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Author Topic: 7) Tech & Sci News  (Read 23658 times)


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #75 on: April 16, 2017, 11:39:57 pm »


New method for 3-D printing extraterrestrial materials

Artificial biofilm increases energy production in microbial fuel cells

Researchers capture excess photon energy to produce solar fuels

Pot Breathalyzer Hits the Street

How I Made My Own iPhone -in China

SpaceX to launch VR camera into space, bringing the astronaut experience to all

Tesla and Panasonic Introduce Sleeker Solar Panels

Could Moon Miners Use Railguns to Launch Ore into Space?

Üo -innovative 360° scooter that rides on a ball

DIY Lego Robot Brings Lab Automation to Students



Ancient Village Discovered on Canada's West Coast Predates the Pyramids

A Swelling Volume Of Scientific Papers Now Forecasting Global Cooling In The Coming  Decades

MAVEN has spotted iron, magnesium and sodium ions high up in Mars' atmosphere

Physicists Discover an Unexpected Force Acting on Nanoparticles in a Vacuum

Five reasons blog posts are of higher scientific quality than journal articles

'Great Cold Spot' discovered in Jupiter's atmosphere

NASA's Hubble sees intense auroras on Uranus

Stars: Electrically connected and externally powered (video)

Saturn's moon Enceladus may support alien life

For first time ever, astronomers image black something using observatories on three continents to form telescope array

UAE launches space program to boost colonization of Mars by 2021

Asteroid as big as the Rock of Gibraltar to streak past earth on April 19

Possible joint Russia-US mission to Venus takes shape

Satellite galaxies at edge of Milky Way coexist with dark electrical matter

Scientists Are Getting Closer to Understanding Where All the Antimatter Has Gone

Eruptions on the sun trigger surprising phenomenon near Earth

The Surface of Saturn’s Titan is Electrically Charged

New Evidence Shows We Might Have Gotten Cosmic Evolution Entirely Wrong

Is Matter Conscious? Why the central problem in neuroscience is mirrored in physics
[Nothing can exist outside of consciousness]

Astronomers identify purest, most massive brown dwarf

Astronomers take a closer look at a young circumbinary disk

Scientists measure brightness of the universe with NASA's New Horizons spacecraft

Project brings Milky Way's ionized hydrogen into focus

Researchers capture first 'image' of a dark matter web that connects galaxies

Scientists Still Don’t Know Where Did Chief Joseph Get His Mesopotamian Tablet?

Mimicking an impact on Earth’s early atmosphere yields all 4 RNA bases

3,700-year-old pyramid discovered near Cairo was probably already excavated 60 years ago

Bushmen Painted Earliest Rock Art in Southern Africa 5,000 Years Ago


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #76 on: April 18, 2017, 11:51:26 pm »

TECH UPDATE (Continued from Sunday)

Drones Built Like Squishy Bugs Won't Break When They Crash

This Ball-Balancing Segway Clone Uses Physics to Safely Scoot You Around

Best New Gadgets

World's Blackest Material Now Comes in a Spray Can

Hoverboarder Over Atlantic Ocean

210 Mph! Electric Plane Beats Speed Record

Real Flying Car Will Be Available for Preorder This Year


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #77 on: April 23, 2017, 10:43:38 pm »


Find info on both new and used cars, car reviews, industry news, auto shows, local car dealerships, glossary of terms, and savvy auto advice

Scientists have invented a dryer that can dry clothes in half the time without heat

New infrared-emitting device could allow energy harvesting from waste heat

Proposal for Trump’s border ‘wall’ that’s actually a $15 billion hyperloop

Researchers link robots into surveillance teams

Computers Create Recipe for Two New Magnetic Materials

New Window Screens Filter Pollution from Air

Scientific advance for cool clothing

By listening to optical ‘noise,’ researchers discover new way to track hidden objects

Handheld translator

Mobile sensing system could give couples the power to anticipate each other's emotional states, adapt behavior

Dark secret of AI technology is No one knows how it works

'Flying car' nails vertical take-off


Universe's highest electric current found in cosmic jet 2bn light yrs away (Old News)

Physicists Say They’ve Created a Fluid With ‘Negative Mass’; it moves opposite the way it's pushed

"Heavily eroded" Mars mesa landform surrounded by wild-looking sand dunes and a sea of puzzling secondary craters

Mega-fracking using massive volumes of water triggered earthquake swarms in British Columbia

Rare type Ia supernova

Dramatic landslides on Ceres

Earth [shadow-side] from a billion miles away

New atmospheric phenomenon discovered by SWARM satellites

Sun’s[?] UV Light Helped Spark Life

First ‘image’ of a dark matter web that connects galaxies

When the Sun Turns Off the Lights

Saturn’s Bizarre ‘UFO Moons’

Mysterious ‘Sterile’ Neutrinos May Not Exist

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the proton

Forget About Terraforming Mars. Here’s Why

‘Gibraltar-sized’ space rock passes Earth

Supermassive black hole thingies found in two tiny galaxies

First clear image made of accretion disk surrounding young star

New look at 2004's martian hole-in-one site

Bushmen Painted Earliest Rock Art in Southern Africa 5,000 Years Ago

The terrifying tsunami that devastated Britain 8,000 years ago

For two billion years Earth was very different: oxygen was scarce, microbial life ruled, and the sun was much dimmer [as Saturn?]

Megafaunal extinctions driven by too much moisture

Archaeologists Discover 38,000-Year-Old Animal Art

Mummies discovered in ancient tomb near Egypt’s Luxor

World’s largest collection of rock art at risk

Ancient stone carvings confirm how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC, sparking the rise of civilisations


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #78 on: April 30, 2017, 09:31:38 pm »


Rechargeable batteries made from recycled glass bottles store four times more energy than traditional ones

Researchers Produce High-Quality Ink from Air Pollution

Cheaper, longer-lasting roads made with recycled plastic

Researchers invent process to make sustainable rubber, plastics

Solar cell design with over 50% energy-conversion efficiency

British inventor takes flight in 'Iron Man' suit

Robotic dog

'Cassini' captures 'closest look ever' at Saturn

US Marines test 'HyperSub,' machine-gun toting robots and more

Waymo trials free self-driving taxi service in Phoenix

3D-printed titanium parts could save Boeing up to $3 million per plane


New study claims Göbleki Tepe may have been used to record meteor impacts, including Younger Dryas Event in 10890 BC

32,000[more like 4,000]-Year-Old Plant Brought Back to Life—Oldest Yet

US Temperature Data Tampering – Worse Than It Seems

Radiocarbon dating gets a postmodern makeover

Revolutionary method reveals impact of short circuits on battery safety

How Little Ice Age displaced the tropical rain belt

New interactive WA map shows the world hidden beneath the surface

A caterpillar that eats plastic

DNA left in cave soils can reveal ancient human occupants

Unprecedented rise in noctilucent clouds, caused by meteor dust

Ancient stone pillars offer clues of comet strike that changed human history

Cassini, Voyager missions suggest new picture of Sun's interaction with galaxy

Astronomers detect dozens of new quasars and galaxies

'Rejuvenating' pulsar in a neighboring galaxy

'Ageless' silicon throughout Milky Way may indicate a well-mixed galaxy

Sun's eruptions might all have same trigger

First measurements of small-scale ripples in primeval hydrogen gas using rare double quasars

Iranian Sandstorm Uncovers Ancient Lost City maybe from 4,000BC

Ötzi the Iceman froze to death
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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #79 on: May 07, 2017, 07:07:21 pm »


New chip under development at UTSA extends battery life of electronics

Smart machines to recover lost memories

Closer to a “Hydrogen Economy”

A robot that picks apples

Researchers find more efficient way to make oil from dead trees

'Smart' denim promises touchscreen tech clothes

First test flight of stratospheric solar plane

Shape-changing fog screen invented

First-ever 'moon' bricks for 3D printed lunar colony

Microsoft to progress beyond mobile to mixed reality future where smartphones are dead

Newest secret US spacecraft returns to Earth


Data Analyses Show Rapid Global Surface Cooling, Growing Arctic Ice Thickness

Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria

China to launch own encyclopaedia to rival Wikipedia

Could there be remnants of ancient civilizations in our solar system?

Scientists find vast wave of hot gas rolling through the Perseus galaxy cluster

Cassini captures eerie noise between Saturn's rings

'Cassini' captures Saturn 'movie' in first Grand Finale dive

Scientists measure the mysterious force that makes crystals align

New study suggests meteor showers sparked volcanic eruptions

Stunning Mars 360 video captures mountains, craters and 'beaches' on Red Planet

Huge impact crater discovered near the Falklands Islands

Alarming decrease in oceans' dissolved oxygen level

Massive void in space where no cosmic microwave background radiation is found

‘Dragonfly’ Drone Could Explore Saturn Moon Titan

Microbe Colonies That Grow in Space

Shocked gas in galaxy collisions

Astrophysicists discover a star polluted by calcium

VISTA peeks through the Small Magellanic Cloud's dusty veil

Can the 35,600-[sic]-year-old Art of Altamira Cave be both Witnessed and Preserved?

Mastodon Bone Findings Could Upend Our Understanding of Human History

The Origins of an Ancient Fairy Tale

Egypt: 4,000-year-old funerary garden at tomb entrance


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #80 on: May 14, 2017, 08:29:18 pm »


Vector successfully launches its micro-satellite with a 3D-printed part

Made In Space reveals the Archinaut, a robot-operated factory in the sky

China’s Surprising Solutions to Clear Killer Air

New technology generates power from polluted air

Every Single Car Sold In India Will Be Electric By 2030

Holographic analysis of Wi-Fi data generates 3-D images of the vicinity

Technology that claims to spot criminals Before they act

Scientists discover massive landforms under Antarctic ice sheet

Proximity of supernovas may cause mass extinctions

Russian system able to pinpoint the location of enemy artillery less than five seconds after firing

Physical keyboards make virtual reality typing easier

Researchers create touchpads with a can of spray paint

Installing solar to combat national security risks in the power grid

Dutch open 'world's largest offshore' wind farm

Experiments show that a few self-driving cars can dramatically improve traffic flow


CERN points giant magnet at the Sun to look for dark matter particles

Museums are turning to virtual reality, apps, and interactive experiences

NASA footage captures sun shooting giant strands of plasma (VIDEO)

What lightning does to rock quantified

Death by asteroid may come in unexpected ways - from gusting winds and shock waves

Mathematics does not rule out 2 dimensions of time

GOES-16 weather satellite captures lightning activity across U.S.

Stephen Hawking among 33 scientists on offensive against critics of popular universe origin inflation theory

Ancient Mars impacts created tornado-like winds that scoured surface

Physicists have ability to control charged molecules with quantum logic

'Feathery' gas clouds swirl over Saturn's moon Titan

Scientists say dinosaurs would've survived if the asteroid struck just seconds later
(Actually, large dinosaurs would have died anyway, because Earth lost atmosphere from the impacts that made large animals partly buoyant. See e.g. Ted Holden's data.)

New research finds mega-quakes can cause Earth's crust to rip open and snap shut

Melting moons could support liveable atmospheres for aeons

Sun’s eruptions might all have same trigger

Oxygen on comet 67P might not be ancient after all

Does Jupiter Have a Solid Core?

Galactic winds slow new star formation

When a brown dwarf is actually a planetary mass object

'Planetary stethoscope' could determine what lies in Europa's global ocean

Waves of lava seen in Io's largest volcanic crater

Scientists investigate debris disk in a nearby planetary system

Latest fast radio burst adds to mystery of their source

Mapping the magnetic bridge between our nearest galactic neighbours

Earth was barren, flat and almost entirely under water 4.4 billion years ago

How the Bantu people surged across two-thirds of Africa

The Lost Iberian Civilization of Los Millares: Was Copper the Secret of its Success?

Ancient Babylonian Tablet Provides Compelling Evidence that the Tower of Babel did Exist

Tomb Drawing Shows Mongoose on a Leash, Puzzling Archaeologists

17,000-Year-Old Sacred Site – Believed to be Gateway to the Underworld – Is Vandalized

Dragon and griffin megaliths ‘dating back 12,000 years to end of Ice Age, or earlier’

Egypt ‘uncovers burial chamber of pharaoh’s daughter’
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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #81 on: May 21, 2017, 10:15:26 pm »


West Virginia seeks future—without coal

Future of farming? Driverless tractors and drones attempt to grow crops without humans

New method can selectively remove micropollutants from water

Terahertz spectroscopy—the new tool to detect art fraud

The Pacific Ocean Is One Step Closer to Being Almost Totally Debris-Free in five years

China extract 'combustible ice' from the seafloor of the South China Sea

3-D-printed, soft, four legged robot can walk on sand and stone

Self-ventilating workout suit keeps athletes etc cool and dry

How a Helicopter Drone Could Fly on Mars

Plasma jet engines that could take you from the ground to space

Mining the moon for rocket fuel to get us to Mars


Hydrogen Bonds Have Been Directly Detected For The First Time

Algorithm Summarizes Lengthy Text Surprisingly Well

Never-before-seen lava waves on Jupiter's volcanic moon Io

Mysterious flashes of light reflecting off Earth

Comets helped build Earth's atmosphere

Magnetic field detected between magellanic clouds

Astronomers Observe Rare Blank Sun, Warn of Solar Minimum

Newest Cosmic Radio Burst Has Stumped Scientists

Comet 67P Found to Be Producing Its Own Oxygen in Deep Space

Finding Alien Megastructures Around Nearby Pulsars

Mars May Have Been Born in the Asteroid Belt

Two Independent Teams Find Hints of Dark Matter in Space Station Data

Forget Mars—let’s go colonize Titan!

Peering into the heart of planet formation

Movie shows Ceres at opposition from sun

FADO—a ground-breaking tool to reconstruct the history of galaxies

Brown dwarf launches a parsec-scale jet

NASA mission uncovers a dance of electrons in space

ALMA eyes icy ring around young planetary system

Titan's landscape resembles that of Mars, not Earth

40,000-year-old bracelet made by extinct human species found

Ancient-genome study finds Bronze Age ‘Beaker culture’ invaded Britain

Rhinocolura, The City Of Noseless Criminals

Saving Pakistan’s lost city of Mohenjo Daro
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