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Author Topic: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)  (Read 22796 times)


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #60 on: January 31, 2017, 09:05:13 pm »

Westerners Need to be Honest About the Undeveloped World and its Shortcomings

I Predict that Automation Will Not Be A Major Problem; But Globalism Will

Project Veritas: Antifa Seeks to Commit Terrorist Attacks at Trump Events

A Reheating of the Balkan Crisis

Martin Luther King Would Oppose BLM and Similar Groups if He was Alive Today

Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence: Good, but A Political Move

Hard Brexit Incoming: Good!

I Warned You About Centralizing the Alt Right

Senegal and Gambia: Monthly African Crisis Is Here Again

China Tries to Block Taiwan from Sending Delegation to Inaguration

White Male Exclusion: How the SJWs Attack Us Without Attacking Us

Crazy Leftist Pronoun Plan Backfires Like a Ruptured Field Cannon

Welcome to 1980: Trump Becomes 45th President

Autistic Screeching, Spencer Punched, and Real Life Baneposting: Our Insane Inauguration

Barron Trump Steals the Show at Inauguration, Becomes Meme

US Officially Withdraws from TPP: Trump's First True Triumph

Razors, Tampons, and Islam: The Womens Rights March Is Confusing to Me

Trump Declares Official Intent to Renegotiate NAFTA (Victory #2)

Trump And GOP Seek To Deregulate Suppressors (Victory #3)

Shia Labeouf Goes Insane, Shouts At People Incoherently: Maybe I Should Visit Him Too

All Anti-globalist Ideologies Should Unite in a De Facto Sense

Trump Omnibus: Mexico City Policy, DAPL, DACA, Net Neutrality, Immigration Restrictions

Trump Omnibus 2: Threatens Chicago Machine Politics, The Wall, EPA

Rutland Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program Shut Down

US Downgraded to Flawed Democracy: Hell I Downgraded it In 2001

Trump May Reinstate CIA Black Sites: I Oppose This Move

It Is Very Unlikely that Trump will be Impeached

Trump Takes to Twitter to Claim John McCain and Lindsey Graham want World War Three

Trump Signs Order to Massively Repeal Bureaucratic Regulations

Quebec City Mosque Attack

BLM Finally Honest, Admits It Wants to Steal All White Peoples' Homes and is Communism

Trump Fails to Grovel on Holocaust Day, Gets Attacked by AIPAC and Other Lobbies


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #61 on: February 15, 2017, 08:44:46 pm »

Trump Chooses Neil Gorsuch As Supreme Court Nominee

Deformed Neoliberal David Brock Tries to Help DNC, Gets Rebuked

Media Insinuates that Trump Threatened War with Mexico

Milo Once Again Gets Antifa and Similar Groups to Destroy their Own Cause at UC Berkeley

Trump and Schwarzenegger Pretend to Feud, For Mutual Purposes

Anti-Antifa and Similar Movements Have Begun to Proliferate and Grow

Declare Antifa a Terrorist Organization (Petition)

Bannon Is Probably Correct Regarding China

Depeche Mode Delves into Memetic Propaganda

To Those Worried About So Many World Leaders Visiting Antarctica Lately

What, You Think Our Country is So Innocent? Quote of the Century

The Crazy Political Backdrop of the Superbowl

Punching Communists: It's an American Tradition!

Globalism is Just Anti-Democratic Postnationalism

Netflix Gets Totally Hammered for "Dear White People"

Majority of Europeans Would Support Trump Style Immigration Freeze

Trump Feuds with Blumenthal Over Gorsuch Comments (Trump's Bully Pulpit)

Calling Out VT Governor Phil Scott; Signed, a Vermonter

Zimbabwe Tells US Human Rights Critics to "Hang on a Banana Tree"

What Is Vault 7? Wikileaks Awes the World with Intrigue

Hitler's Milk: Social Justice Morons Declare Dairy to be Racist

Feminist Site Declares Chromosomes and Biological Sex Do Not Exist

End the Drug War in Vermont Instead of Waging this Crazy Immigration Battle

Black Nazis I and III by VK Clark (A Review)

Politico Claims Clinton Will Run Again on the "Is Female" Platform: I Completely Disagree

Trump Pressures Netanyahu on Settlements, Gets Sane Response

JK Rowling Pressured to Take In Refugees

BLM's Khogali Rambles About Wiping Out the White Race

Oroville Dam Clickbait Far Divorced from Reality

Mike Pence Forces Michael Flynn to Resign over Russia Calls

I Predicted PewDiePie's Newest Career Move Back in Early December


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #62 on: February 28, 2017, 09:56:18 pm »

The Deep State Activates

PewDiePie Attacks the Legacy Media: My Response to His Response

The Media Groups We're Attacking Aren't the Press, They're Just Corporations

Everyone is Hitler, Everyone Is A Russian Agent

The DNC Revolt over Ellison that the Corporate Media Won't Cover

Repeal the NFA Petition Gets Quarter Million Signatures: Good!

My Three Bits of Advice to Smaller Youtubers Who Wish to Grow

Last Night in Sweden: Trump Crucified For Noting Crime Incline in Europe

My Thoughts on the Armenian Genocide

Thoughts on Creepy Milo Yiannopoulos and his Man-Boy Love Rant (Take Two)

CIA Analyst Whines About Trump Not Trusting His Subversive Former Agency

Riots Erupt in Stockholm: Trump Was Right, Just A Day Too Early

Le Pen Refuses Head Scarf: I Applaud Her Bravery

Trump Gets Serious on Deportations

He's a Nazi in 2017 Is Like "She's a Witch" in 1517

Fluff Bunny Leftist Tries To Bind Trump With New Age Nonsense "Magic"

Milo Goes on an Attack Against Salon, Takei, and Maher

Spicer Indicates Federal Government Will Enforce Anti-Pot Laws (It's Probably a Ruse!)

A Response to Varg's (ThuleanPerspective) "Solution"

Trump Rescinds Obama Era Transgender Bathroom Provisions

CNN and NYT Banned From White House Press Conferences

Thoughts on Google's Trolling/Hate Speech Algorithm Program

DNC Elects Tom Perez the Clintonian Corporatist: Bad Idea!

Trump Refuses to Attend Correspondent's Dinner; Corporate Media Outraged

Confused Starbucks Marxists Say #ResistCapitalism

The Time Has Come for A Social Media Movement Against the Corporate Media

Tom Perez' Scandals Go Beyond Voting Rights and Whites


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #63 on: March 15, 2017, 09:21:04 pm »

A New Chapter: Trump's Epic Address to Congress

Trump's Immigration Proposal Is the Right Plan. I Fully Support It

Trump Grades Himself With Fairly Decent Clarity

Obamagate: Trump Claims Barack May Have Wiretapped Him During Campaign

Vice Finally Gets It: Partially Understands Our Magickal War with Globalism

Paid Shills Defame People Like Molyneux, PJW, Razorfist, and Myself Constantly

Rand Paul Is Correct: The Obamacare "Fix" Looks More Like "The Fix Is In" to Me

The Trump Wiretap Story Gets Even Weirder

Mark Levin Exposes True Nature of (Proven) Trump Wiretap Claims

Fukushima Still Fucked, So Radioactive It Kills Robots

North Korea Fires Missile Off Randomly, Malaysia Expels Ambassador Over Insults

Comey Might Be Helping Trump With His Plea to the DOJ

Dedicated Video On My Opinion of Nuclear Energy

Alt-Knight Stick Man Bashes Some Anarchists, Gets Charged For No Reason

Wikileaks Vault 7: A Massive and Confusing Revelation

Chris Louras Is Finally Ousted by David Allaire for Rutland City Mayor

Hawaii Claims Temporary Immigration Ban Is Establishment of State Religion

Her Voice Is Not My Voice: I Have My Own, Thanks

Laura Ingraham Embarasses Herself Talking About My Town and Should Apologize

Open Borders and Limitless Immigration Are Stupid

Trump Thankfully Declares Hideous GOP Healthcare "Fix" As Malleable

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye Removed From Office

New York Times Supports Espionage and Mass Surveillance, Slaps Family Friendly Terms on It

New Hampshire House Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana: Sununu Will Support it

Shia Labeouf's HWNDU Flag Captured; Haha!

Bill Clinton Warns of Nationalism and Identity Crisis

Trump and Sessions Force Out 46 Obama Era Prosecutors

Geert Wilders Laughs as Netherlands Removes Turkish Ministers from Protest

Steven Crowder Trolls Cenk Uygur: My Thoughts

Why Anarchism Will Always Fail

Populism and Nativism Have Already Won This Generation: You'll See What I Mean

Trump Weighs Slashing Coast Guard, TSA, FEMA Budgets for Wall

Maddow Leaks Trumps 2005 Taxes, Destroying Leftist Talking Points Unwittingly

I Don't See Many So-called Feminists Speaking About Saudi Arabia's All-male "Girls Council"

The Rich Lefties Show Fake Sympathy, but the New Right Shows Empathy

California Lawmakers Want to Decriminalize Infecting Others with HIV

Texas Joins States Calling for Constitutional Convention

Senile John McCain Calls Rand Paul a Russian Agent over Montenegro NATO Objection


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #64 on: March 31, 2017, 09:02:07 pm »

Jeff Sessions is Totally Wrong on Marijuana

Wilders (Predictable) Loss Is Still a Major Increase for Populism

How and Why I Believe JFK Was Killed (And RFK Too)

Trump Proposes Massive Budget Cuts, Gets Opposed by Moron Neoconservatives

European Censorship Is Now Similar to That of China

Le Pen May Win, but Front Nationale Has Already Won in Terms of Growth

Merkel Is a Pariah, So Trump Refused to Shake Her Hand

Trump Says Merkel Wiretapped by Obama; Media Pretends It Never Happened

Confirmed: Brazille Did Indeed Help Clinton Cheat on Debate Questions

Erdogan Tells Muslims in Europe to Have 5 Kids; Cavusoglu Warns of Wars of Religion

North Korea: China, Tillerson, and Red Lines

On Facebooks Dystopian Fact Checking

Devin Nunes: No Evidence of Trump Collusion with Russia

Youtube Filters LGBT Content Resulting in Youtubeisoverparty Hashtag

JonTron's Statement: My Response

MGTOW And Its Lack of Logic (And ThuleanPerspective's Optimism)

David Rockefeller Dead at 101: Haha!

Why the New Right is Growing Online while the Old Left Withers

Regarding Youtube's Adsense TOS Changes, Possible General TOS Changes, and Notification Throttling

On the Alt Right: Fake "Conservatives" are Confused

Trump Is Losing Favor, but Is Hardly "Doomed" or "Headed for Impeachment"

Remnant Gestures: Human Development Is All Communicative

Support for Meg Hansen and on S.79 and Phil Scott's Attempts to Silence Her

Sadiq Khan is Disgraceful but Europe's Problem is Zealotry in General, Not Just Islamofascism

GOP Abandons AHCA Healthcare Repeal Bill at Trump's Behest

Trump May Purge Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House

You Can't Really Blame Foreigners for Not Assimilating in Parts of Europe

Todays SJWs Are Yesterday's Temperance Moralists

We Save Youtube or We All Fall Together: Here's My Idea

Regarding the Kalergi Plan, the European Union, and Globalism

US Senate Votes to Strip New ISP Data Selling Rule: My Take

It Will Be Hysterical When My Generation Gets Old

Centrism Collapses in Sweden as Swedish Democrats Rise to First Place

Kekonomics: Venezuelans now (Sort of) Using Rare Pepes as Currency

Trump Reverses Obama Era Climate Change Package

Goodbye "Alright Youtube", Hello "Alright World": War on the Lamestream Media

Ban Health Insurance and Subsidize Care Itself

Brexit Begins! Article 50 Triggered

Trump Lambastes Freedom Caucus: My Analysis

If Anthropogenic Climate Change Exists, We Are All Doomed

Coup in Venezuela as Congress Now Essentially Dissolved by Maduros' Courts

Michael Flynn Seeks Immunity for FBI Testimony, Legacy Media Immediately Assumes Trump Culpability

Pence Breaks Senate Tie, Family Planning Rule Knocked Down: My Thoughts


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #65 on: April 15, 2017, 01:15:42 pm »

Trump Holds Executive Order Signing Ceremony, Never Signs Order

All of a Sudden the Left is Concerned about Internet Privacy

Le Pen and Macron Neck and Neck on First Ballot as EU Fears for Survival

UK Absolutely Rules Out Ceding Gibraltar to Spain over Brexit Negotiations

Trump Throws China a Hardball on North Korea, Declares Willingness to "Solve" Problem Without Them

Susan Rice Reportedly "Unmasked" Trump in Incidental Data Collection

St. Petersburg Metro Attack Kills 10, Wounds Dozens

Shia Labeouf Sells One Ticket at Single-Theater UK Movie Premiere

FOX News Is Corporate Trash just like CNN, MSNBC, and Every Other Fake News Rag

Gorsuch Isn't a Threat to Roe v. Wade or Anything Else and Should be Confirmed

Ambassador Haley Threatens US Attacks on Syria over Supposed Chemical Weapon Deployment

Trump "Changes Mind" on Syria; I Oppose Any War in Syria

Venezuelan Assembly Spars with Courts, Maduro, Venezuelan Security Forces

Why Do So Many People Mistake Me for a Conservative?

War-pig Wench Clinton Joins Chorus of Warmongering Chickenhawks Calling for Attacks on Syria

US Naval Group Strikes Syrian Airfield with Tomahawk Missiles: A Stupid Provocation

Russia Responds to Syria Strikes by Nullifying Military Agreement with US

Zealot Truck Attack in Stockholm, Sweden

Being an Ex Satanist: Why I Left Satanism Behind and What Satanism Means

Government Backs Down on Twitter Unmasking Case

An Elaboration on Molyneux's Correct Point on War and Similar Propaganda

US Navy Sends Carrier Group to North Korea

Bombshell DM Release Indicates Seth Rich was Likely DNC Leaker According to Guccifer 2.0

How the Shills Attempt to Bait the Alt Media with Nonsensical Crap

French Left Tries to Cast Le Pen as Nazi Again

The Glory of North Korean Agronomic Educational Films

China Mobilizes and Deploys 150,000 Soldiers to North Korean Border

United Airlines is Utterly, Stupefyingly Bad at Public Relations

Trump Dangles Trade over China's Head/ China Rejects North Korean Coal

GOP Holds Kansas House Seat in Special Election: Democratic Melt Down!

First Islamic Female US Judge Found Dead in Hudson

Trump Softballs China, Praises NATO, Criticizes Russia: His Epic 4d Chess Move

Trump Gleefully Tests MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan: Nice!

Facebook Won't Remove Terrorist Content or Perversion but will Remove Non-PC Political Speech

US Military Considers Preemptive Strike on North Korea if they Test Atomic Weapon

Trump Already Creating a Grassroots Fundraising Juggernaut for 2020

Fiscal Heads Admit Trump is Not Insane; Well No Shit


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #66 on: April 21, 2017, 12:14:51 pm »

(Styx's Recent Videos in previous post)
(Following are 2 years of Central Canada's Libertarian Voice)
Bill C-51 Has Got To Go! - James Beddome (Head of the Green Party of Manitoba) -

Hundreds Rally Against Police State Bill C-51 - Judy Rebick, Pam Palmater, Josh Sigurdson

The Peoples' March Against the Police State! (C-51) - POWERFUL - Winnipeg Stands Up

Children Are Not Government Property! - Barbara Judt, Wendy Bowcott & Others Speak Out (CFS)

On The Street: What Can We Do To Ensure Peace & End Canada's Wars? (2015 Walk For Peace - Winnipeg)

The Million Mask March: 2015 - Winnipeg Fights Corruption (Full Report)

MLA Wayne Ewasko Speaks Out On CFS at 'Rally Against Corrupt CFS Practices' (Raw)

Children Of The State - CFS Activists Speak Out!

420 In Winnipeg, 2016 (Full Report)

Rally Against The Collectivist Monetary System - Spreading Awareness of Central Banking Fraud

Why We March Against Monsanto - Winnipeg, 2016

Cannabis Activists Demand Answers From Trudeau During Winnipeg Visit

The Hateful Intolerance of the Left with Eric July

What Ancient Text Tells Us About Modern Monetary Madness - with Anarchy Girl Lauren Kathleen Young

How To Become An Anarchist with Sterlin Lujan

G. Edward Griffin on Defining Anarcho-Capitalism & Voluntaryism - Ending The Fed

Legally Kidnapped Children of The State - Whistle Blower Carlos Morales Exposes CPS

From Soviet Russian Agent To Anarchist - How Sonny Puzikas Broke Free

Gary Johnson EXPOSED - Sabotage, Lies & Corruption

The Future of Anarchy with Larken Rose

Who Really Controls The Federal Reserve? (with G. Edward Griffin)

Take The Health Red Pill - Introducing Dr. Ryan Greschuk To WAM!

Adam Kokesh ARRESTED In Front Of The White House ... Again!

How To Survive The Housing Bubble & Dollar Crash with Self Made Real Estate Icon Stefan Aarnio

Cannibal Vince Li Allowed Un-Escorted Trips to Selkirk, Manitoba

Why The People Don't Want GMOs

Is Winnipeg Really the Most Racist City in Canada?

What Do Canadians Think of 9/11 Truth? - The 9/11 Truth Truck Comes to Winnipeg

The 2015 Winnipeg Folk Festival - FULL Report (Edward Sharpe, Luluc & More!)

On The Street: What Canadians Think of Bill C-51

Todd Talks To Justin Trudeau Supporters - Voting For The Lesser Of The Evils?

On The Street: Different Puppet, Same Master? (Full Election Night 2015 Report)

Children Of The State - CFS Activists Speak Out!

Bye Bye Greg Selinger's NDP! - A Message From The People of Manitoba

Do Canadians Support A North American Union?

Canadians Love Their New World Order

Premier Greg Selinger Confronted By Wendy Bowcott of 'CFS You're Fired' Again!

MLA Steve Ashton Runs From Questions Regarding CFS and Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women

Don Woodstock Confronts MLA Steve Ashton & Speaks Out on CFS

Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross Confronted & Questioned On CFS - We Demand Answers

Justice Minister Gord Mackintosh Confronted on CFS Cash For Kids System

Premier Greg Selinger Confronted In Office On CFS As Security Goes Crazy

Premier Greg Selinger Grilled On Dishonesty - Aide Assaults Reporter For Asking Question

NDP Candidate Nahanni Fontaine Walks Out Of Debate After Being Questioned On CFS

Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau Confronted On Selling Off Canada's Gold & World Currency

Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan Confronted On Supporting Saudi Arabia & ISIS

Justin Trudeau CONFRONTED On Globalist Carbon Tax By Josh Sigurdson

Why I Called Justin Trudeau A Scumbag

NORTH KOREA SURROUNDED By 150,000 Chinese Troops & U.S. Warships! - Is War Imminent?

Vladimir Putin Says Syria Chemical Attack Was a FALSE FLAG!

The Australian Housing Bubble Is Ready To Burst! - Home Prices Skyrocket

Adam Kokesh ARRESTED In Front Of The White House ... Again!

Banks Reporting ALL Cash Transactions To The Police!


CAUGHT ON TAPE: Bank of England Implicated In Secret Recording - Rigging Libor Rates

Julian Assange DESTROYS The CIA In EPIC Response To Mike Pompeo

The Deception of Trump & The Globalist Military Industrial Complex

NORTH KOREA SURROUNDED BY U.S., RUSSIA & CHINA! - Tensions Rise As Nuclear Missiles Are Readied

How To Survive The Housing Bubble & Dollar Crash with Self Made Real Estate Icon Stefan Aarnio


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #67 on: May 01, 2017, 09:01:57 pm »

Antifa Is Full of Cowards, My View on Berkeley

Corporate Media Lies Again about MOAB Price

Turkey Holds Referendum on Dictatorship by Erdogan

Sultan Tayyip I Now Commands The Former Turkish Republic, Referendum Succeeds

CNN Stoops to New Low, Conflates Cleveland Shooter with Violent Video Games

The Silver Lining to the Turkish Referendum and Tayyip as Dictator

The Era of Strategic Patience is Over

Corporate and Political Buzzterms: The Scam of "White Privilege"

Globalists Hope Trump will Reverse Course on the TPP: I Hope He Doesn't

Le Pen Vows to Stop All Immigration Temporarily/ French Election Banter

Thoughts on Alex Jones as a "Performance Artist"

Chickenhawk Neocon Bill O'Reilly Reportedly Gets Canned from FOX

Venezuela Is Completely Destabilizing: Mother of All Marches

Trump Shies Away From Striking Down Obama Era Iran Deal: Why It Doesn't Matter

Even Reluctant Hollande Classes Paris Attack as Terrorism

Democratic Socialism is just Socialism with a Family Friendly Label

My Bernie Sanders Impression (Bonus George Dubya)

I Don't Even Like Ann Coulter, but She Has Every Right to Speak at Berkeley

North Korea Threatens to Use Nuclear Weapons against Australia

Green Party/ Far Left Sells Out to CAIR and Apologism for Religious Zealots

French Election First Ballot: Macron and Le Pen Move to the Second Vote

Trump Attacks Democrats, Berates Senate GOP On Wall Funding and Possible Government Shutdown

North Korea Detains US Citizen, Proclaims it can Sink US Carriers

Israel Fires on Pro-Assad Forces in Syria over Stray Artillery, Apparently Ignores ISIS

Trump to "Cut" Corporate Taxes to 15%... I Support This, Here's Why

Trump Summons Entire Senate for North Korea Briefing, US Threatens Strikes

Bill Nye Goes Insane, Invites Rachel Bloom to Sing "Sex Junk"

Careful, France, the Establishment is Importing Russian Conspiracy Theories to Your Nation

Red Bull, Red Pilled! CEO Chastises Political Correctness, Multiculturalism

New Adsense TOS Has Some Larger Creators Worried... But Not Me!

Trump: NAFTA Will Be Renegotiated

In Astonishing Moment of Sanity, Sanders Recognizes Democratic Party is Failing

Trump Declares Possibility of Major Conflict with North Korea

I Oppose Trump's Plan to Prosecute Assange, but the Legacy Media's Hypocrisy is Arguably Worse

Muh Consolation Prize: New Orleans Confederate Monuments Removed

Trump Considers Breaking Ninth Circuit Up to Stop Obstruction

ESPN Lays Off 100 People: Sports Suck and So Does Corporate Infotainment

Theocratic Marxist Catholic Pope Doesn't Like Libertarianism... Boo Hoo Hoo

There Is No Gender Spectrum, only Malleable Expressive Choices (Gender is Chromosomes)

North Korea Threatens "Merciless" Punishment of Israel if it Interferes

Brazil General Strike: A Symptom of Dying Socialism

Macedonian Nationalists Storm Parliament over Ethnic Albanian Speaker

Trump Invites Duterte to White House

Most of the "Nazis" on Social Media are Actually Media or Political Shills

Muh OK Hand Sign White Power: Legacy Media/ADL Get Trolled Again

Trumps Offer to Meet with Kim Jong Un is Smart/ Meets with Leaders of Thailand, Singapore


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Re: 15) Our Top Thinkers (Gifted Political Analyst in VT)
« Reply #68 on: May 15, 2017, 05:01:03 pm »

Make School Lunch Edible Again: Trump to Scrap Michelle Obama's School Food Crap Bureaucracy

TV Is Dying: Youngest Demographic Prefers Youtube, Netflix

Why I Sincerely Hope FOX News Fails and Collapses

Bitter Hillary Clinton Blames "Russian Wikileaks", Comey for Defeat, Won't Take Responsibility

CNN Blocks Trump Ad over Fake News Label: But CNN is Provably Fake News

#FireColbert Due to his Lack of Entertainment Value, and the Hypocrisy of the "Left"

Huffpost Crows about Dear White People's Rotten Tomatos Rating, Ignores Audience Reviews

Royal Staff Summoned to Buckingham Palace Emergency Meeting: Possible Royal Death?

Trump Relaxes Restrictions on Religious Groups and their Charities

Obama Violated Fourth Amendment, Sought Unredacted Intel on US Citizens During Election

Leftist "Witches" Still Trying to Hex Trump

North Korea, China Exchange Threats and Rebukes in Unprecedented Diplomatic Row

Trayvon Martin to get Posthumous Degree for No Reason

Trump Considers Virtual Elimination of Drug Control Policy Office: Good!

Colbert to be Schlonged by FCC over Obscene Trump Remarks

UTexas "Miss Black" Pageant Winner Attacked for Not Looking Black Enough

French Election: Emmanuel Macron Defeats Marine Le Pen, but It Won't Save the EU

North Korea Claims US/ROK Plot to Assassinate Kim Jong Un

Venezuela Continues to Collapse Due to Socialism and Central Planning

Legacy Media Persists in Fixating on Trump's Pre-Political Investment Deals

California Government Proves it Favors Communism, Wants to Hire Commies for Government Jobs

The Death of Pepe the Frog Has Been Greatly Exaggerated (Furie's Folly)

Ghost (Of True Capitalist Radio) Is Making A Mistake

James Comey Fired: Trump Lays Massive Trap for His Adversaries in Firing Letter

To Those Claiming Trump will Be Impeached Because he Fired James Comey

Tunnel Collapses at Hanford Nuclear Waste Site

Crazed, Warmongering John McCain Lashes Out over James Comey Firing (ft. Olbermann)

The Democratic Party is Simply Not "Cool" Anymore

US Arming Kurdish Rebels, Turkey Threatens Response

Two-Scoop Trump: The Legacy Media is So Hard Up They're Reporting on Trump's Ice Cream Habits

Vermont House Votes to Legalize Marijuana, New Hampshire Senate Votes to Decriminalize

Ebola Returns to Democratic Republic of the Congo

Shadow Brokers Ransomware Cripples NHS, Spreads Worldwide

Jeff Sessions' Retarded Tough on Crime Stance is Disappointing

North Korea Fires Another Missile, Gets the Alarmists All Excited

Indiana: 4th Amendment Protects 2nd Amendment (The Left Won't Report on This, Trust Me)

I Was Right: FOX' Collapse Has Caused Other "Media" Firms to Poison Themselves with Neoconservatives

Venezuela Continues to Degrade into Street Violence Due to Socialism

Trump May Send More Troops to Afghanistan: I Hope He Doesn't

Whiners Attack Miss USA For Suggesting Aversion to Socialism
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