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 on: March 18, 2019, 05:20:29 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

[I thought I should post the original story here before it possibly gets removed from the website, like another site did. The fundraiser brought in no donations, I would guess because she didn't have time to work on it much and maybe because the website doesn't get enough traffic etc. Looks like she also tried Fundly, but I can't see info there.]

Bring My Boys Home
Fundraising campaign by Kat Gatzke
Chicago, US

[3 pictures are shown]

I need your help. I need you to care. You have to care. If you don’t care about the people in this story, why would anybody else? We are not just a time line of unfortunate events. Like you, we are part of human legacy.
I can no longer do this alone. I tried. Here I am, 4 years later. Sitting in my club house in someone else’s clothes, sleeping in a strange bed. The other 2 members of my exclusive club, JMC & BBR, were “legally” kidnapped and tortured. The only thing escaping is time. In exactly 2 weeks my custody battle goes to trial. A final decision will be made. Attorney Pro Se is representing me. Not by choice. My former attorney spent more time violating Legal Ethics than practicing law. Some people handle rejection better than others. Attorney Sinclair withdrew all his toys and went home. Now I am left standing next to that guy Pro Se.
I’m sure you can see where this is headed. My ugly pride is preventing me from coming right out and asking you to your pot of gold into what I hope will become
Legal Representation
Expert Witness
Private Investigator
Child Psychologist
My boys and I appreciate your help. I do not possess the amount of creativity to put into words how much your generosity means to us. You know what corruption despises more than it loves money? Exposure! I am not accusing anyone of anything. I am simply presenting you (and all of social media) with the documents. You decide the weight of evidence.  Mr. Coe's Criminal History [Link is now broken.]

 on: March 18, 2019, 04:45:11 am 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

I posted the previous news links post last night and now I have some comments.

Snuff Films are Illegal.

It's proper that snuff films should be illegal, because they encourage extreme illegal, immoral actions, the murder of innocent people. But capital punishment should also be illegal, because it is similarly immoral. Even when people are tried for committing murder and found guilty, it often turns out that they were innocent, so capital punishment is too severe, since a significant number of innocent people are victimized by it.

The NZ shooting is said to have been live-streamed on Facebook and it seems that many people viewed the live-streaming and are convinced that the alleged murders depicted were real. And New Zealand is said to have warned the public not to have any copies of the video on their computers etc or be fined thousands of dollars. That actually seems to be an appropriate warning, come to think of it, because the video probably fits the definition of a snuff film, if it was not faked. However, I believe everyone [competent adults] has the right to have a copy of the video in order to determine if it is or is not fake, if they did not pay for the video or if the video has not been legally proven to be a true snuff film.

One of the news article titles above rightly asks "Why are ISIS beheading videos shown on the news, but NZ mosque shooting footage banned?" Another rightly asks "Christians are slaughtered by Muslims all the time and we never hear about it. Why?" Another said "The NZ mosque was a known terrorist recruitment center". One article said the shooter is/was an intelligence agent for India. This all leads me to suspect that the shooting was indeed staged and that the murders were faked, using Hollywood/Bollywood special effects, for the purpose of inciting division among the public, further outlawing guns, blackwashing Christians and conservatives, further brainwashing liberals, further promoting Muslim immigration to western nations, promoting more draconian censorship of conservatives and skeptics online, reinforcing fake news and mainstream control, etc.

The video was probably made in advance by experts and then shown on live-stream without actually being live.

 on: March 17, 2019, 10:21:42 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

BIZ & ECONOMICS (Statist News below)

Translating a letter from a (national) debt nut

Medicare for All: The real stumbling block

Gig economy platforms causing 'unpaid labour' among workers in developing world

Millennials Have $1 Trillion In Debt, And Most Don’t Own Homes 2019-03-14

US Job Opening Soar To All Time High: 1.3 Million More Than Unemployed Workers 2019-03-15

Internet, intuition can help businesses spot next big thing

ESA helps firms large and small prosper in global satcom market

Emotional exhaustion takes a toll on entrepreneurial ventures

Why the binding arbitration game is rigged against customers

When Facebook and Instagram are down, small businesses and big brands can suffer

New view of the world could create unlimited sustainable resources

POLITICS & Statist News

By 2020 lots of hypergamous women will be homeless

Iran calls for sterilization of homeless women [2 years ago]

Cop Grabs Small School Girl Around Her Neck, Slams Her Into the Concrete

Showing Middle Finger to Police Officer = Constitutionally Protected Speech

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter And Scribd Scramble To Scrub NZ Shooting Evidence 2019-03-15

Nearly half of Americans have had a family member jailed, imprisoned

NZ Shooting: What media are promoting and what doubters are saying

New Zealand has gone full police state, threatening TEN years in prison for having video saved on your computer

Why are ISIS beheading videos shown on the news, but NZ mosque shooting footage banned?

It's because our governments know White People are enraged with current immigration policies

The NZ mosque was a known terrorist recruitment center

Christians are slaughtered by Muslims all the time and we never hear about it. Why?

The Alt-Right Now Dominates Teen Culture - It Will Change the World

UK: Muslims will soon be the government you can't question

Internet Websites face an additional $200,000 ($137,000 US) fine under New Zeland law if they show images or share video of the Mosque shooting

If VOAT and the Chans get Shut Down ... Never Forget What You've Learned Here

The most persecuted group in the middle east are Christians. Anyone notice that ALL the "refugees" from the middle east they are shipping into our towns are Muslims?

Colorado A.G. threatens law enforcement with prison if they don't follow-through with state-wide gun confiscation

Man, 22, to appear in court over sharing Christchurch attack video

Pirate broadcasting used to be rock and roll - Now it's mosque shootings and memes

Removed 1.5 million videos of the New Zealand mosque shootings in 24 hours: Facebook

New Zealand Man Killed by U.S. Drone Strike in Yemen Radicalized at Christchurch Al Noor Mosque

Milo Yiannopolous banned from Australia after comments over Islam

Google removes the name of Patrick Moore from the search results of "Greenpeace founders" because he came out against the Green New Deal

Fox News Pulls Judge Jeanine Off The Air for asking if Islam is unconstitutional

Colorado governor signs national popular vote bill into law, becomes 12th state to cede its electoral votes to California


Washington state passes resolution to remove Trump as an option on statewide 2020 Presidential ballots

 on: March 16, 2019, 10:27:55 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck


Robot 3-D prints replacement bracket on headlamp

Light from an exotic crystal semiconductor could lead to better solar cells

Movie technology inspires wearable liquid unit that aims to harvest energy

Researchers discover the key to safer batteries lies on the surface

How to train your robot (to feed you dinner)

Powering devices — with a desk lamp?

Cities of the future could be built by robots mimicking nature

Giving drones better feet so they can 'rest' atop nearby structures

Clock that could replace GPS and Galileo

New light-activated micro pump

New insights into plasma behavior focus on twists and turns

Virtual time-lapse photos can capture ultrafast phenomena with any camera

Quantum sensing method measures minuscule magnetic fields

Wind turbines provide ZERO global energy


New 3-D map will help solve long-standing cosmic mysteries

Massive twin star discovered snuggling close to its stellar sibling in its cradle

Insights about the nature of the ultraviolet-bright star Barnard 29

Astronomers detect X-ray emitting clumps ejected from the binary PSR ...

Massive hyper-runaway star ejected from the Milky Way Disk

ALMA observes the formation sites of solar-system-like planets

A recently reactivated radio magnetar

A NASA spacecraft may have explored the edges of an early Mars sea in 1997

'Radiance Light Trends' shows changes in Earth's light emissions

Dust ring discovered in Mercury's orbit

Several dust rings circle the Sun, tracing the orbits of planets

Volcano in Iceland Is one of the largest sources of volcanic CO2, 'rarely included in calculations'

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #351

What the world's oldest eggs are revealing about dinosaur evolution

Researchers 'surprised' to find viruses evolve by... devolving!

YDB team publishes evidence from Chile for global climate cataclysm

*Continental margins formed rapidly during Flood runoff

Does the Toast Model Explain Fossil Protein Persistence?

Top 10 Ancient Cave Paintings That Shocked The World

Compilation of Impossible Ancient Artifacts - Mystery History

Are There Ancient Ruins On Mars? - Mystery History

William Armand Sosa - The Dendera Light (of ancient Egypt) and The Electric Universe

Cities Beneath the Jungles, Deserts and Seas - Disclosed TruthTV

Catastrophist Video Channels

 on: March 15, 2019, 02:33:13 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

New Hampshire Home to “Special Concentration” of Dash-Accepting Merchants

Victorious “Pho Keene Great” Restaurant to Open @ 3pm Tomorrow, March 8th

“Pho Keene Great” Grand Opening: Photos & Review

Detained at US Customs for Three Hours, Devices Unconstitutionally Searched

FSP news on Facebook

Free State Project on Twitter

Lobbying All The Way

In Exeter, A Proposed Tax Cap Turns Into High Drama

N.H. AG Says Investigation Ongoing Into Alleged Voter 'Coercion and Intimidation'

N.H. Lawmakers Look To Ramp Up Student Suicide Prevention

NPR Analysis Finds Federal Disaster Aid In N.H., Nationwide Favors White Families [Jews?]

Regulators Renew Relicensing Promise For Seabrook Nuclear Plant

Faulty pistols that could fire without pulling the trigger

N.H. Supreme Court Rules Board Wrong to Deny Workers' Comp for Medical Pot

In N.H., Pete Buttigieg Questions the Electoral College and Future for Millennials

Bill to Allow Home-grown Medical Marijuana Passes N.H. House

North Country Towns Will Vote On Banning ATVs on Local Roads

At Hopkinton Budget Vote, It's Property Taxes v. Education

New Hampshire Exports Surpass $5.2B for 2018

Statistics Show Illegal Northern Border Crossings Climbing

Rye Voters Approve Controversial New Cell Tower

N.H. House Committee Retains 'Red Flag' Gun Bill

Two Election Legislation Issues To Watch In 2019: Redistricting And Voting Technology

Second Former Claremont Cop Pleads Guilty to Faking Documents

 on: March 15, 2019, 02:05:00 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Most laptops vulnerable to attack via peripheral devices, say researchers

New AI approach bridges the 'slim-data gap' that can stymie deep learning approaches

Exposing flaws in metrics for user login systems

An architecture to enable the collaborative coexistence of cognitive radio networks in TVWS

Facial recognition software to identify Civil War soldiers

Flaws in 4G & 5G networks could let hackers intercept calls, track location

Researchers safeguard hardware from cyberattack

Five creepy things AI has started doing all on its own

The first look at how hacked self-driving cars would affect New York City traffic

Breakthrough research using quantum cryptography addresses security in 5G networks

New exploitation techniques and defenses for DOP attacks

An all-in-one cyber toolkit for criminal investigations

Cybersecurity study of the dark web exposes vulnerability to machine identities

France tries to set trend with internet tax bill

The mind distracted: technology's battle for our attention

Role-playing game for international personnel deployed in conflict zones provides soft skills training

Mobile devices don't reduce shared family time

Web inventor urges users to seek 'complete control' of data

At age 30, World Wide Web is 'not the web we wanted'

Web 3.0: The decentralised web promises to make the internet free again

Touchscreens go 3-D with buttons that pulsate and vibrate under your fingertips

Rise and fall of the landline: 143 years of telephones becoming more accessible – and smart

Protection against digital gold diggers—software blocks crypto mining

Positivity, objectivity are key for online petitions

 on: March 15, 2019, 01:39:41 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Libertarians and Normalizing Sex Work 2019-03-01

Best 5 States to Avoid High Property Taxes 2019-03-01

Official Libertarianism Ignores These Two Heroes 2019-03-07

Why “climate change deniers” are better for the environment than politicians 2019-03-08

Facebook Now Automatically Blocks articles 2019-03-11

Cops Hold Man Down as Fellow Cop Smashes His Face In with His Boot 2019-03-12

Migrants Use Almost TWICE The Welfare Benefits As Native-Born Americans 2019-03-13

Critical Free Speech Protections Are Under Attack in Texas 2019-03-14

San Diego Has Been Turned Into A Massive Chinese-Style Public Surveillance Network 2019-03-14

Questioning Vaccines is a Public Health Threat? 2019-03-14

Public Colleges, Universities and the Military 2019-03-14

Microsoft Workers Protest War Profiteering 2019-03-14

College Is No Longer Worth the Time and Money 2019-03-14

Majoritarianism vs. Liberty and the Constitution 2019-03-15

NAP [non-aggression] Gang Unite 2019-03-15

SPLC’s Founder Was Fired Amid Employee Accusations Of Racism, Sexism 2019-03-15

Rudeness Isn’t Illegal Says Sixth Circuit, In Case of Flipped-Off Cop Who Issued Ticket: Reason Roundup 2019-03-15


 on: March 15, 2019, 01:05:26 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Doctor performs first 5G surgery in step towards robotics 'dream'

Sensors are first to monitor babies in the NICU without wires

*3-D bioprinted, vascularized proximal tubules mimic the human kidney's reabsorption functions

Anti-vaccine movies disappear from Amazon, are books next?

Propaganda Alert! UNICEF blames 'vaccine hesitancy' for measles uptick

Fatty liver disease is triggered by choline deficiency

FDA approves anti-depressant nasal spray based on ketamine party drug

Heart attacks rising steadily in Americans under 40

Death from measles or death from measles vaccine?

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons takes a stand against mandatory vaccination

Diet: How to Circulate Lies in the 'Free Press'

What is driving disease outbreaks - Failure to vaccinate or vaccine failure?

The Impact of Vaccines on Mortality Decline Since 1900 — According to Published Science

Amazon bans books related to autism cures and vaccine truth

Fire retardants, found in household items have been linked to health risks in children

Is the Flu Vaccine Really ‘Working Well’ This Year?

Emotional Eating and Food Addiction

Weight Watchers’ Profits Plummet as More People Embrace Ketogenic Diet

Genetic Editing of Animals Has Horrible Side Effects

Monsanto Article Retracted

FDA Admits Most Sunscreens Are Probably Unsafe

On-the-spot genome analysis

 on: March 15, 2019, 12:08:12 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Children’s Freedom: A Human Rights Perspective

It’s Not OK For Kids To Hit And Not Apologize

Roam School

[Nevertheless] It's What Learning Looks Like

Homeschool Complete {Second Grade Review} both a Biblical and literature based program

The Battle Over the Underground History of American Education and How to Win It

How to Balance School With Travel

Yes, YOU Can Teach Your Kids About HOW to Study

5 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Curriculum

Outside-the-box homeschool ideas


Self-Directed Education

Peer Unschooling Network

Self-Directed Learning

 on: March 14, 2019, 06:48:54 pm 
Started by beth221 - Last post by dezignext
Dezignext Technologies is interested in Contract Instructors for online and onsite courses offered at

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