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Author Topic: 7) Statist News Blog  (Read 144406 times)


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Re: 7) Statist News Blog
« Reply #525 on: July 16, 2017, 09:27:47 pm »

GOP Official Who Sought Clinton's Missing Emails Commits Suicide

Visa paying restaurants to stop accepting cash, pushing for cashless society

MSM Still going on with the Don Jr. non-story while ignoring all the crimes the democrats committed

Saudi Arabia has been funding mosques throughout Europe that have become hotbeds of extremism

Doctors Mysteriously Found Dead After Summit For Breakthrough Cure For Cancer

Husband blindfolds his wife.... and then chops off her fingers to stop her studying for a degree

German police raid Holocaust revisionists house on orders of powerful Jewish organization

Obama had Trump Wiretapped even before he announced his run for President

Fusion GPS, the company behind the fake Trump pee dossier, linked to Goldstone, the man behind Don Jr's meeting with Russian lawyer

According to Wikipedia, if you're right-wing you're racist (or vice-versa)

Michigan Passes Law Sending Female Genital Mutilators to Jail for 15 Years

Six major US airports now scan Americans' faces when they leave the country

Donald Trump's Aides Develop Plans to Halve Legal Immigration

Damning New Report Shows How Oakland Cops Covered Up Their Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

The Bankers Use the Left Right Paradigm to Limit Political Parties To Something They Can Easily Control

NEOLIB NIGHTMARE! HUNDREDS OF VOTERS WITHDRAW Registrations As States Comply With Trump's Voter Fraud Commission

U.S. Charges More Than 400 People In Health Fraud Schemes and Opioid Scams Worth $1.3 Billion

Army prepares women to shower with men as part of ‘transgender’ training

White House Spokeswoman: Democrats Are The Real Colluders

Russian Lawyer Who Met Don Jr. Was OPENLY ANTI-TRUMP, Ally of Mccain

Moroccan asylum seeker rapes a 22 y/o woman heavily pregnant with twins, now stands trial

In Germany Sharia Police Using Violence, Intimidation to Enforce Sharia Law

Minnesota man, 98, wanted for Nazi war crimes in Poland but son decries 'charade'

Trigger Warning, Democrats: Your Path To Political Revival Is Through Trump Voters

The crisis in America's crime labs & wrongful convictions

Leaked Documents Show Democrats Plotted to Blame Russia For Hacking

While The Dems Begin Impeachment Proceedings, Chuck Grassley Demands To Know If Donald Trump Jr. Was Setup Under The Obama Administration

Documents Show Saudi, UAE Back Al-Qaeda, ISIS

Why Did Loretta Lynch Grant Trump Jr's Russian Lawyer A Special Visa To Enter America?

Alleged Alphabay Admin Found Dead in Bangkok Jail

Politicians jeopardise the safety of whistleblowers with bad technology

Americans more likely to vote in times of uncertainty

What to know about the net neutrality 'day of action' internet protest

The robot lawyer that overturned 160,000 parking tickets can now help you in 1,000  legal areas for free

Robots and AI are going to make social inequality even worse

Google's life science division to release 20 million infected male mosquitoes in  California

NASA plans to test asteroid deflection technique

"Detroit Doctors" Charged In Medicare Fraud Are Almost All Arabs

MILO Hits #2 on NYT Nonfiction Best Seller List; Media Tries to Downplay Sales

Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead --MSM silent

Women's Marchers Hired Armed Guards For Their Protest Against The NRA

Research Team Slams Global Warming Data

The Way Chicago "Works": Graft, Corruption, Political Connections, Bribes, Unions

London accuses France of plot to wreck Britain

Together, The Left And Right Can Kill The Establishment Propaganda Machine

PR Firm Explained How To Create Viral Buzz FakeNews of Huffman's reddit

Suicide rate for middle schoolers doubles, now kills more children than car crashes

U.S. Officials Withdraw From Australian Refugee Resettlement/Relocation Scheme

Clinton Deleted-Emails Researcher Allegedly Kills Self with Belabored Note: "NO FOUL PLAY"

Is Trump’s Laptop Ban for International Flights to US Raising the Bar for Aviation Security?

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