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 on: Today at 11:05:10 am 
Started by jediquillguy - Last post by jediquillguy
$109,000 for 7-Bedroom House on 18 Acres

 on: February 26, 2017, 07:49:52 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

(See the rest in previous post at )

Saudi Arabia ‘Ready to Send Ground Troops’ to Syria

The West’s Moral Hypocrisy on Yemen

The US Space Program and the Cold War, Historic Role of African American Women

The War Hawks Rolled Donald Trump

Sauds Finance “Training and Weapons to Al Qaeda”; Russia Runs the Peace Process

Trump: America’s Latest Warrior President, Surrenders to Wall Street and War Profiteers

e.There’s More Than Robo Signatures To Blame For The Ongoing Foreclosure Scandal

e.The Deregulation and Privatization of Hydro-Electric Power: Ontario’s Hydro ‘Mistake’

“I am Not Your Negro”: Race, Class and Social Justice

Pablo Escobar’s Son Reveals His Dad “Worked for the CIA Selling Cocaine” — Media Silent

Trump and Netanyahu “Co-Conspirators”: Embracing Illusions, Ignoring Reality

Turkey Poses a Bigger Threat to Syria than ISIS

US War on the Islamic State (ISIS) Designed to Fail

John McCain Illegally Travels To Syria, Meets With Leaders And Fighting Groups

U.S. Violates Syrian Air Space: Drones Over Syria as Fighting Spreads

Artificial Intelligence: ‘Frankenstein’ or Capitalist Money Machine

Fracking Caused Pennsylvania Earthquakes, New Report Confirms

Mysterious Radioactive Leak Detected Across Europe

e.Privatization and Corporate Plunder: The Bait and Switch of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

Genetics Are the New Eugenics: How GMO’s Reduce the Human Population

Russia’s “Liberal” Media’s Foreign Sponsors

McMaster Takes Charge: Trump Relinquishes Control of Foreign Policy

Turkey Cutting Euphrates River Flow to Syria: Crime against Humanity, Violation of UN Water Convention

Invasion of Yemen in Blatant Derogation of International Law: Extensive War Crimes Committed

Israeli Soldiers Destroy an Internationally-Funded Drinking Water Pipeline

How U.S. Missile “Defense” Destabilizes the World

Is Israel Preparing for a New Middle East War?

White Helmets Are Denied Entry into US, Hollywood Dreams Over

Fabricated Accusations of Chemical Weapons Use by Syria

The Right Way to Challenge Fake News

Trumps New National Security Adviser: A General with No Regard for Human Life

Radioactive Weapons Are Killing Innocent Civilians in Iraq—and the US Military is Behind It

A System of Food and Agriculture Should Serve the Public, Not Corporate Interests

 on: February 26, 2017, 07:48:49 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck
The feminist play "The Vagina Monologues" celebrates the statutorily rape of a 13 year old girl by a 24-year-old woman, describing it as a "positive, healing experience" and a "good rape"

Sweden now rape capital amidst Muslim immigration

Maine Asks Feds To Allow Ban On Food Stamps For Candy, Soda

Technology puts 'touch' into long-distance relationships [This should be revolutionary]

CIA plan to overthrow Syria by provoking sectarian tensions (1986) [PDF from CIA Reading Room portal]

Town hall demonstrations include 'professional' protesters

Jill Dando raised alarm about paedophile ring at BBC at 37 she was shot dead

The Neocons’ Back-Door to Trump

Danish Man Who Burned a Koran on Facebook Will Be Prosecuted For Blasphemy

Ron Paul: End Unlimited Presidential War Power

Hundreds of campuses encourage students to turn in fellow students for offensive speech!

Judge rules against forced fingerprinting of private citizens in order to open a secure personal phone or tablet

South Africa: White Genocide Continues with 15 Murders this Month

Hundreds Of Scientists Urge Trump To Pull Out Of A 25-Year-Old UN Environmental Treaty

TWO DAYS After Governor Declares Connecticut a Sanctuary State, Illegal Alien Murders Mother and Kidnaps 6-year-old Girl

Gay Men 2% of Population But 67% of All New HIV Cases (curable with Pao d'Arco)

ICE Captures Undocumented Immigrant Wanted For Chopping Up Two Men With Machete

McCain Institute Caught Stealing Millions In Child Trafficking Donations

Chinese prefecture orders GPS trackers in every car in effort to curb violence

U.S. researchers guilty of misconduct get more than $100 million in NIH grants anyway

The Trump Effect in the Balkans: Serbia’s Third Election in Four Years?

Continuity of Agenda: Destroying Syria Since 1983

The Did-You-Talk-to-Russians Witch Hunt; “A Ministry of Truth”

US Terror-Bombed Syria with Toxic Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons

e.Trump’s Economic Policies Are No Answer to Our Problems

Russia Now Runs the Peace Process to End Syria’s War

Croatia Sells Record Number of Light Weapons to Saudi Arabia, Channelled to ISIS and Al Nusra?

The Deep State Goes Shallow; “Reality-TV Coup d’etat in Prime Time”

Four Dead Russian Diplomats in Three Months

The “Blind Sheik” And The CIA – Media Again Bury U.S. Support For Radical Islamism

Pentagon Wars and US Hegemony at the Root of Instability and Dislocation

Putin’s “Straight Talk” on Disastrous US Unipolarity

Instead of ‘Draining the Swamp’, Trump is Feeding the Alligators

War Propaganda and Canada’s War for Terrorism in Syria

Why Do “Progressives” Like War?

What Did Malcolm X Really Think about the Democratic Party?

 on: February 26, 2017, 05:38:39 pm 
Started by Luck - Last post by Luck

Disney develops wireless electricity

Honda wants to charge electric vehicles dynamically for unlimited range on highways - "invisible train tracks for EVs to use and potentially drive continuously by wirelessly charging"

Humans Can Now “Print” Genetic Code and Engineer Life

Sound waves could take a tsunami down a few notches [I thought timed explosives could work too]

Creating computers that use 10,000 times less energy

Brussels to Transform Industrial Site Into Vertical Forest

New method uses heat flow to levitate variety of objects


Most scientists 'can't replicate studies by their peers'

Asteroid 2017 DG16 to fly by Earth at 0.34 LD - 5th known NEA to flyby Earth within 1 lunar distance since January 8, 2017

Rare nebula, ELAN discovered - No obvious source of power for the light it is emitting

Silicon dioxide crystals at Earth's core provide insights into energy source of magnetic field [It's probably much denser than SiO2]

An Enormous Exoplanet Is Having a Strange Influence on Its Star

New delta Scuti: Rare pulsating star 7,000 light years away is 1 of only 7 in Milky Way

Planet Nine breakthrough as astronomers find asteroids that may have been victims of a ‘smash and grab’ by mysterious body

New Evidence for the Strange Idea that the Universe Is a Hologram

Greece displays ‘7,000-year-old archaeological enigma’ carved granite

Skull Similarities Suggest Multiple Migrations into South America

400 million year old gigantic extinct monster worm discovered in Canadian museum

Thousands of horsemen may have swept into Bronze Age Europe, transforming the local population

Dating the Milky Way's disc

Surprising dunes on comet Chury

Lowest-frequency accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar found

New Mars research shows evidence of a complex mantle beneath the Elysium volcanic province

 on: February 25, 2017, 09:48:23 am 
Started by foodaddy - Last post by RidleyReport  any c alendar  add to calendar replacing merrimack schools add to add to calendar portsmouth library calendar... maybe add other libraries  concord library

 on: February 24, 2017, 09:49:05 pm 
Started by streetfacts - Last post by Levi
Great!  You will get a lot of response there. 

 on: February 24, 2017, 07:56:10 pm 
Started by streetfacts - Last post by streetfacts
I am pending group acceptance from the FSP Job forum.

 on: February 24, 2017, 07:51:59 pm 
Started by streetfacts - Last post by streetfacts
Hi Levi, I was able to join the FB today. I will paste same question on FB. Thks!

 on: February 24, 2017, 07:48:27 pm 
Started by streetfacts - Last post by Levi
Hi Robert.  Are you on FB?  There is a jobs group that has lots of discussion about this very subject.

 on: February 24, 2017, 02:15:17 pm 
Started by streetfacts - Last post by streetfacts
Really nice effort and support from FSP!

I have been getting mixed signals from what exactly is going on with NH Job Market High Tech, but are starting to ge the picture. Please pardon if I make any misinterpretations, feel free to correct me. I hope this will not only help me personally, but others planning to move to New Hampshire and look for employment or starting a business.

It seems the relevant cities based on postings, is Manchester and Concord. If you are interested in the high tech (Telecom, IT, Software Development, Security, Consulting, Data Center, etc) then Boston will be the best route. But, this comes at a price... state taxes. I am not sure how that works, coming from Florida, but if anyone can add their experience... new comers like me, will be truly grateful.

I have also seen comments, that for N.H. higher wages, the city of Lebanon is recommended due to a larger footprint of industrial and manufacturing. So for example, my background is Networking and I am interested in the Industrial Networking area - will Lebanon be the right place or is this city in a downturn due to Mexico/China imports?

Your comments and input will be greatly appreciated! 

Robert Rivera - Florida.

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