involved there are Ammon and Cliven Bundy. We get another clue very fast, since Cliven's wife is Carol Turner. Another name from the same families. Ammon Bundy was the leader of the occupation in Oregon, which is curious since before that he was a car fleet manager living in Arizona. His father Cliven Bundy was born in 1946, and these Bundys of Utah are related to Russells who came from Vermont in the mid-1800s. The CIA Bundys are also from Vermont, and Ted Bundy has links to Vermont—being born in Burlington. This means the Bundys in Utah are (posing as) Mormons. However, since the Mormons were created by Jews and now often act as a front for them, you see how it goes. These Bundys are also related to the Funks and Barnums. And, as LasVegasNow reported in 2016, they are also related to Abbotts and Leavitts. The Abbotts we have seen many times before in these hoaxed events, and Leavitt is an old Jewish name, a variation of Levy. The name Abbott also confirms my link to the east-coast CIA Bundys, since those Bundys had a branch that was part of the Boston Brahmins, along with the Abbotts. The Abbotts are not on the main Brahmin list at Wikipedia, but like the Bennetts, Ayres, Edsons, and several others, they either should be on the list or exist just off it. However, the name Dwight is on the Brahmin list, so keep that in mind. You are about to see it again.

Perhaps the best way to see that this was all staged is by the fact that all charges in the Bundy standoff were later dropped “due to prosecutorial misconduct”. Right. That's convenient, isn't it? It fits perfectly with all the other fake trials we have unwound. In the Malheur NWR occupation, Ammon Bundy was acquitted on all charges. My guess is these people didn't spend one minute in jail.

Here's another way you can tell it was fake. Go to the Wiki page for the Bundy standoff, and note that it began in April 2014 when armed protestors demanded their confiscated cattle back from BLM and local sheriffs. We are supposed to believe the Feds backed down, releasing the cattle. No arrests were made, no citations issued, and nothing was done about overdue grazing fees. Bundy took the cattle right back out onto the federal lands and continued to graze them, despite being forbidden by court order from doing so since 1998. Does that sound like a true story to you? The Feds just failed to enforce a court order for 16 years, and when they finally got around to confiscating the cattle, they just gave them back when Bundy and some friends showed up with guns? Sure. Even more risible is that we are told the BLM had cancelled a cattle roundup in 2012 when Bundy threatened them with violence. Funny, because I thought that threatening government officials with violence was a serious offense. According to this mainstream story, it isn't. We are told the County Sheriff's Dept. wouldn't help BLM because the court order had become “stale”. Really? We are supposed to believe that? We are supposed to believe the BLM, a federal agency, relies on the gunpower of local Sheriffs? BLM can't call in back-up from the FBI, the military or the National Guard? That's not what we were led to believe in Waco in 1993, was it? There we were taught that if you cross any federal agency they send in the stormtroopers and burn you up with your children, down to the last babe in swaddling clothes.

Another way you can tell it was fake? Two days after the confrontation of April 2014, Cliven Bundy appeared on both Sean Hannity's and Glenn Beck's national programs, demanding that locals “disarm the federal bureaucrats”. Right. Who believes this stuff? He calls for armed insurrection on national TV and we are supposed to believe the USGov just looks the other way? I encourage you to read the long Wikipedia page on this event and see if it makes any sense. That may be easier for you to do now that four years have passed.

 on: July 17, 2018, 01:19:38 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

(I usually post here on Sundays, but I forgot this time.)

Real ID: Americans Forced To Comply By 2020—No Compliance, No Entry and The Bill Already Passed

Trump pardons Oregon ranchers at center of 40-day standoff

Traces of chemical weapons agent found in shrimp in Sweden

Germans favor withdrawal of US troops, not paying more for US 'protection'

Leak at Porton Down lab may be behind UK nerve-agent poisonings

Is anyone else really truly sick and tired of seeing forced diversity and multiculturalism coming from all angles in modern Western society?

You have been watching one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president

1995 clip of a-hole Eric Holder saying people need to be brainwashed daily about evils of guns

How Entertainment Shows Have Become Vehicles for Gun Control Propaganda

UK Vigilantes Attack Rape Gang Suspects

Woman commits suicide after Syrian rapist is set free

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Deploy U.S. Military Inside Mexico to Stop Illegal Immigration, Drug Smuggling

Trump actually dropped a really big threat, but everyone missed it

Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States

A Female 'Firefighter' Shows Why You'd Want a Man to Rescue You

Sixteen states including the swing states of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia use voting machines provided by Soros-connected company Smartmatic

Feels like shareblue and company shifted gears

Algeria Sick of Sub-Saharan Invaders Deports Tens of Thousands Back South to Niger

MGM Resorts International sues more than 1,000 victims from Las Vegas mass shooting, denying any liability [one of many events that never happened in reality]

Vatican says nuns don't have to be "chaste" during service - physical virginity optional

PUTIN BLOWS APART RUSSIA COLLUSION PROBE [Both sides are probably faking the whole thing]

Democrat Steve Cohen Calls For A Military Coup To Unseat Trump

Dem Fraud: Identical Anti-Kavanaugh Letters Run in 21 Papers, All Signed Differently

Confessions of An "Economic Hitman" - Peels Back A Thick Layer of What's Going On [It's probably fake too]

Planned Parenthood Kills More Blacks in 2 Weeks than the KKK Killed in a Century

Why hasn't google been tamed by anti-trust laws yet?

Judge Gives Black Antifa Leader Probation for Rapes of Underage Children [Was the prosecution competent?]

Trump-Putin Summit Success: Neocons Furious

Denmark Passes a "Ghetto Plan" to Deal with "Underpriveleged Areas" Created by Muslims

This is what happens when you disagree with intelligence agencies

Japanese women commonly experience mental breakdowns when visiting Paris

Obama Legitimizing South African President Cyril Ramaphosa -- Who Calls for White Genocide and Land Confiscation / Blatant and Disgusting RACISM from Ex-President

Judge Shrugs At 1st Amendment, Orders News Site To Take Down Info It Got From A Publicly-Available Court Filing

Uber driver kicks out Young Republicans for supporting Trump

Peace Talk Between Nuclear Superpowers Offends America's Assholes And Morons

US Federal Judge Rules Jews are a Protected Race - Not Just a Religion

Deep State is in a Panic Fearing Putin Shared with Trump Devastating Information Not Yet Reported [probably fake]

Shock and Awe Is Director Rob Reiners 6th Mega-Flop in a Row

End All Foreign Aid

Has the media declared war on white people?

Ron Paul calls Trump-Putin meeting 'a success'

Texas' New Sanctuary City Bill No Freebies or Help For Illegals

Electric Trap Donald Trump Sign! Hillary Clinton Supporter Gets Shocked Stealing Yard Sign

Maine Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

 on: July 15, 2018, 08:03:51 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

NH: Concord politician is sharp, except...

NH: Politician blows off my question (Concord, First Amendment audit)

NH: Politician pretends I'm not asking her questions (First Amendment Audit)

City of Dover law threatens anyone under 21 who possesses tobacco products

Ian Freeman, NH Libertarian Senate Candidate’s Response to NEA Questionnaire on Education

Keene Selected As Test Market for “DASH-Back” – Instant Cryptocurrency Rebates at Local Merchants

Another Anarchist Website [Anarchist is a stupid label to use]

NH Libertarian Senate Candidate Answers Questionnaire on Gun Freedoms

Video: Conan on Trial for Uninspected Vehicle

America: 10th Most Dangerous Country on Earth for Women?

The Bitcoin Scam

See some of the latest FSP news on Facebook

New Federal Stormwater Permit Kicks In For 60 N.H. Towns

How a Blind Spot in N.H.'s Juvenile Justice System Keeps Some Kids From Getting Help

Vermont Senator Leahy Offers Bill to Limit Border Patrol Checkpoints

Harassment Probe Reveals Long-Standing Concerns in Dartmouth’s Psychology Department

Online Sales Tax Ruling Focus of New N.H. Task Force

Many N.H. Towns Struggle With Recycling Costs, But Not Derry

Sununu Signs Bill For Year Supply of Birth Control Pills

Former N.H. Judge Disbarred from Practicing Law

Family Vacationing In N.H. Reeling After Arrest At Checkpoint 90 Miles From The Border

How Trade Tariffs Impact New Hampshire’s Export Economy

Concord City Council Expected To Pass Renewable Energy Goal

PSU Teams Up With Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network of N.H. to Address Bullying in Schools [School is for fish]

Big Crowd for MakerSpace Opening in Claremont

Curbside Compost Business Launches in Keene

Keene Woman Seeks Help For Relatives Separated At Border

Former Exeter High School Counselor Sentenced For Sexual Assault

Rochester Drug Recovery Center Faces Pushback From Neighbors

Split Supreme Court Says N.H. Residency Voting Bill is Constitutional

When It Comes to Cross-Border Sales Tax Fight, N.H.'s Been Here Before

 on: July 15, 2018, 07:18:23 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


High-power thermoelectric generator utilizes thermal difference of only 5C

Compact and flexible supercapacitor developed using simple spray coating method

Engineers develop origami electronics from cheap, foldable paper

Salt is key ingredient for cheaper and more efficient batteries

Neural network to allow a car to learn to drive itself in just 20 minutes

Dubai's vertical farming to help quench thirst for own supply chain

How Nantes team's 3-D printing may alter shape of homes to come

Cooling buildings worldwide

Researchers use coal waste to create sustainable concrete

This Honda lawn mower can reach speeds up to 150mph

Russian cargo spacecraft makes fastest-ever trip to ISS

Virtual Reality May Help Save Ancient Egypt's 'Sistine Chapel'

1st Color X-Rays of Human Body

Russian cargo ship makes fastest-ever trip to space station


Researchers discover encryption system in genetic code

'Two-headed' ancient Egyptian mummy

Jumping genes: Cross species transfer has driven evolution

4 genetic traits that helped humans conquer the world - With thanks to interbreeding

13,000 year old clues of deluge and abrupt ice age found in Arctic

Slime molds are able to remember - but do they really learn?

Neutrino that struck Antarctica traced to galaxy 3.7 billion light years away

Crust-formation on Mars means red planet could have been habitable 100 million years before Earth was

New control of cell division discovered

What powers the most luminous galaxies?

Europa's ocean ascending

Faint outburst of an accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar observed by astronomers

Plasma-spewing quasar

Sound of electromagnetic energy moving between Saturn, Enceladus

Scientists discover 'ghost dunes' on Mars

First space tourist flights could come in 2019

Observatories team up to reveal rare double asteroid

NASA Juno data indicate another possible volcano on Jupiter moon Io

Fifty years ago, at Lake Mungo, the true scale of Aboriginal Australians’ epic story was revealed

The Stonehenge dead tell their stories

Scientists in Argentina discover ‘first giant’ dinosaur, pushing evolution of gigantism back 30 million years [Conventional dating is nuts]

Mexico earthquake leads to discovery of ancient temple

Archaeologists prepare to open huge granite sarcophagus in Egypt

A Minilithic Artefact for Rebooting Human Civilization in the Event of Global Cataclysm

Why won’t this debate about an ancient cold snap die?

Fingerprint of ancient abrupt climate change found in Arctic

Catastrophes & Climate Variations Timeline: Is there a cycle?

The Master Pattern of Sacred Metrology

Sacred Geometry, Geodyssey & the Bible. Revelation 11-1

The Cosmic Temple

Randall Carlson - Lost Civilization, Joe Rogan, Michael Shermer & Graham Hancock

*Burckle Crater Impact and Mega-tsunami

Ancient Rituals or a Stone Age Gallows : German ‘Stonehenge’ Revealed

NEWS: Earthquake-damaged Aztec Pyramid Reveals Ancient Temple

NEWS: Gold-Gilded Death Mask Discovered + Egyptian Mummification Workshop

 on: July 15, 2018, 06:03:52 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

WPA3 security protocol will keep Wi-Fi connections safer

Facebook, Google 'manipulate' users to share data despite EU law

'Breakthrough' algorithm exponentially faster than any previous one

This Supercomputer Can Calculate in 1 Second What Would Take You 6 Billion Years

Russian scientists improve neural network's ability to 'deep learn'

US Special Forces develop 'talking' leaflets

Ultrathin electronic tattoos for wearable computing

Test tube artificial neural network recognizes 'molecular handwriting'

Is your smartphone spying on you?

Privacy conversation turns to enabling smart TV tracking services

Google lets 3rd-party app developers read your emails

Pirate Sites Are Affected By Market Forces Too

I never said that! High-tech deception of 'deepfake' videos

Game changing invention to revolutionise cybersecurity

California high court: Yelp can't be ordered to remove posts

What happens when people lose trust in the Internet?

Facebook responding to US regulators in data breach probe

How suppliers of everyday devices make you vulnerable to cyber attack – and what to do about it

Wikipedia down in several countries in EU law protest

EU Parliament rejects controversial copyright law

India's richest man unveils broadband plan

Russian search engine alerts Google to possible data problem

New model for large-scale 3-D facial recognition

Space IoT takes off

An online game to educate children on safe internet use

Parental controls do not stop teens from seeing pornography, new research finds

Team finds many of mobile applications are open to web API hijacking

Microsoft urges regulation of face-recognizing tech

Researcher blogged about workaround for Apple OS update's USB Restricted Mode

 on: July 15, 2018, 05:43:51 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Happy Independence Day To All Regardless Of Your Being American

Abortion and Libertarianism: Framing the Issue

Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruled University Can't Fire Conservative Professor For Wrong Think

Libertarian Mad Max won't tow party

Why Conservatives and Libertarians [and Liberals] are Natural Allies

Cannabis legalization reveals the INNER LIBERTARIAN in "progressives"

Libertarian Party Convention 2018 'Rising From The Bottom'

20 Most Important Organizations in American Politics 2018

Libertarians on Child Labor, Monopoly, and Inequality

Abortion and Libertarianism: Human Beings or Clumps of Cells?

Trump Tariffs Are Only An Excuse For BMW To Start Moving SUV Production To China

USPS Hypocrisy, Delivers High Times, Won’t Deliver Local Paper With Legal Marijuana Business Ad

We All Have To Listen & Learn From Each Other

 on: July 15, 2018, 05:33:07 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

'Smart' prosthetic ankle takes fear out of rough terrain, stairs

Opioid addiction may be tied to brain chemical implicated in narcolepsy

Fundamental rule of brain plasticity discovered by MIT scientists

Self-learning bionic hand

Smart bandages designed to monitor and tailor treatment for chronic wounds

Remediation Tips From an EMF Expert

Terminal Cancer Patient Who Sued Monsanto Gets His Day in Court

Conspiracy to Hide New Data on Water Pollution

Gout Pill Poses Major Risk for Your Heart

Cannabis: A Lost History

New York City to Require Flu Shots for Preschoolers and California Moves to Eliminate Vaccine Exemptions for the Poor

Mercury Fillings Leak After Medical Scan

Jackass Whole Foods Withdraws Promise to Label GMOs

Understanding the Opioid Epidemic

Chiropractic BioPhysics and Gonstead Technique for Spinal Health

Low B-12 and folate in mature adults are 'of concern'

World's first local hospital calls for its community to ditch sugar and processed foods

*Why modern "Medicine" is the greatest failure of our time

Barbara Loe Fisher: Zero tolerance vaccine laws in America

Fines are now in effect for Australian parents who refuse to vaccinate their children

Boys Adrift: The boys are not alright

Aptamil new baby milk formula is making babies sick, parents claim

It's bread and pasta that is killing us, not fatty foods

Anti-Vaxxers provide new model for the world in Australia

The 'Wifi Alliance' will include 5G Wireless - and with it a huge increase of dangers to our health

Samoa recalls MMR vaccine after two babies die within minutes

The ongoing battle between breast milk and infant-formula companies

Mitochondrial transplant: Dying organs restored to life in novel experiments

Australian scientists perform experiment successfully wiping out over 80% of disease-carrying mosquitoes

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