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Author Topic: Pardon me, would you like some vitriol with your rhetoric? Mmmm....vitriol  (Read 1350 times)


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When I stopped in to read the posts here this morning, it seemed the carping factor was set up a few notches over the night, and that was without the participation of most of the usual suspects1.

A couple of things to remember:

For the new participants: Many of these topics have been quite thoroughly explored in the past, and a laborious reading of older threads may show the point you wish to make has been made.  RobertH has a thread which indexes many of the older threads, may well be worth your time.  The vast increase of new threads, many of which rehash old threads, has overwhelmed his ability to keep up, as the man does have a life.

For the new and more seasoned participants: Be Civil!  If this project is to succeed it will mean people having to work together.  There is no reason to engender enmity here.  There will be plenty of time for mutual recriminations after everyone has moved to the project state.

Thank you for stopping in to read this certain to be ignored plea for courteousness.  You may now resume your regularly scheduled posting activity.

1. If your reaction to the usual suspects comment was, "Hey!" perhaps you should think about how you are perceived here.
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